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Stern Manor

by Rbbral

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Storycodes: FFF/f; latex; bond; surgery; bodymod; kidnap; encased; mannequin; doll; enclose; toys; nc; reluct; X

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Number 3

As number two accepted her future, the four dominas returned to their playroom. Michelle and Miko helped each other remove their dildos, smiling at the saliva and anal secretions on them. As Miko washed them, Emma updated Mistress Stern on the progress of their next guest, number three! Emma relaxed in the gyn/ob chair, slipping her heels into the stirrups and stretching her tight nurse’s tunic and exposing her panties. She licked her lips under her rubber mask, still tasting number two’s juices, she smiled to herself, she had no intention of brushing her teeth for the moment, this was better than any mouthwash!

“Yes, well number three, our longest staying guest; it must be six months now. There seem to be no complications since the last operation, the cosmetic work to her restructured pussy and canal has healed well and looks perfect. Physically at least she, I keep having to think she, is now whole, and I think we all agree, a very attractive young woman. The advanced hormone treatment, the reduced diet and the electrolysis and all the skin lotions have softened her features immensely.”

“Good, and her mental state?”

“Well, that is coming along, but it will take longer and we, and our client, knew this. Obviously she was initially traumatised. Look at it – married to a beautiful, powerful woman, and rich to boot, he’s basically a kept man, and then he decides to have a little, or a lot, on the side. He is quite the gigolo. Life is great until she finds out and decides on a truly brilliant revenge. She could divorce him but that would be messy, she enjoys her privacy and perhaps, bizarrely, she even still loves him. Hetero sex is not hugely important to her, but a bonding with another is. Since her time at her private girl’s school she has not been averse to a bit of Sapphic love. Then there is the power thing, the power to change, control forever her lover. So the forced sex change of her husband was, for her anyway, the perfect answer. The Lothario emasculated, and no more wandering off.”

“She has taken care of all the legalities, it’s all above board, or it seems to be. He has legally changed sex and he, Robert is now she, Roberta. She has chosen to move to a new area, she never had many friends and their parents are dead, that’s why she has the money, so they start a new life, no one is the wiser. Roberta will be offered the choice, to stay with her in relative comfort as her lover, or maid or sisterly confidant, or make his own way in the world, which he has never done before, and even worse, as a woman!”

“He’s a nice enough fellow but has tended to rely on his pretty, androgynous looks to get him around. I am sure he will return to her, it’s really only the choice he can take, it is a comfortable life, if a strange one; and I think she will have a few plans for him.”

“Structurally he is now a woman, but there is still some trauma there. He was abducted by three rubber clad women – maybe a little exciting at first – but then being strapped to a gurney surrounded by latex nurses, robed, gloved and masked, hospital lights and all those sharp instruments; that was a bit tough. Ha ha.”

“Then the recovery and slow realisation that this is not a game, and he has been permanently, irrevocably changed – the breasts, the hair removal, the cosmetic surgery to his face, the hormones continually pumped into him, and of course most important the removal of his sexual organs and restructuring him with those of a woman. Gradually all these have been assimilated; we no longer have to keep him in bondage, for he has become a she, and is much calmer and less angry or violent. She is resigned, she has to be.”

“She is beginning to take an interest in her new body, we are getting her to do her own make-up, her nails and so forth and it is working – she is not too bad at it. The deportment exercises are coming along well, as you know we had to initially whip her and prod her into submission but now she sits quite femininely and her walk and her mannerisms are more lady like. But she is still thinking about it and we have to get her to do it naturally - to forget she was ever a man and believe she is a woman and always has been a woman. The surgery on her voice box has been a huge help, she now has a light, gentle voice which at first freaked her out but now when she speaks it is a constant reminder of who she has become, and will be for the rest of her life.”

Emma took a breath, it had been a long speech but the others had nodded in approval.

“So, all is going well now on the transformation front. The hormones have done wonders for her boobs, they are really quite pert. There is of course the parallel training, the rubber indoctrination, and I think this is going very well too. Obviously the sexual changes are a shock so the rubber immersion is almost going unnoticed. Relative to what has happened to her this is almost a minor inconvenience! Ha ha.”

“So we are getting her used to all the joys of latex feminisation – panties, bra’s, stockings, corsets – her diet by the way has helped enormously with her figure training, her waist when corseted is now down to 26 inches, really excellent. The hoods and masks will come later as we must get her familiar with her new face. She really is getting better at make up, hair and so forth. Well, that’s the report, all going well, slow but sure, in another month or two we will have truly transformed Roberta, a rubber Roberta!”

They all laughed at poor Robert’s story and left the room and went to cell three. They entered and found Roberta sitting in a low chair, thumbing through a fetish magazine. The dominas, still masked and dressed in their rubber spread throughout the room, confident in their power.

“Good morning, number two, or Roberta as I should say.”

“Morning.” She placed the magazine on the table; her voice was light and she seemed quite calm, resigned even, though her eyes perhaps betrayed her inner thoughts – a life ended and a new one created.

“First of all, a medical report, please, how are you? Do you have any soreness, pain?” Roberta thought for a moment, looking down at her breasts.

“No, no pain any more. My breasts and nipples are very sensitive but not sore. Everything, from your viewpoint, is I suppose going well.”

“Now then Roberta, don’t pout, look at you, you are very attractive indeed in your pretty yellow dress – nice long sleeves, frills at your neck and wrists here and matching stockings too. You have a fine fashion sense already. Now stand up and come here. I need to do an examination.” Roberta stood reluctantly and approached Mistress Stern nervously and flinched when touched gently by her.

“No more operations Roberta, you are a real woman now – in and out, but I need to see if everything has healed well and is in place, so you know where to go, off to the gyn/ob chair with you.” She knew better than to run for it. They’d told her to wear high heels all week to get used to them and where was she going to escape to anyway? Carefully she walked out the room; small steps, head high, a slight turn of the hips. She was tall and slim and under the dress her corset nipped her waist nicely. The others followed, nodding approvingly to each other. Mistress Stern spoke for them all.

“Excellent, my dear. You have come along in leaps. You have a nice swagger to your hips.” Roberta could feel the dampness in her panties and between her breasts; the rubber did not allow her skin to breathe; yet strangely she found herself almost blushing under their scrutiny.

“Before you sit, you must loosen the dress. I need to examine your breasts as well.” Roberta almost shyly reached up and unzipped her dress down to her bottom, then covered her child-like breasts with her hands. The dominas smiled at her shyness. Roberta sat back in the gyn/ob chair and placed her feet in the stirrups. She looked nervous and exposed.

“Don’t be nervous Roberta, or shy; we are all girls here, and remember we have seen these before, for after all, we created them.” Mistress Stern took each breast in a hand and examined them; Roberta averting her gaze, gave a slight aaaahh.

“These are coming on very well, small but firm and well proportioned. The hormones are doing wonders; your nipples are bigger and rosier. Still a little sensitive?” Roberta nodded. “Soon, maybe today or tomorrow we will have you wearing a bra permanently. We did not want to limit your growth until you were well formed. Now pull your dress up I am going to examine you down here.”

Obediently Roberta raised herself and Mistress Stern helped her as she wriggled out of her white panties, exposing her newly constructed vagina. Mistress Stern leant over as Roberta held her skirt to her chest and gently opened Roberta’s labia.

“Excellent, fully healed, a very pretty pussy I think, how are you passing urine?”

“Fine, fine, no problem, thank you,” she replied a little embarrassed, “but how will I get, er…will I get any pleasure?”

Mistress Stern stood up and helped her pull up her panties, tightly so her newly created pussy showed through the rubber.

“Well my dear I’m afraid you will not get a great amount of pleasure. You do not have a bud, a clitoris to be played with. Now of course you have nerve endings inside and on your lips so with sufficient stimulation you should be able to derive some pleasure. If a cock is used on you and is big enough, and the owner expert enough, then you will get some enjoyment, but you shall know more no doubt in the future.”

“Roberta, you will be able however to give pleasure – you have a new hole, well, and a total of three holes available now, which will all provide enjoyment to your wife and others if that is what she wishes. But look on the bright side, no PMS and no menstruation, now that is a big bonus.”

Roberta leant forward and Miko helped her zip up. Roberta held her hand to her crotch and looked at them all, a pained expression on her face.

“So I am just a screwing machine, a vessel, a plaything?”

“Don’t complain Roberta, you were that before, although you gained it as well as gave it. ‘Your wife has her lesbian tendencies, she could have dumped you, put you back where you belonged, and frankly if you want to, you can leave her at any time. But she has offered you the opportunity of staying – on her terms of course.”

“So you will be her lover, sex slave, sister, her maid even. It’s up to you both what you make of it. There will be rubber and submission, I’m sure yes, but you wouldn’t have to fend for yourself in the big world out there. You will be on hormones and the occasional hair removal treatment, and that is about all. You will be a well-to-do young woman, an attractive one, I may add.” She took him by the hand.

“Raise your skirt, now look in the mirror there, tall slim legs, narrow waist now, firm well-formed buttocks and a pair of breasts that are improving by the day. They must be 33 or 34 inches already. You have the ability to look ravishing, you even have small hands and feet, and your waist is now down to 26 inches with the corset. Your blonde hair needs some shaping, maybe Michelle can do that for you later, all you need is some skin cleanser, lotion, eye liner, lipstick and new lashes and of course some nail varnish – I’m glad to see your nails are looked after, otherwise you would be in mittens for the duration - and some ear rings and voila, you’d pass muster at any fashion show!”

Oh God, he thought, this will be the rest of my life now, as he stared into the mirror and didn’t recognise himself, or at least his former self. I must stop thinking of myself as a man! That is over now. He touched his breasts, oh, they were real all right, and between his legs, no one would ever detect he was a man before. Maybe he could get some pleasure out of his, her, new life. You are a she now, remember it! Roberta knew she had no option. “She” would return to his former wife and all her plans – whatever they were!

“Can I go to my room now? Perhaps Michelle could help me with my hair and make up and…whatever?”

They smiled at her and all thought, and knew, the same, that she had been broken – transformed, resigned and now accepting. Now was the time to encourage her and give her some pride. So the next month or so would be rubber immersion and acceptance.

Mistress Stern nodded and Roberta, wobbling a little still on her heels but doing fairly well, returned to her room, aware of their stares. But she would have to get used to the stares, as all women must do! She sat in the chair opposite the mirror, aware of the damp clamminess of her panties. Michelle came behind her and rested her hands on her shoulders, looking through her mask at her in the mirror.

“A nice simple cut, yes? We will take it across the brow and straight down to the neck and covering your ears but leaving enough to show off your ear rings - a cute page boy.” Roberta nodded and Michelle went to work quickly. Within 20 minutes she was done, as promised – a very cute blonde page boy. She vacuumed away the hair and then leaned over and whispered.

“And now to make you really beautiful, oui? Now lean back for we have eyes and skin and pouting mouth to work on. A week from now you will be doing all this on your own.” Michelle worked on her, describing what she was doing and explaining what was best for her complexion.

She was very flattering of Roberta, who was now under her spell and fully relaxed. There was a time when she would have flirted with this sexy French maid, masked as she was, but maybe the hormones or chromosomes or whatever were turning her, for she simply concentrated on the advice now. As each hour of her new life went by, she changed bit by bit, to accept and eventually embrace her fate – her future.

“You may look now, pretty one.” Staring in the mirror, Roberta could hardly believe her eyes. Pretty, even coquettish, blonde hair in a fine page boy, dark scarlet lips and a clear complexion, light blue eye shadow and darker lashes, she could not even recognise her former self; her transformation was complete. She was actually sexy, alluring.

“Thank you Michelle.”

“We have nothing more to do today Roberta, just relax and enjoy your new self, tomorrow we have more deportment. But my dear you look so wonderful now!” Michelle left and Roberta examined herself in the full length mirror. She was cute – no doubt about it. She felt her breasts, and between her legs and it did not feel quite so strange any more really. She even quite liked the rubber clothes that clung to her and flattered her new body.

She wanted to return to her wife (?). Maybe there would be some kind of sexual chemistry left, maybe not. But at least she had a new lease on life, a very different life, but it could be worse, and the desperation of the past gave way to hope for the future.


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