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Tom's Traumatizing Transformation

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2010 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM+/m; drug; kidnap; bagged; bodymod; latex; corset; hood; leotard; fem; enslave; cell; enema; reluct/nc; XX

Orignally posted 2010, this story now revised and expanded

Part 1: A Search Through The Dark Side

“Hello and welcome to a new episode of “In The Flesh” and this week we are in the hotspots of Paris, aaaahh the city of love. But we are here on a special reason. Rather than show you the sexy and pervy side of the city, tonight we are on a mission. We hope to take a walk along the darker side of the street. Like all you folks we have been trawling the Internet and looking for some new interesting sex sites and as you know our programme has always sought out the unusual and bizarre.”

“Well we came across this site “absolutely no limits” and this caught our eye. It is a very expensive pay per view and interactive SM site. And it is pretty hardcore, so if you are on the squeamish side at all, probably not a good idea to stay to the end of the programme.”

“Anyway we have done a little investigation and it is rumoured that the site is centered here in Paris, so here we are. We don’t have much to go on, but we will not give up! We have put out a tentative feeler at a fetish/SM club here and we will be there later this evening, hoping we can meet someone from the site.”

“What interests us here is, and here we have to be a bit careful, is that this site, so one of the folks at the club told us, may not be fully consensual. That the participants in the scenes, and I’m told some of them are pretty hard, do not want to be participating, if you get my drift. Now we have all heard rumours over the years of non-consensual SM sites, there have even been movies made of them. But there has been no proof that they exist. And if they do, then they are very private, no doubt members only, and expensive.”

“So we have sent word to a person at this club that we would like to meet those that run the site, we are very above board, and if they want to meet in private that’s fine by us. We want to give the operators of this site a chance to scotch the rumours, and as we are on the TV and a fairly well known programme, we hope that this will encourage them to come forward.”

“This is all pretty secret, only Bob, my cameraman and soundman and I have an idea of what we are up to. Initially we had come here to check out the rubber fetish scene, which is big here, but we heard of this in only the last couple of days, and so it was an opportunity not to miss, so the rubber scene will have to wait a little while. We have about an hour or so before we get to the club, so we’ll get a bite to eat and see you later.”

“And cut. So how was that, okay you think?”

“Yeah, great Tom, good intro, and then we can set up in a private room in the club, they said they wouldn’t mind, as long as we come in the back, secret like, and stay away from the members.”

“Seems all a bit clandestine, I suppose, but it should make for a good programme, yeah? I hope we don’t get mixed up with some mafia types, but I’m pretty sure we can get to the bottom of this one.”

“Absolutely, right on, you know us, boldly going where no pervy journalist has been before.”

“Yeah, I’m just a bit nervy about the criminal element. Supposing this really is a non-consensual site, they probably won’t want us digging around.”

“We’re okay here I think Tom. I’m still not sure I believe all those non-consensual rumours, surely Interpol would be all over them.”

“Yeah, I agree, it’s all rumours, I’m sure.”

And so Tom and Bob planned the evening. Their show was late night television, not a particularly big following, but that didn’t lower the egos of these two. To be fair, Tom was not really a very nice guy. We’ve seen them all on the TV, they seem to be cloned nowadays, an edgy TV show, a 20’s to 30’s talking head, self confident (okay, smug), with an opinion (usually uninformed) on everything. He would get his couple of years of fame and then, like all the rest, drift into obscurity once people had figured out his brainless patter. Bob was nice enough, pretty harmless, but the bright lights of TV had also boosted his self-esteem to a level just short of Tom’s. it wasn’t just that they has big heads and think skins, they had to parade it.

Tom and Bob had a nice meal at a restaurant near the club. Feeling refreshed, and with their camera and sound primed they entered the rear of the club off a dark alley. They had been told that session room 3 would be available for them and they found it next to the rear door. Inside the room there was a tiled floor, leather couch and chair, table, some fetish photos and artwork on the walls.

But what caught their eye was the vaulting horse with attached straps, a St. Andrews Cross and various paddles and whips attached to a rail on the wall. There were also leather wrist and ankle cuffs and studded collars. There was an internal phone on the table for ordering drinks or anything else they required. They settled into the couch and waited, they did not order drinks yet, wanting to see how the evening played out. They did a quick introduction.

“So here we are, now in a back room, very private, at the fetish club. You’ll see they have some interesting gear here, and this will no doubt be put to extensive use later in the evening by the members. We are waiting for a member of the web site to come and meet us, and we hope we will be able to film him and give him an opportunity to describe his site and maybe we can even meet some of his team, so we’ll see......”

They continued to wait, for maybe another half hour, and starting to get a bit pessimistic that someone would come. They were not disturbed by anyone coming to the room. Then there was a knock on the door. They looked at each other, and Tom smiled and said… showtime!

Tom opened the door and was met by a woman in her late 30’s.

“Hi, erm I’m not sure if you have the right… ”

She smiled and held out her hand saying in good English, but with a strong French accent.

“Hello Tom, I am Michelle, don’t look so shocked, I have seen your show many times on the TV, you are quite famous amongst those of us in the scene. I don’t think you expected a woman… can I sit down… but we are… emancipated now, you know.” She smiled broadly.

“Sorry… Michelle, to be honest, no I didn’t expect a woman, and if I can say so, a very attractive one to be meeting us. This is Bob, by the way, my camera and soundman”.

“Pleased to meet you, Bob.”

“Before we get star… erm, can you confirm that you are a representative of the “absolutely no limits” website?”

“Absolutely.” She laughed at her joke. “Yes, indeed, I am one of the principals, and I heard through… how do you say… the grapevine that you wanted to talk, yes?”

Tom was now getting a bit more comfortable. Michelle was no fool and her flattery had lowered the defenses of the two young men.

“Well, as you know we like to record all the pervy things going on in the world, and your site really interested us. We have done SM and fetish before, but we haven’t really done anything quite so hard edged and this seemed a good opportunity, I guess firstly, do you mind if we film this interview?” He asked a little nervously.

“No, not at all Tom, go right ahead, I hope I… come out all right.” And Bob replied.

“Oh, I don’t think you’ll have any problem there, you are very attractive.”  Yes, Michelle thought, flattery will always work.

And she was, although probably in her mid to late 30’s there was barely a line on her high Slavic features. She was about 5 feet 10 inches, slim and had black wavy hair to her shoulders. She wore a black leather coat which she took off, and underneath, a plain white silk blouse and black silk skirt to her knees, over black seemed stockings and pumps with three inch heels. Her breasts were not large but appeared firm and pointed and pushed out her blouse, and the skirt accentuated her ample hips. She was extremely sexy, in a very conventional Parisian way, without being overt. When the camera was rolling Tom began the interview.

“So Michelle, how does a beautiful woman like you get into the Internet porn business?” She smiled again and took her time in answering.

“Tom, I am just a country girl who came to the city many years ago. I tried to get into all kinds of things, marketing, law, import and export, but nothing really caught my eye. Then when I was about 24 I saw in the back of the paper an advert by a dominatrix.”

“Oh really?” And she smiled again.

“Yes, really. I went to see her, and said I found her work fascinating. In my few years in the city I had grown up very fast and I found I had a… very active and explorative libido, there was nothing I would not try… and usually like. Well anyway, I told her I would like to apprentice under her, which may seem strange, but you know she must have seen something in me and she took me on. She had made a lot of money and was ready to get out anyway, and so within a year I bought out her business, which wasn’t much, except the goodwill of her clients and the equipment, which was pretty mind-blowing and extensive.”

She knew she had them hooked already, and made a big show of crossing her legs, her skirt riding up, and Tom thought… now here is a woman who is in charge, a woman confident in herself.

“Look, would you guys like a drink? How do you say, I run… a tab here, so we can have a glass of wine or two, yes?” They both nodded and Michelle picked up the phone and spoke quickly in French and then laid it back, smiling.

“Now where were we? Ah yes, of course. So I was a dom for four or five years, made a lot of money and a lot of contacts, and I have to say I was very good, and I loved it, I really did, I was a natural at it, I liked dominating men. And all this time the Internet was growing, and I knew six or seven years ago that it was the future, of everything, including porn. So we got into it in a big way. So I got together with a couple of friends in the business and we started the site. Now we can have live shows, interactive scenarios, clients can email in their requests and we can act them out, I tell you, it is a lot of fun.”

A young man in black T-shirt and leather jeans came in with three glasses of wine and placed them in front of the three of them, smiled at Michelle, who nodded, and then he left.

“Salut.” She said and held up her glass. “To the future.”

“Yes, of course.” Tom said, not quite sure what that meant, and they all drank. Then Michelle took on a serious tone and leant forward, continued.

“Look I have a good idea why you wanted to see me. I, we, have heard the rumour, put about by I don’t know who. You think our site is, how you say… non-consensual, yes? That the girls, and there are a couple of men too, are what… coerced into this? That they are, I don’t know, abducted, kidnapped, from some east European country and brought here to be tortured and… whatever.”

She leant forward even closer, and Tom could smell her perfume, it was very intoxicating.

“Look Tom, nothing could be further from the truth. Yes? We get girls emailing us, wanting to get involved in scenes. We pay well, believe me, we do. And the girls get into this stuff, yes, some are beaten, whipped, and some have sex, orally, anally, well that is normal, yes, you like it, don’t you?” He nodded, very much in agreement. Again she smiled.

“You have nothing against anal or oral sex, that’s good? And some whipping? Perhaps some of our scenes are a bit extreme, but as I say the girls get well paid and it is clear from the start how the scene will be played. Yes, sometimes we use a little shock therapy, yes? Electricity, but the charge is not high. We also do suffocation play, but they are experienced and we know our limits.” She took another sip of wine, smiled at Tom and continued.

“This is all common on the net now, electric play and breast and nipple vacuums pumps, and piercing, I have even seen branding. And the dressing up, in… caoutchouc et cuir… er, you say, er, latex rubber and leather, yes? And the collars, cuffs and chains… ” She laughed.

“You see that on the streets nowadays, we just take it a little bit further, we have inflatable helmets and suits and body bags, all in latex… but this is common stuff for the fetish crowd.”

She was very cool and almost dismissive.

“Look Tom, the rumour is crazy, I have nothing to hide, nothing. This fantasy about abducting girls and forcing them to be sex slaves, it is so silly, this is the stuff of bad movies and cheap books, yes?” She stopped and waited for a reaction.

“So maybe you will help us, yes? You show this on your show and people will believe you, and maybe these persons, whoever they are, some religious zealot or whatever will go away. We believe in freedom of expression, and no one is being hurt here, well not permanently.” And she laughed. Tom now was full of confidence and thought that he could play his trump card here. He took a gulp of wine and said, with a knowing smile.

“Hey, Michelle, I believe you, darling, but the rumour is there, now what will it take to convince the punters, eh? I’ll tell you. If you allow us to see the set-up you have, and meet some of the girls, yeah?” He smiled, hoping that she would bite, it would be great visuals too, he thought, but she then appeared a bit coy.

“Oh, I don’t know, Tom, we are a very private, very exclusive little club you know. I don’t want to be shown all over the TV. I love your show, but bringing a camera to see the action, and I don’t know if the girls will want to talk to you, some of them are sending money to their families abroad and wouldn’t want them to know how they get it. I really was hoping that an honest interview like this would put it to rest.”

But when Tom smelt a chance he didn’t back down, he was pretty sure he had her.

“No Michelle, we really need some live footage otherwise this interview carries no weight at all. You understand of course, don’t you? Look, if we don’t get to talk to the girls or go to have a look at your set-up, I’m not sure we can show anything. We’ll be very discreet, of course. Otherwise we’ll have to try another way of checking you out.” This very thinly veiled threat was not lost on Michelle.

“I don’t know, let me think on this. But let’s have another glass of wine first, shall we? I don’t want you leaving on bad terms and we can talk about it more.” She looked at Tom again, eyeing him up and down. “You know maybe what you suggest, might work” She picked up the phone, and spoke very quickly into it, again in French.

“We have a special wine from the region, I have ordered three glasses. It tastes a little different perhaps, but it is highly valued here.”

The wine arrived again, brought by the same young man in t-shirt and leather pants. Bob had turned off the camera now and they were just talking about the scene. She said she loved it and although she had given up being a dom, she was a businesswoman now, she still came to the club, to see friends and maybe pick up ideas. Tom was full of himself, feeling he now had her where he wanted, he would get to see their set-up now, he was sure.

Shortly Michelle had agreed, and Tom was very pleased with himself. They had finished their wine and both Tom and Bob were feeling very drowsy, Michelle laughed and said they weren’t used to the local wine, but now… they were feeling very sleepy. Soon they couldn’t keep their eyes open, and Tom’s last thought as he drifted into sleep was that Michelle didn’t look sleepy at all, and wasn’t she drinking the same wine as they were?

Taking Care Of Business

Michelle stood up coolly, and checked their eyes and their pulse, they were far gone.

“Oh, dear, pauvre, pauvre Tom and Bob, how naive can you be? Falling for the old drug in the wine trick.” She studied them calmly, taking her time, the drug would have them out for a good while. Tom’s slim young body interested her, while Bob’s rather pudgier one was of considerably less interest. After a while she had made her decision. She spoke quickly into her cellphone, she needed the car and the truck, now, and transport containers for her two dozing companions. She looked at Bob. No, we wouldn’t do at all, so she then made another call.

“Ah, bonsoir Petra, c’est Michelle, oui, ca va?” And they made small talk for a few minutes, how each of their businesses were doing, both very well, it seemed. Then, staring at the dozing Bob she made her offer, her proposition, yes, yes, no charge.

“Do what you wish, I don’t want to hear about him or think about him ever again, I know I can trust you, consider it a favour, he’ll be on his way within the half hour and will be in Hamburg within three hours, by the usual transport.” And the deal was done.

“De rien.” She laughed and hung up. Well one down, and one to go, she thought. Then three young well muscled men arrived shortly after, both dressed in black T-shirts and leather pants, just like the waiter, who it would turn out, wasn’t a waiter, but another member of her staff. They nodded obediently to her. She gave them orders and they went efficiently about their work.

They brought in a narrow steel coffin-like container and opened it up, exposing the inside which comprised foam rubber with the shape of a human form cut out. There were straps attached at the sides, for holding the unfortunate occupant immovable. Along the sides, under the lid were rows of holes for plenty of oxygen. They cut off Bob’s clothes until he was naked, putting them in a plastic bag along with all his possessions. They would all be incinerated later.

They slipped some latex bloomers on him, tight at the waist and thighs. If he was going to piss or shit himself at least it wouldn’t mess the coffin. They slid a heavy rubber helmet over his head, with no eye holes nor mouth hole, just small nostril holes, and incorporated into the mouthpiece a curved tongue depressor, and large inflatable gag. They made sure his tongue was well pulled forward before pumping up the gag and locking the strap around his neck. They didn’t want the cargo dying on them, no that wouldn’t do. That would be very wasteful. This was all overkill of course, as once they had placed him in the coffin and he was compressed by the foam he really wasn’t going anywhere.

The coffin had been used many times before, mostly for young women, and for Bob therefore it was a very tight fit, but he didn’t seem to mind! They strapped him in tightly, then, on a cool nod from Michelle, closed the lid with an ominous click and Bob was gone. Bye bye Bob. She had looked on impassively during this little vignette, sipping another glass of wine.

The truck was in the lane and no one saw the two men open the rear and place the steel container in the false bottom of the truck, then replace the flatbed. Then one of the men got in the cab, and drove away. Bob was on his way to a new life, if you could call it that! She didn’t feel sorry for Bob, she felt nothing, when you wrestle with a tiger, you have to be ready to get scratched, and these two nosy busybodies were way out of their league. Their youth and inflated egos had been their downfall, and they would now live to regret that.

But now it was Tom’s turn. He was not going far at all, and for this they had brought a large sports equipment bag. Again they stripped him of all his clothes, putting them in another bag, which would end up in the same incinerator.  Michelle had another, long appraising look at his body, sizing him up. Slim, narrow waist, long legs and slim arms. Yes, she had some definite ideas for poor Tom. She then nodded at the two remaining men as they slipped Tom into a matching pair of rubber bloomers. Again, they didn’t want any mishaps. Another anonymous black rubber helmet was pulled down over his head, with the same tongue depressor and gag keeping him safe, and silent.

They raised him up and slipped him into the bag, doubling him over, pushing his head down and then zipping it closed. Michelle mused at his flexibility, doubled over in the bag. That would come in handy later, she thought. There were plenty of air holes in the bag, and Michele gave a satisfied look at the men, nodded and left. Behind the club her large Mercedes was parked, she sat in the back as Tom, unwatched by any passers-by, was unceremoniously dumped in the trunk.

And now Tom had disappeared from the outside world too!

As she was driven back to her operations centre, Michelle reflected that the evening had gone very well. All in a day’s work, she thought. A threat to their secret world had been snuffed, no one would be able to track down these two for she had, as always covered her tracks well. This, she thought, could turn out to be very lucrative, she already had a good idea how Tom could help the bank balance of the site, and she was quietly confident that she could persuade her partners to go along with her plans.

So she sat back in the plush seat and made three quick calls on her phone. First she called her “resident” doctor, or actually ex-doctor, disgraced, but still doing all right on the black market, and providing services for Michelle. They spoke very briefly, and when Michelle said be at the house in half an hour, and prepared to operate, he was!

A similar call was made to a dentist, with the similar result, he would be there straight away. And finally the nurse, she was resident in Michelle’s house, and she would prepare the theatre. All three were used to thinking on their feet, and taking instructions at short notice, and this was no exception. They might be a bit surprised at the new patient, but they would get their rewards later.

Twenty minutes later, in a pleasant old residential suburb of Paris, the car pulled up in front of a pair of tall wooden gates set in a twenty foot high wall. As CCTV cameras watched their approach, the doors silently opened, and the car purred round a cobbled courtyard and pulled up in front of a classic three storey detached townhouse in the best traditions of 300 years old French architecture. Quickly the trunk was opened and Tom was carried down to the basement.

Here was the hub of their whole operation, old curved roof cellars in brick, now painted white, a labyrinth of rooms with forbidding steel doors, cells really, off a series of well-lit connecting corridors. All the rooms were now heated and extensively plumbed. They didn’t want their “guests” to freeze to death. And most of the rooms did accommodate a guest, albeit an unwilling one. The whole floor was under surveillance with dozens of cameras running 24 hours a day. All were connected to a control centre, and after some expert editing the resulting feed went to the website.

It was in the basement that there was also a fully equipped operating theatre. This generally served as a location for games for the clients, with the permanent “guests” but occasionally like tonight, it would serve its real purpose. There was an operating table, dentists chair and gyn/ob chair, all with many rubber straps for the reluctant patient – for that is what most of them were. On stands in the corner they were extensive enema equipment, force feeding tubes and funnels and masks for inhalation of gases, and other aromas. There were TENS units and other equipment for electro-shock treatment, not very pleasant at all. On one side there was an eight feet square glass sided water tank, where a recalcitrant guest could be placed and allowed to float for a few hours or more. The floor was rubber tiled and with a central drain so those into water sports of all kinds could also have their fun.

The largest room in the basement was a fully equipped playroom, or torture chamber, depending on which side of the coin you were. All expected of a sophisticated dom was there – vaulting horses, St. Andrews Cross, benches, cuffs and collars hung from the ceiling, also body bags in latex and leather, open and ready for their next occupant.

And in cupboards and drawers there were all manner of leather and latex clothes, costumes for the classic fetishist - schoolgirls, nuns, maids, nurses – together with masks, hoods, gags, oh yes, gags. Torquemada himself would have been impressed. 

They had spent hundreds of thousands of euros on the house, and two bumbling, meddling TV journalists were not going to spoil it all.

The doctor, nurse and dentist were now in the theatre, prepared for their patient, who was now strapped into the dentist’s chair. Tom was still naked except for the rubber bloomers.  A different rubber helmet now completely covered his head, except for his mouth which was stretched open by a metal dental mouth-spreader.  There really wasn’t any need for the straps across his chest, wrists, elbows and ankles as he was still thoroughly unconscious.

But it looked good, and they were being filmed of course. This would look great on the website, she thought. For those very special monthly paying clients, who could enjoy the tableau (and pay a lot of money) and had to pass through three separate security areas with their different passwords.

So the three medical practitioners were in full surgical gear, which just to get the subscribers a little more excited was all in white latex. Long white smocks, gloves and with masks covering their faces and bathing caps over their heads. For anyone into the medical kink, this looked like the real thing. And of course for Tom, unfortunately it was!

For the team, this was just business, they had no compunction in what they were about to do, none at all, the rewards were good, very good. They really enjoyed what they did, and as a bonus they got to play with some of the other “guests”.

So while they got to work, Michelle was conferring with her colleagues upstairs, three men in their early forties, who had enjoyed the fruits of their association with Michelle. One was English, one German, and one Russian, so they talked in a mix of languages, but all understood each other well. This was a business, there was no sentiment. Tom had been quickly turned from a threat to a newly acquired business asset and the discussion was how best could they make money from him.

They talked for a couple of hours, sipping wine and joking, for Michelle had managed to persuade them to agree with her proposal very quickly. Yes, they really liked it, yes, this would be a winner, they thought. And the men, separately, but at the same time, thought, wasn’t it interesting, perhaps ironic, that it was nearly always Michelle who had the more perverted ideas for the guests. She was not a woman to cross, she was definitely deadlier than the male, all right. And she looked so, well, normal, a young housewife perhaps, definitely a yummy mummy, or a teacher, nurse? Yes, so normal.

Well, appearances certainly were deceptive!

One Week Later… … …

“Wake up, Tom, come on, wake up. Good, yes, you are awake now? Yes, you can see me. Good. Now don’t panic Tom, just lie there, you will find you won’t be able to move, now don’t struggle, just listen to me, I said listen. Everything will be very strange to you at the moment. You remember me, don’t you Tom, I’m Michelle. You are lying on your side, now just stay like that, Tom, your hands are cuffed behind you and your ankles are cuffed as well, so it is pointless to wriggle like this. Now don’t try to speak, you will find that you won’t be able too. Ha ha, yes, I can see you have found that out. Good, now look at me Tom, I am going to give you all the information you will need, but I want you to concentrate, oui? Bon, I see you are a little calmer now. Good.”

She sat on a chair by the end of the bed he was lying on, cool as ice, her long legs encased in black stockings, crossed, her black skirt mid thigh, and her white silk blouse open to the chest, exposing the tops of her firm breasts. A single necklace of expensive pearls was displayed around her slender neck. She needed little make-up and her long black hair was pulled back in a tight pony tail. She looked like a very efficient businesswoman, which is what she was.

“So, now, how do you say? All will be revealed.” She smiled across at him. “Now, you remember meeting me a week ago, Tom? Good, you can just nod or shake your head, that’s the way. You came to see me, you and Bob, and interviewed me about my business, and you wanted to film it. You remember that? Good. Now, everything I told you then was true, everything except one thing Tom, and, you guessed it, it was the non consensual bit.” And here she offered a dry laugh and pulled her chair very close to his prone body.

“You were absolutely right, we are a non-consensual site, and when you really think about it we would be Tom, with some of the things we do to our guests it would be hard to get volunteers. You, my friend should really have been a bit smarter, and now I’m afraid, you are going to live to regret it.”

She leaned over to him, staring into his eyes, a cool smile on her face, showing no compassion at all.

“Alors, we are very protective of our business, and we take great precautions to keep it private. It really doesn’t matter now whether we are or are not non-consenting, not any more, but you have the satisfaction of finding out though. Unfortunately you will be our next non-consenting guest.” Here Tom tried to roll off the bed.

“Now, I told you Tom, to keep calm… now calm down… that’s better.” She had placed her hand firmly on his head and gently pushed him back on the bed. “You must have taken us for fools, we have a huge investment here, and you come meddling, blundering in. So you understand that we had to do this, you really left us no option.”

She sat back in her chair and looked impassively at him.

“So you brought this on yourself, Tom, c’est vrai, oui? And the best thing for us is Tom, you left no trail. You fly in, in the morning, hear the rumour, at the club, tell no one of your change in plans, and you fly into our trap. And I will let you into a little secret here, we own the club, so we got the message very quickly that you were nosing around, and we got the, how you say, wheels in motion very quickly.”

She leaned forward again, crossing her legs, looking at him coolly.

“Tom, let me make this clear, cherie, this is your fault, not ours, if you had accepted the interview as satisfaction, then you wouldn’t be here. But your ego is just too big, you wanted the big scoop and you pressed, didn’t you, and I knew you wouldn’t stop there, you would keep nosing around, raising suspicions, and I couldn’t have that. One mistake, mon ami, and now, eh bien, your goose is cooked! You have disappeared from the face of the earth, with no trail.”

She leant back again, well aware of her cool sexuality.

“You could look on the bright side Tom, well, a little brighter, peut-etre, we could have disposed of you. But we are not murderers Tom. Some may call what we do a living death, a little dramatic perhaps, but it is very difficult disposing of bodies, they have a habit of surfacing. So, mon ami, you are with us for the duration. You are our involuntary volunteer here. And of course we can now make a lot of money out of you. Now don’t struggle Tom, I told you before, it is futile.”

Very stupidly he was trying to raise himself from the bed, not easy with hands behind back and ankles fettered, she calmly rose, took him by the shoulders and laid him back, as if he were a quarrelsome child.

“I won’t tell you again Tom, I know everything is a nightmare for you right now, but bear with me and you will learn everything very soon.” She calmly sat down again, crossing her beautiful legs.

“Now you are maybe thinking about Bob, or maybe you are too concerned about your own predicament, as well you should be! Anyway, you have a nice slim body Tom, something we could really work with, as you will find out. But Bob was, well, a bit overweight, and no good for us. So I sent him to a friend in Germany. She will take care of him, she also has many clients, and she caters to their specialized tastes. I’m afraid Bob is in for a real shock to the system too. You won’t see Bob again, or for that matter any of your friends. And they won’t see you either, unless they wish to join our site, and even then they wouldn’t recognize you.”

Now she moved her chair closer, a look of sympathy, but merely mock sympathy on her face.

“So that is how you got here Tom, by way of your own stupid greed and ego, and now I am going to explain to you your predicament. You are feeling very uncomfortable at the moment, perhaps a bit claustrophobic, you can’t talk and you have a little difficultly perhaps in breathing. And your mouth feels a bit strange, and down here… ”

She placed her hand on his groin, and he flinched.

“… you feel a bit strange, as well. I’ll explain. You have been taken on as a project, Tom, a money making one, for sure. I get very strange requests here, very odd indeed, but I try to satisfy our clients and I am sure you will fill an interesting niche that there clearly is in the market. We have some powerful and influential friends here – judges, senior police officers, lawyers and the occasional high-ranking politician of course.  And of course some that can provide useful services. After we took you from my club we brought you here and operated on you, fairly simple procedures, as it was necessary to make some body modifications. We also did other procedures, but I’ll explain that in a minute.”

She leaned close to him again, putting her hand on his forehead.

“So all bad news for you, mon ami. And all permanent I’m afraid. So, firstly, we severed your vocal chords, well actually surgically removed them.”

He began to squirm, but with her hand forcing his head back and his hands cuffed behind his back, quickly he was subdued. No, no this can’t be happening, he thought. This is a nightmare, I’ll wake up in a minute!

“C’est necessere, Tom, we don’t want you screaming the house down, we do like to… … baillonner… to gag, yes, our guests, oh yes, it makes us tres jolie, but we wanted your silence complete and permanent, no mumbling, no grunting, not a peep. And then, and you’ll understand shortly, we had all your teeth extracted.”

Again, she held his head firmly between her hands as he continued to struggle. As he lay on his back, his arms trapped, she coolly placed her arm behind his head, resting his head in the crook of her elbow, and firmly placed her hand over the lower part of his face, covering mouth and nostrils. She held it for several seconds, looking down impassively into his eyes. He waggled his legs and tried to squirm out of her grasp, but she held him in a firm grip as his oxygen began to run out.

“Tom, I can hold this position until you pass out, very easily, which will not serve either of our purposes. Now I will say this one last time. Your predicament here is set, you cannot, will not escape, now accept it and listen to me… d’accord?”

He was not struggling much now, he was in shock, he was running out of air though and so she saw him nod, as best he could. She released him.

“Bon, so you have no teeth, and that is why your mouth feels funny. The last week you have been here, and never mind where “here” is, you have been heavily sedated, we have been pumping you full of antibiotics, and you have healed very well. You are as good as new, minus your teeth and vocal chords of course. Now while you were under we also took detailed measurements of your whole body, very exact, for your first costume, which you are now wearing. You can feel it of course and see a bit of it out of the eyeholes in your mask, I’m sure you have detected you are wearing a mask.” With a cruel smile she placed her hand on his masked head.

“But we’ll go through this in detail in a minute. We also took a cast of your face, so we have your features perfectly and can make a series of masks from the mould.”

Yes, he could feel the mask, tight as a drum and smooth, over his head, yes, it was very tight, and he thought he could smell the pungent scent of rubber.

She was now comfortable again, sitting back in her chair, aware of her complete power over him as he lay helpless.

“We have also, over the last week, been depilating your body completely, head, face, groin, and torso. This has been through a stringent programme, of creams and ointments, and we have also used electrolysis, continually. That can be painful so you can be thankful you were unconscious. We’re confident it is complete. It’s for several reasons, Tom, you will be wearing your costume all the time, and for very long periods of time, so for hygiene it is a good idea, getting masks and clothes on you will be easier. And it looks much better too. You have a nice slim body Tom and you have a role to play for us, one you will not like I think, although I am hoping you will get used to it, in the spirit of things so to speak, over time”.

She smiled again, crossing her legs, giving Tom a good look at her firm thighs.

“But more of that in a minute. Because now I will describe your costume to you in detail, and I am very proud of it, I would like to think you would wear it with pride, although I don’t expect you will, but never mind. We’ll start with the face because it’s a gem. I own a rubber clothing company, very legitimate, making all kinds of naughty clothing for fetishists all over the world. They are skilled workers and I am very pleased to work with them hand in hand every few days, coming up with ideas and so forth. They have done a wonderful job, I think in transforming you. Now Tom, I’m going to help you up and get you in front of the mirror here, so you can really appreciate our handiwork. You are cuffed at the wrists and ankles and you will have to waddle a few feet so I’m expecting you not to make a fuss, yes?”

She watched him for a reaction and saw a faint nod. What could he do, he thought – nothing. She helped him up and holding his arms followed him, shuffling to the mirror. She stood by his side as he looked at himself in the large full-length mirror. He shook his head violently from side to side, and his body shook, with anger and regret and embarrassment. But there was no sound from him.

“Yes, well it will be a shock Tom, but this is the new you, your new role in life. Take a couple of seconds to get your breath.”

She placed her hand on his head, smiling proudly.

“The mask, now look at this beautiful face here: a model’s face, a mannequin. And that is what it is. When we took the cast of your face we got a series of perfect latex masks, and here’s the clever bit Tom, we bonded those to the inside of other rubber masks that we had taken from a mannequin. So, on the outside you are a beautiful model and on the inside you have a perfect fit. It will feel tight, very tight, certainly a bit claustrophobic at first, but you will get used to that. You will have to, for every waking moment of your life you will be wearing it, or one very similar to it. And because it fits perfectly, it will move with your features. It is very tight as you will have found already, and it took us a good three or four minutes to get it over your head and properly placed as it has no zip. Look at your face, cool, impassive, beautiful, stunning even, perfect. The skin colour tones, red, full lips, the high cheeks with the very sight blush, the ice blue eye shadow, dark eyebrows, and eye holes big enough for you to appreciate it. And because the lips are flexible you can move your mouth and breathe normally, as well as through your nostrils, you’ll see here that the latex goes up your nostrils a little way.” She grinned at him, so proud of her work in progress.

“Also look here to the sides Tom, perfect ears molded to yours, and a little hole in each one so you can hear perfectly. I know you don’t appreciate it now Tom, but we are very proud of it.”

Tom could feel tears well up in his eyes, but now he knew there was going to be no sympathy from this woman, none at all, for he could see she loved her handiwork.

Now Michelle placed her hands around Tom’s waist.

“Notice something Tom? Look at the narrow waist; I know you feel constricted, a little hard breathing, oui? Well under this you are wearing a very thick stiff rubber torso tube, made of the toughest and least malleable rubber. No laces, no buckles, we rolled it on you, over your legs and up over your hips. Believe me, it took us over fifteen minutes to do it, three of us. It’s not exactly hour glass shaped but it really makes an enormous difference. “ She smiled over his shoulder into the mirror.

“You have quite the shape. This will stay on for a month, we will have you on a special diet, and then in a month, we’ll get you into a narrower one, and so on. Soon you will have a beautiful body to match your face: it will occur over time but then we have plenty of time, Tom.”

More Bad News

Tom shook his head again, perhaps in rage, but more now in shock and a slow acceptance of the inevitability of his destiny. He could see he had been drawn into the claws of a very efficiently run machine. Now he had simply become a piece of merchandise, a package to be dealt with, a money-making proposition. And it was becoming fairly clear to him that there was no way he was going to get out. Michelle continued.

“Now for the rest of the costume. You’ve already noted it’s all in latex, the finest latex. We love latex, its sheen, its impermeability, its smooth cool cling, its ability to grip the body just in the right places, just look at you. I always say, it can make an average body look great, and a great body look unbelievable. And Tom, you are pretty in pink aren’t you?’

She ran her hands over his body, smiling happily into the mirror at Tom’s predicament.

“Here we have a simple pink dress, short flared skirt to mid thigh, long sleeves and high neck. And we have red ruffles here at the neck, hem and wrists, although you can’t see them in the mirror as we have your wrists fettered. Can I trust you Tom if I release your cuffs? The door to your room here is locked, and I have a man outside, and we are being watched on the cameras here and here. So it would be very stupid if you tried anything.”

He thought of the chances of escape and realized they were extremely thin and so he nodded slowly, now very much overcome by the weight of events that he had brought on himself.

“Good, because I want to show you what we have done with your hands first. So I just release this clip at your wrists like so, and your arms are free. I hope you are not going to be silly Tom, Now look at your hands. They are in a pair of latex training mitts. Your hands have been balled into fists and placed in these double skinned mitts. Then the mitts are inflated through this tiny valve at the wrist, so you have nice round rubber balls for hands now.” He stared down at them, and thought how useless they now were.

“We don’t want you playing with your clothes, or anything else for that matter, and anyway you won’t need your hands at all really, as we have taken care of everything for you, you will see. You’ll get used to them, like everything else we hope. We may take them off sometime in the future when we feel we are able to completely trust you, and to a large degree that is up to you Tom, and how well you adapt to your new life here and behave as we require you to.”

She came behind him, looking over his shoulder, then wrapped her hands round him and clasped both of his protuberant breasts.

“Now aren’t these pretty impressive ha ha? Over your torso tube and under your dress we have another wonderfully designed piece of attire. It is a latex corselet-cum-sleeveless leotard. It zips right up to your neck here and has a leotard bottom. These beauties are silicon boobies, you can’t feel them with your mitts, but believe me, they look and feel like the real thing. Your clients won’t be able to take their hands off them. Hhhhmmm.” She smiled and closed her eyes, fondling his breasts.

“Now we can see your nice shiny latex stockings here, and you have a fine pair of legs, Tom, slim and nicely muscled. Then we have a pair of latex bootees with red ruffles and on the inside of each ankle a thin band of rubber and two self closing D rings that we have connected, making it impossible for you to run off.” Then she raised his short skirt. “Now underneath here is the clever stuff, you will be impressed. But before I get into the details down here I’m going to just give you a general overview of your future.”

She looked at him in the mirror, her arm almost affectionately around his waist, he did not move, he knew better than to do that for there was no chance at all of escape.

“So, mon ami, I know seeing yourself like this is a hell of a shock, but you must accept it. If you don’t the consequences are very unpleasant, yes? Look at you, nice firm breasts, slim waist – that will improve with diet and time, nice long legs and what a beautiful face.” He could feel her hand pass under his skirt and gently fondle his rubber encased bottom.

“Lots of our clients will be hot for you, Tom. We all here hope so anyway. You are going to make us a lot of money. You are a commodity to us Tom, sad but true, and I think you have a good inkling how you will earn us money.”

Tom shook his head in despair, and raised his balled hands to his face.

“No use shaking your head, without your voice it is hard to persuade us, and we wouldn’t listen to you anyway, poor fellow. Your future is sealed, here, in latex.” She patted his latex covered rear, almost affectionately.

“So you will earn us a lot of money with your body here, these boobs, and this mouth of yours and down here under the skirt, lots of potential here. Yes, that is the reason we removed your teeth, if you are to accept cocks in your mouth, and you will, I assure you, we don’t want you getting excitable and biting our clients, ha ha bad for business I’m afraid.” And she continued to giggle, enjoying her own private joke.

“No, we want a sweet, soft, succulent mouth for our client’s cocks. Any issues, any reluctance to accept the cocks of our clients will be severely punished Tom. These men on my staff have been trained by me and will punish you very painfully. So our clients look down and see a beautiful ingénue dressed in tight shiny latex giving them a proficient blowjob, and you will get proficient Tom, and there is nothing you can possibly do to stop it. But that won’t be your only talent, you have this area down here that will provide untold of pleasure for our clientele, so I’ll explain that to you now.”

Now Michelle took the front hem of the skirt and raised it to above his waist.

“Here Tom, hold that against your waist with your mitts, good, now I want to show you all the good stuff we have designed for you down here.

With his rubber balled hands Tom obediently pressed the skirt to his waist and watched in silent but slowly accepting horror as Michelle explained the remainder of his costume. He stared at the shiny pink stockings, then a flash of fleshy thigh with vertical suspenders and then a pair of pink latex labial lips set in the panty portion of his leotard!

“Your latex corselet/leotard, a bit of a mouthful, but I will call it that, has a wonderfully sophisticated feature right here.”

She pressed a finger between the rubber lips.

“It is perhaps hard for you to believe this now, Tom, but right here you have been lucky. Yes. We did consider very seriously removing your cock and balls, turning you into a real latex girlie fucktoy. We have the surgeon skilled enough to do it. There are many risks though and it would have taken far too long in the post operative process to get you back into action here. No, we decided this is much easier, and I think a lot sexier. The clients will get really turned on as they will know that underneath all this latex there is a full-blooded hetero male trying to get out, and he can do nothing about it. So we designed this brilliantly functioning unit down here.”

He watched transfixed through the small eyeholes in the mask as she gently separated his pink rubber labial lips.

“You see this channel here, this tubular section, well this narrow smooth channel is where your clients will fuck you. It runs vertically up your abdomen and is very firm and realistic inside. But that is only part of it. Behind this channel is a latex panel where your cock, here, is pressed firmly to your stomach, with your balls underneath. Your cock is in its own sheath, you will be able to feel it, yes?”

He slowly nodded, as if in a dream.

“However your sheath is not so comfortable is it, for on the inside are dozens of hard rubber needles. So while your client is fucking you and gaining great pleasure, we hope, while rubbing his cock in and out of the sheath, he is also providing you with a mild torture from these rubber needles. Now these won’t break the skin of your cock, we don’t want you bleeding into your pants, but they will certainly be uncomfortable, particularly if you should choose, however unconsciously, to get a hard-on.” Here she began to very gently rub the palm of her hand over the rubber labia and tom could feel the needles press into his cock.

“And you will no doubt at some time, for it is only natural get an erection. And that is all right by us, because eventually you may get to associate a level of pain with pleasure, and Tom, that will make your future life a lot less unpleasant!”

She continued to rub the panel gently and he felt the small needles press into his tender, hidden, imprisoned cock. To be honest it wasn’t that unpleasant but he knew that if he was being vigorously fucked by a big cock then those needles could provide some real pain.

“But we are not finished Tom. You will feel a slight tightness around the head of your cock. Well that is the end of a short tube connected to your cock, the end of which is right here at the top of your labia. This is where your clitoris should be but then of course you don’t have one, do you? So this allows you to piss normally, only like a girl. So from now on Tom, you will squat like a girl to piss, stretch those lips and out it comes. Like I said, we have taken care of everything, ha ha.”

He could barely believe his ears, and rolled his masked head from side to side, but it wasn’t over yet, not by a long chalk.

“Yes, it’s pretty strange, I’ll admit, but all true, this is not a nightmare, you can’t pinch yourself if you want, but this is your future life. Now bend over, I must talk about your third hole available for your clients. You cannot see this but if I raise your skirt like so, I can see your pert, firm derriere encased in tight pink latex, but there is an oval area here, opposite your tight bum hole. Now the edges of the oval are of stronger unbending rubber which - you can feel this now, can’t you - separate your bum cheeks, so that you can’t close them, how do you say, clench them. So your tight little hole here is very exposed and I’m afraid defenseless. And I’m sure your clients will want to breach those defenses.”

She stood him up again and slapped his latex bottom playfully, enjoying her complete power over him and his predicament. He wanted to scream, to howl, to break out of his mitts, to strangle her, to rip off his clothes, the mask and somehow, somehow escape this “life”, but all he did was stare mutely at the strange latex apparition in the mirror. The beautiful impassive face stared back, covering his dismay, his humiliation, the pink dress covering his protuberant boobs, the inflated balls covering his useless hands, and the exaggerated latex labia forever trapping, yet teasing his manhood.

This wasn’t some weird kinky game, some pervy vignette; these people were for real. They didn’t play games, although it was clear that Michelle took great joy in knowing what she had done to him, and how she now completely controlled his new life.

He’d been made a mute mannequin, permanently denuded of all hair, had his teeth pulled out to accommodate cocks to be pushed into his mouth, and turned into a latex doll, to be fucked in all available orifices, real and created, and all of it filmed for profit. He felt dizzy at the thought of it all, made even dizzier by the unyielding grip of the cruel torso tube and the drum tight latex mask partially obscuring his vision.

He was broken out of these horrifying thoughts by the voice of Michelle.

“So now that you are familiar with your costume, which you will wear all the time, although we will create some new ones as your popularity increases, I’ll explain your cell to you. You are in an impregnable prison and will stay here all the time, unless a client wants to play with you in our playroom or operating theatre. These are down the corridor. Otherwise Tom, you stay here, 24 hours a day monitored by all these cameras. And believe me we like to get an angle on everything, we have very experienced cameramen and this will feed to the central control room. Starting tomorrow Tom, you will have your own site on our website. We have grand plans for you Tom; we have been preparing the site for your big entrance, lots of fanfare. You may not appreciate it Tom, but we are expecting many hits on your site, and more important, many requests for a personal assignation with you.”

She spread her arms and began to describe his new digs.

“The cell is fairly spartan, but we are expecting you will be busy entertaining clients. Nonetheless, you have a bed, with cuffs and collar to keep you under control if the client wishes it that way. The sheets and pillow cases are, of course, made of latex. A TV here but only for the DVD player here, and DVD’s – only SM and fetish porn I’m afraid Tom. We make no secret of this, you are going to be indoctrinated into this new life, if you are wise you will soon forget your past one, your only life now is here, it will fill in every waking moment, your only aim will be to entertain and accommodate the strange desires of others with your new body. Occasionally we might play back your adventures with your clients on the TV, you should find that interesting. You will live, eat, breathe your new role, everywhere you look you will see yourself in these mirrors here, and you will get used to it, and accept this as your life. And if you don’t then your life will be very painful and unpleasant.”

Tom tried to think back to his old life, which now seemed a long way away. He thought of Julie, his girlfriend, she always encouraged him to walk the wild side, she was pretty wild too, they liked to cruise the fetish sites together.

Well, he wondered, what would she think of his predicament now, and would she ever be hooking into this site and unknowingly see her (now ex) boyfriend acting out his role as a rubber dolly fucktoy! Oh my god, how could that ever happen? Michelle brought him out of his thoughts.

“So here is a wardrobe and drawers for more of your clothes, perhaps in the future, and the couch and chairs for entertaining. By the bed we have a bookcase, all fetish and BDSM titles for you. You will be immersed in this.”

Michelle now took his balled hand and led him to a small bathroom at the rear.

“You will remember when I said you would have no more need for your hands, Tom? Well, here is why. Firstly, this… ”

She went to the side wall of the bathroom which had white tiled walls, ceiling and floor and, Tom could see, more cameras!

“The other side of this wall has a complex arrangement of containers, tubes and pumps. You are going to be fed a very healthy diet, a liquid diet - after all with no teeth, there’s be no point in feeding you steak, is there? Your diet, what you eat and when you eat it, will be controlled by us. When you hear a loud buzzer, and you will hear it three times a day unless you are with a client, you will come to this feeding station here.”

And she pointed to the tiled wall. At waist height, sticking out from the wall was a one inch diameter, four inch long flesh-coloured rubber cock. He looked down at it, again stunned at the cruel ingenuity of his new mistress.

“Yes, you will suck on this cock for your nutrition, in full view of course of these cameras. This is it Tom, there are no other options for your food intake. You kneel here and take the cock in your mouth and suck. The container behind the wall is filled for every feeding. It is gravity controlled so you won’t have to suck too hard and we will control the quantity, quality and taste. So while you feed and sustain yourself, you entertain our viewers too. Afterwards, you will get some liquids, juice or whatever we decide and, there will be another buzzer to tell you that you have finished, you wait here and suck in a strong antiseptic mouthwash. For health reasons one of our staff will come and change the cock, maybe bring in a bigger or thicker one. Having no teeth has its advantages, no plaque to worry about or tooth decay, but we want your breath, what is it, er, minty fresh? You will spit it here into the toilet or the bidet, and I will now explain these two to you.”

She moved to the toilet.

“So food goes in… ” and she laughed… ”and has to come out, and again this is why you won’t need your hands at all. Looks innocent enough, doesn’t it. Well not really Tom, every morning you will hear a bell ring, this is to get you up and in here. Why? Because every morning you will receive a power enema. What a lovely phrase… power enema! And this evening I was thinking it was a good time to show you how it works, first hand so to speak, as tomorrow morning you are on your own. So sit here, Tom, come on, do I have to get the men in here to help me? Good, that’s better.”

Michelle released the ankle cuffs, and Tom straddled the seat, noting the seat is quite high and his feet dangle at least six inches from the floor. His balled hands rest by his side. Despite the fact he is “free” he makes no attempt to overcome Michelle, he knows the men will be in the room in five seconds, and frankly he’s exhausted by the information overload and his dire circumstances. She rested a hand on his shoulder.

“Alors, you will hear a faint motor Tom. That is the mechanism that powers a rubber butt plug that will come out of a section in the wall here, through a gap in the pan and curve upwards to your bottom. We are very health conscious here, the plug is changed every day and freshly lubed. Can you feel it yet? It should be at the gate, ha ha, knocking to get in.”

She laughed at his discomfort. For now he could feel something cold and smooth at his rear, irrevocably moving up. He tried to wriggle, but she held his shoulders down, he tried to clench his bum cheeks but the thick rubber cheek separators in his leotard kept him well exposed. No, he could do nothing as the greasy intruder pushed into him. He shook his head, grimacing, imploring Michelle to stop it, but all Michelle saw was the impassive, pretty latex mannequins’ face staring up at her. He tried to clench his cheeks again, and leant back, the back of his masked head resting on the tiles as the probe continued upwards until it reached the narrow base. He could do nothing to stop it and quickly his sphincter plopped closed around it.

“I will guess we have full penetration now, good.” And she laughed again. “And now you will feel the warm soapy water rush in, not too powerful though. I am only giving you a half litre to start but we will work our way up over the next few months. It is wonderfully cleansing, you may grow to like them, who knows? Some people do. Now we wait exactly five minutes while the water does its job.”

And she sat next to him on the bidet, as he sat silently, feeling the water gurgle away inside him, and with no possibility of expelling it, with the large plug in his bum hole. He started to feel very full and his stomach was sore now, which wasn’t helped by the constricting heavy rubber torso tube. She placed a hand on his rubber dome, gently soothing him, then the other hand on his rubber covered thigh. This, he thought, was a strange gesture coming from his cruel tormentor! But all she was doing, he knew, was enforcing her power over him.

Soon the five minutes were up and he heard a motor start and suddenly a gently vacuum started to suck out the water. He breathed slowly as he was emptied and then the plug was gradually withdrawn from his rear. This painful at first as the widest part of the plug had to come out first, but then the remainder followed and he was quickly relieved. Some seepage dripped into the bowl and he sat there, embarrassed and humiliated. When she thought he was truly empty, she stood up and pointed him to the bidet. He sat, and on her instructions pressed the button on the floor with his booteed foot and a gentle jet of warm water cleaned him thoroughly, followed by a further jet of warm air drying him completely. She told him to stand and they returned to the main room of the cell, Tom walking very gingerly. She placed her hands on his shoulders, looked him in the eyes and smiled again.

“Well Tom, that is all. Welcome to your new life. We will be starting to broadcast your life in a few minutes. Oh yes, before I forget, we have christened you with a new name. Your old life is over, Tom is dead, gone forever. It had to be catchy we thought, so from now on you will be referred to, and will only answer to “Rubberta”. We thought it was quite clever, un jeu, how do you say… a pun, yes, on Roberta. So, welcome Rubberta to your new life with us. I suggest you get some sleep now, while you can, for soon I am sure you will be very busy, at least we hope so.”

Then she placed her hands behind his head and pulled his face to hers. He would have fought it, even with his balled hands but it happened so fast. Her body was tight to his and he couldn’t pry her away, and her lips were on his rubber lips, and then her tongue squeezed between his rubber lips and entered his mouth. Quickly she explored and then withdrew, licking her lips, a broad smile on her face.

“Interessante… hhmm, I think that nice soft mouth of yours will be a hit, Rubberta. Now remember, just obey all commands, whatever they are; satisfy all your clients, whatever they require; and your life will be made a lot easier. I will be watching you with great interest.”

And she turned, nodded at the camera, the steel door opened and she was gone.

Rubberta was indeed exhausted. He turned to the bed, and sat down, staring at his balled hands, his slim shiny legs, his breasts pointing out from the tight rubber dress. His head was wet under the tight mask, but no sweat got into his eyes, there seemed to be small strips of sponge rubber on the inside of the mask around his eyes. How thoughtful of them, yes, they thought of everything.

Already he was thinking ahead, the past was the past, that life was gone and he was convinced that these people were so cruelly efficient that he would not return there.

No, he would never see Julie again, wryly he thought, knowing her proclivities, maybe she would unknowingly see him! These people had thought of everything. No, he was stuck with this life, it was desperate and horrible, he thought and he just could not take this for the rest of his life, but there were no other options. Or were there? He lay back on the bed and closed his eyes, trying to calm himself.

He did not sleep at all, the idea that this was to be his life was too much to bear, trapped inside a rubber fucktoy costume and forced to fellate and be buggered by strangers, no, he couldn’t, he just couldn’t. He still had some pride left. However they would punish him if would fight them. He would have to show them that he just wasn’t prepared to “cooperate” in their horrendous plan for him

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