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A Mental Balancing Act

by Marcus

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Storycodes: F+/f; fpov; bond; latex; cuffs; spreader; pain; dungeon; mast; buttplug; toys; catsuit; hood; corset; climax; pain; clamps; tease; incest; cons; XXX

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Synopsis: Rachel braves a storm to visit her mother for some good ‘ol mother and daughter time. It does not pan out as she has planned.

(To better understand the characters, gear and story arc, start from first.)

Part 4

Rachel squinted her eyes as she was blinded by the light from the oncoming car. Just as they passed she engaged her high beams, illuminating the road in front of her and parts of the surrounding forest. As if the dark and murky evening wasn’t making the winding mountain roads challenging enough, the heavy rain sure didn’t make it any easier. Rachel was a very good driver but she could not wait to reach her destination and get off the road.

The past three or so weeks had been rough, real rough. Rachel hated to admit it but she had started to develop feelings for Brian, her co-worker whose sofa she called home during work weeks and most weekends. It had all started innocently enough with them both having someone to talk to about more or less everything. It gradually evolved into them getting more physical, resting their head in the other's lap when watching a movie and such. It hadn’t really gone beyond that but Rachel had started to muster courage to take it to the next level and tell Brian she had real feelings for him. 

And she probably would have if it hadn't been for Brian bringing home Sophie after a night of drinks. He had of course immediately fallen for her fake laugh and even faker worldliness. After returning home after their second date Brian had awkwardly asked Rachel to go for a walk for a few hours which she had done, not wanting to stay in the apartment under any circumstances. It had all been downhill from there. Rachel let out an audible sigh and was again reminded of how much she really hated Sophie. 

Against the recommendations on the news, Rachel had challenged the horrible weather and hit the roads after texting her mom she would spend the weekend with her. She really needed someone to talk to so spending time at her mothers house would do wonders, at least that was the plan.

Turning off the main road and speeding down the gravel path, the quaint house finally came into view. Rachel saw the lights were on in the open living room and kitchen meaning her mom must be home. To avoid as much of the rain as possible, she drove around to the back of the house and parked the car under the carport attached to the house. Having gathered her things she went in the back door and called out, “Mom? It’s me.”

Getting no answer she put her jacket on an available peg, removed her shoes and started to walk down the hall towards the kitchen. The open kitchen and living room was more dimly lit than it had looked from outside and it was eerily quiet. Not finding any life signs Rachel called out again, “Mom, you home?”

Getting no answer she decided to make some tea.


Rachel literally jumped two feet and hit her thigh on the counter as she was scared shitless by a black female form kneeling between the kitchen table and counter. With her heart still pounding Rachel let out a deep sigh and said, “The hell mom, you scared the living shit out of me…fuck…”

Kneeling on the oak floor with hands resting in her lap was Rachel’s mother totally covered in shiny black latex. Leaning against the counter Rachel took a deep breath, heart still pounding, and said, “This was not what I had in mind for… WHY am I talking to you, you clearly have the noise cancelling earbuds in…”

Rachel shook her head and scanned the kitchen for any clues as to how her mother would like to spend the coming hours. Finally she saw a piece of paper and what looked like a leash between her mothers spread thighs and picked them both up. 

The hastily drawn illustration on the paper showed what looked like a person bound in a strappado and some form of clamp setup, it was not easy to make out. Below the illustration was a heart and a scribbled text saying, “Just an idea, trust you to decide my predicament.”

Even though this was not at all what she needed right now, Rachel smiled and felt proud of the trust her mother bestowed upon her. She put the paper down on the counter and thought, “Better get her down to the cellar and set her up if I ever want to discuss MY problems tonight.”

As Rachel grabbed the d-ring at the front of the collar, her mother jerked and let out a yelp in surprise from beneath her gag. Holding one of her mothers hands while pulling upwards on the d-ring Rachel said, “There, there. It’s just me. Upsy-daisy.”

With surprising grace the latex covered woman was soon standing fully erect in front of Rachel. As she clipped the leash to the collar Rachel saw her mother lift and shake her legs, one after the other. Looking up at the totally latex covered head she said” Bit stiff, huh? Well you have probably been kneeling for some…”

Rachel giggled and continued, “Again… talking to yourself Rachel…”

Figuring some walking would probably sort the stiffness out she tugged gently at the leash and started to walk backwards around the kitchen table with her mother in tow. Rachel could not but admire the tall rubber woman in front of her and thought, “Say what you will but she actually looks enticing all decked out like that… Damn, how can she walk SO effortlessly in those heels…”

As the pair slowly circled the table Rachel eyed her mothers outfit. Her head was covered in a thick hood made out of black latex with a hairtube on top through which a strict blond braid hung down her back. It was zipped in the back and apart from two small nostril holes, with what looked like internal tubing, there were no visible openings in it rendering her totally blind. Where her mouth ought to be was a tightly strapped panel gag head harness. The harness encircled her whole head making it seemingly impossible to get out of. Rachel could only guess what kind of gag her mother had in her mouth, but being pretty familiar with the gear available down in the dungeon it was probably ridiculously long, thick and phallic shaped.

Around the neck was a rigid neck corset, also in black latex. Heavily boned, it was tightly laced in the back and ran from the collarbones all the way up to just below the jaw bone. Evidently the wearer was totally robbed of any neck or head movement at all and could do little to remedy the situation. From the dual straps with lockable buckles at the neck hung two silver colored padlocks, gently swaying side to side with each step. 

Locked under the neck corset along with the hood was a black catsuit, again made in thick latex. It looked to be painted onto her body, an obvious testament to the masterful craftsmanship having been required when making it. Its tailored breast cups seemed to force the wearer's breasts outwards resulting in a very ample bosom.

The hands were covered in a pair of black latex gloves that also seemed very thick and tight. They disappeared under the sleeves of the catsuit but Rachel guessed they most likely ran all the way up to her mothers armpits. 

Reducing the waist by what must have been an amazing 6 or 7 inches was a very impressive black latex corset. From around the hips it engulfed her mother all the way up to about mid chest. The front parts of the corset was perfectly cut to follow the bottom base of the catsuit’s breast cups, meaning it was probably made by the same designer. It was clasped in the front and had been expertly tight laced in the back. Around the narrow waist was also a 2.5 inch wide, rubber lined, metal belt. It had a sleek locking mechanism in the front and was locked in place with what looked like another silver coloured padlock.

Lastly there were the knee high platform boots. Made in shiny black patent leather they had what looked like a 2 inch platform and 8 inch heel, effectively making them 6 inch heels. They had been meticulously tight laced and looked like they were painted on, just like the rest of the outfit. Clearly not bought in your run-of-the-mill shoe store they must have been made using its wearers precise measurements.

Shined to perfection Rachel thought her mom looked just like one of those black high gloss mannequins often seen in department stores. A very perverted one, but a mannequin nonetheless.

Apart from a barely audible wheezing sound coming from the nostril holes, the only thing that hinted that there was an actual human under all that latex were the nipples. Poking out through reinforced holes at the centre of the breast cups were her mothers fully erect, pink nipples. Knowing what was in store for them sent a shiver of unease down Rachel’s spine as she could only imagine the horrible pain her mother would soon be forced to endure.

She remembered how hard it had been the very first time her mother had asked her for a setup that would put her in for Rachel at least, unimaginable pain. Rachel had nearly skipped parts of her mothers instructions but in the end realised that she had asked for it and thus knew what it would entail.

Having done four laps around the table Rachel decided that warm up was done and led her mother towards the stairs leading down to the cellar. As they approached the top of the stairs she realised she was about to lead a blind person down them, preferably safely. Turning around she took one of her mothers hand in hers and stopped her by putting the other on her chest. Not using latex herself, Rachel was always surprised over how warm it felt since it always looked so cold. Putting her mothers hands on the guardrail, Rachel took two steps down the stairs and put her hands around her mother’s corseted waist. Then, step by step, she carefully guided the blind latex woman until they had descended safely. Gently tugging on the leash, resulting in what could only have been a moan, Rachel led her mother into the pitch black dungeon.

Having done so numerous times, Rachel had no problem finding the light switch and soon had the dungeon amply light. Used to finding her mother kneeling in the middle of the floor, Rachel led her there and while tugging down on the leash said, “Down you go.”

Watching her mother gracefully kneel, with her legs spread wide before her, on the black and cold concrete floor made Rachel feel like she had butterflies in her stomach. As she unclipped the leash she thought to herself, “What the hell Rachel… You have done this more times than you would like to admit… Fuck sakes, get a grip!” 

Trying to ignore the feeling, she stood up, tossed the leash onto a counter by one of the walls, and walked up to one of the cup boards. Picturing the sketch her mother had left she picked up a heavy rubber single glove and put it on the counter. Having helped her mother into it several times before, she knew it needed some dressing aid inside and grabbed a bottle sitting on the counter. Having applied a thin layer to the interior Rachel brought it to its currently oblivious recipient.

Hanging the single glove over her shoulder, Rachel bent down and moved her mothers arms behind her, placing her hands palm to palm. As she started to feed the arms into the glove they were raised to make the process easier and Rachel could hear a long moan from behind the gag and thought, “Oh… someone sure seems eager… then it was some time before she… well WE did this… probably carrying loads of pent up desire.”

Making sure the hands were properly seated inside the bottom end of the single glove, Rachel grabbed the heavy d-ring attached to it and started to close the heavy duty zipper. The further up the forearms the glove was being closed, the more Rachel had to press the arms together to be able to continue. Nearing the elbows she even had to brace against herself to force the arms tight enough for the slider to keep going. As the zipper had been fully closed she could hear a mixture of moans and grunts fill the dungeon. Being made out of real thick rubber, the single glove was designed to forcefully pin its wearers elbows together and left little room to wriggle once fully closed. At the top of the glove were 2 wide straps with lockable buckles that went over the shoulders, making sure it would not come off until supposed to. 

As if to mock anyone brave enough to wear it, there were three additional straps with locking buckles at the wrists, elbows and upper arms to further the bondage. Leaving her mother little time to adjust to her new bondage Rachel started to tightly strap and buckle each one, starting with the wrist one. When it was time for the one around the elbow Rachel once again had to brace against herself to be able to crush the elbows together before buckling the strap tight. As the prong finally entered its intended hole and Rachel moved on to the final strap she heard her mother hold her breath for several seconds before letting out a long scream in obvious discomfort. As she tightly buckled the final strap in place, Rachel said out loud, “Just as tight as you like it I hear…”

As Rachel stood up and walked to fetch five padlocks she watched the latex encased woman try and move her arms to most likely alleviate some of the discomfort. Returning with the padlocks she started to lock the buckles holding the single glove in place. She really questioned their uses since there was no way her mother would be able to get out of the single glove without help but guessed it must have to do with the thought of it being locked on. Like an extra layer to her bondage or something.

As the final padlock snapped shut the butterflies were back. Stepping back and watching as her mother gradually got used to her new bondage Rachel tried to make sense of her feelings.

Was it anticipation? No! She had done this loads of times without feeling more or less anything. She was after all just a means to an end for her mothers own well being. Could it be fear… if so, what was she afraid of? No, this was something else.

Rachel rolled her eyes and set about to finish the set up. She gathered a long black bungee cord, a pair of shackles and a pair of pulleys. She then returned to the bound woman on the floor, grabbing a stool from under the counter on her way. Placing the stool on the floor beside her mother, Rachel carefully stepped up and started to fasten a pulley using a shackle to an o-ring in the ceiling. She then thread one end of the bungee cord through the pulley and stepped down again. 

Moving the stool up against the far wall she stepped up again and fastened another pulley in the ceiling right by the wall. Having thread the bungee cord through and letting it hang along the wall, Rachel stepped down and walked over to her mother. Squatting down she opened a shackle attached to the end of the bungee cord and then closed it around the d-ring at the end of the single glove. As if having already figured out what was about to come, a deep moan was heard from behind Rachel’s mother’s gag. 

Hearing the moan Rachel felt envious, her mother obviously got way more out of these sessions than just peace of mind. What did she get herself? Nothing. Well except for a mother that did not get panic attacks or fell into depression, there was that of course.

It suddenly hit Rachel. Envy! That must be it, she was fucking envious!

Irritated both at her mother but mostly at herself for letting such a petty thing get to her she circled and stood in front of the kneeling latex woman. Rachel grabbed the d-ring at the front of her mothers neck corset and forcefully pulled her up until she was standing before her.

The sudden act of superiority felt great and took Rachel by surprise. The action must have taken her mother by surprise as well since she grunted loudly behind the gag as she was forced up from her knees and stood up. 

Rachel was hit by immediate remorse as she realised she had somehow enjoyed asserting dominance over her mother but also because she felt she had been unnecessarily rough to her. She was supposed to aid her into these predicaments, nothing more. That was the deal they had.

But the now almost head higher latex woman in front of her showed nothing but anticipation and had taken a stance of pride. Her feet were shoulder wide, her chest pushed out and she was still moaning. Rachel could just about see how she flexed her pelvis muscles around what must be a pair of sex toys inside her vagina and anus.

Her mother clearly approved of the rough handling and was getting off on it.

Rachel realised that never, during all the times she had helped out, had she really observed her mother while doing it. Every time she had been called upon she had worked as fast as she could to leave the dungeon and give her mother the privacy of enduring her predicament in solitude. Except for that time Victoria found her mother and used her. That had been an evening to remember for all the wrong reasons. Rachel vividly remembered her mother thanking her greatly the morning after, thinking that she had dominated her the evening before not knowing it had been Victoria.

With mixed feelings still brewing inside her Rachel walked over to the wall filled with BDSM paraphernalia and grabbed a metal spreader bar with leather cuffs. Returning to her mother she noticed the moans had stopped and the only sound her mother made was the barely noticeable wheezing sound coming from her nostril tubes. Rachel had seen the hoods with the long tubes and always wondered why anyone would put them down their nose willingly. The tubes surely went all the way down the throat. She wondered if her mother liked it because of how it felt or if it was the process of inserting them that was the thrill. The humiliation of it perhaps. No matter what it was, it was time to add another of her mothers frequently requested items.

Squatting before the latex covered legs and high heel boots, Rachel put the spreader bar down and started to pat on the inside of her mothers ankles. She watched as the feet in turn took small steps away from each other until she was satisfied with the distance and took hold of both feet, stopping the motion. Rachel then started to cuff the first ankle and after adjusting the spreader bar, cuffed the second one.

Her mother now stood with her feet wide apart and slightly shifted her heeled platforms around, most likely trying to find the most comfortable position. Rachel stood up and walked over to the bungee cord hanging along the far wall and waited. As her mother settled into what must have been the least encumbering position for her feet, Rachel unceremoniously started to quickly pull on the cord forcing the single glove sharply upwards towards the pulley above it. With the bungee cord properly stretched, Rachel looped her end through an o-ring in the floor and made a sturdy quick release knot.

Her mother was now grunting loudly and once again fighting to find a position as comfortable as possible under the new circumstances. Feeling butterflies in her stomach again Rachel wasted no time and grabbed a leather strap from the wall and went back to her mother. She thread the strap through the d-ring in front of the neck corset and then through a d-ring centred in the spreader bar. To complaining grunts from her mother she buckled the strap tight making her bend forwards at an almost perfect 90 degree at the hips while her arms inside the single glove were maliciously forced nearly straight up towards the ceiling. 

The bungee cord was now even more tightly stretched, leaving only a small range of movement for her mother. Rachel started to circle her grunting mother and caught herself saying out loud, “Yeah… You like that, don’t you?”

Biting her lower lip she finally admitted to herself that she liked seeing her mother like this. She liked what she had done to her and it was turning her on. There was no point trying to deny it anymore no matter how wrong it felt.

Still circling the bound woman Rachel thought about how far these sessions had come from when they started almost 2 years ago. Rachel remembered the totally awkward conversation her mother had had with her mere weeks after her dad’s death. A conversation that had resulted in Rachel, having received a crash course in bondage, putting her latex covered mother in a poor excuse for a hogtie for 30 minutes. Looking at them now Rachel figured they had both come a long way since then, herself most of all.

When Rachel’s circular path came upon her mothers now fully displayed rear she saw what looked like two connectors hanging out from the crotch zipper in the catsuit. Taking a step closer she saw that they were female 3.5 mm connectors. Moving her face even closer she tried to hear if the sex toys were alive and inadvertently put one of her hands on her mothers thigh. The reaction was instant.

Her mother started to moan and thrusted her pelvis back and forth as best as she could in her bondage. Rachel did not let go but instead slowly caressed the shiny material, again surprised over how warm it felt. As she caught a whiff of the faint vanilla smell from the latex she felt a shill run through her and her pussy twitched.

As if caught with her hand in the cookie jar, Rachel quickly stood up and established three things. First, the sex toys were not running since they were obviously not powered. Second, even though she did not like to wear latex herself, the material sure had an effect on her. The third and most difficult to admit was that she was aroused and gradually getting more so. 

Trying to ignore her arousal Rachel contemplated on whether to turn the toys on or not but eventually made up her mind and said, “Fuck it!”

She walked over to the cupboards and after looking through a few drawers, returned to the rear end of her mother with 2 adjustable vibrator controls and a pair or reinforced latex straps with buckles. Connecting the first controller to one of the 3.5 mm connectors, Rachel set its level control to about one tenth of full power. From under the black latex Rachel heard a low buzzing sound pari passu with loud moans coming from her mother. As Rachel strapped the controller to one of her mothers thighs she saw her buttock and groin muscles work avidly around the now alive toy. After connecting and strapping the second controller to the other thigh and setting it to the same power level, the moans and muscle activity intensified.

Taking a few steps back, Rachel observed her mother for a few minutes as she slowly got used to the new stimuli and gently settled down until only barely audible moans could be heard from under the gag. A long string of saliva hung from the edge of the panel gag and slowly swung back and forth as the light playfully reflected in it. Having her mouth directed downwards in addition to the gag clearly made her drool uncontrollably and there were already small spots of saliva on the floor.

Seeing her mother's inability to control something as simple as to not drool made a wave of arousal sweep through Rachel as her pussy yet again twitched. She was pretty sure she was amply wet between her legs but was too chicken shit to put her hand down her panties to find out. Taking a deep breath she thought, “Fuck mom… we shouldn’t… this is really… REALLY fucked up!”

Rachel contemplated leaving her mother to stew for a few hours and then call it a day. She would probably come out having enjoyed it but Rachel knew she had put her in way more elaborate predicaments before so why not give her what she yearned for? 

The answer was of course blatantly obvious as it was her newly found affinity for putting her mother into these predicaments that had her questioning everything about the situation.

Crossing her arms, Rachel took a determined pose and said out loud, “Guess what, fuck what others may think, we are doing this… Time to make things way worse for you, it’s what we are here for after all…”

As if she was foolishly waiting for her mother to reply, Rachel lingered for a few moments before walking over to the equipment wall. Locating her mothers favourite nipple clamps she picked them from the wall along with a pair of long rubber straps. After returning she squatted by her mother, careful not to get any saliva on herself. Rachel put one of the clamps to one of the exposed nipples and as the clamp's sharp teeth gently grabbed the base of the nipple her mother inhaled sharply and started to mewl loudly. She clearly knew what was coming. 

Using a screw on the clamp Rachel started to slowly close the clamp, watching with astonishment as its teeth dug deeper and deeper into the delicate flesh. Her mother had always applied any clamps used and the realisation that she was experiencing another first made Rachel bite her lower lip in excitement. The further the teeth dug into the nipple the mewl started to turn into a groan, verging on a scream. Realising she had no idea how tight her mother wanted them Rachel stopped and looked closely at the teeth, now harshly biting into the nipple. Her mother started to inhale quickly, almost hyperventilating, between the loud grunts of what could only be pain at this stage.

Rachel tried to picture how tight they had been the times her mother did it herself and figured they were not quite there yet. Even if the pain seemed intense already Rachel figured her mother only had herself to blame. Two proper turns of the screw later and Rachel’s mother was screaming into the gag. She screamed so vividly the saliva started to bubble around the edges of the panel gag. Feeling her arousal being fueled by the apparent torment her mother was experiencing Rachel started to repeat the process on the second nipple.

Ignoring the pleading grunts interwoven with the screams, Rachel closed the second clamp and made sure it matched the first in viciousness. Sitting down and leaning back on her hands Rachel observed with great interest and rising arousal as her mother slowly accepted the added pain from the nipple clamps. After what must have been minutes the screams had stopped and her mother was back to making pathetic mewls in between breaths. The pool of saliva below the gag was getting more and more impressive. Getting up to a squatting position again, Rachel picked up the two rubber straps and started to tie one end of them to each nipple clamp. 

Just as before her mother probably guessed what was to come and started to make pitiful groans. As Rachel thread both rubber straps through an inset floor anchor a few feet in front of her mom she said, “Oh shush, we both know you love this!”

As the rubber straps went taut and started to pull on the nipple clamps her mother held her breath. Rachel continued to pull the bands until they forcefully stretched her mothers nipples and parts of the areola out of the reinforced hole in the breast cups and tied the bands off.


Rachel imagined that the pain must have been blinding. She could for the life of her not understand why anyone would ever submit to this out of free will, not to mention enjoy it. She did however acknowledge the fact that she herself REALLY liked to see her mother suffer by her whims.

Standing back up Rachel slowly circled the bound latex woman and observed her plight. Her mother seemed to try and move forwards to alleviate some of the pull on the nipple clamps. But in doing so she also stretched the bungee cord above her thus failing to maintain the small momentum forwards and was pulled back again. Her meagre attempts to escape the pain only added more pull to her nipple clamps. The slow dance back and forth lasted a little over a minute before her mother finally stopped moving. Apparently she realised that trying to make her plight as painless as possible was a fool's game and she now stood as still as possible while groaning loudly.

Remembering the predicament was foremost for her mothers well being and enjoyment Rachel stepped behind her and caringly raised the power level on both vibrators to about one third. The groans immediately turned into loud moans and her mother's pelvis started rocking up and down while working the toys inside her. As Rachel stepped back and observed her mother the moans got louder and more frequent. For reasons Rachel felt she would never understand her mom sounded like she was approaching an orgasm. 

Trying to ignore her arousal Rachel moved towards the dungeon exit and picked up her phone. Checking the time she found it was now 17:43. Leaving them time to discuss her own situation with Brian and Sophie she set a 4 hour timer hoping it would be enough to satisfy her mothers urges. Taking a last look at her mother she dimmed the lights, walked out of the dungeon and continued down the basement hallway towards the stairs. 

Looking at her phone again, Rachel tried to find a good movie to stream but judging from the icons in the status bar there was no phone or internet service. She shook her head and thought, “Bloody storm probably cut some lines again, fuck!”

Just as she was about to ascend the stairs she heard a guttural scream of pleasure from the dungeon as her mother must have had her first orgasm of the evening.

Stopping, Rachel bit her lower lip and found herself putting her hands down her trousers and inside of her panties. She let out a loud gasp as she gently fingered her engorged clitoris while putting her middle finger inside her wet vagina. With a smile on her face she pulled her hand out of her trousers and went back into the dungeon.

Stepping through the door she quickly gathered that her mother was probably nearing a second orgasm. Wasting no time Rachel hastily walked up behind her and decreased the power of both of her inserts to their lowest setting. A long pitiful groan from what could only have been discontent could be heard from under the gag. With an even broader smile Rachel thought, “I know! Sucks to be you but you already had one… It’s MY turn now mom.”

Unbuttoning her jeans, Rachel stepped out of her pants and left them on the floor. Her socks quickly followed and she felt a chill running through her as she stepped barefoot on the cold concrete floor. As she was about to remove her panties she hesitated. Even though her mother was clearly blind in the latex hood she did not feel comfortable exposing her sex in front of her. Gently rubbing her clitoris through her wet panties she moved in front of the bound woman feeling her arousal slowly grow. 

After a few minutes it was clear that no matter how hard she tried Rachel would not manage to come even close to an orgasm. First of all standing up made relaxing very hard and she did not feel watching her mother in her current state helped either. If anything the thought of cumming in front of her mother was rather off putting. Somewhat annoyed Rachel had a small outburst and scanned the dungeon for options.

Having looked back and forth between her mother and the myriad of BDSM paraphernalia in the room she walked with determined steps to gather two additional nipple clamps and a pair of long rubber straps. Rachel then donned a pair of black surgical gloves and walked back to the rear of her mother with real conflicting thoughts about what she was about to do. Putting the items on the floor between her mothers feet Rachel watched as if not in control as her gloved hands started to carefully open the crotch zipper in her mothers catsuit. To what could only be described as moans of anticipation the head of the zipper slowly revealed the vaginal opening and the huge sex toy inserted into it. Rachel was blown away by how wet her mother was which surprisingly made her more aroused and wet herself. Starting to carefully adjust the open part of the zipper to fully expose her mother’s outer labia lips Rachel realised the vaginal intruder would not stay in place with the zipper open. Cursing to herself she closed the zipper half way, partly covering the sex toy, and went to get a few more long rubber straps. Tying the rubber straps between d-rings designed to hold stocking suspenders, Rachel quickly arranged a makeshift crotch harness to hold the vaginal toy in place.

Opening the zipper again she made sure the added rubber straps stayed in place and started to expose her mother’s engorged outer labia lips. Picking up one of the clamps and putting its teeth around one of the labia lips quickly changed the tune her mother was singing. Instead of moaning in pleasure her mother now groaned “Nah-huh!” over and over as Rachel started to screw the clamp closed. As the metal teeth dug deep into the labia lip the merciful groans changed into screams of pain. Giving her mother no respite Rachel tightened the clamp to the brink of its teeth piercing the tender skin and repeated the agonising process to the second lip. Even though her mother was clearly in horrible pain Rachel watched the vaginal muscles work around the huge intruder, making more vaginal fluids emerge around the sex toy. As she tied the additional rubber straps to the attached clamps she thought, “Scream all you want… you clearly love it!”

With arousal rising steadily, Rachel then thread the rubber straps through another inset floor anchor a few feet behind her mother. Realising she could now easily masturbate herself to an orgasm, Rachel quickly pulled the rubber straps tight and tied them off.


Rachel stood up and walked in front of her mother who was now screaming fanatically while moving back and forth in her strict predicament in an effort to escape the obviously horrible pain. This of course only made things worse for her since all four clamps were now pulled in turn with her movements. Putting her gloved hand in her panties, Rachel started to rub her clitoris as she observed the tortured woman in front of her. Saliva had started to bubble around the edges of the panel gag again and Rachel was pretty sure her mother was crying but it was hard to tell due to the screams. Truth be told she really didn’t care if she was crying or not as she was now on the final stretch towards the orgasm she desperately craved. Getting down on her knees to get a better look at her mothers latex encased face Rachel started to moan and grunt loudly from pleasure in unison with her mother who had stopped screaming. Mere seconds later her body tensed and she let out a scream as she came.


Rachel closed her eyes as she rode the powerful orgasm. As it started to subside she kept rubbing her clitoris said out loud, “FUCK ME that was good… holy shit I needed that… fuck yes…”

Urging for another orgasm Rachel pictured the time that Victoria brought her mother to an orgasm and without thinking, extended her free hand and put its middle and index finger against the nostril holes in the hood. Her mother started to grunt even louder and immediately tried to move her head away from the blockage but her predicament and especially the neck corset made any efforts she made futile. Seeing her mother start to panic, Rachel felt a second orgasm approaching and to her astonishment realised that so did her mother. Watching the shiny bondage mannequin in front of her get more and more desperate for air had Rachel spellbound. Quickly nearing a second orgasm she said out loud, “Like that huh?... Bet you do… no air until you cum bitch!”


Without warning her mother tensed in her whole body and came hard. With wide eyes Rachel saw fluids squirting between her mothers legs as she had just had a fountain orgasm. Firmly keeping her fingers in place, Rachel held her breath and came hard a second time just as her mother screamed into her gag, having a second fountain orgasm.

As her second orgasm subsided Rachel snapped to and quickly pulled her fingers from the nostril holes in her mothers hood. Inching away from the bound female she heard a deep inhale followed by a loud scream of relief. Her mother kept inhaling deeply followed by a scream over and over until she started to settle down into more natural breathing and moaning.

Having backed all the way up against the cupboards behind her, Rachel was quickly coming down from her post orgasm high and had a hard time accepting what had just happened. Removing the surgical gloves she tossed them on the floor and stood up. Walking towards her mother she tried to convince herself that this had been done with mutual consent, her mother had asked for it. She contemplated releasing her mother from her predicament but realised she was not ready to handle any potential backlash right now and instead picked up her phone from her pants lying on the floor. Checking the time she saw it was now 18:25, leaving approximately 3.5 hours left on the timer.

Deciding her mother would probably want to endure her plight in full Rachel walked behind the still moaning woman and raised the power of the toys inside her to one third again. To the sound of now much deeper moans she quickly exited the dungeon, turning off the lights before closing the door behind her.

Back in the kitchen, Rachel poured herself a glass of water and took a few big sips. With the dungeon door closed she no longer heard her mothers moans and the house felt eerily quiet again. Checking her phone the timer stated 3 hours and 26 minutes left. Picturing her mother enduring her predicament in the now pitch black dungeon made her pussy twitch. Rachel shook her head as she moved over to the sofa and lied down to process her feelings.

Feeling totally drained both mentally and physically Rachel was soon having trouble keeping her eyes open and finally fell asleep.

“Honey, you here?”

Rachel awoke with a jolt and could hear someone running up the stairs from the front door. Still drowsy from her nap Rachel saw her mother scan the kitchen. Rachel clarely scared her as she said, “Oh hi mom… shit I must have fallen asleep… wait… how did you get out of the dungeon?”

Nicole’s face went pale as she dashed towards the cellar stairs saying, “Shit… Victoria…”

Rachel got up from the sofa, grabbed her phone and started to follow her mother asking, “Wait… Victoria…did you just say Victoria?”

As Rachel reached the bottom of the stairs her mother had already entered the dungeon. Still not fully understanding what was happening Rachel entered the now fully lit room and froze.

Standing in front of the moaning bound latex female was her mother. She had her long brown hair done in a high ponytail and was beautifully made up. She had one of her black latex gloved hands up to her mouth and had a look of astonishment on her face. She wore a classy blouse in white cotton tucked under a black latex waist corset. Her legs were draped in a pair of tight black latex tights and her feet she wore a pair of knee high 6 inch heels in black patent leather. 

As Rachel entered the dungeon her mother walked towards her with a look of regret on her face and said, “My good Rachel I am SO sorry!”

Refusing to accept what was happening Rachel replied, “Mom… what is going on… who is that?”

“Baby this is all my fault, I…”

“Who is that mom? Fuck… It’s Victoria isn’t it?”

“Yes… yes it is…”

“No… no…nah-huh… this is NOT happening… are you fucking kidding me… shit like this does not happen in real life… FUCK!”

“Honey… honey… calm down… what’s done is done… OK?”

Rachel looked at her mother and tried to get a grip on the situation. Seeing her mother was about to cry she asked, “OK… ok… You and Victoria?”

Nicole smiled slightly and replied,”Yeah…”

“How did I not see this… since when?”

“Since the time she found me… here…”

Rachel put her hands to her face. She felt utterly stupid not having realised her mother and best friend were lovers and had been so for a long time. She felt even more stupid for not realising the woman she had put in bondage was not her mother, but her best friend. Now fully aware of what had happened Rachel continued, “I thought she was you… I… The note with the instructions… Mom, I really thought it was you!”

“I know honey… I know… I messed up and thought we were meeting at her house but… evidently she meant to meet here.”

“So you’re her… her mistress or something?”

“Actually she started out being mine but now we switch… We take turns to… well to be the mistress.”

Nicole turned around and started to encircle her bound lover with great interest. Rachel just stood in silence praying she was still asleep, dreaming the whole thing. Her prayers were interrupted by her mother who asked, “She was all dressed when you found her?”

“What? Yeah, up in the kitchen.”

“And she had left instructions on how she wanted to be set up?”

“Yes… barely eligible ones… understand why now…”

“She has mentioned she wanted to relive the night she found me but I didn’t think she meant it literally. She got my earbuds in?”

“Must have. Otherwise she would have reacted to my voice for sure.”

Pointing at the floor under Victoria's pussy Nicole continued, “Seems she has enjoyed at least one REAL good orgasm it looks like.”

“Two actually… no three I think.”

“Nice… nice… and judging from your clothes lying about and your damp panties… so did you, I guess?”

Rachel blushed and replied, “Mom!”

“What? THAT is something we can’t talk about?”

Rachel saw her point and answered, “Yeah, when you put it like that… Yes I did… Look I’m sorry, I’ve had a horrible week and one thing led…”

“No, no. I don’t blame you… she looks fantastic… and you have her in a VERY nice predicament…”

Rachel saw her mother look at her with regret in her eyes and said, “I’ve been such an arsehole.”

Nicole walked over to her daughter and took her hands in her own and said, “I’m so sorry… Seeing Victoria like that I… I realise I have asked way, WAY too much of you the past years but I want you to know I would probably not have made it without you… I realise you must have…”

Putting her hand to her mothers face and carefully wiping the tears from her eye Rachel interrupted, “Mom it’s OK… it’s ok! Don’t worry about it… No matter how fucked this all is we have each others backs right?

Nicole giggled and replied, “Yes… yes we do!”

Rachel raised an eyebrow and continued, “What we should worry about however is your lover over there. Surely we… sorry, you need to free her?”

“I don’t know, how long has she been like that?”

Rachel checked her phone and replied, “Eahhh bit over 2.5 hours now.”

“Pfff… No, no. She will stay like that for… I don’t know… another 3.5 hours I should say. After all, she wanted to experience the evening she found me remember. And I sure would have LOVED to be in that setup for at least 6 hours.”

Rachel got a surprised look on her face, laughed and said, “Oh… OK!”

Resetting the timer for 3.5 hours Rachel watched her mother walk up to Victoria. Squatting behind her she inspected the vicious clamps in Victoria’s labia lips she said, “This… this is so evil! Did she really request this?”

“What? No… no I added those on my own accord… helped me… helped me cum…”

“My oh my… My daughter, the sadist…”


“Oh come on… you are, aren’t you?”

“I don’t know… maybe…”

“Mmm-hum… I rather wish you would have done this to me some time…”

“OK mom, this is embarrassing as is, maybe we could…”

“Yes of course, let’s go upstairs.”

Nicole turned the power of Victoria’s sex toys to the lowest setting which made the bound woman moan pathetically in disappointment. Hearing her lover’s dismay, Nicole took hold of the rubber bands attached to Victoria’s pussy clamps and yanked them hard before letting go. A guttural scream erupted from under the gag and Victoria started to move slightly back and forth as much as her bondage allowed for. Smiling, Nicole raised both her hands and let them down hard on the perfect buttoxes in front of her, resulting in yet another loud scream from Victoria. As Nicole got up and walked towards Rachel she said, “Enjoy honey! And don’t you think for a moment that I wouldn’t swap places with you in a heartbeat!”

As Nicole was approaching her, Rachel asked, “I have to ask, why did it take you so long to get here?”

“Yeah that! The road here has been washed away by the rain again so I had to drive all the way around to get here. All phone and internet services were out as well so had no chance of reaching Victoria. Miracle we still have power if you ask me.”

“Oh… Yeah, I saw the service was out earlier.”

Nicole smiled and while caressing her daughter's cheek, asked, “Now, what is this I hear about you having a horrible week?”

Taking her daughter's hand Nicole turned off the lights and they both walked upstairs, leaving Victoria to her own devices.

As the doorbell rang Victoria turned and looked towards her front door. Through the big floor-to-ceiling windows she saw Rachel waving hello with a big smile on her face. Victoria smiled back and beckoned for her to come inside. Rachel had been invited over for dinner at Victoria’s place, something that had become a bit of a Sunday tradition.

3 months had passed since Rachel had inadvertently put Victoria in bondage at her mothers house. As Victoria had been released by Nicole after having endured 6 hours of the hellish predicament she had been totally spent. Free from her bondage, gag, hood and the horrible clamps, Victoria wished for nothing more than to spend the rest of the evening in her lover's embrace. Nicole however had reluctantly explained they still had an issue to resolve to which Victoria obediently had followed Nicole upstairs. Victoria was dumbfounded to see Rachel waiting in Nicole's kitchen and before having a chance to ask what was going on, Nicole and Rachel had explained the whole mix up to her in vivid detail. 

Putting the embarrassment of the whole situation aside, Victoria had limped over to Rachel and given her a huge hug. With a croaking voice Victoria had declared that she was glad the cat was out of the bag and that she bore no ill will against Rachel at all, even complimenting her on the horrible predicament she had been forced to endure.

Life had changed for the better for all of them after that in a way. Nicole and Victoria no longer needed to lie to Rachel about their relationship and Rachel had felt she had gotten both her mother and best friend back from what felt like a weird time of absence. They had all begun to frequently spend time together as a family and Rachel was often consulted when either her mother or Victoria wanted to make sessions more elaborate or painful for their partner. Surprising even herself, Rachel did not mind this at all and felt it as a good way to release some of her sadistic fantasies that frequently haunted her fantasies while masturbating.

Closing the door behind her, Rachel took her jacket off and shouted towards the kitchen, “So what’s for dinner?”

Victoria, who had returned to her cooking, turned her head towards Rachel and replied, “Tortellini. But you already knew that since that was what you requested yesterday when we spoke on the phone, remember?”

Victoria admired her friends attire and smiled, she sure had had a change in style the past 2 months. Her lovely dark brown hair was set up in high pigtails that swayed playfully with each step she took. She had heavy black smokey eye makeup and a beautiful matte mahogany lipstick. She had a very cool black tank top with a retro Pac-Man print and tight high waisted blood red vinyl pants.

Victoria had decided to dress easy considering how often she was now partly or fully dressed in latex and wore a simple red t-shirt and jeans. Rachel managed to make her feel underdressed, something she was not used to at all.

Once in the kitchen, Rachel gave her friend a big hug and said, “I know, but I am still waiting for you to get back at me for that lovely 6 hour predicament I gave you.”

“Watch it! You know I couldn’t sit down for 2 days right? The more you joke about that, the more eager I get to do something about it. ”

Rachel sat down on a high chair, laughed and said, “Yeah, yeah… promises…”

Having had dinner and shared half of a bottle of wine, Rachel and Victoria still sat around the dinner table, keeping up with current events. As Victoria mentioned her and Nicole were planning to take a 2 week vacation abroad Rachel replied, “That sounds lovely! So happy for you guys, must be awesome to get away for a while. Speaking of, mother away tonight? Not that I don’t like to spend time with you alone but you know… You two have been more or less inseparable lately.”

“Glad you asked, she is actually here… in a manner of speaking.”

“What do you mean, is she ill or something?”

“Not at all. Come, follow me.”

Curious what Victoria was talking about, Rachel raised her eyebrow and got up from her chair to follow her towards the back of the house. When she realised they were heading for the red door leading into the dungeon Rachel rolled her eyes. She had seen the dungeon on numerous occasions by now and even though she enjoyed seeing both her mother and Victoria in latex, bondage and pain, she felt their sessions ought to be between the two of them. 

Nonetheless Rachel followed Victoria through the door, expecting to find her mother inside all decked out in some form of elaborate predicament. But as she entered she felt robbed of the pleasure since she found the dungeon to be empty. Walking up next to the bondage table Rachel turned towards Victoria and with a smile on her face asked, “She escaped or something?”

Victoria smiled back at her and replied, “I do not think so. In fact I know she hasn’t. You are actually more or less standing on her.”

Rachel looked down on the empty floor and the back at Victoria and said, “Baby what have you been smoking? She is clearly not here!”


Rachel rolled her eyes again and followed Victoria out of the dungeon, stating, “Victoria if this is a joke I don’t get it, sorry… I suck at jokes, you know that!”

“No joke, sit!”

Victoria had sat down on one of the sofas and patted her hand on the cushion beside her. Rachel sat down as Victoria continued, “I wasn’t sure about this but… I just HAVE to show you!”

Victoria picked up a tablet from the coffee table in front of them, opened the gallery and handed it to Rachel. Taking it, Rachel saw a photo of what she assumed was her mother dressed in full latex. She was wearing her black latex catsuit with reinforced holes for her nipples. Her head was covered in a black latex hood and on top of that she wore a panoramic gas mask. Around her neck was a stiff looking black latex neck corset that matched perfectly with the tightly laced black rubber corset around her waist. Her hands were covered in black latex gloves and her feet were tightly laced into a pair of knee high ballet boots in black patent leather. The ballet boots did not have the traditional heel but were of a wedge design.

Rachel saw the photo was taken in the dungeon down the hall and said, “She looks amazing, she always does. Does not explain where…”

Victoria interrupted her and said, “Swipe, there is more.”

Rachel swiped right and saw a new photo. The closeup clearly established that it was Nicole under all the latex, Rachel saw it in her desire filled eyes. She also saw that her mothers nipples were sandwiched between what looked like some form of electro nipple clamps and asked, “Clamps for electro?”

Victoria nodded and replied, “Yes, conductive rubber. Works way better than you think, keep going.”

Swiping revealed a video showing her mother slowly turning in front of the camera. She now wore an added heavy rubber single glove crushing her arms inside it. Rachel also identified what must have been a catheter tube hanging between her legs. Before the video ended Victoria, who was clearly filming, could be heard asking, “You sure about this baby?”

Turning to face Victoria and the camera, Rachel saw her mother answer with lust filled eyes, “Yes Mistress! Very much so Mistress!”

Her voice sounded metallic, a bit robotish even. Rachel gathered it must be due to the gas mask. Victoria looked questioningly at Rachel and asked, “See anything out of the ordinary?”

“Well… boots are new, love them… eahhh… you have used catheters before… hmmm… nope, tell me!”

“No hair tube in the hood.”

“Right, right… looks good though. Very… alien with the gas mask.”

Victoria smiled and continued, “You are missing the point, she had me cut her hair off and shave it clean.”

Rachel dropped her jaw and went wide eyed. Seeing her reaction, Victoria continued, “Yeah! I thought she was joking but no… she begged me to! I love her so fucking much!”

Rachel gathered herself and replied, “I mean… yeah… Well I guess if she wants to be bald, then…”

“Keep going.”

Rachel swiped again and had a hard time grasping what she was looking at. The photo looked like it was of the inside of a heavily fetishised coffin. Padded with what looked like a dark grey pvc fabric the cutout was not as rudimentary as a coffin but more form cut after a human. From where the shoulders would be placed to about the pelvis was a sort of indentation, wide at the shoulders and narrower at the pelvis. Along the sides were numerous thick rubber belts attached to the bottom plate that would securely bound its user in place. Looking more closely it did not seem to be a coffin at all since around it was what looked like anthracite coloured floor tiles. As it hit her Rachel felt her pussy twitch, grabbed hold of Victoria’s wrist and asked, “No WAY! She is under the floor?”

Victoria smiled and replied, “Yes she is…”

“That… is… absolutely… amazing!”

Rachel swiped again and marvelled over the next photo clearly showing her mother tightly strapped in place on her back inside the floor cutout. The indentation below Nicole was clearly there to make room for the arms inside the single glove, allowing for prolonged usage of the contraption. Judging by the photo, her mother would not be able to move at all since every strap was tightly buckled around her and even her head and gas mask had a specific harness around it. The gas mask was now connected to two corrugated tubes running from one of the inner walls next to her head. Rachel guessed it must be to secure her in and out air as she was sealed inside. She also saw that the electro clamps on her nipples were both connected with wires. 

Her legs were kept separated and strapped independently allowing Rachel to see 2 pairs of wires running to what must have been both an anal and vaginal dildo. Rachel also saw that her mothers catheter tube disappeared into the padded bottom of the contraption, most likely connected to a urine collector of some sort.

Feeling herself steadily growing more and more aroused Rachel swiped again. A video now showed most of the floor tiles put back in place and only her mothers chest and head could still be seen. Victoria’s arm could be seen holding the last floor tile upright, ready to be closed. The underside of the tile looked to be lined with the same dark grey pvc fabric and there was also a 16 inch screen placed over where her mothers gas mask would be. As the camera moved closer to her mothers face Rachel clearly saw that the lust and desire in her eyes had been replaced with anxiety and doubt. Moving the camera back again Rachel heard Victoria speak in the video, “You look absolutely fantastic baby, I love you so much! Last chance, are you absolutely sure you want to go through with this?”

Her mother sounded very uncertain as she replied, “Yes Mistress I do, but…”

Rachel felt her pussy twitch yet again as her mothers words were cut short. Victoria had let go of the floor tile which closed with a “whoosh” sound, sealing her mother inside. The camera then turned around showing Victoria’s radiant face and the video stopped right after she blew a kiss at the camera.

Rachel’s heart was pounding hard and she felt very pleased with her choice of pants since she felt amply wet between her legs. With lust glowing in her eyes she handed the tablet to Victoria and said, “I don’t know what to say except that you are a genius, that is beyond even my most fucked up fantasies.”

Victoria smiled and replied, “Would have loved to take all the credit but no, it is all your mothers idea.”


“Oh yes! This is something she has been bugging me with for a very long time. 2 months ago she had me in a… well let’s call it a very precarious situation and made me swear that we would contract someone to build the storage unit.”

Victoria saw the questioning look on Rachel’s face and clarified, “That’s what she calls it.”

“Ah yes, of course!”

“Anyways I have had little to nothing to do with it. She did all the sketches and dreamed up all of its functions. To be Frank I never thought she would dare to be put into it once it was finished, but a week ago she said she was ready to have a maiden flight so to speak. I’m actually relieved that all the money we spent on it was not for nothing.”

“So neither of you have tried it before now?”

“Are you crazy? No way I would try that… I think...”

Rachel saw Victoria bite her lower lip as she clearly imagined what being put into the storage unit must be like. As if remembering she was not alone Victoria continued, “I mean Nicole even went a full week on nothing but some form of shakes to make sure she would not need to… defecate while in there. That’s dedication! Urine is apparently easy to manage… faeces not so much.”

Victoria had a look of disgust on her face as Rachel asked, “So how long has she been in there?”

“She went in this morning so… 11 hours more or less .”

Rachel’s pussy twitched and she had to stop herself from putting a hand between her legs when she heard how long her mother had spent under the floor tiles.

As if anticipating Rachel's next question Victoria continued, “She asked for 24 hours so I will let her out tomorrow morning. She even had me promise I would only shock her and not let her have any vibrations in her dildos. Apparently she wanted the real deal or whatever she called it.”

Rachel looked dumbfounded and said, “Damn! I mean I know mom is a bit weird and sometimes extreme but this… this is on a totally new level for her…”

Victoria changed to another app on the tablet and showed the screen to Rachel again while saying, “But that is not all, look here! I can control her dildos shocks and vibrations as well as shock her nipples… I can even cut off her air supply if I want… and… and… We can see and hear her and she can see and hear us as well. ”

Seeing and hearing Victoria explain the total control she had over her mother made Rachel bite her lower lip. Victoria smiled as she looked into the sparkling eyes of her friend and asked, “Like?”

“Oh yes… I’m lost for words actually!”

“I KNEW this would get you fired up!”

There was a moment of awkward silence before Victoria continued, “Anyhow… it’s been about an hour since I last gave her some shocks so… Look, I plan to mind fuck her a bit and she has no idea you are here so just play along OK?”

Rachel looked at Victoria with childish anticipation and replied, “Sure!”

Victoria made a few selections on the tablet and then put her index finger to her lips, signalling Rachel to stay quiet. Clearing her throat, Victoria sat up straight on the sofa and pressed a button on the screen. Suddenly the tablet's speaker played a wheezing sound, closely followed by a click and Rachel realised they were now hearing her mother slowly breathe in her gas mask. Victoria put her finger to the screen again and pressed it twice.

“pFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNnnnsh… no no no no no… mMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAFHNNNNNNNNNnnnk… please no… please…”

With a big smile on her face Victoria pressed the screen again and waved while saying, “Morning baby, did I wake you?”

Rachel heard her mother swallow hard and in the same robotic voice as in the videos she had seen, answered, “No Mistress, no… I was awake.”

“Oh I thought for sure you were sleeping. How are you doing? It must be very lonely down there in the dark huh?”

“Yes Mistress, I really, REALLY miss you… I think…”

Victoria cut her lover off and continued, “Aaaaw, thank you babe! I hate to have to keep you down there but you did wish for it so… Have you been able to urinate?

"Yes Mistress, I think so. It's hard to tell with the catheter Mistress."

"Good, make all the fuss with the catheter worth it. Just remember you made me promise to force you to drink all expelled urine before you are let out of there."

"Yes… Yes, Mistress."

"Well anyhow, I have an announcement to make, are you ready to hear what it is?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Well… I know that you must have had this fantasy for a very long time and, even though I hate to, I am willing to keep you in there longer than we agreed upon to help you fully realise that fantasy.”


Victoria had shocked Nicole again to stop her from rejecting and said, “Was that a complaint I heard baby?”

Rachel heard her mother take a few deep breaths and then replied with a whimpering voice, “No Mistress… Thank you Mistress.”

“Good, I would hate to make things even worse for you! Now what would you say would be a proper length of time to fulfil your fantasy? Would 72 hours suffice?”

Rachel could hear her mother barely keeping her tears at bay as she replied, “That sounds lovely Mistress. Thank you Mistress!”

“Great… oh another thing since I already have you on the air… I have a visitor up here, want to see who it is and say hi?”

Victoria handed the tablet to Rachel and made a “keep going” sign to her.

Rachel took the tablet and turned the screen towards her. It now showed a video feed centred between the controls around the edges of the screen. The feed did not disappoint and Rachel felt her arousal rise as in an extreme close up, her mothers terrified and tearfilled eyes could clearly be seen under the panorama glass of the gasmask. In the upper right corner was a small inset video showing Rachel sitting on the sofa and must have been what her mother saw on her end. Putting on a smile and waving Rachel said, “Hi mom! I must say you look amazing. Hope the storage unit is everything that you dreamed of!”

Rachel saw her mothers eyes go wide as she replied, “My god, Rachel... What aAAARAAAAAAFNNNNNNNNNPHAAAAAASh….”

Victoria had leaned in and after pressing the shock button harshly declared, “Hey! That is no way to address your superiors! Now behave or there will be hell to pay. I need to use the restroom, you two have fun while I am gone.”

Victoria did indeed leave for the rest rooms and Rachel smiled at her mother as she continued, “So, you like it mom?”

“Yes Miss Bennet, I love it. It is way beyond what I could ever have imagined.”

Rachel felt her pussy twitch as her mother called her “Miss Bennet” and started to ever so gently work her vaginal muscles while carefully moving her pelvis back and forth. Biting her lower lip Rachel continued, “When Victoria showed me the photos and videos of you getting put in there I must admit I became VERY aroused. You sure have some pretty extreme fantasies!”

“Thank you Miss Bennet I… Rachel, Rachel listen… is she gone… is VictoOOONNNAAAAAAAFFFSHAAAAAAAAAAAAAHRSHHHhhh…”

Rachel pressed the shock option on the tablet and felt her pussy twitch again as she both saw and heard her mother scream in pain. She smiled at the camera and asked, “I’m sorry… what did you just call me?”

Her mother took a few deep breaths and replied, “I’m sorry Miss Bennet… It’s just… Please Miss Bennet, you have to plead with my Mistress. I don’t… I don’t think I can take 72 hours in here, I'm hurting all over already and… please… please I need to be let out… MMMRAHGPHFAAAAAAAAAAAASHKPHFNNNAAAAAAAAASCHK!“

Rachel bit her lower lip again as she shocked her mother and calmly stated, “Look, we both know you BEGGED Victoria for the storage unit to be built and you BEGGED her again to be put in it, didn’t you?”

Rachel saw that her mother was now crying and between sobs answered, “Yes Miss Bennet.”

“OK, then you only have yourself to blame don’t you mom?”

“Yes Miss Bennet.”

“Right, now try and stop crying and pray I do not tell Victoria about you wanting to be let out…”

Rachel saw her mother's tear filled eyes go wide as she said, “No please, PLEASE do not tell her Miss Bennet, I beg of you!”

Rachel smiled at the camera and replied, “No worries mom, I promise. It’s our secret.”

Signs of relief could be seen in her mother’s eyes and she replied, “Thank you so much Miss Bennet, Thank you!”

Their conversation was cut as Victoria returned from the bathroom and took a seat next to Rachel. Leaning in she waved at the camera and said, “I’m back! Did you have a good talk with your daughter?”

Nicole gathered herself and tried to sound as confident as possible as she replied, “Yes Mistress! Thank you so much for letting me see and talk to her.”

“No worries baby, I figured since she was here you would want to present yourself to her right?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Victoria turned to Rachel and asked, “Did she behave?”

Rachel smiled and replied, “Pretty much, we had a good talk… I’m in awe of the setup!”

“It’s pretty neat huh?”

“Very… Oh and by the way, mom did try and coerce me into convincing you to let her out early…”

A quiet whimpering followed by a barely audible “no” repeated over and over could be heard from Nicole as she heard her daughter go back on her promise. Victoria looked into the camera and said, “Is that true baby?”

Nicole was now crying again and quietly replied, “I’m sorry… I’m so sorry Mistress… please…”

Victoria cut her off by continuing, “Baby if you want to be even more harshly punished then just tell me, OK? There is no need for these charades. Sure, If you want it that much I will extend your time by an additional 24 hours, OK baby?”


Victoria cut off the live feed as she shocked Nicole again. Putting the tablet on the coffee table she looked worryingly at Rachel and asked, “Too far?”

Rachel looked at Victoria with a questioning look and asked, “I don’t know. If the roles were reversed, would you have liked mom to treat you the same?”

Victoria bit her lower lip and answered, “Yeah… I really think I would to be honest…”

“Well then there’s your answer.”

There was a moment of silence before Rachel continued, “Hey, is there any way to have us hear mom but not the other way around? And no video feed.”

Victoria looked questioningly at Rachel and asked, “You mean we hear her but she doesn’t hear us?”


“Sure, but why… Oh you are one twisted kitty aren’t you?”

They both laughed as Victoria leaned forward and enabled the microphone in the storage unit. 

As the young women continued their evening the sounds of breathing and valves clicking could be heard from the tablet speaker. Once in a while they could hear sobs and cries of mercy to which they both listened carefully, trying to make out any words. The monotonous sound was once in a while broken by the screams of pain as either Victoria or Rachel shocked the bound latex woman inside the dungeon storage unit, hoping it would help to fulfil her dark fantasy.


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