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The Tale of Tim & Carol Part 2 Chapter 5: Carol Receives More Advice

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2012 - Rbbral - Used by permission

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continued from Chapter Four


Chapter 5: Carol Receives More Advice

Tim arrived home the next day, and for the next week of course we made love. Each time I tried to introduce more latex into the equation and he was willing, but again I knew he wanted to please me but this was not his instigating. He asked me about the haircut and I said Monica had done it while he was away, and he said he liked it, he obviously noticed my new rings and he now noted they were gold and they looked fantastic. I replied that Monica had also done those. Then he saw the red weals on my buttocks and he knew that Monica had also been responsible for those too.

“I don’t know how you can take stuff like that, it must have hurt like hell.” He said rather critically.

“Yes, it did, like hell, but in the end I enjoyed it, don’t ask me how, or why. Look Tim, there’s something in me that craves this. I know you can’t understand that but there it is. I don’t expect you to satisfy all my needs, if you find them strange, but I have to satisfy them somehow, and I’m sorry if you hate me for it.”

“I don’t hate you for it, Carol, I just cannot understand it fully, that’s all. I mean I know it all goes on, but it’s just not me, I’m sorry. You have taken it to a new level, I don’t mind a bit of rubber, a bit of spanking I suppose, the pony play looked fun, but it seems to have almost taken you over.” And I had to agree with him, it was beginning to do just that, and I wasn’t regretting it at all.

“I feel partly responsible for this, as it was me that sent you to Monica.”

“Oh, for god’s sake don’t start that Tim, it’s not your fault, it would have come out anyway, I don’t blame you for anything at all, I just wish we could share it more.”

I could feel us drifting apart, we got on fine but this was now a real barrier and I didn’t know how to take it further. Being with Monica and being exposed to latex as I had been had made me much more sexually active than before and Tim could not, or would not be able to, satisfy that hunger. A few days later I called Maggie, as I knew she was calm and sensible and maybe had a good answer. She invited me down to their home in the country the next Saturday. Tim was again on a conference or seminar or something - he now seemed to be away half the time, but this allowed me to travel to Ann and Suzy, and now Maggie.

I was looking forward to seeing her again, and Ron too, they seemed a really super couple. The day was warm and I dressed in my favourite latex Playtex panties cum girdle, yellow stockings and garter belt, and a thin latex tight yellow summer dress with flared skirt to mid-thigh, pointed breast cups and loose sleeves to my wrists. On the drive down I noticed a few truck drivers look down from their cabs and give me a look, and I smiled back, not too innocently.

They had a pretty cottage outside a small village, well secluded which was a good idea, I thought, considering what I knew they got up to! Maggie greeted me with a huge hug, as an old friend, commending me on my outfit. She was dressed as if for tennis, but all in latex; a loose tennis shirt and short skirt. She may have been in her fifties but she had a great figure. With her arm round my waist she led me through her cottage to a patio at the back. We sat in the sun, I was already sweating and my panties were wet. We began to talk about Tim, and our “problems”.

Maggie said. “It’s not Tim’s fault, it’s not your fault. I believe you have to have a predisposition, it was in your DNA already and Monica triggered it, maybe it’s your mother and father, they are a pretty kinky couple and you picked it up, who knows. I don’t think Fran would have sent you to Monica if she didn’t have an inkling. And if Tim doesn’t have it you can’t create it or enhance it, I’m afraid. You probably thought you could send him to Monica to get a taste of it; I don’t think that would work, although it would be fun to watch, ha ha. Anyway, let’s have some tea.” And she shouted for Ron, and when I saw him appear from the end of the secluded garden, my heart took a jump.

Slowly trundling down the lawn, rather like a cross between a yeti and a zombie was, I presumed, Ron. Maggie filled me in.

“I have him in his zombie suit. I think Monica may have one similar to it. It’s very heavy double skinned latex which can be inflated if necessary. He has bootees and thick gloves attached, the mask is separate. He’s plugged in the rear and his cock and balls are held in a replica of rubber with sharp rubber needles on the inside, not very comfortable at all, ha ha.” It was so funny hearing this middle aged English lady, the pillar of the local community, talk so matter-of-factly about Ron’s cock and balls and the rubber zombie suit he was trapped in. When she continued, it became even funnier.

“The tube from the end of his cock allows him to pee into the bag strapped to his leg. The longest he’s been in it is 72 hours, but we had to prepare for that with a liquid diet for 48 hours before and a series of high colonics. He didn’t like those much. Today is only a 24 hour session.”

She spoke so matter-of-factly as if talking about the weather, I had to chuckle. Ron trundled to the patio, probably wearing 30 pounds of rubber, and I stood and hugged him, a very strange sensation, just feeling the thick loose warm rubber, with Ron under the two skins. He must have been excruciatingly hot in the suit. As he stood next to me, Maggie explained the remainder of his attire, her hands moving over his mask, outlining its features.

“The mask is basically a full head gas mask, no zipper, very tight, that we have adapted. There is a cock gag inside, that’s why Ron won’t be able to welcome you as he would like. Attached to the end of the cock gag is a tube that extends to his stomach, not too comfortable, but Ron is now very good at swallowing it. So he can take liquids after I unscrew this small cap here. He breathes though his nose only, through these corrugated rubber tubes connected to the canister strapped to his back. Monica told me about these inhalation canisters, and so we’ve filled these with old bits of sticky smelly rubber clothing. The big steel collar and lock and the steel belt and chains to the two wrist cuffs just add to his subjugation of course, but he’s not going to be running off. We have our reputation in the village to upkeep, ha ha. And there you have it.”

Three months ago, I would have been horrified, but not now, and I was a little surprised to hear myself say.

“Incredible, Ron’s a lucky fellow to have a wife like you Maggie. Gosh, I would love to have a go in that suit. I could almost come just feeling the rubbery outside and knowing what is going on inside!”

Maggie screamed with laughter, and I could hear Ron laugh behind the mask too.

“Well my dear, as the fairy grandmother would say, one day you shall have your wish. We’ll fix up a time and you can come for a session. It can be worn by both sexes, this metal connector will accommodate the cock and ball sheath that Ron has or it can accommodate a dildo connector and female catheter. I think you would really like that inside you.” She laughed again.

“You see my dear, I’ve worn it too, it was wonderful being trapped in it feeling the dildo slide around and sweating buckets in the heavy rubber, waiting for Ron to release me. Now you’re quite a bit taller than me but it is loose fitting so we should be able to squeeze you into it – one way or another.”

“I would love that.” I said and I meant it. What had I turned into, I thought. Ron went off to the kitchen to make the tea, which would be hard with the limited vision of the gas mask and the heavy gloves, and Maggie and I resumed our conversation.

Shortly Ron returned like a good maid with the tea tray and biscuits. Then without a command from Maggie he knelt down between us. Maggie served, and the tea was wonderfully refreshing. I couldn’t help but look down between Ron’s legs at his rubber encased cock and balls, Maggie saw me and giggled.

“Go on, give them a little squeeze.” I couldn’t resist, it must have been the dominant in me taking over, so I leant over and squeezed his rubber cock. I could hear him moan in his gag, feeling the effects of the rubber needles digging into his soft flesh. She handed me a plastic funnel.

“Don’t worry, he loves the pain, here, he’ll pass out in this heat without hydrating so screw this into his mouth tube there.” I unscrewed the small cap at the front of his mask and screwed in the funnel until the wider portion was facing up. Then Maggie handed me a litre bottle of water that Ron had brought with the tea.

“He’ll need it all, and what’s left over he’ll pee into his catheter bag on his leg, so pour away my dear. He can’t swallow so just fill up the funnel and keep going.” I have to say it was fascinating watching all the water pour away into his stomach, and Ron seemed none the worse for wear, in fact no doubt this was exactly what he required. As I continued to do this and drink my tea, we returned to the topic of Tim.

“I really am sorry my dear, but relationships sometimes get closer, sometimes drift apart, that’s the way it is, and yours is the latter. You’ve let the tiger out of the cage and nothing will put it back.”

“I know, and I do feel sorry for Tim, who seems to be making a bit of an effort, although now he seems to be compensating by working away from home an awful lot, which I actually can’t blame him for. And, well….erm, I think I’m falling for Monica. I had a night with her in a hotel a while ago and I can’t get it, or her, out of my mind.”

There, it was out, said out loud. Maggie smiled and patted my hand.

“Oh, well really, that’s a surprise, ha ha. Funny though, Monica called me last week and said she had just had the best night of her life, said nothing more, Monica is the picture of discretion, in her job she has to be. So now what?”

Butterflies were fluttering in my stomach, so this just hadn’t been a heavy session, it had been more than that to her as well. I finished my tea and the last drops of water had gone down Ron’s funnel. For some reason I patted him gently on the head as I unscrewed the funnel and replaced the cap.

“I don’t know, I don’t know, I can’t go on living a double life even if Tim knows what I am up to, well at least some of it. I have a lot to think about.” I must have looked worried for Maggie said.

“My dear you need to relax, here, let me help a bit, you just look good enough to eat.” And then she lifted my short skirt and placed her hand over the crotch of my Playtex panties and began to rub me tenderly seeking out my clit through the tight latex. I widened my legs to allow her better access. Oh my god, why was it that all these women were such experts at this stuff? But I did need to relax a bit and I lay back under the watchful eyes of Ron as Maggie expertly brought me to orgasm. I was not embarrassed at all as a wave of relief rolled over me.

“Now that was better, yes? And I do love those pantie girdles, I had some of them when I was younger, and you do suit them.”

We talked for a while longer but too soon it was time to go. I hugged Ron again, through the two skins of rubber, and then Maggie, who kissed me hard on the lips. She promised that she would keep her end of the deal and get me into the zombie suit whenever I wanted, and I said, not joking in the least, that I would love that, and as soon as possible!

My, hadn’t I come a long way?

I left them and drove through the village, no doubt all of whose inhabitants didn’t have a clue what was going on between their neighbours. The next week passed slowly, I didn’t call Monica, I really wanted to but for some reason, like a 15 year old schoolgirl I just didn’t know how to take the next step. I thought of her every day, especially when I put on some latex, usually panties, before going to work.

When Tim was away next, which was two weeks later, I was hornier than a rabbit, and decided to call Ann. I needed, again, some wise advice about what on earth I should do next with Monica. It was pitiful really, I knew what I had to do, and I knew what I wanted to do, I just needed to hear it from someone I knew I could trust, and Ann was the one for that.

She invited me round the following evening; Suzy was to be there and she said that she was looking forwarding to domming both Ann and me again. I was excited at this and if we weren’t gagged all the time I thought two heads would be better than one to discuss Monica and Tim, so I was looking forward to an interesting evening.

I knew that Suzy would have some clear ideas how the evening would go, she was the dom, she was the boss, so I dressed lightly, just white latex panties with the rubber needles at the crotch and a white latex halter top. Over that I wore a silk skirt and matching blouse, finishing it with three inch heels. As always I was excited and nervous as I walked through Oxford on the warm early evening, passing by students oblivious to me and my date with a latex dominatrix younger than them all, and her lover who was nearly twice her age! On arrival I was buzzed up to Ann’s flat and Suzy let me in. 

“Oh, I say, not wearing all latex Carol, hhmm, bad girl.” She laughed. “I’m afraid you’ll get an extra punishment for that, come on in. I like the new haircut by the way, almost as short as Ann’s, did Monica do that?” I nodded and followed her inside Ann’s flat. She turned round and said without preamble.

“You can take your non-latex clothes off now and put them in the cupboard by the door. I hope you are wearing something rubber, otherwise you are in for a long evening.” She saw my latex halter top and panties with the rubber needles at the crotch and smiled. “Well it’s a start, but we can do better than that I think. I have laid out clothes on the bed for you so you’d better get in there and start now.”

Before I did, I took a good look at Suzy and how she was dressed. It was an odd sight really. Her innocent 18 year old frame was covered in jet black gleaming rubber. She wore a severe full-length dress from high stiff collar to mid-calf. The waist was boned and drew her already slim waist into a good facsimile of an hourglass. Under the loose sleeves and the tight wrists were black gloves.

She did not have large breasts but the tightness of the waist accentuated them. Under the long hem of the dress I saw black stockings, or tights, and four inch granny boots, ankle high. The rubber of the dress appeared thick and she must have been hot in the dress, but gave no indication of that. I had no idea what she was wearing underneath, but I hoped that I would find out later! She was a wonderful contrast of innocent teenager, and formidable dominatrix, I was really looking forward to being dommed by her.

I went to the bedroom and there I found Ann, and quite a sight she was. Like Suzy she was also an interesting dichotomy, a voluptuous smart mature woman, dressed as a schoolgirl, all in latex of course! She was standing with legs apart, bent over the side of the bed. Her arms had been cuffed behind her and pulled high by a chain attached to a hook in the ceiling, so her torso was horizontal with the bed. Over her head was a harness, with straps under her chin, either side of her nose and over to the back of her head. It held a large red ball gag firmly in her gaping mouth, saliva dripping down. From the crown of her harness another chain pulled her head back and was attached to her wrist cuffs, so she stared mutely forward at me as I entered. She gave a moan which I took to be a hello as I approached her.

“Hi Ann, my, you are in a mess aren’t you.” I laughed as I inspected her. She was wearing a green and blue striped flared schoolgirl’s skirt which, as she was bent over, barely covered her bare bottom. White stockings were held up by a white garter belt and her feet were in four inch heels – hardly schoolgirl attire, but hugely arousing for me. Over her upper body was a white long-sleeved shirt with stud fastenings at the front, and tucked into the short skirt. Under the wrists of the shirt were white latex gloves. At her collar she wore a blue and green tie matching her skirt.

There were a couple of additions that really caught my attention however. Hanging from the hook in the ceiling was also an enema bag with a rubber tube extending downwards and into Ann’s bum hole. Secondly a couple of studs of her shirt had been opened and Ann’s ample breasts, held in a latex peep-hole bra, pulled out. They now pointed to the bed and attached to her nipple rings were two short chains with silver weights attached at the ends.

They didn’t appear too heavy but still I could see they pulled on her nipple rings as they swung under her. I suppose it was the dom in me that got me excited to see this intelligent, witty, mature woman in her mid 30’s under such bondage, and by a “mere” 18 year old at that. I patted Ann’s firm bare bottom and kissed her forehead.

“Well this might be fun, you look wonderful Ann, my turn now I suppose.” I examined the clothes laid out on the other side of the bed, opposite Ann, and saw they were identical to Ann’s. There were also white latex panties and a blue latex blazer with silver buttons, but as Ann was not wearing these I figured they were for later.

“Let me guess, these are the exact colours and design of the girl’s uniform at the school you teach at, and where Suzy went.” And Ann looked at me and returned a very faint nod.

“Hhmm, I like the irony in it all, Suzy really is a devious girl isn’t she?”

And again Ann nodded slightly. Saliva continued to dribble from her gagged mouth at the same time as the enema dripped into her rear. But she seemed none the worse for wear as she calmly breathed through her nose. I got the sense she had been through this a few times before. Quickly I divested myself of my panties and top and stepped into the latex garter belt, then the stockings, slowly pulling them up my legs and attaching them to the garter belt.  I pushed my feet into the pumps. I then slipped on the peep-hole latex bra, gently pulling my ringed nipples through the holes. I put on the shoulder-length gloves next, followed by the white shirt, pushing the studs together but leaving two open opposite my breasts. I pulled up the ridiculously short skirt and tucked in the shirt. Finally I tied the school tie as best I could, as I certainly had not much practice at this. I looked in the mirror and saw a sexy parody of a schoolgirl, a St. Trinian look-alike, but I had to say it felt a bit saucy and naughty and sexy all at the same time. And now I was the twin to Ann.

Suzy returned and inspected me, nodding approval. Unceremoniously she pushed the red rubber ball into my gaping mouth and strapped the harness around my head, then she followed this by cuffing my wrists behind my back. I knew what was coming next as she attached an identical chain to my cuffs and with the assistance of a chair from the dining room attached it to an identical hook in the ceiling on my side of the bed. She bent me over roughly and pulled my cuffs high behind my back, and I was now facing the bed, my torso horizontal. I spread my legs to improve my balance. Then I felt another chain attached to my harness and my head was violently pulled back and I was facing Ann, her face mere inches from mine. I saw her wink at me, I knew she was enjoying seeing me placed in the same predicament as she was. Next came the weights being attached to my nipple rings and Suzy and Ann both noticed they were now gold rings.

“Hhmm, Monica certainly has a soft spot for you Carol, dear, to put gold jewellery through your pussy and nipples. You are the lucky one.” The weights weren’t too heavy but I certainly felt a pull on my ringed nipples. Suzy now went to the bathroom and returned with another enema bag, sloshing with water, and a long rubber tube. Now it was my turn. She stood on the chair behind me, attached it to the ceiling and then, all too easily, slid the tube up my unresisting rear.

I was now identically dressed and in the same predicament as Ann, who’s face a few inches in front of mine seemed to take great enjoyment in this. The water quickly began seeping into me, it was not unpleasant, as I had received several enemas from Monica before. Suzy stood back and gently slapped my rear.

“I’ll leave you two for a bit, Ann’s enema is nearly done but you have a way to go yet, Carol.” After Suzy left, Ann and I stared at each other, and I saw Ann chuckle, she was really enjoying this, receiving an enema, while in inescapable latex bondage. And in truth, so was I. To be so utterly powerless, and in the hands of an 18 year old dominatrix like Suzy I found very alluring.

The water continued to seep into my insides from the enema tube, and I could feel myself becoming a little fuller, but not uncomfortably, yet at least. Soon Suzy returned, carrying two lubed butt plugs in her hands. She smiled and placed one on the bed in front of me and the other in front of Ann. She moved to Ann’s rear and warned her.

“All right, the tube is coming out, now I don’t want any seepage otherwise you get another hiding, so clench those pretty cheeks of yours. She playfully gave Ann a hard slap on her bare bottom, slowly removed the tube and began pushing in the butt plug. Ann closed her eyes as Suzy proceeded, and took in slow, even breaths. Quickly the plug had been swallowed by Ann’s rear and now Suzy moved to me. Ann gave me another wink as the tube was withdrawn and I held the enema in. Then I felt the plug at my rear and relaxed a little to allow its entry. Suzy was good at this, taking her time, not pressing too hard and allowing my sphincter to adjust. Quickly my anus was plugged and the enema was now trapped inside me. Now Suzy got both of us to step into frilly white latex panties, trapping the plugs further inside us.

“Oh you look so good like this, both of you, shorn heads, ringed nipples, gagged mouths, latex bodies, poor utterly helpless schoolgirls. Do you like the costume, Carol? It’s based on my school, but with a few twists of course. We never quite had our skirts that short, or the panties that frilly, or the sexy stockings, and of course, regretfully they weren’t in latex. Now you’ve been taking it easy for a while so it’s time I warmed you up a little.” She went to the closet and produced a long rubber paddle, slapping it in the palm of her hand. I wondered who would be first, and Suzy chose Ann.

She ran her hand over Ann’s latex bottom and down her stockinged thighs, and I could see Ann’s begin to shiver with excitement under her touch. Then quickly she brought down the paddle with a loud crack on Ann’s bottom. Ann gurgled into the gag and her breasts swung, forcing the silver weights to swing under her. Suzy then took up a slow rhythm of beating her girlfriend’s behind. In between she moved her hand between Ann’s legs and pressed her fingers into the tight latex covering Ann’s quim.

Ann was now groaning, in pain and in pleasure; she spread her legs to allow her lover better access with her fingers. After maybe fifteen slaps Ann began to cry quietly and yet, she still squirmed under Suzy’s expert fingers. Shortly Suzy stopped and took her lover’s head gently in her hands, kissing her face, whispering her love for her and how well Ann had done.

Now it was my turn, and Suzy raised the short skirt over my back, and then landed the first crack on my buttocks. I was appreciative of the latex panties for they certainly took some of the sting out of the paddle, but Suzy continued, and quickly my bottom began to hurt. It was not the excruciating feeling from the cane that Monica had used on me, but it gradually got worse as the paddle kept landing on the same sore location.

I wanted her desperately to finger me, and opened my legs in a show of submissive obedience. Thankfully she took my hint, laughed, and ran her hand between my legs. Oh, that was much better, I thought as she slid her fingers between my ringed labia and rubbed my clit, then broke that up for a while and continued to paddle me. Snot was now coming from my nose and saliva from the gag stuffed in my mouth, I was now really hurting and my eyes were filling with tears. I think she must have given me twenty, more than Ann, for sure, before she said.

“The extras are for coming over here not fully dressed in latex, naughty Carol, you should have known better. If you want to come here, when I’m here, latex and nothing else, okay?” I nodded and grunted an affirmation. Then, thank goodness she stopped paddling and gave me a very nice final rub on my clit. I looked down and saw the silver weights swinging under me, pulling on my nipple rings, and also my saliva, snot and tears dripping onto the bed. I was very sore, but I was also aroused.

She left us for a short while and Ann and I silently looked across at each other, both our faces a bit of a mess, and I could see Ann, who had recovered quicker than me, quietly chuckling.

Suzy returned quickly and released Ann from the wrist and harness chains, but still keeping her gagged, then took off the nipple weights. She repeated the process with me, and now we stood across the bed from each other in our latex school uniforms. I pushed my boobs back inside my shirt and straightened my tie, I could see Ann giggling and she copied me. Suzy gave us a towel to clean our faces and now we both rubbed our smarting bottoms. I could feel the base plate of the butt plug resting at my anal passage under the latex panties and wondered how long I would have to keep the enema inside me, for it was now beginning to ache.

I pointed to my rear with a pleading look, but Suzy just laughed. She told us to dress properly for dinner, chuckling as she pointed to the two school blazers on the bed. We each put one on, pressing the three studs at the front. Then she told us to tidy the room and get all the rubber gear cleaned and put away. I gave Ann a look and she gave me one back, as if saying this is the way it is, don’t mess with her. So we cleared up in silence, both gagged and plugged and getting to feel the presence of the enema.  She shouted for us to come to the kitchen where she had prepared a light meal of some soup and salad.

“Okay we can take a break for some food and drink, there’s some wine there, and I think you will want some, yes? So we can all talk freely.” We sat down opposite each other, very gingerly, my bottom being very hot and sore.  She removed our gags and I let out a sigh of relief.

“Oh thanks, well that was really what I needed.” They both laughed, and Ann said.

“Me too, but I can get it whenever I want.” And that comment of course made me think. Made me think of Tim - and Ann could see I was thinking on this and said immediately, reaching across the table to hold my hand.

“All right let’s get to it, Carol.”

I took some of the lobster bisque, which was fantastic, a big gulp of wine and looked at them both.

“It just isn’t working right now, I have been back what, two, three months and still I have to cajole him into the latex. He’s trying but I need sessions like this evening to keep me sane. He’s out on seminars or conferences for day after day, nearly every week, and doesn’t seem to want to get it on when he returns, we play around of course, but I want it to get really heavy, like I do with you.” I stopped, surrounded by silence and the sympathetic looks of my two friends.

“Fran and Maggie think that it wouldn’t work sending him to Monica, as he isn’t “pre-disposed” to that kind of exposure, where it’s pretty obvious I was, thanks to my crazy mum and dad, bless them.”

Suzy and Ann both laughed and Suzy now took my hand in hers.

“I think they’re right, you can’t beat it into him, well you can of course and that might be a lot of fun, but you wouldn’t get the result you want. Why not just carry on like you are now? Have vanilla, or semi-vanilla, sex with him and fill that in with some heavier sessions with us, we would love you to do that, wouldn’t we Ann?”

“Of course, it would be lots of fun for us all, you and I can push each other, and Suzy will have to come up with more devious methods of torture.” She smirked, looking at her lover.

“But that for me, is just a continuance to what I’m doing now - cheating and he knows I come to see you or Maggie or Monica, but he really doesn’t know to what we really get up to, I just don’t feel right about it. I know, it sounds so moral, after what we got up to just now, but we all have our codes we live by, I may be a pervert, but I’m an honest one.” Again, the girls made me feel better by laughing, but they knew I was in a quandary.

“What about Monica, what does she say?”

“Well I haven’t really discussed my feelings for Tim fully with her, yet, or my feelings for her.” I held my head down staring at my glass of wine, now empty. And I knew what was coming next.

“What! Oh, for goodness sake Carol, isn’t it about time you two had a decent talk?” Ann looked quite shocked.

“Look Monica has a great set-up, and I don’t want to upset the apple cart.”

“But isn’t that for her to decide?” Said Suzy, who I was realising very quickly was well beyond her years.

“Carol.” Suzy continued, now all business. “We can’t help you here, it’s all up to you, and I don’t propose to give you advice if you won’t listen, now you have finished your meal, I think it’s about time we continued with the evening, I have still some plans for you both.” Well Suzy was certainly the assertive one all right, and so we all stood.

“From now on, no more talking, I’m back as your dominatrix, and frankly Carol, I shall show you no pity, in light of the downright silly way you are behaving over this, but I’ll give you both a break I don’t know why, you can go to the bathroom and evacuate yourselves. Then clean everything out, spic and span.” With me suitably chagrined we went to the bathroom, and I let Ann go first. I had a feeling I was in for some serious punishment.

The relief of expelling a one pint enema was enormous, I couldn’t imagine how some subs take considerably more than a pint. It took a while to get all cleaned up. And I took the opportunity to bathe my red hot bottom in cold water. Soon I returned to the living room, “sans” butt plug and feeling a whole lot better, but my bottom was still very sore from the beating. Suzy had re-arranged the living room furniture and now two dining room armchairs were facing each other across a small coffee table.

Ann was already out of her blazer and was sitting in one chair while Suzy strapped her to it. She had pulled tight rubber straps at ankles, knees (to the arms supports so her legs were stretched) wrists, elbows, waist and under her armpits. Ann could really only now move her feet, hands and head. Suzy then opened the studs in the shirt opposite Ann’s breasts and roughly pulled them into view, still in the peephole bra. She gave Ann’s nipple rings a vicious twist and I saw Ann wince, but say nothing. Suzy turned and looked at me, saying.

“Well don’t just stand there, get your blazer off and sit in the chair opposite. You can start by tying your ankles to the legs of the chair and then your knees, nice and wide for me now. Then you can do your waist and I’ll do the rest, now get on with it.” I sat down on the chair, feeling the cool wood against my hot bottom under my latex panties, and the flesh between the panties and my stocking tops. I took two of the short straps and tightened them around my ankles, then slightly longer ones and stretched my legs wide so my knees were against the arm supports, once this was done my legs were wide and my latex panties visible under the stretched schoolgirl skirt stretched across my thighs.

I felt very vulnerable, and that increased when Suzy tied straps around my waist, under my arms and elbows. Now, like Ann I could only move my head, and wag my hands and feet. We stared at each other across the small coffee table. I could see Suzy was really enjoying having two women, both considerably older than her, particularly Ann, under her power. Despite my defenceless position I was quite aroused, particularly when I looked across at Ann, looking gorgeous in her latex costume with her ringed nipples and her panties, like mine, in full view. But Suzy wasn’t finished at all. On the coffee table between us she placed two TENS machines.

How is it that all these perverts have this machine, I thought? Well because they can give pain and pleasure, that’s why. I answered myself.

And which was Suzy to give us? From the machine she clipped the leads of the wires to firstly one of my rings on my nipples and then the other, then turned and did the same with Ann, giving her a peck on the cheek at the same time. So we were now “hooked up” to each machine. Neither of us said anything, we knew better than that. Then she placed two identical round ended vibrators on our chairs between our outstretched legs and firmly pushing them against our latex covered pussies. Well, I thought, I can see where this is going. Now all she had to do was turn them on. After a few seconds of adjusting the dials she seemed happy and turned them on, and followed by turning on the vibrators.

Immediately I felt a very pleasant buzz at my crotch, and tried to ease myself an inch forward. I wasn’t able to but it was still a very pleasant feeling. This however was quickly counteracted by a harsh zap of electricity on my nipple rings. I let out a squeal, and almost at the same time Ann let out a groan. Whether she had Ann and me on the same cycle I didn’t know but very quickly we were both squirming in our chairs, and quickly beginning to sweat. The jolts were getting heavier, at least for me, and now I was squealing and groaning almost continuously, both from the pain of the electric shocks and the pleasure of the vibrator humming away at my labia. Ann was also groaning, but less than me, perhaps she was more attuned to this torment.

It must have been a funny sight, two women dressed in schoolgirl’s uniforms of latex, trussed in chairs with their nipples exposed and their pussies hidden behind latex panties, undergoing identical torment at the hands of an 18 year old beauty dressed as a latex dominatrix! Yes, quite a vision. And so we continued to writhe in our chairs, flapping our feet and hands, and rolling our heads, appealing to Suzy for some respite, and getting none. Quite the contrary, for now Suzy went to the bedroom and returned with two fearsome looking double skinned rubber inflatable helmets.

“Getting a little tired of hearing you two wailing away, you’ll have the neighbours round soon, so I’ll shut you up, good and proper.”

She gave Ann the treatment first, pulling down the zipless full head helmet over her short hair, then over her nose and down to her neck. There was a tube and inflator bulb sticking out of the front and two small eye portals. She aligned the tube up with Ann’s mouth and pushed in to make she could breathe through the tube and then pumped up the gag. Once this was done and Ann reduced to a simple hhhmmm, she inflated the helmet until it was tight as a drum. She gave it a hard tap with her palm and there was very little give. Now all I could see of Ann were her eyes behind the small lenses. She was breathing quite well and moaning through the gag, but now it was my turn.

“So, are we having fun yet? Don’t answer that; it was a rhetorical question, and being a subbie of course, your opinion and feelings are of minor interest. Haha.” She pulled the tight helmet over my head and down my sweaty face. I gobbled in the inflatable gag and began to breathe easily as she pumped it up, stretching my jaw. Then she moved to the helmet, and soon my head was dizzy with the pressure. I looked across at my mirror image, Ann, and continued to groan as the electric shocks continued their assault on my burning nipples. Then amazingly, I saw through the narrow lenses Suzy sit down on the couch to the side and begin to read one of her text books, seemingly oblivious, but I’m sure not really, to her two subbies suffering beside her.

She left us like this while she did her university homework or whatever (!) for maybe twenty minutes. I was now sweating buckets, both in the tight helmet and my latex clothes, particularly my panties. I continued to groan into the inflatable gag, mirroring Ann’s groans.

Finally she put her book down and approached me. She turned off the vibrator, I hadn’t come yet as it simply wasn’t strong enough or close enough to get through the latex panties, so I was horribly frustrated and sore.

But then she slid her hand under my skirt, and under the low waistband of my panties. Oh, please, yes please, I screamed into the huge gag silencing me. She looked into the lenses and smiled evilly, and then I could feel her finger on my nubbin. Oh god, yes, harder, harder, I screamed as I continued to receive jolts to my breasts. It took her no more than a couple of minutes before a crashing orgasm seemed to lift me out of the chair.

I screamed and screamed with pleasure, and it was then I appreciated once again the pleasure of being truly gagged while being brought to orgasm. You could scream your head off with no inhibitions, it was simply wonderful. She turned off the TENS machine (finally) and I slumped into post orgasmic exhaustion.

But I was now able to watch Suzy work her wonders on her lover. I think she took a little longer with her fingers and then this time she knelt and leant over, pulling Ann’s panties down roughly so she could access her with her tongue. This she did and Ann was shuddering and shaking her head within seconds, grunting and moaning through her gag. Her hands and feet flapped uselessly as Suzy’s head buried itself at her crotch.

Once she had come Suzy rocked back on her haunches and turned off the machine and Ann was left to stare over at me. She left us to regain our senses for a few minutes and returned from the kitchen with a fresh bottle of sparkling wine. This she placed on the coffee table between us as she disconnected the wires from our burning nipples (well, mine were anyway). Then she deflated our helmets and gags, slowly pulling them off from our heads, sopping wet now. She released our wrist bands and elbows but left the rest. I was in no hurry to get out of the chair, and neither was Ann, so Suzy opened the bottle, poured three glasses, handed one to Ann and I, and said, the first words she had said for a long time.

“Well, I think that all went pretty well, don’t you? Cheers?”

She was a cool one I had to admit, but Ann and I burst out laughing, and raised our glasses. We were both sopping wet, in and out, but quite unconcerned. I felt inside my latex panties and my juices were matted to them, yes, all in all, I thought, it went very well. My nipples were very hot and sore, but nothing I couldn’t handle, and there was a warm glow throughout my whole body now.

“Thanks Suzy, thanks for everything.” I said quietly, and meant it, and she leant over and kissed me.

“My pleasure, I hope we can do it again many times, yes?” And I nodded, and then she gave me a stern look.

“But first you’re going to have to sort yourself out.” And Ann opposite me gave an approving nod. She was right, they all were right, I had to sort it all out. I figured that Ann and Suzy deserved some time to themselves so when Suzy released me I quickly showered, dressed in my latex underwear and “normal” street clothes, fondly kissed them both good night and was gone.



Story continues in Chapter 6

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