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Stern Manor

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2007 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFFF/f; D/s; latex; bond; kidnap; piercing; bodymod; inflate; rubberdoll; toys; reluct; cons; X

Number 1

The Range Rover pulled up outside the large country house that was well hidden in expansive treed parkland. Privacy was paramount – there were electric gates, warning signs, CCTV cameras and high walls. To the outsider no one would know that a house was there, or what went on there. The beautiful woman who exited the car was met by three equally stunning women at the front door. This in itself was not strange, but what made it bizarre were their clothes.

The driver of the car was maybe 35, with short black hair in the Louise Brooks style. She was tall, over 6 feet, partly due to the precipitous heels, for she was wearing boots with 5 inches. Underneath the ankle-length cape of shiny black rubber, held together with a gold clasp at the neck, she wore a skin-tight catsuit of gunmetal grey rubber. It fitted her superbly, like a painted skin, and only her hands and head were uncovered. A small zip ran from her belly button, through her crotch and up her back to her neck. The only other apparel was a stiffly boned black and red corset, extending from her hips to under her prominent breasts. It was front laced with bright brass buckles and it pulled her waist to an impressive hourglass shape.

She smiled and hugged each of the three women in turn. They appeared to be in their early twenties. In their own way, each was stunning.

Miko was Japanese, only about 5 feet 6 inches tall; slim, with jet-black page boy hair. Her limbs were slim and waist tiny and unlike many of her race, her breasts were quite large and firm. Although she looked harmless and innocent, nothing was further from this viewpoint. She wore a scarlet red dress, short but with long sleeves and white frills at the neck, hem and wrists. The skirt was flared and finished at mid-thigh, barely hiding the tops of her shocking pink stockings, held up by suspenders under her tight pink bikini panties. Her hands were encased in pink latex gloves and her feet in patent leather flat shoes. There was a child-like innocence to her costume, something that belied her character.

“Miko, my dear, have you been behaving yourself? I hope you have not been too hard on our guests.” The older woman said, holding her hands together.

“Oh no, mistress, I have been very fair with them, but you know sometimes I get a little carried away if they are slow in responding and I have to discipline them.” The other two girls looked at the ground, smiling but saying nothing. Mistress Stern was no fool and said.

“Mmm, well I think I’ll leave that for the moment.” She smiled knowingly and moved on.

“Michelle, mon cherie, and how is my naughty French maid?” She asked and the young girl smiled demurely, but with a twinkle in her eye. She was the image of French gamine beauty, tall, about 5 feet 10 inches with a slim, long-limbed physique. She had long mousy hair pulled back loosely and tied at her neck.

“Bonjour maitresse,” she said and pecked her mistress on both cheeks. Michelle was dressed in the classic French maid’s uniform, all in latex. There was a short dress and flared skirt, with four layers of white rubber petticoats underneath. She wore black stockings with suspenders and white frilly panties. There were more frills at her neck and above her elbows covering elbow length black gloves. Finally she wore a pretty white apron. She had large breasts that pushed out the uniform provocatively. Her legs were spectacular, long and slim but well muscled, all the more attractive due to the 5-inch heels she was wearing. Her English was faltering.

“It is so wonderful to have you back. Our guests have been hard but we have managed well, c’est vrai?” She looked at Miko and they smiled conspiratorially.

“Yes, I can imagine.” Mistress Stern nodded knowingly. “And how is my English rose?” She hugged the third girl, seemingly barely in her 20’s. She was indeed an English rose. Tall and slim with peaches and cream complexion, her blonde hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. Her body, although slim, was muscular, her breasts large and firm.

“We did miss you so, Mistress.” They hugged.

“Thank you Emma, my dear.”

“I think we have coped well.” She replied in her privately educated, upper-class accent. “Medically all our guests are well, even number 8, her withdrawal is coming along well.” Despite her years, only maybe 25 or 26 on reflection, but she looked younger, Emma was the medical expert, a recently qualified doctor, and was dressed in a rubber parody of a nurse’s uniform. All in white, with 4-inch white high heels, stockings and suspender belt, tight tunic to just above the knees and a high neck and buttoned-up the front. She had a high mandarin collar and ruffled sleeves to the elbow covering white latex gloves. Over this was a long rubber apron in white rubber with a red cross emblazoned on the front. Only her head was not covered by latex. Her English innocence belied her firm matronly manner!

They went into the house together, Michelle taking Mistress Stern’s bags upstairs. After a short discussion about her 7 days holiday, Mistress Stern addressed the three younger women.

“Well I can’t wait to get started. Isn’t it wonderful when you love what you do? I want to see all our guests and you can give me a progress report on each of them, numbers 1 to 8 in order. If there is any procedure to be done, disciplinary or medical, well, we have all day. I hope you are well prepared, I am raring to go.” They all smiled in anticipation, Miko spoke.

“We have a number of indoctrination procedures planned today. We are so happy you came back early. We could spend most of the day with them. They will need all of us present.”

“Excellent, then why are we waiting?” She took off her cape, and the three women looked at her in love and admiration, for Mistress Stern looked spectacular. The four of them giggling like schoolgirls went down in an elevator, and with a key and secret lock took them to the basement. The doors opened to a long corridor with four doors on each side and a single door at the end. As they walked down the corridor they passed the doors, each marked with a number, 1 to 8, and each with an observation and serving hatch. A file holder was attached to each door, which was activated by a combination code. The only sound was the clattering of their heels on the dark stone and the hum of the air conditioning. The only light was from the pot lights in the ceiling. The walls and ceiling were painted a shiny black. The whole of the basement was built like a bomb shelter – or a prison - airtight, sound resistant, perfect for Mistress Stern and her associates.

In anticipation the four were becoming excited as they unlocked and entered the door at the end of the corridor. This had no number on the front. Before the lights were turned on, an overwhelming pungent aroma of rubber assailed them. The room was everything one would expect a dungeon to be, and more. The walls were either rubber drapes or mirrors and the floor thick rubber tiles, red and black chequered. The room was huge, 30 feet by 40 feet and was packed with contraptions, equipment and instruments to boggle the eye and mind. All of Mistress Stern’s past guests on entering the room for the first time had been shocked and horrified by what they saw, of what had befallen them and what they were about to experience. The four women always enjoyed their reaction. Some would fight, some would be cowed, but all would be overcome easily, to eventually be transformed into their client’s specific requirements, and then finally packaged and sent on their way.

Mistress Stern had grown very rich by providing her equally rich clients with precisely their required product. Over a few years, many ‘packages’ had been acquired, altered, indoctrinated, adapted and then returned or moved on, to their client’s desires.

In the large room there was a shower and toilet and make-up area. There was a gyn/ob chair with straps at strategic points, an operating table with straps and overhead lights, and an adjacent large glass fronted display area with sterilizing equipment, operating instruments and other medical equipment.

In full height mirrored cupboards along one wall were a huge assortment of latex clothes of all designs and sizes – stockings, gloves, dresses, catsuits, pants, bras, corsets, shoes, the list went on; as well as vibrators, dildos, and catheters, enemas and forced feeding equipment. In separate illuminated glass fronted cabinets on display were rows of masks and hoods, some inflatable, several very intimidating. Chains dangled from a grid of tubular steel suspended below the ceiling. Suspended from these on one side were a transparent rubber vacuum bed and a single leg body bag. A whipping frame of adjustable tubular steel and leather straps was front and centre. The shower was six by six feet with cuffs on chains from the ceiling and a red rubber enema bag and tube hanging ready.

To the rubber fetishist - dominant or submissive – this was heaven or hell - but a vision sought after! To the normal observer, it would be a terrifying sight, as it was to most of those who entered for the first time. To the four women however, this was their playroom, their place of work (although it wasn’t work to them) a home where they could earn their huge fees by removing unsuspecting innocents from their previous lives, and permanently changing them into their client’s wishes. That might be a living rubber doll encased in latex, removed of independent thought and opinion, merely a plaything; or a geisha, a pony girl or whatever the client demanded. It was true that most clients were men and most ‘guests’ were women, but the four women were happy to accept the training of a man if required, and had done so several times.

They carried out body modification, most often permanent, certain areas of the guest’s body enhanced, and others reduced or removed! All four women were experts at piercing and the insertion of rings or studs. They also tattooed and permanently branded. Their practice offered, amongst an endless list of services, perfect obedience training, permanent hair removal, limited plastic surgery and if necessary, teeth removal. Like Emma, Mistress Stern was (is) a doctor and had surgical training, and with Emma’s assistance had undertaken many medical procedures on involuntary patients.

In fact, there was very little that Mistress Stern and her associates would not do for a client!

The women had little sympathy or compassion for their guests, occasionally they would feel a twinge of sadness as they sent a package off, to be used and abused somewhere in the world for the rest of its life. They thought of it in the end, as an ‘it’ for that is what they became after their training, a commodity to be dealt with, and a very handsome reward at the end. Some naïve guests would fight the inevitability of it, but they would all be broken in the end. Their previous life – friends, family, home and job had ended. They were resigned to their future life, whatever that held.

Number One 

The four women didn’t just do this for the money; they were so good at it because they loved their work! They took pride in the transformation, the gradual indoctrination, education and breaking down of an independent, strong, usually young woman, which is what the majority of the guests were, into the ‘product’ that the client required. There was an air of supreme confidence about these women, despite their young ages. They were the best at what they did, and they liked the client, and the guest, to know it! They walked to the cupboards and Mistress Stern said.

“Now then Miko, our number one, how is our African Queen today? We have a very big day planned for her, don’t we?”

“Still a lot of fight in her.” Miko laughed. “Okay, as you know, today we are to pierce and insert the eight steel rings through her labia, four each side, plus the thick horizontal rods and shackles through her nipples. We have to discuss the clit ring yet, we were going to talk to the client and perhaps recommend it, yes? The vertical rod and balls, top and bottom, have healed in her tongue and the steel gromet in her septum so we can try a nose ring or two for size. Regarding the series of steel rings of her collar, this is now ten rings, all connected by internal curved vertical rods, and as we know, impossible to remove. It is five inches high now, and we added a ring four days ago. Mistress, I think there is room for the insertion of one more ring and then she will be perfect a proud Nubian Queen. The rubber cushioning at her shoulders and under her chin is helping her settle, there is no chafing. The permanent hair removal has worked perfectly, there is no re-growth on her head or her groin, she’s as hairless as a baby now. Oh yes, she is not too happy.”

Miko smiled at the thought of her guest’s discomfort. Here was a brilliant young lawyer, by now Mistress Stern had actually forgotten her former name.; a beautiful black woman of 30, her life full of opportunity and optimism. Following a chance encounter in a bar with an African prince, she will now become his African princess! It was not her choice, she did not think too much of the man, but he thought enough of her to leave Mistress Stern with specific instructions for her abduction, transformation and transportation back to his homeland.

She of course fought like a tiger when abducted, but three women experienced in the abduction process were too much for her. First an inflatable rubber helmet with inhalation bag and breathing tube, almost shut down, then when quietened, she was stripped and crammed into a heavy rubber body bag, zipped up, folded and stuffed into a large canvas athletic bag – no more lawyer! Gone, disappeared, who will only surface months later in an African nation, transformed. Miko said.

“As I said, we should finish off her jewellery today. We also have received the gold plated steel cuffs and anklets. They are beautiful, non-removable and permanent, they have scroll on the outside, but to me they mark her clearly as a slave, as well as a princess. They will fit her perfectly for as you know we took moulds for a perfect fit.” These lay on the hospital bed, and Miko showed them to Mistress Stern. All four were custom made to fit her, two inches wide with smooth, thin rubber on the inside. The locking mechanism was an almost invisible line, a male and female connection, which when pressed together would mate permanently.

“Mmm, excellent. And permanent of course.”

“Yes, as per his instructions. And the two rings here on the outside and inside are perfect for chaining her in any number of ways. I like the idea of ankles or wrists, with her bum up in the air.” She laughed.

“Hmm, me too. And how is the rubber immersion coming along. Initially I saw she wasn’t much of a devotee, I hope you intensified her immersion.”

“Yes, absolutely Mistress.” It was Michelle who replied. “We have had a number of sessions now, just me or with the others as well. That is all she is permitted to wear. She can’t wear masks because of the collar of steel rings but we have placed a tight bathing cap on her head, she looks quite vulnerable in it. We have had her in bras and panties, stockings, tights, shoulder gloves and a couple of tight corsets. We have even moved onto a skintight catsuit, she looks delicious in that. she is coming along I think – well she doesn’t have much of an option, does she? But we have strapped her down on the gyn/ob chair and the whipping frame, and played with her, her nipples and her clit, fondling her, kissing her. She fights us of course, but we are pretty good at this and have made her come a few times. She hates that, succumbing to us, but she can’t deny that rubber makes her look very sexy.”

“Good girls, excellent. I suppose in Africa it will be very hot, so I hope our client, if he requires her to dress in rubber all the time, will have air conditioning in his properties! Otherwise, she will be sweating buckets and fainting every day.” Mistress Stern laughed. Once the ‘package’ had been returned to her client, duly altered to his, or her, precise specifications (including some of Mistress Stren’s suggestions – she was always ahead of her client) it was of no concern as to how it was treated. Miko now took over.

“So, should we get a start. I really do want to pierce and ring her labia and shackle her nipples today, we’ll do everything so that she really gets the message and then we can concentrate on the final stretching of her neck. The final neck ring should be done in a few days, so we don’t get any nerve damage.” Mistress Stern gently touched Emma’s cheek.

“Ah Emma, I don’t know if your medical modification streak is even wider than mine. So we have, let me see; septum already grommeted, vertical tongue rod and balls done, ears pierced and studded ready for any rings, so nipples and labia to complete. Compared with some of our clients, she’s getting off quite lightly, except for the collar of course. This all should be fun, not for number one though. Well, let’s get appropriately masked and armed!”

Each of the women moved to the top cabinets and made their selections. Emma, the recently qualified doctor, dressed as the nurse chose a white mask with a red cross on the forehead. She pulled it tight over her head, and Michelle helped her pull her blonde ponytail through a hole in the crown. Michelle chose black, to match her saucy costume, with perspex eyes, and mouth and nose holes. Miko chose red with black edging around her eyes and mouth and Mistress Stern a gunmetal grey to match her catsuit. All of them were ready and admired each other in the mirror – a vision that would surely intimidate number one.

They strode out of the training room; four rubber clad dominas ready for business. They clattered down the corridor, grim smiles of anticipation under their masks. Michelle punched the code on the door marked “1” and Mistress Stern led in the team. The room was about 15 feet by 25 feet with a small bathroom to the side. The floor was black and white rubber tiles and all the walls and ceiling were studded black rubber, foam insulated for sound. To the side there was a small kitchen. CCTV and microphones were set in the ceiling, with air conditioning outlets and pot lights. There were no windows.

One wall housed cupboards and drawers - all of rubber clothing and restraint equipment. A TV and DVD were in one wall, the DVD’s being mostly bondage and fetish productions to assist with the indoctrination. A double bed was in the corner, with steel tubing at the head and foot. The sheets and pillows were of black latex. A couple of easy chairs and a table comprised the living room portion. On the bed lay number one!

She stood up as the women entered. She was quite stunning in her white latex panties and bra offsetting her dark chocolate skin. Despite her position and the intimidating presence of the three women, she still seemed quite belligerent. Clearly she still hadn’t got the message.

“Look this is insane, you have to give this up, release me and the others here and nothing more will be said, then we’ll go on our way, otherwise you are in big trouble.” To this, Mistress Stern actually laughed.

“Oh dear number one, for a brilliant solicitor, you really have not cottoned on yet, have you? We, or at least me, have been doing this for a while, very successfully too. We are professionals, this is our calling, our jobs, and a job we truly love. All has been planned, this is a very professionally run outfit, if I say so myself. Yes, there are other guests here, you might have heard them, in all we have eight rooms. They, like you, have absolutely no chance of escape. None. The quicker you realize this the better for you. Your stay here and the procedures you will endure have been planned down to the last detail. So, I’m afraid you are the one that is in big trouble, number one, and unless you co-operate, which you surely will, your stay with us will be longer and still quite unpleasant.” Mistress Stern smiled confidently behind her mask as the others stood at her side, looking at number one with cool detachment.

“You’re crazy; get me out of this damn neck brace now. I’ve had enough, I can hardly move my head. I don’t give a damn about your stupid African prince, and your slave trade operation. Look at you, all dressed like that, why don’t you just go off to some fetish party and get your rocks off?” Mistress Stern observed her coolly, and then turned to her cohorts, who nodded in amusement.

“Well thank you for the suggestion, but these are our working clothes. The neck brace stays on, number one, after all it is an honour to wear it and I understand in certain parts, the height of fashion. We propose in the next week or so to add one more until you are a true Nubian tribeswoman, proud and erect.”

“I am not a number, I am not a tribeswoman. I am an English lawyer, born and bred here and you can’t turn me into some plaything, some bartered bride for a crazy African prince. What you have done so far is inhumane, I’m completely bald now, my septum still throbs and the rod and balls in my tongue are horrible. I don’t like him, I didn’t think much of him when we met, I don’t know why he thinks he can do all this to me.

“Oh, my dear, because he can, with our assistance, and that is precisely what we can are doing. Say goodbye to your previous life – gone forever. You must look forward to your new life. Now I am here to tell you that the neck rings are only one of your adornments, and we are going to provide you with more today, so you must come with us to our playroom. Number one, it is no use you fighting, it is utterly pointless….”

But the proud young lawyer did choose to fight and got off a couple of shots, which glanced off the rubber clothes of the four assailants. Quickly though, she was subdued, very efficiently with a tight leather belt and attached wrist cuffs.

“Number one, I don’t want a lot of screaming and whatever; now are you going to behave?”

“No way, you crazy bitches, I’ll not give in to you easily, you just w….arrrghh…unnk…mmmfff.” Efficiently Michelle had produced a large red ball gag and coming from behind had crammed it hard into number one’s gaping mouth, pulling hard on the straps until they dug into her cheeks. Number one glared at her captors, venom in her eyes.

“I admire a fighter, number one, it makes our job all the more fun, but we will break you, sooner or later.” They dragged her out of the room, down the corridor and into their playroom, the training area. She cringed at the sight of all the contraptions. Despite her struggling they soon had her placed face up on the operating table under the harsh lights, with her arms and legs now strapped to the steel piping at the sides. Firstly they had removed her bra and panties, admiring her fine dark brown breasts, black nipple and pink labia. She could still wriggle slightly but it did not stop Michelle picking up her ornamental ankle cuffs one at a time, placing them around her ankles, one by one, aligning them perfectly and with an ominous click, locking them. The four of them inspected the fit, perfect. The 2 inch wide steel cuff with thin rubber padding fitted perfectly, snug above her ankle bone. Number one grunted in displeasure but soon Michelle and Miko had placed the two wrist cuffs on her, also a good snug fit.

“That was easy, number one, and painless, but the next procedures will be longer and a lot more painful.” She grunted and dribble rolled down the sides of her cheeks. Mistress Stern leaned over number one, looking deeply into her eyes.

“We are going to ring you in intimate and sensitive areas, number one.” Number one gave a startled look as Miko drew a tight strap from one side of the table across her forehead and fixed it to the other side. Her startled eyes blinked and teared up as she tried to scream into the gag.

“Now the next procedure is just a test and will be fairly painless. You have been grommeted in your septum and this has healed quickly but we want to test it for strength. So Emma here will slip a ring up your nostrils and through the septum. Emma, all in white rubber with the red crosses over her brow, chest and groin, with a small rubber covered finger eased an open sterilised one inch metal ring up one nostril and through the septum hole, then with a pair of tiny pliers she squeezed the self-locking ring closed, sealing it in her nose. Like a bull at a country fair, number one was now ringed.

The ring was in fine steel and could only be removed with sharp cutters. It rested over her upper lip and would be a constant reminder to her of her servitude. Number one was now breathing heavily, spittle on either side of her face, her eyes crunched.

“Here, admire your new adornment.” Mistress Stern said and raised a mirror in front of her captive. Number one wailed into her gag at the sight of the bright steel ring, now an addition to her anklets and wrist cuffs and of course her high steel collar.

“This is removable, with a pair of strong cutters, but we will leave it in for now so you can get used to it. you really should stop feeling sorry for yourself, there are many more unpleasant options available for your nose, you know, and some we have undertaken with previous guests. ‘Guests’ thought number one, god, I hate that word!

“We have in the past pierced and grommeted both nostrils, then run a steel rod through them, and the septum, incorporating a steel U shackle resting on the upper lip, the ends of the rod having steel balls locked on. It reduces but doesn’t eliminate the capacity to breathe through the nose but is a very efficient method of control. It works well with a bridle and bit during pony play. You haven’t experienced that yet, but perhaps you will, in the future. Anyway, it’s not over yet, number one, not by a long way. The next will be more painful yet, but you must be made beautiful for your master, yes?”

Michelle now daubed the antiseptic coagulant over her black nipples, gently squeezing them in her rubber-covered fingers and making them erect. Oh, my god, number one thought, they are going to do the something with my nipples. They are going to pierce them! After waiting a minute for the coagulant to work its wonders, Michelle pulled up her breast by the nipple and Emma expertly pierced the base of the nipple horizontally. Number one shuddered and gargled into her gag, but could do nothing as a one-inch-long thick steel rod incorporating a one-inch-deep steel U shackle was slipped through it. Now steel balls were screwed in at both ends and twisted with a pair of pliers until there was a click and the thread was broken. Now number one knew that the rod and shackle were on permanently. She shuddered at the thought. But the women continued, calmly and professionally. The process was repeated on the other nipple in complete silence, number one was now in a state of shock, her nipples throbbing, but the four women were still in business-like mode.

As number one jerked in pain and clamped down on her gag, Mistress Stern nodded to Michelle and Emma and they drew two further straps across her body, now virtually gluing her to the gurney

“Good, very little blood, the coagulant working very well, all is going according to plan! But much more to come.” Mistress Stern said and placed a gentle hand on her forehead. More? Thought number one and felt warm water at her pussy as Emma was soaping her groin! Then she felt the smooth swipe of cleansing spirit.

“Excellent, the full depilation has worked wonderfully and your sex lips are pretty in pink, ready for the next procedure, which I cannot deny will be rather intense. Emma, it is your honour down there.” The other girls giggled and Emma smiled as she gently salved number one’s hairless pussy, gently parting her lips and salving her both inside and out of her labia. Despite her fear and throbbing pain in her nipples number one groaned into her gag and tried to clench her lips using her abdominal muscles.

“My, I do believe that number one is getting some pleasure here – and that is good, for the pain will come soon enough.” There were eight rings to be embedded, horizontally and opposite each other; four each side.

Oh, this is going to hurt, never mind the antiseptic coagulant. Look at them, some kind of weird fetish BDSM group, but these women are for real. Where the hell did she find them, on the web? The dark web I suppose, god, what a mess I’m in. They’ve been doing this for how long? Making money, lots of money at it. I have no hope of escaping. I’ve seen the doors down the corridor, marked one to eight and I’m sure they are occupied by…whom? Women, to be transformed into slaves and sold off? No, I don’t think so, these people are more sophisticated, working for rich people, men and women probably, who have certain desires and can pay for them, like my bloody African prince. Look at me, my collar raising my head, immovable. My anklets and wrists, and now my nose ring, like a bloody prize bull, my nipples shackled and now, ohgod, my labia to be ringed as well.

I can’t stop them, they are far too efficient, too powerful, too professional. I am just a chattel, a package to be dealt with then moved on. And the rubber, why that? actually that is about the only thing that I can accept. If it wasn’t for the circumstances I wouldn’t mind wearing it at all. These four women look pretty hot, I have to admit, and I do as well, in the shimmering white panties and bra, so snug and clingy. If he just wanted to fuck me, dressed in rubber – they have a huge assortment here - then well, it wouldn’t be too bad, I suppose. He’s not ugly, quite handsome in fact, but he was just too cocky for me. Talking of cocks, I suppose he will want me to suck him off. I heard that men like a woman with a togue stud as it apparently is good feeling on the cock. But the rest, the nipple shackles and the upcoming labia rings – what’s with that? I have to accept that I’m a slave or will be soon. 

Emma began her work in studious silence, her white mask leaning over number one’s pussy and her blonde hair falling to one side. The others watched in appreciative silence, only the rasping of number one’s breath breaking the quiet. As each piercing ring passed through her labia number one screamed and school in pain. There was an anesthetic in the salve, but it didn’t by any means eliminate the pain. Mistress Stern showed a tiny bit of compassion as she stroked her bald head – but the procedure continued. Within ten minutes the labia were pierced eight times and the four rings passed through and were self-locked. There was very little blood but it hurt tremendously. Despite the salve, beads of sweat had risen over her body and she was shaking in pain. Michelle gently dabbed the sweat and smiled down at her, trying to calm her, but tears poured from her eyes and dribble down her cheeks. Emma continues to dab the aear with anisepic anesthetic and very slowly the pain receded.

After a few minutes her head strap was released and she was able to move her head slightly despite the constricting collar of steel rings. Michelle tenderly placed her hands under her head and raised it, saying.

“Alors, ma cherie, look at your pretty shackled bosoms, and look in the mirror there at your beautiful ringed womanhood.” She looked down, snuffling through her gag at her demise. For it was a demise now; there was no fight in her, she had surrendered. The pain was now easing but she was still in shock from this gross violation. She saw eight steel rings glinting in her tender lips and just as she was wondering why they were horizontal, Mistress Stern came to her, opening a velvet lined box for her to see a large assortment of intimate steel jewellery.

“The eight rings you have in your labia are not just for display, although they do look magnificent. No, they are the foundation for several erm options that you master might wish to explore. They offers your master a variety of control, chastity and accessibility over you, it’s really very clever. I’ll show you. A vagina can either be open and accessible to all, or closed, locked in chastity, or variations thereof, the rings are simply the base on which this intimate jewellery can be locked. So let’s start with chastity, that’s quite straightforward. Chastity remember is your master not just denying others access to your lovely sex here, but also yourself, yes, don’t deny it, we all like to pleasure ourselves, don’t we? Get a finger under the hood and play with our clits, it’s only natural.” She laughed quietly. “Well, no more of that, if your master so desires. He will, or at least should be in control of your pleasures. Let’s start with these. These are very simple.” She produced three small, ornate steel self-locking rings and handed them to Miko. She leaned over number one’s tender sex and locked the three opposing upper rings together, leaving the bottom set open

“Your master will be able to separate the ends of the rings and open you up, when he desires to have pleasure with you, but it will require this instrument.” She held up a pair of complicated looking pliers or forceps. “So these three locking rings can be used for long term wear. Right now you will be able to urinate, douche and menstruate; the opening is large enough for that. However, you will not be able to pleasure yourself, or with of course a man or vibrator. Your clitoral hood is well sealed, tucked away. Now let’s try a couple of variations on these.” Miko leant over and slowly removed the three locking rings while Mistress Stern now held up another piece of ‘jewellery’. This was simply an oval ring about an inch and half wide at its central point.

“Now this is exactly the opposite, it displays you, your sex, and makes it available for your master. We slide the open ends of the bendable steel through your eight rings, here we go, and lock them here at the top, your master will have another instrument to unlock it.” Number one could feel her labia expanding, widening, opening up as Michelle threaded the steel through her eight rings, then squeezed the ends together. Now her sex was open for all to see. She felt humiliated, obscene.

“So, yes, in theory you would be able to play with yourself, your clit, even with a vibrator or dildo…that is assuming your hands would be available…but and I’m sure your master will have you in some form of bondage, so that simply will not happen. You will be available for his pleasure, not yours. Now

With this on only your master will satisfy you, when, or if, he chooses!”

They released her and in a daze she sat up, still gagged.

“You won’t scream now, will you, my dear? There seems little point in that now.” She nodded weakly, her steel encased wrists and ankles flopping at her sides off the end of the gurney. Mistress Stern nodded at Michelle, who appeared to adopt the sympathetic role.

“Ma cherie, let’s get this horrible gag out of your pretty mouth mmm? My, you look so beautiful, adorned with your master’s rings of slavery.” Emma handed her latex panties and bra and she carefully drew them on. Both were in bright white latex and the panties were crotchless so that her ringed labia slipped through the hole, red and inflamed. The bra also had holes, so her ringed nipples peeped through. She whimpered but said nothing. She looked meekly at the other women, all the fight out of her now. Mistress Stern approached her and gently lifted her septum ring. Number one winced.

“You are now a fine Nubian princess or queen, you have the rings of slavery of your master, but you should wear them with pride. Let’s feel your neck here, mmm, quite a bit of room already. Well, why don’t we add another ring now?”

“Oh no, please not another ring, please.” She sobbed.

“Now there, number one, I had hoped you were now resigned not to fight this, mmm?” This silenced poor number one and Emma approached with another steel ring. Michelle tenderly raised her chin, whispering something sympathetic in her ear, stretching her neck at back and front, Mistress Stern gently pushed down the rings onto the rubber padding at her shoulders and a quarter inch gap was created. Number one winced and moaned but did not move further as Emma manoeuvred the flexible ring around her neck and under her chin and squeezed the steel together. An ominous self-locking click sealed it in place, a horrible metaphor for number one’s fate being sealed as well. She could move very little now.

“Please,” she gasped, “it’s too tight, I can’t….”

“Don’t fret, my dear, your neck will adjust, it will be uncomfortable for a day or two, but soon you will be ready for more rings. Eventually you will have four more rings, so you will be tall, erect and proud.”

“Oh god, oh god. Can I go to my room now?” She whispered, all fight out of her now.

“Why of course, my dear, off you go.” Mistress Stern was ecstatic at the transformation. There was no more belligerence; simply a wish for some privacy to dwell on her future. Unsteadily number one walked to the door, down the corridor unattended, into her room marked one, and quietly closed the door.

“Well, that was a bit of a shocker,” said Emma “I know it was really painful but I thought we would get more of a fight, she was so compliant.”

“Well let’s not count our chickens! She is in shock and pain, and she may have some fight yet, but all in all, it went very well.” They hugged each other in mutual congratulation.

“Okay, let’s not waste time here, what have we in store for number two? I really can’t wait; number one has just whetted my appetite.”


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