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A Mental Balancing Act

by Marcus

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© Copyright 2022 - Marcus - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; fpov; latex; catsuit; leash; cuffs; collar; spreader; clamps; electro; tens; oral; toys; buttplug; hood; corset; climax; pain; tease; rom; cons; XX

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Victoria and Nicole start to see each other behind everyone's backs. One day Nicole asks Victoria to accompany her to dinner with some old friends.

(To better understand the characters, gear and story arc, read part 1 first.)

Part 2

Nicole was sitting naked on the sofa, drifting away in thought, watching the TV. The movie playing was just moving images at this point without any coherence.

“Earth to Victoria… Victoria, do you read me!? Huston we might have a problem here…”

Victoria snapped out of her thoughts and looked down at Nicole who was resting her head in Victoria’s lap. Nicole had invited her over and they had had a wonderful 3 hour session and about an hour of aftercare. They were now on Nicole's sofa, both fully naked, chilling and watching a movie. Victoria smiled and answered, “Yes… shit, sorry… I was somewhere else…”

“Should I be jealous?”

“What… no no, I was thinking of making some changes to the house, for you… well for us actually. And planning some future sessions…”

“Really? Tell me!”

“No way… surprise.”

“Ok, well would you like to go with me?”

“Go where?”

“You really were deep in thought… To the Fullers, they invited me to dinner and I want you to come along. I already told them I am dating someone and they are dying to meet you.”

Victoria looked at the beautiful woman lying in her lap. She still had welts all over her body from the tight latex and strict bondage she had been in just a few hours ago. Her beautiful eyes radiated joy, fulfilment and love. Victoria smiled wickedly and asked, “We are dating now are we?”

“Well… I mean I thought…”

“Shhh, shhh baby, yes, we are dating.”

Victoria and Nicole had been seeing each other for nearly 3 months. Since Rachel now slept at her friend's place during the work week they had ample opportunities to meet. Rachel still did not know about Victoria and Nicole dating, at least they didn’t think she did. In fact, no one knew as far as they knew. A plus with living so remotely was that you could do pretty much whatever you wanted without others knowing about it.

Victoria had started to really care for Nicole and hoped her feelings for her were reciprocated and that Nicole wasn’t just using her to be able to live out her fetish and BDSM desires. Being asked to join her to visit some of her friends sure helped Victoria to put her doubts to rest, at least for the moment.

“Well, will you go with me?”

Nicole looked up with pleading eyes at Victoria who answered, “Of course baby, If you want me to I will go with you.”

“Thank you!”

Victoria leaned forwards and puckered her lips, showing some saliva. Nicole quickly held her head up, stuck out her tongue and catched the drip of saliva as it left Victoria’s full lips. Victoria smiled as she saw how eagerly Nicole accepted her offering and said, “You are most welcome… Now kiss me!”

Nicole sat up, spun around and the two women embraced in a long, loving kiss. After a while Victoria backed out of the kiss and said, “You have some latex and gear to clean, don’t you?”

Nicole sighed and answered, “Yes I do, even more than usual now that I do your latex as well.”

“Was that a complaint I heard?”

“You know what, I think it was… Was it enough to be made to sleep in the collar and restraints… Mistress?

“Of course baby, If you like to?”

“I would LOVE to!”

Nicole got out of the sofa and went down the stairs to the dungeon to start her chores. Victoria remained, looking at her beautiful lover as she walked away.

“Are you sure about this?”

Victoria held her finger to the doorbell and had been about to press it when she stopped and asked the question.

“Yes Victoria I am, I really want Maria and Eric to meet you!”

Hearing Nicole's answer behind her she pressed the doorbell and said, “Not what I meant baby…”

They could both hear someone approaching the front door on the inside and a male voice could be heard shouting, “Yes, yes, I got it!”

Victoria put on a smile and thought to herself, “Here we go…”

The door was unlocked and opened, revealing a friendly looking male who said, “Hi! Welcome… WOW! You… come in, come in! I’m Eric, pleasure to meet you.”

Eric was a man in his late 40s with an, for his age, impressive amount of grey hair on his head. Under his bushy eyebrows were a pair of deep blue, friendly eyes and he sported a 3 day short stubble on his face matching the grey of his hair. He wore a form fitting white shirt under a dark grey vest and a pair of black jeans. On his feet he had black, polished, leather shoes. All in all he looked really good for his age, he clearly looked after himself.

Victoria extended her latex covered hand and said, “Hi Eric, I’m Victoria, nice to meet you.”

Eric did not look Victoria in her eyes as they greeted, instead he was staring at her and her outfit. She had her blond hair set up in a high top ponytail making it gently flow down her back between her shoulders. She had soft black smokey eye make up with a hint of deep red and a matte caramel coloured lipstick.

She wore a white, high neck, matte latex blouse with ruffles and her hands were covered in black latex gloves, one of which Eric was still shaking.

Over the blouse Victoria wore a pair of black high waist latex tights with a 2-way crotch zipper and on her feet were a pair of tightly laced, made to measure, knee high 6 inch boots in black patent leather.

Victoria had quickly ordered latex clothing and footwear for herself shortly after starting to date Nicole. Wanting them sooner rather than later she had played almost double to make them rush orders but it had been well worth the extra money. The first time she and Nicole both wore catsuits for play their connection had somehow only gotten deeper and Victoria had found she was very much into latex.

Victoria stopped herself from giggling at the attention Eric was giving her and asked, “Is it ok if I keep the boots on? They are a bit of a hassle to remove.”

Eric snapped to and with a big smile answered, “Yes! Yes of course, we all wear shoes inside here. I must say you look fantastic Victoria, I can definitely see why Nicole has a crush on you!”

“Why thank you Eric!”

Victoria took a few steps into the hallway and gave way for Nicole to step forward and greet Eric. Victoria saw that Eric was just as taken by what Nicole was wearing as he had been with her.

Nicole had her chocolate brown hair done in a strict ponytail on top of her head. Her diamond face seemed to be glistening under her heavy, black smokey eye makeup and matching matte black lipstick. She wore a red, over the knee, form cut leather coat that was buttoned up all the way. As Eric went up to her and they kissed on the cheek Nicole put her latex covered hands around his arms. Nicole's rubber collar could clearly be seen under the coat and below the knees, her 6 inch boots could not be missed. 

Nicole put a small black plastic container down on a bench in the hall, looked at Eric with sparkling eyes and said, “Eric, it is so good to finally see you! I am so sorry I have not returned your invitations earlier but to be Frank, I have not been doing very well since Brian's death.”

Eric took Nicole by the arms and replied, “What are you talking about? You took the time you needed, the only thing important is that you are here now… The both of you!”

Eric and Nicole hugged and then Eric took a few steps back and said, “Well don’t hang around in the hall, Nicole should I help you with the coat?”

“That’s fine, I'll manage.”

“Ok then, Victoria right this way my dear, Maria is in the kitchen.”

Victoria and Eric left Nicole who had started to unbutton her coat and walked out of the hall into a big combined living room, dining room and kitchen. The layout reminded Victoria a lot of Nicole's house but this was way bigger and there did not seem to be a cellar. The furniture was very contemporary and the whole house felt well looked after. The dining area was to the right, living room to the left and in the middle was the kitchen buzzing with activity. 

Victoria could see a woman making some final preparations to what looked like lamb fillets and said, “You have a great house Eric, I love the openness and space.”

“Thank you, we have made a few modifications over the years, especially since the kids moved out. What would you like to drink?”

“Red wine please, if it’s no trouble”

“None at all”

Eric walked up to a bench in the kitchen, took a big wine glass, started to fill it from a carafe and said, “Honey, this is Victoria.”

Maria put down the kitchen knife, washed her hands in the sink and then turned to greet Victoria. As she turned Victoria saw a radiant woman looking to be about the same age as Nicole. She had ash blond hair gracefully flowing down to her shoulder blades and topaz blue eyes. Her make up was very modest but a perfect match to her deep red cocktail dress. On her feet she wore red patent leather 2 inch mules, also matching her dress.

“Victor, you are most welc… Oh my…”

Maria put one hand to her chest and had an expression of obvious surprise on her face. Victoria stood with her latexed hand stretched out waiting to greet Maria but Maria was not moving an inch, staring at Victoria and her outfit.

Eric quickly saw the awkwardness in the situation and stepped up and handed Victoria her glass of wine and said, “Here you go darling, please excuse my wife, she often gets enamoured by beauty.”

Maria was pulled out of her trance and stepped up and extended her hand and said, “Oh I am SO sorry, I… I thought… Hi, I’m Maria, long time friend of Nicole’s, it is a pleasure to finally meet you Victoria.”

Victoria switched hands holding her wine glass, shook Maria’s hand and replied, “Victoria, pleasure is all mine I’m sure.”

“That is one… interesting… outfit you are wearing… Where do we have Nicole then?”

“Thank you, you look divine yourself I might add! Nicole should be right behind me… ah here she is.”

The three could hear the sound of clanking metal and heels on the hardwood floor as they turned towards the entry hall. Walking towards the trio was Nicole with a face that radiated happiness and joy.

She was wearing the same tight, black, latex catsuit with breast cups and 3-way crotch zipper she had been wearing the night Victoria found her in the basement. Her hands were covered in black latex gloves and she had wide dual strapped rubber cuffs at her wrists and above the elbows. The cuffs were all tightly strapped, had heavy d-rings and were locked in place by small silver coloured padlocks.

Around her waist she had her tightly laced heavy rubber corset, reducing her waist with about 6 or 7 inches. The 2 straps running over the shoulders and the 2 similar straps running between her legs were also tightly strapped in place.

Nicole's feet were perfectly laced in her 6 inch high heel platform boots and she wore heavy rubber cuffs with dual straps and buckles at her thighs and ankles. These also had heavy d-rings and were locked in place with more padlocks.

Locked around her neck was the 4 inch, dual strapped, black rubber collar with a 6 feet curb link chain hanging from the o-ring in the front. At the end of the chain link hung a black rubber handle. Apart from her head, the only exposed part of Nicole’s body were her nipples that poke out of the two reinforced holes at the front of the breast cups. They were at full attention, looking as if they were leading her towards where she was supposed to go.

Nicole strode effortlessly in the 6 inch heels looking like a perfect black rubber deity, shined to perfection. Victoria stole a quick glance at Maria and Eric to read their impression of her lover and could see Eric choking on some of his wine he had just poured for himself, almost spitting some of it out, while Maria looked like she did not believe her eyes.

Nicole was unaffected by the Fuller's reactions and said, “My god Maria, you look amazing! I’m so glad to finally meet you again. I’m so sorry it took me this long to reply to your invitations!”

Nicole walked up to Maria and gave her a big hug. In her 6 inch heels she was a bit taller than Maria who, in what looked like on autopilot, hugged her back. Nicole took a step back and held Maria around her upper arms and said, “How have you been?”

Maria stood silent and Eric once more saved the situation from getting more awkward by asking, “Nicole my dear, what would you like to drink?”

Nicole let go of Maria, turned to Eric and replied, “Oh, some sparkling water if you please, I’m driving.”

“Coming right up! Ice?”

“Yes please!”

Eric started to fix Nicole’s beverage as she turned to Maria again and said, “Maria, I hope you are OK with my outfit, I know it is pretty out there but I wanted to show you the real me. Thanks to Victoria I feel like a whole new person and… well I hope you can accept me for who I really am?”

Eric handed Nicole a big glass of sparkling water and said, “Here you are, added a metal straw to match your outfit. If I may say so, you look out of this world! Right honey?”

Maria looked at Eric and then back at Nicole and replied, “Yes… yes she does. You look fantastic! I… Oh my it is so good to see you again! Sorry I was a bit taken off guard there, I did not expect you to come dressed so… ostentatious… but you do look very good. You look really happy.”

Nicole took the glass of water offered by Eric and held one hand under it to make sure it would not slip out of her hands. She took a sip through the straw and then put the glass down on the counter next to her and said, “Thank you, that means a lot to me!”

Nicole then took her leash in one hand and offered it to Victoria who gracefully took it and wrapped the handle around her right wrist. Nicole then lifted the glass back up and, using the straw, took another sip of water.

Maria looked at Eric and said, “Eric, would you help me in the back?”

Eric barely had time to put his glass of wine down before Maria pulled him by his arm and disappeared down the main hall further into the house. Nicole and Victoria were left alone in the kitchen and with a worried look Nicole asked Victoria, “You think it’s Ok? Maria did seem a bit taken aback by my outfit.”

Victoria took a small sip of her wine, looked her lover in the eyes and replied, “Well what did you expect baby? I imagine she had no idea about your sexual preferences, right? And here you show up after a time of absence, dressed up as a perfect, shiny, rubber slave doll.”

Victoria twirled the wine in her glass carefully and continued, “I mean you should probably give her credit for not fainting. Eric on the other hand seems VERY forgiving and understanding.”

Nicole smiled submissively and replied, “Thank you! Yes Eric has always been a very good friend and very supportive. But I thought Maria would not be this taken aback. Oh, maybe this was a big mistake?”

“It is what it is, baby, and right now it’s too late to back out anyway. Restrooms are located…?”

“Oh, in the back, down the hall and to the left.”

Victoria took the leash off her hand and gave it to Nicole, then went down the hall towards the restrooms. As she passed what must have been a door to a utility room she could hear Eric and Maria talking inside. Victoria stopped having just passed the door and could hear Eric say, “Did you see her? She looks absolutely radiant with joy! You will NOT make a scene out of this, you hear me!”

Maria could be heard replying, “Did I see her… did I see her? YES I did, most of all her nipples pointing right at me!”

“Look, I agree it is very bizarre clothing. But you are supposed to be her BEST friend… right?”

“… yes.”

“Well then act like it!”

As Victoria felt the conversation was coming to an end she continued down the hall and entered the restrooms. After checking her makeup and fixing her ponytail she went back to the kitchen.

Once back in the kitchen, Victoria went up to Nicole who was talking and laughing with both Eric and Maria. As Nicole saw Victoria approaching, she picked up and gave Victoria her glass of wine, closely followed by the leash. All four stood for a while drinking and chatting about Nicole and Maria’s past when Nicole asked, “Wait a minute, wasn’t there a small bedroom there before?”

Nicole pointed towards the living room area and Eric replied, “Yes there was but we removed it to open up the living room. It must have been… well about a month after Brian passed, I’m so sorry Nicole, I…”

“Don’t be! I am truly over that now and… I have found a new soulmate!”

Nicole put her hand at Victoria’s arm and they both smiled at each other. Eric suddenly became excited and said, “Wait, you HAVE to see what we did to the back rooms, follow me!”

Nicole looked at Victoria who said, “You go ahead, I’ll stay here with Maria.”

Victoria gave the leash to Nicole and Eric started to walk away. Realising Nicole was not following him he turned around and saw her still standing besides Victoria, presenting her leash to him. Eric got an expression of surprise on his face, took the leash and said, “Don’t mind if I do, follow me love.”

Victoria watched her lover be led away by her leash as Eric started to explain how they had totally redone two of the bedrooms in the back. Nicole’s latex covered body looked amazing, reflections seemingly dancing over the latex as she moved. Victoria took a small sip of her wine and turned to Maria, who was also watching the pair leave, and said, “So I take it you two go way back then?”

Maria continued to prepare the dinner as she replied, “Yes, we met in prep school and have been very close friends ever since. We have been through a lot together and I love her to death. I must say I am very happy for her, she seems so full of joy and life now. She really was a wreck after Brian died. But enough about the past, how did the two of you meet? I am VERY curious.”

“We met in the village, I recently moved here to get away from the city. We started dating and found we shared… certain interests. And now we are here, about to have what looks like a fantastic dinner.”

Nicole lied, thinking that stating the truth would certainly start gossip among any friends of the Fullers. Their relationship was not ready for that, at least in Victoria's mind. There were a few moments of awkward silence but thankfully Eric came back with Nicole in tow. He walked up to Victoria, gave her the leash and said, “This belongs to you I think, thanks for the loan.”

Victoria took the leash and with a smile on her face replied, “Thank you, I do believe it does.”

Victoria saw Nicole gently bite her lip as she heard Eric’s and hers exchange of words, she was clearly aroused by it and possibly also by being led around the house by her best friend's husband.

When dinner was ready to be served, they all went to sit down and eat. Eric dutifully helped all three ladies with their chairs and once seated himself, proposed a toast and wished Nicole and Victoria welcome once again. The food was excellent and the mood around the table was cheerful and pleasant. The more wine both Eric and Maria drank the more they seemed to relax, especially Maria. Victoria kept her drinking to a minimum and once dinner was finished she had only had one glass. Nicole toasted to an excellent dinner and the four of them were soon sitting on the leather sofa and armchairs in the living room continuing the conversations.

Having served coffee with avec Eric was starting to get a bit drunk. He had been the only one who had taken some avec, a big snifter of aged Tequila which he had gone through quite fast. He was half asleep and was talking a little thick when he proclaimed that it was time for him to retire. After kissing the guests goodbye he retired to the back of the house and the master bedroom.

After Eric had left there was an eerie silence for about a minute, finally broken by the creaking sound of Nicole's latex against the leather sofa as she bent forwards to put down her coffee cup. Both Maria and Victoria looked at Nicole who gently sat back again, making the two materials creak against each other again.

Maria who was sitting opposite Victoria and Nicole in one of the armchairs leaned forwards and said, “I… I just have to ask… This thing… the clothes, what is it? Why would you dress like that Nicole?”

Victoria smiled and looked at Nicole, curious about her response. Nicole put her hands to her knees and while gently rubbing them with her latexed hands replied, “Well, I don’t know how to explain it really but… I have had this thing for rubber and bondage since I was a girl but I have always been terrified about being open about it. When I met Brian and understood I loved him, I told him and it turned out he loved it as well after we tried a few things.”

Nicole kept running her hands over her latex thighs and continued, “The latex makes me feel… like… It makes me feel complete… I don’t think I would want to be without it.”

Nicole looked at Victoria with a big smile and carried on. “Then when Brian died I was so… so lost… but then Victoria…”

Victoria put her hand on Nicole’s hands and stopped her by saying, “Baby, why don’t you show Maria instead. I think that is a much better idea, wouldn’t you agree?”

“I… Yes, but…”

“Baby, I know you want to, go fetch the gear in the hall.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Maria saw Nicole get out of the sofa and while she was walking towards the front door Maria asked, “Wait, what just happened. Nicole, where are you going, you do not need to…”

Victoria looked at Maria and cut her off by saying, “Maria, look at me. She wants to do this. She wants… no she needs for you to understand.”

“I didn’t mean she needed to show anything, I was just curious.”

“And that curiosity will soon be fulfilled.”

Victoria nodded to somewhere behind Maria who turned around and saw Nicole returning with the black plastic container that had a smartphone laying on top of it. Nicole went straight up to the sofa in front of Victoria and kneeled before her with her legs spread wide, holding the container up in front of Victoria. Victoria took the phone, opened the lid, pulled two short spreader bars out of it and a pair of small keys. As she closed the lid she looked at Nicole and said, “You know what I want you to do?”

Nicole looked back at Victoria with arousal in her eyes and replied, “Yes Mistress.”

“Off you go then.”

Nicole rose and started to walk through the big room towards the hall leading further into the house. As she passed Maria she tried to stop her by saying, “Nicole there’s really no need, I am sorry I asked such a stupid question. Please come back!”

Nicole ignored her pleads and Maria was clearly getting concerned about what she had set in motion. She looked at Victoria and said, “Please Victoria, make her come back here, we can have some more to drink and talk about something else.”

Victoria looked at her lover and replied, “I could not stop her now even if I wanted to, well apart from physically stopping her of course. She is very determined when she commits to something she wants and if I know her even the slightest, she really wants to do this… Relax, why don’t you have some tequila.”

Maria took Victoria's advice and poured herself a big sniffer of Tequila, had two big gulps and then asked, “What is that?”

Victoria held up the short spreader bars Maria was pointing at. They were black, 2 inch wide with small silver o-rings at the ends. From the o-rings hung silver coloured padlocks. Victoria started to unlock the padlocks as she replied, “These are called spreader bars.”

“What are they for?”

“Well… Nicole really, really enjoys when her freedom of movement is taken away from her. She is a true bondage fanatic and these will help with that as you will soon see.”

Maria took another gulp of her tequila, starting to relax a little. As heels could be heard from the main hallway they both looked over and saw Nicole striding back towards them. Two black wires could clearly be seen coming out of her crotch zipper and ran to a small device, the size of a smartphone, attached to one of her thigh cuffs. Her nipples were now caught between a pair of adjustable nipple clamps with a chain in between them, dangling with each step she took. Nicole positively glowed with pride as she strode past Maria and once again kneeled in front of her Mistress, spreading her thighs wide.

Victoria looked at Nicole and asked, “Did you tighten them to my preference?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. They could be tightened more though, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“If you want me to tighten them, all you have to do is ask. You know that, right?”

“Yes, Mistress, please tighten my nipple clamps more!”

“Of course baby, I’ll do anything for you my love!”

Victoria put a finger around the chain connecting the clamps and started to pull and lift it upwards. Nicole let out a whimper in pain as the chain was lifted and started to rise until she was standing on her knees. She arched her back as best as she could in her corset, trying to escape the pain as best as she could. Victoria could see, in the corner of her eye, that Maria was looking with great interest at the spectacle being performed in front of her.

Pleased with Nicole's new position, Victoria prepared to tighten one of the clamps and asked, “Ready baby?”

Nicole answered in a deep sensual voice, “Yes Mistress!”

Victoria started to slowly tighten one of the nipple clamps, making its vicious teeth dig deeper into the tender flesh of Nicole's nipple. Nicole started to quietly wail as the pain grew stronger and stronger and almost lifted one of her hands to stop the process. She quickly stopped herself and put her hands behind her back. Nicole was wailing loudly when Victoria stopped and asked, “Better?”

Nicole was panting heavily due to the pain and replied, “Yes Mistress, much better!”

“Should I make the other one equally tight?”

“Yes please Mistress!”

As Victoria started to tighten the other clamp, making Nicole wail yet again, she saw Maria clench her fist and bite her lower lip with a look of discomfort on her face. Judging from her expression, it looked as if she was the one feeling the pain herself, yet she did nothing to stop it from happening.

Second clamp tightened, Victoria asked, “Better?”

Nicole was now clearly turned on and with pride and arousal in her voice answered, “Yes Mistress, thank you very much Mistress!”

“Stand and turn around.”

Nicole stood up and turned around effortlessly. Victoria could see Maria observe her best friend in awe. Victoria took one of the spreader bars and locked it between Nicole's wrist cuffs behind her back. She then stood up, and with some effort, managed to press Nicole’s elbows together and lock the other spreader bar between her elbow cuffs. Nicole let out a grunt in pleasure as the final padlock snapped shut and said, “Thank you Mistress!”

Victoria ran her hands along Nicole’s now tightly bound arms and replied, “You are most welcome baby, now why don’t you thank our hostess properly for a wonderful evening. Bring the leash.”

Victoria slapped one of Nicole's buttocks hard and with a moan Nicole answered, “Yes of course Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

Nicole gracefully got down on her knees and with her mouth, picked up the leach handle. She then just as gracefully stood up again, walked around the coffee table and kneeled, legs wide, in front of Maria. Maria, with a look of utter disbelief, stared at her best friend kneeling before her with a leash gently in her mouth. As Nicole rose to stand on her knees Maria looked at Victoria with a questioning look on her face and Victoria said, “She wants you to take the leash.”

Maria, still looking as if she had a hard time comprehending what was happening, put down the sniffer on the table and took the leash in her hand. As she bent forwards to reach the coffee table, Victoria clearly saw her take a big whiff of the vanilla scented latex smell off of Nicole’s outfit.

Her mouth now free from the leash, Nicole sat back down and looked submissively at Maria and asked, “Maria, may I please thank you properly for a wonderful evening?”

Maria once again looked over at Victoria for guidance who said, “Maria, your best friend wants to know if she may thank you for a wonderful evening. It’s a simple yes or no question.”

Maria looked down at Nicole and said, “Yes… Yes of course Nicole… Oh my god!”

Hearing Marias confirmation, Nicole quickly shuffled back a short bit on her knees, bent forwards and started to lick Marias red leather mules with her tongue. Bending forwards, servicing the heels with her arms bound tightly behind her, required skill, something Nicole had acquired over the past months through a lot of practice. Maria pulled her feet and shoes back towards the armchair and said, “What.. No! Nicole, you do not have to do that!”

Nicole stayed bent down looking at Marias mules and replied, ”But Maria I want to, please let me thank you properly.”

Maria looked at Victoria who saw the conflict in her eyes and said, “You heard her, but if you truly do not want her to, just say no.”

Maria looked down at Nicole and said, “If this truly is something you want to do Nicole, then of course you may.”

Maria put her mules in front of Nicole’s head again who quickly returned to lick them with her tongue. Victoria meanwhile took her smartphone, stood up, then walked around the coffee table and sat down on one of the arm rests of Maria’s chair.

Maria was still looking down at her best friend and without taking her eyes off Nicole, asked Victoria, “This latex… how does it feel when you wear it?”

Victoria smiled and answered, “Well, if you ask me it feels amazing. But then I might be a bit biassed in this case… Why don’t you find out for yourself?”

Maria looked up at Victoria who beckoned her towards Nicole and continued, “Touch her, she won’t mind.”

Maria carefully put her hand against Nicole’s shoulder and started to feel the shiny latex. As she started to caress Nicole's bound arms she said, “It is much warmer… and slick then I imagined. It feels… very tight and restrictive.”

“So you like it as well then?”

“Well I don’t know if I like it, but I do not hate it… Not sure I would ever want to wear it though…”

“Don’t worry, latex is not for everyone, that’s for sure!”

Victoria presented her phone in front of Maria, started an app and said, “Now this is actually pretty cool. You see the little device there on her thigh, with the wires running down and into her crotch?”

Maria, still caressing Nicole’s bound arms, looked at the device and replied, “Yes.”

“That is a TENS unit that I can control via this nifty app here. It is connected to a pair of 8 inch metallic dildos, meaning I can give your friend down there shocks to her pussy and ass. I can give pleasurable shocks…”

Victoria set some parameters in the app and with a jolt Nicole started to moan in pleasure, still licking Maria’s mules.

“… and I can give her painful ones…”

Nicole tensed in her whole body and let out a cry in pain as her pussy and ass received a quite painful shock.

Maria felt Nicole jerk from the pain and, removing her hand from Nicole, said, “Stop it, you are hurting her!”

Victoria smiled at Maria and replied, “Maria, unless you have been asleep for the past minutes, you should have figured out by now that your best friend, down there… She LOVES pain… Isn’t that right baby?”

Nicole let out an “Mmm-huh” in acknowledgement, clearly very aroused by the situation and the shocks.

Nicole suddenly let out another loud scream in pain as Victoria shocked her painfully again. Victoria showed the app to Maria and said, “See, only one fourth of full power. Baby I think we didn’t hear you clearly up here.”

Nicole stopped to lick Maria’s mules and replied, “Sorry Mistress, yes i love paiNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHFFFFFFFFFFSH!”

Victoria had yet again shocked Nicole and said, “Who told you to stop licking!”

Nicole quickly continued to lick Maria’s mules. Victoria held her phone closer to Maria and asked, “Want to try?”

Maria looked at Victoria with horror in her eyes and replied, “What… me? No no… I couldn’t.”

“Ok, well then maybe we should have Nicole lick you somewhere else? She has a real nimble tongue!”

Nicole put her hand on Marias thigh and started to gently pull her cocktail dress up over her knees but Maria quickly stopped her and replied, “No…no thanks. No need for that.”

“You sure? You are missing out…”

Maria was still looking at Victoria who saw the conflict in her eyes and felt it was time to stop. Victoria looked down at Nicole and said, “Baby, I think it is time for us to go home. We have tested yours and Maria's friendship quite enough for one evening haven’t we?”

Nicole stopped immediately and straightened up to her kneeling position again and replied, “Yes Mistress.”

Victoria smiled at Maria, stood up and said, “Maria, it has been a wonderful evening. I am so glad I finally had the chance to meet some of Nicole’s friends. You and Eric seem like real nice people.”

Maria stood up, followed by Nicole, and turned towards Victoria and replied, “No, the pleasure has been all mine. I… we must do this again sometime.”

“Yes, let’s. Maybe next time we can all meet at my place.”

Maria walked towards the front door followed by Victoria and Nicole. Victoria gathered Nicole’s coat plus the plastic container and then stretched her hand out towards Maria. Maria looked confused and Victoria said, “The leash, if you please.”

Maria suddenly realised she was still holding on to Nicole’s leash and quickly handed it over to Victoria replying, “Oh my, yes of course!”

As they all had said their goodbyes and Victoria was leading Nicole out the door, Maria stopped them and asked, “Victoria… Could I… I wonder if it is too late to try the app… To give Nicole a shock?”

Victoria looked at Maria with surprise on her face and replied, “Not at all, be my guest. Baby, stand in front of Maria please.”

Nicole turned and looked at Maria who was given Victoria's phone. Victoria observed the two women and said, “Just select the power of the shock and then press and hold the flash icon for as long as you want her to endure it.”

Maria looked at Nicole and with a compassionate look said, “Nicole, I just want you to know I do accept you as you are and… well, seeing you tonight, as happy as you are, I have no right to judge you for the way you want to live. I will do anything to keep you happy!”

Maria set some parameters and pressed the flash icon in the app and held it. Nicole let out a guttural scream in pain and fell to her knees screaming. Maria kept pressing the icon, squatted down and hugged her friend and said, “I am so sorry but I understand now that you love this so I will just have to set my feelings aside and give you what you want.”

Maria let go of the icon and stood up, handing the phone back to Victoria. Looking really impressed, Victoria said, “Baby I think your friend over here really cares for you. Now thank her and let us be on our way, you have some more service to do when we get home.”

Nicole was panting heavily from the pain and after having kissed both of Marias mules stood up and followed Victoria to the car. Once there Victoria went behind Nicole and said, “I hate to take these off since you look so good in them but I guess you need your arms to drive. Clamps stay on though.”

Nicole let out a grunt in both pain and relief as the spreader bars came off and answered, “Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

“Fuck me you are good at this!”

Victoria threw her head back and moaned loudly. She was sitting on her living room sofa with Nicole, on her knees between her legs, servicing her clitoris. As soon as they had gotten to Victoria’s house, the short spreader bars had been locked on and after kissing deeply Victoria had opened her crotch zipper and ordered Nicole to lick her to a climax.

Looking back down between her thighs, Victoria saw her lover with her head burrowed deep in her crotch and her arms strictly bound behind her and lifted her phone to check the app controling her metallic dildoes. It was set to send alternating 5 second shocks to Nicoles pussy and ass, starting at a low setting then ramping up to about half strength over 10 consecutive shocks. The cycle then started over.

Each time the shocks rose in power Nicole twitched and the last ones in the pattern, the powerful ones, made her moan in pleasure from the pain. Victoria changed a few settings and raised the average power of the shocks making them more painful and said, “Do you like it when you get shocked in your pussy and ass baby?”

Nicole kept licking Victoria’s pussy and sounded an “Mmm-hmm!” in response.

“Good, because I love to hear you moan and cry out in pleasure and pain… Oh yes, right there, keep going!”

Nicole started to cry out louder in pain as the end of the shock cycle gave her more powerful shocks and before long Victoria tensed up and let out a scream in pleasure as she came hard. Nicole kept licking and soon had Victoria screaming again as she had a second orgasm. Panting heavily Victoria leaned forward, forced Nicole’s head backwards using her braid, kissed her deeply and then said, “Thank you baby, that was great!”

Nicole looked into Victoria’s eyes and replied, “You are most welcome, MistreEEEiiiissss.”


“Yes Mistress, but I like it.”

“Do you want me to keep the shock cycle going?”

“Yes please, Mistress.”

“Want more powerful shocks?”

“Yes please Mistress, if i may.”

“Of course baby!”

Victoria leaned back and picked up her phone and said, “Ready?”

Nicole sat back up straight, spread her knees wide and replied, “Yes Mistress.”

Victoria smiled and changed a few parameters in the app and pretty soon Nicole was moaning as she started to feel the changes. The TENS unit now sent 1 second shocks alternating between her pussy and ass and the power was constantly increasing slowly. Pretty soon Nicole was breathing heavily as the shocks started to become painful and shortly after that she was meowing quietly in pain. As the shocks started to become real painful, Niclole opened her mouth, whining loudly in pain. Her eyes were transfixed at Victoria who was watching her with intense interest as she kept increasing the power.

After about a minute, Victoria extended one of her legs towards Nicole, making her boot end up between Nicole's thighs and said, “I am going to keep raising the power and won’t turn it off until you cum. If you want you can use my boot to rub your pussy against and if you ask me to, I will pull on the chain to your nipple clamps. Do you understand?”

Nicole took a deep breath and answered, “hnnnnnnnnnnNNNGGGHHHH!… YeS Mis… trESS!”

Nicole did not move and was starting to make real loud noises and taking deep breaths over and over as the pain kept getting worse and worse. When Victoria saw tears form in Nicole's eyes and was about to stop the shocks, Nicole started to inch forwards. As her latex covered crotch reached Victoria's boot she started to slowly ride it, pressing her clitoris firmly against it. As the power of the shocks increased even more, so did the intensity of Nicole’s humping of Victoria’s boot. Victoria saw tears start to run down her lovers cheeks and had it not been for the moans of pure ecstasy mixed in with the cries in pain, she would have stopped the torture. As Nicole was nearing her orgasm she composed herself as much as she could and said, “My… clamPS… pleASE… MISTress…”

Victoria took hold of the chain between Nicoles nipple clamps and pulled it hard upwards, stretching Nicoles tortured nipples. Nicole let out a guttural scream in pain and pleasure and quickly asked, “PLEAse MiSTRESS, MAY I CUm?”

Victoria smiled and replied in a low calm voice, “Yes you may.”

Nicole came and she came hard. She was bucking like an animal in heat and sounded like she was possessed by a sex demon. Shortly after her first orgasm a second, closely followed by a third, orgasm ripped through her body. As she had cum for the third time Victoria let go of the chain and stopped the shocks and put her phone down. Nicole slumped down and ended up on her side on the carpet. Victoria quickly got up from the sofa, then down on her knees and lifted her lover's head up, resting it on her lap. Victoria carefully undid the nipple clamps, making Nicole gasp for air as they came off and blood started to rush into them. 

Stroking Nicole's cheek, watching her panting heavily and starting to cool down, Victoria asked, “Was it good?”

Nicole opened her eyes and replied, “Oh my god yes! That was… amazing!”

“Good, I love to please you. I really like you, you know that right?”

“Yes I do… and… and I… Well I wonder if you would like to have me as your… your slave?”

“My slave?”

“Yes! I… I love you Victoria, and I want us to become more than just lovers. A couple… Mistress and slave.”

Victoria got tears of joy in her eyes and replied, “I would love to have you as my slave…”

She bent down and kissed Nicole deeply before continuing, “But we would have to make some changes. For starters, you would have to be treated more harshly and we would have to set up some new rules regarding how we interact both as Mistress and slave as well as for Victoria and Nicole. OK?”

“Yes Mistress, I understand and agree with you totally.”

“Good, well…Hang on… Ha! I think I know how we could celebrate our first night as Mistress and slave.”

Victoria got the keys for the spreader bars and released Nicole's arms. She then told Nicole to go to the bathroom, remove her makeup and then return to her. Walking towards the bathroom Nicole smiled to herself feeling butterflies in her stomach. She had finally dared to tell Victoria how she felt about her, finally uttering the l-word. Looking at herself in the mirror, Nicole felt her pussy twitch as she started to remove her makeup. She looked absolutely fantastic and it was not only due to all her latex, she had a glow about her she had not seen in herself for a very, very long time. 

When she returned she found Victoria standing by the big dinner room table with her hands behind her back. The table was cleared and on top of it lay a black full body yoga mat, a few leather straps and other bondage gear and toys. Nicole stopped in front of Victoria, hands behind her back. Victoria smiled and started to circle Nicole, enamoured by her natural beauty now that her heavy makeup was removed. After making two laps around Nicole, Victoria said, “I really hope you like your outfit because you will spend the night in it, bound on the table here”

Nicole smiled and bit her lip as she heard Victoria explain her sleeping arrangements. She had always wanted to be forced into sleeping in layers of latex and bondage, but had yet to experience it. Proclaiming her love for Victoria, and the desire to become her slave, so far seemed way better then she could have dreamed of.

Victoria stopped in front of Nicole, held up what she had been carrying behind her back, and said, “You will also be wearing this. It arrived a week ago and I think now is the perfect time to try it out, don’t you think?”

Nicole’s heart jumped a beat as she saw the heavy rubber discipline hood she had begged Victoria to buy. Nicole had chosen its features all by herself, based on some of her deepest urges. The hood was made in 1.05 mm black rubber and had both a zipper and lacing in the back. On top was a tube for her hair and it had beautiful tear shaped cutouts for the eyes. At the mouth was a hollow 7.5 inch dildo and a pair of long rubber tubes hung from the nose holes. 

Nicole pussy twitched at the thought of having it on and even though it scared her a bit she could not wait to try it. Victoria gave the hood to Nicole who instantly savoured the new latex vanilla smell. Victoria unlocked and removed Nicole's collar and put it on the table. After getting a tube of anaesthetic lube Victoria told Nicole to hold the hood up for her and carefully applied a thin layer of the lube to the nostril tubes. She then ordered Nicole down on her knees, stood behind her and said, “Well, put it on already.”

Nicole took the nostril tubes and, with shaky hands, started to push them through her nostrils and through her nasal cavity. She started to sputter and cough as the horrid things made their way downwards towards her pharynx and said, “Ahhhhhh… fuck me… *cough*… fuck…”

Victoria was holding Nicole's braid, ready to pull it through the hair tube, when she heard Nicole curse and said, “Was that a curse word I heard? Come on, you ordered the damn thing, stop stalling and put it on.”

As the nostril tubes were fully in Nicole took a second to compose herself, trying to get used to the bizarre feeling, and then replied, “Sorry Mistress, it won’t happen again.”

Nicole then opened her mouth and with more sputter and coughs pushed the huge gag dildo down her mouth and throat. Once fully settled against Nicole’s lips, Victoria gave her a few seconds before threading the braid through the hair tube and closed the zipper at the back of the hood. The hood was a perfect fit and the craftsmanship was impeccable. The added tightness once the zipper was closed made Nicole let out a long, low moan in pleasure. As she felt Victoria start to thread a piece of string through the d-rings on both sides of the zipper, Nicole experimented with her breathing and felt she could do so without any trouble. The nostril tubes and the hole in the dildo gag made breathing not only possible, but effortless.

As Victoria started to lace the hood tighter Nicole let out another, louder moan as she felt her head getting more compressed by the thick rubber. Done with the lacing, Victoria made a knot and put the collar back on around Nicole’s neck. As she heard the lock snap shut, Nicole felt her juices start to really flow as she now knew she was locked into her head prison until her Mistress decided she was to be let out. 

Victoria stepped up in front of Nicole and signalled her to stand up, which she gracefully did, and was soon face to face with her beautiful Mistress. Since they wore more or less identical boots Nicole was just about taller than Victoria who asked, “Do you like it?”

Nicole grunted “Uh-huh!” In response, she liked the new hood, she liked it a lot! Victoria started to caress Nicole's now enclosed head and then suddenly gave her a hard slap across the cheek. Nicole got very surprised, never having been slapped in the face before. As her cheek grew all warm and she felt the stinging pain she realised it turned her on very much. Victoria turned and picked up something from the table and said, “That's for cursing. Now let’s get these babies on.”

Victoria held a pair of electro nipple vices with conductive rubber. As she started to close the vices over Nicole’s nipples, she mewed, feeling they were still very sore from earlier. Victoria placed the vices far back against the areola and tightened them properly, giving them both a few good tugs to make sure they would not fall off. Pleased they were not coming off without help, Victoria stepped back and said, “You look gorgeous baby, now get up on the table, on your back!”

Nicole crawled up on the sturdy wood table and, while Victoria was holding the yoga mat in place, lay down on her back. Victoria took a pair of cords and connected her nipple vices to a second TENS unit and strapped it next to the other one already on her thigh. Using a short cord with 3.5 mm jacks at each end, Victoria connected the two units together. 

Next she took 4 leather belts and started to strap Nicole’s wrist and ankle cuffs to the 4 corners of the table while stating, “Now this is a very temporary solution, but it will have to do for now. We will have to look into making some more permanent alterations, we really need a playroom or dungeon here as well. We can’t always depend on yours as long as Rachel doesn't know about… well know about us.”

Nicole felt her arms and legs being stretched out, spread eagle, and bound tight. Tight enough for her to not be able to move but not tight enough to become too uncomfortable. Turning her head, Nicole saw Victoria check the 4 straps one more time and, satisfied they were secure, went out of Nicole's view. Now left alone, Nicole started to think about her predicament and was getting more and more aroused. She was savouring the thought of spending the night, a shiny latex doll, bound to Victoria's dinner table. A few moments later Victoria returned and placed a tripod at one end of the table. At the top of the tripod was a smartphone holder and Nicole could see her phone attached to it. Victoria made some adjustments to the phone's position and said, “Don’t worry, I won't stream this live… all though that is a pretty cool idea for the future.”

Victoria held up her own phone for Nicole to see and continued, “See, it’s for safety. Our own makeshift slave monitor. If you experience any problems during the night I will hear and see it, safety first!”

Nicole grunted acknowledgingly and felt her juices start to amply flow as she imagined people watching her plight live on their devices. Men… and women, young and old… Some of which she even might know in person.

Victoria picked up on Nicole’s heightened state of arousal and said, “Oh… You like that don’t you? To be used and abused in public, totally anonymous in all of your latex.”

Nicole let out a loud moan and twisted about as best as her bondage allowed, rocking her pelvis up and down, trying to ride her electro dildos. Victoria put down her phone and walked up to the end of the table and took Nicole's head between her hands. As she slowly ran her hands over the latex covered head she continued, “So you do get off on that do you?…well I will have to keep that in mind.”

Victoria leaned forward and using both of her hands, cut the air off by placing fingers over Nicole’s nostrils and hole in the dildo gag. Nicole started to moan even more loudly as Victoria stated, “Maybe we should start to lend you out to others? Perhaps the Fullers would like to play with you for a weekend…”

Nicole was getting very aroused and grunted an “Uh-huh!”. Both the lack of air and Victoria’s words were rapidly making her approach an orgasm. As she felt she was starting to run out of air she tried to escape the fingers blocking it by moving her head. But Victoria put her weight on Nicole's head and held it tight between her arms, keeping her fingers in place. Nicole was starting to panic as Victoria continued, “You will be very exposed to anyone coming by tonight. I will keep the light over the table on and since they will have a clear view into the house you will be very easy to spot.”

Nicole came to terms with the fact that she was not going to get any air until Victoria decided she deserved it. She calmed down and thought of some of her friends coming by Victoria's house, seeing her bound to the table. They would point, start to take photos and share them among their common friends and family. The mere thought was bringing her over the edge. Victoria sensed Nicole was about to cum and finally stated, “Maybe I should text Rachel and ask her over…”


Nicole screamed into her gag as she came hard. The bondage, lack of air and the thought of being seen by her daughter was enough to make her orgasm. Victoria smiled and let go of Nicole's head and stepped back, watching her recover from the explosive orgasm.

Nicole was still breathing heavily as she opened her eyes and saw Victoria standing over her head with a blindfold and said, “You’re welcome… Before I leave you to your dreams, is there anything I can do for my beautiful slave?”

Nicole was still high from her orgasm, deep in her masochistic state, and wanted yet another powerful orgasm. She thought for a split second on Victoria’s offer and then started to wiggle her breasts as much as she could, trying to plead through the gag, “Niighhnnn claannksh, kleaash Nishhkreesh!”

“I'm sorry what?”

“Niighhn claankssh, kleeash Nisshkressh!”

“Nipple clamps?”


“Baby are you sure? You will have a very hard night as is, believe me!”

Nicole's masochistic state was fully in charge at the moment, and while arching her back as much as she could to protrude her nipples and breasts, repeated, ”Uh-huh! Niighhnnn claannksh… kleaash Nishhkreesh!” 

Victoria looked into Nicole’s pleading and sparkling eyes and smiled, then went and fetched the nipple clamps. Making sure not to disrupt the electro nipple vices, Victoria started to close the first clamp on Nicole’s right nipple. As the sharp teeth started to dig into her still sore nipples she started to cry pleadingly into the gag, instantly regretting her wish to have them put on again. No matter how much she screamed and begged, Victoria did not stop until the clamp was ferociously tight. As she started to close the second one Nicole was crying from the pain, still trying to plead for Victoria to stop.

Both clamps equally tight, Victoria looked Nicole in the eyes and asked, “You want them off?”

Nicole instantly nodded and whimpered, “Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh…”

“Too bad, it was your own choice and I did try and warn you, didn’t I…”

Nicole let out a long and loud whimper, tears running from her eyes as she realised the horrible clamps were staying on for the night. Victoria wiped the tears with her latexed hands and said, “There, there baby… You wanted to be my slave remember?”

Sobbing into the dildo gag, Nicole grunted “Uh-huh…” and elicited a look of compassion from Victoria who donned a padded rubber blindfold over Nicole's tear filled eyes. Nicole now found herself in total darkness which only seemed to enhance the throbbing pain in her nipples. She could feel Victoria kiss her on the forehead, who before leaving her said, “Good nigh slave… I love you with all of my heart!”

As her fate was sealed for the night Nicole let out a final cry in desperation but she clearly heard the sound of Victoria’s heels becoming fainter as she walked towards the back of the house and up the stairs to the second floor.

Victoria had gone straight to the bathroom, removed her boots and stepped right into the shower. Giving her latex a good rinse on the outside she started to peel it all off and did the same to the inside of all the garments. As she stood and lathered herself she could not help but rub her clitoris, thinking of Nicole laying on her dinner table. The bound rubber doll was from what it had looked like in great pain and Victoria had to admit to herself that she found it very arousing.

As she stepped out of the bathroom she cast a quick glance down the stairs towards the open area and could see Nicole laying on the table, breathing deeply. She did not linger and was soon in her bed, naked under her covers, looking at the live feed on her phone. Seeing her lover in torment on the feed made the whole situation even more thrilling. Even though she knew Nicole was down stairs, mere yards away, she fantasised she was watching her undergoing training in a foreign slave facility, run by a sadistic cult.

With one hand gently rubbing her clitoris, Victoria switched the live feed for the TENS app. Imagining what a butch, sadistic cult member would do, she entered a few settings in the app and then switched back to the live feed. As she was getting more and more aroused, Victoria fantasised that Nicole had begged her to send her to the training facility, situated deep somewhere in eastern Europe. Reluctantly agreeing, Victoria had arranged for Nicole to be flown and administered for 2 months of training. The weekly reports, containing video and statements from the training procedures had shown Nicole deeply regretting her choice and begging to be released and returned home. Her pleads had left the staff laughing, promising her to make her stay even more intense and painful.

Victoria was now starting to pant heavily as she was nearing an orgasm. As she was fantasising about a couple of staff members giving Nicole terrible electric shocks she could see Nicole go taunt on the table and let out a horrible scream in pain. Nicole was hit by searing pain in her pussy, ass and in her nipples and it just kept going.

The sight and sound of her lover in horrible pain pushed Victoria over the edge resulting in a very powerful orgasm. She screamed in pleasure and was shortly after enjoying a second, equally powerful orgasm, all while Nicole was still receiving the horrendous shocks.

As Victoria was coming down from her orgasms she watched Nicole as she was still being shocked, screaming and breathing hard and quick.

After what seemed like several minutes, Nicole’s body suddenly went limp and she stopped screaming as the shocks finally ended. Victoria saw Nicole’s body start to judder as she was probably starting to cry again from the ordeal she just endured.

Victoria had set the TENS units to fire at 90% strength continuously for a random amount of time between 1 and 3 minutes, every 30-45 minutes. Nicole was going to have a nightmarish night of torture and suffering, and was probably not going to be able to sleep at all. Thinking about it, Victoria felt her pussy twitch and figured she probably wasn’t going to either since Nicole's screams would probably keep her both awake and aroused all night.

Victoria put her finger to her lips, kissed it and then touched the bound latex doll on her screen, just as if she was kissing it in real life, Victoria continued to fantasise about Nicole being further trained and abused by the sadistic cult, having to endure some very dark fantasies of hers. As she saw the bound, latex clad woman crying in her bondage, Victoria started to work her clitoris wondering how long they both had to wait for the next electrical shocks.


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