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Stern Manor

by Rbbral

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Storycodes: FFF/f; latex; bond; surgery; bodymod; reluct; nc; X

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Number Six

Mistress Stern, Emma and Michelle returned to the house, where they removed their masks, dried off again and served themselves drinks. Within their rubber attire their sweat allowed their skin and rubber skin to slip and slide against each other. They began to discuss their next guest, number six.

“You can begin the enhancements today, if you wish Emma. We can all assist, and I feel energised today.” Emma nodded at the suggestion.

“Great, the three of us can easily do it and Miko can join us later. It won’t take long, maybe an hour or a bit more. We will sedate her of course, but it will be good to have her conscious, so much more fun.”

“Well, why are we waiting?”

Mistress Stern stood up and the three of them went back down to the basement, their heels clicking on the hard floor. In the playroom Emma turned on the sterilizer and placed a rubber sheet over the operating table. An area in the sheet was cut out at the buttocks and when the time came, the patient would be flipped over, exposing her backside. There were holes in the table at breast level for them to flop through when the poor girl was placed face down!

Mistress Stern handed them white bathing caps into which they tucked their hair, pulling them down over their ears and along their foreheads. Then the three pulled on white latex surgical masks, the thin white rubber clinging to their cheeks and chins. Breathing was a little difficult as their masks billowed in and out, but then they all loved the sweet smell, sucking in the latex to their faces. As Emma pulled on a full-length smock of white rubber, Mistress Stern and Michelle went to get number six.

She had been a guest for only three days and Mistress Stern had not met her. She had been snatched up efficiently by Emma and Michelle and had no idea why she was there. She was an attractive redhead, a twenty two year old model, tall and slim. She wanted to get into “acting” - like all models, who thought being an attractive clothes hanger somehow gave them acting talent!

She had fallen under the spell of a “film maker” who had promised her movie roles – the catch being that they were, of course, roles not in mainstream movies but fetish porn movies. These demanded big breasted and buttocked beauties with pouting lips (pursed through rubber masks) and pouting labia (pushing against tight rubber panties). The young ingénue therefore needed some enhancement – in boobs, bum and both sets of lips!

Mistress Stern and her associates were well qualified to perform such procedures. In a week she would be returned to her Svengali, a little wiser perhaps, but definitely bigger, and ready for fetish porn stardom. As they entered she tried to stand up, but had difficulty as her hands were in mittens and attached to thick thigh straps. Apart from ankle cuffs and a connecting chain she wore nothing else.

“Look, just what the…”

“Silence, number six or we will have to gag you.”

“What? Are you crazy, I am not a number, my name is Julia……” Mistress Stern nodded at Michelle who quickly stuffed a complex gag into her mouth.

“Arrgh, mmffff.” The gag was very efficient, a large ball attached to a formed plate with double ridges, one to fit behind the teeth and the other to fit between teeth and lips. An inflator at the front allowed Michelle to quickly pump air into her mouth until there was just a faint mmmmm from her. Michelle unscrewed the inflator and patted her rounded cheeks.

“There there, ma cherie, do not be alarmed. We will not harm you. You are here to undergo a little modification, oui?” Mistress Stern held her arms and looked into her startled eyes.

“Now number six; listen to me carefully. We will not harm you if you behave, but you will be punished if you do not. You wish to be an actress, very laudable, but Tom has deemed it necessary that in order for you to be more “bankable” you must go through a few changes, to make you more photogenic, yes?”

“The types of movies he has in mind for you require a more…endowed actress. You have an innocent face but your body needs some…help. Your breasts and buttocks are on the small side so we propose to insert some implants. Do not struggle my dear, the decision has already been made for you. Now your lips also need enhancing, and some injections we will give you there will do the trick. Down here - don’t struggle dear - your vaginal lips need enlarging too; this may be a little painful, but you are seeking stardom after all, and we sometimes have to make sacrifices. Hollywood starlets do this all the time – teeth removed or straightened, noses altered. Well what we are going to do is less primitive and guaranteed to get you into films. Although I don’t know how much you will like the roles you will be asked to play.”

Number six looked at Mistress Stern quizzically over her gag. She was frightened but they had mentioned Tom and she trusted Tom. She cringed at the idea of bigger labia and boobs, didn’t she have enough talent? She was a beautiful model, surely it wasn’t that difficult to act? With this thought they led her out of her room and into the playroom, which she had never seen before. Her reaction was predictable; on seeing Emma all in white, standing by the operating table she started to struggle, but the three dominas were too much for her.

Quickly she was laid on the table and her legs forced wide and secured; then a large white sheet was placed over, with holes exposing breasts and pussy. Shortly she was completely immobilized, even her head could not move due to the strap over her forehead; she “mmmfed” into her gag, alarm showing in her eyes. This was not what she wanted – even if Tom did. How could she have trusted him?

This was a nightmare for the poor naïve girl. These women were crazy – but efficient. Staring down at her over their rubber surgical masks they pulled on surgical gloves over the gloves they already wore. Then Emma took as syringe and said.

“This is a sedative, number six, to calm you down, you are getting very excited.” She calmly plunged the needle into the girl’s neck and depressed the syringe. Slowly Julia, number six, felt a faint drowsiness come over her. She was not a disinterested observer but the panic had left her and now she observed the three women without fear. They went about their tasks in efficient silence; clearly they had done this before!

Firstly they swabbed the underside of each breast and then injected a substantial local anaesthetic under each one; number six squeaked into her gag at the jabbing pain but the women went about their tasks unperturbed. They allowed a full 10 minutes for it to take effect, during which time Michelle gently soaped between her legs and shaved her pudenda smoothly clean.

“You’re a young thing, number six and you need some help in the boob department, and this is where these come in.” Emma held up two silicone implants, clear and jelly like.

“We will make a two inch incision under each breast here and slide these into you. There will be some blood, not a lot, and you will feel some discomfort but not much pain. You will have two proud and ample boobs, much better for your acting roles Tom will have lined up for you.”

Michelle took a pair of forceps and gripped a nipple; Julia could only manage a mmmfff into her gag as Michelle raised it taut. Emma made a small incision through the skin and subcutaneous fat; Julia winced but the pain was not excessive. Emma folded the implant and slid it under the girl’s breast. Quickly it was in place, and with Mistress Stern dabbing away a small amount of blood Emma stitched her up efficiently. The process was repeated quickly on the other breast. In a daze Julia peered down and saw her much larger breasts now pointing to the ceiling!

“Excellent, they are perfect for your future roles, my dear. Now we must enhance your lips, and of course your love lips! These injections will sting a little I’m afraid.” As with her breasts they gently swabbed her love lips and Emma raised a large syringe. Michelle placed a hand on Julia’s brow, still held firm by the strap, as Emma expertly injected the liquid down both sides of her labia. Julia squirmed and mmmfed into her gag as Michelle whispered words of comfort to her.

“Now, my dear, it is not too bad, and soon you will be even more beautiful, perfect for your new roles – large pussy lips, so sexy.”

Emma was finished after a while and the pain, sharp at first, began to ebb. Now it was the turn of the mouth lips, stretched, as they already were by the large inflatable gag, so large that a strap was not required to keep it in, as the only way of removing it would be to deflate it. Her lips were nicely exposed in front of the ridged base plate of the gag embedded on both sides of her teeth and holding the gag firmly in place. Julia looked and saw then felt the syringe enter her lip line. She mmmfed into the gag but Emma simply concentrated as she moved along the lip line injecting a small amount each time, leaving a small blood spot in its place which Mistress Stern dabbed with antiseptic.

Soon they were finished and they released her, and with Julia still in a daze they turned her over and strapped her face down with her enlarged boobs pointing at the floor through the holes in the operating table. Her pussy lips were throbbing and her mouth ached as her head lay on its side. Then she felt her buttocks being swabbed – oh no!

“Now we are going to insert these two implants into your buttocks to make them much bigger and give you a more rounded look – very good for your career. Again we will give you a local and a break for 10 minutes for it to take effect. You are doing very well, my dear”

Then there were three jabs in each buttock and a gradual deadening sensation. She tried to relax. Why was Tom doing this to her? She thought she was attractive, slim yes, she’d be more voluptuous, but the big boobs and butt, what kind of roles would they help her with? As Michelle stretched the buttock up Emma made her incision and soon the implant was pushed up into Julia. Then the procedure was repeated on the other cheek, and small stitches completed the process.

“Well, that wasn’t too bad was it, number six?” Mistress Stern said, helping a dazed Julia to stand up.

Not too bad for her, thought number 6 as she held on to the table. But she could say nothing as her mouth was crammed with the huge rubber gag! As she mmmfed into it, Emma bent her over and placed two large antiseptic bandages over her buttocks and then her breasts. Mistress Stern examined her enlarged breasts and then held each one as number six wriggled and squirmed in Michelle’s grip. They were much bigger and much heavier and also firmer, but to Julia they did feel for the moment strange in her. Her love lips and mouth were throbbing and sore and they felt bulbous although they felt worse than they looked. When she looked in the mirror she looked as if she was pouting. Emma produced a large reinforced rubber bra, with thick straps and reinforced uplift.

“You will need some help for a day or two to keep your boob muscles firm so this will help support you. We’ll change your dressings regularly.”

The cups looked far too big for her, or at least the old her, but Emma placed her large breasts into the cups as Michelle pulled the thick straps over her shoulders and under her armpits. Small buckles were adjusted and her breasts were brazenly held out in front of her. Next they fitted her into a tight pair of rubber tights, cut above the knee. They would be removed as the dressings were changed daily. They had removed the mittens and thigh straps earlier and number six was not offering any fight now, as she still seemed in a daze.

She noted the tights had a slit at the front and her new love lips were pouting through the crack obscenely. Furthermore the rear had a crescent shaped opening which separated her much enlarged buttocks and accentuated her bum hole and would allow her to do her ablutions. She felt horribly exposed.

Finally Mistress Stern produced an ornate reinforced rubber corset that extended from hips to under her boobs. As Michelle and Emma pulled on the laces poor Julia squealed into her gag. The laces were tied off and number six – poor Julia - was now imprisoned in an unforgiving hourglass of reinforced latex. With her boobs pushed out and her buttocks now large round rubber orbs it now began to dawn on her that she was now a travesty – a rubber big boobed bimbo!

And so number six was taken back to her room and left to consider her fate – much like the other “guests” at the manor. In the mirror she inspected her new hourglass figure in latex, her boobs sticking out in firm cups, yet now so much larger; and her pussy lips oozing through her tights. Her lips were so much bigger too, and she thought of what roles Tom had planned for her.

Was she naïve? She looked like some porn star, not a Shakespearean ingénue! What had she let herself in for? She wouldn’t get to play Juliet looking like this. She was going to have to grow up fast, and what say would she have in the matter of her roles? She lay back on her bed, another week or maybe more, and then what? Acting in some porn movie, showing off her newly enlarged femininity? She tried to put it out of her mind.


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