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Wheel of Fortune

by Ultraprene

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© Copyright 2002 - Ultraprene - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fm; D/s; latex; bondage; cons; X

Story continued from part 3

Part 4

Chapter 5

The rest of the week rushed by in days of hard work and equally hard play followed by nights of erotic adventure.  Then on Friday, Cynthia called to announce that she and John were ready to visit for the weekend.  John picked up the extension and excitedly proclaimed that he had all the necessary parts and was ready to complete the upgrade of the equipment. 
They would leave right after work with the van and arrive at Mandy's estate later that night. They were even bringing along Mark, a technician from the Academy who had volunteered to help.

At about 8 o"clock Friday night the Academy van pulled up in front of Mandy's country estate and three people got out.  Cynthia introduced Mark who was a young but bright looking man.  He had started working at the Academy about a year ago because of his combination of technical and fetishistic interests and had grown to love his work there.  He was going to help with the upgrades of the wheels and had also brought a new project to demonstrate, but that would have to wait till tomorrow.

At that point, Jason had a question for Cynthia.  "Do you ever like to be put into any of the bondage devices you develop at the Academy?" 

"Not too often; I usually prefer to be in charge, but like Mandy here, I do play the submissive, both for variety and to find out what some of the volunteers actually experience." 

"Don't bullshit us," Mandy chided.  "You enjoy it as much as anybody.  Admit it."

"OK, I guess I do."

At this point Mark grinned knowingly.

"I also hear via some of my friends at the Academy that you and John here are more than just co-workers," Mandy continued.  "Just how involved are you?  My reason for asking is not just idle curiosity, because if you are involved, I have a great idea for tonight."

Now John said, "OK we do sometimes have fun.  How can you help it working at the Academy?  We don't screw too often, but we really love oral sex."

"How interesting!" replied Mandy.  "I think I have the perfect way for you to spend the night.  Mark, will you help with the setup?"

"Sure.  I always love a good experiment."

With that she led the other five to the playroom and the double roller apparatus.  Mandy dressed both John and Cynthia in full coverage latex catsuits.  These had especially thin latex over the sex organs.  John had a tight ball sack and penis sheath, while Cynthia had a covering over her vagina so diaphanous yet tight that it conformed to every contour of her form.   The only openings were at the noses, and these were fitted with rubber breathing tubes. Where the rubber face mask covered John's mouth it was formed to hold the mouth slightly open and the thin latex over the mouth had a tongue sheath attached.  This was not only hollow to accept the tongue, but had a rubber extension which added about an inch and was covered with little rubber nodules.

Cynthia's mouth covering had the form of a ring which held her mouth quite wide, and a latex sheath entered the orifice to accommodate John.

Mandy, with some help from Jason and Flora laid John and Cynthia end-for-end so each partner's mouth was at the other's sex.  She drew John's legs tight together and strapped them with wide bands of rubber, but she placed foam pads between Cynthia's thighs and knees before binding them so they were not quite closed.  This would give John's tongue better access. 

Mandy now strapped the two bodies tightly together, using a mummy-wrap of thin latex bandages.  Finally, and again with help from Mark and her "slaves" she extended the breathing tubes beyond each subject's head and fitted the entire package into the double-walled cylinder.  Of course with the two bodies only partially overlapped the package was considerably longer than Flora and jason had been in the same apparatus.  She compensated by letting our the laces to lengthen the outer cover, but the lower legs and feet still protruded from the knees down. 

This would be a problem since the legs could still bend at the knees.  She solved this by temporarily withdrawing the human package and unwrapping the legs as she sent Flora to fetch two pair of heavily boned leather "punishment" boots, thigh high and quite inflexible. She fitted each of the partners with the boots, quickly re-bound them and again inserted the couple into the double-walled cylinder. 

As Mandy pumped up the rubber bladders, the pair inside were squeezed ever tighter together until they were a firm package with one pair of booted lower legs and one breathing tube protruding from each end.  Inside, the pressure forced John's tool deep into Cynthia's mouth sheath while his tongue, with its sheath and extension was squeezed into her sex. 
With the inner cells fully pressurized all squirming or "pumping" was impossible for the occupants.  Only their mouths could move, and those only within the restrictions of the encasing rubber.

It would now be a simple matter to hoist the packed and inflated cylinder onto the parallel rollers for the night.  Mandy lowered the travelling crane.  The cable divided into two ropes which were separated by a spreader bar slightly wider than the pneumatic cylinder containing John and Cynthia.  Mark and Flora happened to be on opposite sides so they moved up and hooked each rope to a loop sewn into the outer shell of the cylinder.  These were half way between the ends and diametrically opposite.  Thus the cylinder could be hoisted in perfect balance.  Once it was off the ground, Mark spoke up,  "Mandy, would you please take it up higher.  I'd like to try something." 

When the cylinder was well clear of the floor, Mark grabbed one end and pulled it down so the cylinder now hung vertically between the two hoisting lines.  At first it was unclear which partner was right-side up, until a closer look at the larger size of the downward-pointing boots showed them to be John's.  But after about a minute, Mark flipped the package so the other end was up.  "Just thought I'd give them a little unexpected action, as they've done to me a bunch of times at the Academy.  You know--turnabout is fair play."  He smiled at the unintended pun.

After about one more minute he asked Mandy, Flora and Jason to help him tumble the cylinder end over end a few times and then twirl it on the swivel of the hoisting cable as it hung horizontally.  As this happened Flora noticed that the toes of the smaller pair of protruding boots was curling upward.  "Looks like Cynthia's cumming," she remarked.  Only then did Mandy lower the package onto the rollers and set them turning for the night.

Inside the tightly compressed package, Cynthia had been sucking and tonguing John's pulsating organ but always stopped when she sensed his approach to climax.  John, on the other hand, continued licking furiously, hoping that during her orgasms, Cynthia would lose control and bring him over the edge with her.  This almost happened during the wild ride in the suspended package, but Cynthia regained control just short of John's peak.  She realized that if John came, he would soon go soft and remain that way for some time.  Worse still, he might just relax in the afterglow and stop the beautifully exciting tongue action. She thus strove to keep him at maximum excitement for as long as possible. 

After a couple of hours, Cynthia came for what must have been the fifth time and in her total surrender to passion brought John along.  As she felt the fluid discharge into the sheath, she began to wind down and under the rhythmic action of the turning cylinder, both passed out, fell asleep, or some mix of the two. 

They awoke in the morning (although they had no idea it was that time) and John was hard again.  This time, Cynthia decided not to tease her partner, so when he began licking, she worked just as hard and within a few minutes they came again.  Mandy awoke to the squeals from the breathing tubes and saw the quivering of the feet that protruded from the ends of the cylinder.  She realized that she should unpackage John and Cynthia soon, but decided to give them a few minutes to relax while she awoke Jason and Flora to release them from their wheels. 

That morning the whole team began work in earnest with the tools and apparatus which Cynthia and John had brought from the Academy.  First were the stands for the wheel crates.  These were A-frames about 6 feet high, except for an additional vertical leg between the two inclined ones.  There were four such frames, two for each crate.  A stout bracket was mounted on a track on the vertical leg of each frame with a jack screw to raise and lower it. John and Mark mounted a pair of frames on a base to hold them a fixed distance apart.  Mark mounted a bearing block on the left movable bracket while John mounted a motor with reduction gears on the right one.  He adjusted the two brackets to the same height--about 4 feet above the floor. 

The next step was to attach short trunion shafts to the sides of one crate at the midpoint of each side.  The hole in the center of the front face of the crate indicated that it must be Jason's. Using the overhead crane Mark hoisted the crate until, with some guidance from his co-workers, he was able to engage the trunions into the bearing block and the shaft coupling of the gear motor. 

"Very clever," noted Mandy.  "I presume you can now use that gear motor to tilt the crate forward and back--even face up or down." 

"And the jack screws will raise and lower it." said Jason.  "But how to you turn them and keep them even?"

John replied, "If you look at the bottom of each screw you'll see a chain sprocket--actually a double one on the right.  We just run this bicycle-type chain between the two jack screws and install this other gear motor to drive the right screw by a short chain to its second sprocket. That way the two brackets will move up and down together."

As soon as the assembly was complete, John connected the tilting and lifting motors to a small control box which Mark then plugged into a nearby outlet.  Using a pair of levers on the box, he moved the crate up and down slightly.  Then after raising it enough to clear the floor, he caused it to tilt all the way from face-up to face-down. 

"John said, "One more improvement.  Remember the idea about the bearing?  I managed to pick one up surplus.  It's precision grade and virtually frictionless.  Then Mark here made a mounting flange on the lathe.  Let's see how it fits."  Actually it took a bit of filing and cutting to open out the hole in the front of the crate so the bearing fit with the flange flat against the outer surface.  Four flathead wood screws secured it. 

"When can I try it out?" asked Jason.

"That would take some time." John replied.  "We would have to detach your wheel from its stand and remount it inside the crate.  Besides, I suspect that once we put you into this apparatus and Mandy gets done testing you out, you won't be good for much work the rest of the day.  Better wait till tonight.  In the meantime, we ought to set up the mounts for Flora's crate, and then Mark has a new invention to show you."

Mark went back to the truck and brought out a suitcase which he carried into the playroom.  While he was on this errand, John and Cynthia closed all the window curtains and turned out all the fluorescent lamps, leaving the room dimly lit by the three remaining incandescent fixtures.  Mandy, Jason, and Flora stood wondering what was going on, but decided to wait and see.

As soon as Mark returned, he opened the suitcase and held up a full coverage black rubber catsuit, complete with hood, feet, and mitten hands.  He laid the suit down and undressed.  Next he powdered his body, except for his penis which he rubbed with lubricant. Now he put on a pair of sheath briefs made of thin black latex.  These also had a round opening in the rear.  He struggled to wiggle them on and insert his penis in the sheath which had a thin latex tube extending from the end and doubling back along the underside.  This tube allowed the trapped air to escape, as the fit was quite tight.  Only when mark was fully inserted did he apply a miniature clamp to the end of the tube.  A small pouch held his balls back and somewhat compressed. 

Cynthia and John helped him don the catsuit. It appeared to be made of slightly dull looking thick rubber and it was quite a struggle to stretch it over Mark's form, and guide his latex sheathed tool out through the snug opening at the crotch, while at the same time pressing the anal probe in the rear of the suit through the hole in the briefs and into Mark, but with the assistance of his colleagues he soon had it fitting without a wrinkle.  Cynthia put a moderate sized inflatable gag in Mark's mouth and pumped it up.  Only then did Mark put on the hood.  This was a completely encapsulating helmet whose only openings were short rubber tubes at the nose for breathing.  To tighten the hood, John and Cynthia drew up laces from the crown to the bottom of the neck in back.  They then applied a strip of rubber over the laces and held it in place with a viscous liquid.  They applied the same liquid where the hood overlapped the high neck of the suit. 

When this was done, John and Cynthia guided the totally enclosed Mark (The hood had no eye holes.) to the bondage table  and laid him on it on his back with his arms splayed out against his sides and his legs slightly apart.  The table was hinged in the middle and John asked Mandy to lower the head and foot ends by about 18 inches few inches so Mark's back would be arched. "Are you OK in there?" John asked. 

"MMhmm," came the reply.

John now reached into the suitcase and took out a strange looking lamp--sort of a hand-held sunlamp, and plugged it in.  It took a few seconds for the tube to flicker to a deep purple glow.  John now aimed the lamp at the reclining figure on the table and swept the beam from the head to the feet.  There seemed to be a slight movement, perhaps a shrinking, of the suit, and its appearance changed from dull to shiny. 

Chapter 6

John extinguished the lamp and summoned Jason.  "Will you help me get him up?" Jason hesitated wondering why Mark couldn't get up by himself until John rapped his knuckles on Mark's chest making a wooden knock.  Flora and Mandy also rushed forward and touched the form, feeling its hardness.  "My God, it's completely rigid!" they said, almost in unison.  John also showed that the viscous sealant had hardened, too, cementing the seam of the hood and the joint where the hood overlapped the collar.  John and Jason lifted the stiff figure and carried it to the nearby wall where they leaned it like a board, the feet on the floor and the head against the wall. 

Cynthia now spoke.  "This is a new material called Ultraprene.  When it is first made it behaves like ordinary rubber but as you see, ultraviolet light causes a polymerizing reaction to spread through the material and harden it.  It also comes as a thick liquid which hardens the same way." 

John continued, "Quite right.  It now has the properties of a hard plastic such as acrylic or bakelite.  You can cut it with standard woodworking tools, and after Mark has been in here a while and you ladies have had a chance to play with him I'll use a surgical cast saw to get him out.  If we do it carefully, we'll have two halves of a body mold which we can re-use by fitting it with suitcase latches around the seam.  "Are you still OK, Mark?" he shouted to be heard through the thick shell. 


"Remember.  If you get in trouble, just grunt an "SOS and we'll cut you out. 


For now, though, I'll let the ladies play."

Mark's answer this time was not a grunt but the immediate response of the only part of his body not rigidly confined. 

Cynthia then said softly, "Since I've done this before, I'll defer to Mandy and Flora.  I wonder if he'll be able to tell who is playing first."

Flora won the coin flip so she went first.  She had Jason and John lift the figure so it rested on the floor with the head and heels of the rigid figure touching.  The arched back caused the middle to be raised. 

Flora wasted no time unzipping the crotch of her latex catsuit and straddling the form. 

"Don't make him come," warned Mandy.  I want my turn, too. 

That wasn't really a problem.  Flora was already quite hot just from watching the proceedings, and the fairly thick latex sheath attenuated Mark's sensation.  flora "rode" for only a few minutes before she screamed in satisfaction, but left mark still hard and just short of climax. 

"My turn, now," said Mandy  "He'll have a little while to cool down before I have him set up." 

With that she lowered the traveling hoist and moved it over to the encapsulated Mark. With a little help from Jason and John she turned the figure over and supported it face down on three chairs.  She attached a length of rope to each ankle, and then stopped to think before requesting. 

"Jason, would you get me the head harness?" 

In a minute he returned with a network of leather straps which he and Mandy buckled around the encapsulated head of the figure.  Once secured it provided a stout D-ring at the crown.  Mandy used this to attach her third rope.  She joined all three above the figure and tied them to the swivel hook of the hoist. Within a minute the Mark statue was suspended face-down in the air.  Mandy gave the form a gentle spin, but the center of rotation was at the navel.  It was clear this wasn't what mandy wanted.

John, ever the engineer, spoke up.  "Perhaps if we add some weight to the feet, we can shift the center of gravity.  All four stood puzzled until Jason ran to the exercise room and brought back the padded ankle weights.  These solved the problem.  With a little fine adjustment, mark's "drill" was directly at the center of rotation.  Mandy moved him over the bondage table whose middle was still raised and then lay down on the table herself. 

Holding the remote control box of the travelling hoist, she inched it left-right and forward-back until the suspended figure was perfectly aligned.  She then unzipped the crotch opening of her latex catsuit and lay back. 

"Do you want us to strap you down?" asked John. 

"Sure, why not, but then you'll have to spin him, OK?"

John began examining the network of straps on the table when Flora, now somewhat recovered, came to his aid.  She had obviously been on that table enough times to know every detail.  In a few minutes they had Mandy secured with her legs apart and strapped to the bottom corners and her arms stretched above her head. Additional straps crossed her legs, thighs, hips, waist, chest (above and below the breasts).  A harness similar to the one on Mark served to immobilize her head.  Flora now cranked up the middle of the table even higher where it bent with hinges.  This thrust Mandy's sex into the air.  She, grinning at the chance to "turn the tables" on her mistress grabbed the control box where it dangled on its cable and slowly lowered Mark until he was fully planted. 

"Mmmmm - That's great," was all Mandy could say.

But it was to get far greater as Flora began to turn Mark on the swivel hook, screwing him into the receptive mandy.  She began clockwise, let him coast to a stop, then turned him the other way.  mark was emitting squealing noises from his breathing tube as he slowly turned in the air.  However, after the second spin, flora let the figure come to rest, leaving Mark suspended with his head to mandy's left side.  Mandy thrust with her hips but the stout straps permitted only slight movement.  Mark was also straining to move, but of course his immobilization in the Ultraprene shell was total.  Flora and Jason quickly ended mandy's squirming by drawing the waist, hip and thigh straps a notch tighter.  Mandy was now limited to only her internal contractions which continued to milk Mark but not enough for either to achieve orgasm.

After allowing a couple of minutes of "cool-down," Flora set Mark turning slowly as she used the hoist controls to raise and lower him slightly, thereby pumping him in and out of Mandy.  John saw that it was difficult to control the hoist that finely and offered a suggestion. 

"I noticed that you replaced the springs on the overhead door and one of the old ones is still good and just lying there in the corner."

He fetched the spring and announced to Mandy, "I hate to interrupt you at such a time, but this is too good not to give it a try."

With that he took the controls, raised Mark (who groaned at being withdrawn) and moved him back to the three chairs.  He untied the support ropes and reattached them with the spring between the top of the ropes and the hook.  With help from Flora, he had Mark back in the saddle in two minutes. 

The spring now allowed Mark to oscillate up and down as he rotated.  Flora took a moment to master the new operation, but apparently got carried away, spinning and bouncing Mark so rapidly that both he and Mandy came within a couple of minutes.  Mandy screamed and Mark squealed through his breathing tube.  Inside his mold he strained against the unyielding shell as he exploded in an extended orgasm, pumping his fluid into the tight latex sheath. 

"Now you did it!" said Jason.  "He'll be useless for at least an hour."

John agreed but suggested they open the little tube and drain Mark so the cum wouldn't spread around too far inside his briefs. 

"I'll take care of that." said Flora.  She raised the hoist, drawing mark out of Mandy and unclipped the rubber tube that doubled back along the sheath.  She began opening the end seal when John said, "Don't you want something to drain it into?"

Flora appeared to ignore the suggestion as she applied her mouth to the open end of the tube and sucked it dry. 

John said,  Good work, there, but actually, I think we've played with Mark enough.  Maybe we should take him out. At the academy we once had him in one of these for four hours, but this is just a demonstration and we have other things to do here.  "Hey, Mark!" he shouted.  "Want to come out now?"


"It's hard to understand you, Mark so I will expose your mouth,"   John ran to the truck and brought back the cast saw.  He plugged it in and delicately cut an opening in the shell around Mark's mouth and extracted the gag.   Although Mark could just barely move his jaws he was able to speak, sort of..  However He did say he was ready to come out.

While Flora partly flattened the bondage table and unstrapped Mandy, John and Jason returned Mark to a face-up position and put him on it instead.  John laid the cast saw on the edge of  the table, dragging the cord behind him.   As he stepped back, though, he tripped on the cord, causing the saw to fall to the floor. 

"Oh Shit!" he cursed as he saw the brittle steel blade broken in pieces. 

"So how are we going to get Mark out?" asked Jason.

It seems there was no spare blade and since it was already Saturday afternoon, there would be no place to buy a new one till Monday. 


Story continues in Wheel of Fortune Part 5

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