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Tom's Traumatizing Transformation 2

by Rbbral

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continued from part one

Part 2: A Fate Worse Than Death?

It was mid afternoon the next day when Michelle got the call from the control room and the conversation passed very fast, in French.

“Madame, we have a problem with erm, Rubberta. He… erm, she has not eaten today. We thought it was perhaps her reaction to his new… life and thought we would give her some time to adjust, but it is late in the afternoon now and he, well she, shows no signs of cooperating. She has not eaten all day, just sits there, lies there doing nothing.” Michelle stared at the screen for some time and thought on this, then said.

“Well it’s not the first time we have had a guest that doesn’t accept their new life, so, we don’t want her starving to death… get the feeding equipment and I’ll see you down there in ten minutes. It’s a pity, but clearly she doesn’t understand what she’s up against. So we’ll give her a serious taste of what she’s in for. I thought I managed to convey to her the predicament but some more erm… education is required.” Michelle left the control room and ten minutes later entered Rubberta’s quarters.

Rubberta was lying on her bed as Michelle approached, and leapt up when she heard her.

“Bonsoir Rubberta, I am very sorry to hear that you are not eating, that is not good at all, you must keep your strength up for your endeavors ahead.”

Rubberta could only stare, for Michelle had transformed herself. Standing, arms akimbo, in front of her was this apparition in white. Michelle was encased in a form fitting white latex catsuit, from tip of toe to the crown of her head. Rubberta gulped, for Michelle had, despite her “advanced” age of mid 30’s, a stunning figure, which appeared to be bursting out of her skin tight shiny white latex. He breasts were positively thrusting out towards him, and her muscled legs were supported on ridiculous 6 inch heels. Her head was encased in a matching white latex mask with only holes for mouth, nostrils and eyes. If he had not been in his unfortunate predicament he would have leapt on her in a moment of lust, but all he felt was a stiffening of his cock followed by the painful reminder that it was enclosed in a tight rubber casement, with nasty rubber needles pressing into the surface of his tender member. She was a stunning apparition in brilliant white, and he saw her red lips smile behind the mask. She took a chair by the bed and leant over.

“Now Rubberta, I had hoped that my explanation yesterday of your new life here had been clear, but obviously not. So what is happening here, I don’t like my orders being questioned. Let me think, yes, the idea of your continued existence here is too much for you to take and so you are going to starve yourself to death … or something like that. Yes?”

Rubberta thought on this for a second, and then nodded.

“Ha ha, well poor girl, that’s not going to happen, we have invested a lot of time and effort in you and can’t have you doing that. You must take us for fools, you see the setup we have here, you are just a small cog in our operation. So… my girl, you will eat, and you will stay healthy. Now, last chance.” She pointed at the rubber feeding cock on the wall. “Are you going to eat from the cock?”

It hadn’t escaped Rubberta’s notice that now she was being referred to in the feminine and thought that this was to be the way of the future, nonetheless she seemed to think this her last chance, then shook her head.

“Well maybe this is a good thing, for now you will learn just how powerless you are.” She nodded at one of the cameras and a few seconds later two of her minders entered the cell. Rubberta noted that one carried a heavy metal chair with thick rubber straps and roll buckles at strategic intervals on the back, arms and legs. The other rolled in a hospital IV with a rubber bag and tube hanging from it. It didn’t take Rubberta a few seconds to realize that she was going to be force fed! But it was already too late, for the efficient and strong assistants had picked her up, placed her firmly in the chair and were pulling the rubber straps tight over her wrists, ankles, thighs, and under her “breasts”. Michelle watched as this was done in less than a minute and now Rubberta could only move her head and shoulders.

“Eh bien, you have brought this on yourself, just like your new life here, you make it so hard on yourself. We can make this hard, or easy, which will it be, hhmm? Open your mouth and accept your feeding tube.” But Rubberta just shook her head. Michelle smiled grimly, almost admiring her spunk, but nodded to one of the minions behind Rubberta, who clamped his arm around her head, placing his palm on her rubber covered forehead. With the other he gripped her chin and drew it down, and Rubberta was powerless to resist him. Michelle now took the long rubber tube and placed it at Rubberta’s gaping mouth.

“If you are not used to this you will probably wretch at first, but try and keep swallowing and it won’t be so bad. There, there, keep swallowing.” And as the tube touched the back of her throat, she did indeed wretch and wriggle further. But Michelle ignored her and continued to feed the tube down her throat.

“Good girl, that’s better, swallow, good, almost done now. You will see here a large rubber ball midway along the tube. This is a gag to keep your mouth open. We have used this before on girls who have retained their teeth and in their distress they sometimes try to bite the tube. Not a good idea at all, but then of course they are in discomfort. You have no teeth any more so it is really moot for you. All right here we are, now open wider and accept the gag.” The minder pulled down her chin even further and the gag plopped in. Now Rubberta had to breathe through her nose, which she did, a little panicky. Michelle stepped back, satisfied.

“Good, now breathe easy, calm down, and I will start the feeding.” Rubberta was now released from the assistant’s grip and shook her head violently, but the gag was so large it was impossible for her to spit it out. Michelle released the holding pin on the tube just below the bag above Rubberta’s head and the thick liquid oozed down the tube and then Rubberta’s throat.

It was the oddest sensation for Rubberta, gradually she felt herself filling, before she had hunger pangs as she seemingly hadn’t eaten for a long time, but these soon went as the bag slowly emptied. Michelle sat in front of her, clearly reveling in the power she had over her. She leant over and moved her hand under Rubberta’s short skirt and gently rubbed her labia, smiling. Rubberta shook her head, feeling the rubber needles press into her cock and watching the feeding tube flail in front of her, but it was no good, she was at the woman’s mercy.

Soon the bag was empty, and Rubberta was full! Quickly the gag was removed from her mouth and the tube slowly extricated from her throat, accompanied at the end by some more wretching.

 “Very well, all done. Now my dear girl, is this what you want to happen three times a day or are you going to come to your senses and feed at the cock? Well?” And Rubberta knew she was beaten, it had been a horrible, humiliating experience, and so she nodded twice.

“Good girl.” (There was that girl word again, Rubberta thought). “You are learning, slowly yes, but it’s a start, but I am not finished with you this evening. I still have to reinforce your complete submission to me and so I have decided that now is a good enough time for you to get a taste, so to speak, of your duties here. We might as well fast track you, as they say. So I am going to give you some cock training.” And one of her assistants handed her a large black rubber cock attached to an oval base plate and a series of thick rubber straps.

She smiled as she stepped into it and Rubberta noticed on the inside of the base plate a small curved cock about an inch long with rubber needles along the surface.

“Well, I have to have some fun as well, Rubberta, don’t I? And these are just a perfect fit over my clit.” She drew down the small zip at the crotch of her latex suit, and pressed the small cock between her shaved lips.

“Oooh, that’s nice.” And then she tightened the straps around her hips and thighs to her satisfaction and stood in front of him, arms on hips, the black cock with a large ball sac underneath now stood out horizontal in front of him.

“Now Rubberta dear, we are going to do some oral training, arse training – yes, I’m afraid so, and pussy training, perhaps not necessarily on that order. And here’s the question you have to consider. This is going to happen, now you can be put in bondage, wrists and ankles cuffed, elbows too… or you can be free, well relatively free, but my assistants will be here just in case you get any ideas. You will have now realized I trust that there is no hope for your escape from this. So – what will it be, unfettered?”

Rubberta knew her answer before Michelle had finished, and nodded.

“Good girl, all right, release her from the chair and Rubberta, come and kneel in front of me here.” She stood in the middle of the room, the black cock sticking out in front of her as Rubberta knelt, the cock now inches from her impassive rubber face.

“Take your time now, girl, you can put your arms around my thighs for balance if you wish, good, all right nice and easy now, I won’t thrust for the moment, I’ll allow you to move your head as you wish.”

Tentatively Rubberta leaned forward towards the cock, opening her mouth, placing her tongue under it and then moving her head forward again, taking the head in her mouth. It was cold and a little clammy, even a bit pungent, but she clamped her gums around it and rubbed it up and down the shaft. To be frank Rubberta wasn’t as repulsed as she thought she would be, but then of course it was a rubber cock not a human one. So she moved her head back and forward, getting some saliva over it, and slowly getting used to its shape. Them she felt a pair of hands placed gently on her masked head.

“Good girl, that’s very good for a first time, it is your first time isn’t it, ha ha? Now let’s see if we can move it a bit further back.” Firmly but gently the hands pressed the back of her head forward, pushing the cock to the back of her throat, and she began to gag.

“Okay, not bad, let’s try that again, hold your breath when you feel it at the back of your throat, take a deep breath now, good.” And the cock was pushed deeper and she started to convulse but Michelle held her head firmly. Then this was repeated over the next few minutes and, amazingly to Rubberta, she began to get used to the hard rubber at her throat and blocking her air passage. She quite quickly adapted to the breathing and soon was voluntarily moving her head forward without the pressure from Michelle’s hands. It may have been ten minutes before she began to take the full six inches.

Michelle looked down at her with a wide grin.

“Well you are a surprise, I am very impressed Rubberta, not many will adjust so quickly, well done my dear. For this I’ll give you a little reward.” And she moved a hand underneath the cock and gripped the ball sac, then gave it several quick squeezes. Immediately small jets of liquid hit the back of Rubberta’s throat and her immediate reaction was to pull her head back, but Michelle held her firm allowing her only to withdraw enough to get air.

“Swallow now, it is salty and has a similar consistency, but it’s not the real thing, you will get used to that in the future.” And Rubberta obediently swallowed the salty, creamy liquid.

“You have passed my expectations, so now let’s see how you do with a nice buggering!” As Rubberta withdrew the cock from her mouth and hesitated, Michelle quickly got her to her feet and pushed her to the bed.

“On your knees now, and no resisting or I will call my assistants in and we’ll strap you down.” Quickly Rubberta knelt on the bed as Michelle settled in behind her and raised the rear of her short skirt. Rubberta felt horribly exposed and vulnerable, which she was as Michelle aimed the head of the cock at her tight rosebud.

“Your saliva and the fake cum will help a lot on entry, let’s see shall we?” And Rubberta felt the head push forward at her tender rear. She had the previous night been subject to the power enema, but somehow this seemed a lot worse… and bigger. Michelle ground forward and Rubberta felt the head breach her entrance. Once past the head, Michelle was able to press with some ease as the six inches were finally embedded to the hilt. She looked down and saw Rubberta breathing heavily, she allowed her a few seconds to adjust and then ground the base plate of the strap-on over her pussy, feeling the small cock rub her clit. Once centred nicely she began a slow rhythmic fucking, holding onto Rubberta’s hips. They were quite the sight, Michelle in her white latex catsuit and mask and poor Rubberta (formerly Tom) in her pink latex dress and impassive mannequin mask.

“Good girl, you’ll get used to this in time, and your sphincter will relax over time as well, so it won’t be quite so painful.” For ten minutes or so Michelle kept up the rhythm, bringing herself finally to a shuddering orgasm as she simultaneously squeezed the ball sac and squirted some more juices into Rubberta’s rear. Then she withdrew and playfully slapped her fucktoy’s sore rear. Rubberta was exhausted now and rolled on her side on the bed. Her mouth and anal passage were sore, and she saw Michelle go quickly to the bathroom and heard her wash her cock. Quickly she returned, smiling broadly behind her white mask.

“Two down and one to go, you have been doing very well, beyond my expectations and now we will see how your latex love channel works, yes? You might get some pleasure out of this.” She sat on the side of the bed, the cock pointing straight up, between her legs.

“Come here Rubberta, straddle my legs here, careful now, good, now put your balled hands on my shoulders and lower yourself slowly, I’ll guide you in.” She did as ordered looking down on her cruel mistress, then lowered herself gingerly as Michelle aimed her cock between Rubberta’s latex labia. Slowly Rubberta sank down and then she felt the rubber cock enter her fake channel and rest against the underside of her own cock, tightly imprisoned as it was in its latex sheath.

Now she was fully supported by Michelle’s latex encased thighs. Michelle’s head was at the level of Rubberta’s fake breasts and she chuckled as she took in a mouthful of latex covered nipple. Michelle raised Rubberta up a couple of inches and then allowed her to lower herself again on the cock, and as if by telepathy they set up a slow steady rhythm. Despite the severe discomfort of the hard rubber needles of the sheath pressing into his cock, unaccountably Rubberta realized she was getting hard. This was now painful, but she couldn’t stop it! Having a beautiful woman, no matter how cruel, covered head to toe in latex within his arms was exciting him. It was insane to think this, but his body was reacting on its own. And Michelle could detect this.

“My my, well you are a bit of a surprise, pain and pleasure is perhaps not such a fear to you as you thought, hhhmm? Let’s se if I can help you out a bit.” And Michelle gripped Rubberta’s waist and expertly rolled her over on her side and then her back. Now Michelle was on top of her and without any instruction Rubberta raised her legs either side and gripped Michelle’s waist. Michelle laughed out loud as she thrust into her. They rutted like this for ten minutes or so, Michelle grunting with effort, and Rubberta panting in pain but also pleasure.

Then Michelle came, and to the utter astonishment of them both, so did Rubberta, her juices passing down the short urine tube and out between her labia. Michelle lay back on the bed, stunned at what had happened, but enjoying the fact that Rubberta had brought her to two orgasms in the last hour. Rubberta was equally mystified, she was very sore now, but as her cock became flaccid this pain diminished. Michelle unstrapped the cock harness from around her hips, and smiled when she saw her secretions on the inside of the base pad. She stood.

“You have done very well on your first day, Rubberta, but don’t think that all of a sudden this means our roles have changed in any way, no I’m afraid not. Very soon you will be entertaining our clients and after your performance now, I think you will be very popular. You should get some sleep now, bon nuit.” And with this without a further comment, Michelle left.

Rubberta’s Debut

It had been seven days since Michelle had explained to her the new role, leaving her dressed in all her latex finery – the torso tube, the corset/leotard with the false breasts and the labia pants, the balled fists and the tight mannequin’s mask.

Tom was already beginning to think of himself, or rather herself, as Rubberta. And it was hard not to, impossible even, when Rubberta in all her finest latex stared back impassively from the mirror. This was all very insidious, she (there it goes again, “she”) knew what was happening, but really could do nothing to stop it.

Her arse, mouth and cock (!) were all sore, but she managed to get some sleep, totally mystified by her own behaviour the previous day.

On the first morning after a good sleep, despite the bizarre attire, she woke up to the bell, got up, stared at the camera and went to the bathroom, sat on the toilet, she wasn’t going to get them mad again, and received the morning enema, feeling the big plug pierce her rear and then pump in the warm water. Her stomach was soon full, but she stoically sat there, plugged. Finally the vacuum started and she was evacuated, then she had her rear cleaned at the bidet.

She sat in the chair in her cell, the cool skirt clinging to the bare tops of her thighs, waiting… waiting for what? She was hungry, she wanted to eat… she wanted the buzzer to go, and didn’t care now how she ate. With her balled hands she managed to pull a magazine out of the bookshelf and push open a few pages. There were pictures of women, masked, dressed in tight latex, being fucked and a lot more, by other women, masked and dressed in latex, with strap-ons!

She studied them; they seemed to be quite enjoying themselves. And then she felt a surge in her groin, oh God, no, not again! She could feel her cock harden and the needles press into the skin. She closed the magazine quickly; she didn’t want that again so soon. But her (his?) body didn’t lie, she had enjoyed what she saw, these latex clad women and she had certainly enjoyed, however painfully bizarrely, fucking Michelle. In the pictures the girls were tied up and gagged and they were taking the strap-ons anally and orally, and seeming to like it. Finally her erection subsided. And then the buzzer went.

She was out of her chair and onto her knees in front of the fleshy rubber cock, staring at it for a second or two, sticking out in front, at the perfect height for her mouth. What the hell, I am not going to starve myself because I don’t really want to be filmed sucking a rubber cock. Anyway, I’m masked and… I’m Rubberta, and I’m going to remain Rubberta, for Tom I’m pretty sure is gone for ever.

So Rubberta leaned forward, opened her mouth wide, stretching her rubber lips and took in the cock’s head. It tasted a little rubbery, like the cock the night before but otherwise nothing. And she began to suck and felt creamy liquid ooze into her mouth and so she swallowed, just like yesterday. It tasted all right - quite bland with perhaps a little minty aftertaste.  Well, that’s okay, and so continued to suck and swallow, now quite unaware, or uncaring of the cameras above, and the strange sight they recorded. It was a hell of a lot better than being force fed through a tube.

Soon the meal was finished, it wasn’t too bad, and it filled her up all right. She waited for the mouthwash, gargled and spat it out into the bidet.

So, now what? She sat in the chair again and saw herself (himself?) in the mirror opposite, legs spread wide. Instinctively she closed them. Now why did she do that?

Because already this new Rubberta persona was taking control of the former Tom!

So she spread them again, and shuffled her skirt back exposing the bright pink rubbery labial lips. She pressed a balled hand into them… no effect. Then she pushed in her fake boobs, they seemed to have a really life-like consistency to them. She opened another magazine. This one was a photostory about a young man being kidnapped and turned into the rubber slave of a rich Baroness. Hhmm, and some people believe this only happens in fiction. Well, now I (yes, Rubberta now) could tell a story.

Rubberta found she was soon getting hard again, this was ridiculous… but she carried on reading, actually quite enjoying it, the stern Baroness rubberizing the poor young man into submissive servitude.

The morning wore on, and then she had to go for a piss. Okay, she thought, let’s see how we do here. First time pissing like a woman, oh my god. She sat on the toilet, and spread her shiny pink latex legs, then pissed and looked down to watch the urine splash into the bowl. Well that was easy. Yes, Michelle really had put a lot of thought into this. On the bidet the jet of water cleaned out her latex labia and the warm air dried it. She returned to the Baroness story, but soon fell asleep.

The buzzer rang again, and without a second thought, Rubberta went to the feeding station, and sucked out the lunch, this time it tasted of raspberry, which was fine, then rinsed, spat in the bidet and returned to the room. In the afternoon, she managed to pry open a DVD case and finally got the disk out. Using her nose she opened the player, turned on the TV and placed the DVD in the player, using her mouth again.

This must have taken ten minutes, and now she had completely forgotten she was being filmed. With the handset on her knees she pressed the buttons with her nose, despite the pain from the torso tube. This was a series set in a mansion, with women, most of them masked, clad in shiny tight latex doing all kinds of things to each other. The sets were top quality, the women beautiful (when not masked) and with great bodies, the costumes stunning, and the story really not too cheesy. So they tied and gagged each other in short five to ten minute scenes and then started whipping, or sucking, licking or fucking.

Rubberta wasn’t horrified or shocked at all, it was a whole lot better than the standard porn fare. But again, she found herself getting hard (!), to no great surprise with beautiful women in flattering, shiny costumes, going at it. The needles pressed in on her cock (he was now really thinking of himself as “her”), it was, as Michelle warned, very painful, but… shamefully she didn’t lose her hard-on this time, and she continued to watch. Soon she could barely stand the pain but nonetheless watched until the end then lay back on the couch for a nap. In the evening she ate his meal at the cock, then had another successful pee, and went to bed.

The next two days proceeded in much the same way for Rubberta. Three meals sucking the cock, then the enema and the bidet. She found that she would get a bit dehydrated during the day, in the tight rubber costume, and the only way she could take water other than at the feed station was at the bidet. Well, the water is clean, just keep your head out of the bowl! So she knelt at the bidet and drank from the strong jet of water.

She watched more DVD’s and read more magazines and books. She noticed that he was getting familiar with the tightness of the torso tube, it didn’t seem so tight as before. Maybe she had lost a bit of weight.

She was also getting used to the drum tight latex mannequin mask, yes, she sweated in it, but this seemed to dissipate during the day, and the warm, almost protective tightness of it didn’t offend her at all now. Certainly it was strange, but then everything was strange here, and she knew she would have to get used to that. Tom’s life was over and gone for ever.  Her vision improved too, as she adapted to the narrow line of vision allowed by the eye holes of the mask. And, she was even getting used to the morning enema, the plug didn’t seem to be so big. It was clean and lubed every morning they were certainly attending to him, he thought. The fact that it now slid into her rear easier didn’t disturb her, realizing her sphincter was loosening. She knew that it was bound to happen, and anyway, she thought wryly, it would make it less painful when the clients, whenever they arrived, fucked her in the rear!

She was also getting used to pissing, sitting down like a girl, the stream of water pouring out between her rubber lips. She had to admit she was impressed with how everything had been thought through by Michelle and her staff. The former Tom was royally fucked, and she, Rubberta, knew it.

She continued to watch the DVD’s and look at the magazines and books, and had to admit something, she enjoyed reading them. She liked the simple plots, innocence and evil, the element of revenge, turning the tables was a very popular theme. The young kidnapped woman, after enduring all kinds of sexual hardships and indignations – turned into a rubber dolly - then turns on her captors, and gives them some of their own treatment, and she always turns out to be even tougher than they were. Yes, she liked that. And she would continue to get hard-ons and she would continue to suffer the pain of the needles, for the pleasure of continuing to watch or read.

Rubberta knew she was being indoctrinated, slowly and assuredly, but could do nothing about it, day after day, being bombarded with the images and being treated as a woman, a rubber mannequin.

By the end of the sixth day, she realized something… she was getting bored!

She thought that maybe they were doing this on purpose, but for what reason? She knew she was being filmed and broadcast on her own site within their website, parading the goods for sale, so to speak, but now she didn’t really care. This was because she liked having the mask on, the complete anonymity of it, the protection it provided, she was Rubberta, and how therefore could she be embarrassed by her predicament or costume?

She knew that soon clients would contact Michelle through the site and want to be “entertained” by Rubberta, to do exactly what they wished to her, she remembered the title of the site – “absolutely no limits”, well, there had to be some limits, didn’t there?  It was going to come, she knew, and she was getting prepared for it. She wasn’t going to fight it, there was no point, of that she was certain.

On the sixth night, she stood in front of the mirror for some time, turning from left to right, lifting (not easy with her rubber balled hands) her short skirt, pushing out her tits, exposing her rear and the rubber labia, staring in detail her perfect mannequin face. It came to her that she could see why they would want to fuck her… in any hole. She looked very good, very sexy indeed.

And she mused on what she would have to endure, in reality it didn’t take much of an imagination. The butt plug enema in her rear had no doubt made her more accessible for that route. It didn’t greatly concern her about being screwed in the false pussy sleeve, she wasn’t being penetrated, although a particularly hard fucking would give her some pain from the rubber needles.

Sucking cock was a different matter. It was being done somewhere on the planet probably every minute of the day, women on men, men on men. She’d sucked the rubber cock for her meals so was familiar with the shape and texture, and as it was rubber she wasn’t really concerned by it – other than the general embarrassment, and in this regard the mask helped a lot, and she did have to eat. Sucking on the real thing was however different.

She went to bed, lying on her back, looking at the ceiling, wondering if tomorrow would be her first live feed, she would see.

The next morning she woke up to the bell, had her enema and settled in front of the cock and waited for the buzzer, then fed herself at the feeding station. She settled again on the couch and began to thumb (well not exactly “thumb”) her way through a magazine, yes, she realized, she was getting bored.

Then he heard her door open, and in walked Michelle. And what an apparition she was. Gone were the conservative schoolteacher’s attire (although she still looked pretty sexy in that) and she had replaced that with full latex gear, but not the white catsuit this time. This was a tight bodice, thigh hugging knee length black dress, high necked and long sleeved which showed off her firm breasts and strong legs. She also had dark grey tights (for there was no telltale suspender line under her skirt) and 4 inch grey pumps.

She also wore a full head latex mask, with eye, nose and mouth holes. There was a hole at the crown and her dark hair billowed out in a jet black plume. Rubberta felt a hardening in her groin even before she approached. Her reaction at first surprised herself, but then she was stunning in the outfit. Rubberta stood up as she approached, a broad smile under her mask. She embraced him, perhaps an odd gesture given the circumstances but she didn’t flinch, and placed her balled hands around her in return. She stepped back.

“You recognize me, Rubberta? Good. You have been doing very well the last few days, adjusting to your new life, and we are all very pleased with you. You have been on the web feed for six days and we have had a record number of hits on your site. And more important, over 200 requests! We decided we would auction off your inaugural session, as there was so much interest. You wouldn’t believe how much the winner bid to have a 12 hour session with you!” She placed a hand affectionately on Rubberta’s cheek.

“Now the rest is up to you, we know you won’t fail us. He is a very rich client, has been with several of the girls before, but he has really taken to you, Rubberta. He’ll be here in a quarter of an hour, and wants you in our playroom as he says he has lots of ideas he wants to try out on you.”

At this Rubberta felt a bit queasy, but acknowledged that she had been bored before and knew that this was going to happen some time, and now was as good a time as any. Michelle took her in front of the mirror again.

“Have you missed me?” And strangely Rubberta had, so she nodded. “Do you like my uniform? I have to be masked for the cameras of course, but I love latex anyway and I thought I would dress up for your big day. I feel so sexy at the moment, I could ravage you here and now, like a week ago, I really enjoyed our session. But I will have to do with watching you and the Count, for that is what he is, a very kinky Count.” She placed an arm round her waist.

“Twelve hours with the Count is a marathon session, particularly for the first time, but I’m sure you will be fine. You look great here in the mirror, a splendid ingénue in latex. I have been watching you over the last few days, ma cherie, reading and watching the DVD’s. I can see you are enjoying them, oui? I thought so… and your cock must be painful sometimes, with the needles pressing down? But you watch and read anyway… the pain is worth the pleasure, oui? You now know that, and that is good. You know that to get pleasure you must endure pain, and then when you endure pain, you can gain pleasure.”

She squeezed her waist and smiled through the latex mask.

“You have come a long way in a very short time, Rubberta. Now today is your big day. The Count is very… inventive, and I may join you throughout the day to see how you are getting on. Now we must go to the playroom as he will be there shortly. It will give you a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our equipment. The Count likes his companions submissive initially, so I must clip your wrists together behind your back here, like so. Good, you won’t be any trouble to him as he begins his session with you. If you behave in the correct manner then he may release your hands later, but with the balled mitts I don’t think you will be offering much resistance anyway. Come now.”

She took her by her elbow to the door, glanced up at a camera and the door opened. She didn’t think this time, or any other right now, would be a good time to make a bolt for it and so she followed her down a well lit long corridor. There were doors to other cells on both sides with name plaques screwed into them. She glanced at them as he followed the trim rubber encased form of Michelle down the corridor… Danielle, Judy, Maria, Antonia, Svetlana, it went on, clearly the girls had been abducted from all over the continent. It seemed never-ending, there must have been 10 or 12 cells and maybe, she thought, more corridors in another part of the basement. Again it instilled in her the fact that these people were a large and very sophisticated organization and if she ever thought of escaping which she didn’t right now, then it would take a lot of planning, and luck. For now she would have to endure, and the Count would be her first test.

Tom was no more, she was Rubberta.

A Year Later

Rubberta is an internet star. Well, in a very specialized field.

Michelle’s non-consensual SM site has taken off by leaps and bounds, thanks in many ways to Rubberta. After she had entertained the Count on her first assignation, he had nothing but high praise for her talents. Although really an ingénue at first, it was clear that with training, and Michelle was the perfect person for this, she would attract many clients and so it proved. The word spread very fast among the SM cognoscenti and Rubberta’s fee moved up exponentially, of course she saw none of this but it made Michelle very pleased.

During the year at no time did Rubberta give any hint that she might try to escape, although there was little chance of that. But more interestingly, neither did she fight against her bizarre imprisonment and lot in life. Yes, there were days when she seemed reluctant, or tired to entertain a new client, but Michelle was amazed at how she had adapted so well.

That is not to say that she embraced it, perhaps not, but at least she had accepted it and there was never a hint that she would rebel against her captors. To be fair, even Michelle expected a more rebellious attitude and had prepared for it, but only on very few occasions could she remember having to discipline her. And this was over with quickly, a heavy and humiliating paddling on her arse in front of her fans on camera would usually suffice.

As a result, and in answer to many appeals from her fans and clients, Michelle has gradually expanded Rubberta’s wardrobe. Now she had a closet full of latex outfits, some designed (and paid for) by clients who wanted to see her in them when she entertained them.

She still retained the base costume, and wore this at all times unless a client requested a particular change for a session. The basic costume of heavy tube corset and drum tight mannequin mask only came off during her weekly cleansing a medical check-up. Rubberta unfortunately knew nothing of this, only the aftermath. For once a week and she never knew precisely when, the team drugged her food, still administered through the rubber cock.

While unconscious they stripped her and bathed her The doctor checked her health with particular attention to her oral and anal cavities, and they took care of her skin, which was always covered in latex, with carefully applied lotions and ointments. Any return of body hair was dealt with quickly, but by the end of the year, her skin was as smooth as the proverbial baby’s bum. As her skin was never exposed to the sun, they even placed her in a sunbed for twenty minutes each week.

This took at least three hours with two men and the doctor fully occupied. They did not seem to mind this, treating her (him) like a lump of meat, which to them she was. Anyway, they were paid very well, and the health of Rubberta was therefore important to all.

Then they squeezed her back into the thick tube corselet. Because of her strict diet and relative lack of exercise the size of corselet was reduced each month. Rubberta noticed this, it was impossible not to, but she didn’t complain. At the end of the year therefore her waist was down to a measly 25 inches and her weight just 130 pounds. Her male musculature had completely gone and was replaced by a tall, slim, elegant figure, even poised. This was much appreciated by her clients. It wasn’t that she had an hourglass figure, although her breasts seemed to be much bigger, but that was only because her waist was now so much smaller.

Michelle also gradually relaxed her bondage. This didn’t mean she had any freedom outside her cell, no, but after a while Michelle would occasionally remove Rubberta’s inflatable mittens so that she could now use her hands, always covered in thin latex gloves of course. Initially this came as a request from a client, so Rubberta could fondle his cock and balls in her gloved hands. Rubberta appreciated this new freedom, but didn’t abuse it. She wanted to play with herself, but knew she was always on camera so managed to hold back, but it did mean that she could dress herself for a specific client when required. However she was still fed and cleaned as before, but it did allow her easier access to the DVD’s, magazines and TV.

Allowing her to dress herself had become one of her pleasures, and here Rubberta began to take some care and pride in how she appeared to her client, whoever he may be. Michelle was surprised, and pleased, at this. They didn’t have to threaten or force her into a costume, for gradually Rubberta got to know her clients and their tastes. It was better to dress for a client, to his wishes, rather than suffer the consequences, which could be painful.

Rubberta also had acquired a number of wigs, requested by the clients and seemed happy to fix them with a light glue to her mannequins’ head.

So now she had twenty regular clients, a huge number who wanted her delectable attentions once every one to two months. This made Rubberta very busy, and Michelle quite wealthy. Then she had the occasional “special” request, a one off which often involved even stranger scenarios. But Rubberta seemed to accept her lot and stoically performed all requests, no matter how bizarre. And most of these were filmed and played on her site, which of course made her all the more notorious. Most clients were masked as they were filmed, but some were happy to pay more for a private session, and they were often unmasked and rubberta grew to recognize them, and memorise their tastes.

Surprisingly, even to Michelle, not all her clients were men, quite the contrary, the fact that she was a man trapped in this latex prison, for some reason appealed to some women, and she had seven regular female clients. Several were straightforward sadistic women, who liked to humiliate her physically, most often involving a strap-on. Michelle thought the knowledge that Rubberta was a man gave the women an extra incentive for cruelty, and didn’t think they would undertake some of the scenes if Rubberta was a “regular” women.

Not all the women were cruel, two seemed to have taken it upon themselves to “mother” the poor unfortunate. This often involved complicated and stage managed role play of nurse and baby – latex romper suits, bonnets, diapers, voluminous rubber panties, large pacifiers and bottle feeding, something Rubberta got used to. Sometimes prior to the meeting Rubberta would be slipped an emetic and the subsequent result sometimes got messy, with Rubberta being punished for her “accident”.

Another scenario had Rubberta as the predictable naughty schoolgirl with latex stockings, frilly panties, short tunic and shirt and tie. More often than not this ended with poor Rubberta being bent over and given a good hiding. But it also involved a lot of fairly harmless kissing, cuddling and groping of the sophomoric variety, and here Rubberta seemed to play the role very well. On many occasions she was forced (?) to go down on the women and perform fellatio, his rubber covered head bobbing between the women’s thighs. And here perhaps the fact that under all the latex was a man, albeit a man who had almost forgotten he was a man, brought out his talent with his tongue. At least the women were impressed.

Michelle took care not to tire her prized asset, and Rubberta would get a few days off here and there, particularly after some heavy sessions. It wasn’t that she had affection for her, she was an asset to be used, that’s all, but she did take care of her.

Having seem him perform fellatio so well on video on her clients, she set aside a night once a week when she would perform the same on her. Michelle was never disappointed. She loved looking down and seeing the shiny pink/brown latex dome locked over her pussy, and even Rubberta seemed to get some satisfaction in pleasing her mistress, the woman who had complete control of his existence. She would spice it up, sometimes having her strapped down on a bench in the playroom while she calmly sat on her face, then sometimes having her arms in a cruel back-prayer as she knelt between her thighs and she would encourage her with gentle rubbing on his rubber head.

Yes, all in all, it had turned out so much better than Michelle could ever have dreamt.

And what of Rubberta? What were her thoughts during this year?

Well the first session with the Count was obviously quite traumatic, but the Count had hoped that this could turn into a long term relationship, so through the 12 hours he had coached her, continuing to give her encouragement. Of course his was the first cock she had sucked and he took his time with this. The first thing she noticed was that it was warm, which, stupidly, had never really occurred to her. He was quite gently with her and when he came, he withdrew slightly allowing her to swallow. While recovering from his orgasms he played with her in the playroom and he was clearly very experienced with all the apparatus, so she was periodically paddled. He was also the first to deflower her anally, and again he took his time and, considerately she thought, used plenty of lubrication.

She learnt over the months that cocks came in all shapes and sizes and, yes indeed, some tasted different. Yes, she was now quite an aficionado of cocks.

Physically she was changing. Her weight and musculature loss meant that she was really quite easy to “manhandle” if the clients wished to, although she always knew that resistance was pointless. He sphincter had been stretched so that the arse fucking she was subject to was not, in the end, painful at all. It wouldn’t be right to say she enjoyed it, but certainly tolerated it. Her gag reflex had completely gone, she was now able with timely breathing to accommodate the longest cocks to the back and her throat, which pleased her clients greatly.

So as the months progressed and she became more used to her duties, and certainly more proficient, something strange began to happen. She started to take a certain pride in her work. Michelle first noticed this when Rubberta began to dress for her clients. Once divested of her standard pink uniform, Rubberta took care, in front of the mirror, to make herself more than presentable, but beautiful. The Count had bought her a stunning figure hugging white full length evening dress, fully exposing the tops of her fake breasts, and she wore this with matching opera length latex gloves and a 4 inch latex choker overlapping the bottom of her mask and top of her corselet. Michelle watched her take great care in stepping into the dress and sliding it up her body.

She had also become skilled at walking in precipitously high heels, having gradually worked her way up from one inch flats. And she spent time in front of the mirrors learning to swing her hips as she walked.

So physically she had become a tall, silky slim, poised and compliant beauty skilled with hands and mouth and with all orifices readily available. So… the perfect woman. In time even Michelle could hardly believe the transformation.

But what about her mental state? Rubberta, within the first month, had resigned herself to the fact that escape was an impossibility. So she simply put it out of her mind, simple as that. With that, any thoughts of her past life quickly diminished. If you had shouted out “Tom” within her earshot, she would now most likely not even react.

Tom had not only gone, it was as if he hadn’t existed. Of course she had a cock to remind her of her sexuality, but this she didn’t seem to connect to a “normal” life before. She was Rubberta, simple as that, here to satisfy the predilections of a fast expanding list of clients. When she was being fucked, she would accept the pain of the rubber needles pressing into her cock, even embrace that pain, so that she could remain hard, and if lucky come herself. This didn’t happen every time, but she did gain pleasure many times, and form this she took great pride. Pain and pleasure had become intertwined, as Michelle had predicted.

They say you can get used to anything after continual exposure to it, and Rubberta was proving that. The morning enemas were of no discomfort any more, the sucking of cock for meals just a thrice daily duty, and Michelle mixed up the diet and tastes such that there was always a variety, she had almost forgotten what solid food tasted like.

But as time passed she took real pride in her appearance. She had taken to the latex like a duck to water and admired herself continually in the mirrors as she dressed for a client. She had grown accustomed to her perfect mannequin face, and now if she really did have a serious thought about who was under that face, she would struggle to remember. No, she was Rubberta.

She had even grown to like some of her clients, not all for sure, but some were kind, even tender when they made “love” - of whichever kind or orifice. She would now take pride in playing the roles – the mischievous schoolgirl with lowered head and inward-pointing feet, waiting for her spanking, even the rubber nun, supplicant on her knees her mouth slightly open preparing to accept a cock. She was now never, never ashamed or humiliated by any of her actions, but being aware of her position, accepted and embraced them.

Michelle could hardly believe her good fortune at coming upon this gift and knew that Rubberta was a diamond, to be appreciated and taken care of. Little by little she allowed Rubberta to make some of her own decisions, which unfailingly were right, particularly in the way of clothes.

Then as a special reward Michelle provided Rubberta with a laptop. She did not allow her to have access to email or the internet however. But Michelle was aware of sites where people wrote down their fantasies – or real life experiences - and posted them for the pleasure of others. These might involve bondage, fetish or any kind of non vanilla activities.

And so when Rubberta had spare time, and was not hampered by the inflatable mitts, but wore her gossamer thin latex gloves, Michelle encouraged her to put down her thoughts and experiences in words. At first Rubberta found this difficult, but gradually got used to the keyboard - and typing in latex gloves!

At first she wrote very short scenes, little vignettes. Then as she became more confident – and a better writer - she began to write down her thoughts, her feelings, as she dressed and prepared to meet a client. Then she wrote about her feelings during sessions. Michelle studied these, learning more about Rubberta each time, and coming to acknowledge and appreciate her for what she was, and what she had become, all the more.

Finally Michelle suggested that Rubberta write a longer story, and she suggested she should base it on her own life. She should include her feelings, her thoughts. Michelle didn’t know if she would accept this challenge, would it be all too traumatic? Where would she begin? Whose life would it be?

Michelle told her she could embellish it with some “faction” where there would be obvious gaps in her knowledge, experience or memory, she would allow her that. It might appear at first to the reader that the story was fiction, but Michelle encouraged Rubberta to include as many facts and events as she could remember.

She did suggest that the story not be written in the first person, as this would allow other scenes to enter the story where Rubberta was not present. She promised Rubberta that she would in no way edit it, nor would she be punished for any adverse comments she may write. She wanted Rubberta to be free to fully express herself. Michelle was interested to see how Rubberta viewed her life now, how she felt about it, and how much of her past she remembered, or cared to remember. If Rubberta wished it, Michelle promised she would post the story on a couple of websites, for it would be interesting to see what would be the reactions.

The days went by one after another and Michelle watched Rubberta at the keyboard. She was clearly struggling with her feelings, and would get up and pace her cell, glancing back at what she had written, but would eventually return and continue.

Finally after many days of toil Rubberta indicated to Michelle that she was exhausted and had written all she could. Clearly it had been a traumatizing experience, but one – perhaps – that in the long run would prove beneficial to her.

Over two nights Michelle read it, and read it over again.

As she promised Rubberta she did not change a word.

And as she promised Rubberta she would post it on the website.

And she did.

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