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Stern Manor

by Rbbral

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Storycodes: FFFF/f; D/s; latex; bond; kidnap; piercing; bodymod; inflate; rubberdoll; toys; reluct; cons; X

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Number 2

While the four dominas prepared for their next victim’s indoctrination number one quietly closed her door, and reflected. She was bright enough to realise she was in shock. She walked across the rubber tiles to a full-length mirror and surveyed herself. She gasped at the transformation. Protruding from her dark brown skin were shiny adornments. Her wrists and ankles were wrapped in finely scrolled steel cuffs; the locks barely visible and their rubber padding gently squeezed her limbs – a permanent reminder. She raised her hand and gently turned the nose ring through its grommet. Close up she could not see the seal in the ring. It rested on her upper lip – again a permanent reminder. Her neck seemed to be slowly adjusting, her breathing was easier and she could move her head a little better as the two small rubber cushions at her chin and shoulder were a bit looser.

She did indeed look like a proud Nubian princess – or slave; definitely not a sophisticated and smart lawyer! Her neck was definitely raised up; she thought of four more rings there, how would she look then? Her hands went down her chest to her firm breasts. She didn’t mind the rubber bra but her poor black nipples pointing through were still very sore from the piercing and the large rings. Then she felt her crotch that was still so sore, eight punctures and four rings! She couldn’t look down – her collar would not allow her to do that ever again, but in the mirror she saw, and felt, the two locking rings glinting in the light. She gently eased her finger into her pussy and tried to prise her lips apart. No, she couldn’t get at her clit but a small gap between the locks rings allow her to pee and to clean herself. It was a devilish design, she admitted ruefully.

She looked around at her surroundings, her goose was really cooked now and an air of resignation passed over her. The idea of escape dissipated as she pondered the cool efficiency of the four women. Who were they? Where did you find women like that? It didn’t matter now; she was a slave to her master. She tried to forget about her past life; the women were right, it was gone forever. She sat on the end of the bed, feeling the rings tighten in her labia and the nose ring on her lip. A tear rose to her eyes, all of this because of a chance encounter, what a cruel irony. She lay down on her back, resting her collared neck and head on the firm pillow, drew the rubber sheet over herself and tried to rest.

The four dominas of course had not given her any further thought, for number two was now to be given their full attention. Mistress Stern, lounging in the gyn/ob chair, asked Michelle for an update.

“Eh bien madame, she is now adapting very well I believe. It must have been a very big shock for her. Her husband, on her wedding night no less, explains his er…fetish to her. One can understand how she rebelled, yes? She thought she knew this man, loved him and now, to play the role of rubber doll, enveloped in latex. For us, yes, it is wonderful and exciting but for her it is a shock.” Michelle continued.

“So for the last three months we have been adapting her through various processes, as you know, associating orgasm and sexual pleasure with latex and submissive bondage. I believe we are now, how you say, seeing the light? We continue, through fondling and clitoral stimulation, and the association of rubber bringing her many orgasms. We force rubber on her anally and orally and she sucks on it now with no resistance, and she is coming sooner with less outside stimulus.”

“She also knows this herself; that she is becoming a live rubber doll. She is aware that once indoctrinated she will return to the man she loves and I believe that she will wish to stay with him, and please him in the way he requires. I do not believe that she is faking this. I’m sure he will have his rubber doll soon.”

“I agree, Mistress,” said Emma, “she seems to have accepted it, sexually she is quite mature and I think although she is young, she loves her husband, warts and all.”

“Good, well let us see the patient, shall we? What have you planned for her?”

“More cock worship and clitoral stimulation,” Michelle said, “does Madame wish to participate?”

“No my dear, I will just watch today, you seem to have it all well in hand.”

“Then let us arm ourselves!” Said Michelle, “Emma, ma cherie, in your tight nurse’s skirt there is no room for a dildo, so perhaps you would take care of her pussy with your expert tongue, oui?”

Emma, with an innocent English-rose smile said, “I’d be happy to.” The two others held their skirts up – Michelle in her saucy maid’s outfit and Miko in her bright red dress, and strapped on dildos, flashing frilly panties and pink stocking tops. The dildos poked out obscenely when the skirts were dropped. All four, with confident swagger, went to see number two. As her door opened, number two was lying on her bed, but at once stood up as the four approached her. She stood expectantly, her chest rising and falling slowly. Mistress Stern admired the girls work on her, moving around her.

“Good morning number two, I understand we are making progress with you at last, you may speak.”

She was dressed in an ultra-tight pink latex suit with attached feet and fingerless mittens, a single zip ran up her back from her neck. She had a voluptuous young body, firm and curvaceous, with breasts cradled in firm latex cups. Her mittens were loose enough around her hands for her to do some basic functions. There were two large reinforced holes in the suit, reinforced rubber with stud fasteners. One was located adjacent to her shaved pussy, which because of the tightness and reinforcement almost squeezed through the two-inch diameter hole in an obscene red pout. The other hole was at her arse, and in-built into the buttocks of the suit were reinforced rubber strips, which spread her cheeks so that the two-inch diameter hole nestled against her sphincter. No amount of squeezing could close her cheeks and her puckered muscle was, she knew, available for plundering!

The strangest apparel however was her helmet. This was made of thick pink rubber and inflated severely over her head giving the impression of a large well-inflated football. Painted on the pink rubber was a facsimile of an old-fashioned black swim cap, two wide staring eyes with dark brows and blue irises, a small upturned baby nose and blushed cheeks. The only exposed part of the head was a two inch hole opposite her mouth, ringed in bright red rubbery lips. A small skirt of rubber lay round her neck, covering the inflator valve and locked metal collar. Her only contact with the outside world was therefore her exposed pussy (red and inflamed, and almost bursting out of its enclosure), her arse (exposed and vulnerable to attack) and her mouth, with succulent red lips and perfect teeth underneath. She licked her lips before speaking.

“I’m not sure what to say. I’ve lost track of time and I want to return to my husband. I miss him…very much.” She stammered. “So much has happened, if he wants me as his rubber doll…to play with….then, well, I suppose that is…okay by me. I’m getting used to the clothes. When I am not wearing the helmets and I can see myself then I like the way I look, they are quite flattering. I don’t know how many orgasms I have had over the weeks, or months, I don’t know who is here now but all of you are very efficient at making me come.” She managed a nervous laugh.

“Although I considered myself experienced and open, sexually speaking, my exposure was fairly conventional. Your training has widened my eyes a lot. I am willing, and want, to return to my husband. I am not disgusted or frightened of him. I love him and his strange tastes, and if this will make him love me more then I will do it and with your training I know I will do it well.”

“Well spoken, my dear.” Mistress Stern placed a hand on number two’s shoulder, and spoke to her loudly to be heard through the two skins of rubber covering number two’s head.

“Your education was hard for you at first, we know, but you have been a fine pupil and have picked up many skills that will please your husband, I am sure. I am afraid you will not return immediately,” number two bit her lip in anguish, “but very soon. We must fine-tune your skills, so that your husband will never wish to leave you. You see, my dear, you may be the rubber doll, encased and bound but, please believe this, for nothing is truer, with your skills and voluntary subjugation, it is you that is the mistress, as he will become a prisoner to your wiles, ha ha, yes really! Now how is the helmet?”

“Well you know at first it was very disorienting and claustrophobic, and tight and so dark. I wasn’t used to my nose being blocked off, but slowly I’m getting used to it. I’ve had it on now for quite a while, and the pitch-blackness, well I am used to. I can find my way around the room quite well and Michelle feeds me, looks after me. I don’t like the bottle very much but I must eat for strength.” Michelle was always the softer one and put her arms around her protégé.

“You are going to be fine ma petite fille, you are doing very well and the helmet will come off tomorrow, maybe today even. But first, we must heighten your senses further, with some more training, yes? In your helmet, without sight and poor hearing, your senses of touch and taste will heighten further. Your whole body will be more sensitive and aware. We must still expand your pretty bottom…..yes my dear, there is no argument, remember? Your new husband had told us he likes to fuck your bottom, so you have to be ready, and willing for that. Here I will sit on your bed behind you, so, and you will just bend over a little bit, yes?”

Michelle sat on the bed and as number two obediently bent over, Michelle daubed lube over her exposed anal sphincter. Number two ooohed quietly but did not move. Michelle wiped her fingers and nodded to the others. Gently they each took an arm and lowered number two back onto Michelle’s exposed dildo.

“Easy now, ma cherie, it is me, your friend Michelle, I would not hurt you, we do this slowly, remember, you sink into me, let me take your weight, relax now….enjoy.” Biting her lips, number two sank slowly onto Michelle’s black cock. At first there was a little resistance, but then, supported by Miko and Emma, the rubber dolly sank, its face inscrutable, only the red rubber lips exposed, mouth open. Shortly number her buttocks rested on Michelle’s thighs and she was in, up to the hilt.

“Bon, tres bon, ma cherie, it was easier this time, and it will be easier as your beautiful derriere is stretched wider and wider and gets more used to this. And your husbands cock will be more pleasurable, warm and wet. I can now see that you like it, yes?”

Number two’s rubber head nodded imperceptibly as Michelle widened her thighs. Number two balanced on them, her feet off the ground and swinging in the air either side of Michelle’s. Michelle supported her hips with both hands as Emma sat down between number two’s legs stretched legs and expertly separated her labia and nipped her clitoris. Number two took in some air and opened her mouth in a gasp. Miko said, standing over Emma.

“Good girl, now you will like this, dolly.” She took her balloon head between her hands and gently pulled it to her groin, her dildo jutting out.

“Open wide dolly, open wide now. This is rubber, but soon you will have your husband’s warm, fleshy cock to suck, much more fun.”

Dutifully dolly leaned forward and opened her mouth wider and enveloped the rubber cock. As her nose was covered she had to breathe as well, but this was not the first time she had done this. The dominas were impressed at her ability to take it all. She took the black rubber in her mouth and breathed with ease, and took a thick rubber cock in her arse all while Emma played with her pussy.

Miko held her football-sized head, and drew her cock into and out of her mouth. Michelle gently raised and lowered her onto her cock and Emma kneaded her breasts while licking and blowing her clitoris. Mistress Stern was very impressed. After three months this freethinking young bride had indeed become a rubber dolly to be taken willingly. She gurgled and mmmfed as the three women thrust, tweaked and fondled her.

Soon number two came with a shudder, almost gagging in spasms, but they held her firmly, and then resumed. This extraordinary act went on for an hour. After countless orgasms Mistress Stern nodded and Miko withdrew, her cock from the poor girl’s mouth, slick with saliva. Number two’s mouth was puffy, with spittle dripping out of it and down her chin. Next Emma stepped back from number two’s enflamed labia and moist channel. They lifted her slowly off Michelle’s rubber cock, leaving it glistening with her secretions. She stood, swaying in their arms, her head hanging; they leant against her, offering comfort.

“You have done very well, my dear, your husband will never wish to leave such a talented and enthusiastic bride.”

“Thank you, Mistress.” She said between gasping for air. Michelle tenderly wiped firstly her mouth set in the bizarre baby face; then her pussy and she gasped, almost coming again, and finally her engorged red sphincter.

“Will I go home soon, please?”

“Yes my dear, very soon. I will call your husband today and tell him how talented you are now and how keen you are to return to him. Perhaps at the weekend we will deliver you to him. Now you must eat before you rest, Michelle has your bottle.”

“But I don’t…”

“Now then, number two.”

“Oh, very well.” She sat on the bed, feeling out for it behind her, as Michelle sat next to her, and holding the balloon head pushed the large feeding bottle into her mouth. The cold mush tasted awful, but number two sucked hard on it, not wanting to incur the wrath of these women.

“We’ll leave you here now and see you later; finish your bottle and then have a nap.”

They left her like that, as she lay back on the bed, sucking the bottle held in her mittened hands. She was a strange sight to say the least – pink catsuit with cut-outs at pussy and bum, mittens, and large, inflated balloon head, with staring eyes and bathing cap painted on, while sucking on a bottle.

All that she could think of was leaving here and returning to her husband. They had awakened sexual desires in her she thought she never had. At first she was stunned and horrified, but now she couldn’t understand why she should have been. She may look a bit silly, but what skills she had learned! She bore no real grudges against them, she was a new woman, a rubbery doll to be fondled and abused, yet it was a skill that her husband would not realize that she would play to her advantage!


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