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The Tale of Tim & Carol Part 2 Chapter 4: Cheating on Tim - Twice

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2012 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; F/f; Sbf; D/s; latex; cuffs; hoods; gags; public; hotel; bdsm; nun; toys; insert; oral; mast; climax; cons; X

continued from Chapter Three


Chapter 4: Cheating on Tim - Twice

I went to see Ann first, but I had a request. I wanted Suzy to do her dirty deeds on me, and if Ann wouldn’t mind, her too. Suzy is so open and candid, she loved the idea, she and Ann are so tight there is not a jealous bone in her body, and the idea of giving me some serious punishment really appealed to her.

So she had us strip in the bedroom, facing her as if on military parade, our naked, pierced and ringed bodies, positively shivering in anticipation. All she wore were latex bra, panties and shoulder gloves. She came to us, smiling, and each hand she placed between our legs simultaneously, her middle finger entering us. I took a lungful of air and raised myself onto my toes, I was shaking. Suzy withdrew and looked at her finger, wet and gleaming.

“Hmm, you have been waiting for this haven’t you? Well don’t worry dear Carol, I won’t disappoint.” It was so funny being talked to like that by an 18 year old, but then she was a very mature 18 year old indeed. She handed us both a pair of black and red striped latex tights with holes at crotch and rear and also a D ring at the rear waist, then red halter tops with holes at nipples. After we squeezed into them, she passed us red shoulder-length gloves. Then she cuffed Ann’s hands behind her back, gave her a long kiss and pushed her back on the bed. She straddled her and expertly pulled a red latex mask over her head. It had a mouth hole and small pinholes at the eyes, and a D ring at the crown. I could see that Ann was wet and already breathing hard, she was really enjoying this.

Suzy repeated this with me, cuffing my hands and pulling the mask over my head. I could see quite well through the pinholes. She then attached a short strap to my mask and also one to Ann’s. She ordered me to lie down on top of Ann, but facing the other way!

I quickly got the idea and straddled her, and bent my face to her crotch. Suzy raised Ann’s bum and pulled the strap from the top of my mask through her legs, attaching it to the ring at the back of her tights. My face was now trapped on Ann’s crotch. She repeated this by attaching Ann’s chain to the back of my tights, and Ann’s face was now clamped over my pussy. Both of us spread our legs for better access.

This wasn’t punishment at all, I thought as I drank in Ann’s intoxicating musk from her moist pussy coupled with the aroma of latex. But then I felt a stinging blow to my buttocks, followed quickly by another. This forced me to jerk forward, which meant pressing my crotch further into Ann’s face. She continued this while Ann worked on my pussy, and soon my bum was getting very sore.

She didn’t stop there though, as I felt a lubed butt plug slowly ease past my sphincter. I compressed my anal passage as well as I could, but she just pressed harder and all too quickly it popped in, with my sphincter now gripping the narrow end by the base plate. She slapped me a few more times, laughing as she did so. Then she carefully rolled us over.

Now I was underneath, and Ann was getting the beating, and instinctively pushing her pussy into my face as the slaps continued to rain down on her. Then she too, I assumed, received the butt plug treatment, as I could feel her strain and resist.

But Suzy was having too much fun and I could hear her laugh as she pushed on until Ann was also well plugged. Then she resumed her beating, and I could feel Ann gasping for breath as she serviced me expertly. To give us both a break, Suzy very thoughtfully rolled us to our sides, at least I thought so, but as we lay on our sides this allowed her access to our ringed nipples, which she began to squeeze and twist.

I was now beginning to moan and grunt, in a mix of severe pain and intense pleasure. For what I could hear, and feel, Ann had the same quandary. Soon I came, thrusting my crotch further into Ann’s face, and Ann reciprocated, actually crying out, ah ah ah aaaaah.

It had not taken longer that maybe forty minutes but I was exhausted, and sore, but wonderfully satisfied. Suzy released out mask chains and cuffs and I rolled on my back, happy as a clam. Suzy joined us, lying between us, her hands again resting now on our very wet pussies.

Nothing was said for a while, until I whispered.

“Thank you, both of you, that was wonderful, Suzy, thank you for allowing me to share with you.”

“Hey, no worries.” She laughed in her usual non-analytical way. “It was fun for me seeing you two squirm around down there. Now Carol…. I’ve been hearing how good you are with your tongue. So perhaps you could oblige. Yeah?” She slipped out of her latex panties.

“I’d be happy to.” I replied, and dipped my head onto her wet pussy.

I could see clearly that the pleasure I gained from being with Ann and Suzy, and of course Monica, would prove a problem with Tim, I was after all cheating on him now. And a few days later I called Monica. She was very happy to hear from me, and I told her I wanted to see her.

“On a professional basis? Oh, you have made my day.” I could hear a snigger.

“What? Erm…I don’t…er…”

“I’m just joking, Carol love. Goodness, lighten up. I’m here for you, for whatever you want at any time, how’s that?”

“I want to meet you, to… have a chat, okay?”

I heard her laugh, her deep throaty laugh.

“Just a chat? My, I am disappointed.”

“Don’t be so cruel, Monica I need to chat but…. of course I want more than that.” I felt horribly guilty, as I waited in silence while she made me suffer.

“I’m glad to hear it. I’ll call you back in a couple of minutes.” And she did so, and gave me the name of a hotel, a room number and a time two days hence.

“See you there, bring what you like….surprise me if you can, ha ha.” And she hung up.

So for two days I was on tenterhooks. Tim was away at yet another conference so I could at least prepare for it. Did I feel guilty? Of course I did, but this “thing” I was on, this racing train was bigger and more powerful than I could resist. Two days later in the late afternoon I prepared to meet Monica again, and again, I was both nervous and excited.

There is a part of me that says one day I would love to dom Monica, it would be so exciting to turn a gold plated dominatrix like her into an obedient puppy licking my hand.

Yes I would like to do that, and one day I would broach it with her. But for now I was her sub, and I still loved that idea. When I was under her control I was so completely at ease, she could do anything to me, and I would do anything for her. While I wanted to talk to her, now urgently, I knew that sex was also what I wanted, she had offered and I would accept, very gladly. So I dressed with great care.

I was her sub so when we were to meet I wanted to enforce my submission to her desires. First, to show my faith in her I eased a medium sized butt plug up my rear. Even with the lube it took a little while but once it reached the narrow neck and plopped in I was more comfortable. She knew that it had taken me a while to get used to them, but I felt that if she saw I had stuffed one up my own rear it would confirm my willingness to submit myself to her for anything.

I pulled on a pair of latex shoulder gloves and latex stockings and attached them to the suspenders of a heavy, tight latex corselette, complete with front lacing and breast cups; only my ringed nipples peeped out. I slipped into a pair of latex panties which had some hard rubber bristles at the crotch. That would keep me on edge I thought.

All my undergarments were virgin white. Next came a white blouse with long loose sleeves and buttons to a mandarin collar, then a tight black knee length pencil skirt. I was getting warm but I wasn’t finished. Wrist length gloves I pulled over the wrists of the blouse and the white gloves underneath, and then a black hip-length jacket, with a series of front buttons. I slipped my feet into four inch heels and draped an ankle length cape over my shoulders, pressing the stud fastenings up to my chin. It had a full hood, with a lateral panel across my lower face area, covering all my face except the eyes.

Before pulling that around my face the next bit was going to be the fun bit. I pulled over my head an open-faced mask covering my short hair and extending down my neck, but still keeping my face exposed. Then I stuffed a large red ball gag in my mouth and strapped it tightly behind my head. Now I could pull up the hood, and the horizontal panel, hiding the gag. The final piece was to place a set of keys in my jacket pocket and then slide my wrists into hand cuffs behind my back. My heart was now pounding in my chest and I was beginning to sweat already. I placed one in the cuff and snapped it tight, then checked the house, locked the front door, placed the house key in the same pocket and with a deep breath slid my second wrist into the handcuff and snapped it tight.

Well, now I was cooked.

I couldn’t release myself and I couldn’t get back in the house, and I couldn’t raise an alarm as I was gagged. So, impeded by the tight pencil skirt, I slowly made my way to the hotel, careful to stay calm and keep my balance in my high heels. I breathed in the pungent latex, and felt the several layers of latex rub over me. The rubber bristles and the butt plug were also having an effect and I bit down hard on the rubber ball gag. It was a half hour walk to the hotel but after only fifteen I was a ball of sweat, with saliva dripping down my chin, and the insides of my panties soaked.

Once at the hotel I prayed that Monica would be there, I could just see me walking up and down the corridor, then having to explain myself (ha!) to the management. I walked through the lobby without incident thank god, waited for an elevator, praying again that I would be the only one to get in it. Fortunately I was, and I hit the button for the sixth floor…with my nose. I came to the room Monica had booked, and banged it with my head (!).

“Yes, who is it?” Came Monica’s reply.

For god’s sake, I thought, open the bloody door! I mmmffed into my gag, she must be able to see me through the peep hole; I could just imagine her giggling her head off behind the door. But it opened, finally, and I lurched into her arms. She kicked the door shut and hugged me. I was delighted to see she was wearing her dominatrix outfit and my heart leapt at the thought of what she had planned for me. She wore the heavily corseted latex dominatrix dress, with high neck, full sleeves pulled tight at the wrist over latex gloves and a flared skirt to above her knees. Her legs were clad in gunmetal grey stockings and her feet in four inch pumps. She looked gorgeous, just stunning and I almost came there and then. Behind her on the floor was a suitcase with other goodies. She stepped back.

“Well, what do we have here, a nice little package that needs unwrapping, yes?” I nodded and she smiled and pushed back the hood, unhooked the cape studs, and it fell to the ground.

“You do like these capes, don’t you? Me too. Oh my, well you did go to a lot of trouble didn’t you? Gagged and cuffed in latex, just the way I like you. Maybe I’ll just leave you here for a couple of hours and go out on the town, ha. I love the skirt and the jacket too. I could just play with you like this, but I expect you want the gag out now.” She released the gag and I spluttered a thank you.

“You’re the boss, but if you want the keys, they’re in my jacket pocket.” She smiled benignly and released my handcuffs and I gave her a big hug. She handed me a glass of wine from the counter, and I took a big gulp.

“I like the open faced mask too, you look so beautiful, and yet you are rubber masked as well. Let’s see what you have under the jacket and skirt.” I stood obediently as she unbuttoned my jacket, I could feel myself getting hot again as she slowly undressed me.

“Hmm, and a very nice blouse and a pretty pencil skirt too.” She pulled off my outer gloves and unbuttoned my blouse, then pulled down my skirt.

“Oh, yes, love, you have done yourself proud. Thank you so much for going to this effort, you are stunning.”

“It’s for you, Monica, I did it for you, of course.” And Monica kissed me tenderly as I leant against her, clad now only in hood, heavy corselette, stockings, gloves and panties. I was dripping wet and Monica could see this as she slid her gloved hands inside my panties and pulled them down.

“Oh, my goodness, you have a butt plug too, well isn’t that nice, not too big I hope. I knew you would do something special for me, and you have.”

“It’s just big enough I know it’s there.” I laughed. We lay back on the bed and my gloved hands quickly explored Monica. I raised her skirt, and laughed.

“I got them especially for you, I know you have a thing for the Playtex ventilated latex panties, and they really are very comfortable. You really do like them, don’t you?”

“Oh yes. I love them.” I said and began to stroke her there. After a while I said.

“But I prefer you out of them.” And I reached under and pulled them down. Noticing that they were also wet, I tossed them on the floor, and resumed with my fingers. We spent a languid half hour on the bed, just enjoying our latex-clad bodies, kissing, stroking, and rubbing. Then I rolled her on her back, lifted her skirt and dipped my head into her moist cleft. As I licked and gently nuzzled her wet cleft she took my masked head in her hands and stroked it tenderly. Then I turned round 180 degrees, lay on my side and her face was immediately at my soaking channel.

It didn’t take long for both of us to come, shaking and shuddering, together. We lay on the bed for a while, catching our breath, holding each other’s gloved hand. Then after a while Monica raised herself up and looked down at me.

“So, you’ve had the pleasure, are you willing to pay your penance?” She had a leer on her face and I wasn’t sure where this might go, but I was the sub after all and I knew Monica wouldn’t disappoint.

“Of course mistress, my wish is to satisfy you.”

“Well put Carol, but it might be advisable to offer yourself after you’ve heard my plans for you, not before.” I shivered a bit in anticipation at what was to come. She went to the suitcase and pulled out a perfect replica in latex of a nun’s habit and laid it on the bed.

“We’ll not get you into this yet, I have something else for you, bring that chair into the bathroom.” And she turned and went to the bathroom, while I followed. She turned the chair facing away from the mirror and tilting it backwards told me to sit in it.

I leant back, my head resting on the edge of the sink. She gently eased off my open faced hood and went out of vision. Then she came back into view, holding a pair of electric hair clippers. She saw the look of shock on my face and placed a hand gently on my head.

“If you are going to be a nun and wear the habit, then the hair has to go, my dear. But I shall be lenient with you, you will not be bald, we all have lives to live out there in the so-called real world after all, I shall give you a number six, which is about a half inch, all over. Now what do you say? All you have to do is say no, that’s all, it’s up to you. I actually think you will look stunning with it.”

I thought of Ann and her cut that Suzy had given her, which I thought she quite suited, Monica was my dom, why should I say no if it pleases her that my hair is in such a way? I thought it might be quite interesting and so I nodded.

“Good girl.” Monica nodded and raising my head began to run the clippers over the crown and along the sides. She smiled down at me as she continued to run the clippers now in diagonal directions. It took no longer that three or four minutes before she gathered up the hair from the sink and dropped in the waste basket. My head certainly felt a little lighter and I was about to get up when she gently pushed me back in the tilting chair.

“Not finished yet.” She said and began to run the taps. Then with her latex gloved hands she tenderly shampooed my newly shorn head. As she did this she leant down and kissed me while continuing to massage my scalp. Once rinsed, she rubbed me dry with a towel, which didn’t take long. She tipped the chair upright and turned me round to face the mirror. I instinctively closed my eyes, but I should have had no fear for when I opened them I thought that the half inch length all over really looked quite good on me, a sort of androgynous tomboy. Monica said.

“You still look beautiful; there is no haircut that could spoil your beauty. And now you will have no problems at all with tight masks. Okay, up you get.” We returned to the bedroom and she helped me into the latex nun’s habit. I shivered as she placed it over my head and then down my body. It had the white hood tightly framing my face and the black habit extended down to my ankles; now only my face from chin to eyebrows was visible. I felt a tingle of excitement as the outer latex rustled against my undergarments, and my ringed nipples hardened quickly.

I was only wearing the corselette, stockings and gloves, as Monica had removed my panties. But I still had the butt plug, its base snugly positioned between my cheeks. So there we were, the dominatrix and the nun, covered head to foot in latex, an interesting combination to say the least. Monica approached and put her arms over my shoulders, looking me deeply in the eyes.

“Now my dear, this is going to be a big test for you. As a dom, I want to administer to you a severe caning. As a novice sub, you will probably not gain much pleasure from this, as it will hurt, I assure you. But it is all part of what a dom/sub relationship can be. Later on, I think you will go on to enjoy it.” We separated and from the case she produced a three foot cane, gripping it in her right hand and bending it with her left.

“Over time a sub will learn to enjoy pain, I know you can, you have already, and I’m very proud of you. But what I want to administer now is a different level of pain that you have received up to now. You will be marked, not permanently but the cuts will stay on your cheeks for two or three days. What I am going to do is give you six hard strokes on the rear with this whippy cane. Now……of course you can decline, and let me say this, I will not think any the less of you for it, but you would make me feel very proud if you would let me inflict this on you.”

I had already endured some pain over the last few weeks, not least the electric jolts up my bottom from my own mother, but I knew that this would be different, that Monica would not hold back, that this was a test, for both of us. I had experienced so much over the last nearly couple of months that I realised I was getting a taste for this, I wanted to push the limits, to ride the tiger. I nodded, and Monica grinned back.

“All right, once we start there will be no safe word, it will hurt like hell, but you must endure. I think it would be wise if I gagged you, I don’t want all the staff and other guests of the hotel breaking down the door. I’ll use this inflatable, so I won’t need straps. Now open wide, good, okay I’ll pump it up nice a high so you can’t spit it out.”

And she did until it felt my jaw would break, and I squeaked in appeal, she ignored this and felt my cheeks and nodded.

“Turn round and face the bed, now lean over to a horizontal position and place your hands on the bed. Good, now spread your legs further apart.” I looked down at the bed, the pump from the gag swinging at the end of the tube from my mouth, breathing in deep slow breaths. I felt her come close to me and raise the rear of the habit, folding it over my back and exposing my vulnerable cheeks and the base of the butt plug.

I felt her gloved hands on my cheeks, then move between my legs, tickling my ringed labia and pressing the base of the plug. Rather than close my legs I spread them wider, wanting her to continue. My legs were almost shaking with anticipation. I held my breath, watching the dangling gag inflator bulb. Calmly, coolly she straightened my stockings and suspenders, and again ran her gloved hands over my cheeks. Then she stood to my side, and I felt the cane rest on my buttocks as she took careful aim.

When the first stroke landed I don’t think I have ever experienced such immediate pain in my life. I nearly bit through the gag and I had to push back with my arms from falling on the bed. I gulped in air as the second landed. I screamed into the gag, clenching my buttocks around the plug. Then the third came; she was giving me no respite, maybe that was the way it was meant to be but I was dizzy with pain. The fourth then landed and again I clenched my buttocks, as I chomped down on the gag, saliva pouring out of my mouth.

My legs were now shaking uncontrollably, but I got no relief as she whipped the fifth down on my cheeks. They felt as if they were on fire and both my arms and legs were struggling to keep me steady. Saliva was dribbling down from the gag, and snot came from my nose as I cried uncontrollably. Monica had said nothing at all, and when the final one arrived I continued to scream into the gag. Right then I was not so sure that pain could induce pleasure. My cheeks were excruciating and my whole body was shaking.

“Do not move.” I heard her order, what could be next, I thought. Then after a few seconds I felt a cooling cream being applied to my cheeks. She gently rubbed in the cooling antiseptic with her gloved hand as I shook, cried and moaned with pain. She raised me up to full height and turned me to face her. Tears were streaming down my cheeks and saliva from my gag. She held me tight; the habit had fallen back to cover my rear, and I could feel it brushing against my red hot buttocks. She continued to hold me, still gagged, as I began to breathe more easily.

“You were wonderful, I am so proud, no quit in you at all, my dear. There are only very few experienced clients that I punish as harshly as that. As I have said before Carol, you are special indeed. I will take your gag out now.”

She deflated the huge gag and it plopped out as I gulped for air. I continued to cry quietly as she comforted me. I felt as if someone had laid six rods of white hot steel across by bottom, I was still shaking.

“Oh jeez, I can’t believe….oh. It hurt so much….oh”

“Come to the bathroom and you’ll see your marks of pride.”

I wasn’t so sure of the pride bit, yet at least, but she raised by habit and I turned to see six very straight horizontal deep red lines, a couple already turning to blue, and the butt plug still embedded inside me. I wasn’t sure if I hated or loved her then, but she clamped a kiss on my lips and I kissed her back hard.

It was at that moment that I realised there was really no doubt that I would endure anything for her.

“Now for a bit of reward.” She led me back into the bedroom and as I stood by the bed, still shaking from the pain she knelt, lifted the habit and disappeared underneath. Immediately I felt her tongue and nose, and lips work their magic. I spread my legs, gripped her head and pushed her further in, I was crying now with both pain and pleasure. It can’t have been more than three minutes before I came, holding her head against my love canal to stop me falling. Sated, I fell onto the bed, lying on my side, looking across at my tormentor and lover. My bottom was still burning like hell, but not with the involuntary shaking of before. Monica laid a hand on my cheek.

“That was really very special, I think we deserve some room service.” We ordered some as we lay on the bed, my gloved hand was now up her dominatrix skirt and she was starting to moan quietly, my other hand was in my own cleft, rubbing my clit, I was soaking already in the heavy nun’s habit.

Soon we were broken out of our reverie by room service. I thought they would leave it at the door, but Monica mischievously went to the door and opened it in her dominatrix outfit in black and grey. I didn’t have her bravado and hid under the sheet, giggling as I heard her say.

“Sure you don’t want to come in?” And then the door closed. Monica was rolling in the trolley.

“He ran down the corridor at 50 miles an hour, poor kid was probably 20 or something, scared him to death, ha ha.” We lay back propped on the pillows and fed ourselves slowly, drinking a very good white wine, enjoying just talking – a latex nun and a rubber dominatrix.

We talked about Tim inevitably, and how he seemed to be struggling with my transformation, and my mum and dad, what a strange world I had been thrust into, or had actually happily jumped. After we ate I was stifling so I took off my habit, and was now dressed in only corselette, stockings, gloves and butt plug. I went to the bathroom and with some difficulty slowly drew the plug out of my rear, tossing it into the sink and washing it in very hot soapy water, then wiped the sweat, and other juices from my body, enjoying the new look of my hair.

Monica followed me in and from behind wrapped her arms around me and fondled my ringed breasts. I helped her out of her dom’s dress and saw she wore a halter top bra supporting her ample solid breasts, shoulder-length gloves and suspender belt and stockings, I had already divested her of her Playtex panties. So we were similarly dressed and both without panties. I wiped her down, for she was also wet and sticky. We brushed our teeth and she applied more soothing cream to my burning bottom. We were ready for bed again! I was sore and tired, but not too sore nor tired to ignore this woman in bed.

With a dirty look Monica handed me a full head mask, with just two small nostril holes and a long rubber cock sticking out the front. She knew I liked these masks, I loved being both blind and mute and partially deaf, my sense of touch enhanced. She had an identical one in her hands and was already pulling it on. I found the light and turned it out, (as if that would make a difference) and pulled the mask hard down on my head. I felt for the snorkel mouthpiece and sucked it into my mouth, gripping the hard rubber.

I lay back on the bed, feeling out for Monica and immediately I felt her beside me, one hand at my pussy and the other twisting my ringed nipple. Quickly we were all over each other, rubbing, massaging, rolling nipples and clits. Then she took the initiative and I could feel her turn head to tail beside me. I raised her upper leg and blindly sought out her pussy, then resting at the entrance raised my own leg to allow Monica access.

As if by some telepathy we both entered each other simultaneously and began to dip and raise our masked heads. It was a wonderfully rhythmic feeling, being with a matched soul, we were blind, mute and partially deaf, but we were immediately on the same plain and it was so effortless and comfortable.

All too quickly we both came, and turned and rested on our backs, within seconds I was fast asleep, exhausted after a wonderful evening….even if my bottom still stung like hell. Sometime during the night Monica woke and helped me off with the mask, then in the dark she clamped her lips to mine and we started again, tongues, lips, hands.

The next morning I was awake first, stiff, sore (particularly my aching bottom) but feeling calm and at peace. I had no intention of undressing out of the tight latex, showering and dressing again, no matter how badly I smelled. So I lay there in that lovely area between half sleep and awake. Monica finally awoke and snuggled up.

“I have a present to give you before you go.” She said and got up, stretching, she looked wonderful in the half light, her firm body held by the latex clothes. She went to her suitcase and brought back a smaller jewellery case, giving it to me.

“It’s all for you, open it up.” I was a bit nervous, but opened it, and laying there were eight thick gold rings opened at the ends. I looked at Monica, who with a smile explained.

“These are a….erm, token of my appreciation, my devotion to you, my sub, as your dom. I want you to wear them for me; I would be pleased and proud if you did. I can easily replace the older steel ones, these are a bit thicker, but will slide through your piercings fairly easily. They are however unlike the others as they have a female and male end that each slot together permanently, so again only cutters can get them off, and…I happen to have brought some cutters. So, what do you say?”

They were beautiful and I saw that each was engraved “Carol and Monica” so how could I refuse? I gave her a big smooch and just lay back with my legs wide, my ringed nipples and pussy for all to see.

“I’ll take that as a yes then.” And Monica delved into the case again and brought a heavy duty set of cutters and a set of pliers back.

“Okay, so I want you perfectly still here, once they are cut I have to pull the ends apart so we can get them off.” I felt her at my tender pussy, I was almost wet with the attention, and then I felt six snips in fairly quick succession. She separated the ends with a rubber-ended set of inverted pliers and slid the rings off. Then quickly she began to replace them by sliding through my skin one end of the gold rings, and with the small pliers squeeze them together with a audible click. This was all quite painless if a little tender. When finished she gave me a gentle kiss there and with a smile moved to my breasts. She repeated the process with the same care and consideration, and very soon I was adorned by eight glorious gold rings.

We lay for a while, not saying much, each with our thoughts, mine mostly of Tim, and the future. But soon it was time to leave. Neither of us could bother with a shower which would have entailed undressing from all the latex, washing and powdering and dressing again. I was quite happy to smell of latex and sex, both smells I liked very much, and so was Monica!

Both of us had a quick basin-bath and brushing of teeth. I had the cape with the front flap over the lower half of my face, so I certainly didn’t need make-up. Monica sniffed her Playtex panties, gave me a rueful look and stepped back into them, shivering as she pulled them up her legs, then I helped her with the dom’s dress. She lubed up my cleaned and disinfected butt plug as I leant over quite happily, and she smoothly returned it into my anal passage. Then I pulled on my panties with the bristles at the crotch, then the blouse, pencil skirt and the 4 inch pumps, and finally the jacket. All that was left were the cape, open face mask and of course the ball gag and cuffs.

She packed the bag, I was sorry to see the nun’s habit go, but I had one at home now. I helped her into a calf-length double breasted rubber mackintosh that she buttoned to her chin, so she was now ready. She held up the cuffs.

“I think you can probably handle these, yes? I’ll place the key in your hand and you will have to manoeuvre it into the cuffs under the cape to release yourself, but I think you’re up to that.” I nodded and held out my hands together in front of me and she slipped the cuffs around my gloved wrists and squeezed them closed, then placed the key in my gloved hand. I felt a flash of excitement run through my body, and I clenched my cheeks around the butt plug.

She placed the heavy latex cape over me and it dropped around my shoulders and to my ankles, now I was already sweating. She pulled the open-faced mask over my newly shorn head. Before she opened the door, she hugged and kissed me.

“It’s been quite a night so, as they say, we must do this again sometime, and soon, ha ha. I know you and I will talk very regularly and see each other very regularly, so I don’t have to say that, take care, my love and see you very soon.” We kissed again, and she took the ball gag and I opened my mouth happily as she eased it between my teeth, pulling the strap tight behind my masked head. She smiled and pecked the ball gag and lowered the hood over my head, then pulled the front flap around and attached it, leaving a small area around my eyes exposed. As I walked down the corridor to the elevator I could feel a tear form in my eye. I entered the elevator, pushed the lobby button with my nose again, then skittered out through reception and into the street.

Again after the night before I didn’t give a damn what people might have been thinking as I walked home. Soon I was home, and it took me a bit of fumbling under the cape to get the key into the cuffs and release them, but then I was inside, and I went upstairs, exhausted.



Story continues in Chapter 5

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