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Special Delivery 5: Put Through Her Paces And Playing Ball

by rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; latex; ponygirl; bdsm; ball; enclosed; toys; outdoors; con/reluct; X

continued from part 4


Chapter 5: Put Through Her Paces And Playing Ball

“Maybe you should save your smiles for later, Latexa, you might need them then. You can keep that mask on. Everything else goes. I’ll go and get your equipment; I will dress you here although there are stables upstairs. So strip and put everything away and I will be back in 10 minutes.” 

He left and despite sneaking a look she did not see him punch in any other numbers on the combination. He leapt upstairs, although he did not show it, he was overjoyed. She’d asked to be a pony girl; to be trained and disciplined. He quickly changed into a black skin-tight catsuit with full mask and back zip. He pulled on a pair of knee-high riding boots (very appropriate) and went outside to the stables. He took all the required tack from the closet, there was a lot of it, and returned to her room. He was going to enjoy creating his pony! 

She had stripped down and waited for him, wondering if she had made a mistake, although she was a little worried she kept a calm exterior. He dumped the tack on the bed, and she looked at it with some misgivings.

“It is not too late Latexa, you can back down if you wish, we can move onto pony training later.”

“No, no, I can do this. You don’t think I can, do you? Well, I’ll show you, come on, let’s get on with it.” It was not in her character to back down from anything. 

“Very well, talc yourself all over, including your mask. This suit is one piece and the helmet is attached, so you have to push your head through the narrow neck. Step into the leggings first; be careful, the latex is thin but strong. I like this design, a palomino, light tan all over.” She pushed her feet into the leggings, the latex was thin but very flexible and inch-by-inch she pulled it up, already enjoying its cool cling. She noticed there were reinforced holes opposite her bum and pussy, and her labial rings protruded through the front one. She continued to pull it up to her waist.

“Now the tough bit, you have to double over and stick your head and arms into the remainder.” 

She had always considered herself to be flexible and bent down, took a breath and pushed herself into the top half of the suit. At first the neck wouldn’t give but she stood up and thrust her head through the narrow gap. How she would get out of it she didn’t know, too late now though. The helmet fit perfectly over her under-mask.  The eye, nose and mouth holes matched up well. Her sleeves ended in fingerless pouches and her hands would be of no use to her now as they were balled into fists. She heard him zip her down the back and then a small click told her she was now locked in. Despite this, she admired her fine figure in the mirror; the tight tan skin, even on her head, she looked dynamite. So vain she thought, she’d never been like that before, but then she had never worn rubber before! She noticed there were holes near her nipples too, and she eased her ringed nipples through them, she wasn’t surprised to see her nipples were erect. 

She then stepped into a pair of light brown boots with the soles made in the shape of a horse’s hoof. Inside the boot she figured there was a hidden heel of about three inches, as she was on her toes, but her feet were well supported and they did not feel uncomfortable. She laced them up tight.

“Normally one would have a leather harness and tackle, but I prefer some flexibility, so mine are made of strong rubber. This is a bit complicated, all straps and buckles, but has the look of one piece once it is all joined up.” First came a waist strap-cum-corset, which was about six inches deep, with a series of buckles at the front. Slowly he pulled in each until her stomach was as tight as a drum. Next came what looked like a smaller version of the corset but he wrapped this around her neck!

“We want you to have the right posture, now, a proud elegant pony.” 

It was boned and about 4 inches high with an extended plate at the front, which rested under her chin, raising her head slightly and making it impossible to look to the side. He pulled hard at the four buckles at the back; she winced slightly but could do nothing, her fists hanging at her sides. When finished it was not painful but certainly constricting. Now she looked proud and imperious, but she was unable to look down at her hoofed feet and realised she would have to trust him and his commands. Two rubber straps hung down, back and front, and these he attached to her corset, crossing them over at the front and back. She was now firmly trapped in the harness but she knew, glancing down at the bed, there was more for her. The next portion she knew would not be comfortable.

He brought over a devious looking piece with straps and held it in front of her. Two straps were attached to the corset in front, and two behind. They were attached to a pad containing two dildos (she really shouldn’t have been that surprised). There was a small one in front with tiny rubber nodules on the outside, and a larger one for her behind, a part of it hollow and with a screw attachment. She bent to take the probes and again she was quite surprised at how easily the rear slipped into her, he then tightened all the straps.

“So, how does that feel?” What was she supposed to say?

“Okay, I guess, I’ll get used to them.”

“Nearly done, now, only the wrist and head harnesses to go.” At the end of each mitt was an attached D ring, and her drew her arms behind and up her back until they rested between her shoulder blades. Then he slipped a chain through them and clipped it to another ring at the back of her collar. She was able to make some movement but realised that if she pulled her right arm down then it simply pulled her left arm up but it would at least give her some temporary relief. And now she was absolutely powerless. Finally he placed a head harness on her head like a crown. By her temples a single strap passed down the side of her face and through a loop in the extension of the posture collar. He pulled that tight and she grimaced. Now she was truly secured to the collar, then to the corset and then to the gusset piece. She was beginning to have regrets about having volunteered for this so soon.

Two other straps passed over her head, from ear to ear and from her forehead over her crown. Where they met was a small cradle to accept a screw attachment. He fiddled with the straps, making them tighter and tighter, compressing the masks onto her head, she could already feel the sweat build up inside her and she hadn’t even started exercising yet! All she could do was stand erect, her arms pulled high behind her back, head held high, tottering on her heels. She was beginning to feel foolish, but he was not finished, for now he approached with the bridle and bit.

“Okay, the bit, open up now.” She did so, reluctantly, but now there was no option, and he thrust the rubber covered steel rod into her mouth (he so delighted in doing that!). He attached short chains either side of the rod to straps by her ears and at least there was some play in it (like a real horse!) but still having it well embedded in her mouth. She “nnngg nngg’ed” a bit, then realised it sounded silly and just shut up!

He produced a fine white silk tail, and bending her over at the waist, he screwed it into her arse. It sprouted up at a 45-degree angle from her arse and would swish nicely once she began to run. Then he screwed a fine feather plume into the head attachment. There were two more additions to complete the ensemble. To her nipple rings he attached tiny bells. Now her every movement would be broadcast. He attached to rings on either side of her bit and stepped back to admire his creation. 

She stood erect on high heeled hooves, clad in palomino latex, arms snug behind her and hands in fists, her pussy and arse plugged, her arse sprouting a fine tail, her head erect and mouth cruelly bitted. And she could do nothing, as he took the reins and led her out of her cell. He led her upstairs, the dutiful pony clopping behind him, careful not to fall, as she could not look down. They went through the garage and she saw the crate, was it only three days ago that she was transported in it? It seemed like a lifetime.

Then however he had the final laugh. He attached a pair of blinkers across the bridge of her nose to stud fastenings at her temple straps. They were made in two parts; the first being like a pair of swimmers goggles, fitting tight within the holes of her masks. Over that were real blinkers attached to either side, which could be turned in and fastened at the nose. As he attached them, he said.

“I don’t know if you were taking me for a fool Latexa, maybe not. But you will notice that as I put these goggles on you that their glasses are like lenses for short-sighted people. You will be able to see about 50 feet in front of you, but the rest will be blurred. I can’t have you checking out my neighbourhood, now can I?” 

He chuckled as he fastened the goggles firmly in place. As she peered out she realised that the whole reason for her volunteering had been dashed! Now she would have to perform as a perfect pony, bitted, hoofed, reined, bridled and wrapped in tight latex! God, she felt so foolish, now she was going to be run and whipped to exhaustion and she would learn nothing more about her captivity. Slowly she was led out of the back of the garage along a narrow path to some stables, and she was tied to a wall. She waited, frustrated and furious with herself. She gripped the bit and stamped the gravel with her hooves. He backed out a cute little single-seater sulky, with two extended arms and he fixed two hooks at the ends to rings at the side of her corset. Now she was attached to the buggy, and he raised the reins over her head and sat down behind her.

“Latexa, you are a true pony, what a superb site you are; erect head, latex-clad body shining in the sun, cute tail up your arse, and those lovely buttocks which I think will get a good warming. Now you must obey the commands of the reins; ponies don’t understand English, so from now on all my commands will come from the reins and the whip. You must learn fast or your flanks will be raw by lunchtime. So good luck Latexa, you are a brave filly to volunteer so early. I hope you will not regret it too much. Now giddy up?” 

Well, she was trapped, so she had to be alert to the commands through the bit and the whip. She did not want to be whipped so she concentrated on the matter in hand. She felt depressed that she could only see fifty feet in front of her. Again, he had thought of everything! She hated him, and yet had to admire his amazing attention to detail. She decided she needed the exercise, and if she had to run for two hours, then she would simply do it. After a flick of the reins she griped the bit and pulled off along the gravel walkway, hearing the crunch under her hooves. She was already damp inside her suit and mask and as she walked the dildos moved inside her – it was going to be a long morning!

She was not used to trotting in the hooves with the inner heels, and was a little wobbly at first. He allowed her some leeway here and did not push any pace, just a slow trot. Fairly quickly however, she gained her balance, and with it a little confidence. She was alert to his commands and shortly felt a sharp flick on her cheek. She squeaked into her bit and took up the pace. With the high posture collar and the goggles it was hard for her to take in any of the surroundings, but the grounds were spacious and there were plenty of walkways of paving or gravel. Sweat was building up in her suit. She could feel the morning sun on her shoulders. The rubber bit was already wet with her spittle. All she could hear were her hooves on the gravel and the bells fixed to her ringed nipples. She sounded like a Christmas sleigh as she clopped along.

She felt a pull on her bit to the left, and she immediately moved that way, she kept a good posture; the corset, neck brace and all the strapping saw to that. After half an hour, her chest was pounding and she had built up a good sweat; her dildos had also become well lubricated in both back and front passages. During that period, he had gradually increased the pace and she had got used to turning to left and right on command. In fact he had not used the whip very much as she had been a very attentive pony, seemingly keen to please. The air had now cooled and it had clouded over, she felt a little dizzy, the two masks held tightly by the strapping allowed her no chance of any movement. Fortunately she could see well, the goggles were held tight to her eyes and no sweat had seeped in. 

Well, she was getting fresh air all right, and she gulped it in through nose and spittle-covered mouth. In front of the house he pulled the reins hard in and hurt her mouth; with an aargh she pulled to a sharp stop. Her legs were now a little sore, her calves straining in the boots – running for half an hour in heels was beginning to take effect. Sweat had collected in the boots, and her arse and pussy were damp too, the natural movement of her running moved them around and rubbed the sides of both passages – a couple of times she was close to coming. She must have been quite a sight, she thought, her tail swishing from side to side. She regained her breath as he unfixed the sulky, leaving her standing in the centre of a large well-mown lawn. He returned, whip in hand.

“That was very good Latexa, very good indeed. Now for the next half hour we will do dressage. Deportment training – you should know all about that.” She tried to nod but could barely do so with the collar and straps.

“You will listen to my commands and feel the reins and the whip, and react accordingly.” And with a flick of his reins, off she went. She was twenty feet away from him but the reins and the whip were long enough for him to control her. He flicked the back of her thighs and ordered to high step – which was really good exercise! Then came a period of trotting, then skipping and finally as she was tiring he lengthened the reins and he finished with a sprint! That took three or four minutes by which time she was exhausted as he brought her to a halt. He approached, and she could see him smiling.

“Excellent Latexa, just excellent, what a fine pony you are. I say are, and not will be, because you have already exceeded my expectations. He placed a gentle gloved hand on her head as she gained her breath; spittle dribbled down the bit and glistened on her erect rubber-covered breasts. He glanced down and could see juices had seeped out of her crotch strap and shone on the inside of her legs. He massaged her flanks and then her breasts. She groaned into the bit, closing her eyes, trying to fight her inner demons. 

“As you can’t speak, you can communicate with me like a circus horse, one paw on the ground for yes, and two for no!” God, she thought, what a sight I am. An independent woman in a latex suit, plugs in butt and pussy, bitted and harnessed and forced to communicate through pawing the ground.

“Have you enjoyed your exercises, Latexa?” She thought for a second, one paw.

“Good, maybe we should make it a daily event, like your enema, what do you think?” she thought about this for a second or two, it was punishing work but it did get her out and every bit of information she would store away. So she pawed the ground again – once. He chuckled and patted her rump. 

“Super, we should have lots of fun. Now we will go for a further ride and then we will have a picnic.” Her heart leapt at the idea; maybe she could get to know him some more. He fixed her back to the sulky.

“You have done so well Latexa, that I am going to advance your training further. I am going to close the outer blinkers on you and you will be blinded….” She groaned, aaahh, please, no.

“You must trust all my commands, completely; your safety depends on it. I will do you no harm; an injured slave is no good to me! Feel the reins, the bit and the whip, concentrate, you are bright, now prove it!” 

A wave of panic swept over her as he closed the blinkers, and she was thrust into complete darkness. She tried to shake her head and she pawed the ground, then she felt a sharp pain on her arse, she did not move. Then she felt another crack, so she moved off, completely blind. She felt the grass under her feet, then pavement. She felt a gentle pull to the right and responded, then a flick on her backside and she speeded up to a slow trot. Like an obedient pony she was acutely aware of all the commands, her senses were heightened. She kept her knees high, not wanting to trip over, and managed to keep her balance. 

After a while she did indeed begin to trust his commands and gained some confidence, as he took her through some intricate manoeuvres. Finally, after another half hour she was reined in and came to a stop, spittle covering the front of her suit, her chest heaving. The sulky was unfastened and the reins pulled over her head. He unclipped the blinkers, and she saw him smiling at her again.

“Excellent Latexa, you listened and obeyed all my commands. No tripping or slipping, now you see how easy it can be if you obey and trust me. For your reward we shall picnic, but I can’t have you running off, so I will just fix this twenty feet lead to your nipple rings and release your bit.” He withdrew the bit from her mouth. It was dripping with her saliva and the corners of her mouth were tender. He saw teeth masks on the rubber bit where she had bitten down on it hard. He placed this on the seat of the sulky and fastened the lead on her nipple rings; she shuddered at his touch. Then he tied it round a branch of a tree.

“Just so you don’t go walkabout, but you have a few feet to play with there.” She stood by the tree in silence, licking her sore lips, swallowing and getting her breath back, while he produced a hamper from the back of the buggy. They were in a small glade, grass underfoot and trees around - very romantic - if it wasn’t for her being tied to a tree dressed as a human pony in latex! 

“I have some smoked salmon, pate, fruit, cheese – everything for an obedient pony. Well?”

“Er, smoked salmon please, Rubberman,” and he was standing beside her and feeding her small sandwiches of smoked salmon, as if she were a child. It was a touching scene, despite her bondage and tight latex suit, her palomino tan skin reflecting in the sun peeking between the dark clouds, and her tail swishing the back of her legs as she moved her feet and the butt plug moved within her. She wanted to open the conversation between mouthfuls but waited for him to start, her eyes never leaving his masked face. He saw that she wanted to speak and nodded.

“I want to thank you for allowing me to some outdoor exercise. You are a hard driver but I have to….admit that I…enjoyed the run, and the discipline, are you pleased with me?”

“Oh yes Latexa, your behaviour has meant that I have had to review you training. You are well into week three of my plans. Your appetite for latex and discipline is tremendously rewarding. You are almost becoming consenting, well maybe not yet but... the issue of sex between us… is perhaps closer now.” Well, this was a switch, she thought, he could have sex with her anytime he wanted, but he seemed to be asking for her consent, this was strange and she had to be careful here.

“I’m no prude Rubberman, and I consider myself experienced in sex and someone who likes it. Bondage I have explored in the past and I did… not find it unpleasant. The fetish side, the rubber, well I was not aware of its…. capabilities; the feel, touch, shine, even the smell can be quite alluring. I’m vain enough to know well that it does flatter the body. I don’t know that I am a true fetishist like you, one who can wear it all day, but it can enhance sex, I know that. For me however sex cannot be just anonymous, I need to know who I am having it with, even if he is wearing a mask, I need to know, and trust, the person underneath. No matter what I am wearing, or in what bondage position I am in, I want to have sex with a person I can connect with, even if he is masked or gagged or hooded. Is that unreasonable?” 

“No, not at all, and sometime maybe soon you will, but for the moment I will prefer to remain anonymous to you, and you to me. I cannot become attached to you in such a short time; I… admire you very much already. I don’t think it would be very wise to… fall for you; that would be far too painful. Been there, done that. Are you offended?”

“No, how could I be? You have yielded more than you thought you would, or even wanted to. I’m sorry if you have been hurt before, but these things happen in life, you can hardly blame me for that. I hope we are building some sort of trust. I have to admit that you have given me more orgasms, and of a depth, than in pretty well my whole life before, so I don’t feel bad about that. But… wouldn’t it be good to have a “perfect” one together, man and woman? It is possible, I’m sure with your imagination you could think up a scenario.” 

He put a glass of juice to her lips and she drank greedily, both were now deep in thought; she was wondering if she had gone too far. For dessert, he had some candies, which he popped into her mouth, one by one, as she chomped on them in silence. It had been quite a meal, and quite a discussion. On her double-helmeted head she felt a patter of rain, the water beginning to course down her suit, cooling her body underneath.

He went to the buggy and brought back a black rubber cape, with a high collar and snap fastenings. He attached it around her posture collar and it went down to her hips allowing her tail to saucily poke out the bottom. He reached under the cape and released the lead from her tender nipples, she winced but he put a finger to his lips and silenced her. He returned with the bit, and she realised they were back to reality; she readied to open her mouth to accept it obediently, but he didn’t put it in her mouth.

“You have given me much to think about, Latexa, I am going for a walk in the rain, good for thinking – walking in the rain wearing head to toe rubber has it’s advantages. I’ll leave you here; the cape should keep you a little warmer, and dryer. But I don’t want you wandering off so I will replace the bit.”

“Please, Rubberman, where am I going to go to? I don’t know where I am, and I am not going to shout for help, chances are I would be raped in this costume anyway, couldn’t you just… arrgh arrgh”

“That’s enough Latexa, I enjoyed our picnic and I have to have some time to think, but you must remember who you still are.” The bit was roughly crammed in, pushing her lips back in a grimace.

“No tantrums, you are still my slave, my pony, my rubber doll, don’t forget that!” She thought the bit was tighter than before, was this a punishment? She swallowed hard, tasting the rubber, as the rain came down harder on her head and shoulders. He tethered her to the tree, then came back and re-fixed her blinkers, and she was plunged into darkness again. She heard him walk away and suddenly she felt lonely and exposed. What if some loony rapist did find her, he could pretty much do what he wanted!

She moved her hoofed feet, and it sent shivers to her two dildos. She must be quite a sight, she thought, standing there in her rubber cape with her tail sticking out, and her plumed head erect, the rain now pounding down heavily on her head and shoulders. Jesus, this is like a monsoon! Her legs were a bit sore but she realised that she was warm in her suit, she had sweated during her runs and so was damp underneath, but she was warm and relatively dry. 

And then it slowly came to her, as she stood erect in her own warm moistness, that she was beginning to enjoy this! The latex was her suit of armour, she was completely protected, and the only wetness she was experiencing was her own sweat and juices, which she could feel lubricating the plugs. She raised her head as far as the collar would allow and felt the torrent on her rubber face trickle past her bit and into her mouth, and she drank it down. If she had been wearing silk or cotton then she’d have been really pissed off, but now she felt very comfortable and safe in her latex embrace. The rain pounded on, but in her darkness she felt protected, she could have moved nearer to the tree but she was happy to remain fully exposed to the elements. She wiggled her breasts, hearing the bells and feeling the smooth cape gently brush her nipples. She moaned quietly. She squeezed her cheeks and clamped the butt plug, her tail swishing behind her; she bent her knees and felt the probes marginally move inside her. 

She was now breathing hard and she wanted to be fucked – hard! She wanted to be fucked by him, when would he do it? She ground her teeth on the bit, and imagined being discovered and ravaged by some hunky woodsman – maybe in rubber! He had dug into her psyche and discovered something that she herself didn’t know existed, and she was strangely thankful for that. She was a sexual being and she was gaining pleasure now. Was it any different from a woman taking pleasure alone in an apartment with a magazine and her vibrator? No, she assured herself. She told herself to enjoy these moments without embarrassment or shame, and she did!

After half an hour, an hour, she could not tell, she heard him return. She felt one hand on her buttock, then move to her tail and wiggle it slowly, she moaned loudly. Another hand checked the tightness of her bit and she moaned again and clamped down hard on the rubber.

“Did you miss me Latexa, I missed you and your firm latex bottom and your flicking tail.” She pawed the ground, once.

“Are you warm and snug and dry, oh, except for your pussy I see, have you been a bad girl, taking pleasure?” He was teasing her; she pawed the ground again, once. Yes; she was snug in her warm dark prison and yes, she had been taking pleasure. The rain was now easing up, and was only a light patter on her head. She was a little sorry for that, she had liked the hard pounding rain on her masks and cape, and her complete rubber-enclosed protection.

“Time to get back, I have company this afternoon for a couple of hours. My sister and her two kids are coming over for tea. They are little brats but they will want to play so I must get you ready for their arrival.” 

What did he mean? He wasn’t going to introduce her to the family, like this? She laughed at the thought, her dressed in rubber bondage and him, saying, “hello sis, this is my new rubber doll.” Yes, that would be an interesting scene. Maybe he would disguise her, but why would he risk it? For the excitement, of course, she thought. He did not remove her blinkers, so she would put her trust in him again. He fixed her to the sulky and she felt the whip on her buttocks and a pull to the right on her bit, and she moved off, keeping her knees high. It took a while to get back, either he had a lot of land or he took her round in circles, she couldn’t tell. She was alert to the whip and reins, increasing speed when commanded. Although her mouth was tender, she was getting used to the bit. 

They arrived back at the stables and he backed her in, pulling hard on her bit, forcing her mouth wide open. Then he released her from the sulky, took off the cape, and removed the bit and the blinkers. She licked her lips and moved her tongue around in relief. The plugs and harness remained; she noted he was still careful with her. He led her back to the house and down to her cell. 

It had been an amazing morning; she was tired yet encouraged by her progress in gaining his trust. Now as she clipped clopped down the corridor she peered over his shoulder as he punched in the last number, was it a seven? She was sure it was a seven, she would have to confirm it and two more before trying the code; maybe it locked automatically if you didn’t get it in three times. She had to be on the safe side, she might never get another chance. As he took off her bracelets, harness and collar, she said.

“Thank you Rubberman, for allowing me out. I enjoyed our picnic, and although I am tired it did me good. I appreciate the trust you are showing in me. I won’t disappoint you.”

“Bend over now, you will be glad of these things out,” he said as he unfastened the crotch straps and the two vibrators plopped out easily, gleaming with her juices. Then came the basque and the two nipple bells. Now came the suit, it really was tight and as she bent down and backed out of it he tugged at her mittens. The mask was the toughest and it took the two of them to pull it off. She undid her hoofs and then stepped out of the dripping suit, now naked except for the inner mask. He tossed her a towel.

“Hurry and wipe off, you don’t have time to shower, we have fifteen minutes to prepare you.”

“Can I dry my head, in the bathroom, I will be two minutes, please?”

“All right, but hurry.” She ran to the bathroom, pulled off the mask and wiped her face and short hair. There was redness around her lips, where the bit had dug into her mouth, but otherwise she looked, and felt, fine. She wiped the inside of the mask, talced it and pulled it back down over her head – she was now getting the hang of this, she thought. Back in her anonymous self, she was also getting used to the firm grip of the latex on her face. She returned to the living room and noticed he had dragged the large rubber ball out of the torture chamber. She knew immediately that this was where she was going next!

“I don’t suppose there is any way of negotiating, is there Rubberman?” She said glumly.

“Not a chance, Latexa, any delay now and you will pay for it later. Give me your hands.” He quickly placed them in a single fingerless glove and pulled the wristband tight.

“Just in case you get any ideas,” he said, smiling.

“Don’t you trust me at all, Rubberman?” She felt a little hurt, but escape was still on her mind.

“Yes I do, some, but I need it to build some more yet. The temptation to escape must still be strong within you. I don’t believe you can have changed so much in so little time. He handed her a thick rubber double-skinned ball; it was very heavy and she held it tight as he punched in the numbers. Yes! She was sure now the last number was a seven. Three out of five, not bad she thought, for three days here. They passed into the corridor then the garage. He turned and smiled again, cool in his power over her.

“Can’t show you outside, not yet anyway, so I will put you in it here, pump you up and roll you out. The kids like playing with it, previously I had it filled with water, so your weight and the air will fool them. They will bounce around on you and roll you around and my dear sister, I have to laugh, will be none the wiser.”

He attached an air hose from the compressed air cylinder at the wall to a valve on the outside of the ball and partially blew it up. He then unzipped the entry port exposing the double skins and pulled out the full head mask with attached breathing tube. This would be her only contact with the outside world. He held it open, inviting her in.

“Get in Latexa, make yourself comfortable.” Who was he kidding, she thought, she would be like a shrink-wrapped turkey in there. She stepped into it, pleading with her eyes, uselessly. The rubber was cool to her skin as she sat down of her haunches. 

“You look nervous, there’s no need to be. You have passed all your tests up to now and I think you may even enjoy being pressure-packed in here, the rubber squeezing your every pore.” 

“Yes, I am a little nervous and although cold, I will warm up I’m sure. But suppose my air hose gets tangled or the hole gets plugged with dirt or I get rolled on top of it. I quietly suffocate while you and sister’s kids are having a gay old time.” She realised her voice was raised due to her anxiety. He placed his hand gently on her rubber head and leant over her, his other hand gently fondling her breast.

“Latexa, I will be watching you every minute. Do you think I will let anything happen to you, my prized possession? You will not suffocate, you have my word on it, now give me your hands.” She looked at him sceptically and raised her hands to him, and he took off the single glove.

She said, cynically. “Well if we never meet again it has been… interesting, Rubberman, a very interesting few days, all in all.”

He chuckled at her dry wit. Yes, he thought, she really is something special.

“Your fears are unfounded. Now with the mask, there is little point in having eyeholes so we have dispensed with them. It fits absolutely skin-tight around your head, and the mouth and nose section is also airtight around your mouth and nose, it’s designed like a surgical gasmask. The neckpiece will not get loose and come off, no possibility as it is reinforced with steel bands and is locked around your neck. Now this is the interesting bit, so that no one will detect you yelling for help, that just wouldn’t do, I have put a very large inflatable gag in here, bigger than you have probably had before. It is egg shaped and once in you will not be able to eject it without taking off the hood. It also means it can’t slip back and jam your airway. Are you ready?”

“No, not really Rubberman, but go ahead anyway. After all, I am just a rubber doll aren’t I?”

“Yes Latexa, that is precisely what you are.” She looked down into the inside of the mask. It was essentially an eyeless tight hood with collar, but with a surgical type mask section at the nose and mouth, with a single breathing hole at the front opposite her nose – and a large egg-shaped gag underneath. He held it open for her and she dropped her face into the front section, opening her mouth and accepting the gag like a lover’s penis. Yes, it was large and would no doubt get bigger when he pumped it up. It already pushed out her cheeks and depressed her tongue but it didn’t go to the back of her throat and trigger her gag reflex. She heard him say.

“Push the mask hard to your face, I need both hands to zip you up. I don’t want to catch your inner mask.” She was now in complete darkness but could breathe quite easily and the air was not too rubber scented. She felt the zip slowly go down the back of her head, inch by inch. Then she felt the reinforced collar being wrapped round her neck and with a “click’ she was locked in! He looked down at her, with some compassion; he understood her fears but they were unfounded. She’d done fantastically so far and there was no reason to believe that she would fail him now. Frankly, he would rather be in there, cocooned, mummified, like a child in a womb – a major fantasy of his. She looked just wonderful, her black, featureless head poking out from the half inflated ball – looking like a strange alien being hatched. But it was the other way; for she was to return to the shell of the “egg”. He held her head firmly in one hand and took the pump sticking out of the mask in the other.

“Latexa, I want you to scream as hard as you can, really loud now.” She filled her lungs and clamping her mouth on the gag, screamed as hard as she could. There was an audible “mmmm” and he smiled and gave the pump two quick squeezes. There was a further “mmmm” now quieter, and she shook her head vigorously, he held it firmly and gave another couple of squeezes. She wriggled further but now there was no sound from her – perhaps just a very faint “mmm”. Christ, she thought, he’s trying to break my jaw, but at least she could breathe. She heard his voice.

“I wouldn’t waste any more energy, Latexa, you are well and truly gagged. Nothing can be heard from you now. So, become a baby again, drift off into your world, away from our world. I’ll see you in about two hours, bye, bye.” 

She wanted to scream and shout and leap out of the bag, but she felt his hand on her head, pushing it firmly down into the depths of the rubber womb – her home for the next two hours. She felt it closing around her naked body and then she heard the zip closing behind her. She heard the hiss of compressed air and the inner skin began to tighten around her like a rubber vice, finding and closing in on every crevice, squeezing her into the foetal position, her knees near her chest and arms next to thighs. Stop, for God’s sake, you’re going to squeeze the air out of my lungs, but it continued for another five seconds or so and she actually felt herself being raised off the ground slightly, almost suspended now within a rigid ball, as tight as a drum. She felt as if in another world, which of course she was. 

Then she felt herself being slowly rolled out of the garage and into the garden. She could hear virtually nothing; she thought she could smell grass or flowers. She now lay on her side, and waited for the kids to come and play with her!

He left her in the middle of the lawn – she was not going anywhere! The rain had now stopped and the sun was out again and she would be warming up nicely. He rushed upstairs and although he only had ten minutes, he undressed and showered quickly. He could not help but look outside and know that a woman was in the ball. It gave him as sense of power and euphoria. He put on a golf shirt, shorts and a pair of thongs. As he came down the stairs his sister’s car pulled into the drive and he welcomed her. 

The kids immediately ran to the garden, screeching and laughing. Much to his inner pleasure they jumped onto the ball and fought over it, pushing it around. Carefully watching from the kitchen window, he made tea, juice and cookies and then they both went outside to watch the frolicking kids, she innocently, and he secretly imagining what Latexa was enduring. Each kick, roll or punch sent tremors through the poor occupant. In her latex pressure packed prison Latexa barely knew what was up or down, and she simply endured – whether upside down or on her side, she clamped down on the huge gag and tried not to count the minutes.

His conversation with his sister was friendly and conventional. She tried to press about his private life – did he have a new girlfriend? He laughed it off, he was a loner he had his private interests (!)  He conceded that right now he was the happiest he had ever been, and this was true, for the last three days he had been on a high no drug could match. But then rubber was his drug! He had many more plans for Latexa, and hoped she would learn to understand and even share his obsession. It seemed that she was already part way there and he was thrilled about that, but there was more to come.

The two hours passed fast, maybe not for Latexa. One time his sister got up to play with the kids and even sat on the ball and pushed herself around. If only she knew, that six inches from her bum was a bright, intelligent, possibly beautiful young woman held in complete subjugation in her rubber prison. It had been sunny all afternoon and now she must be cooking in her rubber womb. 

After he said goodbye to his family and put away the dishes he quickly changed into loose fitting one-piece suit with attached gloves, and pulled on a full-head gasmask. From her room he got the shortsighted goggles and the single glove from the garage, and then went out to the garden after slipping into a pair of high rubber boots. He released the valve and the ball deflated quickly and he unzipped the side. She poked her head out and “mmm’ed” into the gag. He took her hands and pushed them into the single mitt and she did not struggle at this. He unlocked the collar and gently eased the helmet off her head, she squeaked into the gag and he realised she couldn’t take it out without it being deflated. He did this and she let out a loud groan of relief as it plopped out shining and dripping with her saliva. The inside of the mask was also soaking wet. She scrunched her eyes at the bright sun, and he slipped the goggles over them before she could focus on anything. At first she couldn’t move, being almost glued to the inside of the ball and also being so cramped. She rolled out however and onto her knees, panting and getting her bearings, not even thinking of running. He flipped the ball inside out and with the hose gave it a good rinsing, then laid it out on the lawn to dry. He then turned the hose on her!

She screamed at first but then realised this was exactly what she wanted, and laughed; a lovely, throaty, natural laugh. A laugh that he could learn to love. It occurred to her that she could make a run for it now. She could pull off the goggles with her mitt and run, naked, like hell. She was probably fitter than him and she wasn’t wearing rubber boots. But for some unaccountable reason she chose not to, something she may regret later. It didn’t seem the right time; she needed to plan an escape, a fullproof one. She had three out of the five-figure combination, more than half way, and she was learning to endure anything he had thrown at her – so far! After the spraying she stood still in the sun, allowing it to dry her. He watched and then approached her.

“Do you have no shame, Latexa?” He said with a smile under his mask. She looked into his lenses.

“No, no I don’t, I’m not shameful of my body. What about you?” He didn’t expect these kinds of retorts, he should be in control, he thought – but sometimes he felt he wasn’t.

“No, I suppose not, not my body anyway. But my obsessions, my kinks, well, I tend to not flaunt them. I’d probably be locked up as insane.”

“Why? You don’t know that. Look at me, I am learning fast and enjoying some of this – it’s sexually liberating. A funny term I suppose, considering I am in bondage most of the time. In fact I’m enjoying a lot of it, but….” she stared into his lenses and pointed her mitt at him, “…there is one missing ingredient, a living real person to partake in it.” She knelt down.

“Forgive my forwardness and punish me if you will, but hiding behind that mask forever is not going to fulfil all your fantasies, a good many maybe, 90% perhaps, but the extra 10% - a real man and a real woman sharing all this. Doesn’t this entice you enough to open up? Isn’t it worth the gamble?” She’d gone too far, she could feel it, now she was for it! His lenses peered down at her, his voice muffled.

“Quite the speech Latexa, very brave of you and I admire your bravery. Maybe I should admit that you are too much of a woman for me. Could I handle you, one on one? You would be quite a handful.”

“How do you know? You don’t really know me or I you. If it doesn’t work out you just go back to being my master and torturer. I may have seen your face, got to know a bit about you as a man, not just a sexual demon, or genius – because you are that – but I can’t escape so what is there to lose.”



Story continues in Part 6

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