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The Tale of Tim & Carol Chapter 6: And So To The Races

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2011 - Rbbral - Used by permission

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continued from chapter 5


Chapter 6: And So To The Races

It was two days later that there was a special delivery at the door. This contained two DVD’s and I wondered, why the delivery? I was desperate to see them, as I knew one would contain the pony race. The first opened with a view of the back of a horsebox and I could hear voices, first Monica.

“All right Carol, now back up slowly, that’s good, nice and easy, good.” And emerging from the horsebox was a sulky, two wheeled, shiny laminated wood and steel with a leather bench seat for two. Backing down the short ramp was Carol, and the vision of her took my breath away. She was sealed head to toe in glistening black and red latex. There didn’t appear to be any real design to the suit and mask, it was just a swirl of curving and intertwining colour, black within red and red within black, giving a wonderful sense of movement and accentuating her stunning body.

Her arms were doubled up at the elbows and her mitts were clipped to a D ring at each shoulder. She had matching corsets around her torso and her neck in reinforced rubber enhancing her erect posture. On her feet were hoof boots in matching, gleaming leather. As always, for now at least, her ringed nipples and pussy and her bum hole were exposed. On her tightly masked head she already had the bridle with interconnecting straps and two steel rings either side of her mouth. As yet there was no bit. She was connected between the sulky‘s arms by two short chains to two rings at the side of the corset. As they stood in the early summer sun Monica stepped back and said.

“My, you really are going to turn a few heads. Now, how was the trip? Did you feel car sick, are you all right?” This I thought a strange question considering how Monica had dressed her but Carol answered quickly.

“No, no I’m fine thank you.”


“Yes, a bit, but well I’m kind of looking forward to this. Get out into the fresh air, get some exercise. I’m always very competitive, I always like to run, and to win.”

“Yes, well let’s not get ahead of ourselves Carol, there is some very stiff competition here, and it’s a five mile race so I think for a first time, you’ll do very well to place. Now how about the sulky, you’ve not pulled one before so how does it feel?”

“Oh, okay, it limits me in turning but it is light, so I should be all right I think.” Natalie came into view from the front of the SUV they’d come in. It seemed Polly had the camera duties for now. Despite the warm day they were dressed identically in high necked, long sleeved form-fitting grey latex dresses. The hems were flared and went as far as mid thigh, and their legs were sealed in matching gunmetal grey stockings (I assumed) although they may have been tights. Grey gloves were tucked under the long sleeves. They were unmasked.

“Now we have an hour or so until the race so what we normally do is a bit of saying hello to some old friends and new here. I have a feeling there will be some who are dying to meet you. Although your training is being done in secrecy so to speak, we have a bit of a jungle telegraph amongst our happy group, so the word will have got out. When we get nearer the start time, we’ll bit and tail you, all right?” Carol grimaced a little and replied.

“Well I’m fine with the bit but I hope the butt plug isn’t too big, sometimes I feel like I have a baby up there.”

Monica laughed. “You’ll be fine dear, we have you up to a number 6 and you are doing well with that. Earlier today, we decided that this one will be smaller, although it will have a feature you might find interesting.”

“I’m not sure I like the sound of that.”

“Well you don’t have much choice really, do you?” Monica laughed again. “Come on let’s introduce to some of my friends here, I know they will want to meet you, nervous still?” Carol seemed to think on this for a second.

“Well no, not really, I’m masked and under your control. One of the things I like about the mask is that it makes me anonymous and….well it means I can….I don’t know, act out a role and be uninhibited.” Natalie smiled at this and said.

“Monica, as I said earlier, I think she’s starting to get the hang of all this.” And Monica nodded in assent, attaching a set of reins to Carol’s bridle (Carol showing no reluctance) then led her round the horsebox.

Then, in wide angle I could see the whole “gymkhana” laid out in front of me. There was a huge field, which must have been five acres at least laid out in a hollow and surrounded by trees, giving it a natural amphitheatre look and a real sense of privacy. There was a dirt track around the field which entered and exited the trees at numerous locations. What stunned me was that already in the field there must have been more than seventy people! After I had done my research on the internet I knew that rubber fetishism and pony play was not exactly on the fringe but the number of people gathered here surprised me.

They were arranged just like a “normal” garden party except of course for the clothing and the predicament of some of the guests. Cars and SUV’s and horse boxes were everywhere and many of the groups had laid out blankets and were settling in for the afternoon, with food and drink. But before going any further Monica stopped and turned.

“Oh, yes I forgot something. Carol, at these affairs some of the mistresses and masters allow their ponies to be covered, you know what that means don’t you?” Carol looked balefully at Monica and almost whispered.

“Oh, please no, Monica….” Monica held up a hand and placed it on Carol’s cheek.

“It’s all right my dear, bad joke. The only people allowed to play with you are the three of us, you are here to introduce yourself and to run, no more. But to make it clear that you are my possession, which you are, and to defer any unwanted advances I am going to lock away your pussy….to save it for later, hhmm?” She held up an oval shaped gold ring, smiling.

“Now spread your legs a little and we’ll pull together your labia and then thread this ring through your labia rings, sealing you nicely.” As Natalie took the reins and Monica crouched down I thought Carol might show some resistance to having her pussy sealed like that, but no, she spread her legs and quietly said, “thank you, mistress.”

Monica very tenderly drew the rings on both sides together and slowly passed the two separated U ends of the oval ring through them, twisting each male end into the female socket.

“Good, all sealed up nicely like a Christmas present, and so much sweeter.” The oval ring had pulled together her lips, just leaving a small vertical smile. Carol said, a little concerned.

“Will I be able to….you know, pee?”

“Oh yes, you’ll be fine, you just won’t be getting er, satisfaction from any cocks or fingers or tongues until I say so, ha ha. Now the final additions, before of course your bit and plug.” Monica delved into her small purse at her waist and pulled out three tiny bells on short chains. “These won’t hurt but they are a pretty addition don’t you think, Natalie you take care of her nipples and I’ll take care of down below here.”

Quickly Natalie attached the short chain of each bell to Carol’s exposed nipple rings and Monica did the same, to a small ring at the top of her oval ring at her crotch. Almost without thinking Carol waggled her breasts and the rings pealed out a pleasant tinkle. 

“Okay, let’s go and show you off.” And Monica took her reins and led Carol, pulling her sulky, towards the crowd which had settled in several groups in the centre of the sunny field. It was clear that everyone seemed to know Monica, for heads turned towards them and some waved a hello. Monica waved back with greetings and then immediately approached a woman in a yellow latex long sleeved leotard, self hold stockings and flat ballet shoes. She was attending to a poor fellow in purple latex. The woman turned and smiled excitedly.

“Monica darling, I thought you’d never come.” She hugged Monica affectionately.
“Julia, up to your old tricks as usual.” Grinned Monica. Julia was perhaps no more than 25, very tall and slim, with her blond hair pulled tightly back in a pony tail. For a second I wondered how someone so young could get involved in all this stuff for I saw she had her man completely under her control. But Julia was ignoring him and approached Carol, clearly appreciating what she saw.

“Oh darling, well Bobby wasn’t exaggerating at all, she is a stunner. Oh you spoilsport, you’ve sealed her up, I would just love to get my tongue in there. And a nice piercing job as always, Monica. She’s a cracker.” Julia ran her hands down the front of Carol, who took a deep breath, but said nothing.

“She’s not a finished product yet, Julia, let’s say a work in progress, but coming along very well, very well indeed, aren’t you Carol?” And Carol almost shyly nodded in assent.

“Yes, Mon…er mistress.”

“So, you’re going to race her? First time will be tough.” She ran her hands down Carol’s legs, thighs and then calves. Carol shivered.

“Hhmm, what a body, so tasty.”

“Oh, she has some form, on the treadmill only, totally different with a sulky over terrain I know, but…” she gently slapped Carol’s rear, “I have my hopes.”

“Well good luck with her, I just wish I could take her out for a couple of miles, I’d redden that backside of hers.”

“I know you would Julia, and that’s why you have Bobby, who can’t get enough of that, can you Bobby?” She addressed this to the poor fellow standing next to Julia. So this was Bobby, the guy who had been in the earlier session a while ago with Carol, the guy that Carol had crammed her strap-on into his mouth, and who had been mechanically milked by Monica. He was now wearing a purple leotard with long sleeves ending in mitts. Like Carol’s these had been drawn up and fastened to rings at the shoulder of his leotard. But it was what was on his head that interested me, and Julia explained.

“Yes, old Bobby isn’t going to win this, not a chance, so I thought I’d test his lung power today. I’ve spent a bit of time adapting this gasmask especially for him. Not sure he likes it yet, but we’ll see later today.” She giggled like a schoolgirl. “I’ve attached this rod to the front and that will act as the bit although it doesn’t go into his mouth. For that I have glued a large cock gag to the inside and he’s sucking on that now. The only air he’s getting is through his nasal passages and these corrugated tubes to the rubber satchel strapped to his back, and here’s the nice bit, it has all my soiled latex in it. So all he’s getting to breathe is smelly latex and smelly me.” And she laughed again.

“But you like that, don’t you Bobby?” And he nodded. Monica continued.

“Yes, I really like the forced inhalation process. We have some masks as well which force the wearer to breathe in rubber and rubber only, it can be quite overpowering. We had Carol in an aroma therapy mask earlier. She took to it very well.”

“Really? Oh, you do have a good prospect there, Monica, you lucky thing.”

I could see through the portals of Bobby’s mask he seemed to be quite liking his mask as well, he was looking at Carol and he then nodded at her, Carol smiled slightly and nodded back.

“Yes, Bobby was gushing to me about Carol after your last session with him Monica and I can see why. Look, can’t I just borrow her for a couple of days, we could have so much fun, you know. Please.” She put on a fake little girl pout but Monica wasn’t fooled.

“I’m not sure I would get her back in one piece Julia, and you would be having fun I know, but I’m not sure about Carol. No, this girl is mine and no one else’s.” And I saw Carol smile imperceptibly as if she was happy with that arrangement, which in light of what Julia appeared to be like, she probably was. Julia however moved on.

“Hey, how do you like my braking system? I have his cock and balls in this tight latex pouch, drawn it back through his legs here, separating his cheeks here….I’m going to try him with a number 10 plug today, I know he won’t like that…then the straps join again as one and this through this ring here in the middle of his back. What do you think? Just a nice pull should bring him to a stop.”

“Just don’t pull too hard darling, or you may geld him!” They all laughed including Natalie who had stayed quiet up until then.

“Well, see you later at the bitting and plugging ceremony, should be fun, maybe I’ll wager a few pounds on your beauty, if she runs as well as she looks she’s got it won.” And Monica laughed and moved on, Carol in tow. She turned to Carol.

“Good job she doesn’t get hold of you, she’d have you for breakfast, Julia really has a quite nasty streak in her. But Bobby is madly in love with her I think and will do anything for her, as you can see. He’s her boss you know, hard to believe, yes, her boss. Nine to five he’s the boss, then after work all hell breaks loose. She’s got a good gig as he’s never going to fire her, he’s daft over her, and she abuses him horribly.”

“Mistress, may I speak?” Carol said rather meekly, shocked at this news.

“Of course my dear….you want to know why he comes to see me, yes?” And Carol nodded.

“Well put simply, we provide variety. There are three of us, we are professionals, we know all the boundaries, we know what he likes and how much pain and degradation he can take and he will go back to Julia with some new tips, some ideas for them to work on. Julia is more than happy to send him over as she knows he’s besotted with her, and you know, although he’s what, twenty years older than her I think, she’s pretty crazy about him too, a strange relationship I suppose but as they say…and you will find out…it’s a strange old world isn’t it?” She then came upon what could only be termed an older couple, well perhaps in their fifties or sixties. It was hard to tell. They had settled on a latex sheet on the grass. There were some snacks, and a bottle of wine and glasses.

“Ron and Maggie, hi.” The couple looked as if they were expecting a monsoon, although the sky, at least so far was clear and blue.

“Monica dear, lovely to see you, looks like we’re out of luck today, so we’ll have to sweat it out, lose a few pounds no doubt, Ron could afford to do that.” Maggie laughed. “He’s been moaning all morning about the weather, praying for it to rain so I had to just shut him up. Got him nicely gagged and he’s cuffed under the cape. If he behaves himself now I might give him a treat later, if you know what I mean.” And she laughed loudly.

Both were wearing long heavy black latex capes to their ankles, with hoods covering their heads. Both were also wearing open faced masks just visible under the hoods and poor Ron’s mouth was stuffed with a large red rubber ball with a tight strap round his head and digging into his cheeks. He looked quite happy about it. His arms were hidden under the cape, but Maggie’s were exposed through slits in her cape. She wore black latex gloves tucked under ruffled sleeves covering her arms. She was quite petite, and her husband only a little larger, but at least for now it seemed she wore the pants.

“How many layers, Mags?” Monica asked with a smile. Maggie returned the smile, as if letting Monica in on a private joke.

“Well, panties, bra, stockings and gloves, then a catsuit, then a rather nice full length ruffled dress with long sleeves and then this. You know me, sweetie, can’t get enough of it, never have. I must be carrying about 20 pounds of it!” And she laughed loudly again.

“So this is the delectable Carol, and she certainly is, my word.” She approached Carol, who was taller than her, and gave her an appreciative inspection.

“Hhmm, very nice, do you permit her to talk?”

Monica replied. “For you, dear Mags, of course.” Maggie smiled benignly.

“So, Carol, you’re young I see, maybe mid 20’s, yes? And perhaps new to all this weird stuff? Ha ha.” Carol wasn’t sure what to do, but seemed to take kindly to this charming, if strangely dressed lady, so she nodded slowly.

“Well my dear, Ron and I have been “into this” as you say, for 30 years or so, and it has done us no harm at all. We’re still together, more than you can say for lots of folks, and can still go at it like rabbits when we want rubber rabbits that is. Ha! We have raised four wonderful kids, who have absolutely no idea that their dear mum and dad are a couple of perves!” She laughed raucously, and I was beginning to really like this lady.

“We don’t force ourselves on anyone, we don’t harm anyone….unless of course they want to be harmed.” And again she chuckled.

“You’re probably still in shock, and I understand that, but we have had a wonderful 30 years, we have met some fabulous people and they have stayed friends. Many of them are here.” She examined Carol closely. “You’re very beautiful, I can see that even under your mask.” She placed a gentle gloved hand on Carol’s cheek. “And there is someone out there that you love, isn’t there?” Carol bit her lip and nodded, and I felt a lump in my throat.

“But I know, because Monica has confided in me, that you are having problems, well that is natural, but you will see your way through it. Look, I know this sounds insane, but he must love you awfully too, to send you to stay with Monica. Yes, really. It’s easy to walk away, too easy, but if you learn from Monica, I guarantee, absolutely guarantee that you will be a changed woman.”

I could now see tears in Carol’s eyes and she was biting her lip to hold them back.

“I know…but sometimes it’s ….so hard, some of it I do like, I don’t know why but I do, like the running as a pony, I actually feel kind of free, and the latex is certainly flattering the way it grips you in all the right places so I’m getting to like that too, quite a lot. But the butt plugs always seem to be getting bigger and bigger and are hard to take initially, oh I don’t know, it’s all happening so fast.” And now she was crying, it all seemed to have boiled to the surface.

Maggie ran her hands down Carol’s breasts, playing with the bells, smiling almost serenely.

“You know when I first got into latex, and bondage, and pony play and everything else, and believe me I really got into it, it was a bit strange at first and, ha ha, yes the butt plugs were strange at first, but soon enough I got to like them, ha ha, you think that strange in an old bird like me, they instil a completely different feeling in you.”

“The masks are very important, once on, you can become someone else, there are no boundaries, there is no shame, no embarrassment. I love to be a dom over Ron, and I love to be his sub too. Oh, and I do love your piercings, you may be ashamed or embarrassed of them perhaps now but you will go to cherish them; they are a rite of passage my dear, a row of medals and you should wear them with pride, I do.”

Carol, still sniffling, looked surprised.

“Don’t looked shocked my dear, nothing you young folks get up to now hasn’t been done before….I guarantee. I would show you my brand if I could but it would mean taking off four layers of latex, ha ha. Yes, I have been branded, on my bottom, and I asked for it, demanded it, I wanted to be branded with Ron’s name.” She laughed again.

“Remember my dear, nothing is new and nothing is wrong if you have two people who love each other, now go out and run like the wind, I will be watching you and pulling for you.” She leant down and kissed one of Carol’s ringed nipples, and tapped her back side affectionately. Monica leant down and kissed Maggie firmly on the lips.

“Well that was pretty nauseating, Maggie, I was almost ready to throw up.” She smiled as Maggie did also. “I think I preferred you in the old days when you used to wield a very nasty whip. We’ll see you both, just for your sakes I hope it pours down later.” And she waved and led Carol away.

“I’m sorry Monica, I don’t know what came over me there, blathering away, all my feelings seemed to come to the surface. I was thinking of Tim, and how I miss him so.”

“As Maggie said, Carol, nothing is wrong if you have two people who consent. What we’re trying to do is get you to understand that your behaviour was going to end your relationship, without a doubt. If we had tried telling you this during a little chat over coffee, it would have been doomed from the start; desperate problems require desperate solutions, and sometimes a change in attitude, which is what you are getting. You are a different woman already, I know that, and so do Natalie and Polly here, the problem is you’re not quite sure of it yet, you’re very close, so….we carry on.”

“Maggie and Ron are the nicest people and finest parents you will ever meet, they got into this long before the internet and it took them a long time to build up a network of friends, real friends. They were the real pioneers and we owe them a lot. I love them dearly. If I feel, or if Natalie or Polly tell me, I’m getting too big for my boots as a dom, well I go to see Maggie for a session and she was, and still is, one of the best doms out there. I really don’t like the sub role very much, but Maggie will put me right on rare occasions. Looks like butter wouldn’t melt….don’t you believe it. She only now takes on other professionals like me, but she can teach us all a thing or two, you won’t believe how heavy it can get. Hey, you two!” And Monica came upon another couple. And these were an interesting couple, I thought.

“Hey Monica, wow, thanks for inviting us, this is incredible, I can’t believe my eyes. It’s like I’ve arrived in my own private heaven.”

“I’m so happy, welcome Suzy and Ann, yes, it is an eye-opener the first time, but I have a sense that you two are going to fit in just fine.”

“Do you think so, jeez I really hope so, Ann and I have been so nervous the last few days, but all the people we have met so far have been fantastic, saying nice things about our gear and everything…oh and thanks for lending us one of your sulkies, when we have some more money we’ll get one of our own.”

Suzy seemed to me to be about 15, but was probably 18 or 19. Slim, yet muscular, with long arms and legs, she had bright red curly hair, down to her shoulders, a white freckly complexion and an open, friendly face. She wore a scarlet knee-length red latex skirt that clung to every inch, over shocking pink tights (I could see no garter impressions, or panties either) and scarlet granny boots, ankle high with a four inch heel. A skin tight long sleeved t-shirt in pink covered her upper body, hiding nothing. She had small pert breasts that needed no support.

“You look lovely, Suzy, and so does Ann.” Ann I was somewhat shocked (why, I don’t know) to see was well into her 30’s.

Ann was much larger than Suzy, she was maybe 5 feet 10 inches and solidly built with strong arms and legs, wide hips and full breasts, but a narrow waist; she had the body of a mature woman, which was strange seeing her with a woman/child like Suzy.

“I’m keeping her gagged for now, oh, I hope that’s all right before the race, but I’ll take it out later to put the bit on her. She just rabbits on when she’s nervous so I have to gag her, and then when she’s silenced she calms down and begins to enjoy herself. Isn’t she so cute, I could ravage her right now.” Suzy placed her arms around her lover, Monica laughed and Natalie too

“Well, maybe wait til after the race eh? And she is cute. I like the way you keep her under control Suzy, you are doing well for such a young girl.”

“You think so? Oh thanks, Monica, I appreciate that. She’s really flexible so that allows me to kind of experiment, you know.” Ann was wearing a full body catsuit of sky blue latex that showed off her ample figure. Around her torso was a boned dark blue latex corset, brutally laced up and with supporting straps and buckles at two inch intervals, it looked very restrictive and uncomfortable.

It occurred to me she would have trouble running in a race dressed so restrictively, but maybe Suzy just didn’t bother about that. She also had a high neck corset in dark blue with straps attached to several points on the body corset. Her arms has been drawn back behind her and pulled up to the neck corset and attached to a D ring there. Her forearms were in another single glove in dark blue latex that was laced and buckled so tight that it drew them together until her elbows were almost touching. Now I saw what Suzy meant about Ann being flexible. Nonetheless it still looked quite painful.

Her pussy and anal passage were exposed, perhaps for the same reasons as Carol’s, ready for a large butt plug and tail. Her head had been shaved to a half inch all round and at the moment she had a complex head harness around her face, under her chin and over her head supporting a blue rubber face plate and inflatable gag with a tube and bulb hanging down. It looked to have been inflated severely as her cheeks were puffed out and there was a very uncomfortable look on her face.

“Do you like Ann’s new piercings? We had them done last month, she moaned and wailed and I guess they must have hurt, but I insisted and hey, I’m the boss, so…there you go.” Said Suzy very perkily. Ann didn’t seem so chirpy.

I saw the piercings Suzy was so proud about. Like Carol she had three along each side of her labia, but I could also see one under the hood over her clitoris, and I could imagine that might have hurt. She also had a small one through her septum, and the small ring was resting on the face plate of her gag. Her nipples were also exposed and both had thick rings pierced through them. There was a narrow chain running from her nose ring, through one nipple to the other and back to her nose, in a triangular shape.

“You can’t see the rod and two connecting balls I have put through her tongue, ha ha, she didn’t like that much, but it feels great when she gets her tongue inside me. They are all immovable with twisted threads that have been broken, so they are staying on for good.”

She giggled. “Who do you have here? Is she your girlfriend?” She said, looking over Carol closely.

“Well this is Carol, and no, she’s not my girlfriend, although we’re starting to get to know each other very well, right Carol?” And Carol without hesitation, nodded in agreement.

“Oh, she is gorgeous.”

“Yes, she is.” Monica agreed and I could see Carol smile at this unsubtle flattery.

“Oh, and I love what you’ve done to her quim, saving her for yourself, eh Monica?”

“Absolutely.” Smiled Monica, coolly.

“Good piercings too, have you had her tongue done? How about her septum?” Suzy was a bit too gushy for my taste, but Monica seemed to take it all in her stride.

“No, well not as yet, but we’ll see.” She said with a smile, looking directly at Carol, who said nothing but seemed a bit alarmed at this idea. “I like the chain by the way you have on Ann’s nipples and septum, could be quite painful but a good way to control her, yes?”

“Absolutely, a little tug and she’s putty in my hands, aren’t you, my beauty?” Ann nodded meekly, there was little else she could do.

“Well Suzy, got to keep moving, see you after the race. Good luck. Bye Ann, be good now.”

“Well she has no say in that, or anything else really, has she, ha ha?” And Suzy waved as Monica and her “entourage” left. Once out of earshot Carol said.

“May I speak?” And Monica turned and laughed.

“Yes, I thought you might have some questions. Well, let me see. First, I don’t propose to pierce your septum, or your tongue. That will be up to your husband if he wishes, or perhaps if you wish?”

“Well, er, that’s a relief, and I don’t know what Tim would do. And if he wanted me to be pierced further, I’m not sure what my reaction would be. But about….”

“Yes, I know, Suzy and Ann. How can a 35 year old woman, intelligent, successful, give herself, certainly body, and soul as well, to an 18 year old girl, just back from her first year at university? Ann is a vice-principal at a girl’s school and, guess what, yes, Suzy was a pupil there until last year. Suzy, contrary to first sight is quite brilliant and went to Uni before her 18th birthday. Now before you get all excited, nothing happened at school, this was no older woman introducing a young innocent into the joys of Sapphic love. No, they obviously crossed paths there but this relationship happened after she left, when they met in Oxford one day, and then it really took off. Ann is smart, funny - well when not gagged, ha ha, and has a heart of gold….and she’s just head over heels in love with the girl. Suzy might seem a bit, well, naive, but she’s terribly young and will grow up fast, I’m sure.”

“Ann is the ultimate subby, she loves the latex and the bondage, she was probably getting wet as we talked. She will pretend to fight some of Suzy’s more painful or extreme forms of dominance, but she actually laps it up. She would lick Suzy’s bum if she told her too, and probably like it, maybe she has already.” And Monica smiled again, putting her hand on Carol’s cheek. “As I said before we’re a strange bunch, ha ha.”

Now they approached another couple, and these again proved Monica’s point.

The couple were set out on a large latex sheet. The male was dressed in a fairly conventional (if that can be said in this location) red latex catsuit, with holes at groin and backside. The female was however dressed a bit less conventionally, for she was clothed in a “gimp” suit. Her arms had been folded at the elbow and pushed into single sleeves. Similarly her legs had been folded at the knee and squashed into short legs such that her ankles were pressed against her buttocks. So, effectively she gave the impression of a dog, or in this case, a bitch, and she was on her hands and knees. The suit was of course of latex, dark brown, maybe they wanted to give the impression of a chocolate lab, I didn’t know.

All was covered in latex except her breasts which hung below her. A rather silly looking tail, almost poodle-like stuck out from her bottom, and I assumed that this was attached to a butt plug. But the strangest thing about her “costume” was her mask or headpiece, for this had the shape of a dogs head. It had long floppy ears, and a short snout, even with a false rubber tongue.  I quickly saw the two human eyes behind the eyeholes. It was a very clever piece of design.

But the other astonishing thing was that, right out there in the open, with dozens of people around them, her companion was kneeling behind her, gripping her waist with both hands and shagging her!

The poor (?) girl was grunting through her mask at each thrust, but could do nothing to stop the assault, although it was hard to tell if she did want it to stop. Completely unperturbed Monica, Natalie and Polly behind the camera approached. Carol however I could see was a little shocked.

“Hi Paul.” Said Monica. “So it’s Pippa’s turn in the suit today is it? Are we interrupting anything?” Paul withdrew from her and without embarrassment, zipped himself up carefully.

“Jeez Monica, your timing is always impeccable.” He laughed. Polly had now given the camera to Natalie, for she came into view.

“Hey, sis-in-law.” He continued as Polly gave Paul a huge hug and kiss, and Paul affectionately patted Polly’s backside.

“Hey, bro-in-law, good to see you have my little sister kept in order. Sorry we interrupted.” She patted his groin, a lascivious smile on her face. “You can carry on as far as I am concerned. She always needs a good shagging. Hey sister Pip.”

In a very jolly manner Polly then knelt down, slapped her sister quite hard on her shiny rubber bottom and then rolled her on her back. Pippa could do little about this but moan through the dog’s full head mask. Defenceless on her back, her breasts and wet pussy were exposed. Polly giggled and massaged a breast.

“Pippa, I do believe you’re getting bigger, are you taking hormones or something?” Pippa moaned under this onslaught, clearly the mask had some form of internal gag.

“Good to see Paul has shaved you too, you always were a bit hairy down there.” She ran her hand over Pippa’s labia, Paul was unperturbed and interjected.

“Yes, it’s her turn in the suit, it’s good that we are of similar height and size, saves on a lot of clothes. When I get to wear it, I really only need a good corset, otherwise we are a pretty good fit, a few creases here and there but otherwise we’re both well and truly trapped in it.”

“So, what’s the news Paul?”  Monica asked and he laughed.

“Well the bad news for me is, while Pippa gets two hours as my bitch, and I get to shag her, if I wasn’t so rudely interrupted, then I get to be her pony, in about 20 minutes I suppose. We’re in the race and it’s my turn as pony….and I have a feeling it’s going to be a hard run.” I could see Pippa nodding, while she lay on the latex sheet under Polly, who was till moving a gloved hand over Pippa’s labia, but she didn’t seem too worried, just moaned quietly. Paul stood.

“So, this is Carol. Well Polly didn’t tell a lie, you are quite stunning. Good to meet you. I have a feeling I will be seeing you from afar, I understand you are a flyer.”

“Good try, Paul, but we all know you are one of the favourites. Especially if Pippa gives you a good whipping, which I’m sure she will now. Carol will do well to keep you in her sights.

“Monica, can I stay here for a while, catch up with Pippa?” Asked Polly.

“You seem to have caught up quite a bit already.” Replied Monica, seeing Polly’s hand over her sister’s pussy. “But sure, we’ll see you all later. Have fun.”

“Oh, we will.” Laughed Polly, and Monica, leading Carol by her reins, moved on. After a few steps she turned to Carol.

“Ha ha, questions again?”

“Well I don’t know. Polly and Pippa seem an…er...interesting pair of sisters. And the relationship with Paul, seems…er…very open.”

“Nicely put, Carol. Yes, there is a bit of history there for sure. Pippa and Polly are twins, not identical and Polly is a half hour older. As you can tell, they are very close.” Monica laughed. Their parents both died when they were young, and they were sent to foster parents, and although they were well loved it brought them together, almost inseparable in fact. They shared everything, including boyfriends. This at first I think the boyfriends found attractive, two girls instead of one, but soon it can become too much, you can imagine, particularly when these girls are so tight. Anyway Paul came along and is crazy for Pippa, but at the same time he understands the sisters and their relationship and allows them all the time they need together. So it works really well.”

“But what about Polly and….you know, guys?”

“Polly is a truly free spirit, she has fun with me, with Natalie here, and certainly with you, Carol. The sex of a partner is secondary. If she is attracted, boy or girl it doesn’t matter, and frankly, isn’t that the way it should be? We could all learn a bit from Polly. A couple of years ago she had a boyfriend for a while, a wild lad and he was killed in a motorcycle accident. Polly was with him and amazingly got away with barely a scratch. She was wearing her full rubber gear, thick catsuit and gloves under her leather pants, jacket and boots.”

“They took her to the A and E and, ha, can you imagine the looks of the staff there when they examined her, having to unzip her out of her suit. They were going to cut it I heard and she went ape on them so I think they figured there wasn’t too much wrong and finally let her go. They’ll be talking about it for a long time no doubt. But Polly, you have to remember, doesn’t give a damn what people might think. She’s loyal, to the death, to her friends and we count ourselves among them, and her sister, and that’s all that matters. She did take it badly though, and I feel it be a while before we see her with a boyfriend, in the traditional sense of the word anyway. She’s having too much fun with us.”

“Yes, I can see that, and I’m sorry to hear that story.”

“That’s nice of you Carol, I’ll tell Polly that, but it’s all in the past now.”

They now came upon another couple and like the others this too was an eye-opener. A vacuum bed hung vertically about an inch from the ground from a cross beam attached between two posts. The bed of transparent latex held rigid the splayed figure of what only could be called a voluptuous body. Her legs were at an angle of about 60 degrees, thus rendering her shaved quim very exposed. She had large breasts, narrow waist and wide hips. A body from the 50’s I thought. Her long black hair clung to her back. The only break in the tight smooth latex was an oval hole at her mouth, a large mouth with fine white teeth. A mouth which at that moment was letting forth a tirade. For behind her was another figure, one hand leaning on a walking stick and the other with a large rubber paddle which he was applying to her already reddening bottom.

He was dressed perhaps the most normal of the people I had seen this day. He wore only a long sleeved t–shirt and above-the-knee loose shorts in white latex. The only incongruous addition was a matching white latex mask.

“Francesco.” She shouted. “If you hit me one more time I will leave you….and…and take your children with me, you beast…you hear me?” The accent was very broad Italian.

Francesco looked up and saw Monica, and was about to say something when she quickly put her finger to her lips and pointed at the woman. He nodded and Monica went to the trapped woman. She smiled coolly and ran her middle finger up the woman’s stretched labia then leant over and ran her lips along the exposed lips, stopping any further words

“What….mmm…Fran…who…” Monica pressed her kiss further and now pushed harder with her finger. Then stepped back.

“I know those lips anywhere, and that finger, Monica you devil, is it you?”

“Hello Maria, my dear, you look as wonderful as ever.”

“No I don’t, I’m still fat as a pig.” Monica looked at Francesco, who smiled and simply raised his eyebrows. “I can’t lose those last three kilos, Monica, have you any idea what it is like to have twins. My God, they split me in two I tell you.”

“Doesn’t look like it from here, Maria, your little pussy looks as divine as ever. What was it, an immaculate conception?” Again she ran her finger up and down her labia.”

“Ha, very funny. You think so? I look okay? Francesco says so too, but he will say anything to get me to do what he wants.”

“Oh, yes Maria, I’m sure he forces you, ha ha.”

“Well okay, but he’s being a beast today. I was so looking forward to today, getting in my riding outfit, getting him in his pony suit, sticking a big plug up his rear and thrashing him around this course. You know, I think we would have been good enough to win. He’s very fit and when I really whip him he runs like the wind. Then he goes and injures his stupid knee playing his stupid football, you know I think he made it all up, just so he can give me, poor me, a paddling in this stupid vacuum bed. And look at me, I’m so exposed.” Monica laughed at this tirade, as Francesco came round and gave her a big hug.

“Well Maria, why is it you in the bag and not your hubby here?”

“Well he says his knee won’t take it. HA! A likely story I say, so I go along with it, and what, I have been here two hours maybe, sweating like a pig, and he’s playing with me all the time, making me come, and then he’s inviting anyone who passes to take a whack at my bottom. Monica it isn’t fair, I tell you.”

“Anyone?” Monica looked at Francesco who nodded vigorously and handed her the paddle. Maria quickly got the drift when it went suddenly quiet.

“No, no, you wouldn’t Monica, this is so unfair.” Monica then took a good swing and it landed with a loud clap plum on Maria’s ample bottom.

“Ow, ow, and I called you a friend.” Monica returned to face Maria.

“Oh Maria, give it up darling, there’s nothing you love more than being whipped by your beautiful husband here.”

And then Maria suddenly smiled.

“Yes, he is beautiful, isn’t he, and the father of my children, but he’s lucky to be with me, no?”

“Very lucky, and I’m very lucky to have you as a true friend. Oh, those breasts Maria, you should patent them.”

“That’s because I’m bursting with milk, those awful children of his and they never get enough.”

Francesco laughed and said. “Oh, now they are awful, and they’re mine. Well my mother has them today, so I can get to play with these beauties.” And he took an ample breast in one hand and kneaded it.

“Oh God, I am so sensitive there, I could come.”

“Looks like you already have, you’re wet down there.”

“I know.” She giggled. “I’m such a slut.” And she laughed lustily.

“I think we’ll leave you two to it. Bye Maria darling, Francesco, look after her now.” And Monica waved and led Carol away. She drifted through groups of more friends, greeting them with a smile, proudly showing off Carol, who universally received approval. They were all dressed in varying degrees of latex, some barely covered, some under several layers, sweating in the sun. Some were free to roam and chat and play with each other, but others, like Pippa, were in one or other form of bondage. Most were having snacks and drinks and there was a very festive atmosphere. Those that took time to inspect Carol loved the bells attached to her nipples and her labia ring. Carol, who may at first been a bit reticent, was now fully at ease, and quite enjoying the attention.

But now it was getting towards the start of the race, and Monica pulled Carol’s reins over to an area well away from the crowd. She turned to her pony.

“How did you like that, Carol? You seem to be having a good time.”

“I am, Monica, yes, I am. It’s fun meeting all these, well, really nice, normal people, just having a good time.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Now Carol we’re close to race time and I have a confession to make. I have been keeping something from you, but it is for the better I think.” Carol began to look worried.

“Why, what is it, what do you mean?”

“Carol, I’m not an experienced driver of ponies, I come here every time, but often I don’t have a pony for myself – Polly and Natalie, will sometimes volunteer – and sometimes I will take a novice out, but you my dear, have real talent, real speed, and you need an experienced driver.”

Carol looked quizzical and then despondent.

“You mean, you mean you will not be driving me? Oh no, please you must, I want you to.”

“Carol, it’s not up to you, remember? Now calm down, the decision has been made and there it is. You will do much better with an experienced driver than with me, really.” And Monica saw a figure approaching and waved. The figure went to Monica and gave her a big hug, then turned and inspected Carol. I could see Carol was shocked, and so was I.

The “figure” was a woman (I think) clothed in full “dressage” regalia. Moving my eyes up from her knee high black leather boots, I saw her black latex stockings, black latex skirt, to just above her knees, then white buttoned latex shirt with collar, and black tie, all under a black unbuttoned. tail coat. In her latex gloved hand she held a nasty looking horse whip.

But the most stunning thing was her face. Covering her head was an anatomically perfect extremely tight mannequin’s mask. It was flesh coloured, with painted-in ruby lips, black eyebrows and blue eye shadow. It even had ears perfectly located. Close up, it looked almost perfect, from 10 feet away it was! There were two tiny nostril holes and a tiny slit at the mouth. There was no zip, or laces, it must have been a devil to get on, and would be almost suffocating inside.

The face was impassive – the perfect almost inscrutable model face, beautiful, ageless, and with the slightest of smiles, giving no indication at all of who was underneath. I was pretty sure it was a woman, for the breasts were ample, pushing out the white skirt, stretching the buttons.

Her skull remained, incongruously, bald. But on her head was perched a black top hat, about four inches high, perfect for dressage. She was a stunning apparition, beautiful, and yet so anonymous – just the slight smile.

She seemed to know Monica well, for they embraced for a good while, then she nodded at Natalie, and the camera. Then she drew her attention to Carol, who stood still, a bit in shock, knowing this was to be her driver for the big race. Monica spoke to Carol.

“Carol, there is nothing to fear my dear, nothing. Your driving mistress has been doing this for a long time and is the most experienced of all drivers. She will guide you through the race, getting you to move faster, or slower, as the case may be. You have no experience of these races, it’s not a gallop to the finish, they are tactical, you will see there are some small slopes here, and you need a tactician to lead you. Now, feel the reins, feel their pull, feel the butt plug once it is inserted in you. The driving mistress will give no verbal commands, it is up to you to learn through your senses.

While Monica was giving this advice I watched as the driving mistress carried out a detailed inspection of her pony, which had now become a lot more nervous. She slid her whip between Carol’s legs, tapping both sides, and Carol widened her stance. She rested her whip on her labial rings, nodding silently in approval. She ran her hand over her buttocks, up her torso, examining her nipple rings, and then stared, for some time, squarely into her face. Carol must have found this disconcerting, being judged by this emotionless face, but she held her gaze.

Finally the driving mistress turned and nodded at Monica, hugging her, apparently to signify her approval. From the bag attached to her waist, Monica passed to the driving mistress Carol’s bit, tail and butt plug, and a remote control! Carol saw this and said.

“Oh no, not a….”

“That’s enough Carol.” Monica said sharply. “No more talking from now on, you hear? Yes, this butt plug is controlled by this remote which the driving mistress will have. It is the perfect form of control, immediate. The whip is more for show, although should you really transgress you may feel that too. Now listen to me, and listen carefully, otherwise this will be a very painful process for you. You must understand you are a pony now, that obeys the commands of her mistress, without question, do you hear? She knows this course, you do not. Now, with the remote and the reins she will control your speed and your direction, simple as that. Listen, one jolt for faster, and two jolts for slower, what could be simpler? You understand?”

Carol nodded, now a lot less perky than before.

“Good, I know will do well, now we have to go to the centre of the ring for the ceremony of the bits and butts. Ha ha.”  And it was now the driving mistress who took the reins from Monica and led Carol back to the centre of the field, Carol obediently clopping along behind her, her bells tinkling.

The ponies had been drawn into a circle; there were fifteen of them arranged in a circle, facing inward, so that each could see the other. There were ten female ponies and five men. I quickly noticed Ann and Suzy and also Billy and Julie, as well as others that I had seen on Monica’s travels. In the centre of the group was Maggie, still under four layers of latex and not looking the worse for wear. She was clearly the grande dame and Mistress of Ceremonies.

“Welcome everyone again, and just wonderful to see you all. A super turnout and I know we are all having fun, I certainly am.” She laughed infectiously.  “We have a record field today, and don’t our ponies look just fabulous?” There followed a large cheer and extended applause.

“Five miles is a good long way, and up hill and down dale too. It will be seven laps of our course. So firstly I suggest to all the drivers to give their ponies a good drink before we start, I know all about heat exhaustion I can tell you.”  And Maggie spread her heavy cape to laughter from the crowd. The drivers then took a moment to feed drinks to their ponies. I saw the driving mistress tenderly hold up Carol’s chin and put a bottle to her lips. Carol drank heavily.

“All right everybody, now it’s time to place the bits in your ponies’ mouths. Please proceed.” The drivers, male and female did so. There was a bit of gurgling and aaarrrgging as the bits were placed and tightened. Carol had obediently opened her mouth and her mistress adjusted it quickly. She gently patted her cheek in encouragement.

“Good, and now, as always the fun bit, well for all of us anyway, ha ha. The tails may be inserted.” There followed a cheer from the crowd as this seemed to be the most popular exercise, unless if you were a pony of course. All the ponies were bent over in unison while their master and mistress ceremoniously applied lube from their own private source. Now they took up position beside their pony and rested the offender at the gate! Then, in unison again, they pressed the plugs against their ponies’ sphincters and pushed.

There was some noticeable grunting and grimacing and aaahhing, which really seemed to amuse the crowd that had moved closer. Carol’s plug, thank goodness, was not as large as some she had accommodated, and with the expertise of her mistress it was quickly gobbled up by her anal passage. Then it was twisted and the small chain from the base plate attached to the bottom of her corset. Her mistress gave her bottom a friendly tap and she stood up. She was one of the first as some of the poor ponies had to endure much larger intruders and were taking a long time in adjusting to them.

Once all this was done they were led to the starting line, where they lined up, and what a sight it was to see all fifteen lined up and their drivers now settling in to their seats.

Latex of all colours and costumes of all designs glittered in the sun; bridles of leather and steel creaked; hoof boots stomped the grass, ready to go; already saliva was forming on the bits of some; tails swished; bells tinkled; reins were pulled to align properly. Even my heart was beginning to race!

Although Carol had a high posture collar on, she glanced to her sides. I knew Carol, she was very competitive and her juices, well not those juices, were beginning to flow. Now she looked ahead, not seemingly aware of the bells on her ringed nipples and pussy, not aware of the butt plug and tail, or the bit parting her teeth, or her arms folded to her shoulders, she was focussed.

Maggie walked down the line, in full rubber gear, cape and hood flowing in the slight breeze. She is such a sweet thing. She smiled and nodded to all the ponies, gave a word of encouragement, and a pat here and there. They all seem to know her and smile back, hard with a bit crammed between your teeth, but they tried. She came to Carol, and spent a few seconds more with her, then a pat on her bottom. Then they are ready.



Story continues in Chapter 7

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