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Stern Manor

by Rbbral

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Storycodes: FFFF/ff latex; bond; ponygirls; toys; bodymod; electroplay; reluct; nc; X

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Number Four & Five

The four dominas chose to take a break and returned to Mistress Stern’s study, peeled off their masks, dried off and relaxed. A day well done, so far. Sipping a juice, Mistress Stern asked Miko about guests four and five.

“Well, they are proving that they have a lot more fight than the others, that’s for sure. They are becoming more compliant though, slowly. I think that, as they are identical twins, they seem to want to stick up for each other more. This seems to make them fight harder. I think your surgical procedure on their vocal chords was a great idea.” She smiled evilly.

“I love that although you didn’t sever their chords and make them totally mute, the procedure allows them to make sounds – squeaks, grunts and tones that reinforce their animal status. Their communication right now is now reduced to eye contact and facial expressions, but I think as they get used to each other’s sounds they will find some kind of way to communicate. And it means we can still gag them, and of course we all love doing that! Ha ha.”

“To further limit their communication we have plugged their ears with a hardening silicone solution. They are not totally deaf but their hearing is severely limited; they threw some real tantrums when we did that, and we had to gag and bag them for a few hours. So now their sensations are tactile and they are responding slowly to our training. We have them fully blinkered a lot of the time so they can concentrate on obeying the reins and whip. But, and I suppose I admire this in them, they’re not yielding easily. We have them on the stationary running machines every day, sometimes twice so their bodies are really firming up very well – not much puppy fat left there now. They are used to the hoof boots now and are moving well, with some help from the whip. So they are coming along well – fine young fillies – dumb, deaf, hoofed and well exercised.”

“And what about the suits?” Asked Mistress Stern.

“Oh, yes, the dual coloured pibald latex suits are just perfect. They look gorgeous. The black and white rubber fits like a skin on them, and the exposed buttocks and breasts with the reinforced edging pushing them out are excellent, as are the holes at their pussies that squeeze their lips out in a succulent pout. They look positively edible.” Miko chuckled and the others did so too, all of them wanting to see the twins as soon as possible.

“They fought like tigers when we put them in the suits and were very embarrassed at seeing their naughty bits all exposed! Why don’t we go and see them, I’ll put them through their paces, they are in the stables on the machines and have been there for two hours, so they should be well lathered up by now.”

After helping each other into their latex masks they exited and went across the large lawn to the stables, unlocked the door and entered. The “stables” had been thoroughly modernised to accommodate their human ponies – concrete floor with drain, sandblasted brick walls, bright lights and heating suspended from the ceiling beams, mirrors down one wall and closets down the other. Hanging from another wall were all kinds of tack, adapted for human use – bits, reins, body and breast harnesses, blinkers, and bridles, together with several tails attached to butt plugs of various sizes and shapes, some quite brutal. Of particular note were two extraordinary rubber masks; they were exact replicas of horses heads adapted to fit a human head, with reinforced locking collar.

By a mirrored wall were two stationary running machines facing each other, and on each one was a twin sister. Mistress Stern approached them as they ran on the elevated rubber mat. They both glared at her but were forced to continue running. They were going at only a moderate rate but after two hours they were breathing heavily. She slowly examined the two young girls, dressed identically. They were indeed a vision to behold. Identical twins, of moderate height but with superb bodies and long blonde hair pulled back into ponytails. They wore skintight rubber suits of white with black blotches – a perfect piebald outfit, from neck to toes with an almost invisible back zip.

Their buttocks were exposed; two pink circles enclosed in reinforced rubber edging. Further reinforcement went along their anal clefts; separated to a 2 inch reinforced hole opposite their arse holes and then passed under their crotches and separated again with another 2 inch hole opposite their shaven pussies. Their bums jiggled nicely as they ran, and a dildo that had been screwed into each arse had an attached black tail at an upward 45 degree angle which swished from side to side provocatively. Their feet were encased in knee high hoof boots with internal 2 inch heels, they had to run fast so really high heels just would not work! A narrow steel corset encircled their waists and this was chained either side to the machine. Their hands, in rubber mittens, were chained behind their backs to a ring in their corsets. Their ample breasts, pushed out by the reinforcements in the suit bounced as they ran.

Their nipples were ringed and connected by wires to a control box. At mid-thigh in front of them was a horizontal bar which each of them touched as they ran, keeping a fine high-stepping motion. Mistress Stern knew that if there was a three second break in the bar being touched, then the fillies would receive a sharp electric shock to their nipples – a good incentive for their deportment!

Their heads were not covered in rubber masks but a simple harness of strong but flexible rubber. It passed lengthways over their heads incorporating at the crown a ring that supported their ponytails, passed either side of their noses and attached to a horizontal strap around their lower face and one under the chin. Their mouths were held wide open by a one inch diameter rubber ring placed behind their teeth. Rings pierced their septum, ears and a single ring through the ends of their tongues. They were a superb sight, and a sorry one! Miko spoke.

“They are not gagged or bitted as this is a pure stamina session. We’ll blinker them when we take them out on the reins.” The twins continued to run under the harsh scrutiny of the four women who had enslaved them. They lifted their legs high, staring ahead at each other, and a mirror image of each other and on their faces an expression of determination, not surrender, not yet anyway. After two hours on the track sweat poured down their faces, and was dripping off their noses and chins. Saliva dripped out of their gaping mouths as they took in great lungfuls of air. Despite the constricting suits, sweat also seeped through their breast enclosures and their breasts shone under the bright lights. A high reinforced collar in the suits kept their heads held high. Mistress Stern approved of their upright posture and the state of total control in their hands. She placed a gloved hand on the tail of one girl and she winced.

“How big?” She said, unconcerned for the poor girl.

“Three inches long and one wide.” Miko said and Mistress Stern nodded.

“We’ll move up a quarter inch diameter later this week. Let’s have them outside for an hour or so, give them some fresh air, although they may not appreciate it.” She chortled. “Have you tried the horse’s heads yet?” The eyes of the two girls showed no alarm; clearly the ear plugs were effective.

“No, we thought maybe it was a little early?”

“No Miko dear, not too early, let’s get them on and see how they fit, and how they react.” So the three dominas shut down the machines and the girls stopped running, glaring at the women. As they were taken off they tried to struggle and Emma and Michelle quite enjoyed this, fondling a girl each as Miko approached with the first helmet.

“So who’s going to be the first lucky one?” Miko laughed, holding up the helmet for them to see it in detail. The girl held tightly by Michelle, still dressed in her saucy maid’s costume, kicked out wildly and managed to escape her grasp and run for the stable door.

“For goodness sake, Michelle, try and hang onto her.” Mistress Stern said, but seemed to quite enjoy this futile gesture from the twin. Mistress Stern took her forcibly in her arms as Emma produced a 12-inch hobble chain and attached it to her steel anklets, despite the girl trying to give her a good kick.

“I do appreciate fire in a filly, but the smart horse will yield in the end to her mistress, as you will, my dear.” She did not know if the girl could hear her through the earplugs, but her expression was clear. The girl, sweat still dripping from her, gave a strange gurgle, and still wriggled in her grasp. Her twin sister could do nothing as she was held firmly by Emma.

“Miko, the head please; you will not like this, dear filly and for your pains you will wear it for the next 48 hours, and so shall your sister.” The young girl gurgled through her gag.

Clearly she understood most of this but with her feet hobbled and her hands chained behind her back she could do little. Michelle held her firmly as Miko placed the horse’s head to her face and dexterously slipped the heavy black rubber over her head. There were grunts and panting, and she jerked her head to and fro, but to no avail, as Michelle pulled her hair through the hole at the crown and Miko zipped it down the back; then locked it over the posture collar. She waggled her head in dismay and grunted, and the four dominas chuckled as she realised that it was there to stay.

It was an expert facsimile of a small pony’s head. The internal arrangements were intricate. The bright eyes were shortsighted lenses so the wearer had limited vision; the ears were very equine as was the nose; large nostrils connected by tubes to the wearer’s nose inside. The mouth was very real looking, with a pink tongue and hard rubber teeth and a hole at the back allowing breathing, but the ingenious part was the bit.

Despite the muffled protestations of the girl, Miko slipped a harness over her head and tightened the straps, and then showed the bit to the girl, whose head shook vehemently. It was a bit arrangement but with an attached rubber dildo gag and Miko thrust it between the horse’s lips up into the horse’s mouth and into the poor girl’s mouth! The head jerked back and forth, somewhat limited by the collar, but it was useless. The bit was fixed to two rings either side of the horse’s head and under her chin. Now the filly was silent other than some quiet gurgling! Impassive eyes looked at them, but what of the girl’s eyes behind the lenses? What torment was in them?

She could now only breathe through her nose, and the pungent rubber aroma along the nostril tubes. She sucked and chewed on the rubber cock gag and she knew that with the reins attached, a jerk to either side and she would be forced to obey or else her exposed pussy, arse and breasts would be punished. She now watched, a mute equine statue, as her twin sister succumbed to the same treatment from the dominas. The helmet was soon on, with less of a struggle, and the cock bit pushed in. There was now silence, except for the heavy breathing of the piebald fillies. Now the twin sisters were again identical, twin fillies.

Reins were quickly attached to the bit rings, then as a further indignity bells attached to their breasts and labia rings. Their hobbles were released but a short 12 inch chain was attached to the sides of their corsets joining them together. They were now deaf, dumb, semi-blind, hoofed, ringed and belled rubber fillies.

They would learn very soon, through the reins and the whip what to do and how fast to do it. The days of parties, fun and friends, fast cars and frivolity were over. It dawned on them that their lives would be one of blind and dumb obedience; to satisfy their master and mistress. A small buggy’s arms were attached to the outside rings of their corsets and Miko sat in it, whip in hand. The others nodded approvingly as she led them out to the garden and put them through their paces.

What a sight, two beautiful young women reduced to equine servitude. In matching mottled black and white rubber, horse’s heads, hoofed feet they silently and at first tentatively led Miko round the garden. Their breasts jiggled and the bells from their nipples and labia rang a high tinkling peal. Miko flicked their pink buttocks with her whip and their tails swished in silent disapproval. But they could do nothing; their training in complete servile obedience had begun!

As the early afternoon sun beat down Miko put the fillies through their paces, while the other three relaxed and sweated in their rubber clothing. Miko was a hard mistress, she wanted them to be dumb animals, to react only to the whip and the rein – she wanted them to stop thinking about what to do but to just react only to her commands. Failure to obey and they were punished, simple as that. As they were twins she required them to act as one; it was no good talking or shouting at them, they were after all both deaf and dumb, so they could only react through sensory commands.

The girls had been out together several times already and were slowly picking up on the commands. But now they were deaf and had the horse’s heads were on as well. They had learned to lead off with the left leg and by beating a pattern on their buttocks a pace could be increased or decreased. Miko required them to behave in unison, as one, and soon they would. The reins, via the cock gags, forced them around the garden, but they were clearly uncomfortable, as initially at least, the horse’s heads would flex and jerk from side to side and up and down. All to no avail of course, a jerk on the reins and the rubber cocks would further embed themselves in their mouths, forcing them to snort through their rubber nostrils. They were clearly not enjoying this, not at all, but then, that was of no concern to Miko.

The three dominas relaxed in the sun and took pleasure in seeing the shiny piebalds brought under control in unison – tails swishing, nipple and labial bells ringing, nates gradually getting pinker under the whip and sweat fast building up in their suits. Froth and spittle soon appeared at the horse’s mouths. A very faint whine could be heard, but the surgical procedure and the dildo gags were doing an efficient job at silencing their charges.

Communication was minimal. Miko drove them on, expertly flicking their reddening bottoms, while their tails offered them no protection. After an hour Mistress Stern felt they had had enough for now, their body language indicated they were out on their feet. Miko cantered them over to the three women, who rose and inspected them closely, listening to them panting, their damp breasts rising and falling with the effort.

Emma placed a gentle hand under one chin and looked deeply into the lenses of one poor girl. Michelle, ever the soft one, fondled the firm now red butt cheeks and breasts of the other. The fillies were silent and unmoving; Mistress Stern so loved this power. What was the girl thinking behind those lenses? It must be terror, resignation, hate; perhaps all of these.

They would be eventually delivered to their new owners, a sophisticated but cruel married couple, who had trained and raced many ponies before, but had grown tired of them and sold them on to new owners. They wanted a new challenge and having twins under control and racing in obedient unison appealed to them. Deftly, Mistress Stern removed the dildo bits from the mouths of the two fillies, accompanied by an intake of breath and groaning.

“Take them back to their stables Miko, then to their rooms. They are in your charge. Put them to bed, I know you can handle that on your own; you might want to give them a bottle to suckle on each.” Miko led them away; they would be hosed down but would keep their suits and horse’s heads on. Then they would be placed in full-body heavy rubber bags and rested for the night, suspended and facing each other resigned to their fate; and to be prepared for more exercise tomorrow.


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