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Jennifer's Holiday

by Rubberised

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Storycodes: FF; F/m; latex; club; catsuit; public; oral; hood; cons; X

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4: The Club

The nightclub was a large open room, with a bar and seating area down the left side, a dance floor in the centre and a mezzanine floor with more tables up on the right. Around the far end of the dancefloor were some cages, with scantily clad dancers gyrating in them. The DJ was in a booth at the end of the mezzanine floor, with a view across the dancefloor. The club was about half full. Everyone seemed to be adhering to the dress-code, although most were in 'street' clothes - leather jeans or skirts; some rubber dresses. As Jennifer and Jane made their way to the bar area a lot of heads turned to take in their outfits, but as Jane had explained in the taxi on the way over this was a fetish club - everyone was there to see and be seen.

Reaching the bar Jane ordered them both a drink. Looking round the club Jennifer was picking out the more extreme outfits, window-shopping for new ideas. Standing next to them at the bar was someone whose clothing came close to matching their own. It was a man in a head-to-toe black rubber catsuit. The suit looked to be made of quite thick rubber, but clung tightly to his well-built body. He had a full-face hood with zips over his eyes and mouth, which were open as he ordered a drink. He seemed to know the barman well, and chatted to him as his drink was prepared. Round his wrists and ankles he had rubber cuffs, which had small chrome padlocks locking them shut. A matching collar was round his neck, also padlocked, and with the word ‘SLAVE’ in chrome letters across the front. Jennifer noticed two other zips - or rather half-zips - on his hood, which ran down either side of his face from temples to chin. Jennifer was wondering what they were for when the man turned from the bar and caught her eye.

“Hi,” he said. “I've not seen you here before have I?”

“Wow, corny line” replied Jennifer, and laughed. The man laughed too.

“Yeah, I guess so. It wasn't meant to be a line; just that we come here a lot and I pretty much recognise all the regular faces. Or bodies, where I can't see their faces!”

“We?” inquired Jennifer.

“My mistress and I. This is her drink.” The man indicated towards one of the booths in the bar seating area, to where an imperious lady in an open-face hood and rubber dress was sitting. “In fact I'd better get back with it, or I'll suffer the consequences!” The way he said it made Jennifer think he would actually rather like to suffer the consequences; this guy seemed very comfortable and at ease with his subservient role. “I'm sure my mistress would like to meet you...?” he paused, waiting to hear Jennifer's name, so she told him.

“And this is my friend Jane,” she added. Jane had paid for their drinks and turned to see who Jenifer's new acquaintance was.

“It's an honour to meet you,” the man said. “I'm Steve, although if you refer to me when talking to my mistress please don't call me anything but 'slave'!” With that he headed back to his table, Jane and Jennifer following.

At the table Steve/Slave presented his mistress with her drink then introduced Jennifer and Jane. The lady introduced herself as Miranda, and invited them to sit down in the semi-circular booth. As they sat down Jane realised the bench seat was covered in black rubber. Steve/Slave knelt on the floor on the other side of Miranda.


The three women started chatting, and Jennifer and Jane found Miranda easy to talk to. She was intelligent and confident, and seemed very at home in the club. She was wearing a full length ball gown in dark metallic blue. It had a high collar, puffed sleeves which ended in tight cuffs, a tight bodice with built in corset and a wide, flowing skirt which reached to the floor. With it Miranda wore a black open-face hood and black wrist gloves. When Jane complimented her on the dress and commented on how full the skirt was Miranda pulled up the skirt to show the layers of frilly rubber petticoats she wore underneath. This also revealed knee-high black patent laced boots with a five inch heel, over tight black latex stockings.

Miranda asked them how they knew about the club, and Jennifer told her the story of the last two days; that she was on vacation, how she came to meet Jane and how they ended up at the club. As she finished she said how they'd met Steve at the bar, and although she caught herself and said 'your slave' rather than his name it was immediately obvious to Miranda that her slave had told them his name. She turned to him, still kneeling at her side and announced angrily that he would have to be punished.


Sitting forward on the bench seat Miranda hitched up the voluminous skirts of her dress, revealing latex knickers with a zip crotch. Steve/Slave obviously knew what was coming as he shuffled round on his knees until he was between his mistress’s legs. Jennifer saw that Miranda's knickers had zips down either side of the central crotch zip, and as Miranda slowly unzipped herself to reveal her moist, shaven lips Jennifer realised why the other zips were there. Steve/Slave leaned forwards as his mistress zipped his eyes closed, and as he put his head to her crotch the zips on his hood lined up with those either side of Miranda’s exposed sex. She engaged the zipper on one side then the other, then slowly pulled them up, pulling Slave's face into her crotch and holding him there. As the zip came up Jennifer caught a glimpse of Slave's tongue searching out his mistresses cleft, then the zip was pulled up and he was sealed in. Miranda smoothed her petticoats and skirt over her slave, then lay back and relaxed on the seat. The skirts covered slave completely; the only clue to his presence was a slight movement of the skirt, and the effect his attentions were having on his mistress! Miranda continued their conversation as if nothing had happened, pausing every so often as her obviously skilled slave brought her to another orgasm.

After about twenty minutes and - by Jennifer's reckoning - four orgasms, Miranda unzipped Slave/Steve and let him recover his breath, panting on the floor by her side. Glancing up he caught Jane's eye, and she was sure she saw a mischievous wink from behind the now unzipped eyeholes in his hood. Apparently that had not been much of a punishment.

Jane looked over the back of the booth to the dancefloor, which was gradually filling up with more and more rubber-clad partygoers. Noticing where she was looking Miranda said to her slave, “I think our new friend would like to dance.” Jane nodded. Steve looked to his mistress, and on receiving a nod of agreement he got up and reached for Jane's hand, leading her to the dancefloor, leaving Jennifer and Miranda to continue chatting.


As Steve led Jane through the bar and onto the dancefloor she was amazed how many people greeted him. He seemed to know most of the people in the club, or at least all those who were dressed in rubber. Jane reasoned he must be a regular at the club, as people knew him even covered as he was head to toe in rubber. When they started dancing people continued to come over and say hello. The outfits some of them were wearing made Jane's seem ordinary.

At one point a small slim woman approached them through the crowd. She was completely covered in shiny black latex, with patent ballet boots on her feet and a shiny black corset which compressed her waist to an incredible size. Jane was sure she could have easily encircled it with her two hands. Weirder still was the mask she wore. Also in black rubber it was shaped somewhat like a gasmask, but came to a downward facing point at the front where a stubby rubber tube stuck out. The eyes were mirrored and slightly domed. The overall effect was of a dainty insect, and when Steve introduced here as 'Queen Bee' Jane realised it was entirely intentional. The mask made conversation impossible, but Queen Bee managed wordlessly to convey a hello, then a goodbye as she moved off through the dancing crowd. As she left she pulled on a silver chain which she was holding in one hand. Jane's gaze followed the chain to where it ended, on a collar round the neck of a huge rubber clad man. The man was head and shoulders taller than anyone else around him, and under his tight-fitting rubber catsuit Jane could see he was incredibly well built. His bulging biceps looked as if they were straining to burst out of the tight rubber. Like Queen Bee he was completely covered in black latex; however he wore a different mask. His had an open mouth, but no eye openings. At the tug of the chain he turned from where he had been standing and meekly followed the tiny figure holding the chain.

“That's Drone,” explained Steve as they left. “No points for guessing who's in charge in that relationship!”

They danced, talked and mingled with the rubbery crowd and Jane lost track of time. At some point she noticed that the crowd was thinning out, and she suddenly realised how tired she felt. She and Steve made their way back to the booth, where Jennifer and Miranda were still talking. In fact they were both laughing when Steve and Jane returned, but stopped as soon as they saw them. Steve gave them both a knowing look. Jennifer could see how tired Jane was, so they thanked Miranda and Steve for a great evening and headed for the door.

“Tomorrow!” called Miranda as they left, and Jennifer nodded. At the front of the club they jumped into a waiting taxi and asked for their hotel.

“What's happening tomorrow?” asked Jane.

“We're invited round to their house,” Jennifer replied. “Some sort of open house - Miranda said turn up any time.”

“Steve seemed to know a lot of people there,” said Jane. “I guess they're regulars?”

Jennifer laughed. “They own the club,” she said.


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