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Snowbound 17: The Bondage Evaluation

by [email protected]

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story continued from part 16

Chapter 17: The Bondage Evaluation

When Cassandra was finally able to tear herself away from seeing how the Black PVC Catsuit hugged every curve of her body, Kate escorted her down to the Library where Mistress Allison was waiting!

After knocking and gaining entrance, she found that both Beth and Valerie were now naked, collared, and wearing nothing but bondage bracelets and high heels. They were both kneeling in front of Mistress Allison’s Library desk.

“Ah, Cassandra! I see that Kate has dressed you in a Catsuit,” began Mistress Allison, “very flattering!”

“Thank you, Mistress!” Cassandra replied.

“Much better than being naked and collared, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“The clothes make the woman as well as the man! Remember that! Once, when I worked on Wall Street one of my co-workers got her yearly bonus. She wanted a vacation, a piece of jewelry, things that would give her no real happiness! I told her that she could buy a garment that would make her feel truly powerful, yet would cost only a fraction of what she said she wanted!”

“What happened, Mistress?”

“I took her after work to one of the S&M shops I purchase from. At first, she was skeptical! I asked her to try on a PVC Catsuit, and then she could reject the idea!”

“What did she decide, Mistress?”

“She ended up buying the Catsuit, and a pair of matching high heeled boots! She told me that she enjoyed wearing them around the house by herself, watching TV and working on the computer.”

“Kate told me that every woman should have a Catsuit in her closet, Mistress,” Cassandra replied.

“Not a bad idea, Cassandra.”

“Thank you, Mistress. I hope that I will have the opportunity to wear a Catsuit again sometime soon,” Cassandra answered.

“I’m sure that you will. As you can see, our two transgressors are here, kneeling on the carpet, awaiting their fate.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” said Cassandra.

“At first, I was going to place them in a coffle. But then I decided that you should have the honor of escorting Valerie to the Playroom that she was so interested in seeing!”

“Again, thank you, Mistress. This is a singular honor that I shall never forget!”

“You’re welcome, Cassandra. Everything has been prepared for you!”

Cassandra then walked over to Valerie. The blonde beauty was now naked, having been relieved of her designer dress! A “D” ring collar and matching bracelets now were locked upon her, and her only clothing was a pair of black high heels!

“You may stand up, Valerie!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“You interrupted a scene between myself and Mistress Allison. I was deep into submission while being punished with the whip, and the spell was broken by your careless intrusion. Do you accept discipline as punishment for your transgression?”

“Yes, Mistress! I’m sorry, it’s just that I wanted to see the new Playroom that my friend Beth has built!”

“So you shall, Valerie. Except that it will be in chains, at the receiving end of a whip!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Good. Just so we understand each other, my dear. Now, I want to inspect the merchandise!”

Cassandra weighed and fondled Valerie’s breasts in her hands! She was surprised to discover that her “B” size breasts were real, not fake! Just for effect, she twisted and pinched Valerie’s right nipple!

“Owwwwww!” cried Valerie.

“Have you worn nipple clamps?” Cassandra demanded.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Cassandra then circled Valerie’s naked body, admiring what she saw! Valerie was indeed model quality! Her perfectly proportioned, toned body looked like it had walked from a Vogue photo shoot!

She traced an index finger down Valerie’s naked back, between her shoulder blades down to the cleft between her buttocks!

“You’re quite a beautiful girl, Valerie. Are you sure that you want to choose the whip?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“The reason I shall use the whip on you is that was what was being used on me - until you intruded! So I think that it is only fair that you suffer the same punishment that I did.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Valerie answered.

“After you left Mistress Allison, did you see another Dominatrix?”

“Yes, Mistress. She was named Mistress Dominique, a French visitor to the Chicago scene.”

“Is she still here?”

“No, Mistress. She has returned home.”

“So I cannot question her how you were trained.”

“No, Mistress.”

“Than I shall have to ask you myself, what were you subjected to?”

“I have been whipped, flogged, and cropped. My nipples have been clamped, and I have worn a dildo harness and a butt plug inside me.”

“How harshly can you take the lash?”

“I have been whipped until I screamed, Mistress.”

“Was that in pleasure or pain?”

“Both, Mistress!”

“If you expect to properly serve a Domme, you will have to learn to subordinate your desires because those of your Mistress will always come first. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Did you understand that idea before when you left Beth’s house in Pennsylvania?”

“No, Mistress.”

Mistress Allison could not believe what she was hearing! Cassandra had turned out to be the best submissive that she had ever trained, and now she was instructing Valerie what it meant as well!

Cassandra then picked up two latex gloves that had been provided for her my Mistress Allison. She placed both of them on her hands, in full display for Valerie’s benefit.

“As a submissive, you have given up all rights to your body. I shall now examine you, Valerie! I want you to place both hands on the desk, and bend over, exposing your sex to me!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Valerie did as she was told, and Cassandra inserted her latex clad index and forefinger into Valerie’s sex, making her moan with desire!

“Does this excite you, Valerie?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Will the whip do the same?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Then perhaps you have been trained after all, Valerie. But I shall have to lock you in a cage with a chastity belt for hours to determine if you can truly control your erotic desires!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Are you wet, Valerie? Do you juice so easily?” Cassandra demanded.

“I think so, Mistress!”

“Yes or no, Valerie. I’m going to punish you for that,” Cassandra said coldly to her charge!

“Yes, Mistress, I’m wet!”

“That’s better!”

Cassandra then thrust and withdrew her fingers inside of Valerie several times, making her moan with desire! Just for added effect, she rubbed against Valerie’s erect clitoris!

Just when it appeared that Valerie was going to climax, she abruptly withdrew her gloved fingers, leaving the naked Valerie panting with need!

“You’re not going to get an orgasm until you earn it, do you understand, Valerie!”

“Yes……yes, Mistress,” stammered Valerie.

Cassandra held her gloved hand before her, and examined Valerie’s female secretions!

“Let’s see what your other hole offers,” said Cassandra.

Already lubricated with Valerie’s juices, Cassandra inserted her gloved fingers into her bottom hole. Valerie moaned again as her body was invaded once more!

“How many butt plugs have you worn?”

“Just three, Mistress,” Valerie answered.

“You’re very tight, perhaps some more training would benefit you.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Cassandra then removed her fingers from Valerie’s bottom hole, and removed her latex gloves and tossed them in a nearby trash can.

“You may stand up now, head bowed, and wrists crossed behind your back!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Valerie did as she was instructed, and remained silent afterwards.

On a silver platter located on Mistress Allison’s desk were Valerie’s further instruments of confinement! Cassandra picked up a link, and a ball-gag! She walked in her high heels over to Valerie, and locked her wrists behind her back!

“Open wide!” Cassandra ordered.

Valerie did as she was instructed, and soon her lips surrounded the red rubber ball, and the strap was buckled at the nape of her neck!

Lastly, Cassandra attached the leash to her collar! Valerie was now a helpless captive, awaiting her fate!

Cassandra pinched her right nipple, making her moan in pain!


“Your nipples are erect, your sex wet! I would say that you’re actually looking forward to the whip, Valerie! Just as you’ve been trained - or claim to! Or was your transgression deliberate? Did you want to see the Playroom in order to get placed in Bondage and punished?”
Cassandra asked her bound captive.

“Mmmmmmmmph!” was all that Valerie could manage in response.

“Regardless of what you may have thought, the end result will be the same. You’re going to be whipped, just as I was. Except that it won’t be Mistress Allison yielding the lash! I shall be doing so - as punishment for interrupting my scene with my Mistress!”


Cassandra held Valerie’s leash, occasionally pinching her nipples and fondling her breasts as Beth was similarly confined! Once they were both bound and leashed, Cassandra looked at Mistress Allison.

“After you, my dear!” said Mistress Allison.

“Thank you, Mistress!” Cassandra responded.


Kate had accompanied them down to the Playroom, and it was her job to suspend both Beth and Valerie from the ceiling! For this special occasion, a second throne had been added to the raised dais, for Cassandra to sit upon!

Mistress Allison and Cassandra sat together, watching as Kate locked spreader bars onto their charge’s wrists and ankles. Then activating the motor that pulled up the slack on the chain that pulled their naked bodies taut with their heels barely touching the floor!

“A lovely sight, Cassandra!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“I just wanted to compliment you for your performance in the Library. You handled Valerie very well!”

“Thank you, Mistress. I have had a good teacher - in you! You have taught me both submission and Dominance, and have truly awakened my sexuality!”

“You’re welcome, Cassandra! When I first saw you months ago, you were covered in snow, soaked, and freezing! Now you wear a Catsuit!”

“Thank you, again, Mistress! I won’t disappoint you!”

“I’m sure you won’t, my dear!”

Cassandra sat back in her chair, amazed at the last few hours! She would always remember this day, forever! Just a few hours ago, she herself had been naked, under the lash at her own request! Now she was being given the chance to Dominate Valerie, the woman she feared wanted to replace her as Beth’s bondage companion!

In the back of her mind, an idea began to form to solve the problem of Valerie! But that would have to wait until after she had proven what she could to with Valerie!

“Both Beth and Valerie have been suspended according to your instructions, Mistress!” reported Kate, standing outside the dais.

“Thank you, Kate. We will now proceed! Cassandra, I think that you should go first, after all, since it was your scene that they interrupted,” said Mistress Allison.

“Thank you, Mistress. I shan’t damage the merchandise!” said Cassandra.

Cassandra stood up on her high heels, and clicked her way over to her bound charge, Valerie! Since she had already been inspected in the Library, there was no reason to do so again!

“Well, Valerie! Is this where you wanted to be?” Cassandra asked.

Valerie nodded her head in assent, since the rubber ball was still buckled inside her mouth!

“That’s good. Because I’m going to punish you. Is that what you want also?”

Valerie nodded again.

“I’m going to see if you really have been trained and can take the whip and crop. Do I have your permission?”

Valerie nodded once more!

“Excellent! Kate, could you get me the crop with the wide pad at the end? I’d like to start with that!” said Cassandra.

Kate removed the requested item from the rack, and walked back to Cassandra, handing it to her. Cassandra flexed the crop in hands, testing it’s resiliency!

“Until I did a few scenes,” said Cassandra, “I always thought these were only used on horses!”

“Mmmmmmmph!” Valerie cried from behind her gag.

“Like I said, Valerie. I want you in exactly the same position I was when we were shall I say, so rudely interrupted.”

Cassandra then pressed three gleaming half-dollars into Valerie’s right hand, and closed her fingers around them!

“Now, Darling! When I was being whipped by Mistress Allison we were doing something new. I was being disciplined while gagged, with the coin’s release being my safeword. However, we never got to finish! Now you’re going to take my place!”


“Have you ever done this before?”

Valerie nodded her assent!

“So you have been well trained!”

Again, Valerie nodded!

“Then we’ll see just how good you perform under the crop and whip,” said Cassandra, “I’m going to do terrible things to you, Valerie. But that’s the price we pay for our lifestyle, isn’t it?”

“Mmmmmmmmph!” moaned Valerie.

Cassandra began her use of Valerie with a mild stroke to her breasts! Valerie tried to avoid the stroke, but it landed on the side of her right breast, and the pad left a red mark behind!

“You’re quite beautiful, Valerie. With your looks and figure, I’m surprised that you’re not a fashion model.”


Cassandra next circled around to Valerie’s rear, and the crop began to strike Valerie’s bottom!

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Next it was the sensitive skin of her underarms that received the attention of the crop, and she squealed slightly with every stroke of the crop!

“This is just your warm-up session, Valerie! Once I’m done with the crop, you can expect the whip, next!” Cassandra declared.

Gagged, and hanging in her chains, Valerie realized her helplessness and vulnerability! When she and Beth had gone down to see the new Playroom, she hoped that she might see Mistress Allison engaged in a scene! Never did she imagine that she would be forced to pay a penalty for her curiosity!

Worse, it was being administered by Cassandra, who she considered a rival! She didn’t exactly want to displace Cassandra, who she wanted to bed! But the interruption of the scene had resulted in an unintended effect: her punishment by her potential rival!

As a Finance Major, she had learned of the Law Of Unintended Consequences! Now she was suffering the consequences of that Law!

When the crop struck the outside of her right thigh, Valerie knew that Cassandra truly meant business!

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Valerie held the coins tightly in her hands! She didn’t want to embarrass herself by releasing them too soon!

In fact, her naked skin had pleasantly warmed up from the crop! The leather would leave a red mark behind, along with a warm glow to indicate it’s effect!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Valerie moaned as her naked body heated up!

Cassandra then suddenly reached forward and pinched Valerie’s right nipple, making her squirm in her bonds!

“Are you wet, my dear? Are you excited and hot to the touch?” Cassandra demanded.


“Good. Then we shall continue!”

It was first the outside, and then the inside, of Valerie’s naked thighs, the entrance to her womanhood, and now received the attention of the crop!

Once the backs and outside of her thighs had been marked, Cassandra turned her attention inside! She used the crop like a metronome, slapping the crop from the inside of one thigh to another!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Valerie cried into her gag, but she still held the coins tightly in her right hand!

Mistress Allison watched Cassandra perform with intense interest. Never could she imagine that the submissive who could soak up such punishment be so skilled with the crop herself!

“Mmmmmmmph!” moaned Valerie, as the pain turned to pleasure, and she felt herself about to lose control!

It was then that the crop found it’s way onto her pussy, and Valerie writhed and moaned in her chains, fighting against them!

Then the crop stopped, leaving Valerie unfulfilled! Cassandra had brought her to the edge of orgasm, and then had stopped!


“Disappointed, Valerie?” Cassandra asked, “so was I when you interrupted!”


“Now we proceed to phase two!”

Robbed of her expected orgasm, and gagged, all that Valerie could now do was to await the whip! Cassandra had proven to be skilled in the use of the crop: and Valerie realized that she was now in the hands of a skilled Dominatrix in training!

“Kate, could you get me the whip, please?” Cassandra asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” Kate replied.

Cassandra stood in her Black PVC Catsuit, stunned for a moment that she would remember for the rest of her life. Her friend and lover Kate had just addressed her as ‘Mistress!’

She felt empowered in a way that she had never felt before! Just hours earlier, she had been the one hanging in chains by her own request. Now she was in charge, and she didn’t want to let this opportunity go to waste!

“Thank you, Kate,” Cassandra said as she was handed the whip.

Just a few hours earlier, the very same whip had been used on Cassandra. Now it was going to be used on Valerie instead!

Cassandra held it up in front of Valerie, whose eyes widened at the sight of the lash!

“Is this what you want?” Cassandra questioned her mute captive.

Valerie nodded her agreement!

“Smell the leather,” ordered Cassandra, placing the coiled whip in her hand under Valerie’s nostrils!

Valerie inhaled the scent of the black, coiled leather!

“It’s my job in this house to clean the Playroom, and all of it’s implements,” said Cassandra, “so it’s only fitting that I’m the first to use the whip on the first guest in the Mansion!”

“Mmmmmmmph!” Valerie cried.

Cassandra then stood back and cracked the whip three times! It sounded like gunshots echoing against the stone floor and walls!

Finally, Cassandra was ready! She circled around Valerie, keeping her guessing where the whip would fall first!

“One!” said Cassandra.

The whip landed inside Valerie’s legs, directly onto her sex with a mild stinging blow!

“Mmmmmmmph!” Valerie moaned.

“There is no one here to dry your tears, Valerie. You are here by your own choice, remember that! Were you a debutante as a young woman? Did you have a coming out party, a ball attended by all the rich society people in the Social Register?” Cassandra demanded.

Cassandra then circled around to Cassandra’s rear, and delivered a series of strokes that left tears in Valerie’s eyes - but she still held onto the coins in her right hand!

“Just imagine how all your rich friends would despise you if they knew about your little sexual perversion!” mocked Cassandra.


Cassandra then began to whip Valerie’s breasts and underarms! Valerie writhed in her chains, trying to escape the whip, but it was useless! She was a captive enduring her punishment!

“Last time I heard, nice society girls don’t get whipped. But there probably are exceptions!” laughed Cassandra.

Cassandra then began to circle around Valerie, and would deliver a whip stoke in one place, and then another! She made sure that two strokes never landed in the same place twice!

Valerie squirmed and tried to avoid the whip, and she moaned in her gag as each stroke landed on her naked body!

Beth watched as her friend was being whipped by Cassandra, fully aware that she had fallen under Cassandra’s lash as well! She wondered when it would be her turn to be whipped by Mistress Allison, for she desired the lash also! Beth knew that her sex was already wet with desire, both for the whip and lesbian sex afterwards!

“Beth has told me how you two spent your college years, Valerie! Did the Ivy League school you attended know that the two of you were visiting Adult Shops and Sex Clubs all the while you were students?”


“I’m sure that if your sexual interests had been known, it would have been a stain on the family escutcheon!” laughed Cassandra.


“I had to go to a public college, and work at Burger King to support myself, and drive a ten year old car! What did you have to do besides live off your trust fund!”

Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!

One blow after another descended on Valerie’s naked and exposed body! But the gradually increasing power of the strokes began to tell on Valerie: she was again becoming sexually aroused by her punishment!

Strangely, when she had been whipped by Mistress Allison, the Mistress had never taunted her about her wealthy background! That had fallen to Cassandra, a newcomer!

Valerie admitted to herself that Cassandra’s taunting of her class background was outlandish and arousing at the same time! She had always been ashamed of herself and her sexual interest in D/s! Now being ridiculed for it made her only more sexually excited!

“Mmmmmmmph!” cried Valerie.

“Look at her! Poor little rich girl!” mocked Cassandra.

Snick! Snick! Snick!

Cassandra exercised all of her control that she had been taught by Mistress Allison! She wanted to whip Valerie and leave her naked body covered in whip marks! But she held back, with the whip making Valerie hot with desire!

Finally, Cassandra knew that Valerie was ready, she faced her captive, and began to whip her breasts and sex!

When the whip began to land between Valerie’s exposed legs and her pussy, Valerie began to squirm in her bondage! When Valerie began to shake and moan, and cry, Cassandra knew that Valerie was in the throes of orgasm!

“MmmmmmmmpH!” sighed Valerie as her naked body was wracked by one orgasm after another!

Losing control of herself, Valerie opened her fingers, and the half-dollars fell noisily to the stone floor!

Cassandra coiled the whip in her right hand, and walked behind Valerie, and unbuckled her gag! Valerie took several deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling loudly, her breasts rising and falling with each one!

“Ahhhhhhh! Thank you, Mistress!” Valerie cried, tears streaming from her eyes, falling down her cheeks!

“You’re quite welcome, Valerie! It’s been a pleasure to serve you!” Cassandra replied, “now you may kiss the whip!”

“Yes, Mistress!” Valerie kissed the whip with enthusiasm, “thank you for my punishment. You’re quite correct! I’m a rich slut that deserves to be bound and whipped!”

“Mmmmmmmph!” moaned Beth.

Cassandra handed the whip to Kate, who went to hand it back on the rack. Disorder was one thing that was not permitted in the Playroom!

She then clicked her heels back to her throne, and sat back down next to Mistress Allison.

“You’ve done quite well, Cassandra. Far better than I could have possibly imagined.”

“Thank you, Mistress!”

“You’re welcome!”

“Would you like to have Valerie delivered to your bedroom tonight?”

“Yes, Mistress, thank you!” said Cassandra.



Cassandra sat at her dressing table, wearing just a dressing gown and slippers. After her session with Valerie, she watched as Mistress Allison had disciplined Beth. She had been flogged without mercy, her naked skin marked by the evil device! Unlike Valerie, though, she had not been used with the ball-gag in her mouth!

Afterwards, Beth and Valerie had been released from their suspensions, and allowed to rest in the jail cell together. Cassandra noted that they held onto each other, and traced the lines and marks on each other’s naked bodies in a touching display of female comradeship!

Next, they were placed in coffle by Mistress Allison, and led away by Kate.

“Valerie will be bathed and prepared for you. Why don’t you take a quick shower and freshen up? Much better than being all sweaty in the Catsuit?” advised Mistress Allison.

“Thank you!”

It wasn’t until later, as she shed the PVC Catsuit in her bedroom prior to her shower, she realized just how much of a sweat that she had worked up! The Catsuit served to trap her perspiration, and she knew why she had had to wash Mistress Allison’s Catsuit the next day after a scene!

Cassandra placed it carefully on the hanger and placed it inside her closet, to be washed tomorrow. She then showered and dried her hair.

A bottle of white wine was in an ice bucket, along with cheese and crackers rested on the dresser. Along with a riding crop, her dildo harness, a vibrator, and nipple clamps!

Cassandra reflected that she had accumulated a few bedroom accessories in the last few months!

She took a look at herself in the mirror, wishing that she was still wearing the PVC Catsuit, or better, the Black Latex one that she had seen Mistress Allison wearing!

Her thoughts were interrupted when there was a knock on the door!

“Come!” ordered Cassandra.

The door opened, and Mistress Allison, now wearing a kimono, led Valerie, now bathed, perfumed, and prepared, on a leash!

Cassandra rose from her seat in the presence of her Mistress! To do anything less would be disrespectful and rude!

“Your delivery, Mademoiselle!” announced Mistress Allison.

“Thank you, Mistress,” said Cassandra.

“I thought that given the circumstances that I should deliver this package in person! After all, it was your first true scene!”

“Thank you, Mistress. Why isn’t Valerie gagged?”

“She did, after all, wear the gag for a considerable time. We must be merciful after all!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Besides, you can always gag her in the bedroom, but I’m sure that you’d rather use her mouth tonight,” Mistress Allison replied.

“Yes, Mistress, thank you!”

“I’ll be going then,” said Mistress Allison she handed the leash to Cassandra.

“Thank you, Mistress. For everything!” said Cassandra.

“You’re welcome, and enjoy yourself!”

“I have a question. How skilled is Valerie in the bedroom?”

“That is for you to find out,” Mistress Allison replied, “discover and enjoy!”

“Thank you!”

Cassandra was left alone with Valerie, holding onto her leash! The first thing she did was to tug her chain to bring her in front of the full length bedroom mirror! She then unlocked the leash, leaving Valerie naked, staring at her reflection!

Valerie was collared, with her wrists, clad in bracelets like her ankles, locked behind her back. Her hair had been done, her nipples rouged, and perfume had been sprayed between her legs!

Cassandra admired the marks that she had made on Valerie’s naked body! What had been pristine before (the marks left by the earlier scenes had faded) had now been replaced by those left by Cassandra.

“Did you enjoy my crop and whip, Valerie?” Cassandra asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” Valerie answered.

“What is your normal safeword? I didn’t have a chance to ask, before you were gagged.”

“Secrets, Mistress.”

“That’s rather appropriate given your social class, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Cassandra traced the marks on Valerie’s naked body with her fingertips.

“Do you enjoy the whip?” Cassandra asked her bound captive.

“Yes, Mistress. I enjoy being in bondage, and being disciplined.”

“Is that what the other Dominatrix taught you?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Are you fully reconciled with your desire for submission? When we first met in the shopping mall, you were still conflicted.”

“My feelings are no longer in conflict. I can now accept the collar and the whip without hesitation!”

“That’s quite a boast, and you forgot to call me Mistress!”

“I’m sorry Mistress. It’s just that I’m now proud to be a submissive, whereas I was conflicted previously!”

“I’m not going to gag you, since I want to make use of your mouth tonight,” said Cassandra, “but you will feel the sting of the crop on your bottom!”

“Yes, Mistress,” Valerie replied.

Pulling on her “D” ring collar, Cassandra walked Valerie over to her dressing table, and motioned for her to kneel. Once she had done so, Cassandra retrieved the riding crop, flexing it between her hand, and sat down in front of Valerie.

She then opened her legs to reveal her own freshly washed pussy! They had not done the cat burglar scene that Cassandra had suggested, so her pussy had not been shaved - yet!

“You know what to do!” said Cassandra, holding the crop.

“Yes, Mistress!”

Valerie walked on her knees over to Cassandra’s opened and legs, and immediately began to attend to her sex! She plunged her tongue into the folds of Cassandra’s pussy, and licked and sucked without the prodding of the crop that Cassandra was holding!

“AaaaaH!” Cassandra moaned her appreciation, “that’s good, Valerie!”

Valerie did not respond, but instead continued her attentions between Cassandra’s legs! Cassandra threw her head back in ecstasy, enjoying the attention that she was now receiving from the bound and submissive Valerie!

Cassandra wondered if on those days when Beth had taken off to have lunch with Valerie, they had gone to bed afterwards! Beth had never said that they had shared a bed together, but it was always possible!

Already sexually charged by the night’s events, Cassandra was brought to orgasm quickly! Valerie was skilled in the use of her tongue, and she applied herself in the arts of love!

“Aaaaaaaah!” Cassandra sighed as her naked body was overwhelmed as one orgasm after another overcame her!

Valerie, meanwhile, kept her attentions on Cassandra’s moist pussy, her tongue licking her erect clitoris, driving Cassandra to one orgasm after another!

But all things end, and soon the shudders ceased as Cassandra regained control of herself!

“Thank you, Valerie! That was very nice!” Cassandra complimented her submissive.

“You’re welcome, Mistress.”

“I’d like some wine, would you like some as well?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Cassandra first got a tissue and cleaned Valerie’s mouth of her secretions, and then a scented feminine towelette to clean her own sex!

After that, she poured two glasses of white wine, and first held a glass up to Valerie’s lips, who was still bound on the floor!

Once Valerie had drank her fill, Cassandra placed her glass on the dressing table and began to drink herself.

“Thank you, Mistress,” said Valerie.

“You’re welcome, my dear!” Cassandra replied.

As she drank her wine, Cassandra again marveled at the naked body of Valerie! Why wasn’t this girl a fashion model in New York or Paris?

Instead she knelt, a naked collared submissive, eager to please a Dominatrix!

“Valerie, I’d like to ask you something?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Why aren’t you a fashion model in New York? You worked there in Finance with Beth, so you must have been exposed to the Fashion scene.”

“It would have been a lot of work without a certain reward, Mistress. Many girls try, and most fail. Just like Beth I came from a wealthy family, so a place at an Ivy League University and a job on Wall Street were waiting for me!”

Cassandra compared that to her own life story, where she worked part time and went to a public college!

“Do you enjoy submission?” Cassandra asked.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“In the shopping mall, you said that you were unable to reconcile your submission with your upbringing. Have you changed your feelings?”

“Yes, Mistress. Mistress Dominique made me understand my submission. That’s why I now believe I can be a part of Beth’s Bondage Household, which I could not do before!”

“I understand,” said Cassandra.

“But I don’t want you to be afraid that I’ll displace you!” said Valerie, “Beth has told me that you’ve been a wonderful companion for her, and I’d like to join in, if that’s possible - Mistress!” Valerie answered.

“Thank you, Valerie. I’d like to stay here as well,” said Cassandra.

Economics was never far away in Beth’s Mansion, Cassandra thought! Valerie’s statement confirmed what she had been suspecting! Beth and Valerie had been discussing Cassandra’s continued position in Beth’s Mansion! So her employment as Beth’s Bondage companion had been in some question after all, just as she had suspected!

As Mistress Allison had said, Money is thicker than water. Or blood, for that matter!

“Come,” said Cassandra.

Cassandra had taken hold of a “D” ring on Valerie’s collar, and drew her to her feet! She then unlocked her wrists, and she rose, and led Valerie onto her bed!

Then Cassandra locked Valerie’s collar to a chain that led to a ring-bolt set behind a wall panel!

“That’s so you don’t get any funny ideas!” said Cassandra.

In Beth’s Adult DVD Library, she had found a DVD where a Mistress had left a key to a slave’s bracelets out in plain view. The slave had released herself, and placed the Dominatrix in bondage! That was also a scene that she wanted to propose to Beth!

“No, Mistress, never! Once, when I disobeyed Mistress Dominique I was severely punished!”

“What did she do?” Cassandra asked.

“I was placed on the horse for hours at a time, then severely whipped! I bore the marks for weeks! She said that my submission was being tested, and that if I failed, she would no longer be interested in training me.”

“I take it then you learned to obey orders and accept her discipline!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Good. Now I want you up on your hands and knees, because I’m going to take you from behind!”

“Yes, Mistress!” Valerie was quick to obey!

Cassandra strapped on the dildo harness, and unrolled a condom over the latex shaft! Again, she felt empowered wearing the very symbol of male dominance over women - a cock!

Valerie watched with apprehension as Cassandra strapped the cock between her legs!

“Don’t you like being fucked by another woman?” asked Cassandra.

“Not from behind, Mistress!”

“That’s my favorite position,” said Cassandra, “I always asked my boyfriends, before I decided that I preferred girls, to make love to me that way!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

So there was something that Valerie didn’t like! Excellent! So if Cassandra ever had the chance to dominate Valerie again, she would always do her doggy style!

Valerie assumed the position on Cassandra’s bed, her whipped breasts swinging free under her chest. Cassandra got behind her and grasped Valerie’s hips, holding her firmly in her hands.

She position the shaft outside Valerie’s moist sex, and gently probed the entrance to her pussy.

“Do you feel me?” Cassandra asked.

“Yes, Mistress!”

Cassandra then pushed the shaft inside Valerie, who issued a moan in response.

“Do you feel me inside you?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Cassandra then began to piston the shaft inside Valerie’s pussy, driving it all the way inside, then almost totally withdrawing it, and then inside her again! Valerie began to moan and buck, but Cassandra held her firmly! There was no way that she was going to escape the rubber cock!

“Aaaaaaah!” Valerie moaned as the shaft penetrated her again and again!

“That’s good, Valerie! You must learn to take my whip as well as my shaft!” said Cassandra.

“Yes, Mistress!” Valerie replied.

Cassandra saw a reflection of herself in the mirror! She wished that she could have a digital picture of this moment, or maybe even a DVD! She had never felt so powerful in her entire life!

She pushed the rubber shaft into Valerie again and again, enjoying the reflection of herself in the mirror of her fucking the lovely, desirable, model quality blonde!

Cassandra also enjoyed seeing the marks that the whip and crop had left behind on Valerie’s beautiful skin as well!

“Aaaaaaaaah!” Valerie moaned as she rocked back and forth in response to the shaft in her sex!

“That’s good, slut!” said Cassandra.

“Yes, Mistress!” Valerie cried.

Valerie was already sexually excited by her servicing of Cassandra. It didn’t take much effort by Cassandra to quickly bring her to orgasm, given the shafting that she was receiving!

The whipped heiress was soon shuddering, indicating that an orgasm would be coming soon!

Finally, Valerie cried out in pleasure, as the orgasm from the shaft followed the one she had experienced earlier with the whip! Sweat came from her armpits, and dripped down her breasts, such was the emotional and physical intensity of the orgasm that Cassandra had generated in her!

“Aaaaaaaaah!” Valerie screamed in pleasure.

Cassandra continued to piston the shaft into Valerie, not having had the problem of coming as a real man would! Nothing had disappointed her more that when her boyfriends had come, and she had not yet had an orgasm herself!


When Valerie had slumped after her massive orgasm, Cassandra withdrew the shaft from her pussy.

“Thank you, Mistress!” said Valerie.

“You’re welcome, Valerie,” said Cassandra, who rolled up the condom with Valerie’s female secretions on it and threw it in the wastebasket, “now lie down next to me!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

The two women, one Dominant, the other submissive, lay together, naked on the bed.

“Did you enjoy the rubber cock?” Cassandra asked.

“Yes, Mistress, thank you.”

“Do you still dislike that position?”

“No, Mistress. It was quite enjoyable, now that I had a massive climax from the rubber cock!”

“Good, because one day in the future, I hope to do it to you again.”

“Yes, Mistress!”

After they had a repast of wine, cheese, and crackers, and a short rest, Cassandra made love to Valerie again face-to-face. She enjoyed using the rubber cock once more! How she ever lived without one before was a complete mystery!

Then Cassandra had removed the rubber cock, and had kissed Valerie on the lips, sucked her nipples, and had gotten between her legs as well. She was able to lick and bite Valerie to orgasm just as Valerie had done to her.

The bed was a mess, the covers all in disarray and flecked with the secretions of both women. Cassandra knew that tomorrow she would be changing the linen herself!

As she fell asleep with Valerie next to her, under the covers and quilt, she stared at the ceiling. There was a full moon outside, and the soft light illuminated the bedroom.

Tomorrow she would propose her idea to Mistress Allison, and she hoped that it would be accepted.

The End of Chapter Seventeen

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