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The Sun I Can't See

by Tigerstretch

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Chapter 4 - Night (Part 1)

"Morning, Squeaky."


I tried to stretch my limbs as Miles ran his fingers on my latex covered face, but I couldn't move... ah, yes. The sleepsack. The amazing contraption hugged my body so comfortably. Did I really fall asleep in bondage? I wondered what time it was; we went to bed late last night and I slept like a baby since then.

"Do you want out?" Miles asked.

"Mmm... What time is it?"

"About 9 am. Did you sleep well?"

"Hehe. I could get used to this, yes. Hey, is Mei awake?"

"Nope, I think she was exhausted."

"Awww. Don't wake her up yet. Just kiss me first!"

Miles pressed his lips on mine. It started small and cute, but it quickly degenerated into an intense make-out session. Being stuck in a rubber sleepsack turned me on already, so being stimulated that way made it even more intense. Miles was in a similar state, and now he wanted more.

"Let me get you out of this thing."

"If we have sex, it will wake Mei up, I mean, it's a bit embarrassing. Yesterday when we had sex, at least she couldn't see us."

"Right. One sec then..."

Miles left the bed; I wasn't too sure what his idea was. I heard some metal noises, and then, Mei woke up with a start and emitted some muffled groans. I wasn't sure what was going on, but Miles was definitely doing something to her; another one of those moments when I would have liked not to be blind.

"Miles? What is happening?"

"Nothing... I'm just putting her head harness back on, blindfold included. It startled her because she was asleep when I pushed the gag behind her teeth."

"Ah, that's mean!"

"She'll be fine. I don't have much time before work, so I skipped the arguing."


Since Mei was a bondage beast, I was not very worried. Actually, it wouldn't surprise me if such a wake up call was appreciated despite some struggles while Miles fastened her head straps.

"There you go. All mute and blind. Now, let's take care of you, Alex."

"I think it's the opposite. I'll be the one who takes care of you."

"If that makes you happy..."

Miles unzipped my sleepsack and let me out of it. This thing was so comfortable that I was not even sore after so many hours encased in it. I must buy one of those; I have no other options. But before thinking further about that, I wanted to do something.

While Miles was running his hands everywhere on me, I crawled to Mei and lay down over her. I found a spot between her head harness straps to kiss. Just as I was going to tell her good morning, Miles lifted my hips up and immediately pushed his cock inside of me; he was more desperate than I could have imagined. At least my body was ready to take it; I guess a night in the sleepsack kept me warm and wet.


"Sorry, Squeaky, I don't have time. I have to go to work really soon."

"AAaanh! Aannnh!"

I didn't mind at all. My chest was pressed on Mei's and Miles hit a particularly good spot this morning. I gripped the straps holding Mei prisoner to brace myself and accepted this nice manly pounding.

He couldn't hide it anymore, two females wearing latex and bondage gear while hugging each other was a major turn-on for him. I could tell just by how he was fucking me; it was a feral level of intense. As nice as it was, I wondered how we would navigate through this in the future. I definitely wouldn't want another girl in my bed all the time.


"Hang in there, Squeaky. I'm close."

I tried to give Miles a good show by nibbling on Mei's ears in a way that he could see her face and mine at the same time. Mei liked it too; she was almost moaning more than I was despite her gag. All of this felt great, but this morning I was more in a mood to give Miles what he wanted instead of running after my own pleasure. I even felt a bit dirtier than usual.

As soon as he told me that he was about to cum, I quickly turned around and opened my mouth while sitting on Mei's hips.

"Oh, my God, Alex."

"Mmm... I want it all."

I could hear Miles masturbating furiously in front of me; what I offered got to him quite efficiently. He started groaning like an animal, and his sperm hit my rubber covered face. Some of it went straight to my mouth too, which made me giggle. It was a good load.

I swallowed what I had and used my finger to bring whatever I could find on my face back to my mouth.

"Geez, Alex! You must be possessed this morning. You are such a dirty one."

"Who is dirty? Me or the guy who cums on people's faces?"

"Hehe... Good point. Alright, sorry, but I really have to bolt. I'm late. I will see you tomorrow, Alex."

Miles kissed me on the side of my head and got off the bed.

"Ah, you are not coming back tonight?"

"I can't. I have to go back home and take care of a few things. Take good care of Mei, and don't get yourself in trouble."

"I won't. Call me later then. I love you."

"Love you too, Alex."

We kissed one last time, and then he left me alone with Mei. I flopped back on top of the bed next to her.

"Do you want out?"


"I'm not sure what you said, but I think I need a bit more sleep while cuddling with you."


Half-lying on top of her, I drifted back to sleep. She didn't move at all, not to wake me up. Good girl.

When I woke up from my little nap, I fetched my talking watch and checked the time.

"The time is 9:53 am."

"Well, that was a short nap, but it felt good. Let's take care of Mei now."

I inspected her head and found the buckles with my fingers. I undid the straps and took off the harness gently, along with the gag.

"Aaanh! That was mean!" Mei said.

"Hehe. But you liked it?"


"Do you want out?"

"Yes, and it's urgent!"

"Oh, hehe... okay. One sec."

I removed the sleepsack straps one by one, unzipped it, and then helped her struggle out of her internal sleeve. As soon as she was free, she bolted to the washrooms.

I turned to my back on the bed and activated my brain for a bit. Mei was lovely, but what was I turning into? Only two weeks ago, I was that confident but solitary girl trying to get occasional dates that were not too creepy. Now, I'm in the middle of my bed wearing latex, surrounded by kinky gears and a sexy girl in my bathroom that was about to come back and demand sex.

What happened to me? I didn't dislike any of this, and I'm having tons of fun. But... was this really who I was? What happened to the small blind girl who only wanted some romance and occasionally indulged in some fetish? 

A short moment after, Mei came back from the washroom and climbed on the bed. Within seconds she ended up on top of me and started cuddling.

"Hello, Alex!"

"Hello, Mei!"

"I need kisses."

"Hehe. Do you?"

"And maybe more..."

Mei tried to initiate a make-out session, but somehow, since Miles was gone, it was not really the same. I recalled all the times I kissed girls; it was always in front of him... for him, mostly. Of course, I didn't regret experimenting, except with my sister, but the truth was that I liked it mainly because he liked it.

He took such good care of me. I felt safe when he was around. Now, I was alone on the bed with Mei and no one to watch over me. I trusted Mei, I had a very good feeling about her, but she was not my girlfriend, and she seemed way more into me than I was into her.

"Alex? Are you alright?"


"Hey? Are you sobbing?"

What was going on? This big ball of emotions suddenly built up inside my throat, and I started choking. Why? What just happened?

"I... I don't know... I'm sorry. I just..."

"Hey, hey, hey... Come here, you."

Mei got off me, lifted me, and rubbed my back. She grabbed my hand, and I squeezed it back.

"It's okay, Alex. I think you are just overwhelmed. This is all new to you, right?"


"It's fine... listen. Let's get you out of this suit and go for breakfast somewhere together. I'm starving. How does that sound?"

"...But... you wanted to have sex..."

"Hell no! That is not important to me. I told you, I'm a loner. You are not in a state to have sex right now. I've been there. Bondage can be quite demanding. So don't worry about that. I only want you to have good memories of our night together. Do you want me to take a shower with you? I saw it. It's enormous."

"Hehe, Mei. Yes... I would love that."

About an hour after my little meltdown, Mei and I sat in the park in front of my place. After determining that it was too late for breakfast, we grabbed ourselves a couple of hotdogs from the stand and went to sit somewhere on the grass. Usually, I always sat on one of the benches, but I liked to try new locations when I was with people. It was a bit disorienting at first, but it allowed me to explore my restricted world a bit more every time.

"So, tell me... What made you cry earlier?"

"I'm not sure... Miles, maybe."

"Miles? He is a bit too reserved for my taste, but he seems to be a good guy."

"Oh, he is, and I like him a lot. But during the past few weeks, I discovered a bit more about him. About what he likes."

"Well, that is good. We are all different, so learning about each other takes time. How long have you been dating him for?"

"About a month."

"Oh... So it's all squeaky new."

"Hehe. Miles started nicknaming me Squeaky recently. I think it's really cute."

"Tell me about him. Why do you like him?"

I laid flat on the grass and kept my hotdog on my belly, squishing it a bit with my fingers. What did I like about Miles? I didn't think that was the right question. I knew what I liked about him... However, I was not sure what I didn't like about him; and that was my issue. Since I had an opportunity to vent, I should take it.

"I like that he genuinely doesn't care that I'm blind. It is as if I didn't have this handicap at all when I'm around him. We walk around town together, and it is never a problem. He is not ashamed of me. He is always there for me if I need anything."

"Well, that is nice. So, what is the downside? Something is bugging you, I can tell."

"Well, he doesn't open up a lot. I've been trying to pull him out of his constant sadness. He broke up with his ex shortly before meeting me. I want him to stop thinking about that and just have fun with me. It kind of works... Last night it was the first time he said he loved me... and I truly believe him."

"But... because there is a but, right?"

"Yeah! You could say that. I'm just paranoid, I guess."

"Tell me... If you are paranoid, I'll tell you."

"Mmm... I'm just wondering if Miles would still love me if I were not wearing latex as often. I get the feeling that he loves me because I'm fulfilling his fantasy. At the Fox & Spice and last night with you, I understood many things about him. He really likes it when I do things with other girls while wearing latex. I mean... he never fucked me like he did last night. I'm not complaining, but it was as if he made love to his fantasy more than to me. And when he left us this morning, was he happy because we had a great night or because he thought I would end up having sex with you all day?"

Mei laid down next to me on the soft grass, her shoulder brushing against mine, and sighed a long sigh. She was either thinking I was crazy or finding a way to tell me that my relationship sucked. Little did I know that it was not at all what she was thinking about.

"I know Miles... Not personally, but he's been around at the club."

"You... know him?"

"Yes. I mean, I spoke to him a couple of times before but nothing memorable. To me, he was just a random guy. He was going there with his ex on a regular basis. So I've seen how he was with her. It was hard to miss."

"Really? Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"It's not my business to care about who is dating who. I'm a loner. I don't get involved in that kind of stuff. But what I wanted to say was that, to me, it looks like groundhog day."

"What do you mean by that? Groundhog day?"

"He was doing the same with her as he does with you... sneakily putting you in a position where you end up being shared with other people."


"There is a major difference, though... You are not crazy. His ex was! She enjoyed his little games way too much and gladly had sex with everything that had a pulse. What Miles liked turned into what he hated. His girlfriend walked away from him more and more, using his fantasy as an excuse to do crazy things with other guys, even without him being around. He was so in love with her that he endured... for way too long."

"He... didn't tell me anything about that. He admitted that he liked sharing me with other girls, but I didn't know that he was doing it before... I don't know what to think anymore."

"I don't know either, Alex. What I know is that he loves you very much. He doesn't fake that part. But based on what you told me, if you continue to try to please him that way and that his fantasy is not what YOU want, I fear both of you are going to have some conflicts. He might unconsciously use you to get back the feelings he just lost."

My heart was navigating between pity and fear. What Mei just told me was to protect me from a greater evil than I expected. It was unquestionable that Miles didn't want to hurt me and that he cared about me very much. But, was I a pair of crutches for his wounded leg? The little me who was doing everything to please him...

Yes, I loved rubber and having new experiences, but I was doing it much more often than I used to because I tried to match his desires, this much was evident to me. What Meixiang told me was game-changing, and I was glad she did. This odd feeling about our relationship, the one I couldn't put my finger on, found its place on the board game.



"Are you going to eat that hotdog? All the toppings are running over your shirt..."

"Oooh, nooo! My new shiiiirt!"

"So, Alex. Do you need help to get in your suit?"

"No, not today. I just want us to have a quiet evening cuddling in front of a movie."

"Cuddling in rubber is always better!"

"Are you attempting poetry?"

Miles kissed me on the side of my head. It's been three days already since I had this disturbing conversation with Meixiang about him. I didn't want to confront Miles about it as I didn't know where the truth laid with certainty, but he has been pushy in response to my refusal to go kinky. I didn't want to notice, but it was there, in my face. It was not that easy to keep it cool.

"Maybe if your friend Mei were here, she would manage to convince you."

"Mei is busy this week, she is back to school to study business, and she has a couple of assignments to finish."

"Oh, good for her. So why don't we go to the Fox & Spice after dinner then? Maybe we can find you a new less-busy girlfriend."

"Miles... I just want a normal evening with no kinks. Can we have that once in a while? I'm always wearing my suit when you are here."

I kept a gentle tone as I didn't want to be the spark that started a fire. I just wanted to spend a quiet evening with the person I loved. I wasn't trying to test him or anything; I was just trying to rebalance my life after this crazy weekend with the club, the incident with my sister, and Mei's visit. 

Miles wrapped his arm around my shoulders and gave me a little squeeze and a Kiss behind the head.

"No problem, Squeaky. You cook, and I chose the movie."


The evening was okay, I guess. The food was great because I took care of it this time, but the movie sucked. Miles could have chosen something other than a manly action one that had no intelligent dialogues in it. I would have liked something a bit more romantic and more blind friendly so I could have followed. I leaned on him for the larger part of the movie, but I didn't get a strong response. It felt as if I was cuddling with a taxidermied creature.

When we went to bed, it was more of the same coldness. I wore a cute little nightgown that was so soft on my skin, but that didn't do anything for him. Sleeping on his shoulder that night felt a bit lonely.

The next morning, he just woke up, went to work, and I did the same a bit later. I tried not to overthink this. Other couples didn't have wild sex every night after all. I refused to see that there was something a bit odd about all of this. The last thing I wanted was to go back to my old habits and think that love was not something I could have.

The rest of the week was, unfortunately, more of the same. One night I decided to wear my latex suit because I wanted to, and he made love to me with passion all night. It was as pleasurable as it was infuriating.

The other days were not nearly as fun, particularly tonight. I was cooking our dinner when Miles pushed me again.

"What about a repeat of the other night?"

"Miles... We can make love without me wearing latex, right?"

"Yes... sure... but I would like it better if you were."

"I know, but I'm not like that... I can't wear it just because you want me to. Sometimes yes, but not all the time."

"Okay, but can we go to the Fox & Spice this weekend... This time I'm paying."

"Miles! Stop asking! We will go back, I promise, but you can't force it on me. Is it that much of a problem if I'm not wearing kinky gears and go hunting for new girls?"

"No... Sorry... I thought you liked it."

"I do... But not as much as you, apparently. I get the feeling you are trying to lure me to the club so you can fulfill your fantasies. What about what I want?"

"Alex... That's not fair. I'm not trying to lure you anywhere. I told you what I liked and thought you were okay with it. I'm just trying to put us in a position where we would get opportunities to do fun stuff..."

"Where YOU can do fun stuff. Well, I'm not that adventurous. I need to be in the right state of mind and right now I need to feel loved without the extra stuff. I can have fun without kinks... I'm not like your ex!"


Oh crap. Did I just say that? He didn't respond... I felt awful about what I said.

"Miles... I'm sorry... I didn't mean it..."

"No. It's all good. I'm not sure what you know about my ex exactly, but we agree on something. You are nothing like her... Not by a long shot. She was not cowering in fear. You know what? I'll go back home tonight."

"Miles! Wait!"

All I could hear was him walking away and getting out of my apartment. I slammed my knife on the cutting board and kicked the cabinet door. My anger was not only directed at myself but at him as well. As much as I was ready to admit that I had not been delicate enough, him leaving this abruptly and making this harsh comment was just a reflection of how annoyed he was with me this past week. And all of that for what? Because I didn't want to wear my latex catsuit when he wanted me to? That was childish.

I grabbed a beer and sat on the floor in front of one of the living room couches. I tried to find out how I felt about what had just happened. Perhaps I was a bit sad because I really liked him, but it was not the prominent feelings coursing through my veins. I had some sort of renewed confidence in my capacities... in what I wanted.

I was this small girl who had worked very hard to get where she was and went through so many roadblocks because she was blind. I was also this girl who loved her occasional kinks and was always ready to try new things and have fun. But I would not be manipulated into believing it was all I was good for.

It was clear to me that Miles didn't intend to hurt me while he was trying to achieve his fantasies; he was simply not seeing what he was doing to himself, and I wouldn't be the one feeding his addiction.

He would push me over and over to go farther and farther to the point where he would harm himself, which he did sooner than he must have expected tonight. What Mei said was what happened, and I witnessed it first hand. Would he accept to have a more balanced life focused on us instead of on his fantasies? I didn't have the answer to that question. 

I fully accepted that he liked to see me having fun with other girls. I fully accepted his love for latex. If he had been more rational about it, I'd have no problem giving him what he wanted. But those things shouldn't be the only thing that united us. He would have to show me, and himself, that he loved me first for who I was. Only then would we be able to have all the fun in the world.



I hugged my friend Mei really tight; she had not visited in forever. This time she didn't show up with her big chest of kinks. It was just her and her larger boobs pressing on my smaller ones. She dropped her backpack in a corner and grabbed my hand before leading me to the couch.

"So, how have you been?" she asked.

"Meh! Fine, I guess... I'm back in my routine, and it feels better."

"I take that Miles never called you back. That sucks..."

"Ah, it's okay. It's been three weeks already. I guess he was just not ready to begin a new relationship, and maybe I was just too excited about starting one. It is funny, though, just as he was beginning to open up, I tested him a bit and found this hidden dark side. Still, I miss him a lot."

"Okay, then we don't talk about him anymore. Are you ready for tonight?"

"Yes! Very! You said you had something special for our girls night?"

"Yes... this!"

She grabbed my hand and gave me some sort of paper. I felt them and understood they were some sort of tickets. Why don't they put braille on those things? Was it that hard to do?

"Are we going to a show?"

"Nope, we are going to the Fox & Spice tonight."

"So... What are those tickets for then?"

"They have those special activities that we can reserve. It’s taking place in one of the smallest rooms, but I'm sure it's going to be a lot of fun."

"Why are there three tickets? Someone else is coming?"

"No... That is just because we can't reserve for two... It's three people minimum. I'd be happy to go with just you, but feel free to forward the invite as long as it is an open-minded person."

"Mmm... What is this special activity?"

"I have no clue."

"What? How is that even possible? You reserved a kinky activity without knowing what it was about?"

"Yes... That's the fun part. It will be a surprise. There will be a Master or Mistress, and she or he will take care of entertaining us for a whole two hours."

That made me a bit nervous, but it sounded like fun at the same time. I liked surprises a lot, and it was fair to assume that they wouldn't force us to do anything we didn't want. Fox & Spice was a very friendly place.

Since she had three tickets, I knew exactly who else to invite.

"Call Mary!"

"Who's Mary?"

The phone rang a few times, and my sister answered.


"Mary, it's me. How are you?"

"Good, you? What's up?"

"Great! Hey, are you available tonight? Would you like to go to Fox & Spice with a friend and I?"

"Tonight?... Sure, why not. But just to chill, I don't feel like doing anything crazy."

"Perfect. Yes, just for a drink, nothing more. Come here when you can, then we will go together."

"Cool. See you later, Alex."

I hung up and immediately Mei started drilling me with questions.

"Just for a drink? Nothing more? You lied to her! Who is Mary? Are you sure she is into that kind of stuff?"

"Mary is my sister. And yes, I did find out that she was a client of the club too. I found out the hard way that she likes fooling around with girls too."

"The hard way?"

"Hmm... Yeah... Well... We kind of made-out by accident..."

"You kissed your sister? Alex... that's..."

"Gross... I know..."

"No... no... It's very hot!"

"Oh! Shut it, Mei!"

I pushed my Asian friend down to the couch, and she started laughing. She said that on purpose just to make fun of me. Mei became such a good friend in a short time. I liked her because she was very down to earth and understood the subtleties of our hobbies, and she made fun of the truly wrong things.

One of the reasons she was a loner was that she didn't think a lot of people were smart. The amount of stories that turned into drama in the fetish world turned her off; Masters that went too far or were taking thing too seriously, submissives that went down the rabbit hole and lost everything before discovering their top was a just douchebag, and people who were spending all their money on fetish gears thinking credit cards were made to provide them with an infinite amount of cash forever until a recovery agency knocked at their door. Mei had seen too much and chose to limit the number of good friends she had not to get involved with the rest of human weirdness.

I flopped on top of her for some hugs. Having a girlfriend was not something for me; I knew that. I liked too much having a strong male presence around me, I always did. But occasional physical contact with a woman was something I learned to enjoy. Mei needed affection too, so she understood really well how good it felt just to give in.

Our afternoon consisted of kissing and cuddling. There might have been some crotch rubbing as well, but it was more for her than I; I was a generous friend.

"I am pretty sure you said, "just for a drink." A full-fledged BDSM session is not just a drink."

"Relax, Mary. It's going to be fun."

Mary has always been a bit uncheerful, but I was ready for this. Mei left a few minutes ago to register, and we were waiting for her at the lounge. We finished changing, and I thought we were awesome. I was back in my full catsuit with the eyeless hood, and Mary had her latex bodysuit with no hands or hood. I wore my short boots, and she had longer ones; they went up to her knee.

"Would you leave my leg alone!"

"Aaah. Stop whining, Mary. I'm just checking your boots. I like them. It's not like I can see them, so let me touch."

"Stop it! Your friend Mei is coming back. She will get the wrong idea."

"I already told her that we made-out."

"ALEX! Can't you keep secrets?"

Mei also brought her latex suit, the same one she wore at my place the first time she visited; pretty much the same as Mary; we were a very rubbery trio of hotties.

"Alright guys, I gave them our forms, and everything is good. Follow me. We have room 7."

We stood up, and I interlaced my arm with Mary's. Since we grew up together, it felt more than natural to do this with her. She followed Mei, and I followed her. 

"Do you know who our Master will be?"

"No idea."

"I've never tried those mini-events, so I don't know either."

Mei knew the place, but she wasn't in the secret of the Gods, and Mary was as new as I was with all of this. The forms we filled up earlier were just a big list of different kinks to choose from, and also some questions related to health and stuff like that. Since I couldn't fill-up the form myself, I asked Mary to do it for me. As it was not embarrassing enough to have my sister ask me all those questions about my kinks, on top of that, she refused to tell me what she had checked on her list; that wasn't fair at all. I secretly hoped she would get punished for that.

As usual, I was the only one who had a medical condition; blindness. Not sure if that Master-dude would know what to do with me. It would kill all my fun if we got one that would pity me for my handicap and only make me do boring stuff.

"Okay, guys, it's here. Good luck!"

I heard the metal rings sliding on a pole above my head; Mei must have pulled a curtain open. Mary tugged me inside, the curtain closed behind us, and then...


Geez! That was the first time I heard Mei scream like that. Obviously, she knew that person, and it was not a Master-dude; it was a Mistress. A male named Nyssa would just be weird. Considering the joy that emanated from Mei's throat, it was a person she liked very much.

"Did you really think I would let anybody else play with you, Meimei?"

"No, Mistress... But I'm still very happy!"

"Hehe, I'm happy too. So, who are your friends? It's the first time you come with someone else, are you getting more social?"

"This is Mary and Alex."

"Nice meeting you, you two. So is this your first time?"



"Oh, boy! False start. I will punish Mei for this."

Oops... I didn't know what we had done, but Mei got in trouble already because of us. I felt Mary squeeze my arm a little more. She was as nervous as I was, if not more.

"So, Mary, Alex, My name is Nyssa. So you have to call me Mistress Nyssa or Mistress. But don't worry, I won't be too severe with you since it is your first time. Instead, when you omit using the proper form, Mei will pay for it. She knew all about those rules and should have been wise enough to fill you in before the event. Now, I looked at the form, and you two have the same last name. Are you related?"

"Yes, she is my sister... Ow!"


I answered, but Mary elbowed me in the ribs because I had forgotten the protocol already; she completed the sentence for me, which seemed to amuse our chief.

"Hehe. Complicity. Look at that. So, let's see how close you two are from each other. Alex, I want you to kiss your sister!"

"WHAT? NO! I mean... No, Nyssa... Mistress... God... I mean... we wrote it on the form."


What was this all about? Was this a bad joke? I reacted roughly, and Mary was just dejected by the thought of kissing me again. Nyssa exploded into laughter.

"Hahaha! I was just kidding. Don't worry. It's all good. I think we are going to have a lot of fun tonight. But, first thing first, Mei and I are friends, I know her like the back of my hand. So don't worry about what I will do to her."

"Mistress Nyssa is the co-owner of the Fox & Spice and also a professional Mistress."

"I was... I'm just co-owner now. I only play Mistress for a handful of people I like. Now, since you are new, just try to have fun and enjoy the experience. If you trust me, everything will go well. Since you are new, it's just going to be a casual evening. If you are scared, I will probably see it, and I will work with you."

Well, that was the coolest Mistress ever. She was so casual and friendly. She sounded so smart, but also confident that everybody would have a good time. I wanted to be her friend right away. Also, this room had a different echo. I tried listening to all the little noises that reached my ears to figure out what was around me.

Then a booming voice that was directed at me, making me jump.


"AH!... uh? Yes, Mistress?"

"Pay attention. Don't make me repeat."

"But... I was not... I mean..."

"You were looking around instead of listening to me."

How did she notice that? 

"Sorry... I... I just can't see so..."

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Heee... Nothing, Mistress."

"Exactly! You were just distracted. But since you want to get familiar with your environment, I will make you visit the club. I want you to go to the bar and bring us back some drinks. It's on the house."

"Heee... I'm sorry... I can't do that..."

I seriously couldn't do what she was asking me. I would be happy to obey, I do love beer, but there was not a chance in the world that this was going to happen. Did she realize what blindness meant? That meant my forehead would end up hitting a wall. I did have a cane at home, but I wouldn't know where to go even if I had brought it with me. Nyssa didn't seem to get that at all and kept arguing with me.

"And why can't you do it?"

"I'm blind... Mary wrote it on my form. I don't know the layout of this place. I can't go get the drinks."

"And what did I tell you earlier? When you were too busy being distracted?"


"That's it... you were not listening. I said you had to trust me and that you were safe here."

"Yeah... I do... but..."

"Do you think I would let a person who can't see just walk around by herself in the middle of a fetish club?"

"...I... I... don't know..."

"You don't know!? Choose your next words carefully, Miss Alex, or else it’s going to be a tough session for you.."

"Well... Probably not."

"That's right... probably not!"

What was going on? Usually, I was the one who was good with words and with a higher IQ, but Nyssa was crushing me like a walnut under a tank track. And why was I her prime target all of a sudden? Did my flesh smell tastier than my sister's?

"I'll make you a list. What do you like to drink, girls?"

"A rum and coke," Mei said.

"What? You never want to drink anything other than water at my place. I'm outraged!"

"Calm down, Alex!"

"A rum and coke as well, please," Mary said.

"Mary? What the hell? Since when are you drinking rum and cokes? Is this a joke?"

"Alex, last warning. Calm down. It's not right to judge people because of what they like."

"...Fine! I'll have a beer then," I said.

"Thank you. I added mine to this list as well. Here, don't lose it. You'll go to the bar and give it to the barmaid, saying it's for me. And you'll bring back our order."

"...Yes, Mistress Nyssa."

I got scolded once, right off the bat, I didn't want to be scolded another time. I still had no idea how I would accomplish this impossible task, though. But then, my sister was yanked away from me, and Nyssa told me why.

"Oh, look, Alex. I found you a guide dog."


Oh, my! I withdrew all I said about Nyssa; she was AWESOME. I immediately understood where she was going with this. My sister was in trouble, and she clearly had not expected this curveball.

"That's right, Mary. You'll be Alex's little puppy guide. Mei, bring me the harness over there, would you?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Awww! Is Mary going to be my puppy? I always wanted a guide dog, but I am allergic. This one will do just fine, but she will whine a lot."

"Alex, add another word, and you will switch places with her," Nyssa said.

"Oops! Yes, Mistress Nyssa."

I heard a bunch of jingling noises, no doubt that they were gearing up my puppy Mary. I couldn't wait to find out what they were doing to her. Imagining my shy little sister turning into a doggy was just too cute to bear. I was so excited, even though Mary probably was not.

"Alex, you think she will whine a lot?"

"Yes, Mistress. She tends to do that."

"Alright, then. Mei, give me the dog muzzle."

Holy crap. I will have to be careful about what I say from now on. I didn't expect that my answer would have real-world consequences. I couldn't see them, but I felt the pressure of my sister's murderous gaze on me.

"See, this rubber muzzle fits you like a glove... you are going to be so cute. Plus, Mary is a great dog name!"

Oh, my God. Did Nyssa just say that to her? Mary, who wanted a quiet evening got way more than she possibly expected. It took a few more minutes filled with rattles and clicks before my new guide dog was ready.

"Alright, Alex, come here. Meet your new dog. Mary, sit!"

I followed Nyssa's voice and carefully walked towards them. After a few steps, a hand grabbed my wrist and gently guided me to a head at my hip level. I placed my other hand on the head, and I started feeling around, excited like never before.

I quickly found two pointy rubber dog ears attached to a head harness, a little bit like the one Mei wore at my place. Just a bit lower, I discovered something amazing; it was the muzzle they referred to earlier; they strapped it to her face with some rubber straps. It covered her nose, mouth and cheeks.The mouth was slightly open for her to breathe. I've never heard of such a garment, but it was so adorable.

"Aawww, she is so cute! Can she talk?" I asked

"Of course, I can!"

"Mary! No you can't! You are a dog, and dogs don't talk. They bark!" Nyssa enforced.

"Aww! Come on, Mary! Try barking for me!"

She shook her head in disapproval of my excitement and desire to treat her like doggy. But then, Nyssa didn't seem to like that attitude. I heard a big slap, which made Mary yelp. She undoubtedly got a good smack on the butt for being stubborn.

"You have to obey your sister, Mary. Bark!"

"...wrrff... oof"

"Hahaha. Awwww! I love heeeeer!"

I wrapped my arms around Mary and started to fluff her non-furry body. I always loved dogs, but I couldn't have one. She was the best thing ever!

"Here is the leash, Alex. Attach it to her collar and go get our drinks!"

"Yes, Mistress! Right away, Mistress!"

She gave me a thick leather leash that I attached to the D-ring of her collar. Then I yanked on it.

"Up! Let's go to the bar, doggy!"

"Don't be too rough; I cuffed her hands behind her back. You go to the bar, and then you come back right away. Don't drop the drinks, and don't mess up the order. Else you are going to get punished. Same thing with you, doggy. You will be as responsible if something bad happens. And no talking!"

"Come, Mary! Lead the way! Woof, woof!"


I had way too much fun with this. Slowly, Mary pulled me out of the room. I never thought I would be doing this kind of activity with my sister tonight. I had no idea if she enjoyed it or not, but I didn't really care. For the next while, she would be my dog, and I intended to fully appreciate every second of it.

I recognized the path leading out of the play area. It was a good thing that Nyssa threatened to punish us; at least that way I knew Mary wouldn't pull some stupid stunt, like running away from me. I'm sure she could use some training.

As I continued following her, my mind drifted to some sort of realization. All my life, I relied on people to guide me through unfamiliar areas. Everything was designed for people who could see, leaving me dependent on them. One would think that I was the one being tugged around, but in fact, they were all acting as my guide dog. I never quite looked at things this way until now.

After a while, Mary stopped.

"Are we at the bar?"


"Good. Sit!"

"Eerrrr! No!"

"Sit, or else I'll spank you and tell Nyssa."

Mary was going to murder me for sure after this. Nevertheless, I had a job to do. I felt around with my hands to find the bar’s edge. I waited for a few seconds, and then a barmaid addressed me.

"Hey, what can I do for... Hey! Aren’t you Alex?"

"Heee... I am... Do I know you?"

"No. I'm Trish. And all the staff knows about you."

"They... they do?"

"Of course they do, you sent us a letter and four tickets for a musical to thank us for accommodating you on your first visit. We pinned your letter on the board in our locker room."

"Ah, yes... Well, you guys deserved it. You made my life easier, and I had tons of fun on that evening in the dance c..."

Why did I have to go there? I didn't want to remember that fun night because I spent it with Miles. I didn't want to hurt, not tonight.

"I won one of the tickets. Thank you so much! The show was great! It was the first time I went to a musical."

I felt an arm wrapping around my neck and pulled me over the counter into a small hug. Trish was super friendly, but I had to complete my task. I handed her the list that Nyssa gave me.

"So, I need those drinks on the list. It's for Mistress Nyssa."

"Oooh, you are spending the evening with Mistress Nyssa? Lucky you. She is amazing! Okay, give me a minute."

I couldn't help it. While I was waiting, I had to pet my dog again. Mary was so cute! Particularly when she shook her head left to right to get away from me. 

"Alright, Alex. Here’s your order. Do you know how to hold a serving tray?"

"I... don’t..."

"It's easy, I already balanced it for you. Just put your hand like this, in the middle."

She moved my elbow to my ribs and made a right angle with my wrist. Carefully, she placed the small tray on my hand.

"How does that feel?"

"Is it straight?"

"Yes, kind of! Is it too heavy?"

"No, I think I'll be okay if my dog doesn't do anything stupid."


I gave Mary so many bullets to shoot at me later, but I didn't care one bit. I was enjoying myself too much.

"Thanks, Trish! Come on, Mary. Up! Up! Let's go back. Go slow, right? I don't want to drop this."


We slowly made our way back, but it was not as easy as Trish made it sound. My arm was quickly getting tired, and I wasn't sure the tray was straight anymore.

But I could do this!

That's what I thought until someone walking past me inadvertently brushed my shoulder. My first reflex was to drop the leash and secure my tray with my other hand.

"Feeww... That was a close one. Mary, come back."

Nothing. I extended my arm, trying to find her.

"Mary? Hey, don't play games. Come back! I can't do this without you."

Still nothing. That wasn't cool. What was I supposed to do now? I was stuck in the middle of I don't know where.

"Mary, it's not funny anymore! You know we will get in trouble if—"


“AAAAH! Ah! Curse you! You scared me!"


She came so close to my ear before barking like an idiot. I almost dropped my tray. I guess she didn't want to wait before getting her revenge on me. I touched around until I found her leash.

"Alright, I have it, let's go, brain-damaged dog!"


She yanked on the leash, making me panic again. It was going to be a long night.

We slowly made it back to the room. Mary pushed the curtain open with her muzzle and led me back in. As soon as I put a foot inside our private playroom, I heard something very BDSMish.



"Oh, good, you are back. Let me grab this from you."

Nyssa interrupted her spanking session and took the tray off my hand, to my great relief. I was finally able to relax my arm. I also commanded my dog to sit.

"Sit, Mary!"

This time she didn't argue since Mistress Nyssa was around. Last time, she had been rewarded with a nice butt slap. I petted her on the head and rubbed her cheeks.

"Alex, what is this?"

"This what?"

There were some words that people who were blind couldn't comprehend. "This" and "that" were among them. Obviously, I couldn't see any of the gestures associated with that sighted people language.

"Sorry, on the tray."

"Our drinks?"

"No, it's not."

"I... I don't know. I gave Trish your list, and she gave me this tray?"

"You didn't care about double-checking our order? You brought us back four glasses of water."

"WHAT? How... Why would she give me water?"

"Hehe, I told you. If you were to make a mistake, I would punish the two of you. Come here, give me your hand."

What now? Was I in trouble again? Why would a friendly barmaid give me water? It didn't smell right. Was this even the truth? I presented my hand, and Nyssa guided me to a corner of the room.

"Touch what is in front of you."

"Okay... Hey, is that Mei?"

"Yes, it is. Take a look at how she is tied up, and then we will put you on the same device. You can free her up too. I'll be right back. I just need to take care of your pet first."

Using my little rubber covered fingers, I started exploring my friend's predicament. Right away I found that something was off.

"Mei? You are naked?"

"I am... She likes me naked. I'm wearing panties, though."

"Is this some sort of bench?"

"Yes, it's a spanking bench... It works really well, I can tell you that. Did you tell Mary to select spanking on your preference form?"

"Y... Yes... I thought that... well..."

"Oh, boy. That's going to be interesting. And entertaining."

Mei was lying on her belly over that strange leather bench, and her wrists and ankles were held in place by some velcro cuffs. I ripped them open to free her; It reminded me of our painfully long self-bondage session at my place.

"See, Mei? Velcro, good, padlocks, bad."

"You were just not good at finding your keys. Aaaah, my butt."

"Does it hurt a lot? Does she want to do the same to me?"

"Oh, yeah! It hurts a lot. You'll have fun."


Before she said that, I was looking forward to trying this device. I was here to experiment, and this looked fun. But I didn't want to leave here with a shattered tailbone either. I helped Mei off the bench and while she stood next to me, I spoke to her using a low voice.

"Is Nyssa that cruel?"

"I heard that, Alex!" Nyssa said.


"You are very good at getting yourself in trouble, you know."

"I'm sorry, Nyssa!"

"It's Mistress Nyssa for you, and Mei will receive another punishment for Alex's mistake."

"I'm so sorry, Mei! Aaah! Everything is going sideways! W...Where is Mary?"

"In her little cage. She is resting. Alright, on the bench! Mei, give her a hand."

I wasn’t too sure how to describe Nyssa’s personality. One second she was terrifying, and the other, she was super friendly. I could only interpret her attitude as “We are here to have fun but don’t fuck with me.”

Mei helped me climb on the spanking bench. It was not as easy as I thought it would be, but quicker than I realized it, I was resting flat on my belly on top of it. Now that I was in this position, I understood why they called this thing a spanking bench; my rubber bum was fully exposed to whoever wanted to attack it.

Mei was wrapping the velcro cuffs around my wrists when she got interrupted.

"One sec, Meimei. Leave her hand free... Alex, since you can't see, I'll let you touch the paddles, so you know what I'm using."

"Oh, thanks."

"This one is made of wood, and if you like it, I can give you one for home. It's a promotional item for the club. There is a fox carved on it. But don't get fooled, it's a good one."

"Oh? Is that the logo of the club? I can't feel too much through my gloved hands."

"Yes, it is. This other one, here, is soft leather. And the next one is stiff rubber with metal studs. That one stings. Believe me."

"Hehe, maybe I'm nuts, but I like the shape of the studded one better."

"Good choice. We will use that one then. Thank you."

"Aww, crap!"

I didn't know it was a choice. I thought Nyssa just wanted to show them to me. She tricked me again! After cuffing my last wrist, I felt two pairs of hands caressing my back gently.

They didn't say anything... They were just making me feel very good. I started to melt on my bench, almost forgetting the purpose of this comfy furniture.

"Guys... This feels great..."

"Shhh... Keep quiet, Alex. Just enjoy and relax a bit before we start."

I really liked this Mistress so far. She was not at all like the ones in the movies with annoying voices and lousy acting. Mistress Nyssa was calm, in control, and she was not pretending. There was no doubt she knew what she was doing. Sure, she kept tricking and outsmarting me, but I quite liked that; it kept me on my toes and it was challenging.

The body massage continued for a while, to the point where I almost fell asleep. That was until I felt something a bit cold and hard rubbing on my rubber butt. I clenched my glutes as I thought a potential impact was coming my way, but Nyssa aborted her action.

"No, don't do that. You have to stay relaxed. Don't worry. It will be pleasant."

"O... Okay..."

I decontracted my muscles, and Nyssa placed the paddle back against my butt, making little circles. Then...



Okay, that didn't hurt at all... I wasn't expecting this. When I came back to the room with Mary earlier, and we heard Mei getting spanked, it was incomparable to this.




"How does that feel?"

"I'm... I'm not sure... "


"Good, I think. It feels funny... It kind of—"

"...turns you on?"


Now that she was mentioning it, yes. What was going on? Was I really getting turned on by such a light spanking? What was the chemistry behind this? The spanking continued while Mei played with my rubber face. The good feelings were just increasing; it was an incredible experience that had no commonality with my conception of what a good spanking would be. I kind of felt emotional, but... I wanted more of this.

"Can... Can you do it a bit harder?"

"Only if you ask properly, I find your tone a bit too casual to my taste."

"Please, Mistress Nyssa, could you spank me harder?"

"That's a much better way of asking for things, don't you think? You sounded selfish the first time."

"Yes, I'm sorry, Mistress."


"Ooww... mmm"

I definitely felt that one.


"Aaah! What... what is going on?"

"Shhh... Don't ask questions... just feel it."

Now it was unmistakable; my body was sexually reacting. There was a bit of pain, yes, but it balanced with the pleasure. My brain was screaming for more... I've never felt anything like this before. I got slapped on the butt in the past, but it was nothing like this. Last time was when Miles was fucking me and... 

... Miles...

Nyssa took a small pause and rubbed my butt with her fingers. She was not entirely satisfied with my performance, so she gave me some tips to navigate better between the two worlds that kept me in a trance; pain and pleasure.

"Alex... your pleasure could be so much better if you just let it flow. I'm sensing that something is preventing you from letting it flow. Don't worry about what may happen if you let your emotions surface. There is no judgment here, okay? I want you to open your mind as much as you can. You are doing very well."

After a few more caresses, Nyssa was back into it. She accelerated the pace and started hitting me every couple of seconds, not enough time to allow the fire to subside in between two blows. It was embarrassing because I knew Mei and Mary were watching, but I did as Mistress Nyssa asked... I opened myself to let whatever clogged my chest come out; my moans became uncontrollable.

"Aaaah aaah Aaaah!"

For what seemed many long minutes, it felt so good. But those thoughts about my failed relationships kept coming back to haunt me. I didn’t know what to do... It was stronger and stronger... and it was so sad that I started crying a little. 

Then everything stopped...

"Alex? Are you okay?" Mei asked.

"I... yes... I'm so confused. I have this surge of emotion all of a sudden. I... I don't know why."

"Brain chemistry... It's normal."

"Mei, untie her, we will take a break. Alex, you did so well. People have a nasty habit of keeping everything inside, and it makes them suffer. Did you notice how good it felt when you let those things go? So pleasurable even through the pain, physical and emotional."

"Y... Yes. I think I know what you mean... I will have to be more conscious of that in the future... I didn't realize..."

"We all do it... so don't feel guilty... Alright. Relax a bit with Mei. I have a puppy to take care of. I like your sister a lot, Alex."

Mei ripped open my velcro cuffs and helped me down the bench. She made me sit on a small couch and cuddled with me quietly. I was still unsure of what had happened to me... or was it the opposite? Maybe I knew exactly what had happened.

"I'm so sorry... for crying like that."

"Hey, no. You did amazing. I told you, it's normal. This kind of activity often triggers reactions like this, particularly if you are not used to it and particularly if you have a good Mistress like Nyssa. She loves digging inside people's minds and reaching them deeply. So, what were you thinking about?"

"...Miles... Miles... I miss him so much. I act tough, but I don't know what happened... Why did he never call me back? Was I really just a toy? Did he not love me just a little bit outside his fantasy?"

"Awww, poor thing. It's not something you can control, you know. All you did was to stop accepting his pushiness, and he took it the wrong way. I know for sure that he loved you very much, but he has to work on his demons first. It's not something you can do for him."

"I know... I know... But it still hurt. I really liked him."

"I know you did... but you know what?"


"Right now, I think your pet sister has bigger issues than yours. Hehe."

What an excellent way to divert my focus toward something more joyful; I was too focused on my little crisis to realize it, but some interesting rubbery noises were coming from the other end of the room. Mei was right; I was better to pay attention to the present moment and have fun instead of dwelling on things that I couldn't change. I did come here to enjoy myself, after all.

"What is she doing to her?" I asked.

"She is placing her in a rubber doggie suit. It's like a sleep sack, but with four pockets for her folded arms and legs. It's to force her to walk on her elbows and knees."

"Oh, my... That sounds so cute! Does she still have her muzzle on?"

"Yes. I think Mistress Nyssa loved to turn your sister into a puppy a little bit too much, so she will probably keep her like this for the whole session. She is so adorable. I'm so glad you invited her. She doesn't seem nearly as shy as a dog."

"Right! I really want to play with her again. I love dogs so much!"

"Then go. Ask for permission first, though... and let me take your boots off, else you will damage the rubber mats."

One after the other, Mei unlaced and pulled my boots off. Next, she guided me to the opposite corner of the room where Nyssa checked on me.

"So, Alex? Feeling better?"

"Yes. Sorry about that, Mistress Nyssa."

"No, not at all. It happens to everyone. A good spanking session can be emotionally demanding, and you were not used to it. You did great."

"Yes... I suppose. So... Can... Can I play with my sister?"

"Awww, sister love. If you are okay spending some time in a big cage with her, sure. I'm sure she would love it. She is really into it."

"She... she is?"

"Yes... Puppy play was Mary's first pick on her form."

"What? Really? She never told me that she was into this."

But again... She never told me she was on the fetish scene. There was a lot I didn't know about my sister... which made her a more interesting person all of a sudden.

Mistress Nyssa guided me to the entrance of the big mesh cage and made me crawl inside. It took two seconds before my hand found Mary. Was she that thrilled to be a doggy? Definitely another thing I won't tell our mother.

I sat next to her and started investigating her predicament. I was immediately feeling better around her. She was my sister, whom I loved so much, and sharing a small adventure like this was very special and meaningful to me.

There was nothing sexual in me petting her. It was just two siblings enjoying some fun time together. For some strange reason, I had a hard time thinking of her as anything else than my personal guide dog now. When Nyssa got this idea at the beginning of our session, I think she somehow managed to read our minds.

I wondered, though... Would my sister be willing to do this again outside the club? It would be one messed up family relationship... But I think it would be incredibly fun. I could totally picture myself reading a braille book while having her at my side as a doggy. If she liked it,... why not?

Once we would be done here, I would definitely ask her.


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