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Snowbound 19: Epilogue

by [email protected]

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story continued from part 18

Chapter 19: Epilogue

Valerie Newman lay on her belly, bound to the leather footstool in the Library. The day before, while wearing a Latex Maid’s uniform, she had cleaned and oiled the Black Leather piece of furniture.

Now she was naked, her limbs tied to the footstool with rope, and cinched tightly! There would be no escape until she was released, and that would not happen before Cassandra had her way with her!

Before leaving the Library to put on a Dominatrix outfit, Cassandra had warmed her up with a couple of paddle strokes to her bottom, promising that this would just be the start of her day in bondage!

Valerie reflected on the bargain that she had made to re-enter the Bondage House that her friend Beth had created. She had thought that she would merely be serving Mistress Allison. But instead, the law of unintended consequences had changed the situation!

For the woman had who taken her place after Valerie’s departure, Cassandra, had now become a switch! Originally, she had been a bondage companion, to join Beth in acting out her bondage fantasies! But she had proven to be adept at being both Dominant and submissive, and so while she was still collared to Mistress Allison she would sometimes assist the Mistress in a scene.

Or like today, when Mistress Allison was away on a trip to Chicago, it would be Cassandra who would be entertaining Valerie for the day!

So if Valerie wanted to re-join Beth in bondage, her price was that she would also have to accept being dominated by Mistress Cassandra as well!

It had been three months since she had accepted the arrangement, and in truth, she didn’t mind. Cassandra had proven to be a talented Mistress, and had whipped Valerie to numerous climaxes in the following months. Cassandra had also taken her to bed as her prize, and naked & whipped, Valerie had learned to satisfy her in bed.

She had noticed that Cassandra enjoyed donning the dildo harness more than even eating pussy, enjoying the fantasy that she had a cock and ramming it home into her sex!

“What are you thinking about?” asked Cassandra, startling Valerie out of her reverie.

“How to please you, Mistress!” Valerie answered quickly.

“That’s a very nice thought, Valerie, even if I don’t really believe you,” said Cassandra.

Cassandra had changed from a sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers into a Black PVC Bodysuit, and matching high heeled boots. A belt around her waist served to accent her figure, making her even more attractive!

“I desire to serve you, Mistress!” Valerie declared.

“Good, because I’m going to test that today. Tell me, did Mistress Allison ever tie you to the footstool?”

“No, Mistress!”

“Good, because I’m going to test your erotic self control. If you fail, you’ll be punished in the Playroom.”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Good. Now we start with a ball-gag!”

Mistress Cassandra removed a ball-gag, nipple clamps, and dildo from a desk drawer in the Library. From the closet, she removed a riding crop, and placed that on the desk along with all of her other selections.

Valerie opened her mouth, and accepted the red rubber ball into her mouth, and lay bound as Cassandra buckled it at the back of her neck! Helpless, there was nothing else that she could do!

“Mmmmmmph!” Valerie grunted once she was gagged.

“You do love the gag, Valerie? It removes all responsibility, doesn’t it? By making you helpless, you’re subject to my desires, so I can do with you whatever I want!” explained Mistress Cassandra.


Mistress Cassandra then began to fondle and pinch Valerie’s already erect nipples! Valerie then squirmed against her bonds, but to no effect! The rope held her fast to the footstool, and she would have to endure whatever Cassandra would do to her!


“That’s good, Valerie! I know that you want what I’m going to do to you! That’s because you’re a bondage slut, who wants the whip and collar!”


Had Valerie not been gagged, she would have agreed with Mistress Cassandra. Valerie had discovered that she didn’t care who yielded the whip, whether that was Mistress Dominique, Mistress Allison, or even Cassandra.

One day, Cassandra would be a Dominant, dressed in her PVC Bodysuit or Catsuit. The next, she’d be wearing a Maid’s outfit and corset, assisting Kate in running the Mansion.

Either way, her position was superior to that of Valerie. The price of her re-admission to Beth’s House of Bondage was that she was indeed the lowest on the totem pole, and that she was subject to the discipline of Mistress Allison; Kate; and Cassandra.

Today, she was again in her dominant role! Over the last few months, she had blossomed into a true Dominatrix; but with a strange paradox all her own: she still enjoyed being bound, gagged, and punished herself!

“Mmmmmmmph!” Valerie moaned as her nipples were pinched.

“Bondage slut!” exclaimed Cassandra.

Valerie could do nothing other than to await whatever Cassandra would now mete out to her.

“Now we proceed! Since you’ve never been bound to the footstool, Valerie, let me explain what awaits you! I’m not going to insert a vibrator into your pussy that is set to go off at random intervals. You got to hold it in your cunt, while I use a riding crop on you!”


“But of course you’ll eventually climax, and release the vibrator. That will give me an excuse to take you down to the playroom and give you a whipping, which is of course what you probably want all along. But you have to take the test of the footstool first!”


“Nice to see that you agree!”

Cassandra then walked to the desk, and brandished the electronic vibrator for Valerie’s benefit! She unrolled a latex condom, switched the device on, and walked behind the bound and naked Valerie.

“Relax, darling, and be glad I’m not inserting it into your other hole!”

“Mmmmmmmmph!” moaned Valerie as the dildo slid inside her!

“Not quite the position most Ivy League heiresses find themselves, hmmmm, Valerie? But then again, Beth has told me how during college you two would visit Adult Shops!”

Once the dildo was inserted inside Valerie’s pussy, Cassandra stepped back, and retrieved the riding crop from the Library desk! She flexed it in her hands in clear view of Valerie, with the clear inference that it would soon be used on her!

Cassandra then delivered a few small taps of the crop’s leather pad on Valerie’s exposed bottom!


“That’s just to warm you up, Valerie! You know these are just the preliminaries!”


Reaching forward, Cassandra pinched Valerie’s already erect nipples, making her squirm against the leather footstool! Her nostrils inhaled the heady scent of the oiled black leather, which only served to make her more sexually excited!

“It was Mistress Allison who turned me on to the erotic possibilities of the footstool. If I ever get my own apartment again, I full intend to treat my lovers to a scene on the stool,” said Cassandra.

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Valerie cried when the vibrator finally buzzed in her pussy!

“I guess that means the vibrator is working,” surmised Cassandra, “time for the riding crop!”

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Cassandra used the flat leather pad at the crop’s end on Valerie’s bottom to great effect! She delivered stinging blows that reddened her buttocks, and stimulated her at the same time!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Valerie cried.

“Mistress Allison once told me when I was bound in the very same position that microchips were truly wonderful things that are popping up everywhere - even in vibrators! Why the one in your pussy can even be activated by the press of a button in manual mode!”


“Don’t protest so much, Valerie! You know that you’re enjoying this, and so do I!”


With the ball in her mouth, Valerie was unable to protest her bondage! The combination of the gag, the vibrator in her pussy, and the cropping of her backside soon had her in an erotic frenzy of pain and pleasure!

Slap! Slap! Slap!

“Mmmmmmmph!” Valerie cried, tears forming in her eyes.

“Enjoying yourself, my dear?”

Cassandra was trying to time her strokes so that they would coincide with the vibrator going off inside Valerie’s pussy! She knew that the erotic stimulation of pain and pleasure would soon drive Valerie to an orgasm, and the vibrator would be ejected as her captive loosened her hold on the device!


“Hold it in, darling! You know you’ll earn the whip if you don’t!” exclaimed Cassandra.

Try as she might, Valerie knew that she was going to have a raging orgasm! The erotic bondage scene was just too much for her to have any sort of control, and soon she felt the familiar tremors course through her pussy and the rest of her body!

“MmmmmmmmpH!” Valerie moaned with the ball in her mouth as she climaxed, and the vibrator shot out of her pussy just when Cassandra was again striking her bottom with the crop!

Slap! Slap! Slap!

“Bad slave!” Cassandra criticized, picking up the vibrator from the floor, the latex condom covered by Valerie’s female secretions!

Cassandra then removed the device from it’s latex covering, and shut it off! She then placed it on the desk, and unbuckled Valerie’s ball-gag!

“Thank you, Mistress!” gasped Valerie, her blonde hair disheveled from her ordeal!

“You’re welcome, Valerie, but you’re a bad girl for losing control of yourself. You know that means you’ve got to be whipped!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Valerie then walked over to Mistress Allison’s desk, and pushed a button, which would summon Kate. After a few moments, there was a knock on the Library door!

“Mistress?” asked Kate.


“Yes, Mistress,” said Kate when she stepped into the Library.

“This slave has no erotic control of herself, and needs to be punished. I’m going to give her a whipping, but I think she needs time on the horse first. See to it!” Cassandra ordered.

“Yes, Mistress!”

Cassandra exited the Library, planning to spend some time reading the latest issue of Elle. While she liked seeing the expensive designer fashions that the rich could afford, she much preferred the Fetish PVC clothes that she could actually purchase!


Valerie sat on the horse, feeling as if she was split in two! With her entire weight resting on her naked sex, it didn’t take long for her to be in actual pain! Her reddened bottom already bore the signs of the crop, and soon her body would be whipped.

But this was what she had chosen, and there would be no backing out a second time!

Valerie was wearing nothing more than a pair of four inch high heeled black leather shoes, that had been locked on her feet with an ankle strap! They were definitely not the same as they sold in the shopping mall!

Her ankles were chained to the horse by her bracelets, and her wrists were locked behind her back. The ball-gag was locked around her neck, left there should it again be needed!

Kate was seated nearby, should Valerie be in any distress, since a submissive should never be left alone while in bondage.

Distress, Valerie thought to herself! How much more in distress could a naked girl be, than she was in her present position!

Her thoughts were interrupted by Cassandra’s entrance! Cassandra made no attempt to conceal her appearance by muting the clicking of her own high heels!

“You’ve done an excellent job, Kate!” Cassandra complimented the Black Latex clad Maid.

“Thank you, Mistress!” said Kate, coming to attention in the presence of the PVC clad Domme.

“Well, Valerie, how do you feel?” Cassandra asked as she walked around her pained captive.

“I hurt, Mistress! The horse is truly awful for a naked girl!” Valerie replied.

“Why of course it is, darling! That’s why I wanted you on it for a short while, before I whip that delectable naked body of yours!”

“Mistress, there are better things to do with naked girls!” protested Valerie.

“True, we’ll do those later! But first, you must experience the whip once more!” Cassandra explained.

Cassandra smiled to herself! She had used that line with Mistress Allison, it usually being present in most of the non-consensual bondage novels that Beth kept in her extensive collection of pornography!

Living in Beth’s House of Bondage had saturated Cassandra in bondage sexuality! Not only was she collared, and dressed in Fetish outfits (now occasionally Domme); but Beth had a large collection of bondage DVDs & novels; one that would be the envy of any collector!

Cassandra then clicked her heels over to Valerie, who was clearly suffering from her ordeal by sitting on the horse! She again pinched and fondled Valerie’s modest sized breasts, finally pinching her nipples.

“Owwwwww!” cried Valerie.

“Valerie, you know that will be nothing compared to the whip, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Are you wet with desire for the lash?” Cassandra demanded of her naked captive.

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Good, then I see no reason to keep you waiting. Kate, I’d like you to suspend Valerie from the ceiling. Spreader bars for her wrists and ankles. She’s going to be whipped!”

“Yes, Mistress,” Kate answered as she proceeded to do Cassandra’s bidding.


“Excellent, Kate, thank you!” Cassandra complimented her Black Latex clad assistant.

Valerie was now hanging naked from the ceiling chain, her beautiful body stretched in the shape of an “X” by the bondage bracelets she wore and the spreader bars! Cassandra smiled to herself when she had discovered that Valerie was indeed a natural blonde, since her pussy hair matched that on her head! That was a topic that women often discussed amongst themselves!

Cassandra rose from the wooden throne on the raised dais (how much more impressive this Playroom was compared to the rural house in Pennsylvania!) and walked over to the poor, suspended, naked Valerie!

Once they had moved to Chicago, and Valerie had made her intentions known to re-enter Beth’s House; Cassandra had made it her business to spend considerable time in the Public Library to research Valerie Newman! She had discovered that the lovely blonde was also a member of the country’s ruling class. Not only had she inherited a vast estate from her parents and grandparents; but she owned stock in some of the country’s most important corporations as well!

It seemed totally incongruous that the submissive female, awaiting her punishment, was one of the richest women in the country, who could afford anything that she desired! But what she desired, along with Valerie, was to experience bondage!

“Do you want my whip?” Cassandra asked of Valerie.

“Yes, Mistress!” Valerie quickly answered, without any hesitation.

“I’m going to do terrible things to you, Valerie!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“I’m going to stripe that lovely naked body of yours and make you scream in pain. Is that what you desire?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Good! Kate, the whip, please!”

Kate had the desired object ready for Cassandra, and handed her the coiled leather object that she was now going to use with deadly effect on her naked captive!

“Kiss the whip!” Cassandra ordered Valerie, who quickly complied.

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Since you desire the whip, Valerie, before we begin, I want to know what your safeword will be?” Cassandra demanded.

“Security, Mistress Cassandra!” Valerie answered.

Cassandra smiled to herself! Security was the one thing that the naked and vulnerable Valerie was not getting as she was about to be whipped.

“You’re such a lovely girl!” Cassandra complimented her victim.

“Yes, Mistress, thank you!” Valerie replied, her body tense with excitement as she was preparing herself mentally for the whip!

Cassandra then stood back from her naked victim, and circled around Valerie. To increase her terror, she cracked the whip a few times, the sound of the whip echoing from the stone walls and floors of the Playroom!

“To further increase your plight, Valerie, I want you to count each stroke of the whip! If you fail, I’ll double your punishment!” Cassandra threatened.

“Yes, Mistress!” Valerie answered quickly.

Cassandra circled around her naked and vulnerable captive, deciding where best to deliver the first stroke! Since Valerie’s bottom was already reddened and hurting from the paddle, that was the best place to begin!

“ONE!” Valerie screamed when the whip cut a searing line across her already tormented bottom!

Cassandra had learned from watching Mistress Allison that every girl responded differently to the whip! With Valerie, there was no slow warm-up with mild strokes!

No, Valerie actually wanted to be whipped harshly, and her naked body striped!




“Five!” Valerie screamed out every stroke of the whip as Cassandra circled around her prey, striping the naked heiresses’ body!

Once, Mistress Allison had told Cassandra that she was a true painslut, a girl who enjoyed the whip, and could take truly incredible amounts of punishment!

But it was apparent to even Cassandra that Valerie was her equal under the lash!

“Six!” Cassandra delivered a stroke onto Valerie’s exposed breasts, making them bounce after the impact, and leaving a red stripe behind!




“Ten!” cried Valerie, as the whip slashed the sensitive skin of her underarm!

“Remember your safeword!” cautioned Cassandra.

“Yes, Mistress!” Valerie cried out in pain.

Cassandra could certainly understand Valerie’s tolerance, indeed desire, for pain, given how she herself performed under Mistress Allison’s whip!

“Eleven! Owwwwwww!” Valerie cried out as the whip found it’s way between her thighs to the entrance of her sex!

“Twelve! Owwwwww!” Once again Valerie screamed as the whip struck at the inside of her thighs!



“Fifteen! Thank you Mistress!” Valerie exclaimed, tears forming at the edges of her eyes!

“Why are you crying, Valerie?” Cassandra asked.

“From happiness, Mistress!”

“Than we shall continue!”





“Twenty!” Valerie screamed as the whip sliced across her breasts, leaving an angry red stripe behind!

Valerie twisted and writhed in her chains, the metal links clinking against each other as she fought her bondage! But there was no escape for the naked Valerie, bound in steel and leather, and now subject to the lash!

“What are you thinking, Valerie?” Cassandra asked.


“I asked, what are you thinking? That’s not too hard a question to answer?” said Cassandra.

“About the whip, and how I can please you!” Valerie answered, glad for the respite from the whip!

Valerie’s beautiful blonde hair was disheveled; and her naked body bore the evidence of the whip! Sweat ran down her armpits, and between her breasts and legs!

“That’s very good, Valerie, because this was just the start of your punishment. I’m willing to bet that you’re thinking of something else now too!”

“Mistress?” Valerie asked in puzzlement.

“Why yes, Valerie! How about the idea that nice girls don’t get whipped, especially rich heiresses who control vast fortunes?”

“Yes……yes, Mistress! That’s also in the back of my mind!” Valerie replied.

Cassandra knew that Valerie could not shed her guilt over her sexual preferences!

“Tell me, Valerie, when you were young and went to riding school, did you fantasize about someone taking a riding crop to your bare bottom?”

“Yes, Mistress! I always watched westerns on TV; and the sight of a cowboy taking a riding crop to a woman always excited me! That was why I sought out pornography as soon as I could!” Valerie explained.

“So you’ve always wanted the lash?” Cassandra demanded.

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Good, my dear! Because I am going to broaden your horizons!”


Valerie could do nothing as Cassandra cupped her breasts, and pinched her nipples, making her squirm! Once again her pussy was the object of Cassandra’s attention, as she placed a glove on her right hand, and proceeded to invade Valerie’s wet pussy!

Cassandra thrust her index and forefinger into Valerie’s wet and inviting sex, making her moan in response!

“You’re easy, aren’t you, Valerie? Whether it’s the whip or a dildo, you’re always hot with desire!” Cassandra observed.

“Yes, Mistress!” Valerie replied.

“In that case, you shall have both!” Cassandra withdrew her gloved fingers from Valerie’s cunt, making her cry out from the loss, “Kate, strap the dildo harness onto Valerie! Let’s see how she likes being whipped with a dildo in her cunt!”

“Yes, Mistress!” Kate replied.

Valerie was once again going to be humiliated by being punished with a dildo in her pussy, except that this time it would be held in place by a harness that she altogether knew too well! She stood impassively in her chains as Kate procured the harness from the wall, along with a latex condom. Standing in silence, the belt was buckled around her waist, and she watched as Kate unrolled a condom onto the leather shaft!

“Open your legs!” Kate commanded.

Within the limits of her bondage, Valerie complied as Kate drew the crotch strap between her loins. She felt the dildo penetrate her wet sex, and then her muscles contracted around the shaft! Then Kate buckled the thing inside her!

“The harness is in place, Mistress!” said Kate when her task was finished!

“Thank you, Kate! I’m sure that Valerie appreciated your task!”

“Yes, Mistress!” said Kate as she stepped back from her victim.

Still holding the whip in her hand, Cassandra then stepped forward and reached between Valerie’s thighs, and pressed the harness to drive the dildo deeper into her sex!

“Ooooooooh!” Valerie cried as the dildo moved inside her!

“You’re a bondage slut!” Cassandra observed.

“Yes, Mistress!” Valerie tearfully replied.

“Kiss the whip!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Valerie did as she was told, kissing the handle of the instrument that would again be used to inflict pain and pleasure upon her!

With the dildo inside her, she tried to expel it by clenching her muscles, but without effect! The leather straps held it inside her, and it would not be removed from her sex until she was released!

Cassandra then again stepped back, brandished the whip, and began to circle around her naked captive!


“Twenty-one!” cried Valerie as her punishment had begun again, this time with a stroke to the outside of her left thigh!




“Twenty-five!” Valerie screamed when another vicious stroke landed on her pretty breasts!

“There’s more where that came from!” said Cassandra.

The combination of the whip and the dildo inside her had driven Valerie to new heights of pain and pleasure! Her sex muscles had clamped themselves around the dildo, and every time her naked body jerked in response to the whip the dildo sent an orgasm through her!

“Aaaaaaaaaah!” Valerie moaned as another orgasm surged through her!

“I see that you have discovered the erotic possibilities of being whipped with a dildo inside you!” Cassandra observed.

“Yes……yes, Mistress!” Valerie stuttered in response.

“It’s even more intense with a gag in your mouth. Want to try it?” asked Cassandra.

“Not today, Mistress, please!” Valerie begged.

“I suppose that it’s possible to have too much stimulation in one day, isn’t that true, Valerie?”

“Yes, Mistress!” Valerie cried.

“Perhaps we’ll try that another time, shall we, Valerie?”

“Thank you, Mistress!”

“But I’m not finished with the whip just yet, darling! I want to place a few more stripes on that lovely body of yours!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

With the dildo inside her, all Valerie could do was to remain in bondage and await whatever Cassandra intended to do to her! She wondered if that was going to include nipple clamps, or something else! Either way, she was totally helpless, and at her tormentor’s mercy!

Valerie steeled herself for a few more strokes with the whip that she so desperately craved! When she had seen Mistress Dominique after she had left Beth’s rural house, the foreign Dominatrix had taught Valerie to appreciate being disciplined. Which was something that she had not understood with Mistress Allison.

Now that she had been properly trained, Valerie actually craved the whip, no matter who was yielding it!

Cassandra then stood back, and cracked the whip through the air. It sounded like gunshots as the sound reverberated in the stone lined Playroom!

“Twenty-six!” Valerie shouted when she again felt the whip against her naked thigh!

“Twenty-seven!” this time it was her bottom that felt the whip - that and the paddling she had received earlier would give her a reminder every time that she sat down of her discipline!

“Twenty-eight!” Valerie screamed when her breasts were again the target of the lash! All of her female attributes were under assault from the whip!

“Twenty-nine!” cried Valerie as the sensitive skin on the inside of her thighs was again struck!

“Thirty!” screamed Valerie as the whip sliced across her shoulder blades!

Tears streamed from her cheeks! Would there be no respite from her torment of the whip?

“What is your safeword, Valerie?” Cassandra demanded.

“Security, Mistress!” Valerie answered.

“Very good, my dear. You have undergone your punishment. Kiss the whip!”

Valerie did as she was told, and kissed the handle of the object that had brought her so much pain and pleasure.

“Kate, you may release her and get Valerie cleaned up. She’s going to join me in my bedroom tonight.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Valerie looked forward to spending the night with Cassandra, whom she would service sexually. She looked forward to Cassandra to again use her dildo harness and do her “doggy style.”

She hoped that she would give Cassandra cause to use the riding crop on her again, since she welcomed both pain and pleasure!

Perhaps tomorrow she would ask to see Mistress Allison, and ask that she be pierced to wear a medallion in her sex. One with Mistress Allison’s name, and a engraving of a whip and riding crop on the other side.

For Valerie now considered herself to be not merely a submissive, but a slave.

For her, there was no other way!

The End of Chapter Nineteen and “Snowbound”

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