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Special Delivery 6: And So To Bed

by rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; latex; babydoll; infantism; messy; caged; reluct; X

continued from part 5


Chapter 6: And So To Bed

As she lay back in the bath, she reflected on the day. It had gone well, and she had gained more of his confidence. Yes, she had been bridled and bitted and then blown up in a rubber ball, but somehow she had not found it so terrible. She had genuinely enjoyed the sensation of being a pony, feeling the commands of the reins through her bit and trusting him as she ran, completely blind. Even the rubber ball was not so terrible, she trusted him that he would release her and after the initial nerves, she drifted off, almost as if in the womb. These feelings on the one hand worried her, and on the other quite excited her. She was smart enough to analyse the fact that she was not now the woman she once was, or would ever be again. She was more attuned to her sexuality, and certainly much more adventurous. He had opened up something within her and like Pandora’s box it couldn’t be put back.

After her small speech in the garden he was very subdued, as if deep in thought and he simply led her back to her cell saying he would “prepare her meal and then put her to bed.” Whatever that meant she knew it would mean something different again, as his imagination seemed endless. She had an hour to kill before he would come down, and having cleaned, dusted and shined all the clothes she placed the shiny transparent mask back on her head. She was now very much at ease wearing it, it made her anonymous, and if she had to admit it she quite liked that. She could be dirty and naughty and have all kinds of things done to her, yet if she chose to believe it, it wasn’t her!

Apart from the tight mask she was naked, as ordered, her only adornments being her nipple and labial rings, which she was now also well used to. She lay on the couch and watched a rubber bondage video, imagining herself as the poor “kidnapped heroine” struggling in her rubber catsuit (with inserts), as an inflatable helmet was pulled down over her head and viciously inflated to maximum pressure, silencing her in an anonymous “football head.” Again, she found this strangely arousing and was also partly perturbed to feel this way. Did she want to be the heroine in rubber, powerless, silenced in her rubber ball, or did she want to be the domina, doing the pumping, vicious smile on her face. Almost embarrassed with her inner feelings, she found that her answer to both questions would be yes! It had taken over a week in training and preparation and then, what, three days with Rubberman and she had changed, irrevocably, into a rubber fan, a sexual fantasist, and one who wanted to live these fantasies and not just dream about them. The final, frightening thing that occurred to her was that she was turning into precisely what he wanted!

She thought back to her noble speech earlier, after she had been pulled from the rubber ball. She had meant it, every word, yes, she wanted to gain his trust to plan an escape but her interest in rubber was not a lie, and neither was the need to have a man to share it with. He probably thought this revelation was all too early, right now she was satisfying his fantasies; she was a sexy rubber doll to be played with, to be plugged, gagged, enema’d and tortured. Her personality had yet to break that image he had, but she would be patient. She turned the video off and waited on the couch, a little nervous. When he entered, she rose and knelt in front of him, smelling the heavy odour of rubber. He was dressed all in white, catsuit, full mask, gloves and high-heeled boots. A full-length red cape with hood was fastened around his throat. Despite her anticipation and nerves, she was also aroused as she saw his large hard cock flat against his stomach. She wondered when she would ever get to see it without its rubber coating. He placed his gloved hand on her head and pulled it to his groin; she felt his firm cock through the latex suit and breathed in the pungent aroma. In his other hand he held a small bag.

“I’ve had another great day, Latexa, thanks to you; I hope yours was not too uncomfortable.” Did he really care? She spoke carefully, her voice muffled as it was pressed to his groin.

“As I said outside Rubberman, some of it was uncomfortable but some was also quite exciting. I have experienced things today, and over the last few days, many things that I thought I never would, in fact I didn’t know even existed. I am surprised to say that some I… well… revelled in. I’m almost ashamed to say that.” He rubbed her head gently and pressed it more firmly to his groin, she did not struggle.

“There’s much more to come Latexa, many more trials and hurdles. Some you will enjoy, and as you say revel in, some you may not – but I will. I am very pleased with you, but now you must eat and go to bed, I will select your clothes for beddy byes.” He went to the closet, as she remained kneeling, drawing out a number of garments. She groaned inwardly when she glanced over and saw them.

He was pulling out and throwing on the bed a set of baby clothes. She was to be dressed as a baby, in shocking pink. He motioned for her to come to the bedroom, which she did sheepishly.

“You were born earlier out of the rubber womb, now you can have a turn at being a baby! You have already been a naughty schoolgirl. I guess we got it out of order there! Here, step into these.”

Tentatively she placed a hand on his caped shoulder and stepped into the elasticised pants of the romper suit. She shivered slightly as he pulled it up her slim body and then she pushed her arms through the short frilly elasticised sleeves. He moved behind her and pulled hard on the sides of the suit and zipped her up the back. The elastic edging gripped her thighs firmly and the rubber clung to her bottom. At her neck she heard the click of a small lock and she was now imprisoned as a pretty baby in shocking pink. It looked odd, her mature body with large breasts and firm bottom dressed in a tight romper suit, which hid nothing. He ordered her to sit on the bed and tie on a pair of pink rubber bootees with frills and then she placed her hands in pink thumbless mittens. He ratcheted the metal cuffs under the frilly wrists closed. She would be able to grip something with both hands but not much else. She felt silly and powerless, not for the first time, she thought. He smiled through his mask as he produced the crowning glory, a pink frilly bonnet, which he placed on her rubber-covered head. She glowered at him, but that seemed to amuse him more. The bonnet extended to her brows and over her ears. With a finger he raised her chin, his eyes filled with amusement at her predicament, and tied the ends under her chin in a large bow. The bonnet was immovable. 

“You look so delectable and cuddly, Latexa, now lie down on the bed and I will get your food.” She lay down, seeing herself in the mirror, a baby in pink rubber and still very much a full-grown woman. It was ignominious and embarrassing and clearly precisely what he intended – he had to keep the upper hand, to keep her off balance, and he had done it again. She tried to relax on her side and felt a little warmer as the rubber warmed up. She would ride with it, try to get some pleasure out of it; try to see the funny side of it, because it really did look rather silly. He returned shortly and she saw he was carrying a large glass container of about three pints, filled with some grey, gooey matter. At the end of the container was a rubber teat, but much bigger, much bigger than a baby one. It was one used to feed calves and was about an inch in diameter. He smiled at her reaction.

“Baby compound for babykins, all very healthy. A nice, thick goo here, fairly tasteless but you will have to suck hard to get it through the teat; these are used for horses (horses! she thought). Should plug your pretty mouth though. Lie back on the bed and put your shoulders on my lap here.” She did so, leaning back as he placed a hand under her bonneted head, and she looked up into his white masked face.

“Open wide now, really wide; no drops to be spilt or you will be punished.” She saw the large bottle descend, the rubber teat like a torpedo. She opened her mouth obediently, she had little choice, and in it plopped. God, it was big, and she gagged at first. He smiled at her reaction. She tried to signal with her hands that she was gagging but only a “mmmfff” came out.

“There, there baby, I know, now start sucking, hard. You’re going to have to eat all of this.” No way she thought, I’ll burst. She sucked hard at the thick paste, and then swallowed. She repeated this; it would take forever she thought but she sucked on. She tried to stay relaxed, closed her eyes and concentrated on just sucking and swallowing in a smooth rhythm.

She continued to suck, and breathe evenly through her nose, smelling the rubber that surrounded her, and she started to drift back in time, feeling his hand under her head gently holding her.

“Hold the bottle, Latexa.” He said and she gripped the bottle in her rubber palms, needing both hands. She looked up and saw the bottle half empty, but she already felt quite full. With his free hand he rubbed her slowly enlarging stomach, and then, oh God, her breasts. Despite her ridiculous predicament, she was beginning to feel horny! He continued to fondle her rubber-enclosed breasts and ringed nipples and she continued to suck on the teat, groaning now with pleasure. Then his fingers moved to her now moist pussy and he tenderly pinched her lips and clitoris, tightly held in the rubber gusset of the suit. She could hold on no longer and came in a stuttering orgasm. He withdrew the teat for a second; smiling down at her as she gulped air, enjoying his power over and then returned the teat to her mouth. Part of her felt so silly, a grown woman, lying down and being fondled in rubber while sucking on a rubber teat – and getting off on it! Sweat was building up in her suit and under her mask and she started to gulp on the formula, but he calmed her with a hand on her brow. Soon the bottle was empty, and she was full!

He withdrew it from her mouth. Her stomach was distended, yet she knew she could not go to the bathroom, she hoped she could just hold out in the night. He took her mittened hand and led her to the torture chamber, and then she remembered the big cot! That was where she would sleep tonight. She stood silently to the side, as he raised the lid and dropped one of the barred sides. She sat down on the edge; he raised her chin and loosened her bonnet. Then he took the large rubber comforter that she had seen previously in the cot and showed it to her. Again it was much bigger than a baby’s one and when he depressed it she noticed it was harder too.

“Open up, Latexa, we can’t have you bawling all night.” She knew there was no point in arguing so she obediently opened her mouth, peering up at his unsympathetic smile.

“Good girl, wider now, wider.” He pushed it in.

“Arrgh, mmfff.” She said, as it was embedded behind her teeth.

“You’re not making much sense, Latexa, more like baby talk,” he chuckled as he took the thick rubber strap and pulled it over her head, jerking it back. It divided into two curved straps in front of her ears, so that it was very snug around her neck and her crown. He manoeuvred the straps until he was happy with their location. Now the dummy was firmly crammed in her mouth and she could do nothing but “mmm.” Perfect, he thought. The front piece was white plastic and extended under her nose and up either side below her cheekbones, then to her chin. It was smooth and shiny and covered the mouth hole of her mask easily and gave it a nice white finish. With pleading eyes, she tried to push out the intruder with her tongue; it came slightly but the tight straps pulled it back in, plugging her mouth efficiently.

“Try and grab it, try and pull it out.” He said, knowing she couldn’t, as she futilely tried to grip it with her mittens. She got frustrated and screamed into the dummy, which made him chuckle all the more. One day, one day, she thought, the tables will be turned and you just wait! But right now she would play the game, and she raised her head as he replaced the pretty pink bonnet and tied a bow under her chin, making it even more impossible to get at the straps of the gag.

Now she was a true “dummy.” Pretty in pink, with jutting breasts and rounded bottom, she felt truly silly and humiliated, all frills and flounces. And the dummy, well that was the icing. After her speech earlier, she thought she had gained some ground, well, maybe she had, but he had asserted his dominance again by using her as a plaything. She lay back on the bed, put her bonneted head on the rubber pillow and glowered up at him, but he was impervious to her. He locked the side panel.

“Good night Latexa, tomorrow will be another day of adventure and discovery, I am sure.” He closed the barred top and locked it. She stared at him in mute protest. Above the cot was a wind-up carousel (he thought of everything!) and he wound it up, saying to her.

“The music will lull you to sleep; it goes for an hour or so. Oh, by the way…” he smiled cruelly, “I included a strong laxative in your meal, so you will be “going” during the night, that won’t be very comfortable for you but I’m sure you will get used to it. See you tomorrow.” 

He chuckled and left, as she screamed uselessly at him through her dummy. She knew she would not be able to last the night and would mess her pants, and then have to lie in it. Trapped in her suit, it would ooze around her until he released her. All at once she hated this man again, yet could only admire his devious mind. The moment she thought she had made some headway, he would design some new humiliation or sexual exercise for her. So here was another “experience” that she had not had before, not as an adult at least. She was sure she had sucked on a dummy before, and shit her pants – but not for a long time!

Her revenge, when it came would be sweet and long, and she decided then to spend the night, lying in her own… oh God, planning some scenarios of revenge. She decided then that she would not run for the hills, oh no, no, she would stay and wreak some revenge and have some fun with it as well. With that knowledge she gained fortitude and slowly sucking on the dummy, listening to the music and breathing in the rubber aroma she at last relaxed and drifted off into sleep. Whatever happened during the night, well so be it, she said to herself, you haven’t even begun to beat me yet, oh no!

She did not spend a happy night! While at first she was snug in the dark, sucking on the comforter and warm in her romper suit, for early in the morning a pressing need to evacuate came upon her. His laxative was now working, in a big way. For half an hour she massaged her sore stomach, trying to relieve the pain, groaning into the dummy, but it only got worse as the pressure built up. So she decided that she would either have more pain – all night, or she could just do it, and lie in it. She decided on the latter and trying to ignore the humiliation she released a steady, very liquid flow into her suit. Due to the tight legs, wrists and neck she felt nothing seep out, and thankfully as well no smell as she had to breathe through her nose due to the large comforter.

Knowing she was lying in it did not make her feel any better, however. She vowed he would pay for this. She did feel physically better, the pressure on her stomach had eased and she drifted into a fitful sleep as her own warm excretions slid over her body. She awoke to him unlocking the cot, and she looked up to his smiling eyes. He lowered the side bar.

“Been a naughty little baby, have we? Well, no nurse today, you are probably well flushed now!” He laughed as she gingerly stepped out, her considerable excretions now settling around her panty area. She noticed no seepage but this ploy to humiliate her had worked well. He slapped her backside loudly and chuckled, feeling the mess slop around.

“Time for a shower I think, and a long one.” She raised her head and looked daggers at him, which again seemed to please him more. He undid the bonnet and then with difficulty pulled the tight straps of the comforter over her head. The big teat plopped out of her mouth dripping with her saliva, and she took a large gulp of air. Her mouth was sore and her lips felt bloated, but that would pass soon.

“Thank you, Rubberman,” she coughed, “please hurry, I feel so ashamed.” She raised each foot and he took off her bootees, then each mitten was unlocked and removed. She stretched out each hand to get some blood moving. He released the lock at her neck and pulled down the zip to the middle of her back.

“My, what a horrible mess, Latexa, it’s a wonder you have anything left inside you. You can do the rest; I don’t want to be near you like this.” 

She couldn’t really blame him there, and she glared at him, in his plain black catsuit, mask and gloves, but also with a cute little skirt barely covering his groin. A strange addition she thought, although he had definite transvestite tendencies but she figured only for female rubber clothing. She could even understand that, as some of it was very flattering. His slim figure could very easily be transformed, possibly into a nurse she thought, and again her mind went back to the early morning enemas. Could that have been him? Quite possibly, it would be the kind of thing he would do! She ran to the bathroom, her mind on some transvestite ideas to employ on him when she got her revenge.

She stayed in the shower a long time cleaning the suit and then herself, scrubbing herself pink. Finally cleaned and smelling nice again she pulled on a bright white rubber mask with eye, nose and mouth holes and a reinforced neck, which was hard to pull on, with a “thwap” around her neck. Somehow it gave her confidence to wear it, but she’d wear them on her own terms in the future. She applied bright red lipstick to set off her shiny white dome then returned to the dungeon, feeling a lot better.


Story continues in Part 7

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