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Special Delivery 3: The Education Begins

by rbbral

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© Copyright 2005 - rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; solo-f; latex; catsuit; clothing; dungeon; stuck; bdsm; breathplay; toys; con/reluct; X

continued from part two

Chapter 3: The Education Begins

At seven the next morning the alarm broke her out of her deep sleep. The first time she had slept horizontal and in a bed in a week. Ten hours she had slept and she felt strengthened and relaxed, maybe it was the warm rubber encasing her that had calmed her. She pulled the sheet back and sat up. Inside her tight romper suit she was soaked. The impermeable material had not allowed her sweat to evaporate and she thought there must be a glassful in there. Good for slimming, she thought, keeping her spirits up. Then she heard his voice from a speaker by the bedside.

“Good morning. I trust you slept well despite your predicament, and I do like your bedclothes, a wonderful choice, good for sweating, you will be doing lots of that. If you look in the ceiling you will see a dome, which contains cameras covering your room, similar ones are in the other rooms, yes, even your bathroom. I’m not going to spy on you all the time, probably rarely but you won’t know that, will you. In fact as I said yesterday I don’t want to see your face at all for now. I prefer us to remain impersonal, master and slave if you will, so at all times in my presence you will be masked, always, if you forget then you will be severely punished I assure you”. She hated the idea of being spied on but could do nothing, she would accept it like other things she would be forced to do. He resumed.

“Now for your first day we start with an enema!” She groaned inwardly but was not surprised.

“In fact every morning first thing you will have one. I want you flushed and clean inside, ready for what I may choose to do with you. The first few enemas will be administered by nurse. Don’t be shocked, nurse is extremely well trained, a powerful and determined woman. She is a dominatrix who chooses to work with me on occasion. Do not bother to befriend her, accede to all her commands at all times. You will have to be alert, she is, I’m afraid, a mute, completely dumb, although she can hear, so all her commands will be by hand signals. Nonetheless she demands complete obedience. Today, as you have been in a crate for three days she will administer a high colonic for a half hour. This will be very uncomfortable for you but it will make you nice and clean. Once you get used to having an enema each morning nurse will no longer be needed as you will be expected to do this yourself.” She grimaced but kept her chin up.

“One other thing you must know, whenever I enter your room, or nurse, or any other assistant, you will show immediate obeisance. Immediate. By that I mean you will kneel with your hands behind your back. Your head does not have to be lowered, I thought of that but I prefer you to look up at me and appreciate your lowly position. You will of course be masked, as will I. It brings a little mystery to the proceedings.”

Oh, yeah, she thought, well I’m going to get to see you, my friend, however long it takes, you don’t know who you are dealing with.

“There will be many orders and instructions over the next weeks and months and to save yourself undue pain it would be best if you obeyed. You will be punished at times for no reason at all, because I enjoy it. You may enjoy it too someday, stranger things have happened. Nurse will be here in half an hour, you will be naked except for a full head mask. So you can strip off your clothes and wash them in warm soapy water, then wipe them down and then when dry you will talc the insides and shine the outsides. You will be doing a lot of this in the future. If you rip or destroy your clothes you will be punished. You will find talc and silicone spray in the bathroom. So I will see you later after you are flushed, cleansed and showered and ready for your first session with me, I can hardly wait.”

I bet you can hardly wait, well, I’m no pushover pal, and she began to strip out of her clothes and bonnet. Upstairs he had already shaved and showered and was putting on his first costume of the day. A nurse’s uniform! Yes, this would be fun playing the nurse, she would not detect it and he was sure he could pull it off. He stepped into white garter belt and pulled it up to his slim waist. Next came thin stockings in shiny white latex, he pulled them up slowly, enjoying their cool compression on his legs. One by one he attached them to the four suspenders for each leg. He admired his slim strong legs in the mirror. Then he placed a long black rubber corset around his waist. It had front lacing and two firm silicone filled breasts. From the outside they felt amazingly lifelike in weight and texture and bounced just the right amount. He methodically laced himself up, breathing in slowly, pulling in his waist to a respectable 27 inches, not bad when measured against the 38-inch bust. Built like this he would be an intimidating sight. He tied off the laces, he felt so good, and this stricture was so good for his posture and his sense of self-esteem. His cock and balls did look a little incongruous, but hanging down from the rear of the corset was a thick rubber flap. Leaning forward he pulled it through his legs. It covered his arse with a rubber triangle narrowed between his legs then widened at the front, with two straps to attach to the front of the corset. It was a little uncomfortable but it smoothed out his groin nicely with his cock and balls firmly held against his abdomen. His groin was firm and flat with just a detection of a mound, a woman’s mons! It also prevented him getting an erection so he was in bondage too, which amused him. He felt his breasts and almost swooned, as they were so lifelike and of course encased in rubber. 

Next he pulled on a pair of white rubber panties with rows of frills, they covered his gusset piece nicely and there was no indication of his hidden manhood, just a pretty round bottom and gently curved mons. He slipped his feet into 4 inch white pumps, not exactly standard nursing issue but he was meant to be a dominatrix! Then came a pair of white latex shoulder length gloves and a sky blue nurses tunic. The full skirt was slightly flared and knee length, the bodice had buttons from waist to neck. Collar and cuffs were tight and of firm latex. A two inch black rubber belt completed the ensemble. The finishing touch was a full head mask with no zipper or straps. It was tight fitting and he had difficulty pulling it on. He looked out of two small perspex lenses and saw looking back a bizarre woman’s face. It was bright white but with red lips in a cruel tight-lipped smile, black eyebrows and heavy blue eye shadow. There was no mouth hole, only two small nostril holes. The hair was painted on the skull, jet black in the design of a 1920’s bob with a kiss curl over the right eye. Carefully he tucked the mask under the stiff collar of the tunic. He was ready, although he was the master he was nervous, his heart racing in anticipation within the clammy grip of the latex. He breathed calmly through the nostril holes. He picked up a surgical mask; another pair of thick rubber gloves then a large rubber sheet and apron left his room and went down to the basement.

Meanwhile she had rinsed the romper suit, dried and talced the inside and sprayed the outside. She was now naked in the bedroom and waiting for the nurse. She heard the sounds of someone in the corridor and pulled on a bright scarlet full head mask she had earlier selected. It had eye and mouth holes but no zip. It was tight but now she was glad of her short crew cut. The mask had black edging around the mouth and eyes. She sat on the bed and turned to the door, seeing the nurse through the living room at the glass pane. She punched in a combination (oh, if only I could learn that, she thought) and entered. What a sight she was. She gulped, stood up and approached her, and then without hesitation, knelt down, hands behind her back. The nurse looked down at her and allowed her to take in her statuesque beauty. Tall, strong, imperious, this was not a woman to mess with. The nurse placed rubber articles on the bed, approached her and then turning her back raised her skirt exposing white stockings suspenders and panties. She didn’t know what to do, if this wasn’t so weird she might have laughed but she had to do nothing as the nurse dropped the skirt over her head and she was immediately enveloped in a fetid darkness. The nurse widened her legs slightly and then pulled on her skirt from the front, and now the girl’s head was firmly pressed into the nurse’s frilly panties. 

He revelled in the feeling, an independent smart woman on her knees, subjugated, her face nuzzling his rubber-covered arse. Underneath, in her dark clammy prison, she felt that she was suffocating but did not panic but breathed as well as she could the rubber-scented air. This nurse was a professional, and she would not suffocate, she knew this was a test. She felt like taking a bite out of her arse but that would only mean more punishment. The odour of the rubber in the warmth of the nurse’s arse made her almost faint but she stoically kept kneeling, hands behind her back.

He was pleasantly surprised at her initiation expecting some resistance. His groin was almost bursting but he too was in effect imprisoned. He lifted his skirt and released her, and she gulped in air. He handed her the rubber sheet and motioned her to spread it on the bed. As she did this he turned a winch by the headboard and lowered a spreader bar on a chain down from the ceiling. The bar was 4 feet wide and at each end was a padded cuff.

Oh Lord, she thought as he lowered it, if I am going to be enema’d then there is only one way to hang me – upside down! He signalled her to fit her ankles into the cuffs and she did so, stretching her athletic legs and feeling horribly exposed. He tightened the cuffs and then winched her up until the spreader bar was breast high and she swayed on her shoulders. He then went to the bathroom and filled the enema bag with two litres of soapy water. That would be a huge washout and she would be in some pain but this would be a big test and he could hardly wait for her reaction. The bag was warm and heavy in his hands as he returned. He had screwed the end of the tube into the bag and the other end was thicker, about half an inch. She watched him attach the bag to the spreader bar, ominously hanging over her. She saw it’s bloated shape and wondered how she could take all that inside her. He then placed a long red rubber apron over his head and tied it behind – just so he was protected from any splashes. 

She watched in silence as nurse then pulled on a white surgical mask, in thin rubber, covering her bright red rubber lips. The two straps over her head pulled it tight across her lower face and under her chin. She was now featureless except for her eyes and shiny lacquered hair. The mask moved in and out as she breathed. The nurse then pulled on another pair of rubber gloves and stretched them, wrinkle free, then from the bedside cupboard produced a large jar of KY jelly and smeared a large dollop over the end of the tube. 

She lay back on her shoulders as if in nightmare, as the latex covered demon scooped another dollop, showed it to her and then effortlessly pushed it up her exposed rectum, smoothing it round all the sides and at her entry. Unconsciously she squeezed her sphincter but it was no use, she was stretched wide and the plug she’d had in her for the last three days had probably loosened her a bit. The nurse withdrew her glistening finger and then she awaited the next invader. This was immediate as the nurse took the thick end of the hose and efficiently slid it into her rectum. She gasped but said nothing, looking up into the ice blue eyes behind the lenses. Fully 8 inches of the hose were pushed in, the clip was then released and she felt warm water slowly invade her insides. It was not a gush, clearly this was to be done gradually, to be a thorough, methodical washout. The nurse then slowly winched her higher and she gasped as her head and then her arms and hands were raised above the sheet. She hung powerless just three inches above the bed but it may have been ten feet. She slowly swung on her axis and saw herself in one of the mirrors, her legs pulled wide, her head encased in the red rubber mask and this obscene tube thrust into her bum-hole.

Coolly, the nurse wiped her hands and admired her work then calmly took a rubber magazine from the bookcase and sat down, calmly flicking through the pages. Outwardly the nurse may have appeared indifferent but inside he was revelling in the vignette. This was beyond his fantasies, this was reality, a rubber masked woman hung before him being injected with four pints of soapy water, swinging slowly on her axis. 

After 20 minutes or so the bag was empty and she had begun to moan quietly. He signalled with finger to masked lips, ssshhh, and she was clearly doing her best and when he approached her he could clearly see her abdomen was heavily distended. From the closet he got out a dildo, 4 inches long 1 inch wide with a narrower neck and a wide flange at the base. He slowly pulled the glistening tube from her puckering hole. She knew better than to eject now although the idea of showering him in her shit did appeal to her. But she held it in and already she was starting to cramp. Unconcerned the nurse deftly rammed the dildo into her, it had not been greased but the jelly in her arse had helped it slide in easily. She groaned but the plug was soon in up to its base. The nurse then got a pair of thick rubber panties with press studs at the side which she draped over her groin and fastened at her hips. The panties were tight and kept the dildo firmly in place although she doubted she could eject it without using her hands. As she groaned again the nurse began to massage her stomach. Five minutes later she felt as if she was going to burst however the nurse slowly lowered the winch and she then lay back on the bed.

The nurse took the nozzle and bag and placed them in the sink for her to clean later. She took off her outer gloves, surgical mask and apron and also left them to be cleaned. She unbuckled the two ankle cuffs and raised the bar to the ceiling again. She lay on her back clearly in discomfort but making no effort to remove the panties. Now for another test, he thought, licking his lips under the mask. He lay down on the latex sheeted bed and propped his head on the pillow, and staring down at her he patted the spot next to him. Would she come? Yes, after a moment’s hesitation she rolled next to him, her distended stomach stretching the tight latex panties. Groaning, she lay next to him and he placed his hand under her head and drew it to his rubber-encased breasts. She did not resist, and rested her head between the two rubber mounds, an arm draped over his thigh. His hand rested on her head and her tenderly kissed her crown through his rubber lips. He felt wonderful and at peace, she on the other hand did not! Her stomach felt like bursting and she had a rubber plug in her arse that felt like a cucumber! Inside her mask her face and head were soaked in sweat but she would not yield to this latex tyrant.

She rested her head between the two firm mounds inhaling in the rubber and her hand felt the stocking tops and frilly panties of the nurse under her tunic. It was odd but resting like this was somehow reassuring. They lay like this for maybe 10 minutes until the nurse lifted her head, planted a kiss on her forehead and pointed to the bathroom. She sighed in relief and staggered, bent over to the bathroom. For 20 minutes she sat and flushed and gradually the pain receded, pulling the butt plug out being the most painful exercise. Now she felt truly cleansed, on almost a high – a little light headed. Her arse didn’t hurt too much although it no doubt had been widened further. Soon she would be able to take a bigger probe and then, she assumed his dick!

She prised off her mask, her face bright pink and wet, stepped into the shower and took a long time cleaning herself, and washing out the mask. Ten minutes later, with the mask back, she ventured into the bedroom. The nurse had gone and had left her equipment to clean – apron, gloves, surgical mask and dildo. No doubt she would return for their re-use. Relieved, she took out a white latex dressing gown and shivered at its cool touch on her ringed nipples. She made a healthy breakfast and ate slowly; she was ravenous. She washed out the rubber, she was going to have to do a lot of that in the future and then brushed her teeth and returned to the living room, grabbed a magazine and rested on the couch. It was the one the nurse was reading – all latex clad figures enduring bondage and plugging. 

Upstairs meanwhile he could hardly believe how well it had gone; he stripped off the nurses uniform then rolled down the stockings and with a small gasp unlaced the corset. He washed, dried and talced all the clothes and hung them away then selected his clothes for their next meeting. This time they had to be masculine, black and grey he thought, and withdrew them from his extensive closets. He powdered his body and drew on a pair of latex tights, pulling them wrinkle free to his waist. He pulled his cock and balls through a hole at the groin; already he was getting hard. Next came a silver grey latex top similar to a triathlon suit with leggings to mid thigh, a rear zip to his neck and sleeves to his elbows. His cock and balls were firmly held now in a tight rubber pouch with a zip for access. He leant back and attached it to a clever contraption like a hook and pulley system between the closets and leaning forward pulled on the handle in front of him. The suit now firmly embraced him. He released the pulley and admired himself in the mirror the pouch failing to hide his arousal. He couldn’t resist high heels and pulled on a pair of 3 inch heeled, knee length leather boots and laced them up. He was very experienced in heels and walked around. Next came tight black opera gloves which covered the suit’s sleeves and he took time smoothing out the wrinkles. He had plenty of time! He pressed the intercom.

“Nurse was very impressed with you, this morning.” She jumped at the sound of his voice. “A two litre high colonic is no fun but you took it without too much whimpering so that is a good start and now you are flushed, cleaned and fed. So now we move onto to your next task. Your life from now on will be about tests and endurance, and homage and obeisance, punishment and even enjoyment, eventually. Anyway we need a name for you and I have decided to christen you Latexa, not very original I admit but an appropriate name after my favourite material. After awhile you and Latexa will be as one, synonymous. Latexa and her latex, never without it. You think I am crazy perhaps, well, we will see, with training, indoctrination, punishment and reward even the most intelligent of humans will choose the path of least resistance, time is the only question. Your previous name, life, is of no consequence, you are Latexa, you answer to nothing else, and I shall be Rubberman.” She groaned quietly, wow that was original, it was rather strange that she knew his name even before he told her! “There is no need for personalities or cute names, I am Rubberman your master, in charge of your existence, so you can enjoy my pleasures or suffer them, your choice. Now you will find a silver grey leotard in your closet. It is halter topped, high at the hip and with exposed shoulders. Put it on the bed and powder yourself and I will be down in 5 minutes.”

He strapped the inhalation canister to his back. There were holes in the sides but the old rubber in the canister gave off an almost overpowering smell. From his collection of gasmasks he selected a full head mask with no zip, a tight fit as he pulled it over his head. He felt almost trapped in it as the collar thwapped around his neck. The eyepieces were tinted and all he could see in the mirror was this insect- like face. Leaning back he drew the corrugated hoses over his head, both hoses resting on his shoulders and then screwed the metal attachment to the mask. He thought of gagging himself to make the smell even stronger but he wanted to talk to Latexa during the training. Once the hose was tightened, he became assailed by the sweet aroma of rubber and drawing it deep into his lungs he almost became dizzy. He then draped a heavy latex cape over his shoulders, it had a long chain that he passed under the hose and attached at his chin. There were studs at the front and two reinforced slits at the shoulders that allowed his arms through. It was black inside and grey on the outside and it offset his silver suit well. 

He peered through his darkened lenses and heard his own rasping breath. He was quite a shocking sight – Darth Vader in high heels! The feel and cling of the latex, the shine and gloss, the almost suffocating gasmask, and the rustling cape made his heart pound. What would be her reaction? He left, delighting in the rustle of the cape. 

Downstairs she had listened to his speech with a mix of foreboding and anticipation. She looked upon this, like everything else in life as a challenge and she was not going to roll over and play dead for anyone. If this is going to be her life without possibility of escape then she would make the best of it. She took off her dressing gown and opened the closet, again bombarded by the rubber aroma. She pulled out the leotard, laid it on the bed, then quickly powdered herself. She turned to hear the door open, and he came in. She gasped, holy shit, what a get-up, he certainly knew how to make an entrance. She remembered to drop to her knees, hands behind, she eyed him up and down, trying to show no fear. She saw his grey leotard was similar to hers. The facemask was quite shocking and the sound of his wheezing breath was unnerving. He slowly approached her, for a man very steadily on his high heels, and laid his latex hand on her masked head and pressed it onto his groin. She did not resist, what point was there? She had earlier had her face thrust into the nurse’s bum so this was not something to get upset about at this stage.

“Kiss me, “the voice distant and distorted commanded. “Lick me and nuzzle me and show me your complete obedience.” He folded the flaps of his cape around her head and pulled her tight to his groin. It was dark, clammy but she had air at least. His cock was big and hard, resting to the left of the zip, his balls held in the latex pouch resting either side. She wondered when she would get poked by this big dick, and where, in her mouth, pussy or arse! She was experienced in sex but with people she knew, she could feel an affinity with, but this was different, anonymous and definitely kinky. She shivered as she licked the pungent rubber feeling the hard cock on her tongue. She wondered about her name, Latexa, well it wasn’t too bad, she could get used to it. But Rubberman, well that was a bit over the top although he certainly was a “rubber man” all right. 

As she continued to lick and nuzzle in her dark pungent prison she thought his strange obsession and the cost and effort he had gone to. Among consenting adults, who cares, but she thought that was probably not a big enough kick for him. He wanted to kidnap, humiliate and take over the mind and body of a woman that is not interested or turned on (yet!) by these fetishes. Did he think she would relent and fall for him, settle down and live happily ever after? Could she do that? Who knows, would he care? Yes, she thought he probably would, it would make life easier – for both of them. 

She resolved to play it by ear, resist a little, yield a little – sucking cock was not going to kill her, nor enemas, nor a wooden horse with a dildo in the saddle. She was not claustrophobic, so the bed and cocoon, while intimidating and no doubt uncomfortable she would survive. Maybe she could get some pleasure from all of this, she determined to do so for what was the option, a wasted, miserable existence and that was not for her. He opened the cape, releasing his hand from her head. The light and fresh air rushed in but she maintained her position against his groin. 

“Well done Latexa, you learn fast, now rise and let me examine you.” She did and stared into the bottomless black lenses of the mask, hearing his breathing, smelling his heavy rubber aroma. 

“I want to talk to you briefly. You will only talk when ordered to, you understand. You will reply to my questions and orders but will not volunteer any opinions, unless requested.” He felt her bright eyes piercing his lenses, and she certainly didn’t seem intimidated. Maybe he would step up his programme a little.

“How are you finding the mask, not too tight? You should be warm and a little damp inside it by now.” For a second she thought about not communicating with this person…this caped thing…. but then decided it would be one of the few ways to create a rapport, learn more about him, maybe even get to know him (know thy enemy!). She coughed, she hadn’t really spoken in a week, being gagged or under threat of gagging.

“Well, er…..Rubberman….master…..”

“Either will do Latexa…. but well done for remembering, either, and nothing else.”

“It is not uncomfortable, no, my cropped hair helps a lot. It is tight but I suppose…… comfortable although I can’t believe I am saying that.” What am I saying? She thought.

“Well I have many more masks and helmets, not all so comfortable of course but I am delighted to see you are adjusting so well to your new life here, for that is what it is. What about the enema?”

“No, Rubberman, I cannot say I was at all comfortable, in fact it was quite painful, being suspended upside down with half a gallon of water inside me. Then plugged by a dildo for half an hour, no, not fun.” She said dryly. 

“You will get used to it over time Latexa, you are cleansed in and out now, ready for a full days training. Tell me, were the piercings very painful?” He placed a rubber forefinger through each nipple ring and slowly raised her up on tiptoe. She took a breath and winced, adjusting her balance.

“Oh yes Rubberman, it really hurt, the four labial rings in particular. But don’t tell me you are concerned.”

“Don’t push your luck Latexa, otherwise immediate punishment, remember?” He slowly twisted the rings and she gasped. “I may hang you up by these.”

“Ow, ow Rubberman, please, aaahhh.”

He lowered his arms. “Stay on your toes, I wish to inspect my….. product. You have a wonderful body Latexa, so wasted on normal attire, latex will enhance you, you will see.” He walked around her, admiring every curve, mound and crevice. 

“Bend over and clasp your ankles.” She did so slowly, it was not easy when you are on tiptoe but she clasped her ankles, her firm muscled legs like columns. He bent over and spread her cheeks. Jesus, she thought, he’s going to ram me here and now, but no, his thumb pressed her bud, slightly tender from the enema and dildo.

“What a tight fine sphincter, perhaps a little looser now than before. It will be stretched and expanded in the future, for I have lots of plans for it. And your buttocks are superb too, demanding to be paddled. Okay, you can stand now and you can lower your feet. Time for your morning exercise, we want to keep that beautiful body of yours in shape. You look like a runner, do you run?” He handed her the grey leotard and went to the closet. She stepped into the panty section of the leotard, shivering at its coolness. It was tight around the arse and crotch and high hipped so that it almost cut into her two crevices and rubbed against her four labial rings. 

“Yes Rubberman, I used to run a lot, and swim, and ride (she thought of the wooden horse in the next room, for some reason) and play tennis and I used to wrestle at University.” He came back to her holding a pair of expensive runners and handed them to her.

“Oh, really Latexa, that sounds so exciting. Perhaps we can have a wrestle some day, no holds barred, all dressed in rubber. Wrestle for reward, victory brings you freedom; that would be an incentive.” He was playing with her and she knew it, but yes, just give me a chance, you’re bigger, heavier, but not by much. I however have the experience and the guile; it could be a close contest. She leant over and pushed her arms through the shoulders of the leotard. It was a tight fit and pulled the crotch even higher. 

He zipped her up, enjoying seeing her enveloped in her grey suit of armour. Glancing in the mirror she could not help but admit that she looked fantastic, the silver latex enhancing her every curve, pushing her breasts into perfect globes. Her head of course was covered so she didn’t see herself but a physical goddess. Although cold at first, she was now getting used to the qualities of latex and how it warmed up quickly and how it squeezed her body, in a pleasant way. She was a little ashamed to admit it. He was right about its sensuous feel all right. She bent down, her arse in the air and put on the runners. Every thing fit perfectly, but then her captors had given him her measurements. 

“You are a wonder, Latexa.” Although she hated what he had done to her, how he had in effect taken away her previous life, she was flattered by the statement, but it wasn’t flattery because she did look great, certainly better than in a three-piece suit or a dress. They went to the living room; he pointed to the treadmill and told her she had three minutes for stretches. Pretending he wasn’t there she went through her routine, her eyes closed in concentration, leaning, bending and holding. It felt wonderful and in this outfit she knew she was kind of flirting, as she knew he was watching. But he brought her back to reality very quickly by slapping her buttocks hard. 

“Latexa, don’t try to flirt with me, I will tell you when you can and can’t parade yourself in front of me. I think perhaps you need bringing down a peg; you seem inordinately cocky for the position you are in. Here, step on the treadmill.” She was kicking herself for her stupidity, she hadn’t been there a day and now she would pay. She stepped on the treadmill and he wrapped a thick rubber belt around her waist and clipped it to a chain at the front of the machine.

“How far do you normally run and for how long?”

“Oh, not far Rubberman, a couple of miles, maybe 8 or 9 minutes each.”

“Your body betrays you, Latexa, I won’t be lied to and you will be punished for that. Let’s see, 6 miles and in 45 minutes; that is over 7 minutes a mile, you should be able to do that.” He punched in the figures on the machine. “In fact you will have to, and just to make it a little more interesting…..” He grabbed the gasmask from the wall. 

“Do not even think about raising your hands, now lower your head. You are lucky this time, there is no dildo inside, so you can breath through nose and mouth but you will still get a good fill of the rubber fragrance. That is what I am breathing now so we can breathe it together.” He pulled the tight mask over her head and zipped it down the back and over her leotard. She breathed in slowly and looked through the lenses to see a mirror image – him peering back, only wearing a cape. Breathing by her nose only was almost dizzying so she tried to breathe by mouth only. 

He pressed the start button and off she went, trying to adjust to the pace of the treadmill, first at a trot then a jog and then a smooth run. She didn’t tell him she could do six and a half minute miles but that was without a gasmask! It took three or four minutes but soon she was in a steady rhythm, however heat was already building up under her two masks and the air was so perfumed from the canister and hose. Looking down, she saw him settle into a chair in front of her, spreading his cape over himself and studying her intensely. Oh boy, he thought, have I lucked out, she’s worth so much more than a lousy 50,000 pounds. Look at the body, the breasts bouncing firmly up and down, and tight bum trying to resist the rubber riding up her crack, firm muscled legs pumping away and the head encased in two layers of rubber. What torment is going through her mind as she inhales the fragrant smell of latex? She is sweating now, by the end it will be pouring down the inside of her mask. With his enormous hard-on covered by the cape he settled in to enjoy the spectacle. 

After half an hour her form began to lag. Her running style was good, high knees and long strides (oh, what a fine pony she will make) but obviously the length of the hose and the limited air was getting to her. Her arms and legs glowed with sweat and inside the leotard she was awash with the sweat nowhere to go. Inside the mask it would be running down her collar and into her suit, but some would get into her eyes. He felt some pity for her as she started to groan and breathe very heavily but this would be a good test of her fortitude.

“About ten minutes more, Latexa.” He looked into her lenses and saw distress and alarm.

“Please, Rubberman, please, no more….”

“No talking now, Latexa, do you want further torment? Another ten minutes perhaps?”

“Oh, no….no.” And she dug her head down and ran on. She leant down and pressed her thumbs under the rear of her costume and a shower of sweat poured out. With five more minutes to go he was not sure she was going to make it, sweat dripping from her, but the treadmill was wet and he didn’t want her slipping and breaking a limb. He stood up.

“All right Latexa, you’ve done quite well, there’s only three minutes left but I don’t want you falling on this surface so I will stop…..”

“Noooo,” she screamed, “leave me to finish!” He was shocked at her reply and admired her spirit but he did not appreciate her taking the initiative. However he left her to finish. The machine halted and she began to collapse to the side. Her held her waist and unclipped the waistband. She put her arm round his neck, gulping for air, her head drooped. He removed the gasmask, droplets of sweat and saliva falling to the ground, the rest was clearly inside the mask and suit. Saliva streaked her face and her eyes were bloodshot from the salty sweat. 

But she recovered amazingly as she sat in the chair and said. “Thank you Rubberman, I am fine now and I appreciate you allowing me to finish your task.”

“You disobeyed me Latexa, while I admire your will, I do not tolerate wilfulness. I will not punish you this time as you were no doubt trying to please me but in future you will always obey me, even if my orders should change. You now have an hour to wash and powder your suit and mask. You need fluids and also some food, I would suggest. In an hour I will advise you of your next costume and task.” As he was leaving he turned, as she was stripping the sodden leotard off herself. “You have done well so far Latexa, you have a tough streak in you. That can be good as it was now, or bad for you should you cross me. You have passed another test, but like Hercules, be warned they will get more diverse and tougher. Part of the fun is for me to find your limits.”

He left, and exhausted for now, she went to the bathroom pulling off her mask, her face red from exertion. Her body ached, as she hadn’t run in over a week and her diet for the last few days had been lousy, so she figured she had done pretty well. Although he had warned her for disobeying him she was happy she had as it had shown him her spirit. She would just have to be careful not to go too far. She thought back to the run, the last 10 minutes had been hell, the masks were hot cauldrons and the sweat was everywhere. She had hoped for some small sign of sympathy but got none. Except at the end when she collapsed and he held her under his arm and she rested against him. So she enjoyed that small victory of completion of the task, as she bathed. She washed her breasts and crotch feeling the six rings, and decided there and then, that she would wear them not as a sign of submission but with pride. Yes, they were forced on her, she could do nothing about that but now they were welded on and very difficult to remove, they were hers, not his. 

She towelled off, washed and powdered the leotard and mask, and rather than put it away she examined some other masks in the mask drawer. Yes, they were of all sizes and designs. Well, for at least half an hour I’ll try to live the semblance of a normal life, she thought, and she selected a transparent mask the thinness of gossamer, as thin as a condom. She was careful not to rip it as she gently pulled it on. It had eyes and mouth holes and fitted skin tight, she felt like cock with a condom on! In the mirror she could vaguely detect her features. Her friends (where were they now?) would detect her but he would not – which is what he wanted anyway. It was so thin she was able to move her features very easily, and although she didn’t want to admit it she found it comfortable. She decided to treat herself and applied a thick coat of scarlet lipstick that he had provided in the bathroom. Frankly he had thought of everything, even tampons for goodness sake. He was more attentive than most men she knew! She also applied dark eye shadow through the large eyeholes in the mask. She also decided to dress “normally” for this short period, they’d all be in rubber, but at least they would be stylish. 

First, she selected a pair of olive green stockings and attached them to a plain white garter belt. She had to admit she liked the smooth, cool cling. It was a sensuous material there was no doubt. Again she admired herself in the mirror, was she becoming vain in this short time or did she admit that the rubber enhanced her already superb features. Well, fess up girl, you do like it! Next came a pair of plain white latex panties, which she pulled tight, feeling them press her labial rings. After that came a plain white bra with underpinning (which she didn’t need) which forced her breasts into pointy torpedoes! Very sexy, but who am I doing this for? Me, of course and why not, I must get some fun somewhere, and she admitted that this was fun. She then stepped into a brown latex mandarin styled dress. It was very tight and she leant forward and eased her arms into the sleeves. Leaning back she attached the zip at her bum to the small pulley in the wall between the closets she’d seen earlier and almost groaned with pleasure as she enveloped herself. Then she strutted around the room for a couple of minutes, having a little fun. 

She couldn’t imagine how fashion designers or the public had not latched on to the qualities of rubber. It was probably the sweat because she sure sweated in them, but now she really didn’t mind that – unless you were running 6 miles! She leaned close to the mirror, the thin latex stretched tight over her features and yet she was detectable to herself, but what would he think? Was she a real woman or a rubber doll with a big rubber “o” for a mouth? She was beginning to understand the anonymity issue. With a mask you could be anyone you wanted to be, acting outrageously to feel pleasure, and pain. Yes, she could see that part of it now. 

“Latexa, bad news I am afraid. I have an urgent meeting in town that I cannot put off. I won’t be back for our next session for a couple of hours so I must leave you to your own devices, so do as you wish but be ready when I return.” So she had two hours herself. She rested a while in her new latex outfit and watched a DVD about some rubber academy, with a thin story line about women trained in latex, strapped down on beds and massaged by Dominas. They were always masked and often gagged, and their fine bodies were always in all sorts of fine rubber clothes. They were constantly having orgasms and she couldn’t tell if they real or forced. But they seemed to be really getting into it, and the production was so much better than the average “suck and fuck” porno movies she had seen. 

Over the next half hour she noticed she was gradually being drawn into the movie, and now empathising with the plight of the trainees as they were subjugated and immersed in rubber. Part of her almost wished to be there as the trainees were fondled and brought to very real looking orgasms. Then she wanted to be the warden – doing the fondling, making the girl come and come, plugged in pussy, arse and mouth. She was wet now and her nipple rings were making her nipples tender. She didn’t know what was coming over her; she had been here only a day. She wondered if he had drugged her food, for she felt a little high. Well if he wasn’t going to bonk her, then maybe she should satisfy herself while she could. She was not ashamed of this thought, for she had pleasured herself before. Now she thought of that carnival horse in the torture room! She had always loved riding and with that dildo in the saddle maybe she could get double the pleasure. Why not, she thought, “ride a cock horse” and she laughed out loud at her coarse humour, well she still had that. He’d be back in an hour, plenty of time to have a ride, get changed and be ready for him and his warped mind – hers wasn’t that pristine either, she chuckled. 

So she undressed herself and returned the “normal” clothes to the closet and towelled herself off (she was damp between her legs!). She kept her thin mask on, she really was getting quite used to it and she liked the damp embrace and the semi-anonymity, and it still allowed her lipstick and eye shadow to accentuate her femininity. She had no hair to show off, but like everything else she seemed to be getting used to that. She wanted to wear something to get in and out of quickly, and a black one-piece catsuit with front zip and zips at crotch and arse caught her eye. Long sleeved with feet and gloves attached, it would be perfect. With breath held she slipped into the suit, smoothing out any wrinkles and air pockets, she pulled it up over her bum, then slid her arms down the sleeves, squeezing out any air. She zipped it up from her waist to chin and now she was snug. Like a shiny black seal, she was smooth and glossy, offset only by her transparent head mask and make-up.

God, she felt horny, she was wet already, what was happening to her? She entered the “torture chamber” (her name!) and approached the horse. Okay, how does this work again? On a platform in front was a four inch posture collar with long chain, a set of wrist cuffs also fixed to a chain, both of which had plenty of play and she figured they were designed to keep her on the horse but with plenty of play to release herself following the ride.

Fine, got it, she thought so she wrapped the rubber lined metal collar round her throat and it clicked into place. It had a simple release, but held her neck firm and erect, giving her a fine upright pony riding posture, the chain hanging down to her crotch. Each of the rubber lined metal cuffs had a separate chain that joined into a single one after about two feet. The single chain was also two feet long, allowing her plenty of room so she could grip the pommel in front. The operating panel looked a bit complicated and she didn’t want to screw up by hitting the wrong buttons but there was a start time and duration as well manual and auto buttons. She set the time to start in three minutes and a duration of thirty minutes, that should give her a good ride! Now then, auto or manual? Let’s say auto, then the machine could alter the pace automatically – it seemed to make sense.

She had three minutes to get comfy, so she stood in one stirrup and expertly swung her leg over the saddle. She supported herself on the pommel, arms taut and legs stretched, with her wrist chains draped over the rear of the horse. She stared down at the shiny black dick and with one hand carefully unzipped her crotch, her ringed labia immediately popping through. She manoeuvred herself over it and felt it nudge her lips, she was very moist and needed no lubrication and with mouth slightly open lowered herself, wriggling slightly to left and right. It was thicker than she thought originally and rubbed her insides very nicely. 

Oh, God, after a week in rubber hell (was it really hell, not really she had to admit) it felt so good to have this in her. She clenched her teeth, her breath hissing in and out. She leant over gingerly and extended the stirrups on either side, leaving enough play to stand up but still plugged. She clipped the chain on the collar to the ring at the mane and noticed it protruded from a hole at the horse’s neck but she didn’t think further of it. Slowly turning round she clipped the wrist chain to the ring at the tail. The chain was a little tight but she was able to grip the pommel with both hands. Mmmm, this felt good, she could wriggle in the seat and lift up a bit in the stirrups. Come on, horsy, let’s go. The anticipation was awful, did she press the right buttons? 

Then she heard a hum, but the horse did not buck, instead through some kind of internal motor, her collar chain was drawn into the horse’s neck and the wrist chain was drawn into the horse’s tail! As her hands were pulled off the pommel and dragged behind her she said loudly, fighting her restraints.

“Oh, fuck, oh no, jeez, what have I done, oh shit.” But the chain was pulled behind her until it was quite taut, with just a little play. Her collar had some play too, but it was now obvious she was impaled, erect and barely able to move on this until the timer ended.

“You stupid, thoughtless twit.” She said as she stared ahead at the mirror. Then it happened, the horse started to rock in a circular, yet tilting movement. And even more shockingly the dildo started to move in and out, she had not noticed it was separate from the saddle. So now as she rocked back and forth, the dildo started to pump in and out of her wet pussy. Very soon however, she had forgotten her inescapable state as the dildo worked its magic and she experienced a supreme wave of pleasure. Within minutes her suit and mask were wet inside but she was almost oblivious as she rode the rubber dick. Her arms were starting to cramp and her juices were darkening the saddle, and her rubber covered bum slid on it. She came in a crescendo that she had never had during normal sex. 

“Oh God, Latexa, (she called herself that!) you crazy cow, you will never last another ten minutes.” She wanted on the one hand to kick herself for her stupid arrogance but her body was experiencing sensations it rarely had before. Suddenly the machine slowed down and the chains loosened, and she was able to move her arms and body and get some blood flowing. But they were not loose enough to bring forward to release herself. This man was a clever fiend. He simply thought of everything, yes, everything. She sat slumped in the saddle, looking down at her juices that were smeared over the saddle. Well, she had to admit it had been a hell of a ride. She breathed heavily, appreciating the break, but not knowing what was next. She was hot and wet, her mask was clammy but there was an inner warmth in her belly and chest and that she credited to the dildo.

Then came the hum again and the chains tightened, pulling her arms back behind her, and she rode again, the dildo pumping inside her sodden quim. The cock thrust in and out for another half hour and then stopped again. She sagged in the saddle for another five minutes, and it started again. Was there no release from this sublime torture? The cycle repeated itself twice more and by now she was nearing unconsciousness. If she wasn’t held up by the chains and impaled then she would have simply fallen off. Why wasn’t it releasing her? She’d pressed the auto-ride but then it dawned on her that it was auto-time! She came to the conclusion that she was on this until Rubberman turned it off. Oh boy, was she in for it when he returned. She could see his reaction, taking “pleasure” while he was gone. Her pussy would be raw, her thighs chapped, her arms cramped by the time he returned. Again she drifted off, and then she heard his voice.

“Latexa, I’m back and looking forward to your further education. My meeting took longer than I thought. I trust you have occupied yourself (she groaned aloud). I want you naked except of course except for your mask, and I will be down in five minutes.” 

Oh well, time for your lumps, Latexa, she groaned and then the horse started again! This was too much, but five minutes later she heard him. 

“Latexa, where are you and why are you not kneeling in front of me here?’

“I’m in here, Rubberman, in here.” She panted loudly. Oh fuck, she was in for it now. He entered the chamber slowly and she saw him in the mirror, and although she was nearly fainting she had to admire his uniform. Black rubber jodhpurs tucked into knee high boots, a military style tunic with buttons and belt and underneath a white shirt and formal black tie. His head was masked in tight black latex. The effect was as if the SS had changed to latex! He meant business she thought.

“Well well, Latexa, your curiosity got the better of you, I see, and you weren’t quite smart enough to figure out the machine panel.” He turned the machine off and she brought her arms forward to the pommel and tried to relax. She raised herself slightly and there was an audible slurp from her pussy, her juices dripping down her latex legs and the saddle.

“Release yourself and get off, if you can, that is,” he ordered sardonically, clearly he was supremely pissed off. She lifted herself up and over and onto the floor. She swayed with fatigue and leaned against the horse. She felt stupid and humiliated. He looked at her, his comments filled with distain.

“You can zip yourself up, keep the collar and cuffs on. You appear quit pretty under that mask, but frankly right now I don’t want to see any more of you. You’ve been very bad, maybe as a punishment I will get you to lick your saddle clean. How about that?” 

She was humbled, she knew she was beautiful but now he wanted his rubber doll again, she thought she had earned just a bit of respect, even an ounce, but she’d screwed that up. He took off her wrist and collar chains and went to her bedroom. She waited, hands behind her back, as submissive as possible. He returned with one of his gasmasks and two lengths of chain. Oh shit, this won’t be fun, she thought. 

“This mask is one of my favourites; you will wear it for the next hour or so. You will see it is full head with lenses, and here is a breathing bag with a valve, so I can control your air intake. However, note that opposite the mouth there is a hole of about one and a half inches in diameter and designed to accommodate this, a rubber dildo. So, I push this through the hole and into you mouth and attach it by these straps to your mask. Ingenious, yes? There is just one final touch. The end of the dildo is attached to the valve on the breathing bag. In order for you to get air from the bag you must suck in the dildo all the way to the back of your throat. Believe me, it works. If you don’t suck it in all the way, you don’t get air. Having this pushing the back of your throat will need some getting used to, so you will have to learn fast. Are you good at fellatio, deep throat? Well you will be by the end of this! Learn fast, Latexa.”

She stared at him and then, resigned and defeated, lowered her head and he slipped it over and zipped it down the back, over the metal collar. She could breathe all right now, but not for long. He took her by the arm and pushed her hard into the full-length latex pillar. Without a further order she wrapped her arms around it. 

“Good, you are learning fast again, but don’t expect any pity from me today.” She didn’t, she just wanted this all to pass. He clipped her cuffs together, allowing her some movement, her chest hugging the pillar. Then he attached a chain on her collar, wrapped it round the pillar and attached it back onto her collar. Now she was truly vulnerable. He was now being quite rough. He gripped her head and turned it to the side. She could see him smile behind the mask. He showed her the cock close up. 

“Open wide now and get ready for some serious fellating.” Should she clench her teeth? No, this was not the time; she looked up to see him gleefully cram it into her mouth. It was a smooth, tight fit in the mask and he had to push hard, but she felt it slide past her lips and over her tongue. Finally it embedded itself, flattening her tongue and he clipped the holding straps to studs on the mask. 

She stared up at him, mute! She tried to breathe, she couldn’t! She screamed into the gag – you’re suffocating me! He smiled but did nothing, and in desperation she sucked on the rubber cock, drawing it to the back of her throat and then she breathed in latex scented air. But the cock was resting at the back of her throat and she felt like gagging so she pushed it forward – and cut off her air! This was a devilish, fiendish punishment. She sucked hard again, the cock sliding to the back of her throat and she got air again. God, how long would she have to endure this? She had considered herself skilled at the art of fellatio but had never taken a man to the back of her throat for any length of time, well now she had to learn. She pleaded with her eyes but to no effect, he simply smiled down at her and slapped her bum!

“Good, you’ll get the hang of it, but now for your discipline.” Now! She thought, isn’t this enough? Obviously not, for he quickly returned with a large hard rubber paddle, like a large table tennis bat. 

“I used to get six of the best at my school, they were one of the last to give up corporal punishment, more’s the pity. But you have been very bad indeed and you do have rubber to protect your beautiful arse so I think ten on each cheek with the paddle. I will take my time, allowing you to recover, we have all afternoon, but it will be painful I guarantee.” Twenty, she thought as she struggled to suck on the cock. I won’t make it, I will faint or have a heart attack. So much for getting enjoyment out of her predicament! Well that had gone all wrong.

She hugged the latex post, her arse sticking out, such and easy target. She peered through her lenses at the mirror and saw herself wrapped around a pillar; her bleak mask staring back, her breathing bag dangling down. Then she saw him, without warning, swing in a full arc, and land the paddle on her left buttock with a loud thwap! Jesus, she screamed into the gag and immediately cut off her air. Then she saw the next coming, thwap! She started to wriggle her bum to avoid the pain but he placed his hand on her bottom.

“Do not move Latexa, take your poison that you deserve. You avoid one hit, and I will repeat the ten, from the start. We could be here all afternoon!” She screamed into her gag as the third and fourth arrived in quick succession. Her arse was on fire and sweat popped up inside her masks. She concentrated on breathing and sucking the cock, trying to lock out the pain. He finished the ten on her left cheek and raised her head to him.

“Good Latexa, you are holding up well, how is the cock, sliding in and out easily I hope.” She tried to shout out “fuck you” but all that came out was an “mmm mmm” plus her air being cut off! She sucked again and breathed in more rubber. Then he moved to her other side and began on her right buttock. He was methodical, allowing her to scream to her hearts content, for little sound could she make. As he came to the end, she started to slip down the post, air was hard to come by, all the energy she had put into sucking, breathing and screaming had finally got to her and she started to slide down then post and her lenses went dark. 

He looked down at her; she had been wonderful. What a tough, sexy woman she was. He was mad at her for disobeying him, but she had sought out the dildo saddle herself and had survived it, for how long, more than an hour. He was in some degree of awe at her sexual appetite and ability to accept pain. He had to take control here, but maybe he had overdone the paddling. She’d be sore, mouth and arse! But this had been the most satisfying day of his life. He bent down and unstrapped the cock gag, admiring her fine white even teeth. He released her chains and allowed her to regain her senses. He thought she may cry from the pain, but no. She winced and gasped for air but made no further noise. She had wonderful discipline!

“Very good, Latexa, I think now you need a rest. I am still mad with you for disobeying me, but there is no point in me destroying my prize on the first day, is there? So I have decided you can have the rest of the day off to ponder your past errors, and how you had better improve on your behaviour in the future. Be ready for nurse tomorrow morning!”

He left without further comment. She stood up, still in a bit of a haze, on the one hand she was glad of the break but on the other she had wanted to get a little inside this man, to get an edge, to earn a bit of his trust. Well she had blown that. She left the chamber, more staggering than walking, and returned to her quarters. She pulled off both masks. Her face was red and her lips puffy, and as she drew down her sodden catsuit and painfully eased herself out of it, she noticed her other lips were pink and puffy too!

Almost in a trance she cleaned and powdered the clothes then sank into a hot bath with an enormous glass of whiskey. Her arse was red and throbbing and she leant on her side and gently rubbed soap over it while pondering her first 24 hours. How many more of these could she survive? He had an endless imagination and would surely put her through many more trials. Yet, again she had to admit that her sexuality had been awoken and challenged and the orgasms she had experienced were something she had never felt before, so, there were compensations. After a good hour in the bath she got out, pink, wrinkled but ready for food and then an early bed. She wrapped herself in the cool white latex dressing gown, made a simple omelette and salad from the well-stocked fridge, together with a glass of wine, and finished them in no time. Nothing like about 50 orgasms and a good paddling to get your appetite up!

It was still only eight but she was ready for bed. From the closet she selected a pretty pink latex teddy! She wanted to feel attractive again, maybe he was watching and she would be able to elicit some sympathy. She drew the tight frilly panties up her thighs and the cool cling of them on her hot buttocks was a great relief. Her arse ring still ached and her pussy lips were still swollen but she found the gentle cling of the rubber reassuring. She dropped the teddy over her head, it was thin and cool and almost see-through. She felt like a naughty teenager again as she selected one of the magazines and slipped, shivering, into the cool black latex sheets. Soon they warmed up as she thumbed through the pages of the magazine (know thy enemy!). 

It showed people at gatherings and parties, all dressed in rubber costumes of the wildest designs. They were all having a whale of a time and seemed normal. Well of course they were, what did she expect, slathering vampires? She had heard of these balls where up to 3,000 or even more partied over the weekend. She thought it might be fun. There were also sections on safe, consensual bondage and latex maintenance, some fiction and at the back an enormous classified section. She realised it was a huge cottage industry with hundreds of small outfits providing every service or product imaginable. All this information was tiring her, so she turned off the light and snuggled up in the now warm, pungent rubber that she now began to look upon as comforting. She would endeavour to be obedient and willing tomorrow, but always with an eye for escape. Maybe she could get a step-up on that combination lock. Within no time she was in a deep sleep. 

Upstairs, he revelled in a wonderful day. She was beyond his dreams. Even her disobedience was to satisfy her sexual desires. He admired her strong will, he did not want to break it, but he would challenge it and use it to his advantage. It was clear she embraced a challenge and it may be a battle of wills, but that would be all the more fun. Tomorrow, the training would continue.



Story continues in Part 4

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