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Wheel of Fortune

by Ultraprene

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© Copyright 2002 - Ultraprene - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fm; D/s; latex; bondage; cons; X

Disclaimer: The following story is a sequel to "Wheel of Fortune" posted earlier in this Library.  Readers are reminded that this is a work of fiction involving explicit sexual scenes.  If you are a minor, or if such material would cause you legal or moral problems, please do not read further.  The activities in this story are fantasy and some would not be practical nor safe in real life.

Wheel of Fortune - The Sequel Part 1

Chapter 1

Mandy returned from her trip to find a letter from Cynthia thanking her for the loan of her two slaves, Flora and Jason.  Surprisingly the letter contained no details of the wheel adventure, but it announced that, as agreed, the two would be returned the next day along with the promised equipment.  Naturally Mandy was puzzled by the lack of details, but knowing Cynthia's penchant for drama and suspense, she was not overly surprised.  She therefore waited patiently (well, not too patiently) for Cynthia's car to pull into the driveway. By mid afternoon no car had come but then a closed-body truck pulled up and the driver, followed by his assistant announced that they had a delivery consisting of four large crates and two cardboard cartons. 

Using the truck's lift gate they unloaded two well-made wooden boxes about 7 feet square by 2 feet high.  There were louvered panels on the sides.  The second two crates were about 3 x 4 x 5 feet and looked more ordinary.  At first, Mandy was puzzled by the delivery until she saw the initials AEAS (Academy of Erotic Arts and Sciences) on the shipping labels.  The delivery crew appeared to have no idea as to the nature of the cargo either, and they didn't talk very much, most of their attention being concentrated on Mandy's curvaceous body compressed in a leather top and a pair of jeans that fit like fabric airplane skin.  Mandy guessed what the crates must be and had the sense to have the boxes moved into the carriage shed adjoining the house and not to open them until the driver and his assistant were reluctantly gone. 

The two flat square boxes had slip hinges on one side of the lid and toggle latches on the other.  One was left lying flat on the floor while the other was on edge.  Mandy opened the lid of the latter to reveal a huge convex disk with a female figure in bas relief on its face. The orientation of the disk placed the head at a 4 o'clock position The legs were apart and the arms were comfortably out from the sides.  The figure was one with the wheel and the entire sculpture was hard glossy black plastic.  It didn't take a whole lot of guesswork to figure out that this must be Flora.

The large crate lying flat held Jason similarly packaged.  he, too, was a gleaming black sculpture on the face of his disk.  The only variation in the texture was his penis which apparently protruded from the front of the mold and was laced into a leather sheath considerably too small to contain his erect size.  This sheath was strapped down tightly between his legs.  Mandy wondered why this unusual arrangement until she sighted across the top edge of the open crate and realized that unless so compressed, Jason's tool would protrude too far to allow the lid to close.  Even as it was, there was virtually no clearance. She pressed her hand against the compacted organ and, true to form, it was hard and straining against its confinement.  a soft moan escaped the breathing holes of the gleaming statue. 

A note attached to the inside of Jason's crate gave a summary of the adventure at the Museum, and the exhibit.  It continued:

"Since the display wheels were custom molded to Jason and Flora's bodies, it only made sense to return them with the occupants.  Having done that, I figured why not include the rest of the equipment.  The pair of rectangular crates contain the supporting stands along with the the pneumatic systems for the body molds and other accessories.  You are undoubtedly impatient to see the wheels in action.  For now you can just connect them to the basic control systems in the cartons with the cables provided.  Then plug the controls boxes in and run them up.  Select Manual and adjust the speed control knobs.  You won't be able to use the pneumatic cells nor the physical monitors but keep the speed moderate and it should not be a problem--the slaves are well conditioned.  I will be arriving tomorrow morning with John, my  chief engineer, to help you with the full setup and show you the more interesting features.   Good luck until tomorrow."

Cynthia was quite right.  Mandy was far too impatient to wait till the next day to at least try out the rotation.  She opened the second set of crates and lifted the control box onto a small table.  She then connected up the cables to Flora's hub motor.  When she turned on the power switch, the brake on the hub released and the wheel shifted slightly.  Mandy rotated it gently with her hand to see that the mechanism turned freely.  She was amazed at how frictionless and balanced the wheel was.  Even though the wheel was vertical it took almost no effort to rotate it, yet it remained at rest in any position.  at the first movement of the wheel, Mandy heard a sharp puff of breath and a muffled voice sound from the figure. 
Had Flora been asleep? 

Mandy now flipped on the motor switch to manual and advanced the speed control. Ever so slowly the wheel began to turn, but soon it started to gather speed.  After about a minute, it was turning steadily at about one revolution per second.  Mandy advanced the speed control and the wheel accelerated again.  When it reached about one and a half revolutions per second, Mandy remembered the instructions to keep the rotation moderate. She therefore reduced the speed until the wheel came to rest, this time at a 6 o'clock head position.  Looking at the inverted figure, Mandy noticed a seam in the crotch area.  There was a triangular patch covering Flora's sex and it was held in place with three almost invisible slide latches embedded in the plastic.  She slid the latches and the triangular patch shifted slightly but didn't fall off.  She inserted her fingernails into the seam and pulled.  The patch lifted and as she pulled it away she withdrew a beautifully sculptured dildo from Flora's sex.  Another faint moan escaped the breathing holes.  Mandy knew it was a three hour trip from the Museum, so Flora and jason must have been packaged at least that long in a state of total sensory deprivation.  that explained the extreme sensitivity to any stimulus. 

Mandy realized that Flora deserved some relief so she set the wheel spinning again and when it was up to its previous speed, she put on a thin latex glove and inserted her fingers as Flora whirled on her wheel.  It took only about a minute until the lips trembled and squealing sounds came from the breathing holes.  She shut off the motor and let the wheel slowly come to a stop, then rotated it by hand until it was head-up.  Realizing that the body mold covered Flora's ears, she spoke loudly.  "Are you OK in there?  One grunt for yes, two for no."  One grunt.  "Do you want to come out yet?"  Two grunts.  "How about coming out in an hour? One grunt.  Do you want to be kept spinning for that time? One grunt.  Mandy was about to replace the dildo when she noticed a small slide switch set in the surface of the patch.  She slid it and the dildo began to vibrate and also pulsate slightly.  Mandy rotated the wheel to turn flora head down and reattached the patch with the vibrator still running.  She then set the wheel speed for the moderate rate of 1 revolution per second and turned her attention to the Jason figure.

Remembering the close clearance between the crate lid and Jason's groin, Mandy had a brilliant idea.  She returned to the house and brought back a 2-inch hole saw--the kind that plumbers use to cut holes for pipes.  She sawed a hole in the exact center of the plywood crate lid and sandpapered the edges of the hole to make them smooth and rounded.  She then applied a fast-curing liquid latex compound to the edge and rim of the hole, followed by some rubber-lube to make it slick. 

Mandy spoke to Jason.  "Welcome home; I have a treat for both of us."  She undid the harness holding Jason's tool down and unlaced the confining miniature corset.  She expected to see his organ bare, but found instead that it was encased in a skin of thin black latex.  The covering, though, was supple enough that it in no way inhibited Jason from expanding to his full size which, anticipating a treat, it promptly did. Mandy now made a second hole in the side of the crate through which she ran the electrical cable to Jason's hub motor and checked for free rotation.  After she closed and latched the lid, the only part of Jason that was visible was his latex sheathed tool protruding through the hole, and since the crate was lying horizontal, the organ pointed straight up in the air. 

Mandy switched on Jason's motor and the penis began to rotate, slowly at first, then ever faster.  She removed her tight jeans and panties and climbed on top of the crate. Squatting over the spinning tool, she lowered herself onto it.  After a couple of minutes, she found squatting a bit cramped, and it was difficult to get the deepest penetration, so she switched to a sitting position, but leaned forward to make the entry angle perpendicular with the box lid. 

Without the instrumentation to monitor Jason's arousal level it was hard to tell how turned on he was getting.  The rubber sheath didn't help much either.  Mandy, however, was having no trouble with her stimulation.  The spinning tool inside her created a most novel and intense sensation and within a few minutes she achieved a powerful and sustained orgasm. Her screams must have reached Jason even through the cabinet and body mold containing him.  His total immobilization both before and during the mating had only heightened the building intensity until Mandy's internal spasms combined with her screams brought him, too, over the edge.  As he came, Jason was aware of the centrifugal forces on his whirling body and the tight confinement.  His muscles strained against the unyielding shell yet not the slightest movement resulted.  This only served to concentrate his energy on the one part of him that was at least partially free.  He felt as though the climax would last forever.

Mandy continued to ride the whirling human dildo until it started softening, at which point she got up and switched off the wheel motor.  By now the hour promised to Flora was just about up so she switched off her motor, too, and as both wheels gradually coasted to a stop, Mandy got dressed and collected the tools to disassemble her two living sculptures. 

There was only one problem.  Flora's box was resting an upright position.  Mandy working alone would find it very difficult, and maybe dangerous, to try to remove Flora from her wheel, and it would be equally difficult to lay her heavy cabinet down gently.  The obvious solution was to take Jason out first and use his help.   She therefore began undoing the screws around the front half of Jason's mold.  It took about ten minutes to undo the fifty or more screws joining the front of his mold to the wheel, a couple of minutes to get him out, and another five before his stiff muscles enabled him to stand on his own. 

She gave Jason a hug and a kiss of welcome.  Since he was wearing only a pair of tight latex briefs with the attached sheath, she asked him if he wanted to get dressed, but his concern for Flora made him decline until she could also be taken out.  He explained that they had been in their confinement for six hours.  It hadn't been planned that way, but after they had been packaged, the truck was late arriving at the Museum. 

Mandy and Jason gently lowered Flora's crate until the living sculpture was lying face-up.  Jason set to undoing the screws while Mandy shut off and removed the vibrating dildo. Within a few minutes they lifted the front of flora's mold.  It then took several more minutes to lift gently the stiff and exhausted but thoroughly sated Flora out of the rear half of her mold.  The three put on bathrobes and walked (Jason and Flora a bit stiffly) to Mandy's house to bathe, relax and prepare for a sumptuous homecoming dinner.

During and after dinner, they talked about their adventure at the Museum, giving detailed accounts of their training and exhibition.  Mandy asked many questions not only about the facts but their feelings while unceasingly stimulated just short of climax and whirling in their wheels with their bodies so tightly compressed and totally immobilized. They finally discussed some possible uses for, and even improvements to, the apparatus with (and in) which Flora and Jason had arrived. 

Chapter 2

That night, they all shared Mandy's king-sized bed, holding and cuddling to celebrate their reunion after almost two months.  Flora and Jason, however, did not sleep well.  They squirmed and tossed much of the night.  In the morning, Mandy expressed her concern.  It seems the slaves had become so conditioned to sleeping on their wheels, or at least in their molds, that a normal bed had become foreign to their routine.  Mandy didn't know at first whether they would have to sleep every night in their apparatus, or whether she should de-condition them, but she was soon to realize there really wasn't a choice after all. 

After breakfast Cynthia phoned from the road to announce that she and John were on the way and would be there within an hour.  "Perhaps you should have your slaves packaged for our arrival.  It will save some time." she suggested.  Cynthia also requested that they unpack, the equipment boxes.  All three headed out to the carriage shed carrying their latex garments and an electric screwdriver to facilitate the encapsulation process.  And at Flora's suggestion they brought along a jar of rubber lubricant. 

Since both wheel crates were lying horizontally, it made little practical difference which slave was sealed in first, except that the male had to be threaded through the opening in the front of his mold, so they decided to package Jason first.  Besides, he had been first out the previous evening.  After donning the latex briefs with their fitted sheath, Jason lay down in the rubber-lined fitted cavity of his wheel.  He wriggled slightly to settle in and announced he was ready.  Flora now applied a stripe of rubber lube to Jason's skin where the front and back halves of the mold would join.  "This is to keep from pinching his skin; I hope you'll do the same for me."   Mandy and Flora then picked up the rubber-lined front half of the body mold and lowered it into place, guiding Jason's latex-sheathed tool through its hole in the mold front.  They installed the screws around the flange and began tightening them.  The mold was so snug they had to go around three times, drawing up the screws progressively each time.  Jason could feel the increasing tightness around him.  In spite of the numerous times he had been through this process, he still felt a momentary hint of panic at the total immobility and helplessness.  However, this subsided as he remembered the beautiful sensations he had experienced in his snug mold, and also when his reason reminded him that Mandy's skill and benevolence would stand between him and any real harm.   A sense of total comfort and pleasant expectation then displaced any fear.

As they closed the final gap, they told Jason to signal them if any skin was pinched in spite of the precautions, but none was.  Mandy, with help from Flora, then installed and closed the front cover of Jason's crate since they expected their visitors soon and wanted to show off the invention.

Now it was Flora's turn, and the procedure was the same, except that nothing had to be passed through an opening in the mold front--yet.  Mandy then re-installed the crotch cover with its dildo, and Flora delighted in the snug feeling as it gently slid home.  Mandy set the speeds of both wheels at a moderate 1 revolution per second. There was no need for over-stimulation so Flora's dildo was not set to vibrate, nor was any stimulator applied to Jason, but Jason was so conditioned that just being in the apparatus brought his own apparatus to attention..  With just fifteen minutes to go before Cynthia's arrival, Mandy started unpacking the other crates.  "Damn!" she thought, as she realized the should have used Jason and flora to help before packing them away.  As expected, the two boxes held the wheel stands and a collection of small parts and accessories and electrical cables.  There was also a small air compressor.  As she puzzled over these, Cynthia and John arrived in the Museum's van.

After the usual greetings, Cynthia asked about Jason and Flora's homecoming and Mandy proudly showed them the clever modification to Jason's crate.  The only part of the occupant that was visible was the rubber-sheathed penis protruding straight up and still rotating.  Cynthia was impressed and asked if she might try using it later.  John however, immediately started thinking as an engineer.

"The setup is great in principle, but if you run it for any length of time, the friction around the hole in the lid will eventually wear out the base of Jason's sheath, and then it will chafe him.  The rubber and lubricant you applied certainly help, but I think we can do better. Hmmm, let's see.  Suppose we press a thin-section sealed ball bearing in the lid hole so the inner diameter is just a snug fit on Jason.  The inner race of the bearing would then turn with Jason's tool while the outer race would be fixed to the lid.  Here, let's measure Jason's diameter--he looks like he's fully up--and I can buy the next size smaller bearing at the industrial supply house near the Academy."

Mandy agreed, and to prevent the anticipated problem temporarily shut off Jason's motor.  Then she offered her own suggestion.  "Can't we rig up some way to tilt these crates from horizontal to vertical other than by muscling them.  I just can't lift one alone."

John thought for a while and replied, "I think I have an answer.  In fact it will allow you to tilt the plane of the crate to any angle at all--from face up to vertical to face down--I'm sure you can figure out the use of the last position.  And you can adjust the height above the floor at the same time.   One of my regular industrial customers runs a factory and is getting rid of the support stands he once used to position some machinery.  He was going to scrap them, so we can buy them for next to nothing.  With a little modification they'll be perfect." 

All agreed, but first John and Cynthia had to show Mandy how to hook up and operate the pneumatic liners and monitors in the body molds.  "Look," John said,  "These cables plug into the signal connector on the hub behind the wheel, and this air hose goes from the fitting right next to it and runs to the air compressor outlet connection on the control box. Let's stop Flora and connect her up first." 

The whirling Flora sculpture lost speed as John turned the motor off and showed how to operate the adjustable brake to bring the wheel to a gradual stop.   As soon as the wheel was at rest, Mandy followed John's instructions and connected up the control and monitor cables and also the air hoses to both Flora's and jason's wheels.  Meanwhile Cynthia took a laptop computer out of the van and cabled it to the control box.  "You can use your own PC when you get these things into your house later."  Mandy then spoke to Flora.  "Can you hear me OK?"  (one grunt)  "Cynthia and John want to demonstrate the monitoring and pneumatic system.  Are you up for it?"  (one grunt).  "You had a rough day yesterday, should we go easy?"  (two grunts)  "OK, you asked for it!"

With that, Cynthia sat Mandy down in front of the control box and computer and showed her how to switch the system from simple manual operation to automatic.  Suddenly Mandy got up.  "I forgot one thing." and she stepped over to Flora to turn on her vibrating dildo.  "No there's a better way." said John.  He unpacked a new dildo which looked almost like the one in Flora's mold, except that it had a short wire trailing out of the base plate. John replaced Flora's dildo and plugged the wire into a miniature connector on the face of the wheel between her legs.  "This powers the vibrator through the main control box so you don't have to use the internal battery, and you can now control it from here while the wheel is running.  It also gives a feedback signal to the computer indicating any of Flora's internal contractions or spasms." 

"Wow, that sounds like a real improvement!" answered Mandy, and with that, John pushed the START button.  The wheel slowly accelerated, and the display on the computer screen gave a continuous readout of wheel speed in RPM.  It also showed Flora's heart rate and respiration, along with several other displays which Mandy didn't recognize.  Cynthia sensed her puzzlement and explained:

"This number is the galvanic skin response; it's just the electrical resistance and shows how sweaty she is.  It's a good indicator of arousal.  This scale shows how hard her nipples are, while this one indicates vaginal engorgement.  These are all used to compute the total arousal index which is displayed here.  It's now just 30 on a scale of 100.  One hundred is calibrated to correspond to full orgasm. 

"Now if we switch screens, we see the pressure profile of the pneumatic cells.  You remember that the liner of the body mold is a double layer of rubber and is 'quilted' into cells about 1 to 2 inches square.  By pressurizing selected cells we can not only massage Flora's body, but we can also compensate for the tendency of her internal fluids to rush to her extremities under the centrifugal force of her spinning.  They are now doing this automatically under computer control."  There appeared on the screen a human figure with shading indicating the pressure applied to each region.  The tones varied gradually from white near the abdomen to gray at the head and feet. 

Now John spoke up.  "You see, she's spinning rather slowly now, about 50 RPM, so the air cells don't have to exert much counter-pressure, but watch this."  The whine of the motor increased in pitch as Flora's wheel gained speed.  When it reached about 100 RPM, the extremities of the figure showed as a much darker gray, yet the physiological monitors showed no apparent stress except that the erotic arousal index climbed from 25 to 40.  "She's grown to associate faster spinning with sexual excitement." explained Cynthia. 
John now switched off the automatic pressure cells and a frightened squeal came from the whirling figure.  Almost immediately, the erotic arousal dropped and the physiological stress rose.  Flora was suffering obvious discomfort so as soon as the point was made, he switched the pressure cells back on and the within a minute, Flora was back to "normal."  He then raised the speed to 150 RPM and the whirling figure on the wheel became an almost indistinguishable blur, and the extremities of the figure on the screen were almost black, yet Flora's physical signs indicated no distress, other than erotic arousal rising to 70.  "Amazing," noted Mandy.  "Those pressure cells can make her comfortable at that speed?" 

John said, "They do they help a lot, but Flora's training and conditioning to rotation are amazing.  The system wouldn't work this well on just anybody.  Mandy, Cynthia, would you help me here, please?"

The three stepped over to the box with its whirling contents and slowly lifted one end until it stood vertically.  John now showed Mandy the screen with the figure on it.  The shading was wavering back and forth in time with the wheel's rotation.  "You see," John explained, "The cells now have to compensate for the effect of gravity as well.  When the feet are down, those cells exert a little extra pressure, and the head end cells relax.  When the head is down, just the opposite occurs.  Now let's reward our delicious subject for her excellent performance."

John pressed a few keys and Flora's arousal index began to climb again.  "What are you doing to her?" asked Mandy.  John explained that he had switched on the vibrator in the dildo and also activated a program to start a pulsating vibration in some of the cells over Flora's nipples and other sensitive parts.  The arousal index rose gradually over the next couple of minutes to 90, held steady, and then dropped to 80.  Again it rose, this time to 93, then dropped.  The automatic program was sensing Flora's arousal, stopping her stimulation short of climax, and letting her cool down slightly.  But it was also adjusting each cycle to raise her to ever higher peaks.  It took seven such cycles over almost a half hour before the program finally took the totally immobilized woman sealed inside the rigid mold to her long awaited climax.  At that point the physical indices fluctuated wildly and squealing sounds, almost a muffled scream, emanated from the breathing holes of the body mold for a whole minute. 

John now set the stimulation to a gentle massage and shut off the motor.  It took five more minutes for the wheel to coast to rest, at which point, John, Mandy, and Cynthia lowered the crate to its horizontal position.  With all three working, it took only a couple of minutes to remove the front of the mold and extricate the still woozy, but broadly smiling, Flora.  "Oh, God but that was beautiful.  It felt like the sensations would go on forever. Thanks.  Hi Cynthia, John.  It's sure good to see you again.  "By the way, though, which of you turned off the pressure cells?  That was scary for a minute there.  I thought my head would burst and I felt like I was being pulled apart."

"I'm sorry, it was me." said John.  "I really didn't mean to hurt you, but I just wanted to show Mandy here how the cells worked.  I really shouldn't have done it when you were spinning so fast." 

"I should be mad, but I guess you did make it up to me in the end."

Their attention now turned to Jason who was still lying in his mold with the wheel at rest.  John unplugged the cables from Flora's now vacent wheel and connected the ones from Jason's.  The physiological monitors showed that he was in a deep state of relaxation and a simple look showed that his arousal was down as well.  "He's probably daydreaming," Cynthia noted. 

Mandy agreed.  "He often dozes when he's in comfortable bondage, but a while ago you said you would like to try him out as a spinning dildo.   Still interested?  I'm sure with an extra dab of lube the friction won't be a problem for another few minutes" 

John agreed and switched on the power to Jason's wheel.  As soon as the rotation started, Jason--or at least what could be seen of him--came to life.  By now it was a conditioned reflex.  Cynthia quickly unzipped her latex catsuit and sat on the box lid, impaling herself on Jason.  As the wheel speed increased, the pressure cells not only compensated for the centrifugal forces but also massaged Jason's body.  As the speed increased to 120 RPM, Cynthia began rhythmically contracting internally and moving slightly up and down.  Within minutes she came, writhing and screaming as Jason's organ spun within her, and In spite of his endurance training on the frustrator, Jason was over the top as well. 

Once she had recovered her power of speech, Cynthia declared her determination to "build one of these" back at the academy. 

All five then went into the house where they showered, changed into "ordinary" clothes and went out for an early supper.  At the end of the meal they returned to the house where John and Cynthia announced that they had to leave in order to be ready for work at the Academy the next morning.  They did promise to return the next weekend with some solutions to the problems they had discussed.


Story continues in Wheel of Fortune - Chapter 3

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