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Jennifer's Holiday

by Rubberised

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Storycodes: FF; latex; toys; catsuit; hood; gasmask; bond; cuffs; strapon; sex; bedtie; shave; corset; dressing; pvc; raincoat; cons; XX

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3: Jane

As Jennifer opened the door and let Jane in she saw the rubber covered bed. Jane sat down on it and ran her hands over it, pulling the red rubber top sheet around her. “This is like nothing I've ever experienced,” she said. She explained that she had recently been divorced, and since then had begun experimenting with some of the less 'vanilla' aspects of her sexuality.

“Do you mind if I undress?” she asked. Jennifer shook her head, then watched as Jane unclipped her bikini top. As she slid the skimpy bikini pants down her legs Jennifer saw a familiar sight hanging from Jane's sex; the string of a set of Ben Wa balls.

“Swimming with those in must be an experience” she commented. Jane smiled.

“You know about these then? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, with what you're wearing. I discovered them in an advert a couple of months ago; they drove me wild the first time I wore them but now they just keep me nice and hot”. She lay back on the bed and wrapped the sheet around her, twisting and rubbing it against herself. She held it over her face and inhaled deeply, then groaned softly as she exhaled. Jennifer suddenly blushed as she realised she was witnessing a rubber fetishist's first encounter with the beloved material. How rare a treat, she thought. It was obvious that the sensation of being surrounded by the latex was turning Jane on, as she writhed and twisted with the sheet.

Jennifer felt she should guide this latex novice through her first steps into total fetishism. She went to the wardrobe and pulled out one of her black catsuits. Although Jane was a little broader across the shoulder they were otherwise of similar size, so she was sure this would fit. She collected the dressing aid and knelt at the foot of the bed. As she took Jane's foot in her hand Jane looked up from the bed. Jennifer signalled her to relax, putting her finger to her mouth to indicate quiet. She poured lube onto Jane's outstretched legs and smoothed it on, then fed each foot into the legs of the catsuit. Jane sat up and watched in awe as her legs turned from bronze to ebony. She stood up when Jennifer indicated and wriggled her way into the suit's enveloping embrace as Jennifer pulled it up. Soon Jane stood in the centre of the room, encased in shining black rubber from foot to neck. Jennifer led her to the wide full-length mirror in the bathroom, and was both surprised and delighted as Jane nearly collapsed at the sight of herself, needing Jennifer's support at her elbow to keep her upright. She ran her hands over her broad shoulders, her shining breasts and her slim waist. Jennifer just smiled, knowing the sensations the other was feeling and the heady mix of emotions that would be running through her. “More” was all she could say.

Back in the bedroom Jennifer set about clothing them both in the most extreme rubber outfits she had. She put the hood for her suit back on, then fitted Jane with a similar item in black. Next game a gasmask each, which she tightened around Jane's rubbered head and showed her how to do the same to hers. Now fully enclosed in shining squeaky rubber the two women stood and looked at each other. They sat down on the bed, and Jane reached forward and started caressing Jennifer's smooth round head. Soon they were both lying on the bed, fondling and caressing one another. Through her layers of rubber and Jane's mask Jennifer heard a muffled 'more' from the other. She pointed to the wardrobe, and Jane jumped up and went to see what she could find. She quickly returned with an armful of equipment.

Jennifer saw that Jane had quickly found what she had stored in the bottom drawer. First Jane rolled her onto her back, and strapped thick rubber cuffs to her wrists. She looped the chain through the railings of the headboard before joining them together. Her other acquisition was a dildo harness, and a large double-ended dildo. She unzipped her catsuit and removed the dripping Ben Was, then inserted one end of the dildo and strapped the harness around herself. Jennifer watched her obscenely fondling the protruding half of the dildo, as if it were her own member and she were masturbating. Of course every time she touched it the other half moved inside her, so in effect she was. Jennifer moaned and stretched her legs, wrapping them around Jane's waist. Jane unzipped Jennifer's crotch, and finding the dildo she was wearing inside her carefully removed it, then inserted the end of the double-ended toy she was wearing.

The two women now lay on the bed, totally rubbered and joined at the sex. Each was so turned on that even the other's breathing was enough to send electric sparks of pure lust shooting through their bodies. They rolled lazily together, Jane playing the top and slowly screwing Jennifer (and herself) with the dildo. Jennifer arched her back and twisted her hips, straining against her bonds to get the tool as deep inside her as possible. Jane thrust her rubber member with increasing urgency, as their mask-muffled groans grew louder. Both women approached climax, Jennifer twisting and straining against her restraints and Jane fucking her with animal abandon. They came together, screaming into their masks and gags, then collapsing in a panting rubber heap. Jane reached up and undid the shackles on Jennifer's wrists, and they lay on the latex sheets in each other’s arms.

After they had recovered they took turns to shower. Whilst Jane used the bathroom Jennifer wondered at the coincidence of their meeting. Whilst she had planned for this vacation to be different to any other, she hadn't banked on what had happened so far! She hoped that Jane would be keen to continue their joint exploration of her new found rubber fetishism. At that moment Jane's shout of 'what are we doing tonight?' from the bathroom confirmed that she did!

When she came out of the bathroom Jane looked at Jennifer sitting on the bed, the rubber covered pillows around her but otherwise naked. She went over and sat on the edge of the bed. Jennifer realised she was staring at her crotch. “You're shaved!” Jane exclaimed, then immediately said “Of course you are! It must be divine to feel tight rubber on your bare skin.” She leant forward and stroked Jennifer's shaven sex, eliciting a quiet moan from her. “I wish I knew what that felt like.”

With that Jennifer got up from the bed and went to the bathroom, returning shortly with her washbag. She pushed Jane back so she was lying in the middle of the bed. Realising what she was going to do Jane spread her legs, revealing the neatly trimmed triangle of hair covering her sex. Squirting some shave gel onto her hand, Jennifer began to gently work it into Jane's pubic hair. Appreciating the eroticism of the act which was ensuing, Jane stretched out languidly, moaning gently as Jennifer's fingers strayed across her pubis. When the area was well lathered, Jennifer took out a razor and drew it across the hair in a tentative stroke, careful not to cause harm. The increased sounds of arousal from her patient reassured her she should continue. Soon all traces of hair had been removed. She wiped off the remains of the lather and applied some moisturiser, before declaring Jane well and truly bald! Jane jumped up from the bed and went to admire her newly exposed sex in the full length mirror, and it was immediately obvious to Jennifer that she was pleased with the result.

As if inspired by her new nudity, Jane suddenly remembered something. Telling Jennifer she would be back shortly she pulled on a towelling robe and went to her room. When she returned she had a map of the town with her, along with a small business card. She handed the card to Jennifer, saying “This is where we're going tonight”. Looking at the card Jennifer read 'Club Excess. Strict Fetish dress code'. Jane's map revealed that it was only a short cab ride from their hotel, so she immediately agreed that they should go. They then set about choosing what to wear.

What followed could only be described as a contest of the extreme. Jennifer picked out a reasonably tame latex mini-dress for Jane, and a more severe full length hobble dress for herself. Jane however took this as a challenge, and dismissed the dress in favour of a jet black catsuit, with a high posture collar and stiletto heeled thigh boots. Not to be outdone Jennifer changed her proposed outfit for a more extreme number. This continued as the women worked their way through Jennifer's wardrobe. Eventually they agreed that both had on most impressive outfits. They stood and admired themselves in the full length mirror.

Jane was wearing a black catsuit, polished to an ebony gleam. Over this she wore a tight red rubber corset. The corset had built-in inflatable breast cups, which she had inflated to their maximum. Combined with the tight lacing of the corset it gave her a figure of cartoon proportions. Matching the corset was a neck corset, which she wore over a black hood with eye, nose and mouth openings. The eye and nostril openings were bordered in red, and her lips were blood red and full. The hood was tightly laced at the back, forcing her lips into a provocative pout through the mouth opening. The outfit was completed by red ankle boots with stiletto heels, and wrist-length red rubber gloves.

Next to her Jennifer also wore a black catsuit. The suit was relatively plain; however, where it covered her breasts and crotch the black rubber gave way to semi-transparent panels. The transparent rubber was stretched tight across her breasts, her nipples showing clearly through the material. Similarly a triangular panel of semi-transparent rubber was pulled tight against her shaven pussy, clearly revealing the mound of her mons and the line of her sex. She wore a transparent hood pulled tight against her face, and over that an open-face black hood. The contrast of the jet black of the hood and the gleam of her rubber-covered face gave her an other-worldly appearance. As if to enhance this alien appearance she wore thick rubber tank-girl boots, with 10cm rubber soles. She had bought the boots some time ago on a whim, having fallen in love with them on sight. Despite her extreme taste in clothing however she had never had the nerve to wear them out. It seemed that the events of the last two days had destroyed what few inhibitions she had left. Jennifer picked up her spiky rubber rucksack and put their purses in it. She pulled a transparent PVC raincoat from the wardrobe and handed it to Jane, then picked up her heavy rubber bike jacket and pulled it on over her latex clad shoulders.

They took a taxi from the hotel to the club, and were whisked straight in, past the crowd of rubbernecking tourists in jeans and t-shirts.


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