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The Tale of Tim & Carol Chapter 5: Carol's Education Continues

by Rbbral

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continued from chapter four


Chapter 5: Carol's Education Continues

The camera angles were different this time, as quickly I could see two different angles, so the film had been subject to some editing. Now I could see Carol only in the background, trotting at a good pace, seemingly “comfortable” with the plug and bit.

Monica came into view in the foreground, leading on a chain a woman dressed as a classic French maid. Well, this might be interesting, I thought. The chain is attached to a ring on a rubber and steel collar around the woman’s neck. She has not been otherwise tethered but she is very compliant and shows no resistance.

The classic costume is in black latex with full white trim at neck (below the collar), hem and just above the elbows. The hem is mid-thigh and she wears black stockings and four inch pumps, in which she looks a bit wobbly. Her arms are encased in shoulder length black latex gloves, tucked under the ruffled sleeves of the dress. She has a small pinafore in white around her waist. She is tall, probably over 6 feet in her heels, and her jet black hair is in a page boy hairdo to match her outfit. She has a quite narrow waist but not hourglass, her breasts are ample and stretch the latex of the dress, her legs and arms look well-muscled under the latex and she looks a bit of an athlete. Balanced on her head is a maid’s bonnet to complete her ensemble. She looks maybe early 30’s and wears heavy make-up, dark eye shadow and liner, and deep red lipstick and her head is slightly bowed, apparently in submissive mode.

She stood with hands clasped in front of her as Monica said.

“All right rubber maid, you know what you have to do. Everything is to be spotless. The latex and the steel on all the equipment must shine as new. The soiled rubber garments are in the hamper in the usual place by the sinks over there, I want them washed, rinsed, powdered on the inside and silicone shined on the outside. I will be back in an hour or so and we’ll check everything. If the work is not up to standard then you know what will happen.”

“Yes, mistress.” Whispered the maid, head down, as Monica released her collar chain and with a wry smile left the room. The maid began by washing the soiled latex clothing first. As she leant over the hamper I got a good shot of her rear as the hem of her dress rode up. Her stocking are supported by several suspenders and she has a tight pair of black panties with white frills over them. She grabbed an armful of soiled rubber - leotards, panties, bras, masks, stockings, dresses and dipped her head into them, breathing in deeply the rubber aroma.

Soon she was washing them in one sink and then rinsing them in the other. She then hung them from a drying rack suspended from the ceiling. As they dripped dry she began to spray and wipe down the equipment, firstly the stainless and then more carefully the rubber. By then the clothes were dry and she laid them out on one of the rubber punishment benches and powdered them first, then sprayed them with a silicone and rubber them to a bright shine. It was clear that she had done this before as she had it all down to an art, the timing of the clothing drying and the cleaning of all the machines.

She seemed to enjoy her work, several times putting the latex to her face and breathing in, and a couple of times I saw her hand slip under her dress and rub herself there.

It took the rubber maid about an hour to complete her duties, finally putting away all the latex clothing and during all this time Carol had been trotting on the treadmill. She has always been super-fit and I’m not surprised she’s still going although she must be soaked in the latex suit and mask. The rubber maid had clearly noticed her before, but had her duties to do; now she sashayed over to stand next to the treadmill and admire Carol’s form. The camera was clearly remote controlled for it homed in on the couple. Carol looked to her side, spittle dripping onto her chest which is heaving with her efforts.

Now with an evil smile the rubber maid turned off the machine. The rubber maid takes a bottle of silicone steps onto the treadmill next to Carol and sprays it over Carol’s front. She can do nothing as she is still chained to the machine with her arms in the mono-glove behind her back. Rubber maid takes a rag and begins to shine up Carol’s suit, paying particular attention to her breasts, and then passing round her, her rear. One rubber gloved hand then passed between her legs and started to rub her pierced, naked labia. Carol began to groan and writhe, but there is little more she can do, as the rubber maid slaps her buttock and licks an exposed nipple. Then Monica’s voice is heard.

“Rubber maid, when I said I wanted you to buff the rubber clothing to a bright shine I think you knew I was referring to the soiled clothes, not those still inhabited, yes?” The rubber maid stepped down from the treadmill and Carol groaned, in relief or frustration it was hard to tell. The rubber maid hung her head, “yes mistress, sorry mistress” she replied.

“You’re not sorry you little slut, you’re only sorry you got caught before you could get any further with Carol, who I have to say didn’t seem to be putting up too much of a fight.” Carol tried to dispute this but could do little other than stare ahead at the mirror, still breathing heavily.

“Well I shouldn’t really blame you Carol, you have done very well and kept up a good pace for over an hour, I think we will have some plans for you in a few days, you have great stamina and some speed too, we might give you a good run next week.”

“Now, as for you, young lady, you’re in deep shit. The cleaning was done, as always, very well and we thank you for that. But you are a naughty girl aren’t you, taking advantage of my little project here. And we can’t allow you to get off scot free. So follow me over here.”

She approached the gyno/ob chair and turned to the rubber maid.

“You know the drill, panties off and up you get.” Shyly the maid wriggled her hand up inside her skirt and gingerly pulled down her panties, then stepped into the chair, currently in an erect position, and placed her high heels into the stirrups, then leant back.

“I’m going to need some help here, so…” Monica went over to Carol, unclipped the chain tying her to the treadmill and then released her arms from her monoglove. Carol shook her arms, happy to get the blood flowing again. She smiled at Carol.

“You’re going to behave yourself now aren’t you, come over here and help me strap this slut down.” They strapped the rubber maid at ankles, knees, thighs, waist, below her ample breasts, wrists and elbows. Within a minute she’s only able to move her head. I noticed with interest Carol takes her time in making sure all the straps are pulled tight, to the limit.

“I need some help down this end, come down here.” Commanded Monica and pressing a couple of buttons the chair began to tip backwards and the legs began to spread. This continued for a few seconds until the shiny rubber encased legs were at a 90 degree angle and the maid was below horizontal, staring at the ceiling. Her short skirt had by now ridden up above her hips and it was then that I gasped.

Between her legs were a naked cock and pair of ample balls!

Maybe I should have known but “her” features were quite soft and the make-up had certainly improved them, but most definitely a guy “she” was. Carol now saw his manhood as well and quietly gasped through her bit, for she still had that on.

“Surprise, surprise.” Monica chuckled. “Yes, a bit of a shock I think, but let’s move on. Here Carol, I want you to slip this plastic sleeve over his cock, come on, don’t be shy.” She handed her a clear plastic sleeve an inch in diameter and about two inches long. In addition there were two metal prongs standing up, adjacent to each other and connected to a metal band a half inch wide on the inside of the plastic. She took it gingerly, and carefully took the man’s cock, which I could see immediately harden, began to feed his cock through the tube.

“Hurry now, before he gets hard, then we’ll never get it on, good, well done. Now for the plug, you can do this as well you seem to be getting the hang of this.” She firstly lubed and then handed Carol a fair sized plastic butt plug with strips of metal running lengthwise. At the base plate there were two similar metal prongs. Carol looked at it as if it were a bomb, but seeing the look on Monica’s face placed it at the entrance to the maid’s rear and, a little too gently, began to twist and push.

“Come on Carol, we’ll be here all day, firmer than that, come on girl, push.” And Carol obeyed as the maid began to groan. Soon the widest part was at his sphincter and with a final push and a gasp from the maid, it plopped in.

“Good girl, now connect these wires to the points on the cock sheath and plug and we’ll get under way.”  By now Carol knew exactly what was going on. The wires were attached to a machine on a small metal trolley, with dials and knobs and Carol quickly attached them to the plug and sheath. The maid’s cock by now was hard and erect, but I had a feeling that this wouldn’t last for long. Without any preamble Monica turned one of the knobs, the dial flickering to life, and the maid jerked in the chair. Then she turned the other and I could hear a faint hum, as the maid squealed in pain.

“Come here, you see we have two dials for each of the outlets, this one is for the strength of the current, and this is for the period of the current, one is for a one second blast and one here is real torture, ten whole seconds, very unpleasant. The X at the end of the knob here is the fun one, it’s simply intermittent, on an ever-changing cycle so she won’t know when the next shock will come. It really is very devious.” Monica reached up and unstrapped the bit from Carol’s mouth, who moved it in a circular direction, a look of relief on her face.

“Thank you….er mistress.”

“Okay, you’re in charge for now.” Carol stared at Monica.

“Oh, no, I can’t, please.”

“Well you either get on with it, or I replace the maid with you, would you prefer that?” Monica had her hands on her hips, clearly serious. So Carol began to turn one of the knobs and the reading on one of the dials leapt, as did the poor maid’s head and she squealed again. Quickly Carol turned the knob to intermittent, abrogating all responsibility of course but making it even more tortuous for the poor maid. Then she turned the power to seven and stood back as if it was going to blow up.

“There, done, I won’t do any more.”

“Won’t? Well we’ll see about that. Go over to that drawer over there, the top one by the door and bring back the double ended cock. Now.” Carol timidly did so and returned with the device. It was a thick cock gag, with a large erect cock on the other side.

“Well pretty soon our maid is going to be screaming to high heaven so you know where that goes, now get on with it.” Carol approached the maid, and the maid rather surprisingly raised her head and, still groaning in discomfort, opened her mouth. Why I keep calling her “her” I don’t know but apart from her abused cock and balls that is what she still appeared to be, particularly her ample “breasts” jutting up to the ceiling. Carol gently slid the rubber cock into the maid’s mouth, leant over and strapped it behind her head. The outer cock now stuck out a good seven inches from the maid’s face.

The maid was now squirming, breathing heavily, groaning into the gag, flexing her fingers and shaking her head from side to side.

“Well there’s only one way to stop that ridiculous wagging cock, and you know what that is, so get to it…..or else.”

Carol stared at her.

“Yes…well get on with it.” And Carol spread her legs either side of the maid’s head, positioned herself above the cock and slowly lowered herself. The maid groaned as now she was unable to move her head and she saw Carol’s pussy descend onto her face.

Carol began to breathe slowly, evenly as the full seven inches of the cock entered her. She settled her buttocks on the maid’s face, her horse’s tail sticking out from her rear, and held it there for a second. It was clear that she was, inadvertently, suffocating the poor maid, who continued to groan. Seeing this she began to calmly raise and lower herself on the rubber cock. Very soon she was in her zone, her eyes in the back of her head, her breathing getting heavier while the poor maid squirmed, groaned and struggled for breath, trying to time her inhaling with Carol rising on the cock. Monica was standing back, arms crossed, enjoying the sight, which soon had been going on for a full ten minutes. Carol leant over and grabbed each of the maid’s breasts, kneading them, almost oblivious to what she was doing.

“Give the nipples a good twist Carol, give them a pull, come on, let’s hear this slut squeal.” Carol obeyed and the maid screamed through her gag.

“Her breasts are quite the design, there is a wire attached to suction cups glued over the maid’s real nipples attached to the latex false nipples, so… give a pull and the real nipple gets a good pull, really ingenious.” I thought so too, but Carol was now barely listening as she was about to come. I had seen this look many times before, her mouth open, her eyes closed, a faint aaaahhh, I could already see her juices over the cock and the lower half of the maid’s face covering her nose and cheeks as Carol ground down on her.

Finally, with a loud series of grunts, and a shaking of her body, she came, violently gripping the maid’s breasts. She sat for a moment on the maid’s face, then the screaming under her brought her attention back to the moment, and she raised herself off the shining cock.  She stepped back, a little wobbly on her hoof boots, looked at the gleaming cock, and smiled ruefully.

“Thank you, mistress, I did enjoy that.”

“Thank you Carol, that was quite a show, you’ve come a long way my girl.” Carol thought on this for a second, then said. “Yes, yes, I suppose I have.”

Rubber maid was still groaning, and writhing as best she could, at least she could breathe now. Monica turned off the machine and the maid began slowly to relax. She then expertly removed the wires and slid the plastic sheath off “her” cock. The butt plug was a bit more difficult but was finally withdrawn to a quiet moan from the maid.

“You’re a mess Carol, look at your groin, here, wipe yourself down.” She passed a towel to her and Carol gingerly patted herself dry.

“Well the maid has provided you with pleasure, I think it’s the least you can do to provide some for her, don’t you. She hasn’t come yet, so I think you can get to work on her cock, hhhmm?” And Monica handed her a pair of latex surgical gloves, which Carol without hesitation pulled on. She didn’t seem perturbed at being ordered to do this at all; perhaps she felt one good turn deserved another. So she took the maid’s cock and balls in her hands and gently rubbed them, slowly making her hard. The maid began to moan again, but this time in pleasure. She had done this to me a hundred times, and somehow I didn’t feel jealous, she had been ordered to do it, and she was good at it. Slowly she wanked the stiff cock, taking “her” to the limit, and then stopping, and repeating the exercise. This went on for a while, the maid breathing hard.

“Good girl, that’s very proficient, now you can finish her.” And she did, as the maid gushed over her gloved hands. She took the towel and wiped the cock dry. Then Monica began releasing all the straps, and Carol gently unstrapped the sticky cock from around the maid’s head. Monica raised the chair and the maid stood up, wobbly on her high heels.

“Here, you’d better put these back on, you’re a bit of a mess.” Monica chuckled. The maid stepped into the latex panties pulling them tight, tucking “her” sensitive cock and balls away. While the wig was still perfectly placed her smeared lipstick and Carol’s juices had made a bit of a mess of her face. But “she” seemed delighted with the session. She took Monica’s hand in hers leant over and kissed it, then did the same with Carol, who seemed quite embarrassed.

“Thank you, Monica, for everything, this was one of my best sessions yet. I will be back again in two weeks for your cleaning, and….I hope…Carol you may be here then too.” And the maid turned and went to the changing room at the rear. Carol looked exhausted; she’d been on the treadmill and then had a good shag with the maid. She looked at Monica.

“Before you say anything, “she” comes to us every two weeks, cleans the place spotlessly, machines, equipment, rubber clothing. In return she gets to dress up in latex as the perfect French maid, and she gets a treatment like today. So we have some fun, the place is cleaned, our soiled clothes cleaned and put away, and we even get paid.” She laughed.

“Who says you can’t get good help nowadays.”

“But who….how..?”

“Oh, he’s a young man with quite a bit of money, something in the City, I think. Lives on his own. He’s a darling really, a real rubber tranny, so I think we’ll be seeing him for a long time, I hope so. Now come on, you must really stink, let’s get you cleaned up.” And Monica took Carol’s hand and led her out of the room, the film fading to black.

The next three days brought only the one DVD in the mail. It was clear that the main aim of their training was to get Carol ready for the race that they had been discussing. The passage of time was hard to fathom. Carol had been away about three weeks, in the films day and night meant nothing, just a series of training sessions and “scenes” with her, and others as well, that could have happened on any day, and at any time. To mark the passage of time, I looked for changes in Carol. And I saw them.

The latest DVD opened with her on the treadmill again. Now I was noticing how comfortable she was running in the hoof boots. And more important, she was not trotting, she was not cantering, she was not jogging, she was running - and at a good clip. She did not seem put out with the bit between her teeth, nor her arms attached to her shoulders, nor, even worse, the big plug up her rear passage. Certainly, saliva and spittle were dripping from her mouth down her chest and I could see sweat trapped between her body and the tight suit she was wearing, but, amazingly she seemed at ease, in her zone.

And she was definitely getting a lot fitter. The corset she now wore was laced fully closed, whereas when she started there was at least an inch separating the edges. I couldn’t tell how long she ran for each day, or how many times, but it was certainly working. Monica had now come into view and affectionately patted Carol’s backside. She turned the machine off and released the chain attached to Carol’s corset. Carol stood still, breathing heavily.

“Enough for today, my dear, you have done well, now we’ll let you rest for a while.” She released her mitts from the rings on her shoulders and took out her dripping bit, then unbuckled her bridle.

“Thank you. That was better today, I enjoyed that.” I was surprised to hear this but knew she loved to run, but with a butt plug up her rear?

“And the plug?” Monica asked with a smile.

“Well, all except the plug, but at least it isn’t as painful as it originally was.”

“Amazing what we can get used to isn’t it? Ha ha, now go to the shower and Polly will help you to undress, then she’ll bring you back here.” And the scene faded.

Natalie and Polly returned, both wearing matching scarlet tights and halter tops, leading Carol, who I was surprised to see naked. Again, I could see her figure was now much firmer, more muscled and defined than before. She looked wonderful. They approached a long low bench on which looked like a large rubber body bag. One side had been unzipped and lay open and Polly told Carol to slide inside. She sat on the edge and slid her feet and lower torso into the bag. She looked a bit nervous and shivered at the cold touch of the rubber.

“That’s good, now slide down, further.” The bag was a good bit longer than Carol and her head disappeared for a second inside. Polly said.

“Okay Carol, now there is a hole there just above our head, it may be a bit tight but push your head through it.” And Carol’s head popped through the hole as Natalie zipped the bag closed.

“Now lay your hands by your side and get comfortable, okay?”

Carol nodded a little nervously.

“Okay, the fun bit.” Said Polly and connected an air hose to the bottom of the bag, turning it on.

I now realised that Carol was inside a double skinned inflatable bag – she was to be the hot dog in the roll! The bag quickly inflated, and suddenly she began to be raised up, she looked a little frightened, her head now firmly held by the inflating rubber around her. It was then that I saw there was another hole in the bag, and that was a 4 inch by 2 inch oval hole opposite her pussy.

Very quickly the bag had inflated like a big rubber tyre, about three feet high, seven feet long and four feet wide, and oval in shape. Polly tested its strength by giving it a punch and it barely gave at all, the skin was a tight as a drum. She turned off the air. Carol was now floating within a super tight prison of rubber. She could move her head slightly, but that was all.

Then as if her imprisonment was not enough, Polly and Natalie began drawing long rubber straps from either side of the bench and buckling them together over the bag. Natalie giggled.

“Just so you don’t drop off the bench, wouldn’t want you getting hurt.” I felt this was most unlikely as she would have bounced around like a blimp. Finally satisfied they stood back and admired their efforts as Monica entered (clearly the camera had now been put on a tripod). Monica was dressed identically as the girls, and although she may have been a good bit older than them she still had a very fine body. She leant over Carol.

“Nothing to fear my dear, just latex and some upcoming sex. Which are my two favourite things. And they will be yours soon enough. Now…..relax, there’s nothing you can do other than enjoy. You are surrounded by experts in this particular field, I assure you.”

She leant further and her mouth stopped an inch from Carol’s mouth

“Close your eyes, feel your senses.” Carol did so, and Monica rubbed her lips over hers, then Monica moved her tongue between them, and a second later Carol parted her lips and Monica clamped her lips onto hers. Carol then took a breath.

“I can hardly breathe, the rubber is so tight.” Monica raised her face an inch from Carol’s and whispered.

“You’ll be fine, we’ve all been in the bag, more than once, we do know what we’re doing, stop worrying. You’re floating on air.” And Monica kissed her forehead, her eyes, a peck on the nose and then their lips met again.

And “action” was beginning to happen at the “other end” as well. Polly, her blonde hair bobbing, was lying spread-eagled over the lower half of the bag, her head now buried in the oval hole surrounding Carol’s pussy. With Monica’s lips clamped on hers, Carol could only moan under the onslaught. Monica stood up.

“That was very nice indeed, you taste very sweet Carol. Now it is Natalie’s turn, let’s see if you have learnt anything from the girls shall we?”

Natalie stepped over Carol’s exposed head and carefully squatted down on the bag. It was so hard the tight rubber barely gave an inch. Natalie pulled down the zip at her crotch and wriggled closer to Carol’s face. I thought she might try to wriggle or shake her head, but she didn’t. Natalie stretched her thighs wide and then with a contented smile settled her crotch over Carol’s face.

“Good, good girl, more tongue, higher now, up to the clit….that’s good. Oh, you have been learning, haven’t you?” Natalie laughed.

Polly had been hard at work at the other end, and now, although Natalie’s pussy was partly acting as a silencer, I could hear Carol begin to moan, and breathe faster. Within a couple more minutes, she seemed to be on the edge, when Natalie leaned back and gently tapped Polly’s bobbing head.

“Hey, sweetie, want to swap?” Polly raised her head, juices on her lips.

“Sure, have to get the best of both worlds.” And I could tell they had done this before, in a flash they had changed places, Polly unzipping herself quickly and dropping onto Carol’s face. And so this continued for a few more minutes. Then Polly began to shake and gasped.

“Oh, yes, you are getting….the hang of it…good girl.”

Then despite the tightness of the inflated bag, and it being strapped to the bench, it suddenly began to shake as I heard Carol’s muffled groan and then a louder extended grunt. The bag continued to shake for a few more seconds and then all went quiet. Both girls raised themselves from the bag and stood up, zipping up their crotches. Monica put her arms over their shoulders.

“Well, I think we are making real progress here.” And the three women nodded in unison. Monica then leant over.

“How are you feeling, Carol dear?” Carol took a few breaths, swallowed, moving her head slowly as if to get her bearings, and said almost in a whisper.

“Okay…I think. That was a….huge orgasm, and I normally, you know, shake a lot, but being in the bag and unable to move a muscle at all, made it….I don’t know, even better, it felt as if I wanted to burst out of my body, but as I couldn’t move an inch it was much more intense.”

“I know my dear.” Monica smiled down at her, kissed her on her lips, impervious to the juices on Carol’s face.

“We have all felt that restriction, the joy of inescapable bondage, immovable as the orgasm approaches. You are now three weeks into your rehabilitation Carol, and you are doing very well, but you still have some challenges ahead.” She kissed her again, Carol yielding and returning the kiss.

“Which I know you will overcome. Now you have to rest for the night, another big day tomorrow, so we are going to leave you here tonight. I’ll sit by your side here for a while so you can wind down and drift off.” Natalie and Polly leant over her in turn and gave her a lengthy kiss, which Carol did not shy away from, then they left turning off the lights. There was barely enough ambient light for me to see Monica pull a chair up to the bench, and sit down. In the dark I heard their voices.

”You really have done very well Carol, it’s hard, I know. This is a strange world you have been forced into. But soon you will go back to Tim a changed woman, and I know I can say, a better woman. He loves you I know, and is equally desperate to see you again, so don’t think hard of him for what he has put into motion. He did it for the very reason he loves you, and will not give you up easily.” Then there was a long period of silence broken by a whisper in the dark.

“I know that now, I do, and it is hard for me, but I am trying. I was…I know I was a bitch at times and I have no excuses so I must see this through as best I can.”

“Just rest, if you wish I could give you a little more attention in your tender area down here if it would help you relax?” There followed a short silence, then another whisper.

“I’m not sure it would help me relax, after what happened earlier, but…..yes, that would be very nice, I would like that Mon… mistress.”

“My pleasure.”

And shortly I heard a low quiet moan, and then nothing.

After taking a break for a while, more to get my breath, I started the disc again. Again the scene opened with Carol on the treadmill, in her usual attire, brown latex suit, mask and hoof boots. She had the bridle and bit on and the butt plug and tail. Again her mitts were secured at her shoulders. She had been going for some time as there was saliva dripping from her bit and she was breathing heavily. This was the fastest I’d seen her run, they were really putting her to the test I thought.

Polly and Natalie were not to be seen but Monica, seemingly always, was at the side of the treadmill, carefully watching Carol’s progress. She was dressed in a long sleeved white blouse buttoned to her throat and loose black pants tucked into knee high boots. Under the wrists of the blouse were tucked black latex gloves. The ensemble looked quite severe, but subtle. Her arms were crossed her chest as she nodded approvingly.

“I think that should be about enough. I don’t want you tiring yourself today, as tomorrow is the big day. You’re going to the races! And I feel, we all feel you are going to make quite an impression.” She turned off the machine and Carol trotted to a halt, and Monica released her chain from the machine. Carol, breathing heavily still, turned to face Monica, and nodded her head.

“You’ll like that, I think, yes?” And Carol nodded again.

“Good, there will be quite a crowd there as per usual, so you will get to meet quite a few interesting people. I’m hoping the weather will be good, although with what everyone will be wearing it probably won’t matter.”

She ran her finger up and down Carol’s exposed and ringed labia, and Carol did not flinch from the attention.

“Word will have got around about you, so I want you on your best behaviour, there’s a number of real predators there that would like to take full advantage of your predicament, but I will keep a tight hold on you, never fear.” Monica pulled out her bit and released the bridle allowing Carol to swallow and nod.

“Thank you mistress, actually I am quite looking forward to it, but a bit nervous, I mean, dressed like this, showing everything off if you know what I mean.”

“Ha ha, I can well see what you mean, don’t worry about what you may be showing, there’s going to be an awful lot on show tomorrow, you will not be out of place at all. I think your eyes will be popping.” She detached Carol’s mitts from her shoulders and then unbuckled them from her wrists. Carol moved them around in a circular fashion, getting the feeling back.

“My, you do look good enough to eat, phew. Yes, well, talking of eating why not go and join Polly and Natalie for something and then come back here. It’ll let me think up a little surprise for you here.” Carol gave her a quizzical look, under her mask, biting her lip.

“Oh, that doesn’t sound too good, oh well.” And she smiled resignedly and left, as the film faded.

She returned later with Polly and Natalie, wearing the same clothes as Monica, white blouses and black pants tucked into knee high boots. Carol turned her back to Monica as she wrapped a heavy black rubber straightjacket round her torso.

“Good girl, now fold your arms in front of you, this is inflatable and double skinned so there’s no need for sleeves and it will keep nice and snug.” From the centre of her back Monica zipped her up to a high collar. The heavy rubber hung around Carol loosely, but this didn’t last long as Polly connected an air hose to a valve at her shoulder and turned on the small compressor. Quickly it expanded, turning Carol from waist to neck into a bloated Michelin man.

Monica tested the tautness of the outer skin, as she had done the night before with the sleeping bag. It was silky smooth and tight as a drum and Monica seemed satisfied.

“Don’t look so miserable Carol, you’re not going to your hanging, brighten up, now, come and sit here.” And she led Carol to the gyno/ob chair, which didn’t seem to please Carol any further. She lay back, the inflated jacket acting as a comfortable mattress, Natalie placing a latex pillow under head. Polly began buckling the rubber straps at Carol’s ankles, knees and thighs. Down either side of the jacket were a series of large D rings and with a single length of rope Monica weaved it through the rings and tied it firmly to the chair, first one side and then the other. Carol tried to relax, her head resting on the pillow, the rest motionless, I could see that with her legs spread well apart by the stirrups she knew she was very exposed and vulnerable. Now Monica rolled over the small trolley with the machine that had tortured poor rubber maid earlier.

“Oh, no please, not that I saw what that did to the…oh, please.”

“That’s enough now, quiet or you’ll have to be gagged. The butt plug is a small one, much smaller than you have accommodated before.” Natalie lubed the plug, which I could see was indeed much smaller than the number 6 that she had taken previously, so it was no real surprise that when Natalie placed it at her exposed rear, and pressed firmly it slid into her anal passage without too much effort.

“See, you are getting used to them already. Now we will attach these wires to your labial rings, like so.” And she attached six small leads to the rings embedded in Carol.

“Carol, don’t look so worried, we’re not going to torture you, calm down. Rubber maid enjoys pain, he seeks it, and he gains pleasure from it, so he is capable of receiving a high current.” She placed a hand gently on Carol’s forehead.

“You are not, at least not yet. It’s all a matter of degree, let me show you. Natalie, turn the power level to just three on the dial, the anal one first, and continuous current.” Carol took in a quick breath and aaahhed. I could see her clenching her cheeks around the base plate of the plug.

“Now, does that hurt? Is it painful? Is it even unpleasant?” Carol was still clenching and relaxing her buttock muscles.

“Well….no, not really, no.”

“See, all a matter of degree, now if I raised the level to seven or eight, it would I assure you be very unpleasant. But we’re not going to do that, so relax. Now we can give the labial wires a try, again Carol we are going to keep the voltage really low. Natalie, let’s go to level three again and say for three seconds with five second intervals.” Monica stood back and all three now watched Carol’s reaction.

At first there was no reaction, then Carol said oh, then bit her lip and then let out another oh, and then she began to breathe a little harder.

“Now, again, is that painful, unpleasant at all?”

“Well…er, no, no it isn’t, it’s a bit insidious, ooh.”

“Hhmm, good word, it is a bit crafty I agree. Now you are getting a bit used to it, I think you may start to ride with it. Meanwhile…” Monica tilted the chair back and Carol was quickly staring at the ceiling. “You pleasured Polly and Natalie yesterday but I don’t recall I got the same excellent treatment, did I?”

Monica unzipped her pants at the crotch and deftly stepped over Carol’s head, and sitting on the upper part of the inflated straightjacket.

“Hhhmm, this is really quite comfortable. All right my dear, Polly tells me you are getting really very good at this, so let’s see.” And she lowered herself onto Carol’s face. For the next five or six minutes nothing was said, only the occasional hhmmmm and aahh from Carol as she was enduring the double onslaught of the low voltage attack on her labia and anal passage and nearly suffocating under Monica’s love canal.

“Aahh, well Carol my dear….you, ooh, have come a long way. Oh oh oh, aaaahh.” Monica shuddered for a few seconds and then leant back, resting on the unyielding rubber of the straightjacket. Taking a few seconds to get her breath back she then gently dismounted and zipped herself up. Taking a small towel from Polly she slowly leant over and wiped Carol’s masked face then gently kissed her fully on the lips. While Carol returned this, she was still under electric assault.

“Carol, we haven’t quite finished yet. We are going to subject you to a period of aroma therapy, but not the kind of therapy that you might think.” She again placed her hand tenderly on Carol’s forehead.

“You know we love latex, don’t you. Everything about it, its smooth texture, its bright sheen, its impermeability, its versatility, it can be gossamer thin and soothing, it can be thick and unyielding. But what we also love about it is its smell. Strange perhaps you think, but it is sweet and yet pungent. I get a shudder just by smelling it. And we would like you to share that sensation, to associate the smell with arousal. So like Pavlov’s dog we are going to continue to arouse you but at the same time subject you to the joy of the smell of rubber. The uninitiated will sadly never understand this, but we do, and you will too, I’m sure.”

“Natalie here is bringing over a hospital IV stand which is supporting a large canister filled with old rubber clothes that we have cut up. One of the features, sadly, of rubber, is it doesn’t last forever, it does break down, becomes sticky and gooey, but, wonder of wonders, it retains its beguiling perfume. So, we cut up our old clothes and place them in the large canister, at the top of which there is a valve here that allows in some oxygen, without diluting the rubber aroma in the canister itself. Then we have this corrugated tube attached to this mask, with an aviator’s breathing attachment, all in rubber of course.” She smiled down at Carol.

“Now my dear you will not suffocate, don’t worry on that account, but in order for you to get the full benefit of the aroma, on the inside of the aviator’s portion of the mask, right here, is a rubber cock that will fill your mouth quite adequately I think. Thus you will breath in the rubber aroma, undiluted through your nose.” I thought Carol would resist in some way this account, but she was still being subject to the assault from below, so she just nodded and quietly said.

“Okay, well all right, but could you please, oh, could you turn off the current, oh.”

“No dear, we can’t do that, it is all part of the therapy. But I’ll tell what we’ll do, we don’t want you exhausted for tomorrow, that wouldn’t do, so we’ll turn it down to one on both dials. You will just get a nice purr down there, just a reminder, and Natalie will put the labia on two second current with let’s say ten second intervals, that should be quite peasant.” Monica nodded at Natalie who turned the knobs accordingly.

“Oh, oh thank you.”

“Now, the mask is very tight, we wanted it absolutely airtight, so there is no zipper, no laces, no buckles, and no eye holes or nostril holes. This means it is very hard to pull on and so the best way of getting it on is to smear some of this lube gel over your mask, and that’s what Polly will do now.”

Natalie removed the pillow so Polly could smear the gel all over Carol’s mask, carefully avoiding her eyes and mouth. This done, Monica stretched the mask as hard as she could and placed it over Carol’s head then the three of them gripped the lower edge and pulled down firmly.

“Ooh, ow, ow.”

“Just hold firm, you’ll be fine, we’re getting there, good girl. Now….open your mouth, you’ll sense the cock there in front of you, good, can you feel it?”

Carol aaaarrgged and nodded.

“Okay, open wide and take it in.”

“Mmmmff, mmmmm.”

“Excellent, well done Carol, as the cock is in place, now we will smooth out all the creases.”

And they did this, pulling down the neck of the mask, smoothing out any imperfections. Now Carol’s head had become a featureless black ovoid, smooth, shiny and anonymous, with just a triangular shaped aviator’s section covering her mouth and nose area from which a corrugated rubber tube extended to the aroma canister.

Monica leant over, replaced the pillow under her head and rested her head against the side of Carol’s, speaking loudly.

“Carol dear, because of the tight straightjacket it’s not easy to check your breathing, so how is the breathing, we don’t want any blockages, can you breathe freely?” Carol nodded imperceptibly and I could hear a low moan.

“Good, you should be getting the benefit now of the aroma, and the current down below here. Polly and Natalie will take turns to stay with you and observe for the duration. I have to go, there is a lot to do before tomorrow. Enjoy yourself and bye for now.”

She placed her hand tenderly on the side of Carol’s mask and pecked her forehead, then left. Polly pulled a chair over to her side, taking the first watch. There was barely any movement from Carol, her chest hardly moving at all under the straitjacket, but her head moved slightly from side to side. There was also a very faint, occasional mmmm from under the unyielding mask.

I wondered what she was feeling, engulfed, entombed and smothered by the unrelenting rubber, even breathing it in, the anal plug purring inside her. Polly laid an affectionate hand on her thigh and shortly the film faded to black.

I really didn’t know where this was going to end up. I had entrusted Carol to these women, I wanted her to come back to me, changed from the woman who she had turned into. I wanted the old Carol, fun, sharp, sexy, willing to try anything. Well she was certainly doing that now. And I could see that much of this, maybe not all, but much of this she was beginning to embrace.

But where, I thought, would it end, and when?

It was getting late now, but I wanted to see the last of the disc, so I got myself a large scotch and settled back in front of the large screen.

Natalie was now by Carol’s side; again, it was impossible to tell how long Carol had been subject to this “aroma therapy” for she obviously had not moved an inch from before. Her head was now still and I could see no rising or falling of the straightjacket. This got me a bit worried but Natalie was unperturbed and when the others joined her she smiled and pointed to Carol, her finger raised to her lips.

Carol was clearly asleep which I found amazing considering her predicament. Natalie also pointed a finger to between her legs at the tell tale sign of Carol’s juices that had dripped from her labia. Monica ran her finger gently over her Carol’s rubber skull, and whispered.

“Anal plug still on?” Natalie nodded.

“Well I think we are almost there, aren’t we? So let’s get her out of all this and to bed.” So working as a team, they turned off the humming machine, unclipped the wires from her labia, and gently, and quite easily I noted, removed the plug from her rear. As they untied the rope attached between the chair and straightjacket, there was a quiet moan from Carol, now apparently waking up. How on earth she could sleep through this, I thought.

They released the straps on her legs and tilted the chair back upright. Then Monica and Natalie took a side of the straightjacket each and helped her to stand. This she did, but very groggily.

“You all right, Carol?” Slowly Carol nodded, still wobbly.

“Okay, now stand still; we’re going to take the mask off. It’s not going to be easy but try not to move your head. Now bend over to your waist.” Monica and Polly pressed her over until her head faced the floor, then each took a side of the bottom of the mask and began to ease it back over her head, with Natalie holding onto the rings on her straightjacket.

With some mmmmffing from Carol within half a minute or so it was off. Carol now stood erect her head gleaming with the gel, panting for clear air.

“Oh, oh my God, that was….how long was I like that?”

“About three hours, you dropped off to sleep a couple of times, then woke again, then drifted off.”

“I can’t believe it, how can I fall asleep with all that stuff happening, the plug whirring away inside me, and having to suck on that cock. I just don’t understand.”

And Monica smiled at her two accomplices.

“It’s simple my dear. Don’t you see? You were calm, you were at ease. How does one ever go to sleep? When one is comfortable, relaxed, and that is what you were. You weren’t fighting it, you weren’t in distress. If I can just draw your attention to between your legs here, there are signs that you were not only relaxed, you were taking pleasure in your predicament.”

Carol bent down, not easy to do with the stiff inflated straightjacket on.

“Oh, yes, I remember all right, I actually came, huh, how could I have done that? After a while the smell of the rubber was not unpleasant, well if I think about it, it never really was, and the whirring of the plug somehow got my juices going.” She shook her head as if she still didn’t believe what had happened. Polly kissed her on her cheek and said.

“Come on, time for dinner, we’re going to get lots of protein and carbos into you for tomorrow, then a shower and an early night.”

And they led Carol, still straightjacketed and a little wobbly in her hoof boots out of the room. I had finished my scotch, so I topped myself up and returned for the final scene on this disc.

We were now in the large bedroom with the king sized bed and brilliant white latex sheets and pillows. Polly and Natalie entered wearing identical two piece bright yellow latex pyjamas with elasticised collars, ankles and sleeves. They were loose and looked very warm and comfortable. Carol followed them, naked, followed by Monica who had not changed from her stern white blouse and long black pants.

“As I said, I want Carol to have an uninterrupted night’s sleep, which is hard, knowing you two.” She smiled knowingly.

“I don’t want you locked up in one of the sleep bags although that would work, but you will be stiff tomorrow, so I think the best bet is the one piece thick romper suit. That should keep your wandering hands off her. Can you get that Polly?”

I didn’t think for a second that Polly or Natalie would go against Monica’s wishes but lying next to Carol all night would be a temptation indeed. Polly brought over the shocking pink latex romper suit and opened out the back for Carol to step into, which she did without any complaint. She pushed her feet through the elasticised ankles and Polly pulled it up over her hips, then elasticised waist. Then Carol, without instruction, pushed her arms down the sleeves and past the tight cuffs into fingerless mitts. Polly pulled the garment hard over her shoulders and Carol shivered at the touch of the cold latex. Polly chuckled and pulled up the back zip to the frilled collar. Monica, with a wry smile handed Polly a small padlock which Polly slipped through the end of the zipper and two rings at Carol’s collar. Monica patted Carol’s bottom, which amply filled the pink latex.

“There, snug as a bug. Now sleep well Carol, get fully rested and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yes, thank you Monica, I will. It’s been quite a day, again, but I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I won’t disappoint you.” Monica moved to Carol and kissed her fully on the lips.

“You haven’t up to now, my dear, and I’m sure you won’t tomorrow. Night now. You two, lights out in two minutes.” She pecked Natalie and Polly on the cheek and left.

I thought the two girls might try something funny for a second but nothing was said as quickly they just helped each other on with matching yellow latex masks; full head, with nose, eye and mouth holes, tucking them into the collars of their pyjamas. Then they took a mittened hand each and led Carol to the huge bed. They lay down with Carol in the middle. They each gave her a firm kiss and a cuddle. I even got the idea that maybe it was Carol that wanted a bit more, or a lot more.

Polly settled in behind her, forming a spoon, her arm around her waist which Carol took in her mitt. Natalie put her hand gently between her legs and Carol adjusted her thighs to allow her better access. Carol smiled and turned the light out.


Story continues in Chapter 6

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