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Jennifer's Holiday

by Rubberised

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Storycodes: Solo-F; FF; latex; catsuit; gag; corset; hood; collar; hobble; public; airplane; oral; cons; X

The first few paragraphs of this story were the start of a never-ending story on the L-A-Tex website run by the late Alexander Horn. I’m not sure what happened to that project, but I’ve been sitting on my version for years.

1: The Journey

It was starting to be cold for comfort as October turned to November. The skies were grey and that depressing winter feeling was creeping in. Jennifer had decided to escape winter in New York and spend a few weeks in sunny Florida. She turned around in her black and blue latex sheets and knew it was time to get up. It was always a problem for her to get out of that sweet and warm rubber bed and out into the cruel reality of New York City at winter time. Sitting up, she unzipped her full latex hood and took it off. The cold air on her cheeks chilled her. She untied her ankles from the bedposts and took the rubber ball-gag out of her mouth. With a deep sigh, she stood up and walked over to the bathroom, now only dressed in her black latex catsuit. Turning on the water and selecting a suitable temperature, she stepped into the shower. The warm water felt good on her rubber clad body. She slowly opened the zip and peeled herself out of the wet latex catsuit. It was the easiest way to clean herself and the catsuit at the same time.

About half an hour later she had put up her makeup and started to dress up for the day. Since she could not go to work in latex, she usually wore a full latex catsuit under her daily wardrobe. A black latex catsuit was her standard basic rubber item, she had five and wore them every day and night. When dressing up in latex, the catsuit also was her first item to put on. The second item today were her black latex platform stiletto boots with skyscraper heels. She laced them up to her thigh. Now she had to hold her breath to fit into the tight black latex basque corset. It was laced in the back and had six buckles in front - while closing the buckles, she felt how hard it became to breathe normally. The breast-cups of the basque were inflatable and she blew them up with a small ball pump connected to a valve hidden on the inside of the basque. Her breasts became so ridiculously big that she couldn't see her legs anymore.

This was going to be quite an adventure-trip for Jennifer because she had decided to spend the entire three weeks in Florida wearing nothing but latex. To make sure she would not give up her goal, she hadn't packed any other clothes. Her large suitcase looked like the sample collection of a rubber salesman (or saleswoman).

Now she put on her black open-face mask and moved her long, blonde hair through the small round opening in the back. She zipped up the mask, put on her tight black neck-corset and laced it tight. When she felt the tight pressure and heard her heart pounding, a thought suddenly flashed into her mind. What if she fainted now from lack of circulation and missed her plane? She could just hope that she would make it and concentrate on the task before her: Finish her outfit and grab a cab to JFK airport. She put a tight long hobble skirt made of totally transparent plastic over her black latex legs and slipped into her long black latex gloves. Standing in front of her mirror, she put on her long transparent plastic coat. It didn't really fit over her huge inflated breasts so she could only close it up to her breasts. She checked her outfit one last time in the mirror and grabbed her bag.

It was pretty hard to walk down the stairs in the tight corset, the hobble skirt and the heels being unable to see the steps below her inflated breasts and carrying her heavy bag. While struggling down the stairs one step at a time, she thought about how ridiculous it was that she now had so much difficulty walking down these stairs that normally were no problem at all. Her mind wandered and she tried to imagine what a strange sight she would be for any unsuspecting bystander, struggling down the stairs encumbered by her heavy rubber and plastic outfit. After five minutes she finally arrived downstairs and walked out onto the street. The people just stared at her bizarre look. Even in New York City people were surprised to see something like this out on the street on a Wednesday morning.

Surprisingly she had no trouble at all hailing a cab and the driver jumped right out to put her bag into the trunk. Being very stiff when laced into this outfit, getting into the cab wasn't that easy for her, even though the driver was very eager to help in any way he could. She had to keep his hands off her plastic body and finally managed to get into the cab and sit down and the journey began. The driver was enjoying every minute of this trip and wouldn't stop asking all kinds of questions.

The journey to the airport took far longer than Jennifer had expected. She was sure the driver had taken a circuitous route in order to prolong her stay in his cab. When they finally arrived she got out of the taxi as quickly as possible, before he had a chance to try and help her. She thought about not tipping him, but then it occurred to her how much worse the journey could have been, so she told him to keep the change.

She did not have much time to wait in the airport, and the time was surprisingly uneventful. People with their minds on their own destinations paid her little attention, and the check-in girl treated her with the same disdain as any other passenger. Soon Jennifer was taking her seat on the plane, next to the window. A woman took the seat next to Jennifer; the aisle seat in their row remained empty. Jennifer glanced at the woman as she bent down to put her bag under the seat. She was slim, of a similar build to Jennifer but slightly shorter. She had jet black hair cut in a severe bob. She wore a dark woolen suit, the skirt of which ended some way above her knees. Her stockings were black silk, and she had on a pair of black patent stiletto court shoes. Jennifer was impressed to see that the heels were almost as high as her own. When she sat up the woman looked at Jennifer, briefly taking in her clothing, then introduced herself as Laura. They began chatting; Jennifer's outfit did not seem to bother Laura as they made small talk. Eventually the plane took off and the stewardess served drinks. The conversation ended and Jennifer looked out of the window, watching as they passed through the cloud layer into the bright sunlight above.

Her day-dreaming was interrupted when Laura bent down to retrieve something from her bag, and knocked the tray with her knee. Her glass toppled off the table and into Jennifer's lap, spilling red wine harmlessly over her plastic skirt. “Oh!” Laura exclaimed, and grabbing the wad of napkins from her tray began sponging the liquid as it ran down Jennifer's skirt. She bent over Jennifer's lap and reached down her legs, mopping up the red rivulets from the black rubber boots. Losing her initial urgency Laura seemed to be paying great attention to Jennifer's legs. Jennifer watched her as she ran her hands over the boots. Laura reached down and felt the heel of Jennifer's boot, running her hand over the toe and round to the spike heel. Her hand moved slowly up Jennifer's leg, sponging the remainder of the wine. When she reached Jennifer's plastic-covered lap she let go of the napkins, but continued to run her hand over the material. She looked up and caught Jennifer's eyes. Continuing to look directly into her eyes she moved her hand up, exploring the buckles of the rubber corset with her fingers. She felt how firmly Jennifer was held in place by the garment, and how it flexed with her breathing. Laura's hand moved, exploring the shape of Jennifer's inflated bust, and all the while staring deep into Jennifer's eyes. Her hand stroked Jennifer's chest, tracing the line of her exaggerated breasts and then sliding up over them and around the side of her neck. Jennifer moved her head in Laura's hand, feeling her trace the shape of her ear through the thin, taught rubber. After what seemed like an eternity, Laura blinked and breathed out. Jennifer realized that she too had been holding her breath for some time. Laura sat back for a moment then quietly said “I'm going to the washroom”. Jennifer said nothing. Laura got up from her seat. Jennifer sat for a minute or so, then, not really sure what she was doing, she got up and followed Laura to the washroom. When she reached the row of doors one opened slightly. With a brief glance behind her she slipped inside.

Laura was sitting on the toilet seat. She leaned behind Jennifer and flipped the door-lock, then slid onto her knees. In the cramped cubicle her face was pushed close to Jennifer's crotch. She reached round and found the zipper for the plastic skirt, and pulled it down. The limp material fell around Jennifer's ankles. Looking at the catsuit Laura saw the zip which ran from the back up through Jennifer's crotch to her waist. She reached between the latex clad legs and found the zipper, then pulled it back round. Cool air caressed Jennifer’s damp, shaven sex. Laura leaned forward and delicately kissed the exposed flesh, and began exploring Jennifer's labia with her tongue. As Jennifer sighed gently Laura's tongue slipped into her, and searched out her clit. Jennifer ran her rubber clad hands through Laura's hair and pulled her head deeper into her crotch. They explored one another gently; Laura probing with her tongue, and Jennifer running her hands through Laura's hair, tracing the features of her face, and slipping down her back under her white silk shirt. As she continued her probing Laura pulled up her own skirt around her waist and pressed herself against Jennifer's boot. Jennifer responded by moving her leg forwards and was rewarded with a loud moan from Laura as she slid herself up and down the nobbled surface created by the lacing of the rubber boot. They moved together with building speed, Laura's tongue now deep in Jennifer's sex, and Jennifer pulling Laura toward her and massaging her crotch with her boot. Under her layers of rubber Jennifer felt the perspiration running over her skin. Her whole body felt on fire, as waves of emotion seemed to course through her, emanating from her throbbing sex. Distantly she heard Laura's panting as she gasped for air whilst pleasuring Jennifer with her tongue. Their movements grew faster and more frantic as they both approached climax. Jennifer bit her lip hard to stop herself screaming, whilst her crotch muffled Laura's loud moan as they orgasmed simultaneously. Exhausted, Laura sagged forward onto Jennifer's legs. Jennifer leaned back against the door, short of air from the exertion and the restriction of her costume. They remained in that position for some minutes, recovering, before straightening themselves up. Laura wiped her dew from Jennifer's boot and zipped up her crotch, sealing it with a brief kiss on her now insulated mons. Jennifer in turn tried to straighten Laura's hair from the severe tousling she had given it. Eventually Laura slipped out of the cubicle, leaving Jennifer to put her skirt back on and follow some minutes later.

They returned to their seats as the cabin crew were announcing their landing at Miami airport. No one seemed to have noted the fact that they had both left and returned at similar times, or that they had been gone so long. As she sat down, Jennifer did not know what to say; she had been dressing in this way for so long, but until now it had been a private thing, which she had shared with no one. Laura also said nothing; she seemed to be still dreamy from their encounter. They said nothing, until the plane had landed and taxied to the terminal. Laura said “I'm going on to Tampa on business, but I'll be coming back via Miami in three days”. She left the sentence there. Jennifer replied by taking a business card from her purse, and writing on the back. “Here's where I'm staying”. She too seemed to leave the sentence without a conclusion. Laura took the card and slipped it into her jacket pocket. They filed off the plane with the rest of the passengers, but had to go in different directions when Laura went to make her connection. Jennifer retrieved her luggage and headed for the taxi rank, her mind running over the events of the last couple of hours. Reaching the taxi rank she snapped back to reality, as the row of cab drivers saw her coming and several started toward her to take her bag. 'Here we go again' she thought.


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