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Special Delivery 4: More Challenges

by rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; solo-f; latex; costume; bdsm; vacbed; sleepsack; toys; enema; oral; anal; mast; con/reluct; X

continued from part 3

Chapter 4: More Challenges

At nine she was woken by his voice.

“Twelve hours sleep, Latexa, I trust you are ready for today’s adventures, after you did so well yesterday, well with one indiscretion, which I feel sure you will not repeat. All your mornings will begin the same way. I like routine and more to the point you will, eventually, get used to it and consider it as normal. So nurse will be down shortly for your enema and then you will have your run on the treadmill, so hurry up, she needs you naked and masked.”

She groaned and dragged herself out from the latex sheets, pulled off the teddy and damp panties and took her shower, brushing her teeth at the same time – didn’t want to be late for nurse! Her arse was still a little sore from the paddling. But otherwise she felt not too bad. No sooner had she pulled on a shiny white latex mask with red trim at eyes and mouth (nothing like a change of clothes to perk you up) than nurse came in, dressed the same as yesterday.

The obeisance and routine of the day before was repeated almost identically. However the administering the enema, as they laid on the bed waiting for it to take full effect this time in the spoon position, with the nurse behind her. During the half hour she gently laid one hand on her head and the other was free to fondle her breasts and ringed nipples. A couple of times her hand strayed down to her pussy and played with her labial rings. She did not fight this, for there would be no reward in that, but deep down she knew that she did not dislike this attention either, which took her mind away from the pain in her stomach. This didn’t mean she was turning into a lesbian, she assured herself, more that she needed some comfort when it was offered.

Half an hour the nurse was gone and she was empty and showered again. She took two large glasses of juice, for she would sweat like a pig on the running machine. Then she selected her clothes. She strapped on a bright green sports bra with cross straps at the back, which held and separated her breasts nicely, and after copious powdering, a pair of brilliant yellow tights, or leggings really, for she didn’t want all her sweat, and other juices, to collect at her feet. Then she drew on a matching bright green mask with eye, nose and mouth holes. This wouldn’t help her much as she knew she would be wearing the gasmask and aroma casket. But she wanted to make a good first impression with her captor and try to earn some trust. She was admiring her body in the mirror while doing her exercises when she heard his voice behind her, and she almost jumped in the air.

“Excellent, Latexa; practical and very attractive too. Now show your submission”. He was dressed as yesterday and as he opened his cloak she dropped to her knees and he pulled her head to his groin. He was hard again and she nuzzled and licked his rubber-covered cock for two or three minutes. Then he pulled back the cape and motioned her to step on the machine, then attached her waistband. He took another mask from the drawer and she lowered her head. Just before he slipped it over her head she saw…... too late!

“Yes, Latexa, a little variation on this one, as you have just found out this one has a rubber cock in it, not too big but enough to stifle any chit chat.”

He zipped it down her head. “You will find that there is a hole through it, so you can still breathe by mouth and nose – rubber perfumed air of course.” He attached the corrugated tube to the mask and she began to breathe in through nose and mouth, adjusting to the tangy rubber gag.

“Let’s see, you did so well yesterday, I will increase the distance to say 7 miles and let’s say 50 minutes. I can tell you are a real athlete and I have been underestimating you and you are much better dressed for it today. So, all co-ordinates in, off you go.” In her mind she knew she could do the time and distance as she had before but, again, the rubber air and the tight mask would be factors to contend with.  He again settled down in front of her, cape wrapped over his groin as she worked up some speed and sweat.

Fifty minutes later she was bending over by the machine searching for air. The gasmask was now off and he stood by her, admiring her strong back and muscled legs.

“I see I am going to have to increase your labours, Latexa, you seem to thrive on my challenges! Well done, now go and shower and rest and I will go away and have to re-arrange some of my plans for you.” On the one hand she was proud that she had succeeded and proven her worth, but all this seemed to mean was that she would be punished more. It was a strange Catch 22, but she knew that if she failed or took it easy then she would not gain any of his respect. And, more to the point, she had her own self-respect – she was not going to be beaten – simple as that!

Quickly she stripped off her running gear and cleaned it, then showered, again, and selected a loose fitting one piece “jump suit”, with elasticised waist, wrists and ankles, all in thin sky blue latex. It was very comfortable for moving about the quarters. She made some lunch and tried to relax, waiting for the next call. At around 1-o-clock it came.

“Refreshed, I hope Latexa? I will down in 15 minutes, there is a schoolgirl’s uniform in the closet, a common fantasy costume for us fetishists. Be in it when I arrive.’ And that was it, very short. She thought she was in for more punishment due to his tone, but nonetheless stripped out of the loose suit and powdered herself. The schoolgirl costume was indeed a fetish parody! She pulled on knee length white socks, and then drew up thick blue latex knickers, waist high with elasticised holes for her legs. They were quite loose fitting, not like bloomers, but they did remind her of her own uniform when she must have been in her teens at school. She recalled that the older girls used to call them passion killers as they were made of thick blue serge cotton, Certainly they were not very flattering and it would have been hard to get at anything underneath! 

Next she put on a dark blue latex bra to match her knickers. Her breasts were now pushed out and this of course was the whole point of the parody. She was a fully-grown woman dressed like a naughty schoolgirl, who, she thought would no doubt be chastised later. She selected a mask, which she thought would compliment the uniform, full head with no zip in bright white with eye, nose and mouth holes and with red outline at her lips. She quite liked the anonymity of the masks now.

The shirt was plain white with press-studs down the front, loose sleeves and thicker collar and cuffs. There was a red and yellow striped tie and she tied it round her neck, folding the thick collar down. The skirt was dark blue and was only to mid thigh. The rubber had been folded over and sealed to give a good impression of pleats. She tucked her shirt in and slipped into a pair of shiny patent leather slippers. She was ready, all she needed was a satchel or a sticky chocolate bar and the bizarre vision would be complete.

If it wasn’t for her athletic body and firm breasts pushing out the shirt it would all look quite normal, but of course it did not look normal. It wasn’t that he liked schoolgirls, she thought, just full-grown women dressed as them. This did not faze her, she liked dressing up before sex, it gave it a little extra. She had never gone to this extent of course. She pouted in front of the mirror, knees together and pigeon toed when she heard his voice; he’d sneaked up on her again.

“So here’s my naughty girl, ready for her punishment, come, we’ll go into the punishment room.” She led him through, head bowed and he impishly slapped her bottom. She yelped and speeded up. He was dressed in a white catsuit with full hood, red knee length boots and a red cape to his knees. She could not help but admire his slim, muscled body, and the bulge at his groin under the zip! Physically he was a hunk but it was his mind she had to get to.

She knew she was going to get a spanking when he lead her to the “n” shaped padded bench and she lent over the horizontal bar and stretched her legs wide to the two supporting posts. There were two cuffs near the foot of each post, one for ankles and one for wrists, the wrist ones being about a foot off the floor. After he had fastened her down, her legs were now three feet wide and she was bent over, her head two feet off the floor. All she could see were his boots behind her and then he was out of vision only to return with a thick paddle.

“I am not going to gag you Latexa, but should you make any noise, you will be. Now what do good schoolgirls do, they learn to count, and that is what you will do now. I want you to count each of the strokes I will give you; there will be twenty of them, ten for each of those nice rubber cheeks. The knickers you have on are quite thick so you should be able to take it all right. Of course you have little option, do you?” 

No, she thought, I don’t, and gritted her teeth as he laid her short skirt over her back and exposed her firm backside covered in the blue knickers. He laid a hand on the small of her back and swung the paddle down hard on her right cheek. There was an almighty crack, the sound amplified by the rubber knickers, nonetheless Latexa let out a whoosh of air and counted out.

“One!” Then there was another crack, this time on the left cheek.

“Two!” She shouted, drawing in air, and the paddling continued, Rubberman methodically taking a wide swing. By the time she was gasping out “fifteen” she was wriggling on the bar, and clenching her cheeks to assuage the pain.

“No moving, you naughty schoolgirl, or I will begin again!” He chuckled, thoroughly enjoying himself. She clenched her teeth and endured the last five, sweat now beading inside her mask. He stopped and sensuously massaged her buttocks and she groaned in relief. He released her from the bench and she stood up, a little wobbly, and demurely pulled down her skirt.

“Well done Latexa, you have survived another test. You know, every success deserves a reward I think, for me of course, and for you too. So here is your reward.” She held her breath as he sat down on a chair in the corner with mirrors on either side of it. He signalled her to kneel between his outstretched legs. Well, this could be interesting, she thought, do I get to show off my new-found skills?

“I am wearing thick rubber pants under my suit, with a prosthesis into which I have put my cock, which after seeing your fabulous arse is rock hard.” He unzipped and withdrew his erect cock, coated in a shiny black rubber casing. Yes, she thought, he really is big!

“Now I’m not going to make it all fun for you so here is the deal. You have 5 minutes to make me come. Easy, you may think, well, we will see, because the prosthesis is quite thick and I am a little desensitized, so you will have to work hard, but then you like a challenge. So off you go, should you fail I have another suitable punishment for you.”

With her hands clasped behind her back she leant forward and took the end of the black cock in her mouth. It was warm and slightly pungent and she could just feel his veins on her tongue. She sucked him into her mouth and rolled her tongue around his base. He was a good size all right, and the rubber made him even bigger. She was working up a rhythm now; she glanced to the side and saw herself in the mirror, a most bizarre sight. A mature woman dressed in a schoolgirl’s uniform and white mask performing vigorous fellatio on a white rubber encased man with a large black rubber cock. Well, you have come down a strange road, my dear, in the last 10 days, she thought.

After three minutes she began to realize that she had been conned. Due to the thickness of the rubber she was making little headway (!) in making him come. She even gripped him, gently, between her teeth and ran them up and down the shaft, but while he sat back and began to breathe heavily she failed to get him to come. Her head bobbed faster and she sucked harder but to no avail, and when he told her time was up, she sat back on her haunches, actually disappointed with herself.

“A valiant effort Latexa, but you have failed, I have to admit that I cheated a bit, but then I am the one who can make up the rules. It was a splendid 10 minutes for me, seeing your head bobbing down there, and your warm mouth working away, I have to say you are really very proficient. Maybe in the future I will make the contest a little fairer. Now the punishment is you lie on my lap here, let me put my cock away first, and I give you a good hand spanking, so much more arousing, hand on backside. Now I don’t want any yelping or comments so maybe you would like a gag to bite down on, better than grinding down your teeth, what do you say?” She knew this would hurt her already tender bum and it would give her a chance to really scream into the gag so, surprising herself somewhat, she nodded.

“Good idea, now you can go and select one for yourself.” She went to her quarters and returned with a large red rubber ball on a thick rubber strap that separated at the back into two, one to go over the crown and one above neck. She handed it to him and knelt down, opening her mouth as wide as she could.

“You really are getting the hang of this, Latexa, excellent choice, you will be able to have a good scream with this crammed in here.” He firmly pressed the ball into her mouth, looking into her eyes, smiling down at her, she lowered her head and he pulled the tight straps over her masked head. It was a tight fit and he adjusted them as they drew the ball back further into her mouth. He patted his thigh and she leant over his thighs and tried to get as comfortable as possible, considering the undignified position she was in. She managed to get some balance as he placed one hand on her back, at the same time drawing his cape around her head. Pulling up her skirt he began a leisurely spanking on her rubber knickered bottom.

After each strike his hand remained and gently fondled her tight globes and she at first yelped into her gag and then began to moan. After maybe a dozen slaps she felt a hand slip under her elasticised knickers and then a thumb press her sphincter and a middle finger ease between her lips and rub her clitoris. She moaned and closed her eyes as a warm glow, not just from her backside, passed over her. Oh God, he can play me like a violin, she thought and then started to shake as an orgasm swept over her.

“There, I told you would get a reward eventually, and it didn’t take much from me to do it either. You really are a hot one Latexa.” He slapped her several more times and played with her arse and pussy and she came again, the pain and the pleasure mending into one. She knew exactly what he was doing, making her associate pleasure with the pain, and she could do nothing about it. Her body was betraying her, she was wet and excited and in pain and she didn’t want him to stop! She felt him lower her knickers, oh she was so wet, raise her up, and at the same time she heard him unzip his crotch.

“Here’s another reward for you, Latexa.” He whispered, and she was almost in a daze as he raised her up. Oh no, not now, you can’t do this now, I’m too tight for it, she thought, but she felt him smear some of her juices on the cock underneath her, and smooth some over her sphincter. Her legs were now outside his thighs and he raised her, one arm around her waist and one around her breasts and allowed her weight to gradually impale herself on his rubber cock. She didn’t want this to happen now and yet she was so hot. She wailed into her gag and bit down hard as she slowly descended onto him. Once the head was past her tight hole there was nothing to stop him and very soon he was buried in her, by how much? Seven inches, oh God, he is going to split me, she thought, but no, he raised and lowered her gently while fondling a breast and pinching a nipple.

Again she experienced pain and pleasure in equal doses. Shortly she was snorting in the gag, saliva coming down her chin as she began to ride him. She would make him come this time – oh yes! She gripped the sides of his cape and pulled them to her, he would have problems getting her off him now; she chuckled to herself. And then she felt him shudder and a groan came from behind her. They sat like that for a minute as his erection subsided, then she carefully stood up, her arse was sore all right, she pulled up her panties and knelt in front of him as he zipped up. He was panting and she could see a strange smile on his face. He leant down and eases the gag straps over her head and let her spit it out.

“Well Latexa, labours and rewards, pain and pleasure. You are now getting to see the life that I have planned for you. Thank you for that interlude, it was just sublime. And I do genuinely hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Now you and I both need a rest and I think I have the ideal spot for you. Get out of those clothes and clean them and put them away for another day, you naughty schoolgirl, and be back here in an hour for your rest.”

She half walked, half staggered back to her bedroom, and undressed, the insides of them soaked in her sweat, and other juices. She peered at her arse in the mirror; it was bright red and very tender. It throbbed, and so did her bum-hole, not surprisingly. She took care of the clothes; she had quite enjoyed the naughty costume. She aimed the cool shower at her arse, which seemed to do the job. Feeling a lot better she put on her now familiar transparent mask and then applied lipstick and eye shadow.  Again she was half disguised but surely he must notice her physical appearance. 

He was standing by the whipping post when she returned and knelt in front of him. He was dressed as before so his cock must still be in it’s cum filled tube. He handed her two flexible earplugs and she made to put them in her ears.

“No, not in there, in your nostrils.” She looked at him strangely but squeezed them into her nostrils and they expanded immediately and were very effective. He moved to the vacuum bed.

“Come here Latexa, I thought as you were tired you might like to lie down for a while. Maybe four hours in here will be sufficient rest.” God, she thought, four hours in there. He had already unzipped the opening at the side, and held it open, smiling.

“Crawl in, I suggest head first and you will have to find the breathing tube quite fast as the air is quite limited in there. Come on, in you get.” 

She poked her head into the transparent rubber. The aroma was very strong. The bag was quite tight as she squeezed her body and arms in and slid to the centre on her back. As soon as her legs were in he zipped her shut. She was now trapped in an airtight bag, and she hadn’t got to the air hole yet. She finally grasped the 1-inch tube in her mouth and gasped for air. She wedged her teeth around the recesses at the base of the tube and was more comfortable. The bag was so transparent that she could see out, though a little blurred. She was still able to move in the bag, but not for long, as he switched on the vacuum and the air was quickly sucked out.

The rubber began to squeeze into her every crevice. She wished that she had closed her legs but now it was too late, they were wide open and the rubber, under the pressure of the vacuum, was creeping into her crack and pussy lips. The pressure was unyielding and flattened her breasts.  Her nose was squashed down despite being supported by the plugs. She was thankful for the breathing tube, firmly embedded in her mouth. She could still see out although the rubber film touched her eyes, the rubber had contracted so quickly that she had not thought to close her eyes as she was shrink wrapped and now she was barely able to close them. It was very disorientating at first; the rubber clung to every pore. Cocooned like a living statue, she couldn’t move an inch, but only breathe!  Then she felt his hands on her! He fondled and pinched her breasts; he pressed a finger along her crack. She groaned through the tube, aaahhh was all she could say. He leaned over her.

“Four hours should be plenty of rest, Latexa. But I will make it more interesting by turning you on the spit! One hour horizontal, then one hour vertical, then one hour vertical backwards, that should keep you alert. Can’t have you dozing off.” With that he released the rods at head and feet and started the motor. She slowly started to turn on a vertical axis. One minute she was looking at the ceiling through a haze, the next minute the floor and so on. She screamed, but only an aaahhh came out. That was a lot of good! And then he got up and walked out on her, leaving to turn on her axis, unable to move a muscle.

The minutes drifted on, the vacuum stuck to her like a skin even when she was upside down she didn’t move an inch. She tried to calm herself and breathe evenly and time drifted on. After an hour he returned and stopped the machine. Then he played with her for a while, pushing the flexible latex between her pussy lips and into her arse crack. Then he pinched her flattened nipples and she screamed at him to “fuck off” which came out as aahh, aahh, very literate, she thought. He then smiled and changed her axis to a horizontal one, and she began to turn as if on a spit.

This went on for four hours, Rubberman returning at intervals to tease and squeeze her, fondle and pinch her and caress her. By the end she was weak, dizzy and sweaty so slipping around in her own sweat in the end she was able to move very marginally. He peered down at her, pressing a palm on her brow and touching her cheek.

“Well you have probably had enough rest, eh?” He knew full well that she had not rested, that she had been in a state of constant disorientation and, she had to admit, occasional stimulation. He released the vacuum and air gradually seeped in. she slipped and slithered in the cocoon as he unzipped the side. She slipped her feet to the exit and poked her feet out but she didn’t have the strength to push herself any further, he tut tutted and grabbed her ankles and pulled her out. She emerged like a baby from the womb, which she supposed she was, glistening from head to foot. She was unable to stand and leant against the bed, gathering her senses. He admired her well-muscled body as she gained her bearings.

 “I’ll leave you for two hours Latexa. However you are going to be busy. I want the bed dried out inside, use a dry cloth and wipe down anything you may have left inside! You can then use a hair dryer for 5 minutes or so. Then wash and change, for I have decided I will dine with you tonight! You can put a meal on for me tonight, here. The choice I will leave to you, but you will suitably attired, you will serve me, so I require you dressed as a little French serving maid! You will find the latex uniform in the closet. You can pick your own underwear and mask but choose well for I will be inspecting every inch of you!”

She felt her spirits rise; now at least he would be treating her as part human! As he began to leave she followed him and knelt down, looking up at him, wishing to say something.

“Yes, Latexa, you wish to say something.”

“Yes, Rubberman, I want to thank you for allowing me to eat with you.…company I would appreciate. I will not disappoint you.”

“You have most certainly not done that. You have been here 48 hours since you were delivered and you have come a long way. I am not at all disappointed. I expected some truculence, but your sexual gratification on the horse and your performance as the schoolgirl were quite excellent. You also take a good paddling.”

He turned to the door and punched in the five figure code and left. She smiled as she returned to the torture chamber and started to clean the vacuum bag. She slipped inside and the air was humid as she slithered around pressing her body against the slippery surface while wiping it down. She was in a chirpy mood because she had seen him punch in the first two numbers of the code. She was sure of it, a four and a nine. Not bad in 48 hours. It gave her hope and any glimmer was worth cherishing.

She slipped off her transparent mask and showered quickly, there was much to do. She wanted to do something special and if he appreciated the effort she went to, maybe he would let his defences down a bit. Her arse still felt sore after the anal hammering she had received but generally she felt good, if a little tired. Lots of orgasms will do that to you! She quickly powdered herself and took the clothes she wanted out of the closets. She was very clear in her mind about what to wear; about what she liked (yes, she did like some of it, and how it flattered her body, and how it made her feel) and hopefully what he liked as well. 

First came a black bra with peepholes, and she pushed her nipples through, a ring hanging from each one. Next was black rubber basque with attached suspenders. It had front lacing and breast cups pushing her rubber encased breasts further out. She took a while pulling in the laces, and then gently drew shiny black stockings up her legs and enjoyed their firm caress as she attached them to the suspenders. Then came shoulder length black latex gloves, and to offset all the black she chose off-white panties with rows of frills at the front and back. They were tight against her pussy and bum and she briefly ran her finger down her vaginal lips, God, she was already damp down there.

She stepped into the tarty maid’s black uniform, it had a high neck and there were white frills at neck, wrists and hem. The dress was short, to barely below her bum, so he would get a good flash of her stocking tops when she bent over. She wrapped a cute white pinafore round her waist and stepped into a pair of five inch black pumps. Now she was the classic French maid and she had to admit she felt horny. Over the next hour she prepared the meal and laid the table. It was simple meal but she did take some pride in her culinary talents. She lit some candles, their relationship was hardly romantic, but it was a nice touch, and might help in weakening his resolve. She brought out the single malt whiskey and took a good gulp for a bit of Dutch courage, and then placed a bottle of champagne on the table. She wasn’t paying for it so she might as well use it.

She went to the bathroom and slowly pulled on a tight black rubber mask with eye, nose and mouth holes edged in white. In white letters on the brow of the mask was the word “rubbermaid”, as did the white pinafore in black letters. No confusion there! She painted her lips a bright vermilion and sat down with her drink to wait for him. Christ, she felt odd, almost nervous as if on a first date, yet she did wish to please him, for different reasons.

A week ago, she would have been ashamed to wear this gear, but now, in mask, dress, stockings, gloves and frilly panties in shiny rubber, she felt no embarrassment. She felt sexy, and her wet panties were testimony to that! But yes, she also felt nervous, waiting for the man who had paddled her, mummified her in a vacuum bed and then rammed his cock up her arse! And she had in turn given him a blowjob! But if the meal went well and she gained his confidence then maybe her chances of escape would improve. She thumbed a fetish magazine, and now was not shocked at the images.

She felt the warmth build up in her costume, and under her mask her skin was becoming damp already. She found the mask almost reassuring; with its anonymity she would play the role of saucy French maid, coquettish and perhaps a little flirty. But not too much, she would have to judge the mood of the evening. She heard him at the door. She pulled down her very short skirt, picked up the tray with his whiskey, approached him and knelt down.

“Latexa, how nice, and you do look quite stunning in you maid’s uniform. You may stand.” He helped her up, took the drink and circled her, apparently approving. She stood to attention, swaying a little on her high heels. He lifted the skirt at the front and fingered the frilly panties.

“Mmmm, good choice, offsetting the black with the white knickers, you have a good sense of complimenting the latex, although you probably wouldn’t admit it right now.” She thought about that and probably would admit it, she took some sense of pride in selecting the outfit. She moaned quietly as he pressed his finger into her panties. Now she was wet!

“Do you like that, Latexa, you seem just a little damp down there.” He chuckled.

“Yes, I do, how can I deny it. You seem to know how to press my buttons.”

“Maybe, or maybe it is the latex, maybe you are a closet fetishist and you don’t even know it. When do we eat, I am hungry. Come, sit here.” He patted the couch and she sat next to him, gulping another mouthful of whiskey, a bit fearful of the next move. But he simply sipped his drink, while she said dinner would be 10 minutes. She told him what it was and he nodded. There was little conversation; she would allow him to lead. She admired his costume and he caught her eye looking at him, but he just smiled. She still felt nervous, the setting was more conventional, sitting waiting for dinner rather than him slapping her bottom bright red over his knee!

He had a red catsuit, a black corset (!) that he didn’t need, black thigh boots with high heels and a hip length cape. Over his head was a red and black patterned mask. She had to admit he looked kind of sexy in an “avenging angel” sort of way. The corset was only eight inches high but held his narrow waist in well. She saw that he had a hard on again, was it her effect on him or the rubber? Probably it was the rubber, although she hoped a bit of her as well.

“You are not drinking now, don’t you like the whiskey? I will get you something else if you wish.”

“No, no it’s excellent, I had a good hit before you came. I just didn’t know if I was to be allowed to… in your presence I mean.” She tried to sound as deferential as possible and he seemed to take the bait.

“Have anything you want, I am not going to starve you of the simple pleasures. I want to enhance them, and mine of course.” She got up and tottered to the kitchen, the short maid’s dress swinging at her hips and barely covering her stocking tops. She didn’t turn around but could sense his eyes on her. She returned and topped them up. He looked across at the magazine she’d been perusing and picked it up.

“Pretty strange stuff, eh? You must find it quite shocking, all these weird sexual predilections.”

“Why should I? If it is two, or more than two, consenting adults then why should I be upset? I am no prude but then I am not consenting and that is the difference. I have been abducted, depilated, pierced and plugged – in all holes. I’ve been force-fed, gagged, enema’d and transported like meat. Not exactly consenting, is it?”

“Quite the speech, and all true, I don’t deny it. But your life has not been in danger, and you have all the comforts here, except freedom of movement and choice. Some people living in desperate poverty might consider you lucky. So might you, some day, you might think all this sexual play acting is a lot of fun.”

She wasn’t going to argue so she got up and brought the food to the table, while he opened the champagne. They ate in relative silence, he complimenting her on the food, she grudgingly accepting.

“So was today as terrible as you anticipated. I was very impressed with your…. fortitude?”

“I didn’t know what to expect Rubberman, three days in a crate and then the nurse, and the run, and the horse, well that was my fault. But in that crate, with a tube down my throat, a dildo up my arse and a catheter up inside me. Well, that gave me an inkling of what to expect in the future.”

“Yes, but that is over now, we had to take precaution now you are here and I can see you are settling in well.”

She ignored his comment and, stopping eating, said. “Tell me, Rubberman, why do not wish to know anything about me; name, age, profession, education, likes and dislikes. Wouldn’t it give you an extra charge to know that you have a living, breathing human being entirely reliant on you, a slave to your wishes and desires?”

“I know that already, Latexa. I realize you are a living human being with your own mind. But I get a kick out of knowing you were once that, and now you are living rubber doll, who will do everything I demand of her!” Great, she thought, I’ll try another tack.

“What about you, Rubberman, do you mind if I ask questions of you?” She hoped she wasn’t pushing it. “You won’t tell me your name of course but, well, say your age. I’ll tell you mine if you will tell me yours.” Come on, she thought, give me something.

“That is not important, Latexa, I’m as old as you want, or as young.” He was playing with her now.

“Okay, well you look young; you have a very fine… body, if I may say. Do I turn you on, Rubberman?”

“Oh yes, Latexa, very much, it is your rubber clothes and your rubber mask that I love. I’m sorry, but I do not think of the person underneath. You have a wonderful body, and latex brings out the best of you. Don’t get upset, but under the mask I am not really concerned about you.”

“I may be beautiful, you never know, aren’t you just a little interested?” She did feel a little offended although maybe she was beginning to understand his obsessions. She tried another angle.

“This latex, yes, I admit that it is flattering to my body. Some of the clothes I…. enjoy wearing. Maybe you are right, maybe I am a closet fetishist.” She laughed, trying to lighten the atmosphere. “So yes, I suppose I can get used to that quick enough, but the gagging, the enemas, the dildos and the vacuum bag. Well I can’t say I am so comfortable with that…. yet anyway.”

“I admire your frankness, Latexa, I don’t expect you to enjoy the more the more painful or intrusive aspects of your training. At least, not straight away, maybe you will soon though, or maybe not, but I enjoy it, therefore it will continue with it whether you like it or not you are “comfortable” with it. You are not here for your comfort, although I believe I am making it as comfortable as possible; you are here to please me and my… aberrations, if you will. So it will continue; enemas, paddlings and gaggings most certainly. There is something supremely sexual about the silencing of a young vibrant woman such as you. Your bum and pussy will get all kind of intruders, I assure you. And your orgasms, you will have many of them, all associated with this wonderful material, and with your abuse?”

“So you are telling me you are not interested in me as a person, but as a thing to dress up and poke and play with. I’ve had a personality lobotomy!”

He chuckled at her description.

“Pretty well I suppose. Do you think we will fall in love or something like that, Latexa? That’s really not my aim. If you want to harbour false hopes of escape, then that is fine with me, but it seems a little naïve, considering your current position. You probably don’t hate me at present; you just don’t understand me, am I right? Well don’t waste the effort, just concentrate on trying to please me and get as much pleasure as you can get in return.”

She cleared the table; a little disappointed at his comments.

“Some dessert, Rubberman?” She asked standing to attention, her body now damp under her uniform.

“Yes, and put your plate on the floor here, you won’t need your fork.” He pointed to the floor in front of him. “Now on your hands and knees and lap it up.”

Well, so much for making headway, she thought, as she sat on her haunches, her arse in the air and the skirt raised and showing her panties, stuck to her wet bum. She lapped and chewed at the fruit salad and cream.

This was so much fun, he thought as looked down at her, then he leant over and slapped her tight rubber bottom hard. “Wipe yourself off and clean up, I will be on the couch when you are finished.” He got up and walked past her, without a glance back. Ten minutes later she returned.

“Come closer and raise your dress. Closer. Now close your eyes.”

She stood a foot from his face and raised her dress, exposing her frilly panties. Is he going to screw me? Not likely, as she felt his fingers pinch her ringed labia, pushing her lips apart and finding her bud. Then his hand was between her legs and his finger was pressing on her sphincter, and on her legs, squeezing her obsidian pillars. It went on for ten minutes and not once did he touch her skin, but she was now hot and, with eyes clenched shut, her breathing had become erratic. Sweat was trapped in her mask and she wobbled on her heels. Her body was betraying her again; she wanted to be screwed, and now, she wanted his big hard cock inside her wet pussy or her mouth, hell, even her arse! She was on the edge, but then he moved to a different zone, he was playing with her. He was her master, and she was the pupil. Finally with his thumb pressing in on her bum-hole and two fingers inside her pussy, both being massaged through the latex, she came in a shuddering crescendo. She screamed as her whole body trembled.

“Ahh ahh, nngg nngg,” was all she could utter. He released her and she fell on the couch beside him. How could he do that to her? She’d never experienced anything like that before, and she hadn’t even been fucked; he’d just used his fingers on her. He seemed to know all her secrets.

“There will be many more like that, Latexa, if you behave as I order. Is that so terrible a life?”

Right now she thought not, but it depended on what else he had in store for her. Stupidly, she thought right now I am in love with him, and he didn’t even screw me, but he can give me more carnal pleasure than I can imagine.

He looked down at her, sated, like a fallen angel. Yes, he could fall in love with this woman, well, this living doll! But he could not tell her that now. He was happy for the present to keep his anonymity, but he was starting to become very intrigued what this woman may look like. On the other hand he didn’t want to break the spell he had created, she was his plaything, his doll, his sex toy.

“Bedtime now. Go and take off all your clothes, dust them and put them away and then return to me masked and naked. You have 20 minutes.”

She wobbled away, still a little dizzy and disbelieving that he could be so aloof, not showing any inner feelings. She stripped and washed everything, then brushed her teeth. She found a mask that she thought was a little daring but she wanted to take back some of the initiative again. It was of black latex with a full head covering but a small triangular portion of the face cut out. It extended from the eyebrows and down to her nose, her mouth being covered. It exposed some of her face, which she realized may make him angry but she would try it and see. Dangling from the side was a large padded blindfold, which when attached to the snap fastening on the other side would cover her eyes and leave only her nose exposed.

She hoped he would be impressed by her willingness to be subjected to such an occlusive hood. If her nasal passages got clogged then she could be in real trouble but she was prepared to take the risk. By opening her mouth she could get some air in from the opening. On the inside was a small stubby rubber gag. It was in the shape of a cock, but was not large enough to trouble her; it would be a constant reminder however! She was sure he would be impressed. She pulled it down hard over her head and opened her mouth to accept the small cock. Because of the hood’s tightness there was small opportunity for her to push or suck on it; it was well embedded but she could breathe easily. In the mirror she could see just her two bright blue eyes and nose. She entered the lounge and was relieved to see that he was indeed impressed as he stood and inspected her.

“Well well, Latexa, you are full of surprises, I know that hood, it’s a tight one and you have a cock in your mouth too. That’s very brave for eight hours. But I am not one to stop you. Normally, in our community we don’t allow a slave to be gagged overnight, but I think tonight I will make an exception. I have a microphone by your bed and if you get into difficulties then I will come down. You must have anticipated me for I plan to plug your other orifices for the night. Nothing too big of course.” 

Too late now to back out, she thought, and she stepped into a black leotard he was holding open for her. Inside were two greased probes and he stepped back to allow her to push first the front one in her, and then with some firm pushing and a little mmmfffing, the rear one. Her sphincter muscle was however clearly loosening, she noted. Once over her waist he pulled up the sides and she pushed her arms through the shoulder straps. He zipped it up to the high neck. She felt small nodules on the inside of the bra section brush against her nipples. With the plugs inside her, every movement would touch off a reaction. 

All night she would be kept in a state of permanent sexual arousal. This man was amazing; there was no respite from him. From the bed he held up a thick rubber sack. She stepped into it, her breathing ragged as the nodules started to work on her nipples and the plugs on her lower regions. He zipped up the back and attached a padlock to two D rings. Now she was truly imprisoned. There was plenty of movement in the sack but she was going nowhere. She could touch herself and roll around but that was all. She lay down on her back on the bed, staring mutely up at him, amazed at his ability to push all her buttons, yet despising him for turning her into exactly what he said he would make her, a sex toy, a living rubber doll!

“It’s been a wonderful day, Latexa, I hope you have enjoyed at least some of it. I think you did. We have many more days, weeks and months ahead, with many orgasms to go, my rubber doll. Tomorrow I have lots more training for you, so sleep well and don’t wear yourself out with too many orgasms.” He laughed and leant over and kissed her on her rubber filled mouth, then her forehead. Taking the blindfold he drew it across her face and she was plunged into stygian darkness as he snapped it to the side of her head. All that was exposed was her nose sticking out, the remainder wrapped in rubber.

She heard him leave, and she settled into what she hoped would be a restful night, but was well aware of all the intruders in her orifices. Christ, she thought it had been an incredible 48 hours. Frankly, she was well aware that she had experienced more sexual gratification in this period than just about in her whole previous life. She tried hard to hate this man, for what he was turning her into, but as she felt the rumblings in her core as the plugs worked within her, she had great difficulty doing so. She was an imprisoned, captive sex slave, and yet she had no fear now. Sure, she intended to escape, to live on her terms with some rubber involved, that would be fun, but she did need a man to share it with, a man who knew the ropes!

Upstairs, he was bathing in what had been an incredible day. She was already conceding that she liked rubber and she was extremely sexually aware and mature. Yet she still had some fight in her, in short she was perfect! He would shorten and intensify her training. Three, maybe four more days and she would be his obedient rubber slave. He stripped off, showered and was asleep as soon as his head hit the bed. However, her sleep was more fitful. She sucked on the cock and rolled around on the bed, but did manage to sleep despite some strange and torrid dreams.

He awoke early, shaved and showered, ate quickly and dressed as nurse again – stockings, corset, frilly panties, mask and tunic. Although strictly heterosexual he had a strong transvestite streak in him, not for “normal” women’s clothing but only for latex. After pulling on the white mask he applied rich red lipstick and descended to her quarters. She seemed to be still asleep, breathing slowly through her nose. He put on his surgical mask, apron and gloves then pulled off her blindfold. She woke and blinked as she saw his masked face – so it was enema time again! She stretched in her sack and recalled her fitful sleep, with both her pussy and arse snugly moist around the invaders. The gag and the blindfold she had actually found comforting, as was the sack – a return to the womb, perhaps.  She had tried to pull the leotard down from her crotch but the fit was so tight that the plugs just slipped back inside her.

The nurse unlocked the sack and she rolled out and sat, mute, on the side of the bed. She noticed a large volume of water in the bag, her sweat; she smelt it mingled with the rubber aroma. In the last couple of days she couldn’t believe the amount of sweat she had done. They then proceeded through a similar but slightly different routine, the nurse first pulling down her leotard and the two plugs emerging from her insides, glistening with her inner juices. She pointed to her mask as if to say please take this off, but the nurse indicated no. There were no tantrums but Latexa just gave her a dirty look. She realized as she knelt with her forearms on the bed, her arse in the air, just how much her arse had been stretched when the nurse slid in the enema tube with almost no resistance.

The warm water seeped in like a fog and as she retained her embarrassing posture of arse in air, legs wide and head on forearms, the nurse massaged her backside, thighs and stomach. Then the nurse’s hand moved down and flicked her clitoris and pressed further into her love canal. She gasped and pleaded with her eyes as she looked back but to no avail. The water continued to flow in and the white mask peered down, without emotion, as she plundered the patient. Very soon the bag was empty and she was full, her stomach distended but not as sore as yesterday. The nurse withdrew the nozzle and easily pushed in the butt plug, her sphincter offering only token resistance and then gripping the plug’s narrower neck. She couldn’t expel it now without using her hands. She lay foetal on the bed and the nurse, after dumping everything in the bath for cleaning, lay down behind her and cradled her aching body. Was this nurse a lesbian? Well she didn’t really care, as she needed a bit of comfort against the dull pain. After 20 minutes the nurse got up and left, after pressing her mask against her rubber-covered mouth. She now knew the routine and went to the bathroom and washed and powdered the clothes, then showered and ate a big breakfast – she didn’t know when the next meal would be.

To await his call, she wore a pair of black rubber tights and a black bra, with a loose fitting red tank top over it. They looked like normal house “scrubs” except they were all in rubber. She wore no mask, she would await his call, and she decided to apply full make-up as a treat. She lounged around the cell, feeling a little bored. Come on, she thought, let’s get going here, and suddenly realised she was apparently looking forward to her next test! She reined herself in and read a magazine, this one about what they called “pony girls.” She’d heard about this vaguely, but this magazine was heavy duty. The girl’s were all decked out in their equestrian attire, mains sprouting from their headgear, high boots shaped like horse’s hooves (!) tails sticking out of their backsides (she wondered how they were kept in!) and reins attached to bits that they gripped between their teeth. Being a horse rider, she was fascinated by the pictures. In the past some of her men friends had joked about what a fine pony she would make. She laughed at her naivety, was their sexual innuendo referring to this, she thought? Anyway, it looked like a good workout, for they pulled little buggies piloted by men (and women) dressed in leather and rubber. 

The ponies seemed to be enjoying it, what was real and what fake, was hard to tell. Maybe this is what Rubberman had in mind for her, when he mentioned the term pony girl earlier. She thought it would be a good idea to try and get out and see her surroundings, and figured this may be the chance she could get. Would it be too pushy and show him these pictures and ask if she could try and be a pony girl, would he suspect her real intentions, she would have to make it convincing. She would probably get whipped but she would at least be outside! She would maybe be able to plan an escape route – she had to give it a go. She was a fighter and this was a chance not too miss. She would ask him if she could be his pony girl! Then she heard his voice.

“Good morning Latexa, nurse was pleased with you again today. You are coming along well; today we will get you on the stairmaster. Be naked and masked in 20 minutes and then we will select your clothes.” 

Today, he was in a relaxed mood, for all was going well. He chose a light blue loose fitting jumpsuit with turtle neck and tight wrists and ankles. He put on a pair of joggers and looked like any other runner – except he was in latex. He decided on a light and dark blue full mask. Not too frightening for her, but it would be a good day. When he entered her cell he was surprised to see her not naked but wearing an attractive red tank top and black tights and a fine red and black patterned mask. While she had disobeyed him, she had clearly spent some time in selecting them in order to please him.

“Why are you not naked Latexa?  Are you wishing punishment so early this morning?” He had to sound stern but she looked quite divine kneeling in front of him.

“Punish me if you must, Rubberman, but please allow me to speak, for I have a request.”

“Go ahead.” He was now intrigued.

“As you know, I enjoy exercise. Despite my captivity I would wish to carry it on, with your consent. Like yesterday I’m sure you can devise exercises to keep me in top shape and also provide you with pleasure. Would you agree, Rubberman?”

“Yes, Latexa, you have a fine athletic body, which should be kept in shape. What are you suggesting?”

“Well…. you see… I was reading one of the magazines; it was about pony girls. Before you captured me I was a good rider, I was getting into dressage and the strict formality of equestrian discipline, of horse and rider acting as one. And I thought as I was looking at the pictures that…. well… I thought… it would be good…. I know this sounds strange … but good exercise for me… being a pony girl I mean.” She dried up, what a bizarre request; there was silence for a minute, for he was thinking.

“Stand up, Latexa.” She did, arms behind back and legs spread, with eyes facing forward. 

“Let me get this straight, you want to become a pony girl – now?”

“Yes, for the exercise, the fresh air. I have not been outside in over a week. Look…. am I a threat to you? Am I going to run away? Hardly, if I am tethered and reined and bitted and attached to a buggy. You can use your whip on me of course and where can I escape? I don’t know where we are, even if there is a city close by. I’d look a bit strange running around the country dressed in some of the garbs you have here. Look, please, you would get your kicks putting me through the training. I would get real fresh air, maybe some sun, and a chance to really stretch my legs. I can’t believe I am requesting this. I must be going insane, completely mad but this is what I want, and this is what I ask of you.” 

“Well I don’t know quite what to say. No, you are not going crazy Latexa, you have come a long way and experienced many things, and you will many more. But do you know what you are asking? Really? I, like many fetishists, like to play pony girl games – “equus eroticus” it is called and I have a full costume and tack ready for you. But this is too early in your training. The costume is very restrictive and will be uncomfortable, and I would demand complete obedience – just like your dressage. You are not ready yet. I had this planned weeks from now. Being a pony girl is a role for an experienced submissive, and you have not attained that status yet. Besides, it is a strange occurrence when slaves volunteer for such an extreme increase in their training at such an early stage.”

“Yes, I expect it will be punishing, but it is something I am prepared to endure for the benefits to me, to feel the fresh air, the sun. You can keep me here forever as your slave but I will be a fitter, healthier slave if I was allowed some leeway, some variety, some exercise and yes, discipline outdoors. If it doesn’t work then well, it’s easy for you, you bring me back here and don’t let me out again.”

“Perhaps you are right, but this will be no cakewalk.”

“I’m sure I won’t disappoint you, for a first time anyway, for me it is worth the discomfort.”

“All right, we will have a training session this morning. The first half hour will be your dressing and then we will go for a canter in the grounds. Put you through your paces.” She smiled at the opportunity, having ridden horses for so many years now she was to be one!


Story continues in Part 5

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