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Snowbound 18: Winning The Lottery

by [email protected]

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story continued from part 17

Chapter 18: Winning The Lottery

The next day, after Cassandra had released Valerie, it was her turn to bathe and prepare her guest. Valerie was soon wearing the “O” dress just like Beth, and the two women would spend the day together.

Cassandra again wore her Maid’s uniform, but Mistress Allison did not lock the collar around her neck. She wondered why, but did not ask. Mistress Allison did not do anything without a reason, so she knew that whatever the cause, she would discover it later.

When Kate told her later that afternoon that Mistress Allison wanted to see her in the Library, she summoned up her courage and knocked on the door.

“Enter!” said Mistress Allison.

Cassandra entered, and closed the door behind her, and saw that Mistress Allison was clad in her PVC bodysuit. A scene with the Mistress was a distinct possibility!

“You wanted to see me, Mistress?”

“Yes, Cassandra. Please have a seat.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Cassandra replied as she took the chair in front of Mistress Allison’s desk.

“Did you have a nice time yesterday?”

“Yes, Mistress. It was the best day of my life,” Cassandra answered.

“I have already spoken today with both Beth and Valerie. Valerie wants to join Beth’s household in bondage, just as she did before. I can test Valerie with the whip, but you proved yesterday that she has indeed been trained. So I can find no objection to her return. Beth has assured me that she wants to keep you here as well, since you’ve been a good bondage companion.”

“Thank you, Mistress. That’s what I wanted to discuss with you as well,” Cassandra replied.

“What can I do for you then?” asked Mistress Allison.

“I’ve got an idea that should satisfy everyone,” Cassandra began.

Cassandra then stood up from her chair, and walked around Mistress Allison’s desk, and whispered a few words in her ear.

“Well, that is certainly quite a surprise,” said Mistress Allison, “I have heard of some strange things in my time as a Domme, but never one like this!”

“I think that given the circumstances, it would be a good idea for all concerned,” Cassandra replied.

“If Beth and Valerie agree to it, of course,” pointed out Mistress Allison.

“That is why I think that you should be the one to suggest it,” said Cassandra, “it would have more authority coming from you.”

“Yes, I think that you’re right. You do realize that for being so forward with me you deserve the strictest punishment I can mete out!”

“Yes, Mistress. Perhaps you can stretch me out on the rack, which we never got to in Pennsylvania.”

“You’re an incurable painslut, Cassandra.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“When I first saw you, I could never have conceived that you could be such a sexual person,” observed Mistress Allison.

“Beth gave me an opportunity that I never could have dreamed of,” Cassandra replied.

“Yes, of course. That is true for both Kate and myself. I never imagined that I’d be running a bondage fantasy for just one person, on a 24/7 basis,” said Mistress Allison.

“Nor that I would accept the job of bondage companion,” added Cassandra.

“I have to bring your period of relative freedom and gloating to an end, Cassandra. I have to replace your collar and bracelets.”

“Of course, Mistress. Actually, I feel naked without them! They’re a part of me now.”

“I understand. I had a submissive in NYC who was married, her husband was away on business most of the time - a definite prescription for an unhappy marriage - so she would see me for sessions. She used to wear her collar and bracelets and very little else in their luxury apartment. Then one day when she was collared she feel asleep, and her husband wanted to surprise her with flowers. Turns out he was the one surprised!”

Cassandra locked the familiar bracelets on her wrists and ankles, and sat patiently as the collar was locked around her neck. She tested the collar by pulling on of the “D” rings: there was no way the collar would come off unless it was unlocked!

She then placed her index finger under the leather and between the skin of her neck. Cassandra felt how the soft leather snugly molded itself to her neck. It felt reassuring to wear the collar again!

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“You’re welcome, my dear. Now you may help Kate with the house, and I’ll try and figure a way to suggest your idea to Beth.”

“I’m sure you’ll find the right time and circumstance,” said Cassandra.

“Thank you, Cassandra, for your faith in me.”

“You’re welcome, Mistress. As for the right time and place to suggest the idea to Beth. Perhaps a demonstration of my fidelity to Beth?”

“Go ahead, I’m always open to new ideas.”

“Perhaps during a scene where you place Beth on the rack, and I volunteer to take her place,” suggested Cassandra.

“You’re a sneaky devious little bondage slut,” said Mistress Allison.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“You’re welcome, my dear.”


Cassandra went to join Kate in the household duties. First they cleaned the Playroom, and Cassandra had to clean and oil both the crop and whip, while Kate used a steam cleaner on the stone floor.

She was so absorbed in her work, handling the very objects that she had both used on Valerie and had been used on her, she didn’t hear as Kate snuck up on her from behind!

Cassandra felt the apron of her uniform raised, and Kate’s fingers between her legs, reaching for her pussy!

“Aren’t you a little randy today?” Cassandra asked.

“Well, you slept with Valerie, and Mistress Allison had Beth, so that left me with just my vibrator!” laughed Kate.

“If Mistress Allison catches you, we’ll both be punished!” observed Cassandra.

“Which is something that you don’t mind. What were you discussing with Mistress Allison?” Kate questioned.

“That’s just between us.” Cassandra replied.

“I thought we didn’t keep secrets,” protested Kate.

“All will be revealed shortly,” said Cassandra, “now when we finish our chores, then we can fool around!”

“Okay!” Kate answered.


During the next few days, Valerie and Mistress Allison did a few small scenes together. Each time, it was Cassandra who, in her Black Latex Maid’s uniform, would assist! Valerie was tied to the footstool and paddled with the vibrator in her pussy! She was locked in the jail cell for a day or two, and placed on bread and water diet! She was locked in the small cage with a dildo harness, using the new radio controlled one! She was taken down to the Playroom and given a short session on the horse, and later whipped. Kate assisted Mistress Allison then!

All the while, Mistress Cassandra was testing Valerie, to see if she could stand up the rigors of the bondage house that Beth had created. Valerie did not break or ask to be released, but instead enjoyed her submission.

This time, she would not be leaving as before.

Therefore, Cassandra’s suggestion would be taken into effect.


“What are doing here!” demanded Kate as the Library lights were suddenly turned on!

Beth and Cassandra were clad head to toe in black, complete with matching ski masks. Beth was holding a flashlight while Cassandra was attempting to open a safe that had been hidden behind a painting.

Kate was holding a flashlight in one hand, and a gun in the other! She put the flashlight down, and pointed the gun at the two black clad figures!

“Stay right where you are!” Kate ordered. She was wearing a robe over her pajamas, as it was past 11 PM.

Both intruders remained silent and put their hands down to their sides.

“What’s going on?” demanded Mistress Allison when she appeared.

“We have two cat burglars, Mistress. They were trying to open the safe.”

“All right, you two. Put the flashlight down on the floor, and remove those masks!” ordered Mistress Allison.

Beth did as she was told, and she removed her mask at the same time as Cassandra.

“Well, Kate, what do you think of our two prowlers?”

“Very pretty, Mistress. What do they look like underneath?” Kate asked.

“What are your names?” questioned Mistress Allison.



“What are you doing here?”

“Stealing. Look, just let us go, please?” asked Beth.

“Not too likely,” said Mistress Allison.


“All right, you two. I want you both naked! I want all your clothes on the nearest chair, immediately!”


“Now strip!” said Kate, motioning with her gun.

“All right,” Cassandra answered.

“I refuse!” said Beth.

“Strip, honey, or I shoot you and your friend!” Mistress Allison barked, “put your clothes on the chair you won’t be needing them!”

Reluctantly, the two black clad cat burglars stripped naked in front of the gun-toting Mistress! Both were dressed alike: black long-sleeved t-shirts, jeans, and boots. Once they were both naked, Kate looked over their new captives!

“Very impressive, Mistress!” observed Kate.

“In the top left hand drawer of my desk, you’ll find two pair of handcuffs. I want both of you to cuff your hands behind your back, now!”

“Look, I don’t know what kind of kinky game you’re playing, but I’m not interested!” protested Cassandra.

“Shut up, one more word from you and I’m going to call the cops!” shouted Mistress Allison, “not another word, and I want to see those cuffs on your wrists!”

Beth removed the two sets of handcuffs from the desk drawer and handed one to her naked companion. She closed one cuff around her right wrist, the sound of the ratchets indicating the working of the mechanism!

“I want that tight! I don’t want you slipping your wrist through the cuff!” snarled Mistress Allison, “now close it, and the other behind your back!”

First Beth, and then Cassandra, tightened the cuffs first on their right wrist, and then behind their backs, the left!

“Kate, see that the cuffs are tight. Then, collar them!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Kate walked over to the two naked, helpless cat burglars. She made sure that the cuffs were tightly locked on their wrists, and then, from the closet, removed two leather “D” ring collars, which she locked around their neck!

“What’s the meaning of this?” demanded Cassandra, “I’m not into your bondage games!”

“Quiet, slut! Where you’re going, you’re not going to be wearing much clothing!”

“What are you talking about?” Beth questioned.

“Both of you are now merchandise, slut! Your career as cat burglars is now over, and sex slaves has begun!”

“No……no!” Beth screamed.


“What is this?” asked Beth as they were led into the Dungeon.

Beth and Cassandra had been collared, and chained together. Then they both blindfolded, and a leash attached to Cassandra’s collar. Then they were led downstairs, and locked in a cell. After being left alone for a short time, they heard the door opened.

When their blindfolds were removed, Mistress Allison was wearing a Black Latex Bodysuit that hugged all of her female curves, and Kate wore a Black Latex Maid’s uniform!

Taking in the contents of their new surroundings, all that the two naked captives could do was to gasp in horror and astonishment!

“No!” Cassandra cried in fear, “I’ve seen things like this before on TV - you’re sex perverts!”

“Shut up, slave! You’ll bring a high price, provided you get trained first!” Mistress Allison explained.

“What shall we do first, Mistress?” asked Kate.

“Just to show these two what they’re really worth - shave their pussies!” Mistress Allison ordered.

“NO!” cried both Beth and Cassandra in unison!

In preparation for the event, a simple wooden chair had been placed outside the cell. It had been secured to the floor, so the struggling occupant could not turn it over!

Kate unlocked the cell door, and brought out Cassandra first! She was secured to the wooden chair, her legs held open by locking them to a special bar that had been attached to the lower part of the chair legs, which served to keep her pussy obscenely open and exposed!

From a hidden room, nearby Kate removed a shaving cup full of hot lather, and a straight razor! Cassandra looked at the objects with fear in her eyes!

Kate then pulled up a chair in front of the bound Cassandra, and sat down directly in front of her.

“You’ll sit still if you know what’s good for you!” said Kate.

“No, please!” Cassandra begged. She had always been proud of her bush!

“Shut up, cunt!”

Cassandra then experienced the indignity of watching as Kate lathered her pussy! The bristles of the brush irritated her sensitive skin, but it was the sight of the straight razor that filled her with fear!

“Now sit still!” barked Kate.

Cassandra felt the sharp razor begin the job of stripping away her pussy hairs! Bound to the chair, she didn’t move a muscle, deathly afraid that if she moved, she would cut her sex!

Kate worked intently and in silence, her total concentration involved in shaving Cassandra’s pussy totally bare! The razor scraped away at the contours of her sex, leaving it naked as it went!

After what seemed like an eternity, the job was complete! Kate rubbed a soothing balm on the now naked cunt flesh, and released Cassandra!

“You can admire yourself in the cell mirror!” said Kate, “now it’s time for your fellow burglar!”

Cassandra only had time for a brief examination of herself in the mirror as she then watched Beth endure the same indignity! There was total silence in the Dungeon as Beth’s pussy hair was scraped away! The only sound was that of the razor as it exposed Beth’s naked sex!

Finally, the job was done! Beth rejoined Cassandra in the cell, and they looked at each other, now totally naked!

“I’m sorry for bringing you into this!” said Beth, “this was the wrong house to rob!”

“I’ll say it was!” exclaimed Mistress Allison from outside the bars, “you may have broken into this house, but you’ll leave it bound and drugged in a box. From now on, you’re just merchandise! Perhaps you’ll end up as playthings for some oil sheik! They’re just loaded with money, or some Chinese industrialist in the Far East! They just love having white women as sex slaves!”

“No!” Cassandra cried to no effect.

“Now then girls, have you ever been whipped?” demanded Mistress Allison.

“Whipped?” Cassandra replied.

“Yes, whipped! That’s a fairly straightforward question, isn’t it?”

“No, never!” Cassandra answered.

“At least one of you can answer questions. Your new owners will expect you to answer everything immediately and truthfully. If you don’t you’ll be punished, but then again, you’re going to be punished anyway!”

“Why?” asked Beth.

“For not obeying orders, for not giving pleasure, or for no reason at all!” Mistress Allison replied, “now, who goes first?”

Beth and Cassandra looked at each other in fear! First they had lost their clothes, then they had been shaved, and now they were going to be whipped! What further humiliations were they going to have to endure!

“Kate, I want you to take a marker and place their names above their right breasts! This way, we’ll be able to quickly tell who they are!”

Kate secured a marker that was nearby, entered the cell and forced her captives to stay still as she obeyed Mistress Allison’s instructions! Soon, their names were clearly printed above their right breasts!

“Excellent, Kate! Between shaving their pussies and writing their names, you have outdone yourself tonight!”

“Thank you, Mistress!”

“Now, who gets the lash first?” again asked Mistress Allison.

Beth and Cassandra again looked at each other! Everything that had happened to them had stripped them of their dignity! Now it was going to get worse!

“No!” cried Beth, “I won’t be whipped! Please let us go, I have lots of money!”

“I have plenty of money too, and even more once you’ve been sold!” laughed Mistress Allison at her naked captives!

“Kate, get Beth from the cell. Let’s see what happens when the ringleader feels the whip on her naked body!” Mistress Allison ordered.

“Yes, Mistress!”

But it was not to be! When Kate entered the cell, Cassandra made a futile gesture, trying to kick her! With her hands locked behind her back, it didn’t take Kate much effort to grab and subdue the rebellious captive!

Kate then dragged Cassandra, still struggling, out of the cell, and marched her in front of Mistress Allison!

“We appear to have a martyr!” Kate observed, “I guess she wants to take Beth’s place under the lash!”

“Your rebellion will not be tolerated!” said Mistress Allison, “do you think that you are the first girl we’ve ever had to show some defiance! You have earned yourself an even harsher punishment than the whip, Cassandra! You’re going to be stretched on the Rack!”



There was now no stranger tableau in the Dungeon! Beth had been removed from the cell, her wrists and ankles locked into bondage bracelets, secured to spreader bars, and she was hung from the ceiling! Her naked flesh had been lashed a few times by Mistress Allison, leaving a series of red stripes across her naked flesh!

But it was Cassandra who held center stage! After Beth had been whipped, she had been left to hang from the ceiling chain.

For it was now Cassandra’s turn, and her torment would be grueling indeed!

She had been removed from the cell, and hung from the ceiling, same as Beth! However, she was subjected to a session with the whip that had left her screaming in pain and pleasure, her naked body striped with marks that the leather whip had left behind!

Mistress Allison could not believe that Cassandra was capable of taking such punishment! But the naked girl seemed to truly enjoy the whip, and her screams echoed through the stone walls of the Dungeon!

But that was just the start, not the end, of her ordeal!

Once Mistress Allison had finished with the whip, Cassandra had been released from the ceiling chain, given some water, and again locked in the cell, this time by herself!

“Well, Beth, my cat burglar, what do you think of the way that naked females are treated in this house?” taunted Mistress Allison.

“It’s horrible!” Beth replied.

“You had better get used to it honey, because when you’re owned by the Sheik, being whipped will be a part of your normal routine!”

“No!” Beth cried, “I’ll escape!”

“Really! From a castle in the Arabian desert?” Mistress Allison laughed, “once I send a girl there in a box, she is NEVER heard from again!”

“That’s terrible!”

“They have all the money and power! So why shouldn’t they own naked slave girls also? For them, a harem is a sign of status and power! And one filled with white western sluts is their dream! I just supply the merchandise!” laughed Mistress Allison.

Mistress Allison then walked back to the cell, and looked at Cassandra, who was sitting naked on the cot! Whipped, she had never looked so attractive or sexual, and she wished that she could take her to bed now!

But that would have to wait for another day, as Cassandra would now prove her ultimate submission!

“For your defiance earlier, I promised that you would pay a enormous price,” Mistress Allison began.

“You mean being whipped wasn’t enough?” Cassandra replied.

“Being whipped was just for starters!”

“You’re mad!”

“Do you see the things outside your cell? Do you know what any of them are?” asked Mistress Allison.

“I see a cage, stocks, and a rack. And what looks like a sawhorse.”

“Very good, my dear. Do you know that I use all of them in the punishment of naked girls?”

“You’re evil!” Cassandra declared.

Cassandra had to admit to herself that she simply loved doing these scenes! They added to the bondage by providing a fantasy element that helped to spice up the scene! Not that she wasn’t already hot from being stripped, shaved, and whipped!

She wasn’t sure if she would let her bush grow back, or else go bare for a while! That would have to be a decision that she would have to make later.

Once this scene in the Dungeon was complete, of course!

“Now you’re going to pay a terrible penalty for your rebellion, Cassandra! You’re going to be stretched on the rack!” laughed Mistress Allison.

“NO!” Cassandra screamed.

In the weeks prior to this scene, Mistress Allison had taken Cassandra down to the Dungeon and saw to it that she had been trained on the rack properly! Cassandra had been first confined to the rack, stretched out but not taut, and made to stay there for some time!

Then, in later sessions, Mistress Allison had gradually stretched her, turning the big wheel one ratchet at a time!

Mistress Allison had to know if she could take the rack at all (some submissives couldn’t); and how much she could endure (without damaging her body).

So in reality, Cassandra was already experienced on the rack, just as she was with the horse!

“Kate, you may place Cassandra here on the rack!” Mistress Allison ordered her Latex Clad Maid.


So it was that after her ordeal with the whip, a naked and striped Cassandra now lay upon the polished wood, her wrists and ankles held again apart by wooden bars!

Except that now she was being held taut on the rack, her body held in place by a set of stocks for her feet; her wrists locked to a bar that was connected to a wheel above her head!

She was not laying flat, the stocks were inclined a few degrees. So Cassandra had a good view of the Dungeon and all within!


“How do you feel, my dear?” asked Mistress Allison, as she stopped turning the wheel.

“Horrible! Please let me go?” plead Cassandra.

Mistress Allison played with Cassandra’s erect nipples, squeezing and pinching them between her fingers!

“These will look so much better after they’ve been ringed,” Mistress Allison suggested.

“Never!” Cassandra declared.

“That’s a decision for your owner to make, not you!” barked Mistress Allison.

Finished with her nipples, Mistress Allison then ran her hands down Cassandra’s taut belly, and finally her right hand reached between Cassandra’s legs!

“You look so lovely, my dear! You’ll fetch a high price on the block!”


“You’ll leave to please the sheik!”


“If you fail to please the sheik, your punishment will only begin with the whip! He enjoys punishing disobedient girls like you!” Mistress Allison explained.

It was then that Mistress Allison inserted her index and forefinger into Cassandra’s wet sex! Cassandra moaned in pleasure as the two digits pistoned themselves into her raging hot cunt!

“The mouth resists, but the body always says yes!” said Mistress Allison, “you may protest your bondage, but I’ll bet that your whipping has turned you on; and now the rack has added to your arousal! You’ll make a fine addition to a harem!”

“No, no!” Cassandra begged, “please stop!”

Instead of heeding her bound captives request, Mistress Allison continued her stimulation of Cassandra’s newly shaved pussy! The naked girl was simply sopping wet, having been aroused by all the activity that she was undergoing!

Cassandra was simply too good a submissive to be replaced with Valerie, and the more she thought about Cassandra’s crazy idea, the more she liked it.

Yes, tomorrow, in the warm afterglow after the scene, when Beth would be back in her “O” red dress and Cassandra in her Maid’s uniform, then she would suggest the idea to Beth!

“All right, slut, that’s enough!” barked Mistress Allison, as she removed her moist fingers from Cassandra’s sex, and then plunged them into her mouth!

“Clean my fingers of your arousal, you dirty slut! For all your protesting, I think that you’ll actually enjoy being a slave of the Sheik!”

“Mmmmmmmmph!” replied Cassandra, as she did as she was told!

Then, Mistress Allison removed her fingers from Cassandra’s mouth and again stepped to the top of the rack!

“I think that you need a little more stretching, Cassandra!”

Click! Click! Click!

The metallic sounds of the ratchets reverberated like gunshots in the dungeon! With no other sounds, each click tightened the rack, stretching Cassandra that much more!

Click! Click! Click!

“Are you going to submit to the Sheik?” demanded Mistress Allison.

“Yes, yes!” Cassandra cried.

“Good, then I can release you!” Mistress Allison replied, “for you have accepted slavery, my dear!”


“That was very brave of you,” said Beth, as she placed ointment on Cassandra’s whip marks, “how do you feel?”

“Beaten,” Cassandra answered.

They were both naked and locked in the cell together, after having been released from their bondage. Mistress Allison and Kate had left them alone together to rend to their wounds!

“I’m sorry, Cassandra, to have dragged you into this! I had no idea that robbing this Mansion would set us up to be sex slaves!” exclaimed Beth.

“There’s nothing we can do about it!” said Cassandra, pulling at the leather of her collar, “there’s no way to get this off, and there’s no escape from this cell, either! What are we going to do!”

“Look between my legs!” cried Beth, “I always used to be so proud of my pussy! Now I’m shaved!”

“What kind of perverts have we fallen in with?”

“People who have no compunction to sell us as slaves!” Beth answered.

“No!” Cassandra cried.

Beth then took Cassandra in her arms, and comforted her. She kissed her on the cheeks and lips, then down onto her breasts!

“No, I don’t want to make love just now!” Cassandra cried.


Beth continued her lovemaking, and soon Cassandra lay back and let her naked companion kiss her breasts, and begin to lick her cunt!

“We’ll always have each other!” cooed Beth.

Their whipped and abused naked bodies gave their lovemaking a hurried pace, as Beth, with her face between Cassandra’s legs, quickly brought her to a raging orgasm!

“Aaaaaaaah!” Cassandra moaned, “I’m coming!”

Already sexually stimulated by the nights events, Cassandra came quickly! Her body shuddered as the orgasm tore through her, tears streaming from her eyes!

But eventually, her tortured and battered body ran out of steam, and her shaking came to a stop.

Once Beth had cleaned herself of Cassandra’s secretion, they lay together naked on the cot as the lights dimmed. They fell asleep together, face to face and breast to breast!

Cassandra noted the smile on Beth’s face!

Yes, this had been a good scene indeed! Beth was sure to appreciate her “sacrifice” by going on the rack!

And hopefully, she would accept her idea from Mistress Allison tomorrow!

The End of Chapter Eighteen

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Story continues in Part 19

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