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Snowbound 16: The Bonds of Money

by [email protected]

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Storycodes: F+/ff; F/f; D/s; mansion; maid; latex; basement; dungeon; collar; cuffs; naked; bond; susp; bdsm; whip; pain; climax; interupted; punish; catsuit; cons; XX

story continued from part 15

Chapter 16: The Bonds of Money

It was the third week in a row that Beth had gone to lunch with her friend Valerie Newman. Cassandra had helped her dress, and had watched her leave the Mansion, leaving her alone for the day with Mistress Allison and Kate.

Once Beth had left the Mansion, and Cassandra had watched her BMW leave on the long driveway towards the electronically controlled gate; did Cassandra finally summon the courage to see Mistress Allison.

Cassandra knocked on the Library doors, trembling with anticipation. Would her request be honored, she wondered?

“Enter!” said Mistress Allison.

“Mistress Allison, may I speak to you?” asked Cassandra.

“Yes, please sit down.”

With Beth gone one day a week, that left a hole in Mistress Allison’s own schedule. The previous week she had also gone into town to see some old friends herself!

“Thank you, Mistress!”

Even though she was not doing a scene with Beth, she had dressed by her own request, in her Black Latex Maid’s Uniform, with matching gloves, stockings, high heels and corset! She looked as if she had stepped from the pages of a fetish magazine!

“What can I do for you?” Mistress Allison asked her latex clad visitor.

“Mistress Allison?”

“Yes, Cassandra, go ahead. Don’t be shy, there are no secrets between a submissive and her Mistress,” Mistress Allison answered.

Except, thought Mistress Allison, what was going on between Beth and Valerie these last few weeks? Beth had suggested that she would bring Valerie to Mistress Allison to test her submission, but so far nothing had come of the idea!

“Mistress Allison, could you please put me under the lash? It’s been too long since we’ve done a scene, and I’d like to be bound and whipped!” asked Cassandra.

“That’s quite a request,” Mistress Allison replied.

“Yes, Mistress. I now regard the whip and collar as a part of my normal existence. It has been quite a few days since I was last whipped, and I would like to feel the lash once again.”

“How about being stretched on the rack?” offered Mistress Allison.

“I thought that would only be done as part of a scene with Beth,” Cassandra replied, “what I would like is to be truly punished by my Mistress!”

“For what mistakes?” asked Mistress Allison.

“None at all, Mistress! I want to feel the lash on my naked skin, and scream with pain and pleasure!” Cassandra replied truthfully.

In all her years as a Dominatrix, Mistress Allison had always wondered if she would ever truly have a painslut as a submissive! Some submissives were mere poseurs like Valerie, who thought she was a submissive but merely wanted to imitate her friend Beth. Others were true submissives like Kate, who accepted the collar and the lash in order to fulfill their sexuality!

But then there was the elusive and true painslut! The girl who actually craved the collar and the whip!

Mistress Allison could not believe that she had finally discovered what she had been searching for all of these years! It had been a remarkable chain of circumstances that had led Cassandra to seek refuge in Beth’s house during the winter Blizzard; and then take advantage of the sexual opportunities in a bizarre test to see if she would be a suitable bondage companion for Beth!

But now, with Beth seeing her friend Valerie, that left Kate and Cassandra for her to discipline! Now seated before her was Cassandra, begging for the lash!

“Are all of your household chores done for the day?” asked Mistress Allison.

“Yes, Mistress!”

“What about Kate?”

“She is done for the day also, except for serving Dinner, of course.”

“What is she doing now?”

“Reading or resting in her room, Mistress.”

“Why did you choose to wear your latex uniform today, Cassandra?”

“I wanted to feel more sexual, Mistress!” Cassandra answered.

“And having felt more sexual, now you would like to feel the whip as well?” Mistress Allison asked.

“Yes, Mistress. It has been far too long!”

“Do you feel neglected, Cassandra.”

“By you, Mistress, no. By Beth, my employer and bondage companion, yes!”

“Are you worried about your position?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Nothing stays the same forever, Cassandra.”

“True, Mistress. But at the rural Pennsylvania house, I felt that my place was more secure. Now that we are in Chicago, I am not so sure,” Cassandra candidly answered.

“You have truly become the sort of submissive that every Dominatrix desires to have, Cassandra! You enjoy wearing your collar, and being subject to the lash, do you not?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“I do not know what the future will bring, Cassandra. But I can fulfill your request for today. We have all afternoon for a session. Would you like to be whipped now?” Mistress Allison asked.

“Yes, Mistress!” Cassandra eagerly replied.

Once again, Mistress Allison marveled at Cassandra! Where had this girl been when she had been wasting time with so many girls who wanted to try submission for a thrill, when Cassandra was the real McCoy?

“I’ll summon Kate then, to assist,” said Mistress Allison.

“No, Mistress, please don’t. I’d like you to strip and suspend me yourself. It would be more intimate between just the two of us!” explained Cassandra.

Stunned, Mistress Allison sat back in her chair! She could not believe her ears! She knew now that she could never let Cassandra go from serving her! Just as Kate belonged to her, she wanted to own Cassandra forever!

“Yes, Cassandra, of course! I would be honored to do everything myself!” replied Mistress Allison.

All thoughts of having that blonde bombshell Valerie in her collar were erased by her short conversation with Cassandra! Mistress Allison’s heart pounded away in her chest with desire at the thought of giving Cassandra the whipping that she desired! She realized that she had successfully trained Cassandra to desire the whip!

And it was up to her to fulfill that desire!

“Let us adjourn to the Playroom, then!” said Mistress Allison.

“Thank you, Mistress!”

Mistress Allison rose from her seat first, followed by Cassandra. Cassandra then turned her back to Mistress Allison, and crossed her wrists!

From her desk, Mistress Allison removed a small metal link and a leash, and also selected a red rubber ball-gag! Cassandra would be made helpless in going to her punishment!

Mistress Allison first locked Cassandra’s wrists together, making her helpless! She then attached the leash to the “D” ring on her collar; and then Cassandra did not have to be told to open her mouth wide to accommodate the ball between her lips! The gag was soon buckled at the back of her neck, and Cassandra was bound and helpless in her Latex Maid’s uniform!

“Now I’m going to have to change, Cassandra!” said Mistress Allison, “you may have been wearing Fetish attire, which I shall soon be relieving you of, but since I’m dressed in jeans and sneakers, it’s hardly appropriate for a session, don’t you agree?”


The red ball in her mouth had now relieved Cassandra of all personal responsibility for her fate! She had requested that Mistress Allison punish her, indeed had asked that she be harshly whipped, and now her desire was going to be fulfilled!

Inside the Library was a small closet, and Mistress Allison removed a Black PVC Bodysuit; matching leather high heeled boots; and a belt to complete her outfit!

Cassandra watched in silence as Mistress Allison transformed herself from street clothes into a Dominatrix in matter of minutes! Mistress Allison tightened the belt around her waist, accentuating her lovely figure! She too, wore the corset to pull in her waist and make her more feminine!

After stowing away her street clothes in the closet, she admired herself in the mirror on the door’s inside. In the background, she saw Cassandra waiting for her, helpless!

Mistress Allison closed the door behind her! After all, she couldn’t keep her charge waiting!

“Come!” ordered Mistress Allison as she pulled on the leather loop of Cassandra’s leash.

Cassandra had no other choice other than to comply!


“There now, we’re ready!”


Cassandra was now hanging from the Playroom ceiling, her arms and legs opened by the familiar separator bars that she knew so well. Mistress Allison, after opening her wrist cuffs, had relieved her of all of her clothing (including the rubber gloves and stockings) and had replaced the leather and steel cuffs on her wrists and ankles! The only thing that Cassandra wore were the high heels, which were scraping the stone floor!

She was confused! Why had Mistress Allison not removed her gag? Surely she could not be expected to call out her safeword if the ball was locked inside her mouth!

“Today we’re going to do something a little different, Cassandra. I’m going to whip you, at least at first, with the gag in your mouth. That means you can’t call out your safeword!”

Mistress Allison then pressed some coins, half-dollars from their size, into Cassandra’s right hand!

“You must hold your right hand closed tight, for when you release them, that will be your safeword!”

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Cassandra moaned.

“Do you understand, my dear?” asked Mistress Allison.

All that Cassandra could do was to nod her head in assent! Cassandra held the coins tightly in her hand, pressed into her palm by her fingers.

She had never done this before, and she was frightened! Suppose she released the coins too early, embarrassing herself? After all, she was now capable to taking the whip quite painfully!

“Mmmmmmmph!” cried Cassandra.

Mistress Allison clicked her heels over to wall rack, and removed the coiled black leather whip that Cassandra herself had just cleaned a few days earlier!

Like a coiled black snake, Mistress Allison caressed the leather, feeling it’s suppleness and sinuous nature! She then held it up to the bound Cassandra, who stared at it with fear in her eyes!

“This was what you asked for, wasn’t it?” asked Mistress Allison.

Cassandra nodded her head in agreement, the gag preventing a verbal response!

“Of all the submissives I’ve ever had, Cassandra, you are the one all Dommes dream about. The true submissive who asks for the whip, rather than just taking it to please her Mistress!”


“I really wish that I could make you kiss the whip, darling. But that will have to wait until I’m done!”


“There now,” said Mistress Allison, drawing back a few feet and letting the whip uncoil and fall to the floor, “Your wait is almost over, Cassandra. Just remember that the coins are your safeword, and use them if necessary!”


Crack! Crack! Crack!

Mistress Allison began by cracking the whip three times in the air! Like a gunshot, the sound echoed through the stone walls of the Playroom.

Even though she was confident that Mistress Allison would not hurt her with the whip, and she had been whipped many times before, Cassandra pulled at her chains in a futile attempt to escape the lash that she had herself requested!

The tension building up in Cassandra’s chained body, held in the “X” shape by the spreader bars was intense as she waited for the first stroke!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Cassandra cried as the whip struck her exposed left out thigh!

“MmmmmmmmpH!” the whip now struck her left thigh!

It was then that Mistress Allison began to circle around the bound and gagged Cassandra, delivering a carefully calculated whip stroke each time, never in the same place!

Cassandra began to relax, or at least feel less tension, as the scene finally began! Waiting for the lash was one thing, but now that her real ordeal had finally begun, she could instead concentrate on her punishment instead of just the anticipation of it!

“MmmmmmmpH!” Cassandra moaned, not because of the harshness of any particular stroke, but because of the steady stream of strokes were stinging her exposed and vulnerable flesh.

Cassandra counted each stroke, even though she had not been told to do so (it was always possible that Mistress Allison would demand a count to see if she had been alert, as a good submissive always should be) but because it gave her a number to concentrate on!

Mistress Allison did not do anything in a haphazard or random fashion! Like all good Dominants, everything that she did was performed in a calculated and exacting manner! That included the number and force of each stroke of the whip, which she knew was carefully controlled!

Ten! Was the number that Cassandra had counted, and the strokes had landed on the outsides of her thighs, her underarms, her breasts, and bottom!

“MmmmmmmpH!” Cassandra moaned when an errant stroke sliced into her bottom! She knew that she would feel that stroke all week whenever she sat down!

Her ordeal was just beginning, and she clasped the coins in her hand not too tightly - then Cassandra might release them too quickly when her hand tired!

Twelve! Thirteen! Fourteen! Fifteen!

With the red rubber ball buckled firmly between her teeth, all that she could manage was a small moan every time the whip struck her vulnerable and exposed naked body!

She twisted in her chains in a futile attempt to avoid the fatal kiss of the lash, but it was a useless gesture! Cassandra would hang here, naked and exposed, until Mistress Allison released her!

Cassandra looked at the ceiling chain next to hers where Beth would usually hang beside her! She experienced a pang of longing for her employer and bondage companion, wondering what she doing with her friend Valerie?

Were they just going to lunch in Chicago? Patronizing a sex or adult shop? Sharing a bed together, or perhaps seeing a Dominatrix together?

Since Beth already employed the services of her own personal Dominatrix, the latter didn’t seem too likely! But as Mistress Allison had told her, the rich were indeed different than most people: they could command whatever resources they wanted by virtue of their wealth!

Sixteen! Seventeen! Eighteen! Nineteen! Twenty!

Sweat droplets began to form on Cassandra’s naked body! They ran down between her breasts and legs, and from her naked underarms as well!

“MmmmmmmmpH!” Cassandra moaned in her bondage as the whip strokes were delivered with a harsher hand!

The pain of the whip was now intensifying, and Cassandra enjoyed the glow as it soaked it’s through her naked body!

Cassandra knew that it took Mistress Allison about twenty or more strokes to get Cassandra warmed up before she could deliver stronger and more painful stripes to her body! Now that goal had been reached, Cassandra looked forward to the whip reaching between her legs, and striping her breasts and bottom!

Her pain would meld into pleasure, the pleasure that only a true submissive feels when she is properly punished by her Domme!

Twenty-one! Twenty-two! Twenty-three! Twenty-four! Twenty-five!

The pain of the whip, coupled with the strains caused by her suspension, made Cassandra feel like she was the center of the universe!

When the whip began to strike between her exposed and opened thighs, onto her sex, the very essence of her femininity, she knew that she was close to orgasm!

For Cassandra loved the lash, and sometimes she thought that she could not achieve an orgasm without it! She loved being suspended and whipped in the Playroom, not caring if it was Mistress Allison or Kate who yielded the lash!


Cassandra hoped that in her ecstasy she would be able to hold onto the coins even as she writhed in orgasm! That would prove her training and devotion to Mistress Allison!

Abruptly, she came, the waves of pain and pleasure cascading through her naked body like a tidal wave! She shook in her metallic prison, the links clinking ion response as Cassandra twisted in her bondage!

Then, suddenly, Cassandra dropped the coins, leaving Mistress Allison, who was directly facing her puzzled. Cassandra was capable of taking a lot more punishment than this - indeed this was just the warm-up for her ordeal to come!

“Cassandra what’s wrong?” asked Mistress Allison as she rushed to unbuckle her gag, figuring that Cassandra was not feeling well!

But then Cassandra grunted and pointed her index fingers of both hands at the door behind Mistress Allison did the Domme turn around to see what Cassandra was gesturing at!

There stood Beth and Valerie Newman together!

“You were right, Beth. This is a truly wonderful Playroom, and I see that Mistress Allison and Cassandra are taking full advantage of it!” said Valerie.

The spell of the scene had been broken, and Cassandra moaned her disappointment into her gag!


“Beth, what do you think you were doing? You know that interrupting a scene is a rule not to be broken!” chastised Mistress Allison.

“I’m sorry, Mistress. I merely wanted to show Valerie my new Playroom, I had no idea that you were doing a scene with Cassandra.”

“So you didn’t hear me whipping Cassandra, or look silently into the Playroom to see if I was here, but instead walked in during a scene.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress. The Playroom is of course, your province. I should have asked your permission before I wrongly entered while you were doing a scene,” Beth answered.

“I should release Cassandra and put you in her place, and give you twenty strokes! And possibly Valerie as well!” added Mistress Allison.

“Mistress Allison?” Valerie asked to be recognized.

“Yes, Valerie.”

“The purpose of my visit was to ask if you could begin my evaluation to rejoin Beth in submission. Even on a temporary basis, Beth would like my company in submission.”

And, thought Mistress Allison, it was Beth who paid the bills for this entire enterprise! There was no way that Allison could possibly refuse Beth’s request!

“Mmmmmmmph!” cried Cassandra from her bondage.

“I have to release Cassandra. Then I’ll decide just what to do with the two of you!” said Mistress Allison.

“Yes, Mistress,” said Beth.


Cassandra wore her robe and was sharing a cup of coffee with Kate in the kitchen as Mistress Allison and Beth along with Valerie, were locked in talks in the Library.

“That must have been a scene,” said Kate, “Mistress Allison criticizing Beth!”

“I could feel the tension in the room. Who is really in charge here?”

“Well, Beth is our employer, and Mistress Allison yields the whip. Simple, really! It appears on every company’s organizational chart!” cynically replied Kate.

“I thought for certain that there was going to be a blowup,” said Cassandra.

“They’ve been good friends for a long time. Interrupting a scene isn’t going to break up Beth’s House of Bondage,” Kate answered.

“Are you talking about Valerie or Mistress Allison?” Cassandra asked.


“But what about the bonds of class that Valerie and Beth share?” Cassandra questioned.

“There’s the rub,” said Kate, “when Beth and Valerie were going to University together, they were visiting sex shops, going to D/s clubs, and watching porn videos! Hardly the sort of thing that two upper class women were expected to do socially!”

“So they’re both black sheep in their families?”

“You could say that. Very rich black sheep,” said Kate, “remember what Beth said to you one day about the cost to her for her bondage fantasy?”

“No, I’ve forgotten,” Cassandra replied.

“This is just a rounding error for her. She won’t even miss it,” said Kate as she sipped her own coffee.


“Welcome to the Lives of the Rich and Famous,” Kate replied.

“I never watched that TV show.”

“Liar,” said Kate, “did you ever read Vogue or Elle?”


“Women’s pornography! All of those middle class women who dream of having a model’s body and salivate over those expensive designer clothes!” Kate criticized.

At that moment, the intercom buzzed, summoning Kate and Cassandra to the Library!

When they arrived, they found Mistress Allison seated at her desk, and both Beth and Valerie kneeling on the carpet in front of her!

“How do you feel, Cassandra?” asked Mistress Allison.

“I’m fine, Mistress!”

“Were you disappointed by the interruption of your scene?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good, then I have a proposition for you.”

“Yes, Mistress?”

“Since they foolishly interrupted my scene with you, I’d like you to put on a Domme dress and assist me in punishing both Beth and Valerie.”

“Thank you, Mistress. When do you want to do this?”

“Now. Kate will help you dress, and I’ll have Beth and Valerie collared and ready in the Playroom they so admire.”

“Thank you for this honor, Mistress Allison!”

“You’re welcome, Cassandra. I’m sure that you won’t disappoint me.”

“No, Mistress!”

“Good, I’ll punish Beth, and you’ll punish Valerie!”

“Thank you, Mistress!”

“Valerie claims that she has been trained to accept the whip! We’ll see just how well she has been trained if she wants to return to my whip!”

“Yes, Mistress!”


“Ever worn a Catsuit before?” asked Kate.

They were alone together in Cassandra’s room, where Kate was helping her dress! Cassandra was naked, and she selected a black bra and panty set she had bought from Victoria’s Secret.

“Yes, briefly,” Cassandra replied, slipping into her panties, and pulling the bra over her shoulders, with Kate helping by closing it from the rear, “I tried one on a few times in Manhattan, but I never bought one. Too expensive.”

“Too bad, I think that every girl should have one in her wardrobe. Even though I’m a submissive, I have one in my closet. Nothing makes you feel more feminine than having one that fits your every curve,” observed Kate.

“But Mistress Allison usually wears a Catsuit!” Cassandra protested.

“True. But she put on a bodysuit earlier, and she’s not going to change! So you can wear a Catsuit!”

“Why not a bodysuit?”

“That would be a fashion faux pas, my dear! You can’t wear the same outfit as the Mistress - which is why you get to wear a Catsuit for this special occasion!”

“What if she’s displeased?” asked Cassandra.

“Then it will be my hide under the lash, not yours!” laughed Kate, “we’re wasting time! Mistress Allison will have both Beth and Valerie chained in a coffle soon, and she’ll expect you to join her. Instead you’re giving me an argument! So let me dress you, please!”

“Yes, Kate!”

When Kate had finished, Cassandra admired herself in the mirror, and she admitted to herself that she looked and felt stunning!

The black PVC Catsuit hugged every one of her curves (her working out in the weight room had paid dividends); and a metal belt encircled her waist. Her legs were encased in matching thigh high boots; and she couldn’t stop looking at herself in the mirror!

“See, I told you!” said Kate.

“Thank you, Kate!”

“You’ll remember this night forever, darling. Just don’t disappoint Mistress Allison!”

The End of Chapter Sixteen

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