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A Mental Balancing Act

by Marcus

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© Copyright 2022 - Marcus - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; incest; latex; blindfold; gag; collar; catsuit; corset; armbinder; toys; buttplug; clamps; tease; flogger; dungeon; mast; oral; cons; XX


Two childhood friends meet for the first time in four years for some dinner and good times. The evening does not pan out as planned but that does not mean it was bad.

Checking the message on her phone for the fourth time Rachel could still not quite

believe it.

‘On my way, see ya soon sis! ;)’

Rachel giggled as she read ‘sis’. They were not actual sisters but growing up anyone seeing them together would have thought so for sure. Even though there was a four years difference between her and the older Victoria, they had stuck through thick and thin ever since meeting for the first time when Rachel started grade school.

It was eight years ago that Victoria had moved away. Victoria’s father landed a job in the regional capital that he could not turn down and even though it was the nearest city, it was an eight hour drive one way so she really moved away. With rivers of tears they had vowed to always remain friends, and they had pretty much kept in touch ever since. Most of the contact was via phone or messages and they had actually only met a few times in real life since then. Thinking about if, Rachel figured it must have been four years since they last met face to face.

Three months ago, Victoria had written to Rachel telling her she was coming home. She had bought a house in the mountains since she felt she needed more peace and quiet than the city provided. Victoria was a fashion designer and had had a fantastic career as a freelance for most big fashion houses globally the past six years. Working freelance surely seemed to have its perks since Victoria was able to do most of it from home, and had decided to move out of the city, back to the mountain region where she grew up.

Checking her phone, Rachel saw that it had been a bit over an hour since she received the message which meant Victoria should arrive any minute. Despite that they were now practically neighbours it was about an hour drive between their houses.

Rachel took another sip of her herbal tea, constantly monitoring the narrow gravel path leading up to the house for any sign of Victoria's car. Sitting there waiting felt very familiar as she had done so numerous times before, waiting for her friend to come over and play. Being early evening and an overcast, the indoor light allowed for Rachel to see her own reflection in the window. Looking into her brown eyes she saw that it was time to trim her eyebrows again and her dark brown hair also needed some love and care. She stuck her tongue out at herself and crossed her eyes. Rachel always wished her thin lips could have been fuller and let out a sigh. She was looking at a 24 years old woman dressed in a red t-shirt and high waist jeans, still living at home with her mother.

The house was not Rachel's, it was her mothers. A year ago her father had succumbed to his spinal cancer having fought it for a little over a year. Rachel who was living in the village had quit the lease on her apartment and moved back home to support her mother. The village was a two hour drive one way and as she worked at the local supermarket it meant early mornings and late evenings during work weeks. It was not optimal.

As she sat there, looking at her oval shaped face in the reflection she suddenly saw lights flicker in between the trees in the heavy forest that surrounded the house. Moments later a small red speedster shot out behind some trees and parked in front of the house.

She was finally here.

There was a knock at the door and Rachel shouted, “It’s open!”, as she jumped out of the sofa and ran to the top of the stairs leading down to the main entrance. Looking down she saw Victoria taking off a pair of knee high black boots and put her black biker jacket on one of the hangers.

Looking up the stairs Victoria said, “Finally!”

Rachel saw her best friend come up the stairs. Her gold blond hair was set up in a strict ponytail and danced playfully with each step she took. Under her high arched eyebrows, a pair of lovely jade green eyes seemed to glow due to the perfect black smokey eye makeup. Her full lips were made in a slightly darker shade than her skin tone, making her diamond face look like a work of art. She was wearing a black t-shirt and high waisted faux leather tights in oxblood red.

Victoria had always had a quite eccentric style and Rachel kept telling her she was definitely model material but Victoria had always disagreed, prompring that Rachel was the one who should be a model.

The two friends embraced one another smiling and giggling, very glad to see each other. Victoria took a step back and holding up both hands towards Rachel said, “Look at you! You look fantastic!”

Rachel smiled and replied, “Stop it! I never had a chance against you and you know it! I mean those pants, Raaawwwrrr! Hang on… is that a tongue piercing I see?”

Victoria stuck her tongue out revealing her double tongue piercing and said, “Uh-huh!”

“Wow, nice… It’s very… you…”

“Thanks, glad you like it. Well, how have you been?”

“It is actually pretty OK, you know, all things considered.”

“I hate that I could not attend the funeral, your parents have always meant very much to me.”

“No, it is fine! It’s not your fault you were in Paris for a fashion show at the time. Besides, it was a really small service, just me and mom and a few selected friends.”

“Speaking of Nicole, is she home? I would love to say hi!”

“No, she is at some friend's house at a party, sorry.”

“No worries, I will meet her eventually. She still illustrates?”

“Yeah, still mostly children’s books. She has had a real increase in projects lately so that is good, keeps her mind off… other things.”

Victoria looked around the living room and adjacent kitchen and said, “Things look pretty much the same here as far as I remember… OH! Is that what I think it is?”

“Yes, my ‘famous’ Bolognese, hope you are hungry?”

“Starving, but is it OK if I take a REAL quick shower first, just body, no hair. I feel like I'm reeking!”

“Sure, down the hall past the cellar stairs and then to the right, remember? I’ll pour us some wine. Would a red… Merlot… work you think?”


Rachel could hear Victoria tiptoe down the hall and into the bathroom. As she opened the wine cork she could hear Victoria singing to herself in the shower and giggled. It was so good to finally see her again after all these years. After dressing two plates with bolognese and some freshly grated parmesan, Rachel sat down at the high table and started to sip some wine. As Victoria came back from the bathroom she had already finished her glas and after pouring Victoria some wine, refilled her own.

Victoria was wearing a large cropped t-shirt and held the tights, t-shirt and bra she had been wearing in her hand. She put her old clothes on a stool and asked, “OK if I borrow this? Like I said, those reek!”

Rachel was admiring Victoria's lovely body as she was now only wearing the cropped t-shirt and a pair of lovely black, high cut briefs. Catching herself staring at Victoria's long legs she snapped to and answered, “Yes… Yes of course! It’s mothers but it’s fine, she won't mind.”

“Oh! Well remind me to compliment her on her taste.”

Both now seated, they started eating while catching up and talking about memories. It felt like it had been four days they last met, not four years. After they were done eating, the table cleared, they ended up on the sofa, feet up, sitting towards each other. Having almost finished the bottle of wine, starting to get a bit intoxicated, Victoria sat swirling her glas as she looked intensely at Rachel and said, “You do know I always had a bit of a crush on you right?”

Rachel got a surprised look on her face and answered, “What?! Really?”

“Yes… still do I think.”

Victoria let her foot glide over towards Rachel and started to play with her toe on her feet, biting her lip. Rachel was taken by surprise and quickly pulled her feet away. Victoria looked at her with a bit of a sad face and said, “No?”

“Sorry… don’t take it the wrong way. I mean I do love you… just maybe not in that way. Shit I am so sorry Victoria…”

“Hey, hey! No worries! I just thought we could, you know, fool around… Nothing serious… But hey, no hurt feelings OK?”

“Yes… yes of course, no hurt feelings.”

Victoria finished her glass of wine, looked at Rachel’s near empty glass, and said, “You know what we need? More wine!”

Rachel pointed at Victoria and replied, “YES!”

Victoria got up and started to walk towards the kitchen when Rachel stopped her by saying, “No no… In the cellar, the second door on the left.”

Victoria changed directions towards the stairs leading to the cellar and answered, “Yes mam!”

Rachel giggled as she saw her friend disappear down the stairs. She had a gnawing feeling she might have made things awkward between her and Victoria but hoped it would be fine. She did not want to jeopardise their friendship.

Suddenly Rachel heard a crash of glass from the cellar. She looked towards the stairs, then jumped up and started running towards the sound saying, “Shit! No no no no no…”

As Rachel reached the bottom of the stairs her fears were validated as looked down the cellar hallway. Victoria was standing before an open door with two broken wine bottles at her feet and Rachel hastily walked up to her, careful not to step on any broken glass.

Standing next to her friend they both looked through the open door and into the room. Dead centre in the dark room, barely lit by the light coming from the hallway, stood a bound female form all dressed in black shiny latex. As the female slowly moved in her bondage a faint moaning could be heard.

Victoria turned to Rachel and with a tone of remorse whispered, “Oh Rachel I am SO SORRY! I thought I heard a noise and opened… I… I had no idea you had a girlfriend… I… I will leave you two alone at once… We can…”

Rachel interrupted, “No… NO… It’s OK… It's not what you think … I… It’s… It’s not my girlfriend… It’s… It’s my mother…”

With a look of utmost surprise Victoria whispered, “That… That is Nicole… Nicole, as in your mother?”

“Yes… it is… and she probably can’t hear us so no need to whisper.”

“I… I don’t understand… how… why is she…”

Rachel took Victoria by the waist and carefully guided her further into the room away from the broken glass and said, “OK look… She… When dad died she immediately started having severe anxiety and panic attacks, like REALLY bad ones, and… How can I explain this… OK, my parents have been into this whole BDSM and fetish thing for a very long time and have been really honest and open about it so I have known about it for many, many years…”

Rachel rolled her eyes as she could not believe the situation she was in as she continued, “Anyway… A few weeks after dad died, mom… well she basically approached me with a highly improper request… She…She wanted to see if being… if being dressed up and bound would help against her anxiety and panic attacks… So… Well I helped her and apparently it works, It helps her ALOT… I… I help her because it helps with her mental state… So two or three times a month I come down here to the dungeon and put her in bondage… I… I know how this must sound… Look I…”

“Hey hey hey… slow down baby… I understand completely! I would do anything for my parents as well… Well maybe not… this, but… Wait, we are in a dungeon?”

Rachel pressed a switch beside the door and a ring of LED lights in the ceiling slowly faded up to fully illuminating the room.

Victoria could now see the full extent of the room's contents. The whole room was painted black, floor, walls and ceiling. There were a couple of wardrobes on one wall, racks with BDSM parafilia on another, some benches and a high bar stool. The most impressive thing though, that had Victoria's undivided attention, was Rachel's mother in the centre of the room.

Her head was covered in a thick, tightly laced latex hood with a hairtube at the top of it. Out of the hairtube came glistening chocolate brown hair that arched upwards for a bit and then fell down between the bound woman's shoulders. A padded rubber blindfold had been buckled tight over her eyes and her head was further encircled by a heavy rubber panel gag with a head harness. Whatever was on the inside of the panel gag, it really made her drool as there were large amounts of saliva running down her chin and down onto her ample breasts. The panel gag also had an impressive o-ring attached to it right over the mouth. Her head looked extremely secure under the head harness as it had been buckled real tight.

Around her neck was a four inch rubber collar with an o-ring in the front and dual buckles in the back of her neck.

Her body was dressed in a tight latex catsuit with breast cups and a 3-way zipper at the crotch. It was obviously made to measure and the craftsmanship seemed second to none. Her nipples poked out of two reinforced holes at the front of the breast cups and were the only thing Victoria could actually see of Rachel's mother.

Around her waist and hips was a tightly laced heavy rubber corset. By the looks of it, Victoria guessed It must have reduced her waist, by at least, an impressive six or seven inches. It made her figure look fantastic and probably helped push her already impressive breast out a bit further. The corset had two straps at the top running over the shoulders and two similar straps ran between her legs from the bottom of it.

Nicole's feet were tightly laced in a pair of knee high, platform, six inch high heel boots in patent leather. The boots were obviously made to measure as well as they fit snugly around her calves with not as much as a crease to behold. They fit so perfectly you could use the patent leather as a mirror. At her ankles were a pair of heavy rubber cuffs with dual straps and buckles.

As if the outfit was not impressive enough all on its own, her bondage only amplified the awe Victoria felt.

Nicole’s head was bent backwards at about a 45 degree angle. It was forced upwards by a thick taut rubber band running from a hook in the ceiling in front of her, to the o-ring in her panel gag.

From the same hook two thinner, equally taut, rubber bands ran to cruel looking nippleclamps on her nipples. They vere the kind that you screw to tighten and looked like they had been done so ferociously.

Her arms were bound tightly behind her back in a thick, heavy rubber single glove. It was zipped by a heavy duty zipper and had three straps tightly buckled around her upper arms, elbows and wrists. The pouch for the hands had a large o-ring at the end of it from which another taut thick rubber band ran at 45 degrees down to a o-ring in the floor behind her.

Between her ankle cuffs was an adjustable spreader bar keeping her feet about two feets apart.

The bondage forced Nicole to try and balance between the two thick rubber straps on the tip of her platforms. As if this was not challenging enough, the slightest adjustment she needed to do became very painful as her nippleclamps would then get streched and retracted by the thinner rubber bands. As she stood there, ever so slightly tiptoeing back and forth on her platforms, moans could be heard everytime the nippleclamps were pulled.

Rachel wanted to sink into the ground and disappear but felt like there was no turning back, Victoria might as well see the whole thing as the secret now wasn’t one anymore.

She was about to try and explain further as she saw Victoria starting to move towards the bound form and said, “WOW!”

As she slowly started to circle Nicole she whispered, “She can’t hear us?”

Rachel answered in a normal tone, “No I do not think so, she has small, in ear, noise cancelling headphones playing white noise. Helps with reaching subspace or whatever she calls it. The times I have tried to ask her anything, she has never answered. She might hear us if we scream.”

Victoria stepped up close to Nicole, careful not to interfere with her bondage ballet and said, “Mrs. Bennet, good to see you again… You look amazing!”

Getting no response Victoria made a surprised look on her face and continued to circle the black and shiny art piece.

As Victoria was behind Nicole she pointed to her crotch and asked, “Is that a vibrator I hear down there?”

Rachel had a look of despair on her face and answered, “I don’t know… I think so… Actually I think there are two of them.”

“What do you mean you do not know, you said you helped her.”

“Yes, with setting her up in the bondage. She dresses all by herself and chooses the toys and whatever herself, I never add or change anything. She then texts me she is ready and after giving her forty-five minutes I come down here and put her in the bondage she wants. Look, she even makes little drawings of how she wants to be set up and writes the duration down for me. Today I just added the rubber straps.”

Rachel picked up a small half letter paper and showed it to Victoria. Looking at the paper she saw a beautiful sketch of a bound woman looking just as the real one in the room. Below the sketch was a note stating, “6 hours please. I love you!”

Victoria went wide-eyed and said, “Shiiiiiiit! She’s been like this for six hours?”

Rachel looked at a clock hanging at one of the walls and replied, “No… she will soon cross the five hours mark.”

Victoria had continued to slowly circle Nicole as she said, “Fuck me! That is some true dedication…”

“Look, she usually just requests two hour sessions so when she asked me this morning I thought we would be well done by the time you came by. She doesn’t even know you moved here yet, I wanted it to be a surprise for her. I got the text that she was ready at 1 o’clock and… well here we are, embarrassed as hell and really, REALLY regretting agreeing to set her up today.”

“Why? This is one of the most awesome things I have ever seen! Do you ever… like… play with her a little?”

“What!? No! Of course not… I am not even in the slightest into these things… And hello?!… My mother!”

“Right! You sure though… not even a little?”

“Yes I am sure! I mean… Of course I have tried a few things like… gloves and stuff… but it just felt weird… The only thing I repeatedly borrowed were mom’s vibrators until I got my own.”

“You mind if… well if I try some things with her?”

“What!?… Yes I do, I mean come on, she is my… my mother!”

“Well she ain’t my mother is she… Look! By the looks of things i would guess your mom was your dads… slave or whatever… and surely all of these toys here were not only for show, right?”

Rachel was still angry Victoria had suggested such a thing but had to admit she was on point and answered, “Yeah… I guess you are right. Dad was always the dominant one and mom the submissive as far as I understood it.”

Victoria had gone over to the rack of toys and playing with a riding crop said, “Then would it not be safe to assume that, since your mother clearly likes pain, she would benefit from these sessions even more if these were used on her as they were when your father was alive. Couldn’t that make this… therapy… even more effective?”

Rachel saw her point but wanted them to go upstairs and pretend the situation they were all in never happened. As she was thinking of what to say she saw Victoria walk behind her mother, hunker down, and ever so slowly start to pull at the rubber band attached to the single glove. Nicole tensed up and let out a surprised yelp but as Victoria slowly pulled more and more at the rubber band, making Nicole tiptoe slowly backwards she started to grunt, “Mmmh-huh… Mmm-huh…”

Rachel started to move towards Victoria and said, “Vicky stop! We should…”

Victoria held up her index finger and looked at Rachel with a stern look making her stop in her tracks. Victoria let go of the rubber band and Nicole tiptoed a few measly steps to balance the rubber bands and let out a loud moan.

Victoria grabbed the rubber band again and started to gently tug at it a few times and then stopped. As if Nicole had instantly understood her action, she started to grunt approvingly and even nod her head as much as the rubber band attached to her panel gag allowed for.

Victoria looked at Rachel with a ‘I told you so’-look and started to ever so slowly pull at the rubber band again making Nicole take mesly steps backwards, balancing on the tip of her platforms. The further she had to back up the louder and louder her moans became.

Rachel was still processing what she was witnessing when Victoria for a second time let the rubber band lose. She had made Nicole backup an inch more this time and as the backwards tension was released she tiptoed back to where the bands were balanced. Nicole let out a long loud moan and could both be seen and heard panting heavily.

Out of all the times Rachel had helped her mother into and out of her bondage she had never seen her so vivid and energetic.

Victoria carefully stood up and walked over to Rachel and pulled Nicole's cropped t-shirt off and threw it at a table. Now standing in just her high cut briefs, exposing her small perky breasts, she looked at Rachel with fire in her eyes and said, “I don’t care what you think, I am doing this. It has somehow gotten me turned on and clearly your mother approves as well. Leave, stay and watch or… join… As I said, right now, I don’t care.”

Rachel looked like a deer in headlights, completely lost, her mind blank. She slowly backed out of the dungeon when Victoria walked in front of her mother and started to flip the thin rubber bands connected to Nicole's nipple clamps with her middle fingers. Nicole burst out in moans of both pain and pleasure and was trying to tiptoe backwards to applify her torment.

As Victoria stopped the torment Rachel heard her mother let out a long disappointing whine. Taking one more step backwards, Rachel stepped on some glass from the wine bottles and gritting her teeth said, “Fuck!”

Victoria looked at Rachel and asked, “You OK?”

Rachel felt like she had awakened from a dream and now clearly saw that her mother was indeed enjoying her torment, very much so, and clearly wanted more of it. She pulled a tiny piece of glass out of her foot and answered, “Yeah, I’m good…”

Rachel then eased up on a bench by the door, took and held some tissue to her foot and pressed the light button. The LEDs changed and now only a bright cone of light lit Nicole and Victoria in the middle of the room, leaving the rest of the dungeon in near darkness.

Victoria could just about see Rachel sitting on the bench in the dark and with a wicked smile looked at her and, “So be it then!”

Victoria hunkered down and put her hand to Nicole's crotch who instantly started to try and rock her pelvis against it. Victoria felt that there were indeed both an vaginal and anal dildo inside of Nicole. They felt big and were vibrating on a very low setting. Victoria looked up at Nicole, and even knowing she would probably not hear her, said “Naughty… Let’s see if we can improve on your daughter's work shall we?”

Loosening a screw at the spreader bar, making its width adjustable, Victoria tapped at Nicoles thigh, signalling her to widen her stance. Nicole carefully took small steps, moaning, as her stance became wider. Not only did it make standing on her platform tips more strenuous, it also meant the strain on the rubber bands increased, pulling at her nippleclamps even more.

Pleased, Victoria tightened the screw again, locking the new length of the spreader bar in place. Carefully standing up again Victoria ran her hands up Nicole's thighs, over her narrow waist and ended up caressing her breasts. Nicole was still moaning and tiptoeing slightly back and forth trying to find the best balance of her new position.

Looking at the nippleclamps Nicole saw that they had vicious teeth digging deep into Nicole’s nipples and said, “Ouch! Those look horrible! Let’s see if we can make it a bit worse… Righty tighty…”


As Victoria started to tighten one of the nipple clamps Nicole burst out in a guttural scream of pain.

Rachel flinched as her mother screamed and was about to jump off the bench to stop Victoria, but then she heard her mother start to pant heavily through her nose and grunt approvingly. As Victoria did the same to the other nippleclamp, resulting in an equally horrible scream, she realised her mother was enjoying it immensely, no matter how wrong it felt to Rachel.

Seeing her all but naked best friend torment her mother actually made her feel relief of some sort. She was at this moment not the only one who took pity on her mother and wanted to help her feel better.

Victoria stood and observed the bound older woman in front of her slowly coming to terms with the new pain in her nipples. As she was breathing heavily the light reflections danced over her chest and breasts. Looking closer, Victoria saw that the nostril holes in the hood Nicole was breathing through seemed to have tubes glued to them, going up her nose.

As if to test a theory Victoria put two fingers against the holes and Nicole stopped breathing. She felt Nicole press against the fingers, cutting her air off, then pulled her head back and moaned as she got her breath back.

Victoria got a surprised look on her face and said, “OK… you like not being able to breathe, is that what this is… OK then why don’t we try this…

Victoria firmly pressed her thumb and index finger against the nostril tubes and put her other hand behind Nicole’s head, locking it in between them. Not being able to breathe again, Nicole was soon starting to moan loudly again. After a moment she started to try and pull her head back to get away from Victoria’s fingers but Victoria stopped her. Nicole started to grunt and tried to thrash her head to get loose but Nicole was not having it as she tightly countered the head movements.

Now starting to panic, Nicole started to thrash as best as her bondage allowed for and let out loud grunts of mercy. Victoria looked at the bound woman, thrashing like a dying animal trying to stay alive, and said, “Nah nah! I decide… not you!”

As the thrashing came to a halt Victoria let go and Nicole took a deep breath almost making the nostril holes whistle, then let out an almost screaming moan. Nicole kept taking deep breaths tiptoeing back and forth to find the balance of her bondage.

Victoria stepped back and said, “Fuck me that was intence…”

Rachel looked on with deeply mixed emotions. Seeing her friend play with and torment her mother made her feel envious. The pair in front of her put on a bizarre show of great dependency and mutual gain, something she started to realise she had never really experienced with anyone, ever. Deep down she knew that what was happening was so, SO wrong but she could not bring herself to stop it, even if she knew she easily could. She wanted to keep watching and perhaps experience some of the deep coexistence her mother and Victoria seemed to be sharing.

Victoria was still standing away from Nicole who by now had settled in her bondage again and was breathing normal again. Victoria started to circle Nicole, like a predator looking at its prey, observing her and planning her next attack.

As Victoria started her third lap Nicole grunted questionly as if to try and check if she had been left alone. Victoria kept circling and Nicole continued to cry out sounding more and more devastated not to be interacted with anymore as time progressed.

After what must have been close to ten minutes, Victoria hunkered down in front of Nicole and started to unzip Nicole's crotch zipper in the catsuit. Nicole jumped and let out a surprising yelp but started to moan submissively again.

Parting the zipper Victoria saw that Nicole was wearing a pair of latex knickers holding her dildos in place denying access to her genitals. Somewhat irritated by the fact Victoria started to close the zipper again to which Nicole could be heard grunting disappointedly.

As Nicole was moving her pelvis back and forths, seemingly looking for the hands that had just touched her, Victoria went over to the rack of toys. After letting her eyes adjust to the dark she browsed the quite impressive collection before picking up a cordless magic wand. Turning it on and off to see if charged, Victoria went back to Nicole and stood in front of her. She started to hold it up in front of Nicole's clitoris in different angles as if to find the most efficient way to attach it. Looking frustrated by not finding a good solution Rachel spoke out of the darkness, “There is a harness… on the rack… by the whips.”

Without answering Victoria went back to the rack and returned with a crotch harness. After figuring out how to attach the magic wand to the harness she went behind Nicole and started to strap it on her crotch, making sure the head of the magic wand was positioned where it should. Nicole again started to moan in pleasure from the attention given to her.

The harness tightly secured Victoria took a step back and walked in front of her victim. The added crotch harness made the magic wand hang at an 45 degree angle with its head right between Nicole’s clitoris and urethral opening. Setting the power slider to the just above the lowest setting Victoria turned it on.


Nicole let out an extremely loud moan and arched her back, pushing her pelvis forward in what looked like an attempt to enhance the vibrations. Shifting her centre of gravity, she was now tiptoeing again, pulling on the rubber bands.

Victoria went to the rack again and, after selecting a long tailed leather flogger, went back behind Nicole and observed her squirming in her bondage. After letting Nicole familiarise herself with added stimuli from the magic wand, seemingly making her more aroused, Victoria did a couple of test swings with the flogger in the air and then positioned herself a little off to the side of her back. Raising the flogger in the air she let it fly towards Nicole only to hit her on the single glove. Nicole let out a quiet grunt as she was hit and Victoria had another try with the same results.

Pondering the situation Victoria eventually hunkered down to get a better angle and this time held the flogger with both hands, like drawing a bow, before letting it loose on Nicole.


The flogger landed dead centre on Nicole’s left bottocks and she let out a moan in pleasure. Victoria continued to flog the buttock, landing blow after blow. After each successful hit Victoria seemed to increase the force of the blow and Nicole’s moans got louder and louder. After fifteen hits Victoria started the same process over on Nicole's right buttock.

As Victoria stood up after treating the right buttock, Nicole was moaning and panting heavily, rocking her pelvis against the magic wand. Victoria gave her a few moments of respite then slid the power slider on the magic wand to half. Nicole did not waste a minute before responding to the more powerful vibrations and started to almost moan screamingly in her gag. Returning to the back of her, Victoria hunkered down again and continued to give hard love to her buttocks.

Blow after blow Nicole kept screaming and moaning.

After perhaps 30-40 more blows, evenly distributed to each buttock, Victoria let go of the flogger and stepped up in front of Nicole again and slid the power slider on the magic wand to near full power. She then quickly pushed her thumb and index finger against Nicole's nostril holes, trapping her head between them and her other hand at the back of her head.

Nicole started to frantically thrash about at the sudden lack of air, but judging by her moans that were pitching up in tone, she was getting real close to an orgasm.

As Victoria figured Nicole was about to go over the edge, she let go of Nicole's head, took a step back and pulled hard on the thin rubber bands connected to her nipple clamps.

Nicole took a deep breath and held it for what felt like a lifetime before erupting in a high pitched scream of pleasure that was more than impressive considering her gagged state. Her orgasm felt like it went on forever.

Rachel, sitting in the dark watching her mother orgasm like she never thought possible, felt a tear run down her cheek. The raw and pure ecstasy her mother was experiencing made her overwhelmed with joy and pride.

Pride in her mother.

As Nicole’s orgasm seemed to be over and she was tiptoeing clearly exhausted from the orgasm, Victoria let go of the thin rubber bands.

Nicole again held her breath for a few seconds and then let out another primaeval scream as she came yet again.

Victoria took a few more steps back observing Nicole as she again tiptoed to find a good balance between the rubber bands. Nicole was mewing in pleasure, still rocking her pelvis back and forth as the magic wand was still going strong.

Victoria put her hands to her forehead and said, “Oh my fucking god!!! That was insane… I… I will surely masturbate myself to sleep tonight…”

Victoria looked over to where Rachel was sitting and continued, “Your mother is AMAZING!… She… Your mother… Fuck!… Rachel, your mother… What the fuck have I done!!!”

Victoria started to walk towards the door deliberately avoiding looking at Rachel and said, “Shit Rachel I am SO sorry…”

Rachel got up from the bench as Victoria passed her and started to hurriedly follow her saying, “Victoria wait! Don’t go!”

“No Rachel! What I did back there is inexcusable and should NEVER have happened!”

“Well it did… and we can decide not to talk or mention it ever again.”

Now up in the kitchen, Victoria took her clothes and said, “I don’t know sis, I fucked up bad! What will your mother say… I mean I practically raped her for gods sake!”

“Stay the night, we can solve this in the morning…”

“No way! I need to get out of here… NOW! I will… call you…”

As Victoria stormed out of the house Rachel tried to stop her by saying, “Wait! You shouldn’t drive after all the…”

The sound of the front door slamming shut ended the conversation.

As Rachel came back down to the cellar she heard Nicole scream out in pleasure. Rachel ran into the dungeon to find her mother having just had another orgasm.

Rachel quickly ran up to her, turned off the magic wand, removed the rubber bands connected to her panel gag and nipple clamps. When both bands were disconnected Nicole collapsed into Rachel’s arms who gently helped her down on her knees. As she unbuckled the head harness and started to pull the panel gag off she could see that Nicole had attached a seven inch dildo to it. It came out with a spewing sound and spread even more saliva around Nicole's mouth and upper body making an even bigger mess than before. Letting go of the head harness it landed in Nicole’s lap.

As Rachel started to remove the single glove, freeing her mother from her bondage, she was chanting, “Holy shit… Holy shit… Holy shit…”

Arms free from the single glove, Nicole let them drop to her sides and grunted in discomfort. Rachel wanted to comfort her mother but still felt uneasy with her dressed in all of the latex, toys still inside her and nipples still wearing the nippleclamps. Rachel instead left her mother to herself as she had always done prior and headed upstairs to get a mopp, a broom and a dustpan to clean up the broken glass and spilt wine.

When she returned to the cellar and looked into the dungeon her mother was still kneeling on the floor and had put the head harness back on, buckling it tightly. She was moaning loudly as she was working the magic wand with one hand, arching her back, and supporting herself with the other on the floor behind her.

As Rachel had swepts all of the glass up and was finishing mopping the floor, her mother let out a loud scream of pleasure into her gag as she came again.

Rachel took the cleaning apparel and blew her latex covered mother a kiss. She then dampened the lights and left her on her knees, panting from exhaustion, still working the magic wand.

Rachel had barely slept at all. She had been terrified as she heard her mother ascend from the cellar but she had heard her go directly to her room and apparently to bed.

Only getting a few hours of sleep Rachel had got up and prepared breakfast for the two of them while images of last night kept running on repeat in her mind. She had sent Victoria a message but not gotten any reply, even though she saw the message was read.

Rachel was sipping on her second glass of tea as she heard her mothers bedroom door open. Rachel's pulse went up and she was sure her heart beat could be heard if standing next to her. Down the hall she saw her mother walking towards the kitchen. She was dressed in one of her dad’s old sweaters, a pair of classic briefs and looked absolutely radiant.

Her waist long auburn hair seemed to float on her back and shoulders as if weightless. Her perfectly plucked high arch eyebrows seemed to be sitting higher than usual over her beautiful satin grey eyes. Her thin lips sported a big and wide smile making dimples in her cheeks. At 46 years of age she looked extremely good. She sat down opposite Rachel and pouring some tea of her own said, “I know we have agreed not to talk about my… sessions. But I have to… I… What you did to me last night was… AMAZING!”

Her mother looked at Rachel with gratitude and continued, “I have not felt this… this… free and hopeful since dad’s funeral… and I… Thank you!”

Rachel felt a lump in her throat and tears welling up. Her mother was right, Rachel had not seen her this full of life and joy in a very long time.

Nicole, seeing her daughter almost start to cry, quickly stood up and ran over to her, gave her a big hug and said, “Honey… There, there… I am thankful you did what you did… It helped me tremendously…”

Rachel returned the hug and with a broken voice said, “Yeah mom… about that… It wasn’t me…”

Rachel had managed to get ahold of Victoria a few days after the fateful night and convinced her that Nicole was not angry, but thankful for what she had done. Nicole even wanted to thank her in person but understood that if Victoria did not want to ever speak of it again she would respect that. Victoria had replied that not ever, ever mention or speak of it again was for best.

The week after Victoria had come by the Bennet residence for dinner. Even though the atmosphere had been very stiff at the start, the three women had before long been sitting on the sofa, drinking wine and laughing about memories.

The following weeks Rachel did not see nor hear much from Victoria who was working hard on a spring collection for a client. They both agreed it was a drag but Victoria promised they would see each other more often as quickly as she had most designs approved from the client.

It had now been almost four weeks since Rachel saw Victoria last but she was about to as she parked her car outside of her beautiful house. Victoria's house was an impressive sight for sure, at least Rachel thought so. Standing in a dig out against the mountain slope the two story house had all glass walls towards the entrance. Being very isolated, as all houses on the mountain usually were, insight was not a problem. Inside the house was in a very modern open space design and Rachel was actually very envious of Victoria being able to have afforded it.

Buzzing the doorbell and checking the front door, she found it open and let herself in. The bottom floor housed a huge living room area, dinner area and the kitchen area where Rachel saw Victoria sitting on a high chair behind a kitchen island. Walking over she said, “Hi honey! It was open so I let myself in, hope you don’t mind?

Victoria, having a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice, replied, “No no, My casa su casa. What's up?”

Rachel came over to the kitchen island and having a seat opposites her friend admired her natural beauty. Even now, having no makeup on and sporting a cropped tank top she looked like a goddess. Getting no answer Victoria continued, “Want some breakfast?”

“Would love to but I am in a hurry, off to the village, work week tomorrow.”

“Ah that sucks! The drive home at night every day must really suck!”

“No more it won’t… I will actually start to sleep at a colleague's place during the work days, he has an apartment close to the store.”

“Oooooooh… HIS apartment huh?”

“Stop it! It’s nothing like that! He is just a friend who offered his sofa to sleep on. Sure it’s just a sofa but it beats having to drive back and forth every day.”

“Yeah, I’m sure that’s how he sees it…”

Rachel gave Victoria a friendly blow to her arm and continued, “Stop it i said! Now, you have not heard of or seen mother by chance?”

“No, should I have?”

“No, just a long shot. She went to some friend's place two days ago for a party, staying the night, but she has not come home yet and I am not sure if I should be worried or not.”

Victoria smiled and replied, “Nicole is a grown woman. I bet you she just forgot to let you know she decided to spend another day, you’ll see.”

“Yeah you are probably right. She has been visiting friends a lot more frequently now the past weeks and I am so glad, she seems to be doing SO much better. Anyhow I have to go, have a sofa I need to check out, love ya!”

“Likewise, and I'm glad to hear your mom is doing better, drive safe!”

As Rachel went out the door she waved and replied, “Always!”

Victoria took another spoon of cereal and as she was her friend driving away said, “Did I tell you to stop? Did I tell you to fucking STOP?”

Between her legs Nicole kneeled all dressed in latex and looked up at Victoria with her satin grey eyes. Nicole was wearing the same latex and gear she wore the first time Victoria used her except for the blindfold and head harness with the panel gag.

With her thighs spread wide, one on each side of Victoria's chair and with her arms crushed in the single glove, Nicole looked submissively at Victoria and replied, “No Mistress Victoria, you did naaaaaaaaaaaOOOOOOOOGHHHHHNNNNNNPFFFF!!!”

Victoria had grabbed and pulled hard in the chain connecting the evil nippleclamps and asked in a degrading tone, “Then… why… did… you … stop!”

“HHHHHHHHHnnnnnnnnnnnngh… I’m sorry Mistress, please forgive me Mistress!”

Nicole’s eyes were welling up with tears due to the severe pain and, as soon as she felt Victoria let go of the chain, started to lick her mistress vagina and clitoris.

Victoria straightened her back and let out a pleasurable sigh as Nicole got back to eating her and said, “THAT was close! We have to tell your daughter about us, this will not work in the long run. Lucky thing I have a dual garage.”

Nicole answered by moaning “Uh-huh!” in reply.

“And I thought I told you to write to her and say you were spending another night… Guess you will do eight hours of isolation today instead of 4…”

Nicole took a quick pause, looked up at her mistress and said, “Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress!”

As Rachel reached the end of the driveway, turning right towards the village, her best friend was made to cum by her mother for the second time that morning.


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