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The Tale of Tim & Carol Part 2 Chapter 6: I Become Monica's Dominatrix and More

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2012 - Rbbral - Used by permission

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continued from Chapter Five


Chapter 6: I Become Monica's Dominatrix and More

I walked home in a bit of a dream, my bottom was still red hot under my latex panties, and my nipples were burning, but I felt wonderfully at peace. It had been a great session and I hoped many more were ahead. I went to work the next day, enjoying the discipline of doing that, and the money helped of course, but Monica was still in the back of my mind. A couple of days later in the evening I was going to call her, when the phone rang.

“I want you to come round at the weekend and dom me.” That was all, no hello, no why haven’t you called, how are you. Well it was my fault so I shouldn’t have expected anything else.

“I have no clients coming and Polly and Natalie are away, so I want to see if I can be dommed by you.”

“Erm….hi…Monica, nice to talk to you…. erm, well what about Maggie, I thought…”

“You don’t sound very keen; did something go wrong at the hotel?” She sounded definitely a little mad at me, but then could I blame her?

“I have talked with Maggie and she is more than happy for me to give you a try out. She thinks it’s a great idea. I want to see you, obviously, and I want to see if you have what it takes, it’s easy to talk about being a dom, but a lot harder to do it. You haven’t said much…. and I haven’t heard from you in a while.”

“Look I’m sorry I haven’t…. things are still not great here, and…”

“Well this will give you a chance to get out, won’t it?” Her voice was dripping with sarcasm, she seemed more than a little impatient.

“Erm… well Tim is away for the weekend…. again, so I suppose it would be possible…”

“It’s good to hear you are bursting with enthusiasm. Ha ha. How about you get here say Saturday after lunch, and you have me, carte blanche, until say noon on Sunday, that should give you enough time for me to see if you can do a half decent job.”

“Oh, okay then.” I was suddenly very nervous now that this opportunity, which I had wanted for quite some time, had finally presented itself. But I could see that it was not going to all fun, and I would really have to perform well to satisfy Monica’s high expectations.

“So what do I…?”

“Well you’re the dom, aren’t you? You do what you want with me. You know the way here, you have my address now. You know what’s in the basement here, everything is available for you, what the hell more do you want? I shall be alone, for you to do… whatever you want with me.”

“Look, are you sure….” And the line went dead!

I spent the next two days on tenterhooks, excited and horribly nervous. I wanted desperately to please Monica, and I planned scenarios throughout the morning. Why now had she decided on this initiation I didn’t know, but she had and it was up to me to play the role properly and not disappoint her, for that was my biggest fear.

Early on the Saturday morning Tim left, saying he’d be back on the Sunday night. We pecked lips and he was gone. It really was now getting quite bad, we weren’t drifting apart, we were sailing full steam apart.

I took my time dressing in one of my dominatrix dresses. I had now bought a couple of them. Although I wasn’t by nature, at least I thought for the moment, a dom I really liked the tough look when in the dom gear. Monica seemed convinced I was a true switch and I thought that the next few days would confirm this.

So first came a heavily boned rubber corselette with suspenders and peep holes for my ringed nipples. I pulled it around me and laced it as tight as I could, I loved its unforgiving grip. Then came gunmetal stockings, shoulder-length gloves and my favourite Playtex panties. I connected the suspenders to the stockings last, over my latex panties. The dress was tight around my torso, gripping the corselette, high-necked and loose-sleeved to the tight wrists, and the skirt was flared to just above my knees.

I was now so far down this road that I didn’t give a damn what people thought if they saw me, so I finished with the ankle-length cape and hood. I slipped a few more pieces of clothing in a small bag, left the house in a bit of a dream, tossed everything in the car and left for my meeting with Monica!

I had GPS so it was easy to find her place, it took maybe forty five minutes. The trip was uneventful, I got a couple of looks from people in adjacent cars and trucks, but with my hood up, they could see very little, and as I said, I didn’t give a damn any more.

The location of the house was rather like Maggie’s, just outside a pretty English village. Clearly these folks liked their privacy, and why not? Now Monica seemed to have quite a bit of money; the house was a bit of a Victorian pile, three stories with some strange additions, even a turret, almost a folly really. It was covered in Virginia creeper, and was well set back from the country road. I pulled in front of the door, a strange affair with columns, got out and admired the garden at the front, all well-kept. The front door was locked so I went through a gate, unlocked, set in a high 10 feet redbrick wall to the rear.

Here the garden was even more impressive, with a large well-maintained lawn surrounded by flower beds and then the high wall again. It was very private and no doubt perfect for Monica. To the side were stables, perhaps used for cars now. I thought I would check it out anyway and found that one of the gates to the stables was unlocked.

I entered and found a large open area, with cobbled floor and beams in the roof space. What caught my eye, other than two cars and an SUV lined up to one side, was the horsebox that I had ridden in to the races, and two sulkies next to it. More interesting was the riding tack along the wall, all shiny leather and steel. There were harnesses and bridles, rubber covered bits and whips of various design. Then in a large set of drawers to the side there were tails and butt plugs, and on the floor a long row of hoof boots in various colours and sizes.

This was some of the tack that I had worn at the races, and my heart leapt a beat at the thought of wearing this gear again. This is what I wanted to do, to run again with a driving mistress urging me on. But my role for the next day was as a dom, so that would have to wait. Before leaving however I saw a box on top of the set of drawers. It was a wooden box, beautifully carved, about a foot high, foot wide and slightly longer. Carved expertly on the lid of the box was my name. It said very simply.

“To Carol, To Be Shared With Undying Love, From Monica.”

I took a step back, now I suddenly felt like an imposter, what could it be I thought. Part of me wanted to open it, but of course I wouldn’t, I couldn’t, but I was still intrigued, for sure. With undying love, I thought. Now I was feeling a little dizzy. I decided it would be best if I got to work, as a dom.

The back door of the house which opened onto a sun-drenched patio was ajar and so I figured this was the means of entry. With my bag over my shoulder I entered into a large dining room. I placed the bag on a chair and opened it, taking out a mask I had recently bought. It was full head, without a zip. The facial portion was in transparent latex, and the remainder framing my face in black latex. There were holes at the mouth, nostrils and eyes. So I slipped it over my head, pleasuring in its clinging coolness, and tucked it into the collar of the dress.  I was masked, but my female features were still clear, if a little distorted by the latex. I was almost shivering with excitement, as I called out her name.

No reply, I repeated it, and no reply again. I went to the large old kitchen and saw a door open, leading down to the basement. Ah, I thought, this was more like it. I had been incarcerated, happily in the end, in her playroom or basement for three weeks or more so this must be it, I thought. I carefully walked down the stairs in my 5 inch heels, the latex cape rustling over my dress underneath, making me shiver. I was already wet between my legs.

It was dark at the bottom, and I scrambled for a light switch on the wall. I found a row of them and turned them all on, and there was Monica. She was naked, and kneeling, facing me, but with her head down in supplication. She was in the playroom and I could see behind her all the toys and equipment she had used on me, and now I could use on her.

She looked gorgeous, her fit body erect, her arms held behind her back, her beautiful hair pulled loosely back in a chignon. So, I quickly realised we were off and running, there was to be no game plan, no discussion, I had her at my “tender” mercy until the following midday. I approached her and with finger and thumb under her chin, raised her head to look at me. Her face was almost deadpan, but I felt she immediately appreciated my cape, hood and new mask.

“So, this is my subbie for the next day, is it? Hhmm, not too bad, but why no latex? You may speak, but only when ordered to.” And Monica looked me in the eye.

“I had assumed, hoped, that my mistress would prefer to choose my attire for the session.”

“Good answer, subbie.” I patted her cheek.

“And do you like my attire?” I pulled at the studs of the cape and stepped out of it, tossing it onto the gyn/ob chair for now. She studied my dress, stockings, and my face in the transparent mask.

“I love your attire mistress, you look the perfect dominatrix.”

“Well that’s nice, but we’ll see if I can BE the perfect dominatrix.” I answered, and I knew that Monica was thinking the same thing. I moved towards her and lifted my skirt, exposing my latex panties with the ventilation holes at my pussy.

“We can start with a bit of latex panty worship; get your nose up against me here.” She shuffled towards me and pushed her head into my panties, I could feel her nose press against my ringed labia. I dropped my skirt over her head and pulled her closer.

“Use your tongue, your nose, push harder, subbie, I’m not feeling anything.” I called out, I was feeling plenty of course, but I wanted more from her. The aroma must have been strong, for I heard her draw in a lungful of air, through her nose – clearly she liked the mix of latex and my feminine musk. I kept pulling her face into me, harder and harder as her nose and tongue pushed further.

This went on for a couple of minutes and then I came with a shudder, it really hadn’t taken long and I knew I came because it was Monica with me and that made it special. I raised my skirt and stepped back from her, she still kept her head down, but she was breathing heavily. I squeezed a latex-covered finger up the edge of my panties and withdrew it, gleaming with my juices. I held it in front of her and without a command she dipped her head and took it in her mouth sucking it softly. I placed a hand gently on her head and purred.

“Good subbie, that was a very encouraging start, but we have a long time to go, haven’t we? Time for some vacuum treatment I think. Follow me.” I moved to the latex vacuum bed hanging from the ceiling, open and inviting. I pointed to the inside and Monica dutifully, without complaint, stepped in. She spread herself out and I zipped up the side. She gripped the snorkel mouthpiece in her teeth and seeing her now ready, I started the vacuum. Very quickly she was trapped, immovable, glued between the sheets beautifully spread out. I loved seeing her like this - so perhaps I was warming to my dom role.

I ran a finger over her stretched labia, pushing it into the latex covering her. I was pleased to hear her moan through the snorkel, but for me this was only a start. When she had caned me in the hotel room I thought I would faint, I had a bare bottom then and Monica had at least a covering of latex, so I thought one good turn deserved another. I took a cane from the cupboard and stood to her side. I was unsure as to how hard I could do it, but was determined to show her I could be a worthy dom. I gave her no warning when I landed the first one on her rump.

I was actually surprised at her reaction, which was a huge yell and expulsion of air from her mouthpiece. I thought for a second that my swing was too hard but was determined not to yield. I laid the second down and got the same reaction, I don’t think that Monica quite expected this.

I whipped her a third time and now she was wriggling as best she could between the tight latex skins. This didn’t prove very successful for her, for now all she did was swing slowly. The fourth produced another wail from her, and now already I could see bright red stripes on her bum. I was beginning to like this, my sympathy for Monica receding as I got the hang of it. I was enjoying the power I had. The latex clothes I had on and the mask gave me a sense of invincibility. I wasn’t Carol, I was a masked dominatrix, and one having a good time with her sub.

Once I had landed the last two on her bottom, Monica stopped swinging, and the only sounds were a moaning, while saliva dripped out of her mouthpiece and down the latex trapping her. I left her breathing hard for a minute or so then came round and faced her, my hand now at her pussy. I ran it up and down her labia and although she was still in pain I could see that this was a pleasant interlude for her.

But I wasn’t finished.

I got a long rubber paddle from the cupboard, slapped it a couple of times on my hand to get the feel and then, quite gently at first, paddled her breasts. They were imprisoned behind the tight latex of course, but her nipples were I’m sure very sensitive. I laid a few on both breasts and her reaction turned again to loud moaning and grunting with spittle dripping down her front. I must have given her maybe ten and now her breasts were bright red under the latex and I’m sure her nipples were on fire. I stopped, very satisfied with my first scene. Monica hung motionless, the only movement being her very heavy breathing. I thought I would give a while to rest so I left her there, still moaning, and went upstairs.

I got a bottle of orange out of the fridge and sat at the kitchen table, feeling hot and damp but pretty pleased with myself, so far. I decided to do a bit of exploring; I saw no reason why Monica might be upset, so I took a gander around the house.

Clearly she had money, old or new, I didn’t know, perhaps her business really was booming. But she also had taste too, I could see that immediately. The living and dining rooms and the hallways were an interesting ménage of antique furniture, rugs and paintings and some avant garde art as well. I was pleased to see books everywhere, I have books all over my place, and the first thing I do when in someone else’s house is to check the books. You can learn an awful lot about a person by what they read, or in the case of unfortunately many people nowadays – whether they read at all…..

These were a fascinating and eclectic mix of history, crime fiction, literature, biography, travel. There was no fetish or rubber erotica, which rather surprised me, maybe they were elsewhere. A lot of them I had myself. So here, I knew was a woman on a similar plain to me, and that made me feel very much at ease.  The house was a very interesting mix and match and at least for me, it worked. It was very personal, very comfortable and certainly not out of any ghastly catalogue.

I went upstairs; there were four bedrooms, all with ensuites. Again, the motif was very understated, the three smaller rooms were I assumed for Polly and Natalie when they stayed over and a guest bedroom. There was no hint anywhere of Monica’s “work”; that appeared to be kept to the basement. I felt a little like a spy or burglar, but went into Monica’s bedroom. It had a king size bed but nothing to distinguish it. The sheets were top quality linen and there were books here too, but no rubber porn. Paintings, traditional and newer, adorned the walls. I probably shouldn’t have but I opened the closet and drawers, what could she have I thought?

Well it was all high couture, in silks, satins and quite a bit of leather, but again no latex, until I came to the underwear drawer. While there was a lot of silk and skimpy cotton there were also panties and other underwear in latex. Ha ha - so she was a closet rubber underwear wearer as well as me!

So I supposed she lived the classic double-life of upstairs/downstairs. For the most part the rubber, the sub/dom existence, the playroom - her business was kept below, and her other life above. And why not, it all made sense, Maggie had a similar existence. It was an hour later when I went back downstairs, feeling a little guilty, but now knowing more about this woman, more than just her dominatrix life that she lived, and liking her even more now.

She was now quiet and breathing easily, her bottom had six nasty red/blue stripes I could see under the latex and her breasts were bright red too. I turned off the vacuum and I heard her release a sigh of relief. I unzipped her from the bed and she almost fell into my arms, sweat covering her body, her hair matted. Now this was an important moment, I felt, and I said straight away.

“That’s a mess in there, get a cloth and clean and dry it out, now.” She gave me a look but quickly got a cloth and spray container and did so, leaning into the connecting sheets and wiping them down. When she came out I ordered her to get the antiseptic cream she had used on me and she went to the bathroom, returning with a large tube. I ordered her to bend over and slowly applied the cream to the weals on her cheeks.

This I really enjoyed, she had wonderful muscular globes and as I applied the cream she too let out a sigh of pleasure. She said nothing however for she too knew her role now. I don’t know if she harboured me a grudge for being so cruel with the cane, but then it was she that had invited me to do so. I took hold of her chignon and released it; I then pulled her hair firmly back into a tight pony tail and tied it at her crown. She seemed a little unhappy with this and winced.

“Would you rather I clipped it all down to half an inch, I could you know. I think I’d like that, after all, you said that I could do with you as I wished, eh?” I whispered. I had no intention of doing that, but the look she had on her face gave me the impression that I would, and I don’t think she quite liked the idea.

This would be an interesting paradox for her, at what time would she say enough is enough, or to prove that she could take anything I (as a trainee dominatrix) could throw at her, would she be prepared to be shorn by me, or branded, or tattooed. Now that idea excited me! But this was early days, or hours, in my life as a dom and I was happy to get her hair in order, and ready for the masks, with just a tight pony tail.

Now she stood naked by the bed, her breasts a bright red and her bottom now shiny with the cream, quietly obedient. I would have liked to take her in my arms and shower a few kisses on those hurting breasts, but then at the same time, I was starting to like my power over her, it was growing on me.

I took my time selecting some clothes for her, rummaging around in the drawers. Something caught my eye at the bottom of the closet and this gave me an idea for Monica’s next outfit. I pulled out a transparent latex catsuit with attached feet and gloves, and mask with holes for eyes, nose and mouth. It had a double zip from the small of the back to the crown of the mask. There were holes at crotch, bum hole and two large reinforced holes for the breasts. Monica looked at the suit but said nothing as I ordered her to powder up.

“This looks a bit small but we’ll squeeze you into it somehow, I’m sure.” I chuckled as I got her to step into the leggings. I pulled hard on the sides and quickly it was over her waist, then she pushed her arms down the sleeves and into the attached gloves. It took a little time to get it all snug and all the air holes and wrinkles smoothed out. Now I placed my gloved hand on her head and pushed it down and into the mask. She kept her head dipped obediently as I went behind her and pulled the mask over her head.

It fitted her face tightly as I zipped her down from her crown. Then I came round in front of her and quite roughly pulled her firm breasts through the suit, giving her sore nipples a quick twist. She winced and aaaahh’ed and gave me a dirty look but remained silent. I stood back and inspected her, my arms resting on the hips of my dominatrix dress.

Her breasts now spouted from the suit, but this did not cover the redness of them, they must still be sore, I thought. Her bottom must still have been very sore as well, for through the transparent latex the angry stripes of the cane were as clear as day.

I told her to get into the gyn/ob chair and I think she was now getting the drift of my next session. I strapped her quickly to the chair at ankles, knees, thighs, waist, wrists, elbows and below and above her breasts. I didn’t place a strap across her forehead or neck although I could have. I wanted to allow her at least some room for movement. I adjusted the chair until she was at a 45 degree with her legs parted to expose her divine quim and the tight rosebud of her bum hole.

I then went to the closet and brought back the contraptions that had caught my eye earlier. They comprised several instruments of subtle sexual torture and I couldn’t wait to see if I could get Monica to try them all! The first was an electric breast pump of two cones of plastic with tubes at the nipples ending in a small vacuum machine with a timer.

The second, and this could only be for torture purposes, was a small suction gun with two half inch diameter plastic tubes which could only be designed to cover the nipples. The third was even more devious, a plastic oval cone and connecting tube clearly designed to go over the crotch and suck the vagina outwards to the inside surface of the cone. One of these at any one time would I think be quite unpleasant, but I had designs for using all three…..

Monica looked to her side and gave me a foul look, as I pushed the nipple tube into the suction gun’s barrel. Then, with a sly grin I placed the end of the tube over her already sore nipple and squeezed the trigger a couple of times. Immediately her nipple was sucked into the tube and Monica yelped. Once it was sucked to the end I released the connection to the gun and the airtight tube now had her nipple in a tight grip. I flicked it with my finger and again Monica yelped, but I was now her dom and she was not getting any respite from me.

I repeated the process with her other nipple and now the two plastic tubes stuck about an inch out from her breasts, imprisoning her nipples. Now I moved to the larger cones and placed one over her left breast, then after a couple of minutes reviewing the electric pump, turned it on and saw her breast drawn out from her body and sucked into the cone. When her nipple tube rested on the inner surface of the cone I turned it off. Now that poor breast was the subject of double suction torture. I repeated this with the right breast.

Monica was quietly moaning and biting her lower lip with her teeth, as her breasts, already red with the earlier beating I had given them were squeezed by the cones and inner nipple tubes. I took a break for a few minutes to admire my work. I was certainly in my dom mode, but there in the back of my mind was the lascivious thought that I would like to be the poor sufferer of this torture some time. But I wasn’t finished. I had a feeling that the last cone would be the most unpleasant. This would go over her pussy, and suck it out and into the back of the cone. Clearly Monica knew this and shook her head violently, without speaking, pleading with me, I think, to desist. She must have used it before on her more experienced subbies, so she had an idea of how unpleasant it could be.

“Come on, my brave subbie. Let’s see what you are made of, make me proud. I would do anything for you, and I have up to now, so let’s get this on, shall we?” She took a couple of deeps breaths, looked me in the eye for a few seconds, seeking my trust, and nodded.

I placed the cone over her pussy and turned on the power suction. Quickly her pussy opened like a flower and began to rise and be sucked outwards to the inside of the plastic cone. Now Monica groaned and grrrr’ed but made no comments on this further attack. Once her pussy was squeezed against the inside of the cone I turned the pump off. Monica was now in triple turmoil and I could see sweat break out on her face under the transparent latex.

I examined the two machines and determined that the timer could be applied for the term of full suction and term of rest. I decided on a time of ten minutes of full suction followed by a period of five minutes rest. I placed my hand on Monica’s head and stroked it gently, then adjusted the digital readouts and turned on the two machines.

I stayed by her side for the first circuit, my hand resting on her latex covered head. When the first suction came, at both her breasts and pussy, she let out a scream and then quietly groaned while the full suction was maintained for the ten minutes. The sweat had now broken over her whole body and I could see it settle under her transparent suit.

With each suction Monica’s moaning was increasing in volume, she was not “saying” anything but she was making quite a noise. I decided to move further with her. I rolled over the hospital stand with the full head gas mask and attached rubber inhalation canister.

“You’re making a hell of a racket, subbie, so time to shut you up, this I see is the mask with the internal cock gag, that should do the trick, and you will get a nice dose of rubber aroma as well.”  

I gripped both sides of the gas mask and pulled it firmly down over Monica’s already rubber covered head. She pleaded with her eyes but to no avail and I smiled down at her. There was a muffled nonono, aaarrrggh, followed by a nnnkkk, and then a much more pleasurable low mmmm as the collar of the mask gripped her neck.

Yes, I liked that.

She was very well silenced and now could stew in her juices for a while, and breathe in the intoxicating aroma from the inhalation canister. She rocked her head from side to side, mmmm’ing through the thick cock and breathing in heavily. For a “subbie second” I wished I was her, but had to remind myself that I was the dom here.

I looked down at her. She continued to roll her head from side to side, moaning, and squirming as much as her bonds would allow, which wasn’t much, and flapping her hands and feet, but that was about all. I took her gloved hand in mine and looked through the lenses of her mask.

“We’ve still a long way to go, my dear subbie, I do hope you can hold out, I have a few more tests for you before tomorrow noon. Then you can take me in hand and get your revenge.” Part of me was a little frightened at this thought, but part of me was also quite excited.

As I was about to leave her to suffer on her own, I realised that there was one orifice unattended! Oh, yes her nice tight bum hole. From a drawer I got a number 5 butt plug, brought it over and showed it to her. I saw alarm in her eyes and a loud mmmmm came from her gagged mouth.

“Oh, come on, be a sport, it’s only a number five, I’ve had one twice this size.” She groaned again as I theatrically lubed it up and knelt between her legs, careful not to pull off the cone and tubes connected over her pussy. I pressed the plug at her entrance and saw her clench her cheeks. That would do no good at all, I thought as I pressed harder and the head pushed its way past her sphincter. I continued to press and to a violent shaking of her head the plug finally plopped behind her entrance and her sphincter closed around the base plate.

Now she was well and truly stuffed.

I sat by her side for a while, admiring my work and patting her in encouragement. She continued to moan through her cock gag but I was not going to yield. As each time her breasts were sucked into the cones, she wailed faintly. In light of the beating I had given her, they must have been very sore indeed.

I decided to take a break and patted her on her head saying I would be back later. She wailed louder, but I ignored her and went upstairs. I poured a glass of water and went out into the garden. The late afternoon sun was slowly setting and the temperature was still pleasantly warm. I still had on my dominatrix outfit, of corselette, stockings, high heels, gloves and knee-length dress as well as full head mask so I was sweating within a few minutes, but it was enjoyable to walk in the garden, enclosed by the high brick wall.

I got to thinking about Monica, and of course Tim, and wondered how this would all materialise.

I sat for a while on the patio, admiring the pretty English garden in the golden sun. I felt very calm and at ease. I had enjoyed being a dom to Monica very much indeed and was looking forward to the night and the following day. Maybe Monica was right, perhaps I was a perfect switch, equally happy in both roles. I drifted off to sleep.

I woke with a start, I didn’t know how long I had been out but I was now hot in my rubber gear. I finished my drink and went back inside, feeling pleasantly hot and sweaty. I returned back down to the basement and patted Monica on her double-masked head. She rolled her head and moaned again.

“Still with us, subbie? Good, now you have been subject to the vacuum treatment for well over two hours, so I think that is enough. I’ll keep the gas mask on for now but I’ll take the vacuum cones off.” I carefully twisted off the pussy cone first, and she wailed loudly. The area around her labia was bright red and I’m sure sore. Then I twisted off her breast cones, and again her breasts, which had already taken a good beating, were a shiny scarlet red. The nipple tubes were harder to remove and it took some bending and twisting for some air to enter and break the vacuum. Monica was not very happy at all. I peered into her lenses and could see tears clouding her eyes and she drew in great shuddering breaths and continued to moan.

I felt she needed a bit of pleasure to mix with her pain, and so I knelt down between her outstretched legs and dipped my face to her bright red pussy. I prised her labia gently apart and licked the insides tenderly, then found her nubbin, and rubbed it with my nose and tongue. She tasted sweet and warm and wet, and quickly her moans changed from pain to pleasure.

I was very pleased to see, and feel, her come very quickly. Her feet and hands flapped and her head rocked from side to side but this was now in pleasure. When she had finished shuddering I firmly, but gently, as possible removed the butt plug from her rear. At first it seemed reluctant to come but then it plopped out to an audible sigh from Monica.

I stood up and returned the vacuum machines to the closet, Monica could clean them later. The butt plug went into the sink; again that was the subbie’s job. She was still tied to the gyn/ob chair and was still gas masked and gagged, but I couldn’t resist taking one of her pain-filled nipples in my mouth and sucking gently. I loved the feel of the hard nipple and the warm, salty taste of her flesh.

I went to the kitchen and opened the freezer, finding a couple of freezer gel packs. I folded them in a couple of kitchen towels and returned to Monica. Tenderly I placed one at her inflamed pussy and the other over one breast. At first she yelped at the cold compress, but then I saw her close her eyes and relax. I moved from one breast to the other, taking my time, and soon she was breathing calmly. She looked up and nodded to me, I trusted, in appreciation.

It was soon time for dinner, I was ravenous and I’m sure Monica was too. I left Monica, still tied to the chair and gas mask gagged, and went to the kitchen. Rummaging around I managed to prepare a dinner for two. As it was summer I laid the table on the patio. The meal was a simple salad of cheeses and cold meats, with fruit, bread and a nice bottle of white wine. I released Monica from the gyn/ob chair, she stood up a bit wobbly and I placed my arm around her waist, supporting her. I gripped the collar of the gas mask and, with some difficulty, pulled it off, the gag plopping out of her mouth.

Her head was of course still covered with the transparent mask of her catsuit. Under the latex, her face was red and sweaty and her hair was matted to her head. She took a few huge breaths, adjusting to air not filled with the aroma of rubber, closed her eyes for a few seconds, collecting her thoughts and her balance.

“We’re going to have some dinner, so if you want to freshen up, do it now and then come upstairs.”

She joined me a couple of minutes later on the patio, still in her transparent latex suit, but looking a bit fresher, although her breasts and pussy were still very red. She sat in the patio armchair, next to me and I approached her with a series of rubber straps.

“Oh, no.” She said on seeing this.

“What? Did I hear something?”

She looked at me and shook her head.

“Good, you forgot for a minute there that you are my sub until noon tomorrow, didn’t you?” I placed a strap around her wrist and the arm of the chair and pulled it tight, repeating the arrangement with the other. Then I wrapped a longer one around her waist, and left it at that. Now was the bit she wouldn’t like. I placed a pair of nipple clamps with silver weights on the table in front of her. She winced and shook her head violently, pleading with her eyes. This was not the time for me to be a weak dom, and I nodded an affirmative. I knew her nipples had received some nasty treatment over the day, but this was, in my mind, necessary.

I stood above her and leant down, raising her chin. I kissed her passionately; rubber mask placed over rubber mask, and was ecstatic to feel her return the passion. While our mouths were glued together, I felt for a nipple and quickly pressed the nipple clamp on it. She squealed and shook with pain as I held her lips to mine. But I held her there and repeated the process with the other nipple. I could see her tears now on her cheek below the latex mask, as I held her face to mine, breathing in her exotic aroma of rubber and her hot musk.

I continued to hold her as she shook and cried, but soon she began to breathe easier and I released her. I was very proud of her, as she stoically said nothing, just stared down at her food, breathing slowly, the weights dangling below her tender nipples.

I sat next to her, took a glass of wine and put it to her lips. She glared at me for a second, tears still filling her eyes and then took a very un-ladylike gulp. I tipped the glass further and she finished it, then tipped her head back, breathing hard. Then I slowly began to entice her to eat, forking pieces of salad, cheese and cold meats and allowing her to eat at her pace.

More wine was offered, and accepted. The tears had dried and as I fed myself I enjoyed this moment. I looked out into the garden in the golden setting sun and realised that this was one of the most enjoyable evenings of my life. Here I was, playing – being – the dom, with my subbie lover by my side. The fact that we had not spoken did not mean anything, at least to me, we were bonded spirits.

I don’t know if Monica felt the same, she must have been in discomfort, if not in pain, but she now showed no sign of it. As we finished the salad, I fed her grapes and strawberries, very decadent I know, but now she was at ease with me doing this and we exchanged many glances, knowing that nothing need be said.

After an hour or so, when we had finished the wine, I pulled myself closer to her, and placing a rubber gloved hand over her quim, leant towards her and kissed her again. She returned this and we stayed like this for a few minutes, enjoying the moment. It was cooling now and I released her from the chair, ordering her downstairs to clean up everything, as a good sub should. She didn’t demure and left immediately, the weights swinging from her wonderful firm breasts. I cleared the table, locked up the house and put everything away in the kitchen. We now had the late evening to each other. 

It probably sounds silly now but I really had nothing further planned. I knew she was still in some pain, her bum still wore the weals from my heavy caning, and her nipples were still clamped, so I thought she needed a break - and I thought of a movie! I called her up from the basement and asked if she had any DVD’s. She looked at me strangely. No, I said, not fetish/latex/torture movies, just, you know, movies. So we dug one up, one I had seen a few years before, a French one called Demonlover with Connie Nielsen. Now this did have latex and torture in it, but it had a real plot too, which was a bonus.

And I had a major crush on Connie too, who didn’t?

So I got another bottle of wine and we settled on the couch, like girls on a pyjama party, only we were dressed wholly in latex! We still had our dom/sub code and Monica was silent but, at least I thought, we didn’t have to talk, we now had a strange telepathic connection between us.

I still had all my dominatrix gear, the corselette, Playtex panties, stockings, gloves and long-sleeved dress as well as the full mask, with the transparent face. I was very hot and sweaty, but after the last couple of months I had now got used to this, and now liked the feeling. She still had the transparent catsuit with full mask, with cut outs at breasts, bum hole and pussy. Other than that all was normal! We supped on the wine as the movie progressed, Connie as an industrial spy unwittingly getting deeper and deeper into trouble with the owners of a non-consensual hard core torture porn site.

Monica was soon lying on her side by me, her head on my lap. I had moved my hand to her pussy and was now, almost unconsciously, stroking her there. I leaned over and kissed her wine-wet lips and she returned it passionately. She seemed to no longer notice that her nipples were held in rigid clamps.

We played like this while the movie moved towards the end, poor Connie now being abducted by the dastardly porn villains and transformed into a latex-clad subbie, forced to perform on the net for anyone who could think of anything horrible to do to her and pay for it.

One of the last scenes has Connie, wrist cuffed and dressed in full black latex catsuit in the dungeon, being forced into a latex full-head mask with pinholes for eyes, by one of the porn sites’ villains. Connie is now trapped in latex for however long, maybe her life, completely at the mercy of anyone who chooses to log in, and provide a description of how they would like to dress and torture her.

Connie looks resigned more than horrified by her decline, and of course, she still looks beautiful in her tight black latex. I remembered seeing this before my own introduction to latex and torture, and even then being moved by it. Even then a small part of me felt a bit jealous of Connie, no matter how terrible her fate was. Clearly that was a seed that only needed Monica, Fran and her friends to water, and allow to grow.

This final scene in the movie seemed to arouse Monica, who knelt on the floor and dipped her head under my skirt, and then I felt her nose nuzzle my latex covered quim. I patted her head gently.

“No, no. We’ll get to that later, dear subbie. I’ve a treat for you, before we go to bed. Let’s turn everything off up here and go downstairs to the bedroom there.” We did so and went back down to the basement and I helped myself to a strap-on. The cock wasn’t too big, just a nice size. Monica looked at it and I saw a small smile on her face. I raised my skirt and commanded her to strap it round my waist and between my legs, she did this expertly, and now the cock stood out from my groin, partly shielded by my skirt.

“This needs to be lubed, on your knees.” I said and Monica turned to me and knelt, she needed no orders to dip her head under my raised skirt and suck on the black rubber. After a couple of minutes I commanded her to bend over the side of the bed and spread her legs. She did this, her breasts distended and the nipple weights dangling under her. I felt for her pussy with my gloved fingers and then eased my cock into her already wet channel. She groaned with pleasure.

“Yes, yes, please oh, yes.” She said.

“Subbie.” I said calmly. “No talking now, remember? You don’t want to be gagged, do you?” I threatened quietly, as I thrust into her.

“Aaaah, aaaah, yes, I want to be fucking gagged, aaaahh, yes, yes I do, otherwise I will raise the fucking roof, aaaahh, gag me mistress and gag me well.” That was a bit of a surprise for me, but I now had to break my rhythm. I withdrew.

“Hurry, subbie, find an appropriate gag, and quickly.” She rushed to a drawer, her nipple weights swinging as she ran across the room. She returned with a large red rubber ball gag and harness. She crammed the gag in her mouth herself, biting down on the hard rubber, and while I went behind her and connected the straps she tightened the one under her chin.

It was a good collaborative effort, and she was firmly silenced in seconds. I tightened all the straps and our eyes met and held for a few seconds. Around the huge red ball I could see the outline of a smile. I gripped her by her hips and turned her round to the bed again, and she bent over, spreading her legs. I placed the cock at her quim and thrust it in, accompanied by a loud groan from Monica.

And now we were as one, I thrust and she leant back, grunting with pleasure. I really loved gripping her hips and violently pumping her, and she responded. Despite the huge gag she still managed to grunt and groan at a pretty high volume, she was really getting into the rhythm. Below me I could see the blue/red weals of the cane through the transparent latex, and I couldn’t resist giving her firm bottom a friendly couple of slaps. She squealed loudly, but didn’t withdraw or flinch, just thrust back at me. This continued for a good while, just two rutting animals in heat.

Finally she started to shudder and shake and gurgle all at the same time. Spittle was now dripping from her gag, her nipple weights were swinging violently as she had a crushing orgasm, screaming into the gag. I allowed her to get her breath, and then withdrew. I ordered her to sit and I released the gag harness from her head, pulling out the huge gag. When I had, I pointed to the glossy, juice smeared cock. She knew what I meant and lowered her head onto the cock and began to lick it clean. I looked down and saw her groin smeared with her juices. Once she had cleared up her “mess” on the cock, she looked up at me and said.’’“Thank you mistress.”

I bent down, kissed her tasty lips and said. “I think it’s time for bed, don’t you? Undress me now, everything, and take them to the bathroom, clean them and powder them and shine them up, tomorrow I will need them again.”

She smiled and, very slowly I noticed, began to undress me. First came the mask I had worn since after lunch. My face was soaked and my shorn hair matted to my skull. Our eyes met as she pulled off the mask, and it was as if she hadn’t seen me for a long time.

“Oh, my goodness, you are so beautiful.” She cooed.

“Subbie…..erm…er….am I to punish you again for speaking out of turn?” When she spoke to me like that, it was hard to be a tough dom, as my legs went all wobbly, and butterflies began flying round my stomach. But Monica smiled and lowered her head.

“You must do what you feel is right, mistress.”

“Yes, right, well we will have to wait until tomorrow and then…. well then I’ll punish you.” I said without much confidence. Monica had now moved to my dress and had unzipped it down my back, and I stepped out of it.

“Oooooh my.” Said Monica as she saw me in corselette, stockings, shoulder gloves, and Playtex panties. This was getting silly, was I to punish her for going all gaga every time she looked at me?

“Hurry up.” I said, trying to diffuse the scene a bit. She knelt and undid my stockings, pulling them down my legs, then started to unlace my corselette, which in truth was a relief. Then she rolled down my gloves until I was left in only my latex panties. She then just rested her face at my groin, inhaling my scent through the ventilation holes of the panties. I was shivering with excitement myself, but above all else I believed I had still to be the dom here. I raised her head and looked down.

“Enough subbie. Now go to the bathroom, clean all the rubber properly now.” I stepped out of my sopping panties and handed them to her. “You can take off the clamps, do your ablutions and return here naked. Quick now.”

When she had gone I took a deep breath, it was very hard indeed to turn down Monica’s lips at my pussy, even latex covered as it was. And this gave me an idea. I wiped myself down, I have to say I stunk a bit, not surprisingly. I rubbed my shorn hair dry, but I decided I would need a shower before I dressed for bed. I went to the drawers looking for some night attire and finally, found exactly what I wanted. I would dress in the bathroom once Monica had finished and returned.

It took her a while to return as she had to clean all the latex garments, but she did so, having showered and brushed her teeth. She smelled of lavender soap and minty toothpaste and had pulled her hair back again into a tight pony tail. I preferred her smelling of her own “scent” and latex, but this was quite pleasant too.

I had laid out a rubber sleeping bag on the bed. It had a full front double zip and internal sleeves. She smiled slyly and with a shiver stepped into it, putting her arms deep into the sleeves. I zipped up the front and now she was trapped inside. She shivered as the rubber around her gradually warmed up.

“I’ll be back in a while.” I whispered and pecked her on the lips. She had hung all the garments, powdered and shined in the bathroom and I moved them to the bedroom closet.

“These look fine, lucky for you that you did a decent job, otherwise you’d be in for more trouble.” I didn’t really mean it but I was still in the role. I showered slowly, getting the water as hot as I could. I washed my breasts and pussy, still surprised in myself that I was happy to have all the gold rings adorning my body. I dried myself and brushed my teeth. Now I dressed in my night attire.

I had found in the closet a full body shocking pink latex catsuit, with back zip, attached gloves and feet but no mask. That was all fairly straightforward but what interested me was hanging down between the legs of the catsuit was a thick latex hood. It was clear that this was designed to accommodate a human head, at the collar there was a thick strap which could be pulled tight imprisoning the wearer within the hood, and with the face forced next to the catsuit wearer’s pussy, or cock I suppose. There were dozens of small air holes in the hood so breathing would not be interrupted, but clearly what the wearer would be breathing would be the scent of his or her mistress and latex.

I loved this idea. Part of me wanted to be wearing the hood, trapped next to Monica’s pussy, breathing in her scent, unable to escape. But my role now was as dom, and so it would be Monica’s turn in the hood.

I carefully pulled the catsuit on, stretching it over my legs, then waist and up my torso. I pushed my arms through the cool, clinging sleeves and smoothed out the wrinkles. It was a lovely fit, and thank goodness I am flexible for I was able to pull the zip up to the high collar. I viewed myself in the mirror, a slightly innocent (?) young woman in pink latex with a strange thick appendage attached to my groin. I turned out the light and entered the bedroom. Monica was lying on the latex bed, trapped in the tight body bag, her head uncovered. She saw me approach, and rather than a look of horror, which I had part expected, she smiled benignly. I lay down beside her, took her head in my gloved hands and kissed her.

“So….it’s time for a bit of pussy worship from my subbie. I think there will be enough air in there for you to breathe.” She nodded, clearly it had been used by her, or on her before.

“Good. Some air, and with my scent too, and latex of course. So you will be in here for the night, and I expect a lot of attention subbie. No last words?” I’m sure she had lots of things to say, but no, not at this time. She shook her head and I kissed her a final time and placed the hood over her head. I pulled it down firmly to her neck and drew the collar closed, but not too tight. I lay back on the bed and turned out the light.

Immediately I felt her nuzzle her nose and mouth over my pussy, exposed within the hood, and wriggle closer to me in her body bag. I raised one leg and placed it over her shoulder to get more comfortable and she started to lap at my altar, which was quickly becoming wet. I patted her head in encouragement and stroked her with affection.

She was such an expert it was less than five minutes before I came. I shook and groaned, and gripped her head between my thighs, then realised I could have cut off her air. I raised my leg, stroked her head again, whispered a thank you and settled my head back on the latex covered pillow, and drifted to sleep, my subbie trapped next to my pussy and still happily licking and nuzzling.



Story continues in Chapter 7

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