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The Tale of Tim & Carol Chapter 4: It's Not Getting Any Better For Carol

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2011 - Rbbral - Used by permission

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continued from chapter three


Chapter 4: It's Not Getting Any Better For Carol

It was two more days before I received another DVD, and I had spent the intervening time thinking about her in the rubber romper suit. I had heard about infantilism and thought it all a bit strange but seeing my wife trapped as she was in the suit, a bizarre parody of a baby, dummy in mouth for some inexplicable reason I found it quite arousing. It wasn’t that I found babies sexy, Christ no, but my wife’s firm adult body fully filling out the silly romper suit and unable to do anything about it, for some reason, was. I also wondered in the intervening periods what Carol was being subjected to, and how she was reacting. I was about to find out.

The camera opened on the cot with Carol apparently asleep, her mittened hands at her crotch.

“Wakey, wakey, baby.” I heard Monica call. Carol pointed to her groin, mmmfed and pleaded with her eyes, but Monica just chuckled. It appears that she may have wet herself into her diaper, Monica simply leant in between the bars and playfully slapped her buttocks, perhaps feeling for any leakage and she then told her to kneel and put her head through the hole in the top of the cage. Carol did this reluctantly and Natalie brought her hands behind her and pulled them to the rear of the cot and cuffed them on the outside. Now she was kneeling in a spread position, her head through the hole and held rigid by a fork shaped bar attached to the top and passing either side of her head. There is a sliding attachment on the rod and to this is attached a large plastic feeding bottle. Monica removed the ring from Carol’s dummy and screwed in the mouth of the bottle. Carol can do nothing except stare mutely ahead.

There is alarm on Carol’s face but Monica assures her that the liquid is very healthy, although not very pleasant to taste. With this Carol began to suck on the large teat while Monica advised her it would not be removed until finished. Carol moaned in displeasure but continued to suck. They then left the room and the picture goes dark.

I don’t know how long they have been away, but when they return, Carol has almost finished her “breakfast”. She is now groaning and from her body movements it appears she may have soiled herself, and she looks very unhappy and uncomfortable with this.

The women are now dressed for business, in the same way as when I first met them when they picked up Carol. Natalie and Polly are dressed in latex tights and 4 inch heels, shoulder gloves and tight halter tops that show off their curves to full advantage. They also wear full head masks. Both are in bright sky blue and look very sexy and intimidating at the same time. Monica is in her black dominatrix outfit

The whole scene however takes on a different hue when I see Monica drag behind her a figure dressed in black latex. It is clear that this is a man as she is dragging him by a chain attached to a ring at the end of his cock. This cock however is imprisoned in what I can only describe as a thick inflatable rubber condom or sac. A tube and inflator bulb hang down between his thighs and his cock is the size of a thick sausage. At the head is a D ring and through this is the chain that Monica is pulling. His balls are held in a separate rubber sac tied tightly at their base. It all looks quite painful.

The man is fully masked and has an inflatable gag in his mouth kept in by a smaller diameter ring gag. His upper body is tightly encased in an inflatable straitjacket and his legs either in tights or a full body suit that extends under the straitjacket. The only exposed parts are his eyes and a hole in the rear of the tights opposite his anal passage.

Monica brought him over to face Carol, still sucking on the bottle. She introduced him as Bobby, an old and valued customer. It was impossible to tell how old he was, he could have been 20 or 60, but he was quite slim and taller that the three women.

“Bobby comes to see us often, he’s a true rubber submissive who knows exactly what turns him on. Pain and pleasure. When he’s here we hurt and abuse him, but he always comes back for more, don’t you Bobby, you really love coming and seeing us?” And Bobby nodded obediently. Carol stared at him over the bottle stuffed in her mouth, and looked down at his poor tortured cock. I wondered what she could have been thinking.

Monica led him over to a rubber covered vertical post and as he leant against it she passed the chain around the post and attached the end to his cock ring. He was now effectively tied to the post by his cock. He had a bit of room to wriggle but he certainly didn’t want to move far!

Monica then proceeded to whip him with a two foot horse whip, very hard. The sound of the whip on his rubber clad buttocks resounded around the room as she laid into him. He tried to wriggle a bit, but she kept hitting the round curve of his arse with unerring accuracy.

Carol seemed transfixed with this and didn’t take her eyes off it. Now she had finished her feeding bottle, and this was removed by Polly and the ring replaced in her dummy. She was then uncuffed and the two pronged rod holding her head removed. She dropped back to the cot, exhausted and holding her stomach and pleaded with Polly, who playfully patted her bonneted head and returned to the side of Bobby.

Monica had finished her whipping and Bobby was sagging against the rubber post, groaning loudly into his gag. He was then taken to a high backed square steel chair with straps at ankles, knees thighs and chains for attaching to the D rings in the inflatable straitjacket. They sat him down and strapped him firmly in, and I notice a hole in the seat of the chair opposite his anal passage.

Polly then rolled a small motor under the seat and screwed in a good sized dildo and lubricated it. She then peered under and aligned the dildo with the hole in the seat and Bobby’s vulnerable rear.

Meanwhile Natalie has removed the inflatable cock corset sheath by deflating it and pulling it off his cock, which is now bright pink with red dots all over it from the rubber needles on the inside of the double skinned sheath. I figure it must have been painful to have those hard rubber needles pressing into him. Natalie has now got a transparent vacuum penis pump and placed it over his cock. Inside the plastic tube a tight rubber skin encases his cock. She pushed down creating a tight seal at the root of his cock and attached the vacuum tube to a small motor similar to the one to power the dildo and placed the motor by the dildo motor between his spread legs.

Monica explained the situation to him. He was to be mechanically buggered and mechanically masturbated at the same time, slowly at first and working faster and faster until he comes into the rubber sheath inside the tube.

Natalie leant down and started the dildo motor and Bobby moaned as it slowly impales him for the first time, then it is withdrawn and slowly enters him again. Natalie then started the penis vacuum pump and this begins to pump in and out over his latex covered cock.

This strange scenario continued for a good while, the three women standing back and admiring their talents and Carol staring at Bobby in silence while she held her stomach lightly. After a while it appeared that Bobby was coming, and Natalie cruelly turned off the motor, leaving him on the edge. A few seconds pass and Natalie started it up again, and this continued for a while getting him close to coming then stopping the vacuum pump. It was cruelly effective and Bobby continued to groan as the dildo pumped in and out of his rear.

Finally they allowed him to come and he slumped in the chair, sore and sated. They turned off both machines, and removed his inflatable gag. The ring gag however is still in place and therefore he can’t stop Monica pouring, very slowly, the contents of the pump….his seed, into his mouth. He spluttered and wretched but Monica tenderly lifted his chin up, and he’s forced to swallow all his own cum.

I looked at Carol, who was watching all this, fascinated and also shocked.

“You can rest now”. Monica said and she roughly pulled the inflatable penis sheath back over his cock, inflating it cruelly until Bobby squealed. She smiled evilly, and calmly placed her hand against his forehead pushing it back to the chair’s headrest and slid the inflatable gag behind the ring gag and quickly inflated it, pushing out Bobby’s cheeks. Bobby now sat in silence, staring out at the room, his mouth stuffed with latex, his upper body compressed within an inflatable straitjacket and his cock sticking out in front of him within its inflatable double-skinned latex sheath

I thought it was now going to be Carol’s turn and I took a break, going for a cup of tea, and then settling down in front of the screen again, a bit nervously, but also I had to admit a bit excited.

Carol was now being led back into the discipline room by Polly, with Natalie at her side. They had not changed from their latex tights, shoulder length gloves and halter tops. Carol however had been changed. She had evidently had a shower and clean up, and I was frankly glad I didn’t have to see that. Gone were the romper suit, bonnet, mittens and dummy and she was now dressed in a cream coloured latex leotard.

The collar was high and reinforced, with a small extension under her chin, keeping her head erect. The long sleeves again ended in thumbless mittens and her arms had been bent at the elbow and the mittens had been clipped to a D ring at each shoulder, very effectively immobilizing her. There were holes in the suit opposite her pussy and bum hole, each with four press stud fastenings on the edges. I could only imagine that these were not placed there by accident.

Her head was uncovered, her hair nicely combed into her Peter Pan short crop and there appeared little fight in her at present as her expression was one of resignation as Polly lead her to a treadmill machine facing a mirror on the wall.

Monica came into camera range and addressed Carol, with a cool smile.

“Well Carol you have been lying around in your cot, filling your pants for far too long.” Carol glared at her but said nothing.

“Now we have you all cleaned up I think you need some exercise. You have the hard body of a runner.” She ran her hands over Carol’s upper body, with a lascivious smile and Carol shivered, remaining silent and staring at her. “So here’s your chance to show it off. Now before we get you on the treadmill, we’ll spice it up a bit with these boots. They do look a bit strange though, don’t they? Carol have you heard of the terms pony play and pony girls? No? Well they are just another one of the myriad of the outer fringes of sex. It is where women, and men, dress up in equine attire and play horsey games.” Here I could see Carol looked a bit bemused but Monica continued.

“Women, and men as well, dress up as ponies and are put through their paces by their riders. Occasionally men, who are typically stronger than women, will actually have a saddle fitted to them and carry around their owner, and will be kept under control by the whip, or stirrup or bit, like a real horse. But mostly the games involve a pony pulling her master or mistress in a cart or buggy. The pony of course is still under the control of her master. It’s all good fun, but could be a bit painful for the pony if she doesn’t respond to her master or mistress. Anyway, no more of that for now. These boots are hoof boots and you will see the foot portion is in the shape of a hoof. There is excellent support for your foot which will be at an angle equivalent to a three inch heel.”

She unzipped the knee length boot in matching cream leather and slid Carol’s upraised foot into it. Carol did not fight, as she was held on either side by Polly and Natalie, more for balance as Carol seemed to have for now at least no fight in her. She zipped it up and attached a lock around a metal band at the top, just below her knee.

“I have the key, so you are in these for as long as I wish.” She said as she continued with the other leg, repeating the process, zipping her up and locking the second boot on her.

“They look a perfect fit, how do they feel? I don’t want you with blisters and sores by the end of the day. That would impede your training.”

Carol continued to look bemused as she walked slowly around the treadmill.

“Well, apart from feeling downright silly, they…actually….they feel all right, they look a bit err…strange, but they feel quite…err….comfortable.”

“Excellent, okay, up you get and away we go.” She stepped onto the treadmill and Polly started it off, initially very slowly and Carol gingerly began to walk, her shortened arms wagging at her side for balance, facing the mirror on the wall. I wondered what she thought, looking at herself in the tight latex leotard hiding nothing of her charms, her pierced pussy exposed, her arms doubled up to her shoulders and her feet locked in the strange high hoof boots, completely under their control.

After a couple of minutes, as Carol got her balance and slowly gained in confidence, Polly increased the speed a little. Carol was now at a brisk walk, her breasts under her latex costume jiggling erotically. Shortly she seemed much more confident and Natalie gently patted her buttock, offering encouragements.

“We’ll have you galloping in no time, my beauty. You’re doing very well, I think you are ready for the bit.” Carol turned and glared at her, as Polly brought the treadmill to a temporary halt.

“What do you mean, the bit?”

“That’s enough, quiet. All ponies have to get you used to a bit. It’s the most efficient way of control. Now we don’t need you under control right now as we have you on the treadmill, but a bit gag will get you accustomed to the feel of the bridle and bit, which we will have you in shortly.”

“You must be joking, turning me into a pony….aaarrgh….nnnnkk….rrrr.” Natalie had rapidly and efficiently slipped a rubber covered steel bit between her teeth and pulled hard on the strap around her head, while Carol shook her head violently to no avail.

“Rrrr….aaaargh.” Was all that she could say now as Polly restarted the machine, forcing Carol to concentrate and begin a brisk walk again, glaring at the three women in the mirror.

Shortly with Carol adjusting to the gag, Polly increased the speed to a slow jog and soon Carol was dribbling from the bit gag, Polly wiped the dripping sweat off her brow, chin and then her jiggling breasts, giggling. Carol was always a good runner, she could easily beat me, and it was something she loved doing. Very soon she was into a fairly fast jog, apparently now well accustomed to the strange boots and the reduced balance with her arms doubled up to her shoulders. She now seemed more confident and I detect that while she may not enjoying it but at least was comfortable with it. Then Monica said approvingly.

“She’s doing very well, much better than I thought, so let’s get her tail on her. She’s going to have to get used to it anyway.” Polly again stopped the machine, Carol was now breathing hard, spittle dripping from the bit, and sweating freely.

Natalie lubricated what appears to me a largish butt plug, with a long tail of hair extending from the bottom. She handed it to Monica. Carol glared at it, growled and groaned as Polly and Natalie held her still.

“Come on Carol, this isn’t even a good-sized one, it’s only a number 3, we’ll be having you taking a number 10 in your back passage soon enough.” She laughed cruelly as Carol continued to struggle, but she was easily bent over at the waist by the two women. If this was a number 3, I thought, I didn’t want to see a number 10, or at least feel it up my rear!

“Aaaarrgh…..aaahhh.” Carol continued, wiggling her rear, but Monica coolly rested it against her sphincter and calmly twisting it slowly, pressed it in! She continued to wriggle, but Monica undeterred, forced the ever widening plug into her.

Soon she was thoroughly plugged, her arse swallowing the last of the narrow base of the shaft.

Monica gave it a final twist and the tail was now raised up in a cheeky, perky manner. Monica then pressed in four stud fastenings on the leotard, firmly locking the plug within her. Now Carol had no hope at all in ejecting it. She began to walk again and it flicked cutely, as if flicking away flies.

After a while Carol slowed down again and was moaning quietly through her bit, trying to adjust to the new intruder. But the three women showed no mercy and Polly quickly increased the pace to a nice trot. Carol soon regained her balance and posture and Monica is impressed again.

“She’s a natural, Polly, wait til we get her under the reins and the whip!”

I see in the background that Bobby was watching all this and was clearly aroused as his cock is raised between his legs. It must be painful for him as it was still trapped within the double skinned latex tube and if he’s erect then those hard rubber needles must have been really digging into his cock. If I were him I’d have closed my eyes and thought of something else, but he, like me, seems almost hypnotized by the vision of Carol running at a full trot, her tail swishing against her latex covered buttocks. She really is a wonderful sight.

After about another half hour and with Carol beginning to really tire, Monica said.

“Enough for now, I think, Carol my dear, you are most impressive, an absolute natural, I can’t wait to get the reins and whip on you at the races.” I wondered what she had in mind, but I knew it didn’t bode well for poor Carol, who was breathing heavily now the treadmill had stopped.

They helped her off and wiped her down, and I see Polly wiping Carol’s pussy which I notice appears to be glistening. Polly gives Carol a dirty look but they keep it between each other.

“You’ve done very well indeed Carol, and I think you deserve a reward.” Monica says, and glances across at Bobby.

“Bobby has to go soon, so how would you like to give Carol a BJ, Bobby, while Polly fucks you?”

Carol looked mystified and not very happy about this idea, but Bobby seemed very keen on it, although I’m not sure how this is going to work. The women released him from his chair and took him to what I can only describe as the “fucking stand”.

At the same time it is all very complex and very simple. It comprised a metal frame of steel rods and tubes in the form of a table or bench on four legs which can be adjusted for height and width. Along the legs and the curved top are a considerable number of straps for tying the unfortunate victim down in a wide variety of positions - horizontal, at an angle and even almost vertical.

They removed the inflatable gag from Bobby’s mouth but the ring gag remained. They led him over to the stand, I notice he does not go reluctantly, and pushed him down face first onto the curved top. Legs are strapped in a wide stance, and straps are attached to his straight jacket until he can’t move an inch. A further strap is passed through a D ring at the crown of his mask and his head is pulled back until he’s facing forward, his mouth open and inviting.

Carol still has her bit gag and her butt plug tail and hoof boots on, and her arms are still doubled up and attached to her shoulders. She has now got her breath back and is looking down at “poor” Bobby being strapped into complete immovability.

Natalie shows her a strap-on cock, about 6 inches long and attached to a harness of leather straps. On the inside of the supporting pad there is a smaller cock, but quite thick and with rubber knobs surrounding it to rub her lips and clit. Natalie gets Carol to step into it and draws it up to her waist; further straps pass between her legs and either side of her tail. These are all pulled nice and tight and Carol groans as the cock enters her and the rubber knobs start rubbing her clit.

Polly also has a matching strap-on, but without the cock on the inside. She strapped it over her tights and approached Bobby’s exposed sphincter. Gripping his hips she takes Bobby in his exposed and vulnerable rear, forcing herself into him without any mercy and with a little squeal of satisfaction. Bobby grunts as he is impaled, and I’m not sure if this is pleasure or pain, perhaps both.

On Monica’s urging, tentatively Carol approached Bobby, and looking down beyond her bit gag aimed the cock towards Bobby’s gaping mouth, then pushes the rubber cock through the ring gag. She begins to slowly press in and then pull out, maybe moving only two or three inches back and forward, her tail twitching as her buttocks roll back and forth. After a couple of minutes Monica says.

“Go ahead, push further Carol, stuff it right in, Bobby can do a deep throat comfortably for a few seconds, push it in to the base and hold it there for a few seconds.” Carol looks at Monica, saliva dripping from her open mouth onto Bobby’s masked head, and tentatively follows Monica’s instructions.

She thrusts forward into Bobby’s mouth to the base. Looking down she sees Bobby holding his breath as takes the shaft all the way to the back of his throat. Then she pulls back and he takes a deep breath.

Quickly Carol seems to now be getting into this, pushing the full length of the shaft into Bobby and rubbing herself against the short knobs of the base plate. I can see that she is perspiring already, and her cheeks are flushed. She is now breathing hard and is encouraged by Natalie standing next to her, placing a hand on her rubber covered buttock. Bobby amazingly is also enjoying it as his imprisoned cock is tortured by the double skinned sheath but still manages to wiggle and jerk underneath him.

Polly is thrusting hard in and out of Bobby’s anal passage and is the first to come. Then it is Bobby who comes next despite the pain administered to his arse and cock, or because of it perhaps. Then, immediately after, I am stunned to see, of all things Carol shudders and shakes to a climax, groaning through her gag. They both withdraw to mutual sighs and Natalie helps them as the two strap-ons are removed, Carol sighs as hers is taken out and she looks a bit sheepish as she stares in a mirror at her pussy, glistening with juices.

“There now, looks like Carol here had a lot of fun.” Natalie giggled as she showed the other women the gleaming cock. Carol doesn’t know what to do, she is no doubt a bit embarrassed but clearly had been aroused by the whole scenario.

Bobby is released from the stand and he stands a bit groggily.

“Sorry to say your session is over now Bobby, time to go home. We’ll see you again soon I know.”

The ring gag was removed with a groan from Bobby.

“Thank you mistresses, that was wonderful.” He says in a very cultured and calm voice. Then he turns to Carol and smiles warmly. “And thank you mistress Carol, I do sincerely hope I shall see you again, you are a beautiful pony, perhaps one day we can meet at the races, I do think you would make a wonderful mistress as well, au revoir.” And Bobby leant forward and gently pecked Carol on both cheeks either side of her bit gag. Natalie lead Bobby away, her arm affectionately on his shoulder, Bobby still straightjacketed and cock sheathed, and I don’t see him again as the picture fades to black.

I took a big gulp of air. Well, I thought, this is really turning into something. Over the next couple of days I can’t stop thinking about it, and at work people are definitely beginning to notice that my mind is wandering. I realize I will have to buck up or people might begin to suspect something is wrong. Well I suppose it is, but not in any way that they could imagine. I make an excuse that Carol has gone away to her mother’s for a while and that seems to keep their nosiness at bay, at least for now.

It’s another four days before the next DVD comes and I see it is a double set. I was getting a bit nervous about when it would arrive but now I felt comforted with it in my hands, and began to look forward to what discipline poor Carol had endured. I was not to be disappointed.

Carol was lying on her back on a bed. The bed looked to be king sized and was covered in black latex sheets and pillows. She seemed to be asleep as the camera approached. She was wearing a baby doll nightie and panties in pink latex, together with pink stockings. It’s an odd mix but I find it very sexy when set against the shiny black of the sheets. Her hands are in pink latex mitts with D rings at the tips, but they are not tethered in any further manner. I watch as Natalie crept up to the bed and quickly straddled the prone Carol. Natalie is wearing panties, shoulder length gloves and a halter top of scarlet latex, and I note the panties have openings at crotch and arse. Natalie giggled as she planted herself on top of Carol, her knees either side of Carol’s head. Carol quickly woke and stared up at Natalie and started to writhe. But then Polly, who is dressed identically as Natalie, joins in and pinions Carol’s lower limbs under her.

“Morning, Carol dear.” Natalie laughed. “We need a little morning pick-me-up and you are going to provide it.” Carol grunted and groaned, trying to throw Natalie off and Polly deftly grabbed both her wrists and connected the two D rings on her mitts behind Natalie’s back. Now there is very little opportunity for Carol to fight off these two women. Polly now handed Natalie a large O ring gag on a tight rubber strap, and Natalie expertly slid the ring between Carol’s teeth, twisted it and pulled the heavy strap behind her head. It all happened seemingly in an instant, but now Carols’ mouth is gaping wide open and she is staring up at Natalie, saying aaaaahhh.

“Ooooh, what a nice big mouth you have now, Carol, and a nice wet tongue. Well, my dear, you are now going to start the day with some tongue training.” Carol shook her head from side to side, but Natalie laughed and clamped it between her thighs.

“Yes Carol, my little love nest needs some entertainment, so…” She shuffled forward and dropped her crotch onto Carol’s mouth. “Get that tongue working now, girl.” Carol’s nose was jammed into the top of Natalie’s pussy as her mouth was engulfed under Natalie’s weight. I heard a muffled aaahhh, and a mmmmff.

While this was happening at one end, at the other Polly had swiftly pulled off Carol’s pink latex panties. To quell Carol’s frenzied kicking Polly then took a long steel spreader bar and attached the cuffs to Carol’s ankles, so that her legs were now spread wide and her shaven and ringed love channel was very exposed and equally vulnerable. Next she slid a pillow under her rear and was now parting her labia with her rubber covered fingers, and seeking out her sensitive nubbin.

With her mittened hands cuffed behind Natalie’s back, her torso trapped beneath Natalie’s erect body, her head between her thighs and her legs cuffed and spread, there was little Carol could now do, except accede to Natalie’s commands regarding the use of her tongue!

“No, push further inside, Carol, don’t lap at it, I want a good inch of tongue inside me, come on now.”

Meanwhile Polly was squatting between Carol’s outstretched legs, her head at Carol’s pussy, her blonde hair bobbing away.

“Feel what Polly is doing, Carol, she’s an expert I can vouch for that, now see if you can copy her, rub the end of your tongue around my clit, come on now.”

And this commentary carried on for a full fifteen minutes, with Polly rising up occasionally with a satisfied smile and rubbing her latex covered forefinger over Carol’s clit. Similarly Natalie would rise from her haunches and give Carol a breather, literally.

Despite her position I could see that Carol was aroused, her face was flushed and her breathing was much faster than normal, and I could see her juices seeping from her crotch when Polly pulled back. She was also making quite a lot of noise, aaaah, aaah with almost every breath, and this seemed to bring Natalie to a quick decision. Clearly while her mind and spirit wanted to fight off these women, her body was betraying her, under their expert attentions.

“Polly sweetie, if I can drag you away for a second from your meal there… “She giggled. “Carol is making an awful racket, and I want a good fucking now, so can you get the cock mask from the drawer there. Oh, and why don’t you get something for yourself?” Natalie smirked, looking over her shoulder as Polly dragged herself away from Carol’s wet pussy and pulled out two items from the drawer by the bed. She tossed one to Natalie and coolly stepped into the second, a double ended strap-on dildo. Spreading her legs and bending her knees, Polly slid the inner probe up inside her, expelling a satisfactory sigh. Strapping it firmly around her waist and between her legs she resumed her position, kneeling, legs spread, between Carol’s stretched-out legs. Gripping Carol’s hips she eased the large rubber cock into her.

Carol let out a loud groan. But now she could look up and see Natalie arranging something black and rubbery in her hands.

“Well Carol, you are getting a good fucking from Polly here behind me. And I need you to give me a good fucking, with this.” She spread it out between her hands so Carol could get a good look. It was a full head latex mask with no zips, laces or straps, and extending from the mouth was a long, rubber cock. She then turned it inside out and a similar cock, this time short and thick was attached to the inside. There were no eye holes and only two small nostril holes located just above the cock.

Carol again began to rock her head sideways, groaning, despite being clearly aroused by Polly thrusting between her legs.

“I’m afraid you won’t have the pleasure of looking up at me, but this mask will help you concentrate on Polly down there.” She stretched the flaccid rubber between her hands and leant over Carol’s shaking head. Carol was aaahhhing through her O ring gag, and writhing as best she could, but unperturbed, Natalie stretched it as wide as she could and placed it on Carol’s head, then pulled hard down on each side.

“Hmm, this is going to be tight, now stop wriggling Carol, this is going on whether you like it or not. And I don’t want to pull your ears off do I?’ Carol seemed to realize the futility of it and stopped struggling, as Natalie slowly pulled the tight rubber over her head. She eased the thick inner cock through the O ring and into Carol’s mouth. Carol was now silent save for a faint mmmm. Natalie rolled the remaining rubber over her chin and down her neck, easing out any wrinkles. She aligned the nose holes carefully and I could see Carol’s chest heave as she took in a good lungful of air. Her head was now a featureless shiny black ovoid, with a big cock sticking up in the air. There were small depressions where her eyes were, and a protruding nose but it was impossible to detect who it was under the rubber, just an anonymous black, silent head.

Natalie ran her hands over the slippery surface, then aligned herself up with the upraised cock, and like a hen sitting back on her eggs, lowered herself carefully onto the cock, sighing with pleasure as she sank down onto its full length.

Natalie now began to raise and lower herself on the rubber cock, moaning quietly as it eased in and out of her moist channel. Polly meanwhile had removed the spreader bar and raised Carol’s hips either side of her thighs and was thrusting hard into Carol, while at the same time had leant over and gripped Natalie’s latex covered breasts. The three of them continued like this for a while, setting up a nice rhythm. There was no fight from Carol, but I could hear her moaning quietly behind her latex mask. Was the moaning in discomfort or pleasure it was not possible to tell, but I saw that her pussy was wet and dripping onto the black latex sheet.  Shortly both Polly and Natalie came, and to my surprise, again, so did Carol. Groaning and grunting under their onslaught.

They took a few seconds to get their breaths back then Natalie raised herself off the dildo sprouting from Carol’s mouth with an audible slurp and Polly lay back after removing her strap-on from Carol’s wet canal. They now all lay on their backs, sated, Carol making no attempt to remove the tight mask that enveloped her head. They lay there for a few minutes, finally Natalie turned Carol over and playfully slapped her buttocks.

“Come on, you dirty girl.” She laughed at her pun. “Let’s get you into the shower, we have another big day ahead.” Carol mmmfed in the gag but put up no resistance to this as she was helped up, still blinded by her full head mask with the rubber cock sticking out from her mouth and was gently led to the bathroom by the two girls. The picture faded to black.

After taking a break I started up the DVD again and saw immediately that Carol was to be given further pony girl training. As several days had passed I had assumed that this was a regular, daily part of her training, as Monica had been so impressed with her form. Carol was already dressed in a full body latex light brown catsuit with her legs in knee length hoof boots, in light brown leather and similar in design to those she had worn before. Monica and Polly were now encasing her in a rigid rubber and steel corset, extending from under her breasts to just above her pudenda at the front, and her buttock cleft at the rear. I noticed that Carol had raised her arms above her head obediently and that she was not tethered in any way and seemed acquiescent to their ministrations. Perhaps she was now getting used to this, prior to her run.

She seemed now to be quite comfortable in the hoof boots as the two women tugged at the corset’s laces, pulling her into a very attractive hourglass shape. Carol was not gagged or masked but said nothing, concentrating on her even breathing. Finally satisfied with the corset, they tied the ends off, and stood back admiring their work. Carol stood silently as they appraised her, Monica’s hands passing over Carol’s pushed-out breasts, with their ringed nipples exposed by two small round holes in the suit. Carol did not flinch from this attention at all but still glared silently at both women.

“Excellent, my dear, now we need you masked and collared.” Monica said and Polly opened a matching full head mask in front of Carol’s who obediently lowered her head and Polly pulled it up and zipped it down the back. It had eye, nose and mouth holes and Monica expertly aligned these with Carol’s face, Carol keeping her arms at her side during the whole procedure.

Next a high reinforced latex collar was placed around her neck, raising her chin and laced at the back, covering the two zips of the suit and mask. This raised Carol’s head slightly, not painfully but in a pleasant almost haughty pose. Carol was now fully covered in light brown latex except for eyes, nostrils, mouth, nipples, bum hole and pussy. Next came a heavy, boned brown latex single glove.

“Arms behind you, please.” Said Monica and Carol compliantly pulled her hands behind her, placing her palms inwards. Polly helped Monica pull the single glove up Carol’s arms until it settled below her shoulder blades. They laced it up quickly and expertly, pulling her arms close together. There was no resistance from Carol, who stood silent, and as the laces tightened they altered her posture again as her breasts, and exposed nipples were pushed forward further. Once satisfied with the lacing, with a short chain Monica connected a ring at the inside of the wrists of the glove with a ring at the rear of the corset. Once it was pulled tight and fastened with a small lock this further improved Carol’s posture. Monica stood back.

“Oh my dear, you look ravishing, the perfect pony, sleek, shiny, proud, and yet obedient and I am very pleased to say, silent. Good girl, I think we are coming along very well, don’t you?” Carol seemed to think on this for a second or two, and then gave a small tight lipped smile and nodded imperceptibly. Monica approached her, smiling, and placed a hand gently on her latex covered cheek.

“Yes, these last couple of weeks or so have been a shock for you, I know, but you have come along leaps and bounds and I think there are certain aspects of your training, not all of them of course, that you are beginning to appreciate, yes?” Again Carol waited a second but then nodded, almost shyly. I can’t say I was shocked at this for I had seen her physical reactions to some of the sexual advances from the other women, and the way she had behaved with Bobby previously. Clearly she had become turned on in some of the scenes. While her head may not have been in accord, her heart, and her body had betrayed her!

But it was still clear that Carol hadn’t bought into all of Monica’s training, at least yet, as Natalie now produced the bridle and bit. Carol winced and began to complain then saw Monica’s expression, and so obediently opened her mouth. Natalie slipped the rubber covered rod between her teeth and wrapped the webbing of rubber straps over her head, one strap either side of her nose and over her crown to connect with another over her cheeks and behind her head, with w third under her chin connecting with the one over her cheeks. Quickly she was bridled and bitted and could only aaahhh at her captors.

“Be thankful there are no reins, yet.” Said Monica ominously. “For they will really control all your movements, but that’s for later. Now you have been doing well accepting your tail without too many complaints, so you will be taking a number 6 today.” Carol turned to look at Monica and shook her head, as best she could, and aaahhed through her bit, but Monica held up an ominous looking butt plug, already lubed, with the tail attached.

“You’re not really in much of a position to provide any resistance, are you Carol, so bend over please.” Resigned, Carol did so, spreading her legs. Monica placed a hand on the back and then pressed the end of the plug to Carol’s puckered rear. Carol aaahhhed again, but Monica pressed on as Natalie and Polly watched in appreciation.

“Relax now, relax, that’s good, easy does it.” And quickly the plug was twisted and pushed to its thickest point. Now Carol groaned loudly and it finally slipped behind her sphincter and only the round base plate was visible. Monica twisted it one final time so that the tail now sprouted at an upward angle from her rear. A narrow chain from the end of the plug was attached to the rear ring on her corset that was also attached to the wrist of her single glove, to ensure that she would not be able to expel it. Carol now stood, breathing slowly and staring at her captors.

“It will take a few minutes to get used to it, but you have done well so far, so we will start you off at a nice brisk walk.” They turned her to the front of the machine and connected a short chain from the machine to a ring at the front of her corset.

“If you do happen to lose your footing the chain will break and the machine will cut out, so you won’t be harmed but I suggest you keep up as we can always come up with some other punishments for you if you choose say to fall on purpose, not a good idea, I would advise.” She turned the treadmill on and quickly Carol was on her way. The three women watched as Carol got her footing and the rhythm of the machine, which she did very quickly and soon was striding out in her hoof boots, her tail flicking side to side.

“How’s the plug, Carol? Looks like you’re getting used to it quite nicely. We’ll have a number 10 up your rear passage in no time at all.” And all three women laughed as Monica patted her backside and Carol grunted and glared at them in the mirror facing her. But in truth she didn’t seem too put out by the plug, or the bit for that matter and soon Monica noted this and upped the speed on the treadmill. Now Carol was up to a gentle jog and saliva was already dripping from her bit to her chest.

“We’ll leave you here for a while, we have things to do and we have another guest arriving, we’ll be back shortly, enjoy your run.” The three women chuckled again and left Carol trotting on the machine, mutely staring at herself, rubber clad, single gloved, bitted, plugged and pierced. The screen faded to black.



Story continues in Chapter 5

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