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A Mental Balancing Act

by Marcus

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© Copyright 2022 - Marcus - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f+; fpov; bond; latex; cuffs; pain; buttplug; toys; electro; oral; clamps; gag; catsuit; hood; corset; climax; pain; clamps; tease; cons; XXX

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Victoria and Nicole finally get some time to inaugurate Victoria’s new dungeon. Victoria also feels she needs more training to be the best dom she can for Nicole.

(To better understand the characters, gear and story arc, start from first.)

Part 3

Nicole had truly been to hell and back. Her first night as Victoria’s slave had been the most extreme thing she had experienced so far as a submissive. It had not been the latex she was wearing. The catsuit, hood, corset, gloves, boots and bondage gear was pretty much standard attire when she submitted. It had not been the bondage she was in. Laying on Victoria’s dinner table, spread eagle, with her wrist and ankle cuffs strapped to the four corners was child’s play compared to what she usually was submitted to.

No, it was the combination of horrific and unpredictable electrical shocks, sleep deprivation and the feeling of being abandoned that was totally new to her.

She had, after god knows how many hours, finally and totally succumbed to her situation and fully accepted her fate. Somehow it made it all a bit more endurable and she even managed to fall asleep a few times in the early hours of the morning between shocks, mostly due to mental exhaustion.

When Victoria had started to free her from her bondage Nicole had been a wreck, completely limp and almost lifeless. There had just been a barely noticeable rise and fall of her chest in sync with the wheezing sound coming from her nostril tubes to suggest otherwise. As her blindfold was removed, Nicole let her red and puffy eyes get adjusted to the bright light. Laying eyes on her naked tormentor she managed to elicit a quiet whimper of joy and, against all odds, felt she was starting to get aroused. She saw that Victoria was looking at her with a worried expression on her face as she said, “Oh baby, you look like a mess… Hang on, I’ll get you out of there!”

Nicole felt Victoria remove the four straps holding her wrist and ankles and started to try and move. Her body did not comply so she just lay still as Victoria removed her collar and hood. When the dildo gag and nostril tubes were out Victoria offered a sports flask with water from which Nicole greedily drank from. The water felt very reinvigorating and Nicole immediately started to feel much stronger and with a hoarse voice said, “Thank you, I needed that!”

Victoria leaned over and gave Nicole a long and deep kiss, after which she asked, “How are you feeling baby?”

“I feel dead to be honest… The night has been… horrible… yet strangely interesting...”

“Oh baby I am so sorry, perhaps I went a bit overboard. I promise never to subject you to anything like this again, OK?”

“Now hang on, I did not say that. Right now… thinking back on it… it’s actually making me horny so… I think I would like to experience it again… maybe not tonight though…”

Nicole saw Victoria’s expression change from worrying to joyful as she said, “You sure are a freak baby… and I love you to death for it!”

“I love you too!”

After helping Nicole to sit up, Victoria pointed at the clamps on Nicole’s nipples and asked, “They still hurt?”

Nicole looked at her tormented nipples and replied, “You know what… I think I lost all feeling in them actually…”

“That might actually be a good thing…”

Nicole saw Victoria gently start to remove one of the clamps and braced for pain, but no pain came. That is until Victoria removed the clamp entirely. Nicole screamed from the throbbing pain in her now freed nipple. Victoria looked regretful but quickly started to remove the second clamp. Nicole was ready this time and was panting heavily, dreading what was about to come. As the second clamp came off Nicole let out another scream in pain and cursed loudly. Victoria grabbed Nicole by the jaw and barked in a stern voice, “Hey, language!”

Nicole answered as best as she could from under Victoria's firm grip, “Sholly Milshtresh!”

“I certainly hope so! Now… I would not mind keeping you in your lovely latex but let’s get you out of it and into bed. We both need a good rest I think…”

Victoria helped Nicole off the table and had to more or less carry her upstairs to the bathroom. After having her boots removed Nicole was led into the shower and Victoria started to carefully remove all bondage gear and latex, washing it all as he went along. When Nicole was all naked, Victoria joined her in the shower stall and started to gently lather and clean her. Even though Nicole was totally spent she loved the attention she was given and wished they could have spent more time together in the shower.

All dried after the shower, Victoria had helped Nicole into bed and then joined her. Having snuggled together and kissed, it did not take more than a few minutes for the both of them to fall asleep.

Nicole took her red leather coat from the hanger, collected her car keys and called out, “I’m leaving, see you Sunday evening!”

Rachel could be heard calling back to her from the upstairs kitchen, “Have fun, don’t do anything I wouldn't!”

“Will try, but no promises, you know me!”

Rachel could be heard laughing as Nicole closed the door and walked towards her car. Part of her was feeling bad for yet again lying to her daughter about her whereabouts for the weekend, but the other part was literally bubbling with anticipation. She was finally going to have a full on Mistress and slave weekend with Victoria.

It had been almost three months since Nicole and Victoria had proclaimed their love for one another and went from dating to becoming a couple. Nicole had also asked to become Victoria’s slave, something Victoria more the eagerly had agreed to. Even though their first night as Mistress and slave had been a stark contrast to their usual sessions, not much had changed since then as both Nicole and Victoria had been really busy with work. Victoria had to design a new line of blouses and Nicole got commissioned for a 48 page children's book to illustrate. This not only severely limited the opportunities to see each other but also any chances to have sessions.

It had even come to the point when Nicole felt she was getting depressed again and had asked Victoria with tears in her eyes if it was OK for her to call upon Rachel’s help to endure an evening of latex and predicament bondage. Victoria had assured Nicole she was more than fine with it, telling Nicole that she did not have to ask permission for a thing like that. Nicole's well being, and enjoyment, came first and Victoria had even told Nicole to keep asking for help with sessions from Rachel to avoid raising suspicion about their relationship.

There had been changes though, namely the alterations Victoria had made to her house to further hers and Nicole's possibilities to live out their lifestyle there. After Victoria had been asking around amongst like minded people online, an interior designer “friendly to the cause” that lived in the big city had been referred to numerous times. After setting up a visit at Victoria’s house, the designer had come up with numerous alterations to most parts of the house including plans for a comprehensive dungeon with adjacent dressing, makeup, recovery and cleaning facilities.

Victoria had loved all but a few ideas and had the designer and her team start on the alterations right away. It had taken the team a mere five weeks to complete all the alterations and Nicole was now on her way to finally see and experience them for the first time. Knowing she was 40 minutes away from being Victoria’s slave for the next 48 hours made Nicole very aroused and, trying to stop thinking about it, forced herself to pay extra attention to the road.

Finally at Victoria’s place, Nicole put her car in the big double garage and made her way into the house via the service entrance. On the door leading into the open kitchen and living room was a note that read, “Hi baby! Go directly to our new dungeon, bottom floor - end of the hall - red door. Further instructions await you there! Love, Your Mistress.”

Nicole smiled, went through the door and headed towards the end of the downstairs hall. The lights were dimmed and the big house felt eerily quiet as Nicole passed the open kitchen heading towards the back of the house. Just as she passed the stairs she could hear commotion from one of the rooms upstairs. Nicole stopped, listened, and was about to call out for Victoria when she remembered the note and swiftly continued towards the dungeon, not wanting to displease her Mistress.

Standing before the red door, Nicole took a deep breath and, trembling with anticipation, opened the door and stepped through. Having stopped dead in her tracks, Nicole dropped her jaw in astonishment as she saw the amazing looking dungeon. The room was roughly 20 by 15 feet, larger than the one she had in her basement. The floor was made out of large anthracite concrete tiles and had inset floor anchors and floor sleeves at various strategic places allowing for a modular usage of the space.

The front and side walls were covered in fine, vertically slatted, wood panels from grey oak and the back wall consisted of big floor-to-ceiling windows. The left wall was partly covered by mirror panels and the right one housed a door leading into another room. Outside the windows, illuminated by ground LED lights, was the raw stone wall from the dig out surrounding the back and sides of the house.

The black ceiling had numerous metal i-beams across it with a myriad of d- and o-rings attached to them. There was even an electrical winch in the centre of the ceiling and Nicole could see inset LED spots and stripes giving the dungeon soft yet adequate lighting.

The furniture was very sparse yet captivating. There was a small metal cage with room for a single subject. Having “room” was stretching it actually, the subject would have to be on their knees and bent fully forwards to fit inside of it.

A metal framed bondage chair stood a few feet from the cage. Built out of sturdy metal piping, the chair would have its subject sitting with its back straight and legs spread wide, strapped tight by the numerous wide leather straps along the piping.

Finally there was also a large padded bondage table. Being full length, a subject could lay with their arms high above their head and still not reach over the ends. Both the long and short sides of the bed had sufficient anchor points to totally immobilise anyone laying on it.

Along the front and one the unmirrored side wall were a few wardrobes and a counter with cupboards, most likely containing latex clothes and BDSM gear. There were also a few padded benches and easy chairs along the back wall.

In the centre of the room was a big wheeled stainless table with a pile of latex items, a pair of high heel boots, some dressing lube and a big black towel. Nicole went up to the table and found a new note saying, “Put this on and be ready by 2 o'clock.”

Picking up and looking at her phone, Nicole saw it was a quarter passed 1 and quickly started to undress. Having folded her regular clothes neatly to one side of the table she scanned the latex items and smiled as she saw some of them were brand new. After deciding the best order in which to dress, Nicole placed the towel on the floor and started to lubricate her entire body with the dressing aid.

Properly lubed, she started with a pair of red, made to measure, thigh high latex stockings. Feeling the brand new stockings engulf her legs, savouring their wonderful vanilla scent, sent chills through her as she yearned to be fully dressed and at her Mistress mercy.

Nicole looked at herself in the mirror wall and bit her lower lip. If she was being totally honest, she looked damn fine! Her hairless body looked fit as hell and her now glistening breasts were surprisingly perky for her age. Nicole smiled and laughed to herself as she realised that given the opportunity, she’d fuck her for sure, that much was certain.

Remembering she had a deadline Nicole picked up the new catsuit from the table. It was made in the same red as the stockings and looked like an exact copy of the black one she had had for years. Actually it wasn’t an exact copy as Nicole noticed it was made out of thicker latex than she was used to, probably 0.65 mm thick instead of 0.45 mm. After adding more lube to her latex stockings she started to pull the new catsuit up her legs. She quickly found it more difficult than usual and also found the catsuit felt more tight and restrictive.

As the catsuit snapped in place around her waist, Nicole moaned and bit her lower lip before picking up a pair of red shoulder length latex gloves from the table. Making sure her fingernails were trimmed and not jagged, she expertly pulled the gloves on. After adding some lube to the just donned gloves, Nicole started the process of making sure her breasts were correctly aligned to the cups in the catsuit, all while pulling the sleeves of the catsuit over her latexed hands and arms. Something was wrong though as Nicole’s breasts would not go into the breast cups. After looking closer Nicole saw that the base of the cups had a thick reinforcement at the base that was too small to just accept her breasts into them. However by pushing one breast at a time, she soon had both breasts pop into the cups and settle firmly inside. She felt both breasts and nipples swell and become engorged as she moaned and savoured the feeling. Once done, and satisfied with everything looking and feeling right, she took a piece of string from the table and thread it through the pull tab of the back zipper. Using the string, Nicole then pulled hard on the zipper, forcing it up her back until the catsuit was finally zipped shut.

After having removed the string from the pull tab Nicole grabbed her breasts and played with her exposed and now rock hard nipples to which she loudly declared, “Fuck YES… this feels SO GOOD!”

Giving herself a quick glance in the mirror wall Nicole checked the table and gathered her knee high 6 inch platform boots in black patent leather. After walking over to one of the benches she sat down and held up the boots in front of her and marvelled at the craftsmanship. Even though she had owned them for years and worn them a lot they showed little to no wear and still smelled of that lovely high grade leather. Wasting no more time she donned one of the boots and started to thread the laces through the eyelets.

Nicole liked her boots laced tight and after going over the lacing twice, tied it off and repeated the process on the other boot. Standing up, she took a stroll in the boots and admired them in the mirrors. They were both properly fitted and the lacing felt perfect.

Next up were a pair of black heavy rubber ankle cuffs with dual straps and lockable buckles. Making sure the heavy d-rings were in the right position she strapped them tightly to each ankle.

Picking up the heavy black latex corset Nicole realised this was also new. It reminded her of her usual one very much but it had added thigh cuffs attached via adjustable straps running from the bottom of the corset, there to prevent the cuffs from slipping. Draping the corset around her back, making sure the shoulder straps were not twisted, she closed the clasps in the front. Nicole started to lace the corset tight while enjoying the feeling of her waist becoming crushed under it. Having become a bit of an expert in lacing behind her back, she soon had the corset tight-laced to perfection and tied it off. Checking the new thigh cuffs, Nicole quickly figured out how to put them on her thighs. Having the dual straps buckled tight on each of them, she adjusted the front and back straps running from her corset for a perfect fit.

Savouring the feeling of being corseted in the new thicker and more restrictive catsuit for a moment, Nicole took the last items from the table. They were black heavy rubber wrist and upper arm cuffs with dual straps and locking buckles. Starting with the upper arm ones, all four cuffs were soon buckled tightly in place on Nicole's arms.

Walking in front of the mirror wall, Nicole started to run her hands over her latexed body, admiring her reflection. The black items against the red made for a very nice contrast. Nicole gathered that, from the neck down, no one would have ever guessed she was 46 years old. The latex hid the few imperfections she had and she could easily have passed for a 25-ish woman in her prime. Remembering she was on a timer, Nicole went to check her phone and found she had 10 minutes to spare. She brought the phone and went back in front of the mirror wall. Striking a few poses she snapped photo after photo of herself.

“If I looked half as good as you I would be doing the same…You look amazing!”

Nicole almost dropped her phone as she was startled by the sudden sound of Victoria's voice. She quickly walked over to the table, put her phone down and then kneeled towards Victoria in a presentation pose.

As Victoria walked towards Nicole she continued, “Not that I don’t love to see you on your knees, but we are not quite ready yet. There is more gear to don and I really need your help with lacing my corset.”

As she looked up at Victoria, Nicole went wide eyed as she saw her lover was wearing exactly the same outfit and gear as she was wearing. Being signalled by Victoria to stand, Nicole said, “Oh Mistr… sorry… You look fantastic! The heavy rubber look suits you extremely well.”

“Thank you baby, I feel fantastic as well! It’s very restrictive compared to what I am used to but… I have to say I like it a lot!”

Victoria turned around, pointed to the back of her corset, and said, “This however I suck at and really need your help with please!”

“Absolutely honey, your wish is my command.”

Nicole smiled to herself as she saw the result of Victoria’s futile attempts at lacing the corset. After unlacing it fully she started over and pretty soon had Victoria gasping for air as the corset was tightening around her waist. Perfectly laced, Nicole tied it off and as she started to adjust the straps holding Victoria’s thigh cuffs in place asked, “Better?”

She saw Victoria put her hands to her now very slim waist as she replied, “Fuck me this is tight! How can you wear it for so long?”

“I can loosen it up for you, no need to over do it.”

“No!... No, it’s alright, it needs to be tight… Just… pfff… Thank you baby, it feels and looks great!”

“You are most welcome!”

Victoria turned around, took Nicole’s hand, and started to walk towards the door in the right side wall while asking, “Peeked inside yet?”

“No, I made sure to follow your instructions to the letter.”

“Of course you did… well… Tada!”

Victoria opened the door and led the duo through. Nicole was yet again amazed as she scanned the adjacent room. It was designed in the same fashion as the dungeon and also had the floor-to-ceiling windows. There was a big and open shower with dual, ceiling mounted, shower heads with separate mixers and hand held heads. Next to the shower was a big hot tub that probably could accommodate four people and adjacent to that was a basin. There was a massage table and two padded lounge chairs in the middle of the room. Opposite the shower was a large makeup station with two highchairs in front of it. On top of this there were also a few cupboards and a big wardrobe along one of the walls.

Victoria walked up to one of the highchairs in front of the makeup table and said, “My love, if you please.”

Nicole smiled and took a seat, looking at Victoria in the huge mirror as she started to braid her hair into a single, thick braid on top of her head. Next up was Nicole’s makeup. Victoria turned Nicole’s chair a bit for better access and about 20 minutes later, turned the chair back to let Nicole see the results. She now had beautiful smokey eye makeup starting with black on her eyelids that gradually changed to red under her eyebrows. She had a thin black arabic eyeliner and long, lush eyelashes. Her lips were painted in a matte red lipstick, perfectly matching the red in the smokey eye makeup. Victoria had done a great job and Nicole smiled as she said, “Thank you, it looks perfect!”

Victoria leaned forwards and while looking at Nicole in the mirror replied, “Don’t mention it, you always look divine! My turn, exactly the same!”

Nicole got up and changed places with Victoria. 25 minutes later they had near identical hairstyles and makeup. After praising Nicole for her work Victoria stood up, took Nicole's hand, and escorted her back into the dungeon.

Victoria pointed to one of the cupboards and said, “Could you grab some antiseptic lube from over there and bring it here please.”

Nicole walked over to the cupboard and opened it. Quickly finding the lube, Nicole also saw some latex polish and asked, “What about polish?”

“Yes, good call. Bring a polishing cloth as well.”

Nicole joined Victoria at the wheeled table in the middle of the dungeon. Putting her items down she saw that Victoria had brought a pair of identical latex hoods, a pair of collars and a pair of waist belts.

The hoods were made out of the same red latex as their catsuits and also looked to be of the heavier 0.65mm thickness. They had a zipper in the back as well as numerous d-rings for tightlacing and a sturdy hairtube on top. Furthermore, they had beautiful teardrop cutouts for the eyes and the cutout for the mouth was perfectly shaped to follow the wearer's lips. From the nose holes were the not all to pleasant tubes that would go into the wearer's nasal cavity and pharynx.

Nicole watched Victoria as she started to lube the nostril tubes with the antiseptic gel on one of the hoods and, having double checked that it was hers, told Nicole, “I will need your help with this as well…”

Nicole took the hood from Victoria and after walking behind her held it up to her face and said, “You will need to insert and feed the tubes yourself I think…”

“OK… Here we go…”

As Victoria started to feed the tubes into her nasal cavity she began cursing and coughing. Nicole tried to guide her verbally as best as she could and after some trial and error Victoria finally managed to fully insert them. She was still cursing as Nicole asked, “You OK honey?”

“Yes… yes… FUCK!... I just need a second… Don’t cry… do… not… cry… There, I think I got it… Fuck me, that was awful!”

“If it bothers you then take it off..”

“No… It’s alright… I’ll manage.”

Nicole made sure the hood was aligned correctly over Victoria's face and, having thread her braid through the hair tube, zipped it up. She could hear Victoria let out a surprised gasp as the hood became tight over her head. As she was lacing the hood Nicole realised that this was probably the first time Victoria was wearing a latex hood, at least as far as she knew. Satisfied with the lacing Nicole tied it off and asked, “Feels OK?”

Victoria ran her hands over the hood and replied, “Feels amazing, thanks baby.”

Picking up one of the collars and holding it in place around her neck, Victoria turned her back to Nicole awaiting her help. The collar was made of heavy rubber, had dual straps with lockable buckles and a sturdy d-ring in front. Nicole tightened the straps and after buckling them took a step back and admired her lover. Victoria turned around, ran her hands over her body and gear and asked, “How do I look?”

“You look bloody amazing! Had I not known I would soon look equally awesome, I would have been immeasurably jealous for sure.”

“Aaaw, baby… Thank you! Now the belt please.”

Nicole picked up one of the waist belts and wrapped it around Victoria’s narrow waist. The belt was also made in thick black rubber and was about 4 inches wide. It had sturdy dual straps with locking buckles in the back and heavy d-rings in front and at the sides.

When the belt was tightly buckled around Victoria’s waist she said, “Now you.”

Victoria was holding up Nicole’s hood and in no time had it covering Nicole's head, zipped up and laced tight. After the collar and belt had also been donned Victoria picked up the latex polish and started to meticulously shine Nicole’s outfit. Watching her lover, now her near identical rubber twin, polish her made Nicole very aroused and she silently moaned in pleasure. Polished to a perfect shine, Nicole returned the favour, polishing Victoria into an equally perfect looking rubber doll.

Polish and cloth put away, Victoria walked a few times around Nicole, trying to spot any imperfections. After tightening one of Nicole’s upper arm cuffs she gave her a thumbs up and said, “Perfect! Now do me.”

Nicole found a few things needing improvement and having fixed them, Victoria took Nicole’s hand and led her in front of the mirrored wall. As Nicole saw herself and Victoria standing side by side in the mirrors she almost couldn't believe her eyes. They truly were near identical twin rubber dolls. If it hadn’t been for the negligible difference in height and their hair colours, Nicole would not have been able to tell them apart. It was a very weird yet arousing realisation. Victoria suddenly went wide eyed and said, “Shit, the time…”

She hurried over to the counter to check her phone and with a look of relief said, “Nice, 10 minutes to spare… Baby can you put the table over by the wall there and then follow me please.”

Nicole did as she was told and then followed Victoria out of the dungeon and back into the house. As they were standing in the open kitchen area Victoria turned to Nicole and said, “Right, our session starts now slave. Honour me!”

Nicole’s pussy twitched as she heard the command and got down on her knees in front of Victoria. The added strictness of the catsuit made it more difficult than she was used to but the feeling once she was kneeling felt great. As she leaned forwards and started to kiss Victoria’s boots she felt she was getting wetter between her legs. Knowing she was being dominated by someone looking exactly like herself felt surprisingly arousing.

Having honoured both of Victoria’s boots she heard her Mistress say, “That's enough baby, sit back up!”

Nicole instantly got back up to a kneeling position. Victoria squatted down in front of her and said, “OK, as you probably have understood, tonight's session will be… a tad different from our usual ones.”

Victoria started to caress Nicole on the cheek as she continued, “Ever since we started dating I have always felt a bit out of my depth and even though you have been very helpful in telling me how I should dominate you, I honestly feel like I really have no clue about what I’m doing. This bothers me especially now when we are Mistress and slave. Does that make sense baby?”

Nicole looked into the eyes of her beautiful Mistress and replied, “Yes Mistress, I think I know what you mean. Please tell me how to guide you better.”

“Awww baby, that’s not what I meant. You have done a great job at telling me what to do and what you like! What I’m trying to say is that I have felt I need professional help to really understand… So… I have been asking around the net and many have suggested that… well that the best way to learn how to dominate… is simply to be dominated yourself.”

Nicole eyed her Mistress with a questioning look as Victoria continued, “Therefore, I have been in contact with a professional dominatrix who will be here momentarily… And she will dominate us both this evening…”

Nicole’s head was spinning and she was unsure about how she felt about it all. Not having been asked how she felt about hiring a professional dominatrix gave her conflicting emotions. On one hand it felt very arousing to be dominated together with Victoria but she also felt conflicted about sharing her lover with someone else. Before she could think deeper on it she saw Victoria kneel beside her and command, “Presentation pose!”

Nicole adjusted her pose according to her Mistress command and saw Victoria do the same. They both kneeled in silence with their legs spread wide and arms crossed behind their backs. Just as Nicole was about to start to ponder about her feelings regarding the set up for the evening, she saw a car coming up the driveway. As it parked outside the entrance Nicole saw her Mistress straighten her pose and say, “Right, here we go… You will not speak until spoken to, leave the talking to me… understood?”

Nicole made sure her pose was perfect and answered, “Yes Mistress.”

“Good! Also, under no circumstances are you to address me as Mistress during the evening… I have said we are both very experienced submissives and it has to stay that way.”

Nicole looked at her Mistress and said, “But Mistre…”


Victoria barked at her to stop talking and Nicole quickly returned her gaze at the floor in front of her.

The seconds that followed felt like years. Nicole could hear the front door being opened and closed, followed by heels walking over the hardwood floor towards her and Victoria. Nicole wanted nothing more than to look up at their visitor but kept her pose, eyes fixed at a point in the floor mere feet in front of her.

The heels stopped just out of sight and a voice could be heard saying, “Well, well… look at you two. The cutest pair of rubber dolls I think I have ever seen… very nice! Very nice indeed…”

There were a few moments of absolute silence and just as Nicole was starting to wonder if any of them should answer, the dominatrix spoke again, “Look up at me please.”

Nicole and Victoria both turn their heads up gracefully. In front of them stood an extremely good-looking woman in her mid 20s. Her facial features and almond coloured skin made Nicole guess she was probably of Cuban lineage. Her black hair was made up in a simple ponytail that flowed down her back to about her shoulder blades. A pair of steep arched eyebrows sat upon a pair of chestnut brown eyes and her impossible eyelashes were framed by a thin but distinct eyeliner. Below her Nubian nose were a pair of perfectly lush heart shaped lips made up in a matte cherry black colour.

Around her narrow waist and ample breasts she wore a short bustier in black latex with 3 straps running up to a 2 inch wide latex choker. On her arms she wore a pair of shoulder length gloves and her legs were draped in a pair of high waisted tights with a two way crotch zipper, both in black latex. Her feet were tightly laced into a pair of knee high boots with a 5 inch heel in black patent leather. What must have been a phone pouch in black latex was also strapped to her right thigh.

Nicole was enamoured by the divine woman in front of her and could not wait to be dominated by her. Her previously mixed emotions regarding the evening were all but gone.

The Cuban goddess smiled and said, “First things first, you are to address me as Miss Tia, is that understood?”

Nicole could hear Victoria quickly reply, “Yes Miss Tia.”

Waiting for a reply, Tia raised an eyebrow and looked straight at Nicole who finally blurted, “Yes Miss Tia, sorry Miss Tia!”

“Good. Just to make sure we are all on the same page. I have been told you are both very experienced submissives who have paid me to dominate you both for the coming 4 hours. Is this correct?”

Nicole and Victoria replied in unison, “Yes Miss Tia.”

“Perfect! Now not that I think it will be needed but I want you to know that my partner is sitting in the car outside and will be here in 2 seconds flat if I phone him. Let’s see, was there something else… Ah yes… I understand you are both OK with me taking photos and video of our session for my social media, is that correct?”

Nicole and Victoria both answered affirmatively in unison and Nicole felt her pussy twitch knowing they would be photographed and filmed for others to see.

Tia walked closer and squatted down. She gently touched her subjects by their chins and continued, “Very, very good. This will be a superb evening for sure, it is not often I get to dominate such avid latex freaks. My highest compliments on your outfits!”

Tia let go of Nicole and Victoria and rested her arms on her knees while saying, “Now since you two are almost impossible to tell apart I think I will address you as… vanilla… and you will be chocolate…”

Nicole instantly figured Tia was naming them off of the only thing that separated them. Their hair colour.

Tia stood up, widened her stance and said, “Now… I want my dolls to kiss my boots.”

Nicole wasted no time and quickly yet gracefully bent forwards and started to kiss Tia’s right boot. To the right of her, in the corner of her eye, she could see Victoria doing the same. Suddenly several shutter sounds could be heard and as Nicole realised they were being photographed it fuelled her already high level of arousal. Pleased with the boot worship and photos thereof, Tia commanded, “Enough, stand up.”

Both Nicole and Victoria stood up as gracefully as their outfits permitted and as they were both standing in front of Tia, arms crossed behind their backs, she continued, “Take me to your dungeon.”

Victoria took lead, closely followed by Nicole and lastly Tia. Nicole dared to eye her beautiful lover and was almost mesmerised by her hips as they swayed from side to side with each of her steps. Having reached the door to the dungeon, Victoria opened the door and stepped to one side. Nicole promptly followed her lead and stood besides her, watching as Tia entered the dungeon and said, “Follow.”

Nicole entered first, closely followed by Victoria who closed the door behind them. As the three of them walked further into the dungeon Tia pointed to the centre and commanded, “Stand in the centre, facing each other.”

As the pair moved the only sound they made was of their heels across the concrete floor and they were soon standing face to face, only 2 feet apart. Nicole could see Tia slowly walking through the room, scanning it and its contents. As Tia walked out of her view, Nicole looked her lover in the eyes. Victoria was radiating enjoyment and she looked fiercely aroused. Biting her lower lip, Nicole flexed her muscles around her vaginal and anal dildo as shills of pleasure flowed through her body. She hoped her feelings for Victoria were as easy to read as Victoria’s had been.

Having walked a full circle around the room Tia walked over to, and opened, one of the cupboards while saying, “You again have my sincerest compliments… This is probably the most elegant dungeon I have ever been in, it even looks better than my own... Have to admit it makes me rather jealous actually…”

As she talked, Tia was continuously opening cupboards and wardrobes, scanning their contents as she continued, “You are very well stocked as well… Very well indeed… Makes it hard to choose what… ah, here we are!”

Tia returned to Nicole and Victoria holding two pairs of Japanese clover clamps with chains. Standing next to them with one pair in each hand she asked, “Who wants to go first?”

Before Nicole had a chance to, Victoria quickly replied, “I do, Miss Tia.”

“Oh… eager are we… I like that. Hold this.”

Tia held one of the pairs in front of Victoria who brought forth one of her hands and held the clamps presented to her.


Victoria let out a quick gasp in pain as Tia took one of her nipples and forcefully pinched it between her thumb and index finger. Nicole saw Victoria’s facial expression change into one of pain and discomfort all while Tia seemingly relished in Victoria's torment and asked, “Hurts?”

Victoria was panting as she answered, “Yes Miss Tia.”

“But you love that, don’t you?”


Victoria closed her eyes due to the added pain as Tia twisted the nipple hard. Tia grew impatient and repeated her question, “Don’t you?”

“Yes… Yes Miss Tia.”

“Of course you do…”

Having let go, Tia unceremoniously put one of the clamps on Victoria’s now throbbing nipple. With a wicked smile she let the other clamp fall making the chain between them go taut. Victoria gasped in pain yet again but managed to keep her now welling eyes open. As Tia walked around Victoria, Nicole looked compassionately at her lover, wishing she could have transferred the pain onto herself to spare her.


Victoria let out another gasp in pain as Tia took a hold of her other nipple while saying, “These cut outs sure make my job SO much easier! I will take full advantage of them for sure… you can be certain of that!”

Letting go of Victoria’s still unclamped nipple, Tia carelessly put one of the second pair of clamps in place and let its partner drop to hang in the chain. As the second chain went taut Victoria started to pant heavily and a single tear could be seen running down her cheek as she again crossed her arms behind her.

Seeing the falling tear, Tia carefully catched it with her index finger and held it up to Nicole’s lips and asked, “Ever tasted your lover's pain?”

Nicole shifted her focus to Tia and replied, “No Miss Tia.”

“Well… go ahead then…”

Nicole carefully took Tia’s latexed finger in her mouth and slowly licked it clean, barely tasting the salt of Victoria’s tears. Tia smiled and took one of Nicole's nipples between her thumb and index finger, pinching it hard. Nicole, still focusing on Tia, gasped in pain at the sudden pain and mewed as Tia let go of it. Lifting one of the clamps hanging below Victoria’s tortured nipples, Tia roughly attached it to Nicole’s corresponding one and let the chain hang loosley between them.

The added pain felt wonderful and Nicole let a soft moan past her lips. As Tia walked to the opposite side of them, Nicole turned her attention to Victoria. She was now looking like she was starting to enjoy their predicament as her eyes now showed traces of arousal.

A sudden pain in her unclamped nipple made Nicole rapidly shift her focus towards Tia again. As Tia twisted the nipple she looked at Nicole and said, “I must say I get really jealous when your focus is on your lover and not me… but I can understand. No really I can… You are both extremely beautiful rubber dolls… Would not mind having you all to myself… Caged in full latex and always ready to submit to me.”

As Tia let go of her nipple, Nicole let out a loud gasp in relief only to make another one in pain as the last nipple was clamped.

Tia looked at Nicole and asked, “What do we say?”

Nicole was steadily getting more and more aroused and quickly answered “Thank you Miss Tia.”

Without letting her eyes off Nicole Tia continued, “Goes for you as well vanilla.”

Victoria instantaneously replied, “Thank you Miss Tia.”

“You are most welcome! Now, step back until I tell you to stop…”

Nicole could see fear in Victoria's eyes as they both started to slowly inch their way apart from each other. Their movement made the chains start to toss around, tugging mercilessly at their nipples which made them both grunt in pain and pleasure. As the chains went taut Victoria stopped for a split second with a loud grunt before seeing Nicole starting to bend forwards at the hip as she moved backwards. Quickly mimicking Nicole’s behaviour they were soon grunting really loud as the clamps now ferociously tugged at their nipples. Just as they both felt they were about to lose their balance they could hear Tia say, “That’s enough, you may stop.”

Nicole and Victoria was now standing bent forwards at the hips, trying their best to stand still with the nipple clamps constantly tugging at their tortured and stretched nipples. Try as they might, standing perfectly still was impossible. Every little movement one did made the other move as well in response to the pain. Nicole found the predicament very arousing as she was starting to enter her masochistic state. She felt bad about it as she could clearly see that Victoria was really struggling to find any enjoyment at all in their current situation.

Tia walked up to the pair and put her index finger on one of the taut chains, producing complaining grunts and moans from her subjects, and said, “Wow! I must say I am very impressed with your ability to adapt… I was about to stop you as these went taut.”

A loud whimper could be heard from Victoria as she realised the predicament could have been much less painful and looked with pleading eyes at Nicole. Nicole was just about to inch forwards to relieve Victoria of some pain but stopped herself, realising that the possible repercussions would probably be much worse.

Tia continued, “Instead you managed to outdo me and do my job for me… never doubt a true masochist right?... RIGHT?”

Both Nicole and Victoria had missed the question as they were totally focused on trying to stay still. They did however both register it the second time and replied in unison, “No Miss Tia.”

“No you don’t…”

Nicole watched as Tia walked over to one of the cupboards and picked up a big leather pouch and what looked like a small key hanging in a chain. Putting the chain around her neck and letting the key rest comfortably between her latex covered breast, Tia returned to her subjects. She dropped the pouch which landed with a loud thump on the floor, opening slightly to reveal numerous small silver padlocks inside. Squatting down and picking one of the locks up, Tia asked, “Master key unlocks all of these, correct?”

Victoria let out a gasp in pain as she replied, “Hhhnghhhaaa…. Yes Miss… Tia.”

Wasting no time, Tia started to add padlocks to the locking buckles on Victoria’s ankle cuffs and then worked her way upwards, locking buckle after buckle. Nicole observed her lover as she was gradually locked into her outfit and had a hard time reading Victoria’s state of mind. As all padlocks had been locked in place she noticed Victoria was smiling ever so slightly and Nicole felt some relief as she knew that at least some part of Victoria liked what was being done to them.

After establishing that no buckles had been missed, Tia started to repeat the process on Nicole. The sound of padlocks being closed seemed to resonate through the dungeon and Nicole became more and more aroused with each click. She was now amply wet between her legs and moaned in pleasure as they were now both properly locked into their outfits and at the mercy of their beautiful dominatrix.

As Tia was double checking Nicole's buckles she heard her moan and asked, “You like that, don’t you chocolate? Being locked in all that latex… not knowing if you are ever let out…”

Nicole bit her lower lip and answered, “Yes Miss Tia, I like it very much.”


Nicole was starting to have real trouble keeping still and Victoria seemed to be struggling with her balance as well. With calves, thighs, stomach and back now burning from exhaustion and strain, the tugs on their nipple clamps were more forceful and frequent. As Nicole started to get worried one of them would collapse, Tia said, “That’s enough of that, you may stand up straight.”

Nicole carefully inched forwards and started to straighten out her back. Letting out a long sigh in relief she saw Victoria doing the same and they were shortly standing face to face again, chains between them hanging loosely. They were now both gazing into each other's eyes, looking mighty aroused. Tia had picked up her phone and was circling the pair, filming them as she went along. Moving in closer, framing the shot to only show their latex covered heads, said, “My two lovely rubber doll twins… all mine to do with as I please… You may kiss each other, I know you want to…”

Neither Nicole nor Victoria needed to think on Tia’s blessing and gracefully engaged in a long and deep kiss. As their tongues were playing with each other, savouring the taste of their lover, Nicole felt her pussy twitch and moaned in unison with Victoria.

“That’s enough… Hey… ENOUGH!”

Having put her phone back in her thigh pouch, Tia firmly grabbed Nicole and Victoria by their cheeks and separated the two lovers. Harshly letting go of them she said, “You like the taste of one another, don’t you?”

Both answered in unison, “Yes Miss Tia!”

“OK… guess you earned another treat… vanilla, open your mouth… wide!”

Victoria did as she was told and opened her mouth as much as she could. Tia walked behind Nicole, put her hands on her shoulders and said, “Chocolate, spit into her mouth.”

Nicole gathered some spit in her mouth, put her head forwards and let her spit fly. Most of the gob went into Victoria’s mouth who hungrily played with it using her tongue. Tia walked behind Victoria and said, “Stop playing with it and swallow.”

Victoria was clearly finding the situation very arousing and slowly swallowed Nicole's spit. Nicole could see Tia smiling wickedly behind Victoria as she said, “Vanilla, your turn… chocolate, open up!”

Nicole wasted no time and opened her mouth, eagerly awaiting her lover's spit. But Victoria missed and the gob hit Nicole on her cheek. Tia laughed and moved over to Nicole. Using her index finger, Tia collected as much as she could of Victoria’s spit from Nicole’s cheek and asked, “You want it?”

Nicole dared not close her mouth and grunted, “Uh-huh!”

Tia held her finger in front of Nicole’s open mouth and said, “Go ahead then… it will cost you though!”

Nicole cared little about consequences at the moment, she wanted to taste her lover's nectar. Slowly and sensually she put her lips around Tia’s finger and licked it clean, never letting her eyes off Victoria.

Her finger clean from Victoria's spit, Tia took hold of a pair of the nipple clamps and said, “Let’s get these off shall we…”

A lovely duett of painful gasps and grunts filled the dungeon as Tia hastily yanked the first, and then second, pairs of nipple clamps off. Panting heavily with throbbing pain in her nipples, Nicole wanted nothing more than to passionately embrace and kiss her lover, but she remained in place and eagerly awaited their tormentors next move.

Tia walked away towards one of the wardrobes and said, “Let’s get you dollies stuffed shall we…”

Having filled a plastic container with some items, Tia returned and commanded, “Stand shoulder to shoulder and drop on all fours.”

In almost perfect unison, Nicole and Victoria gracefully turned and got down on all fours. They were close enough to each other for their little fingers to overlap and Nicole felt Victoria start to gently caress hers. Feeling a wave of arousal run through her, she returned the favour by having their fingers start to make a slow erotic dance. As they were now facing the mirror wall, they could both observe their dominatrix as she squatted behind them. When Tia unzipped Victoria's crotch zipper, Nicole could see her lover let out a surprised gasp and smile at her in the mirrors. Tia made sure the zipper was parted enough for easy access and then repeated the process with Nicole's crotch zipper. As her pussy and ass met the cold air of the dungeon, Nicole gasped as well and smiled back at Victoria.

Tia looked impressed as she stated, “Right… seems my dolls are faulty after all as they are clearly leaking. Especially you, chocolate… you are very, very wet, aren’t you?”

Nicole felt herself bush and answered, “Yes Miss Tia.”

Tia smiled and picked up a huge metallic dildo from the plastic bin and started to richly lube it with a conductive gel. The dildo looked to be about 8 inches long with a 7 inch circumference. The bottom end flange had 2 female connectors fitting 3.5 mm jacks.

Pleased with the amount of gel on the dildo, Tia moved it towards Victoria’s behind and sang, “Ready or not, here I come…”

“Ahhh hell… fuck me… aaah shit… aaaaaaAAAAAAHHH…”

As Tia forced the big dildo into Victoria’s anus she closed her eyes, cursed and showed great discomfort as it went further and further into her. As the base settled against her anal opening she mewed loudly in what must have been both pain and pleasure. Picking up yet another metallic dildo, slightly bigger than the previous one, Tia started to lube it and asked, “Was that a swear word I heard vanilla?”

“Yes Miss Tia, I am so sorry.”

“Don’t be! Adds to your demerits doesn't it?”

“Yes Miiiiiiiiiii… Fhaaaaaaaaaa… Yes Miss… Tia…”

As Tia pushed the now well lubed dildo into Victoria’s vagina she closed her eyes and tried to answer as best as she could without adding more demerits. With the dildo now firmly seated against Victoria’s vulva, Tia took 4 cords from the container and inserted their angled 3.5 mm jacks in the dildos and made sure they were securely in place. She then carefully closed Victoria’s crotch zipper, trapping the dildo flanges under the latex until only the 4 cords were hanging out between the two pull tabs.

Nicole saw Victoria move her pelvis in a soft circular motion as she got used to the feeling of her intruders. As their eyes met in the mirrors, Nicole noticed that Victoria was clearly starting to get very aroused again.

When Nicole saw that Tia had lubed her anal dildo she lowered her upper body all the way down until her face rested against the concrete floor, hoping to make her dominatrix work easier. Tia must have appreciated the effort as she said, “Thank you chocolate.”

Moments later, Nicole was still moaning after having had her anal and vaginal orifices stuffed with 2 dildos identical to the ones Victoria had. They had both been prepared with cords and Nicole’s crotch zipper had been closed, trapping the dildos inside her. After slapping both of her subjects buttoxes hard, Tia stood up and said, “There we go dollies, stuffed good and tight! Just the way I like it… Now stand up and follow me.”

Nicole and Victoria did as commanded and followed Tia towards one end of the counter by the wall. The added padlocks made clanking sounds as they walked, sending arousing chills through Nicole’s body as she was reminded that Tia held the key to getting out of their outfits.

On the counter were a couple of TENS-units, a couple of battery packs, a 10 inch tablet and what looked like thigh pouches. Nicole recognised the TENS-units as she had had them used on her before, at the Fuller’s for instance. The battery packs were new to her but had the same slim design as the TENS-units and were no bigger than a smartphone.

Tia quickly browsed the items, picked up the tablet and started it up. Nicole saw that it preloaded a control app for TENS-units and vibrators. Tia browsed the app and, having checked one of the TENS-units, said, “Aha! Smart…”

Making a few selections in the app, Tia used the tablet to scan QR-codes found at the backside of each TENS-unit and battery pack. As she had scanned one she placed them back on the counter in the order she picked them up. Having scanned 4 of each she looked at Nicole and said, “Chocolate, front and centre!”

Nicole stepped up and stood before Tia who squatted down and strapped one thigh pouch to Nicole’s right thigh, followed by another strapped to her left one. She then took 2 of the TENS-units and placed them into Nicole’s right thigh pouch. Next, 2 battery packs were placed into her left thigh pouch. The pouches were clearly designed with their current contents in mind making both the TENS-units and battery packs fit snuggly with no chance of falling out. Nicole watched as Tia took the 4 cords hanging from her crotch and using their colour coded jacks, connected her dildos to the TENS-units and battery packs.

Checking all connections were done correctly, Tia stood up and said, “Vanilla, your turn.”

Nicole took a few steps back and let Victoria stand in her place. Seeing the love of her life being prepped by the beautiful Cuban dominatrix made her pussy and ass twitch around her intruders as she eagerly awaited the dildos to both pleasure and torment her.

Having set up Victoria in the same fashion as Nicole, Tia stood up again, took the tablet and said, “Stand beside me so you can see the screen.”

Nicole and Victoria strode up on separate sides of Tia who said, “Right… let’s see if I have managed to connect everything correctly… Vanilla this is your pussy right?”

Victoria grunted in pain and quickly answered, “YES… Yes Miss Tia.”

“Then this should be your ass?”

Another painful gasp left Victoria’s lips after which she replied, “Yes Miss Tia!”

“Good… that means that this…”

Nicole gasped and moaned as she felt a powerful shock from her anal dildo.

“... is your ass chocolate, correct?”

“Yes Miss Tia.”

“And this is your pussy?”

Nicole moaned again as an equally painful shock hit her vagina to which she replied, “Yes, Miss Tia.”

The same tests were then done but with the vibrator function in the dildos. Pleased everything worked as intended, Tia first set all 4 dildos to vibrate on a very low setting to which both Nicole and Victoria started to slowly move their hips. Tia then set the dildos to a low powered random shock pattern. Feeling the shocks in her pussy and ass made Nicole uncertain as to what to think of them. It felt almost as if someone was quickly and gently pricking her with a sharp needle. It was not painful nor was it very pleasurable either, in fact she found it mostly irritating.

Putting the tablet down, Tia turned and looked at Nicole and Victoria before commanding, “Presentation pose.”

Both of them gracefully got down on their knees and crossed their arms behind their backs. Tia walked over to one of the wardrobes and returned with a pair of penis gag head harnesses. Made out of thick rubber, the head harnesses had a panel gag with a massive 8 inch anatomical dildo and numerous wide straps to hold it in place on the wearer's head. Having put one of the gags on the cupboard, Tia stood in front of Nicole and said, “Head back, open up!”

Nicole swiftly bent her head back as far as the collar allowed for and opened her mouth wide. She was now looking straight up at Tia who was working her jaw and after pouting her lips, let a big gob of spit drop down into her mouth. Smiling, Tia asked, “What do we say?”

Without closing her mouth, Nicole answered as best as she could, “Hank ouu Nish Kshhhhhhauuugh… khhhak…”

Nicole was taken by surprise as Tia had shoved the huge penis down her throat and started to tightly strap the harness around her head. Nicole mewed loudly in pleasure as she felt wonderfully violated, sinking deeper into her masochistic state. Tia took Nicole's head between her hands, worked her jaw again, and after spitting her in the face said, “You are most welcome.”

The humiliation had Nicole moaning loudly as Tia let go of her head and picked up the other gag. As Tia had Victoria bending her head back with mouth open and spat into it, Nicole looked at her lover and saw fear in her eyes. Victoria had just begun to thank Tia as the penis was forcefully plunged down her throat. As Tia started to tightly strap the head harness to Victoria’s head she was coughing and gagging on the huge intruder. Having spat in Victoria’s face, Tia looked a bit worried and asked, “You OK there darling?”

Victoria was trying hard to compose herself and eventually managed an “Uh-huh…” in reply.

“Are you sure?”


“OK then… Time to play a little game.”

Tia squatted down and inched real close to her subjects before continuing, “OK… One of you will soon receive a lot of pleasure… The other one will receive a lot of pain… The one receiving the pain… eeny, meeny, miny, moe… I think… will be… you!”

Tia was pointing her finger at Nicole who let out a loud moan in reply as she looked at her tormentor with a longing gaze. Tia grabbed Nicole firmly by the throat, almost cutting her air off, and with a condescending tone said, “Will be interesting to see if you cherish me so fondly after we are done.”

Tia rose and walked towards the centre of the dungeon. Scanning the floor she asked, “These floor sleeves… they house poles, I take it?”

Victoria grunted an “Uh-huh!” in reply.

“Good! Fetch two and come over here.”

Getting up and following Victoria, Nicole helped her to carry two stainless steel poles from one of the wardrobes to the centre of the dungeon where Tia was standing. The poles were hollow but still weighed a good deal and were a bit tricky to carry, especially in high heels. Having placed them into the floor sleeves that Tia had opened they both stood back with their arms crossed behind their backs. The poles were 8.5 feet high and had anchor points welded in place at around 15 inches intervals from bottom to top.

Tia took a hold of one of the poles and, trying to shake it, found it would not move at all. With a surprised look on her face she said, “Wow… perfect! You know what, fetch 2 more.”

Nicole and Victoria did as they had been told and moments later there were 4 poles in total standing in the centre of the dungeon. The bases of the poles made a rectangle measuring about 32 by 28 inches. Tia walked over to one of the wardrobes and gathered a few items that she brought back to the poles. Stepping into the centre of the poles she looked at Nicole and said, “Chocolate, over her… facing me.”

Nicole eagerly walked and stood before Tia who commanded, “Feet apart until they are next to the poles.”

Nicole adjusted her position and put her feet wide apart so they were right next to the base of two of the poles standing furthest apart. Tia squatted down locked Nicole’s ankle cuffs to the bottom pair of anchor points on the poles. Nicole watched with growing arousal and anticipation as Tia took a leather strap and started to first thread it through one of the anchor points on one of the poles and then through the d-ring on one of her thigh cuffs. Tia buckled the strap loosley, letting it hang as she did the same to Nicole’s other thigh cuff. She then started alternating between buckling the two straps tighter and tighter until they both were perfectly taut, holding Nicole firmly in between them. Nicole felt her juices flowing as she was now truly bound between the two poles, finding she could not move her legs at all.

Using two more leather straps, Tia got on her toes and thread each of them through one of the upped anchor points on separate poles in front of Nicole. Holding on to both of the straps Tia said, “Bend forward and grab the poles.”

Nicole bent forward and grabbed one pole each with her hands. As Tia started to thread the leather straps through the d-rings in Nicole’s wrist cuffs, Nicole looked at her lover in the mirrors. Victoria was standing behind Tia with one hand gently rubbing her clitoris, the other massaging one of her latex covered breasts. Nicole gave her a loving gaze and moaned as she saw her lover enjoying herself.

Hearing Nicole moan, Tia smiled and started to tighten the straps. As they started to go taut Nicole had to let go of the poles and instead grabbed the straps for support instead. Grunting loudly, Tia buckled both straps extremely tight and Nicole could feel her arms and wrists starting to strain. With a wicked smile Tia ran her hands along Nicole’s taut arms all the way from the wrists to her shoulders. Looking straight into Nicole’s eyes, Tia grabbed her braid and used it to force her head backwards. Still smiling, Tia asked, “Still eager to please me?”

Nicole looked at Tia with anticipating eyes and loudly grunted “Uh-huh!” in reply.

Tia turned around, pointed at Victoria and said, “With me.”

Nicole saw that Victoria barely had time to put her arms behind her as Tia had turned around but hoped, for her sake, that she had without Tia noticing. Tia led Victoria to one of the cupboards and after getting a sturdy padlock, went behind her and said, “Arms straight down.”

Victoria complied and Tia soon had her wrist cuffs locked together. Picking up another padlock, Tia said, “On your knees.”

Victoria did as she was told and Tia stepped up closer behind her. Using what looked like most of her strength, Tia managed to force Victoria’s elbows together and lock her arm cuffs together with the padlock. As Tia let go of the arms and stepped back Victoria screamed in pain while shaking her upper body ferociously.

Tia walked in front of Victoria and roared, “Hey… Hey… HEY… CALM DOWN!”

With tear filled eyes Victoria stopped shaking and seemed transfixed on Tia who continued in a calmer voice, “It’s only pain… It’s only pain… Deep breaths…”

Nicole felt her arousal grow immensely as she had witnessed her lover experience discomfort and pain like she had probably never done before. Nicole quickly realised that she somehow enjoyed seeing Victoria in bondage and suffering in pain. A feeling she felt a bit uneasy about.

Victoria was now breathing heavily through her nose and watched Tia with keen focus as she went to the counter and picked up the tablet. After Tia had made a few changes in the app Victoria jolted and threw her head back, starting to moan. Her body language quickly changed from showing someone in distress to that of someone getting aroused. Tia walked up to Victoria, still holding the tablet, and squatted before her. Grabbing Victoria by the jaw Tia asked, “Is that better?”

Victoria looked straight at her tormentor and grunted an “Uh-huh…” in reply.

“I should hope so… Follow!”

With her arms bound behind her Victoria struggled a bit to get up but eventually managed to follow Tia who was coming towards Nicole. Tia stopped just a few feet in front of Nicole and, pointing to the ground just beside her, said, “Kneel!”

Victoria did her best in her bondage and was soon kneeling besides Tia’s left leg. Tia put her hand on top of Victoria's latex covered head and continued, “Right then! The game is simple. I will torment poor, poor chocolate here until you, vanilla, manage to cum by which time the game is over.”

Nicole relished the thought of being tormented while her lover was made to cum and looked into Victoria’s eyes with great anticipation. Tia continued, “I will set vanilla’s vibrations to a modest level as we start and she will herself be in charge of when I should increase the speed. Do you both understand?”

Both Nicole and Victoria grunted an “Uh-huh.” through their gags.

Tia squatted down, made sure both Victoria and Nicole could hear her, and added, “Ohhh… almost forgot. For every level I raise the speed of vanilla’s vibrators I will raise the shocks chocolate is enduring twice as much...”

Tia stood up and changed some parameters in the app on the tablet. Nicole suddenly felt her dildos suddenly stop all together only to start giving her mild 2 seconds waves of shocks, alternating between her vagina and rectum. The shocks were very pleasurable and made Nicole start to moan as Tia went over to a wardrobe to fetch some gear. Looking down at her lover Nicole saw that Victoria was leaning backwards, resting on her bound arms. Her pelvis was slowly moving up and down and she was breathing deeply and moaning. Nicole tried to tell Victoria that she loved her but her words came out all garbled under the penis gag.

Returning, Tia put a few items on the floor between them. There were a pair of vicious nipple clamps, numerous plastic encased led weights, a heavy dual flapped paddle, a titanium crop, a big clear plastic bag and a couple of thin leather straps. Seeing the plethora of pain inducing tools Nicole felt her juices start to flow and couldn’t wait for Tia to use them on her. Victoria on the other hand was wide-eyed and grunted in her gag at Tia who asked, “Raise the level?”

Victoria looked at Nicole with apologetic eyes and grunted “Uh-huh!” in reply.

Nicole grunted in a mixture of pleasure and pain as the power of the shocks increased substantially all while Victoria moaned loudly as her dildos slightly ramped up in speed. Tia smiled and picked up the pair of adjustable nipple clamps and said, “Let’s make things interesting shall we.”

Nicole felt Tia start to close a clamp around one of her engorged nipples and closed her eyes as its teeth dug mercilessly into it while meowing in pain. As the second clamp was attached and closed just as tight as the first one, Nicole was taking long deep breaths through her nostrils as she tried to get used to the added pain.

Tugging on both clamps to make sure they were firmly attached Tia air kissed Nicole who responded by grunting in pleasure and pain. Next she picked up a pair of the leather strings and tied one of their individual ends to each of the clamps. Watching Tia pick up a pair of 4 oz lead weights and starting to tie them to the opposite ends of the leather strings, Nicole breathed deeply in anticipation of what was to come. With a wicked smile Tia held the weights in each of her hands at head level and asked, “Ready?”

Nicole grunted “Uh-huh…” and then held her breath.


As the 24 inch long leather strings went taut Nicole yowled in pain and continued to grunt as the weights swung back and forth, tugging at her nipples. Nicole saw Tia make a pouty face and asked, “Naaaaaaawww… Did the little dolly get hurt?”

Nicole nodded her head and grunted “Uh-huh.” in reply.

“As if I actually care, it was rhetorical… Although…”

Nicole looked down as she felt the weights on her nipples being picked up and saw Tia squatting down, attaching another pair of 4 oz weights to the strings. To the sounds of Nicole’s pleading mews, Tia stood up and again held the weights in front of her. Tilting her head questioningly Tia asked, “Should I drop them from here?”

Nicole, even though she was deep in her masochistic state, shook her head and grunted, “Nuh-uh, nuh-uh, nuh-uh…”

With a face of ironic regret Tia said, “Oops…”


As the now twice as heavy weights made the leather strings go taut it felt like they would rip Nicole's nipples clean off. As they were swinging back and forth Nicole had tears running down her latex covered cheeks still screaming in pain. Tia picked up the leather paddle and loudly asked, “How are we doing vanilla? The longer you take, the longer your partner here will be in torment.”

Nicole blinked her eyes to clear from tears and looked down at Victoria. She looked very aroused, eagerly rocking her pelvis and was looking at Nicole with lustful eyes. A barely audible *whoosh* could be heard through the air quickly followed by a loud *thack* as Tia forcefully hit Nicole’s buttock with the paddle. Nicole let out a quiet grunt in reply and Tia landed another blow on her other buttock.

Not getting the feedback she expected, Tia started to massage Nicole’s buttocks with her hand and said, “Thicker latex than I expected, this paddle is clearly not working...”

Nicole saw Tia come around and picked up the titanium crop and continued, “How about it vanilla, need the speed increased?”

Victoria stayed silent except for her moans to which Tia responded, “Guess not…”


Nicole let out a grunt in pain as Tia hit her thighs just above the cuffs. Clearly pleased with the effect Tia said, “That's the response we want… just need to lean more into it…”


“… There we go!”

Nicole screamed into her gag as Tia managed to hit the exact same spot but with way more force. Her eyes were welling up again and after 2 more strokes she was crying in pain. Tia kept going and blow after blow landed on Nicole’s thighs and ass. Snot and saliva had started to leak past the edges of the panel gag, dripping down and starting to make a huge mess on the floor. The caning was relentless and no longer pleasurable at all making Nicole wanting nothing more than for Tia to stop it, or at least torment her in another way. As if Tia had read her mind the caning stopped and Nicole saw her blurry figure step in front of her. Taking a firm grip around the base of her braid she started to carefully wipe the tears from Nicole’s eyes. Her vision now clear, she looked at her tormentor who asked, “You OK to continue dolly?”

Still sobbing, Nicole nodded her head as best as she could under Tia's firm grip and grunted a gargling “Uh-huh…” in reply. The pain from the caning had been horrible and her thighs and ass were still on fire but Nicole wanted to push on, fueled by her inner masochist.

Tia ran her fingers along the leather straps hanging in Nicole’s nipple clamps all the way down to the weights making her whimper in fear and excitement. As Tia started to gently pull the weights towards her along their circular arc Nicole held her breath only to moan loudly as they were released , swaying back and forth in a big pendular motion. The pain was exquisite and together with the feeling of her burning ass on top of the altering shocks, Nicole was now steadily getting more aroused and closer and closer to reaching an orgasm.

Picking up the tablet, Tia squatted beside Victoria and caressed her cheek. Nicole could see that her lover was looking flustered and very aroused, still moving her hips up and down, trying to ride her dildos. Tia pointed at Victoria’s crotch and asked, “You need some more incentive down there?”

Victoria first looked at Nicole with regret in her eyes and then at Tia while grunting, “Uh-huh.”

“Very well, let’s see…”

A duett of loud moans and grunts could be heard from both Victoria and Nicole as Tia changed the settings in the app. Tia smiled at Victoria and said, “Want even more?”


“Are you getting close to cumming?”


Yet another duett of grunts and moans, both of pleasure and pain, filled the dungeon as Tia increased the vibrations and shocks a second time. As the waves of shocks hit their peak Nicole grunted loudly from the pain into her penis gag. Victoria was also grunting into her gag but for a totally different reason as she was rapidly getting closer and closer to an orgasm. Tia picked up the clear plastic bag and a piece of leather string from the floor and stood in front of Nicole and said, “Must be searing by now right?”

Nicole looked with pleading eyes at Tia and nodded as she grunted in pain and pleasure, inching closer and closer to an orgasm. Without warning Tia pulled the plastic bag over Nicole’s head, tucked her braid inside it, and tightly tied the leather string around her neck with a quick release knot. As Nicole inhaled sharply the bag crumpled with a rustling sound until it sat skin tight around her head and face. She had only managed to draw half a breath and exhaled quickly, expanding the plastic bag until it was fully expanded. Inhaling sharply she could again only draw half a breath but this time tried to force more air into the bag. She only made the bag around her head become even more tight making the snot and spit leaking from her gag smear in a blotchy pattern across her latex covered chin and cheeks. There was no extra air, the leather strap was simply too tight to let any in or out at all.

Panicking, Nicole started to thrash her head about in an effort to get the bag off of her head only to hear Tia laugh and then say, “You better conserve that air dolly, you are not getting any more until vanilla cums!”

With a loud whimper Nicole started to try and focus on calming down but her steadily rising arousal and approaching orgasm made it very hard to concentrate. The more she rebreathed her own air the more light headed and aroused she got. The cocktail of snot and saliva was now so big inside the bag that it made a sploshing sound together with the rustling of the plastic as she breathed. As her inhales were abruptly halted time and time again by the bag she had a brief moment of almost clear vision of her lover and Tia. Tia was squatting behind Victoria with one hand firmly holding her jaw, forcing her to look at Nicole who was on the final stretch towards her orgasm.

With legs shaking and vision now not only blurred by the plastic bag but also from lack of oxygen, Nicole was squealing in pure lust. But just as she was about to cum she heard the sound of a pleasurable shriek from Victoria and felt the plastic bag being ripped off her head closely followed by the removal of her nipple clamps. The instant influx of oxygen made Nicole keenly aware that she had been right on the verge of cumming but never achieved it. The shocks in her vagina and rectum were gone and the only stimuli left were the throbbing pain in her now freed nipples that could barely keep her arousal up. As she felt herself slipping further and further away from her orgasm she let out a loud groan in displeasement and let her head hang in exhaustion.

Having taken a few deep breaths, Nicole looked up and was struck with envy as she saw Victoria lean her head back against Tia and scream in her gag as she came hard for a second time. Tia was softly massaging Victoria's breasts and nipples as she asked, “You have another one in you?”

Victoria nodded her head and moaned “Uh-huh” just before going over the edge, grunting into her gag as she managed to cum for a third time.

Tia leaned over to the tablet lying on the floor beside her and turned Victoria’s dildos off. Victoria moaned in disappointment to which Tia said, “No, no! You have had your share of orgasms for now. Time to get you into some stricter bondage don’t you think?”

Victoria eagerly leaned forwards and grunted “Uh-huh!” as she nodded her head. She was clearly still high on lust from her orgasms and wanted nothing more than to please the Cuban dominatrix in hopes she would be awarded another one.

Tia got up and walked over to Nicole, forced her head backwards by pulling on the braid and said, “Yuck! You are a damn mess…”

As Tia was complaining over the state of Nicole's face she started to unbuckle the head harness holding the panel gag in place. The dildo gag came out with a gurgling sound and landed with a loud splosh in the pool of saliva already on the floor. Tia quickly moved back to avoid any splatter and, having made sure she did not catch any, stepped back and started to release Nicole from her bondage. Nicole slowly moved her now freed jaw to work some of the stiffness out and soon had her wrists and arms freed from their bondage. Shaking some much needed blood back into her arms she felt Tia unstrap her legs and was soon able to put her legs together, alleviating her strained ankles. As Tia was gathering the straps and panel gag from the floor she said, “Chocolate I need you to go and clean your face and then return to me, is that understood?”

“Yes Miss Tia.”

Leaving her lover and the Cuban dominatrix, Nicole walked with determined steps towards the side room. Once inside she stepped in front of the makeup mirror and using a towel, started to clean the saliva of her face. The once beautiful makeup was all ruined and Nicole now looked like a rubber doll that had been roughly used and abused. As she was admiring herself in the mirror her pussy twitched by the thought of what she had just been made to endure and was enthusiastically looking forward to what was to come next.

With her hood and lower face cleaned up, Nicole stepped back into the dungeon and saw Tia and Victoria by the bondage table. Victoria lay face down on the table, fully stretched out with her arms still tightly bound behind her back. One of the poles that had held Nicole in her bondage had been moved and was now standing centred at the foot end of the bondage table. As she was walking over to the table, Nicole saw that Tia had gathered some additional bondage and BDSM apparel and was making sure Victoria’s position was to her liking. Victoria’s legs and feet were locked together with padlocks at her ankle and thigh cuffs. When Tia saw Nicole step up to the opposite side of the table from her she said, “Oh good! Just in time to help me make life miserable for your twin here.”

Victoria moaned loudly in anticipation as she heard Tia’s edict, obviously still not fully over her recent orgasms. Passing the end of a leather strap under Victoria’s arms, Tia told Nicole, “Loop it through the d-ring there and feed it back to me.”

Nicole did as she was told and pretty soon Victoria could be heard grunting as Tia forcefully tightened the leather strap over her corseted waist, pinning it to the bondage table. Pleased with the tightness Tia buckled the strap with the lockable buckle. Giving Nicole a long leather strap Tia nodded towards one of Victoria’s ankle cuffs and, mirroring Tia, Nicole thread the strap through the d-ring at the cuff and then walked to the head end of the table. As both of them pulled hard at the straps, Victoria’s legs were soon bent all the way at the knees making the back of her boots compress tightly against the back of her latexed thighs. Threading the ends of the straps through d-rings at the corners of the table’s head end meant Victoria was soon tightly buckled in a strict hogtie. As Victoria was exploring her new bondage, Tia made sure both straps were tightened to her preference. Pleased, Tia started to walk towards the foot end of the table and with one of her index fingers pointing at the floor said, “Stay!”

Heeding Tia’s command, Nicole stayed put and put her arms crossed behind her back. She watched Tia take yet another long leather strap, start to thread its end through the d-rings on Victoria’s wrist cuffs and then walk down to thread it through a d-ring in the pole at the foot end of the table. As Tia started to pull the strap tighter and tighter, pulling Victoria’s arms backwards, Nicole saw that her lover’s facial expression started to change. The once lust filled eyes were now starting to show concern. As the strap kept getting tighter it started to make Victoria’s upper body rise up from the table and she could be heard grunting in pain as Nicole saw her eyes start to well up. Nicole wanted nothing more than to step forwards and comfort her lover but remained in place, feeling very envious of the bondage Victoria was being put into. As lonely tears started to run down Victoria’s cheeks and she was grunting loudly in distress, Tia finally buckled the strap in place and said, “Just you wait, it’s about to get even worse…”

Nicole looked at Victoria in awe. Her strict hogtie made her upper body arch back and upwards, making her chest and breasts float above the table as her arms were pulled forcefully backwards and up towards the pole behind her. The added strain on her already corseted waist and chest made Victoria start to gasp for breath. Even though Nicole saw that her lover was in great distress her compassion for her was rapidly giving way for her jealousy of wanting to be in her situation. As Tia started to tie a long heavy rubber band to the end of Victoria’s braid Nicole bit her lower lip, very aroused by her lover's apparent discomfort.

Victoria went wide eyed as Tia walked behind her and started to thread the rubber band through the same d-ring as the leather strap pulling at her arms. Her loud grunts of mercy fell on deaf ears as Tia maliciously tightened the rubber strap severely before tying it off. Victoria's head was now pulled way back and she had to force it back forwards, pulling painfully at her scalp, to ease what little breath she could still draw.

Judging from Victoria’s muffled pleads and the tears running from her eyes she was already at her limit when Tia walked up in front of her and held a pair of adjustable nipple clamps and asked rhetorically, “Not done yet are we?”

With Victoria’s chest floating above the table Tia had no trouble getting access to her nipples and started to attach a clamp to one of them. As its teeth settled firmly into the sensitive skin of her nipple Victoria screamed in pain and seemed to try and shake it off which proved to be a most pointless endeavour as she could not even move an inch in her bondage.

As the second nipple clamp ferociously dug into the other nipple Victoria's eyes were closed with tears continuously running down her cheeks as she wailed in agony. Nicole just stood and watched as she was growing ever more aroused by her lover’s plight.

With a yelp of surprise Victoria opened her eyes and started to repeatedly grunt “Nah-uh” as Tia tied two rubber bands to the just applied clamps. Accompanied by Victoria’s guttural screams Tia stretched the two rubber bands tight and tied them to a d-ring at the head end of the table. Still screaming in pain, Victoria looked with tearfilled eyes at both Tia and Nicole, seemingly trying to shake her head in what must have been an attempt to get some mercy. Tia tilted her head questioningly and said, “Oh shush… You love it so don’t give me that look! Chocolate, with me!”

Nicole looked into Victoria’s pleading eyes and felt her pussy and ass twitch around the dildos as she followed Tia. With the tablet in hand Tia walked to one of the benches along the floor-to-ceiling windows, turned around and said, “On your knees doll.”

Nicole immediately stopped and got down on her knees in a presentation pose. This put her front and centre of Tia’s crotch as she put the tablet down on the bench before starting to unzip her crotch zipper. The cries and grunts of her tormented lover quickly faded as Nicole watched with great anticipation as Tia’s vulva was slowly revealed. The dark pink clitoris and inner labia lips were a beautiful contrast against her glistening almond skin. Tia was clearly aroused as her labia lips and clitoris were fully engorged and her vagina was thoroughly wet. After seating herself on the bench, Tia spread her legs wide and made sure her vulva wasn’t obstructed by the now fully open crotch zipper. Holding one hand by her crotch, Tia beckoned Nicole to approach with her index finger. Nicole started to slowly crawl forwards, dead focused on the price in front of her. As she was mere inches away from savouring her dominatrix’s juices Tia stopped her by tapping her index finger on the tip of Nicole’s nose and said, “That’s far enough dolly!”

Nicole’s juices were flowing amply as she felt both humiliation and arousal from standing on all fours so close to Tia’s vulva, inhaling its sweet molasses odour. Tia shifted her upper body and then leaned back against the glass wall and said, “Look at me dolly!”

Nicole bent her neck back as far as the collar would allow for and was now looking straight into the lens of Tia’s phone. Realising she was being filmed made her bite her lower lip and arched her back in an effort to look as sexy as she could. Tia panned the phone around to show her exposed vulva, the shiny latex doll between her thighs and her latex twin strictly bound on the bondage table. Panning down to show Nicole’s latex covered face again, Tia spoke as if explaining to an audience, “As you can see my latex dolls, my shiny twins, are both in the position to play a funny game. The one down here will be tasked with the privilege of eating me out until i cum…”

Tia panned the phone to show Victoria and continued, “... all while I will torment her twin over there with ever increasing electrical shocks to her pussy and ass. She has a lot of demerits to make up for”

Panning down to Nicole again Tia added, “When I feel you have pleasured me enough I will stop torturing your lover, so you are in direct charge of her torment. Do you understand dolly?”

Nicole looked submissively into the lens and replied, “Yes Miss Tia.”

“Good… You may start…”

“Thank you Miss Tia.”

Nicole carefully put her lips to Tia’s clitoris and started to gently suck on it, savouring her sweet, metallic taste. She barely registered Victoria’s screams as Tia started to painfully shock her vagina and anus using the tablet with her free hand.

Nicole’s approaching orgasm was hastened by the fact that she was pleasuring a beautiful stranger who was paid to be so. The humiliation was a powerful aphrodisiac and Nicole began to work her vaginal and anal muscles around her dildos as she expertly worked Tia’s clitoris with her tongue. Tia was still filming, apparently surprised by Nicole’s cunnilingus skills as she was already breathing heavily as she declared, “... Oh… my… GOD… Fuck me… You are… mmmmmmmmh… You are… fucking good… at this… keep going… keep going…”

Being praised made Nicole’s own arousal grow even more and she started to moan as she kept pleasuring her dominatrix, still working the dildos filling her. Tia responded to the cunnilingus more or less exactly as Victoria usually did, making Nicole’s effort so much more easy since she could stick to what she knew was a successful approach. Although fully committed to Tia’s pleasure, Nicole allowed herself to savour and enjoy the taste of her dominatrix’s juices without interfering with the vaginal and clitoral massage. Mere moments later Nicole felt a hand on the back of her head, pressing her mouth firmly into Tia’s vulva.

“... mmmmmmmmMMMMMMAAAAAAAA!… HngnnnnnnaaaAAAFFFFFF!”

Tia tensed up and screamed in pleasure as she came. Nicole kept working Tia’s clitoris as best as she could under the added pressure and soon had Tia cum a second time.

Letting go of Nicole’s head Tia, who was still panting from her recent orgasms, loudly proclaimed, “Fuck me, that was amazing! You are… fucking great at this… keep going slut… I want more!”

Nicole continued to work her magic and heard Tia continue, “Let’s make things even worse for your lover…”

Victoria’s screams snapped Nicole out of her cunnilingus-focused trance and became acutely aware that her soulmate was crying uncontrollably, screaming into her gag. Realising Victoria must have been way past her levels, Nicole felt a knot in her stomach and felt sick. Not able to focus on anything else than Victoria’s screams, Nicole rose up from Tia’s crotch and sat back on her knees. As she was about to speak she saw Tia put her phone down and barked, “Who told you to stop?! Get your face in there again and keep going slut!”

Nicole gathered some courage and disobeying Tia’s commands replied, “Please Miss Tia, stop tormenting her!”

“Why the fuck would I do that?”

Tia was clearly irritated that Nicole had stopped eating her out.

Nicole looked at Tia with pleading eyes and answered, “She is not as experienced as she has made you believe, please go easy on her!”

“Yeah that much is clear so she is learning what lying to me entails… Now get back to work, doll!”

Nicole paused for a moment before reiterating, “No Miss Tia, you do not understand! Mistress has never submitted to anyone ever before…”

Tia leaned forwards, took a hold of Nicole's braid, and jerked her head forcefully backwards before asking, “What… the… FUCK… did you just call her?”

Nicole immediately realised her slip up and replied, “I’m sorry Miss Tia! She is my Mistress… I didn’t mean to… Please stop torme..”

Tia swung one of her legs over Nicole’s head, picked up the tablet and quickly stood up as she cursed, “FUCK!”

Nicole stood up and tried to plead, “Please Miss…”

Tia cut her off and barked, “NOT… another word from you! Get on your knees!”

Scared by Tia’s apparent discontent, Nicole quickly got down on her knees again in a presentation pose. Tia made a few changes on the tablet and Nicole could see Victoria relax her posture as much as her bondage allowed for and stopped screaming. Leaning in over the table, Tia firmly grabbed Victoria by the jaw and spoke in a firm voice, “Mistress huh? You’re her Mistress… Why the hell did you lie about that?... I fucking hate when people lie to me…”

Victoria was grunting under her gag as Tia went to one of the cupboards and, after finding what she was looking for, returned to the bondage table. From her position on the floor, Nicole saw Tia start to lock the buckles holding Victoria in her severe hogtie. Before locking each padlock Tia did something with them, resulting in an audible beeping sound as they were locked shut. Padlocks all in place, Tia carefully zipped her crotch closed again. Using the tablet, she then set a few parameters in the app and looking at Nicole, said, “You! Follow me.”

Nicole dared not disobey the dominatrix and followed her out of the dungeon, giving Victoria a compassionate look as she passed her. Tia walked with long, determined steps and Nicole had a tough time following her in her outfit. As they passed the entrance hall Tia grabbed a black leather coat, opened the front door and stepped out into the night. Nicole followed her through the open door and felt her nipples go stiff as they met the chill outdoor temperature. The only sound heard was that of both their heels, echoing against the cemented driveway, as they quickly approached a large white SUV. Nicole saw the passenger window being lowered as they came up by the car and heard a male voice from inside say, “Everything OK?”

Tia sighed and replied, “Yeah… Just give me a sec, OK?”

Turning around Tia looked at Nicole who was now standing in front of her and said, “Look… What's your name by the way?”

Nicole crossed her arms behind her and answered, “It’s Nicole Miss Tia.”

“Right… Nicole, under normal circumstances I would have left you and your lover in there but I felt I needed to apologise for my behaviour back there. It’s just… It’s just that I really HATE when people lie to me… Especially as it affects the sessions…”

“Don’t apologise Miss Tia, this is all on us… me… I could have been honest with you much earlier…”

“Stop it… This is no fault of yours… I… What I do requires copious amounts of trust… from both parties… Fuck it! What I guess I am trying to say is that I really liked dominating you two… especially you Nicole. You are truly special.”

“Thank you Miss Tia.”

Tia smiled and continued, “If you ever find yourself looking for a new Mistress please let me know, I would love to have you all to myself.”

Nicole saw that Tia had calmed down noticeably and replied, “Thank you… I… I don’t think…”

“Say no more, I understand… she is really special as well, I hope you know that! I don’t think I know of any Mistress… or Master for that matter, who would go through what she just did… well… is still going through as a matter of fact.”

Nicole looked back at the house as if she was able to see Victoria and said, “She is very special to me Miss Tia.”

Tia walked up to Nicole and grabbed her nipples tightly between her fingers and twisted them hard. As Nicole inhaled sharply from the pain Tia continued, “Tell Victoria that if she ever wants me to come over and dominate the both of you ever again, I’m more then up for it. Maybe she and I could take turns dominating you, would you like that?”

“... mmmmhhhhaaaaaaaaa… Yes Miss Tia, I would love that!”

“Good… now hurry back to your Mistress, she must be searing by now.”

“Yes Miss Tia, thank you for everything!”

Tia let go of Nicole's nipples and replied, “Any time dolly, have a great night.”

“Thank you Miss Tia, you too!”

As the SUV drove down the driveway towards the main road, Nicole hurried back into the house. Hearing Victoria’s screams from the dungeon made Nicole move as fast as she could and was soon watching her lover writhe in pain, screaming her lungs out. Nicole quickly located the tablet and, having scanned its settings, turned off the shocks. Tia had set it to slowly increase the pulsating shocks over time and they had been at ¾ strength as Nicole turned them off. Victoria, having stopped screaming, was panting loudly through the nostril tubes as Nicole hastily walked up the table to start and free her lover from her bondage.

In dismay, Nicole discovered that Tia had used timed padlocks that she wouldn’t be able to open until their set time had run out.

50 minutes from now.

Panicking, Nicole started to curse and quickly unbuckled Victoria’s head harness. As the huge dildo came out Victoria coughed, making saliva pour out of her mouth and onto the table below her chin. Cupping her tormented lover's face and looking into her eyes Nicole said, “I am so sorry Victoria… I… She has used timed padlocks… I can't open them… I’ll get a knife and cut them off… I’ll just go to the kitchen…”

Victoria had tried to get a word in and finally shouted, “Baby… baby… ba… HEY, SHUT UP!”

Nicole froze mid sentence and looked at Victoria in shock who continued, “hnnnnnnaaa…How long?”

“Eahhh… 49 minutes.”

“Right… Fuck! Listen… this had been fucking horrible but… but part of me likes it I think… I… I think I would like to endure it until the time is up.”

Nicole was unsure what to think of her lover's request and asked, “Victoria are you sure, you seem to be in real discomfort and I think…”

“HEY! Don’t think… do as you are told slave! Put the gag back and give it to me rough!”

Nicole was still not sure what to do and hesitated. Victoria apparently grew tired of Nicole's indecision and barked, “Either you do as I tell you or I will not not dominshhhouGHHHNNNNNNFFFNNNNGAAA…”

The threat was cut short as Nicole forcibly shoved the penis gag back into Victoria’s mouth and down her throat. As she started to buckle the head harness tightly around her lover's head, Nicole heard Victoria start to grunt in discomfort, possibly regretting her decision. Seeing the mixed emotions in Victoria’s eyes as the head harness was once again holding her head in its vice made Nicole very aroused. Both from seeing her lover possibly enjoying her predicament but also from knowing that at the moment, SHE was in control of Victoria’s torment.

With mixed thoughts about this new discovery, Nicole walked to the foot end of the table and undid the rubber strap that forced Victoria's head back by her braid. As it came loose, relieving some of the tension on Victoria’s scalp, she let out a loud sigh in relief. However as Nicole started to pull on the rubber strap again, Victoria started to grunt loudly in protest. Having pulled the strap tighter than before, Nicole tied it off and walked to the head end of the table again. Victoria started to grunt “Nuh-uh!” repeatedly, shaking her head as best as she could, as Nicole undid the rubber straps pulling on Victoria’s nipple clamps. As both straps had been harshly retightened and tied off, almost tearing the nipple clamps off, Victoria was crying and screaming in pain.

Nicole just smiled wickedly at her lover and went over to the counter to set up the dildos using the tablet. As she was about to pick up the tablet Victoria’s phone vibrated, indicating she had a new message. On closer inspection it looked to be from Tia and Nicole opened it and read, “Forgot the key to your outfits around my neck. It’s in your mailbox down by the main road.”

Nicole realised she had totally forgotten about the key and the feeling of being locked into her outfit made her already high arousal grow even more. With a plan forming in her head Nicole set Victoria’s dildos to give her 10 seconds long shocks at ¾ strength, every 20 seconds. Looking over at her bound lover she initiated the dildos and watched Victoria try to move to escape the added pain, screaming even louder in her gag as she was shocked once again. The sight was amazing and Nicole loved how it made her more and more aroused. Afraid she would get stuck admiring her lover’s torment Nicole quickly gathered a few items and set about realising her plan.

She started by adding a pair of the vicious clamps to her nipples. Making sure to tighten them both properly she started to breathe rapidly due to the pain. Wasting no time she took two pieces of chain and locked one of their ends to the d-rings at the sides of her waist belt.

Next she picked up the tablet and set it to give her vagina and anus similar 10 seconds long shocks but at 90% strength every 15 seconds. She also set the shock pattern to start 3 minutes after being engaged. With a bit of uncertainty she started the timer and quickly put the tablet on a high shelf in one of the wardrobes before she could change her mind.

Being on a timer, Nicole took two lead weights and swiftly hung them in her nipple clamps. The added pain was wonderful and her masochistic side made her add an additional weight to each clamp, aggravating her torment. Walking over to the poles she picked up her head harness, opened her mouth wide and shoved the big penis gag down her throat. With rapid hands she soon had the panel gag and harness crushingly tight around her head and went back to the counter. Leaving herself no time to back out she took a pair of timed padlocks and walked back to the bondage table. Standing in full view of the now crying Victoria she looked at one of the padlocks holding her in her bondage.

40 minutes left.

Setting her own padlocks to the same amount she locked the loose ends of the chains to her wrist cuffs. After the second padlock was closed and made the beep sound, Nicole tested the range of her now chained hands. Just as planned she had very limited movement and, no matter how hard she tried, could not bring her hands up to her tortured nipples and remove the clamps.

Not knowing when her shocks would start made Nicole moan loudly in dreaded anticipation and she felt her juices were flowing amply around her vaginal dildo. Figuring she was but a blur in Victoria’s tearfilled eyes she left her tormented lover to her devices and started to walk out of the dungeon.

Every step she took felt like it was bringing her closer and closer towards her impending, self inflicted, torture. The tug on her nipples with each step was already really painful but Nicole’s masochistic side wanted, no craved, for her to be in more vicious pain.

Opening the front door and stepping into the night, Nicole started to wonder if she set the timer wrong. 3 steps later she found out that was not the case.


The shocks hit her like a freight train and her vagina and anus felt like they were on fire. Having stopped immediately in her tracks, Nicole barely managed to keep her balance and stood breathing heavily through the nostril tubes. Her screams had echoed in the night and she started to fear she had gone too far setting the shocks up. Before she was able to ponder on her self inflicted torment she cried out once more as she was shocked for another 10 seconds. She quickly realised she had to move if she was ever going to retrieve the key to her and Victoria’s outfits.

5 minutes later, having walked a mere 40 feet of the 250 feet total, Nicole was rapidly getting close to having an orgasm. Her predicament was exquisite and having already seen two cars drive by down on the main road just added to her arousal. Deep down she hoped she would be spotted, preferably by someone she knew.

As she was hit by the horrible shocks for what by now felt like the millionth time, she felt her whole body tense up and she came hard. Nicole let out a guttural scream as she rode her orgasm that seemed to last forever. As the shocks disappeared the orgasm started to slowly fade but had not fully subsided 15 seconds later when she was shocked again, making her cum just as hard a second time.

She lost count of the number of times she had cum but she knew she had momentarily blacked out yet still managed to somehow remain on her feet. As yet another shock hit her she managed to focus enough to keep moving towards the mailbox.

As Nicole felt her arousal start to rise again she devised a new plan. What if she did not mention that Tia left the keys in the mailbox. What if she told her Mistress that Tia kept them and would send them via mail.

Victoria surely had spare keys though.

But if she found the spares and hid them, she could say that Tia took them as well. She and her Mistress would be trapped in their outfits far longer than Mistress had planned.

As yet another car passed by on the dark main road a loud scream could be heard through the darkness. A severely hampered red rubber doll was slowly nearing her goal, wallowing in her self inflicted torment.


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