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Jennifer's Holiday

by Rubberised

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Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; catsuit; toys; buttplug; hood; mast; public; cons; X

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2: The Hotel

Jennifer settled back into the seat of the cab and breathed out heavily. She had been wearing her deliciously restrictive outfit for so long that she almost didn't notice its effect on her, until she stopped moving. The cab driver who had been first to reach her had thankfully been parked right by the door of the airport, so she hadn't had too much further to walk. He had put her bag in the trunk and held the door for her; Jennifer wondered if all his fares got this treatment! As he got into the driver's seat he introduced himself as Joe. Jennifer saw him angle his rear-view mirror to take in her rubbered form. Finding she quite enjoyed the attention her outfit was gaining her, Jennifer slid over to the passenger side so the driver could see her more easily.

Although she had been a devoted rubber fetishist for as long as she could remember, it was only recently that Jennifer had become open about her passion. She had visited a number of fetish clubs; each time being a little more adventurous in her attire and more brazen in her journey. From her initial adventure, wearing a reasonably 'street' latex dress and gloves and heavily wrapped in a PVC trench coat she had progressed to the extent that her last trip she wore the tight black catsuit and thigh-length boots she now had on, with her transparent PVC mack over the top. Her only concession to street attire had been to wait until she reached the club before donning her full-face hood and gasmask. She smiled as she thought about how far she had progressed, as she sat in this cab fully and openly dressed in some of her wildest fetish clothes.

Joe engaged her in conversation for the entire journey. He asked her questions about her outfit, probing for details of her fetish. Jennifer found herself quite glad to tell him details of her sleeping arrangements, the decor of her apartment and some of the toys and equipment she had, and watched with amusement as he became increasingly wide-eyed. Eventually they reached her hotel. Again he ran round and held the door for her, and handed her bag to a porter. Jennifer thanked him and tipped him quite generously. "Give me a call when you're leaving," he said, and produced a business card which he pressed into her rubber gloved hand. She said goodbye and followed the porter into the hotel.

Jennifer's stiletto heels clicked loudly on the marble floor of the large ornate lobby but the few people around paid her little attention. She quickly checked in and took the elevator to her room, tipped the bell-hop and shut the door behind him, leaning against it with relief. Made it!

Two hours later and Jennifer felt ready to face the world again. She had stripped off her restrictive layers and taken a long shower, then wearing only her purple latex bathrobe she unpacked her bag. Carefully powdered and folded rubber wear was hung in the wardrobe and placed in the drawers. The more extreme accessories she put in the bottom wardrobe drawer, with one of the hotel towels over the top. No sense in causing undue alarm if a maid happened upon the chains and buckles that were an essential part of Jennifer's life!

Having unpacked, Jennifer next sorted out the bed. Off came the white bedding, to be replaced by crimson latex sheets. The bottom sheet laced underneath the mattress, so the mattress needed to be lifted off the bed. It took ten minutes of lacing and teasing to get it right, but the end result was a smooth wrinkle-free red rubber surface. Over that went a matching top sheet and two inflatable red rubber pillows. Jennifer sat down on her wonderful bed and ran her hands over its surface. The smell and touch of it intoxicated her. She had only been out of her usual rubber enclosure for an hour or so, but already she was eager to try on some of her new costumes. She had planned for this trip for a long time, and had invested in several new outfits to extend her already large latex wardrobe. She got up and retrieved the first of these from where it hung. Holding it up to the light she marvelled at the sight. It was a transparent latex catsuit, with attached feet and gloves. This was as close to clear rubber as she had ever seen; only a slight brown tint gave it colour. The sunlight both shone through and reflected off its smooth surfaces, creating a kaleidoscope of patterns in the room.

Jennifer quickly lubed herself, then sat on the bed and pulled on the suit. As she teased it over her feet and calves and up her legs, her skin took on a glassy appearance; its colour changed from porcelain white to a deep tan. Soon she had her arms in the sleeves and the gloves fitting snugly round her fingers. She pulled the thin zip up the back to her neck, then went to look at the effect in the bathroom mirror. When she saw her reflection Jennifer went weak at the knees. In the mirror she saw the perfect rubber being. Her skin shone like polished marble, without a crease to spoil the effect. Her whole body felt the touch of her favourite material caressing her as she moved. She ran her hands over her body, her thighs and up the inside of her legs. It felt wonderful! Returning to the bedroom she fell back on the red rubber bed and continued caressing herself. Pulling her knees up toward her chest stretched the rubber taught across her sex. One of the other special features of this new suit was the moulded shape around her ass, which meant it hugged her ass cheeks much more closely than other suits. She could feel it pushing into her between her cheeks. Soon she decided she needed more; running to the wardrobe she quickly selected some accessories from the drawers and returned to the bed. She unzipped the suit around her crotch, and inserted a black moulded rubber dildo in her sex. This was one of her most treasured toys; its hollow centre contained mercury, which sloshed around at the slightest movement. It also had a shaped base which sat between her outer lips and just reached her clitoris, ensuring that the movement touched her most sensitive part. Next she lubed a matching butt plug, and tenderly inserted it in her rectum. Rather than a button, the butt plug had a narrow t-piece to prevent it slipping in too far, which lay along the crack of her ass. When she zipped up the suit the two intruding probes were barely visible.

Barely able to concentrate from the feelings inside her, Jennifer picked up the hood which matched the suit. It had no eye openings, since the almost transparent rubber allowed light through. She held it to her face and shuddered at the touch of the cool rubber. Pulling the zip down from the crown to her neck forced the mask tighter and tighter against her face; its custom-made features aligning themselves perfectly with her own. She could feel her lips pushed through the narrow mouth opening, forcing them into a provocative pout. Leaning back and grasping the rails of the headboard Jennifer found the slightest movement of her legs or hips sent ripples through her from the plugs. Quickly her movement increased as the combination of sensations drove her on toward climax. She came violently and loudly, thrashing against the bed with loud slaps. Her orgasm lasted several minutes, and she lay on the bed panting, tantalising shocks still emanating from her throbbing sex.

Once she had recovered from the ferocity of her orgasm Jennifer got up from the bed and went into the bathroom. Once again the sight of her smooth shining body in the mirror made her weak with emotion. The mask stretched her face into an unrecognisable visage; full, protruding lips, emphasised cheek-bones and blank, emotionless eye sockets. She stood there for some minutes, taking in the sight. When she could tear herself away she removed the hood and rinsed her face and hair. Towelling off she tied her hair back in a ponytail and went to get ready to go down to the pool.

Jennifer had brought a wide selection of clothes, though all latex of course. She had much that would pass as normal, at least without close inspection. For laying by the pool she had a pink rubber bikini. It was extremely high cut and barely covered her sex, but would not elicit much attention when surrounded by other barely-clad sun worshippers. However Jennifer had already decided to change her plans. She picked out the bikini, and pulled it on over her transparent suit. The thong slid into the crack of her ass and reminded her of the butt-plug nestling inside her. She pulled the top over her and positioned the skimpy cups over her compressed breasts. Returning to the mirror Jennifer had to concede that her outfit was not likely to fool anyone for long; the too perfect smoothness of her skin and the way light danced over it as she moved gave away her attire, but by this stage she did not care. She put on a pair of stiletto heeled strap sandals, picked up a large beach towel, her key and a book and headed for the pool.

It was late afternoon, and the pool area was almost deserted. One couple sat in the shade at the pool bar, and one other woman was sunbathing on a lounger by the far end of the pool. Jennifer was amused to see that aside from the material (and the fact that she wore nothing underneath it!) the woman's bikini looked much the same as her own. She lay down on a vacant lounger and started to read her book. She looked up some minutes later as she heard a splash. The woman in the pink bikini had dived into the pool. Jennifer could see that she was a good swimmer; she swam under the water from her side of the pool toward Jennifer. When she broke the surface she pulled herself neatly out of the water and sat on the poolside. Jennifer took in her short bleached hair and tanned, muscular form. As if sensing Jennifer's gaze on her the woman turned around, looking Jennifer straight in the eye. Caught off guard, Jennifer blushed slightly, then looked back to her book. She could sense the woman getting up, and she looked up again as a shadow fell across her lounger. The woman sat on the next lounger; it was obvious she had realised that Jennifer was wearing more than just a bikini. Her gaze ran from Jennifer's stiletto-heeled sandals up her body to her face. Jennifer looked into her eyes.

“Hi,” said the woman, “that is some outfit.”

Jennifer wasn't sure if that was a compliment or not, but she said “Thanks” all the same.

“It's latex isn't it?” the woman continued.


“Can I touch it?”

Jennifer reached out her hand. The woman took it, running her fingers along the back of Jennifer's hand and up her arm. “Wow,” was all she said. After several minutes of stroking Jennifer's hand and arm the woman seemed lost in thought, so Jennifer introduced herself. “I'm Jane,” the blonde woman replied. She let go of Jennifer's hand. “That is an amazing sensation. I assume you're wearing it for the turn-on?”

Jennifer was taken aback by the forthright question. “Erm yes, it does excite me.”

“Can I see more?” asked Jane.

Jennifer thought for a moment about the implications of this, but since Jane seemed genuinely interested she saw little harm in it. She gathered up her towel and belongings and invited Jane to come with her. Jane ran round the pool to collect her towel and followed Jennifer up to her room.


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