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Wheel of Fortune 3

by Ultraprene

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© Copyright 2002 - Ultraprene - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fm; D/s; latex; bondage; cons; X

Story continued from part 2

Part 3

Chapter 3

It was too late in the day to call a moving crew to transfer the  crates to the main house where Mandy had her play rooms and "dungeon," so they left the equipment in the carriage shed.  They retired to the living room and spent the evening talking about Flora and Jason's adventures at the Academy.  Mandy also told her submissives that although her trip had been mainly business, she had taken the opportunity to meet with some colleagues in the Scene and to do a little special shopping. 

Time passed so quickly that before they knew it, midnight had arrived and after their long day, all three were ready for bed.  Flora and Jason were delighted to return to their old rooms in the house and prepared for bed.  Again, in spite of their fatigue,  neither seemed able to sleep.  For the past month both had spent  their nights on a wheel, except for the few in the body-mold of the Frustrator. They craved the snug confinement and soothing rhythm of the slow nighttime rotation.  They were totally unaccustomed to lying unconstrained on an ordinary bed.  They tossed and turned for hours and then dozed only briefly.  By morning they were still unrested. 

Over breakfast, they discussed their strange experience with Mandy and pointed out that this was the second night without real rest.  She reassured them that their equipment would be set up as soon as she could get a moving crew.  At nine, as soon as most business had opened, Mandy began phoning the several local moving and hauling companies, but none could provide service until the following afternoon. 

This was indeed a bit of a problem.  Mandy made it clear that she wasn't about to spend the next night on a cot in the carriage shed.   And as a matter of safety, she certainly wasn't going to leave Jason and mandy on their wheels unattended all night long. It might take a few nights, but they would eventually learn to sleep like normal people again.  On the other hand, should they?

All three sat thinking about a possible solution until Mandy spoke up.  "I told you I bought a few new items while you were at the Academy.  I think I may have something that will solve the problem for tonight.  Even though it's not exactly what you are used to, I suspect you will find it most interesting."

"And just what do you have in mind?" asked Flora.

"Why don't I just show you when the time comes."

The three spent the day unwrapping the rest of the small parts from the Museum crates and carrying them into the main playroom of Mandy's mansion.  They knew the big items would be moved the next day, so why not be ready.  They selected a relatively empty corner for the wheels and set up a small desk to hold the motor controls, monitors and computer. They moved a couple of bondage frames and the leather-covered horse off to the side in order to clear a path from the large double doors to the wheel site.  Late in the afternoon,  Jason and Flora were about to move an unfamiliar machine out of the way when Mandy stopped them.  "That one can wait till tomorrow morning; the movers won't be here till after lunch." The machine consisted of two parallel rubber-covered rollers each about 6 inches in diameter and 8 feet long.  They were about two feet apart and about the same distance above the floor. At one end the roller shafts extended into a box the size of a footlocker or small trunk. 

"Why not get it out of the way now?  And just what is this thing?" asked Flora. 

Mandy replied, "I have my reasons.  Just do as I say.  And as for the second question, you'll find out in good time." 

It was unusual for Mandy to get that bossy except when playing the dominant role in a scene, so Flora was a little stricken at first, but she promptly realized that there might be a pleasant surprise in store and that further questions would jeopardize it.

After supper and a little affectionate cuddling, Mandy informed her two "slaves" that it was time to start getting ready  for bed.  "So early?" Jason asked.  It was only 9 o'clock. "Well, if you must know, this isn't 'bed' in the ordinary sense", replied Mandy.  "I promised you I'd at least try to solve your insomnia so I have a surprise for you both."

Mandy helped both Flora and Jason to squeeze into their tightest latex catsuits, complete with gloves, feet, and hoods.  The hoods covered the entire head except for breathing holes at the nose.  Jason's suit had a latex sheath for his penis which had been made from an actual cast of the organ so its shining black surface duplicated every vein and contour.  It had to stretch only slightly to accommodate his erect size.  And of course the very act of donning the outfit and watching Flora do likewise insured that he was indeed erect.  His balls were compressed into a somewhat undersize bulge in the rubber suit. 

Flora's suit had no opening at the crotch, but the thin material molded so perfectly that it revealed the contours of her vaginal lips. 

Once the suits were zipped up and sealed,  Mandy led Jason (He could no longer see.) to a bench, across which a network or harness of about a dozen straps was already laid.  She had him lie on his back and wiped a generous layer of rubber-lube on his upward pointing tool.  She next led Flora to the same bench and had her lie face-down on top of Jason, end for end so her head was to his feet and vice versa.  Flora was then made to close her thighs around Jason's protuberance, trapping it in the rubber-clad triangle formed by her upper thighs and her crotch.   Each slave's head was pressed against the other's instep and each nose was between the other's shins. 

Mandy now buckled up the numerous straps, binding the couple into a single symmetric package with each partner's arms running along the other's legs and thighs.  The belts not only encircled their bodies to bind them together, but additional straps went over their shoulders.  She even wrapped stretchy latex strips around each head and the legs and feet into which it nestled.  With these bindings in place, neither head could move and neither Jason nor Mandy could use any of their normal senses except limited hearing and the scent or the other's rubber skin  permeating the nostrils.  Once the package was complete, Mandy got out her "surprise."  This was a double-walled tube a little over five feet long.  The inner wall was made of thin latex, while the outer was rubberized canvas.  The outer canvas shell was cylindrical with drawstrings at the ends and a set of laces that allowed the overall length to be adjusted. 

The space between the inner and outer tubes was filled with four separate inflatable tubular rubber cells each running the length of the whole apparatus.  With considerable struggle, in spite of talcum powder for lubrication, she slid the bound and packaged bodies into the inner tube and adjusted the length so just the upper part of each head and the feet to which it was bound protruded.  As she worked, she explained her actions so the coupled couple knew just what was being done to them. 

Finally, she connected the inner cells to an air compressor and inflated them in rotation, bringing them up in pressure gradually.  It took four cycles until all the cells were pumped up equally and to her satisfaction.  Since the outer wall was reinforced with  inelastic fabric, it expanded only into a cylinder, but the inner layer squeezed and compressed the Jason-Flora parcel inside.   After the cylinder was hard and firm, Mandy checked that both partners inside were breathing normally and suffering no distress. 

She now pushed the inflated cylinder off the bench.  It bounced and rolled as it hit the floor, and Mandy kept it rolling until she reached the double-roller machine.  With some effort she pushed the cylinder onto the machine so it nestled between, and parallel to, the long rollers.  She walked to the box at the end of the machine, flipped a switch, and set a dial.  The rollers began to revolve in synchronism, causing the cylinder resting on them to revolve in the opposite direction, and the bound bodies along with it. 

Pressed tightly and immovably together, Jason and Flora could feel the variations in pressure as they turned, and this caused a gentle massage effect, and of course an erotic stimulation.  Although Flora was not actually penetrated, she could feel the underside of Jason's pulsating organ against her latex clad lower lips, just as Jason could feel the pulsations of Flora.  The rotisserie action of the rubber cylinder put each partner alternatingly on top and underneath and added to the stimulation, but the intensity would never be enough to bring either near climax. 

"Sleep tight, friends," called Mandy as she retired to the bed in the other end of the playroom, leaving the pair to their night of adventure. 

Jason could feel the warmth of Flora's body through the thin layers of latex between them and the pressure of her body against his.  He could even discern where her rubber encased breasts pressed against his legs.  The rotation created a rhythm which was at the same time exciting and soothing. 

After an indeterminate time, the monotony of the rhythmic rotation overcame the initial excitement and both dozed off into much overdue sleep. 

Mandy awoke the next morning as the sun began streaming through the playroom windows.  She became aware of the sound of the motor still tumbling the pneumatic package.  She got up and visited the bathroom before deciding what to do about the paired lovers.  She knelt down at each end of the spinning cylinder and by the quiet breathing guessed that both were still asleep. 

She now carried out her plan.  The first step was to stop the machine and reduce the pressure in the inflated rubber cells.  The cessation of movement and the hiss of the escaping air began to wake her two slaves.  Mandy now restarted the rotation at a much faster speed than had been sustained during the night.  The faster rotation along with the decreased pressure allowed slightly more movement within the package and the centrifugal force separated the two bodies just slightly.  She then slowed the machine down so the air pressure again dominated and pressed Flora and Jason tightly together again.  She repeated the cycle until the stimulation brought the couple to climax.  The long-awaited release caused the entire cylinder to twitch and bounce on its rollers as both came.  She sustained a slow rotation for about fifteen minutes to give her slaves time to wind down before she began deflating the cells and unpacking the now contented couple until they were no longer bound, although the latex suits still covered their bodies except for the breathing holes at their noses.

"So, how was it?" Mandy asked.  Unable to speak with their mouths still covered, they simultaneously went "Hmmmmmmm."

"OK, you can tell me when you get undressed."

At breakfast, they did indeed tell.  While the immobilization and sense of rotation were less intense than on the wheel, the sense of contact and intimacy with a partner more than made up for it.  Flora thoroughly enjoyed the continual low-level stimulation as the underside of Jason's erection pulsated  against her tightly packed latex-skinned sex.  Through the night she had drifted between slumber, deep sleep, and partial wakefulness always at some level aware of the gentle movement and stimulation.  Jason certainly loved the overall experience, but there were times when he would have preferred the sensations either to have been strong enough to bring him off or else to have ceased and let him relax.   In spite of the endurance training on the Frustrator at the Academy, there was only so long he could be kept aroused without a certain tension building within him, to say nothing of the physical effect of "blue balls."

Mandy asked, "Would you like to try it again soon?" Both agreed with one voice. "That's good because after the money I spent on that apparatus I intend to get some use out of it one way or another."

"Don't get me wrong," Jason added.  "The only problem last night was that I was tired from the night before and really needed to get some rest.  Any other time I'm not on my wheel it would be just great."

"It's good to hear that," Mandy responded, "cause that's just one of the new additions to my playroom since you two have been away."

Flora had been with Mandy long enough to keep quiet, but Jason then asked, "What else is new?" 

"Silly boy!  If I told you it would spoil all the surprise.  Believe me; you'll find out soon enough."

Chapter 4

The three spent the morning first securing the crates in the carriage shed, and then preparing the playroom.  They had to create the space for the wheels and related equipment, and of course they covered the special apparatus already in the room so as not to evoke too many questions from the movers.

That afternoon, the movers arrived and delivered the crates to the playroom.  As soon as they left,  Mandy directed Jason and Flora to set up the tracks and the original stands for the as they had been at the Museum.  With the stands mounted on the tracks they could again move toward and away from each other as they had at the museum.  Mandy made sure the wheels would also be within reach of the traveling hoist which she had installed a couple of years earlier, both for suspension and for moving heavy objects about the large room.  She would need it to move the heavy wheels during the setup today, but it would also help to position and lower the front shells of the body molds whenever she installed her slaves.  With help from Flora and jason Mandy connected the controls and monitoring equipment.  It was then a simple matter to unbolt the motorized wheel hubs from the back walls of their crates and then use the hoist to lift the wheels out of the boxes and attach them to the tiltable A-frames.  By the time the work was done, it was almost 5 PM and Mandy was able to phone Cynthia just before she was about to leave the Museum.  She told her how they had set the equipment up and complimented her and the museum staff on the fine apparatus they had built.

Cynthia was impressed that they had gotten the wheels set up in the playroom so quickly but countered with the news that John had already finished the equipment and improvements they had talked about during their visit.  "Would you like to install them next weekend?  We can be there Friday night if John and I leave right after we get off work at five."

All evening, Flora and Jason were squirming with anticipation at again being able to spend a night on their wheels.  They both ate a very light supper so as to minimize the risk of a queazy stomach from the rotation.  Finally as bedtime approached, Mandy tilted the wheels to horizontal and placed the body mold fronts nearby. 

"OK," Mandy said, "This time Flora goes in first." 

As soon as Flora got her clothes off, both Mandy and Jason helped her to mount the wheel and settle into the cavity.  Jason picked up the head end of Flora's mold front, expecting Mandy to take the feet, but she interrupted.  "Who'll help me put yours on?  Let's make sure I can do this myself with the hoist." 

Mandy fastened four short pieces of rope to a steel ring and tied a small hook to the end of each.  She hung the ring on the hook of the electric hoist and pushed the "down" button until the hooks dragged on the floor.  She moved the traveling mechanism until she could attach the hooks to four of the screw holes in the flange of Flora's mold front, two on each side above and below the waist section.  As Jason watched, she raised the hoist and moved the mold front over the waiting Flora and lowered it to about a foot above the supine body.  Mandy brushed a stripe of lubricating gel onto Flora's skin where it emerged from the cavity and when she was done, Jason and Mandy kissed Flora and bid her good night before lowering the mold front.  Mandy raised each side slightly with her hands to disengage the hooks. 

Mandy said, "You might as well help now." and both she and Jason began inserting the many clamping screws.  There was still about a half-inch to one-inch gap between the flange and the wheel face and using the power screwdrivers, they would have to go around the perimeter three times before the gap would be completely closed.  At one point, in spite of the lubricant, a piece of skin near Flora's right hip got pinched and she cried out as well as she could with her mouth covered.  Jason had been tightening the bolt but immediately stopped and backed it out.  Flora contracted the muscles in the pinched area as Mandy used the edge of one of her leather paddles to push in the stray fold.  Flora gave an approving grunt and they were now able to finish tightening the screws, compressing flora into her perfectly fitted body mold. 

"You're next," Mandy declared, and handed Jason a pair of black latex briefs with a tight ball pouch and a thin latex sheath.  Jason squeezed his otherwise naked body into the garment and nestled himself into the cavity of his wheel.  His enclosure followed the same procedure except for a moment during the lowering of the mold front when Mandy made sure his rubberized penis passed through the opening provided. 

Speaking loudly so her slaves could hear her through their rigid shells, Mandy announced, " You wanted to know about some of my other new equipment.  Very well you are about to find out.  Flora, this dildo is made of a very tough synthetic rubber and is filled, or at least partially filled, with mercury. I am holding it in place by closing and latching the crotch cover of your mold.  As you rotate on your wheel, the heavy liquid will slosh from end to end and provide you with some most interesting stimulation. 

"Jason, you face a similar fate.  This sheath has double walls.  The inner is made of soft rubber while the outer is rigid.  The space between is also filled with mercury.  I am sealing the base of the sheath to the front of your mold to enclose your member and hold it upward against your belly.  As with Flora's dildo, the liquid will slosh as you rotate.  Of course, I will have to keep you from cumming so I am connecting the motor speed control to the feedback from your arousal gauge.  When you get too "hot" the wheel will slow down and the sloshing will diminish.  Flora, however, will have no feedback.  Her wheel will follow a program of one hour on, half an hour off.  Each "on" cycle will start fast and vary its speed randomly.  We'll see how many orgasms she has tonight."

With that, Mandy actuated the mechanisms that tilted the two wheels to vertical and switched on the motors.  Both wheels began to accelerate until they reached their setpoint of about 100 RPM, fairly fast for nighttime but comfortable for well-trained subjects like Jason and Flora, especially with the pressure cells working. 

When Mandy stepped close to Flora's wheel, she could hear the mercury in the dildo sloshing in time with the rotation, along with an occasional squeal or moan escaping from the breathing holes.  Jason was sloshing even more audibly since his sheath was external to his mold.  He was uttering long slow sighs of pleasure as he spun.  Gradually his breathing became faster and the sounds a little more intense.  Mandy glanced at the display screen and saw that Jason's arousal index had risen to almost 90.  Inside the rigid shell, Jason was straining his muscles in an instinctive attempt to move his pelvis, but the tight, rigid, and confining body mold held him totally immobile and unable to effect his own climax.

At that moment, the sound of the motor changed as it slowed down to only about 30 RPM and a disappointed "Hmmph" escaped Jason's breathing holes.  Within a minute, his arousal index had dropped below 60 and the motor again began picking up speed. 

The cycle continued about every 10 to 15 minutes, raising Jason to heights of excitement and then backing him away from the brink.  Try as he might to achieve release, Jason was totally under control of the automatic program and the compressing immovable confinement of his mold as he spun endlessly on the wheel.

Flora, meanwhile, had been spinning at a steady 60 RPM for about 10 minutes, but her arousal was only about 50.  Was she just tired after the long day?  Did she need some additional stimulation?  Mandy looked at the physical readouts a little more carefully and from the slow steady breathing pattern concluded that Flora must have fallen asleep.  She also realized that the 80 RPM wheel speed was slower than the 100 with which she had started nearly an hour ago. 

Mandy now scrolled back through the record of Flora's stimulation and response and saw what had really happened.  Within only fifteen minutes, the fast initial spin had brought the spinning female form to three successive intense orgasms, after which she must have swooned.  As the wheel slowed down to a gentle 60 RPM she had lapsed into sleep.

"What the heck," thought Mandy.  "If she's comfortable this way, let her get some rest."  With that, she altered Flora's program to maintain 60 RPM continuously until morning. And so she left her willing slaves to whirl through the night as she retired to the bed in the playroom where she hoped all would go well and no alarm would wake her up.

Mandy fell asleep quickly thinking about the exquisite sensations Flora and Jason would be experiencing, and this must have inspired the erotic dreams that stimulated her unconscious mind throughout the night.  When she awoke in the morning she was ragingly horny.  She was about to reach for one of  her vibrating dildos when she suddenly realized that she again had a living one.  She immediately shut off Jason's wheel and as it coasted to a stop she tilted it to horizontal.  It took only a minute to remove the mercury-filled stimulator and expose the black latex-clad tool which, having been stimulated all night, quickly sprang to a perpendicular position.  Mandy wasted no time in mounting and impaling herself on Jason.  Given their high states of excitement it took only a couple of minutes for them to climax.  Mandy writhed and screamed in extacy while Jason strained as every muscle in his body spasmed.  Yet aside from a few squeals through his breathing holes and the pulsations in his organ, there was no external sign of the explosive release taking place within the unyielding plastic shell.

After taking a few minutes to recover, Mandy began undoing the numerous fasteners that held Jason's body mold shut.  As soon as he was able to sit up and focus his eyes, he saw Flora's wheel still spinning.  Mandy looked, too, and then glanced at the monitor screen. From the change in vital signs, it appeared Flora was beginning to wake up.  Using the brake, Mandy momentarily stopped the wheel in the head-down position and withdrew the mercury-filled dildo, and leaving the crotch cover off, restarted the wheel at 90 RPM.  If Flora had not been awake before, the change in rotation certainly awakened her by now. 

"Jason,"  Mandy said, "You just came, so why don't you help your dear friend Flora?"  Jason was still a little woozy and just looked silently at the still whirling figure before him. "What's the matter, Cat got your tongue?"  Jason didn't need to be told again and promptly moved a stool in front of Flora's wheel.  Supporting himself on it he applied his tongue through the opening in Flora's otherwise completely-enclosing body mold.  From Flora's rotating frame of reference, it felt as though Jason's tongue was spinning inside her as it licked and caressed her most sensitive parts.  The combined sensations brought Flora to the edge of orgasm within a minute, but Jason was watching the monitor, too, and at that point, he backed away, leaving the woman just short of climax.  As soon as she had cooled down to an arousal index of 85, he began again.  Four times, he raised her to the brink before finally plunging her over the edge. 

As she came, Flora screamed into the rigid mask of her body mold, but only a muffled cry emerged, the sound rising and falling with the continuing spin of the wheel.  At that moment, mandy raised the speed still further to 120 RPM as Jason continued to work his tongue feverishly.  Flora's orgasm, or series of end-to-end orgasms, lasted at least a minute. 
Mandy thought the poor woman would actually burst out of the mold, so intense was the explosion.  Yet, in spite of all her spasms and straining, the shell held her motionless within it, seeming to concentrate the sensation by the very act of bottling it up through the total immobility. 


Story continues in Wheel of Fortune Part 4

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