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The Sun I Can't See

by Tigerstretch

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© Copyright 2020 - Tigerstretch - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; M/f; latex; lesbian; mast; sex;sleepsack; chain; locks; cuffs; head-harness; hood; gag; blindfold; vag; hogtie; cons; rom; X

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Chapter 3 - Sunset

“Kill me!”

“No... I won’t kill you. Come on. Stop acting like a baby.”

I pressed the button on my talking watch for the tenth time.

“The time is 8:38 am.”

Last night at the Fox & Spice, everything was going fantastically well until... the kissing slave girl. I've been crying my life out since that moment. Immediately after what happened, I changed back in my regular clothes, and we went straight home; it unfortunately shortened our evening.

This morning, Miles tried to make me feel better, but there was nothing he could do. I would stay in bed until I dehydrated and died.

“The time is 8:39 am.”

“Come on, Alex! Stop pressing that button and get out from under the blankets. Your breakfast was ready an hour ago.”

“The time is 8:39 am.”

No. I was not going to get out from under the blanket, not until I was deceased. Miles didn’t know what to do with me anymore, and I didn’t know either. The fact was, there was nothing that could be done. Things would never be the same.

“The time is 8:40 am.”

“Okay, that is enough. Here, I have your blindfold. Let me put it on you, and then we can talk.”


“Alex, what is the big deal? Yes, you kissed a girl you knew, so what? It is not the end of the world.”

“Leave me alone! You know that's not the problem.”

“The time is 8:40 am.”

No... It was really not the issue. I kissed that slave girl for a long time in front of Miles; it felt so good and so right, and I was so turned on by it. Then we went as far as trying to sneakily masturbate each other in public. Everything was extraordinary and would have turned this evening into the most perfect day of my life. But no. Instead, it turned into a nightmare.

While we were busy exchanging mouth fluids, the girl's fingers explored my pretty tag attached to my shiny new collar, and she was able to read my name which was engraved in braille; what were the odds for her to know braille? It didn’t take her a lot of brainpower to understand that a cute blind girl named Alex was undoubtedly the only sightless Alex living in this city. So, of course, she recognized me.

“The time is 8:41 am.”

“Alright, come here. Whining for the rest eternity won’t help your case. Lift your head a bit.”

Miles slid my silky blindfold over my eyes and tied it behind my head. He then sat on the bed and dragged me between his legs. My back was now resting on his chest and his arms wrapped around me.

“So, what now? You are never going to talk to her again?”

“Of course, I’ll talk to her again... How can I not! SHE IS MY SISTER, YOU DUMBASS!”

“Pfff. I thought she looked like you.”

“STOP LAUGHING! It’s not funny... How would you feel if you had sex with your brother?”

“I don’t have siblings. I would not know.”

“Well, I KNOW! And it’s not fun.”

“Anyway, you didn’t have sex with her. You just gave her a couple of small kisses. You make a big deal out of nothing.”

“Not a couple of small kisses? We french kissed for fifteen minutes, and she even rubbed my crotch with her hand, and I liked it!”

“Now that you are mentioning it, it was kind of hot.”

“Shut up!”

“Alex, just calm down, okay? She didn’t know, and you didn’t know. That was an honest mistake. That's all. It is not as if you are going to get pregnant because of this.”

Perhaps not, but he was not the one who would have to face her and have to explain my rubber doll outfit. Plus, I learned my younger sister acted as a slave girl for another woman. How was I supposed to react? Miles put something in my hands.

“Here, take this,” he said.

“What... My phone? Why?”

“Call her, talk about it, and put this behind you.”

“Miiiiiles! What do you want me to tell her?”

“That you are sorry for what happened and the truth. You like the fetish scene. I'm sure your sister will understand. Don’t forget she was there too, doing her slave thing.”

I groaned incessantly, but I knew what he said was sound. It was better to defuse the situation quickly and try to put this behind us. I raised my knees to my forearms and held the phone in front of my face. I reluctantly spoke the command I didn't want to say.

“Call Marry.”

It rang about three times before my sister answered. It felt like an eternity.


“Marry... So?... How are you doing?”

“Okay, I guess...”

“Yeah... So... about last night...”

“Alex... You put your tongue inside my mouth!”

“...Well... you did the same... and even touched my crotch.”



Of course, this was going to be awkward. It was as embarrassing for her as it was for me. Miles put his hand on my shoulder and shook it a little. Yeah, I guess it was better to follow his plan.

“Listen, Marry... I just want to say that I am sorry...”

“Yeah... I’m sorry too... I should have asked some questions first. I never thought you could be such a pervert.”

“Hey! Be nice. I was just having fun with my boyfriend. I didn’t know you were dating girls either.”

“I’m not dating girls. It was just roleplaying with some friends. I like fooling around with them sometimes, that’s all. So are you, apparently.”

Yeah, I had things to admit as well. I liked my sister a whole lot, but we never talked much about our relationships, let alone our sex life. Part of it was my fault as I tended to dwell on my love failures and vent a bit too intensely.

“Well, listen... As you saw, I do have a thing for latex, but I usually keep it private,” I said.

“Right. That must be why you danced like a sex maniac inside that cage for almost an hour, giving a good show to everybody.”

“You... You saw that?”

“Everybody saw it. I’m sure you made quite a bit of money.”

“Hey! No... It wasn't for the money... It was so that I wouldn't bump into people.”

“We danced a lot together in the past and you never needed a cage. Anyway... for what it’s worth, you did a good job.”

I blushed a bit at the unexpected compliment. My sister never was the cheerful type; she was mostly shy and reserved, and laughing didn't come easy. We cared for each other, but when we grew up, we never had too many common activities outside our homeworks. The distance between us increased since we were young adults and started working. Thinking about this made me realize our latex fetish may have been one of the first strong interests we shared.

“Say, Marry... I did enjoy it a lot at the club last night... I mean... outside the sister kissing. So... Would you like to go back there with me one day?”

“...Yeah, I think we could do that. But we will need to talk about this some more before going. We need to know what to expect from each other. And don’t tell mom.”

“No!... Never!... I would never tell her something like that.”

“Okay... I have to go now. I need to go brush my teeth again.”

“Hehe. Have fun... and... Thanks, Marry, for understanding.”

“Don’t mention it. I’ll text you later this week.”

Miles turned my head to the left and gave me a little kiss.

“See. All is good. Do you still want to die?”

“No. I’ll live. My sister is nice. Maybe this is a good thing, after all. I learned a bit more about her.”

“Good, now it’s time to eat your cold breakfast. Come on.”

In the afternoon, I was back in my latex suit, cuddling on the couch with Miles. I was on my back with my head resting on his lap, and his hand was rubbing my chest slowly. I poked him under the chin with my finger.

“Would you date me if I were not wearing latex?”

“No, I would go back to the store and ask for a refund.”

“Come on. I was just wondering what you liked about me outside this.”

“That's easy. You are cute, you are smart, you are funny... oh, and you are super rich!”

I slapped him on the cheek for that last comment even though he was just kidding.

“I’m not super rich! I just know what I’m doing. I bought low and sold high.”

“I can’t even buy low in this city. I give all my money to the landlord.”

“Well, if you are extra nice, maybe you can move in one day.”

He pinched my nose.

“I’m not going to move in after three weeks, squeaky toy, you know that.”

“Hey, let go of my nose. I know... A girl can dream, no?”

I lifted my leg and put my rubber covered foot in the front of his face. I wasn’t wearing heels this time.

“Kiss it!”

“I can bite it too.”

I felt his lips touching my foot, and then his teeth bit on my little toe.

“Ah, you are no fun! So what are we doing today? I don’t want to spend my life on the couch.”

“I’m not sure. Do you want to call your new friend and see what she wants to do?”

“You really liked watching me kissing other girls, don't you?”

“It’s not that... I just thought you would like to see her again.”

I sat up, turned around, and climbed on top of him. I laced my arms around his neck and gave him a small kiss.

“I’m not stupid, Miles...”

“I never said you were. Where does that come from?”

“I know what you are doing. I understood everything at the club last night. Why don’t you just admit it? There is no shame.”

“Admit what? What are you talking about, Squeaky?

“Are you a voyeur?”

“What? I’m not!... That... That’s ridiculous.”

“I think you are. It is not a bad thing, you know.”

“So, what makes you say that?”

“Oh, you want examples?”

I liked it when people challenged my intelligence. Sure, I could be awkward around people because I had trouble with my relationships, but I was still pretty good at reading people's minds. And Miles just pushed the wrong button. He should have admitted what he liked instead of hiding it.

“You said you liked girls in latex.”

“Yeah, that doesn’t make me a voyeur... I just think it is sexy as hell.”

“But you said girls... with an S. You could have said MY girl.”

“That’s weak. Was that your mighty proof?”

“No. Then, at the club, you made me dance in a cage.”

“Hey, that was a great idea! You had a blast!”

“I didn’t say otherwise, but you left me there for almost an hour. It didn’t take you that long to explore the club. I’m sure you were watching me and liked the way everybody around desired me.”

“Sure, I was at the bar watching you. It’s not a crime. I was happy for you.”

He really won’t admit it. I needed to drill this guy a bit more.

“So, why did you choose the vacbed activity?”

“I don't know. It looked fun. I thought you would like it.”

“Because it was rubber or because you knew I was going to touch a girl, and she would touch me in return?”


“HA! You hesitated! I knew it.”

“Alex... Why are you doing this?”

“Just tell me. Did you enjoy watching me being touched like this... everywhere?”

“It... It was for you...”

Ha! He is getting hard under me... This was so awesome. Finally, I got my payback for him forcing me to admit that I loved latex on our first date. Sweet revenge.

“You are getting an erection just thinking about it. I can feel it. So, how did you feel when the slave girl kissed me? Don’t even mention the word sister else I will bite your face.”

“I... I liked it... Who doesn’t like two rubber girls kissing?”

“What are you scared of? Just say it already. You won’t go to jail. I can feel your heart racing in your chest... that can’t be good.”

“Okay, okay... I like it! Happy now? I like seeing you doing sexual things with other girls.”

“That turns you on that much?”

“Yes! But only because I love you—"

He abruptly stopped his sentence right there... What did he just say? Love me? I’ve been dating him only for the past three weeks, and I told him that I loved him. I was honest, and he knew it. He was very open as well and said to me he still had feelings for his ex-girlfriend. The way he was talking about her, it was truly over with no chance of ever getting back together, but I could understand why he didn’t want to rush into another relationship. He kept his emotions at bay, probably not to get hurt again.

“Miles? What did you just say?”


“You don’t want to repeat it?”

“I’m not sure... I'm confused... I don’t say that to be mean. I really like you. I don’t want to mess things up again.”

“I understand, don't worry. Do you want to know what I think?”

“Should I?”

“You love me more than you think you are.”

I got off from his lap and stood up in the middle of the living room, fists on my hips.

“Call Meixiang!”

“Contact not found. Please try again.”

“What? Why? Call Meixiang!”

“Contact not found. Please try again.”

Miles interrupted my attempts to call my new friend.

“What are you doing, Alex? We were having a serious discussion.”

“Call Meixiang!”

“Contact not found. Please try again.”

“Ah, come on! Miles, did you enter her name properly.”

“Yes, but you are saying it wrong!”

“Call MAY-CHI-HANG!... stupid system.”

This time, the phone rang a couple of times, and the girl answered.


“Hey Meixiang, it’s Alex... the vacbed girl.”

“Heeey... I was worried you wouldn't call me back. I thought about you a lot.”

“Look, Miles and I have nothing to do today. Would you like to come over and have some fun?”

“Oh... I would love to, but I’m probably too far.”

“I’m near the Irwin Park downtown... Where do you live?”

“Oh, that is very far... I’m 45 minutes from there, easy. And I don’t even have a car.”

“No problem... I’ll send a shuttle to pick you up.”

“What? A shuttle? What the...”

“Don’t worry about it. Give me your address and get your stuff ready. Bring whatever kinky stuff you have. Are you working tomorrow? You could sleepover too if you want.”

After she gave me her address, I called the clerk and sent a shuttle her way. I was pretty sure Miles was looking at me while shaking his head.

Later that afternoon, Meixiang arrived. The clerk let her in then another clerk showed up with a big heavy thing, it was hard to tell what it was just by the sound of it. I was hiding in the hallway closet because I didn’t want the staff to see me wearing a full latex catsuit, but as soon as they left, I bounced out to greet the first girl who ever kissed me.


“Alex!... Do... Do you really live here? And call me Mei... or Meimei.”

“Mei? That sounds good. And yes, welcome to my place.”

“And wait till she starts bragging about her giant bathroom...”

Mei was shyer than last night, and Miles had to tease me about my beautiful bathroom. Even after three weeks visiting me, he still couldn't shut up about it. Wanting to be a good host and make her relax a little bit, I offered to serve some refreshments.

“Let me get you something to drink, what would you like?”

“Oh... I don’t drink. I’m fine. I only drink water.”

“Ah, okay. That is fine. I have some flavored water if you want.”

“No, thanks. I only drink normal water.”

Well, we certainly won't get drunk tonight, I thought.

“Hehe, ok... Hey, don’t be shy. Come sit; we can chat a bit.”

I extended my arm in her general direction and waited for her to grab my hand. It took a second, but finally, I felt her little fingers grabbing mine. I walked her to one of the couches and made her sit next to me. Why was she so tense?

“Don’t be so nervous. We are just friends. You are safe here.”

“I’m just... a bit... intimidated. Is this really your place?”

“Ah, don’t be. The staff can be intimidating, but it is just an apartment like any others.”

“Excepted the bathroom...”

“Miles! Stop it. You’ll make her feel even worse. I...”

I stopped talking because I felt something brushing against my latex covered face, particularly around my eyes. Mei was all gentle, but why was she doing that all of a sudden?

“So... It was not an act?” she asked.

“An act? What do you mean?”

“...Are you really blind? I wasn’t sure if it was true or not.”

“Oh? Well... Yeah, it’s true... I’m a person who is blind.”

“But... How come you can walk like this around your apartment?”

“I... live here?”

Miles saw the awkwardness and decided to help both of us.

“Even if she could see, she would spend all her time in her suit just for the feeling of it; she wouldn’t see shit anyway. So, Mei... What did you bring in this big chest? I’m curious.”

“Oh, hehe. A thing or two. Alex said to bring some kinky stuff. When I saw the shuttle, I decided to bring the whole thing. I hope you’ll let me use the shuttle back home; else, I'm in trouble.”

“For sure. Don’t worry about that,” I said.

Did she bring a big chest full of kinky stuff? I thought she was going to show up with a catsuit or maybe some cuffs, not a full chest. It made me wonder how deviant she was. I needed to learn more about her; maybe we should have talked a bit longer over the phone.

“So, how old are you, Mei? Do you have a boyfriend or something?”

“I’m 28. And no, I’m alone, and I’m happy this way. I see people on and off, like tonight. I know what you might think, but I’m not that sociable. I spend most of my time by myself. I only go to the Fox & Spice when my friends are insisting.”

“Well, you looked pretty sociable to me yesterday.”

“Hehe. Yes. It was fun last night, but you made it so much better for me. The way you touched me was very different.”

“I just touched you in a way that made you react the most. I felt what your body was doing; your twitches and breathing. You were just showing me what to do.”

Maybe those things were evident to me, but people should really learn how to look at others without vision. It was possible to receive a lot of information from another person from a simple, gentle touch. I was not a superhero, even though Miles kept saying I had super ears, my senses were the same as everybody else. I just learned to use them properly. And tonight I would get to practice them some more with my new kinky friend.

“Mei, I’m curious. If you have all those kinks, why do you spend a lot of time alone? Would it not be more fun to have someone to play with all the time?” I asked.

“No. It would drive me nuts. I’m a loner. I like myspace, and I entertain myself quite well.”

“So everything in that chest over there is to entertain yourself?”

“Yes... I... I can show you if you want.”

“Sure... I would love to check what you brought. And Miles? You are awfully quiet over there?”

“I’m fine. Just watching you, girls, wondering where this is going. I get the feeling I’m going to like it.”

Of course, he was watching. He barely admitted his kink to me earlier that the two cute chit-chatting girls were hypnotizing him already. I don’t think he realized how bad his case was and got the feeling he was not going to talk a lot tonight. For some reason, I found his little personality trait very cute.

“Alex, instead of just showing you... Could... Well... Would you like to try something with me? Since Miles is here too... He can assist.”

“I invited you over to have some fun, so yes! I would love to try some new things. What are we doing.”

“Can I go change first?”

“Oh, yes. But... Do you have a latex catsuit? Miles would love it...”

“Hey, don’t listen to her, Mei, wear whatever you want. It doesn’t matter to me,” he said.

“Oh? So you wouldn’t like me to wear my latex bodysuit?” she asked.

Oh my. Mei just cornered him. I’m sure his face turned all red. He shot himself in the foot right there. Poor Miles, it’s going to be a long evening for him at that pace. I liked Mei quite a bit already.

She never got a reply to her question but she walked away, and I heard her rummaging in her chest before asking me where the bathroom was. As soon as she was gone, I jumped from one couch to the other and landed on Miles.

“So? Do you like her?” I asked.

“I like you better. I have no clue what she wants to do.”

“I know! It’s part of the fun. No? I think she smells good.”

“She smells like trouble... for you.”

“Why do you say that? She is super nice.”

“I saw her having fun with you on the vacbed. I think you are in for quite a ride.”

I let my body fall on his chest for him to hold me a bit. Maybe he was right. The vacbed scene was memorable, but Mei was really into it, particularly when she started blocking my air intake. Perhaps Miles thought she was out of control at that point, but I thought she just wanted to make me experiment with new things. The truth was probably somewhere in the middle; I was pretty sure of it.

After a few minutes, Mei came back and told me what she was wearing plus a bit of what she wanted us to do.

“I’m back! I’m wearing my black latex bodysuit. I don't have a hood or hands like yours, but I like it better this way. So, are you in for a bit of self-bondage?”

“Self-bondage? Miles can tie you up if it's what you like.”

“No... What I like is self-bondage. I like tying myself up. Are you going to do it with me? Have you ever tried?”

“I... I have not...”

“Don't be nervous; I can show you how. Come here on the carpet with me. I’ll give you what you need.”

Well, that was unexpected. I didn’t think this was what Mei was going to do. Not that I didn’t want to try, but it was one of those situations I didn’t sense coming; I didn’t have time to think about it. If I said yes, I would feel uneasy about it, but if I said no, I would probably have some regrets later.

Mei’s tone was quite confident, and she talked about self-bondage as if it was something normal to do on a Sunday afternoon. Ah, well, why not! I hesitantly walked to the middle of the living room.

“Is it okay right here?”

“Yes, sit down, I’ll give you some things. Don’t worry, I know it’s your first time. I’ll make it fun for you. I wanted to do this scenario for a while. Since you can’t see, it’s going to be even better. And Miles can participate too. Here... take those.”

Mei sat right next to me and put some leather items in my hands along with some sort of chains. I fiddled a bit with them. Even with gloved hands, that was easy. It was two pairs of cuffs and a collar; the chains linked them all together.

“Why are the chains so short?”

“Cross your legs, and I’ll show you. It’s going to be fun. If something goes wrong, just tell Miles, and he will help you out. I don’t want you to panic or anything; it would ruin your fun.”

“Okay... So you are going to cuff me?”

“No, you are going to cuff yourself. This is self-bondage. So first, cuff your ankles. Then put the collar around your neck.”

As instructed, I sat Indian style and cuffed my ankles together, but when I pulled on the collar to put it around my neck, the chain was too short. I had to lean forward a bit to do it. After fastening the strap behind my rubber neck, Mei crawled behind me and wrapped my torso with her arms and started massaging my breasts.

“Hehe. Mmmm. You are already taking advantage of me?”

“Yes. Sorry, I couldn't resist any longer. Now, in front of you, on the carpet, there are five small padlocks. Lock your collar and ankle cuffs with them.”

“Mmm... But where are the keys?”

“Miles is going to give them to you in a bit.”

“I will?” Miles asked

That smelled fishy already. Miles had not been briefed about this either, so Mei was brewing something to entertain all of us. I guess we would have to trust her on this one. I didn’t sense much danger as Miles would totally save me if something bad happened. I grabbed the small padlocks with my rubber fingers and clicked them on my ankle cuffs and collar.

“That felt funny... I’m a bit nervous.”

“It’s normal. Take your time... It is just in your head, there is no real danger. I placed a pair of cutters on the table; Miles can free you up anytime. Just let it pass. When you are ready, put your hands in the wrist cuffs between your collar and ankles and lock them.”

“Hehe. I’m good... I’m nervous, but I like this a bit. I don’t think I would do it by myself, though.”

“If you cuff your hands and lock them, I’ll give you a long deep kiss.”

“Alex, you should do it,” Miles added.

“HAHA! Of course, you were going to say that, dumbass!”

That was fun. New, but fun. With Miles in such a good mood, I felt even safer. It was not easy doing this while Mei was pleasantly fondling my breasts, but I did it. I attached my wrists in the cuff and leaned forward a bit to grab the two remaining padlocks she gave me. I placed them in the lockable prong and clicked them on. A small wave of excitement ran through my body when I understood I was truly stuck. Mei rubbed my rubber head and neck and whispered in my ear.

“Such a good girl. You did so well for your first time.”

“I can’t move much. How will I get out?”

“Don’t rush it; just focus on relaxing and enjoying your predicament. Try to experience how good it feels and let it turn you on. Let me just grab my stuff now, and I’ll tell you what the game is.”

Mei went to her chest back and forth about three times. She was bringing more items every time. Some of them were cuffs and chains, I could tell, but some other things didn’t sound like anything I knew. And Miles even let escape an “Oh, my God” while she was preparing herself, to which she let a “sshhh” out. Clearly, she didn’t want him to spoil anything. Then I heard her sit on the couch next to Miles, and all I could hear were murmurs. She was telling him all kinds of stuff, but despite my good hearing, I couldn’t make out what she was saying.

“Did you understand everything?” she said.

“Yes... I’ll spank Alex really hard!” he said.

“HEY! I know that is not what she said. What were you two plotting behind my back?”

I felt a hand on top of my head; it was Mei’s. She knelt in front of me and leaned forward. She lifted my chin and pressed her lips against mine. While she was kissing me, she pushed me gently and made me lay down on my side; I turned into her puppet. For the next couple of minutes, she kissed me deeper and deeper, making my arousal spike stupidly. I involuntarily pulled on my bonds, but I couldn’t go anywhere. When she stopped, she told me one last thing.

“Once you free yourself, will you save me?”

“What? Save you? Hello? Meimei?”

She didn’t reply to me. All I could hear was a bunch of chain and cuffs noises next to me, plus some other unidentified sounds. A few minutes elapsed, and she was still not done. There was an intimidating amount of padlock clicks coming from her side. Then my attention was drawn elsewhere when I heard a familiar robot voice.

“The time is 6:14 pm.”

“Hey, that’s my watch!”

“Yes, give me your wrist... Oh, you can’t.”

“Hilarious, Miles! Why do I need my watch?”

“You don’t, but I thought you would like to have it for this.”

“For what? What is she doing?”

“Hehe. You asked me if I liked Mei... I wasn’t sure, but now I really do. She is awesome.”

“Hey... Don't say things like this in front of her. Tell me what's going on!”

“Don't worry. She didn't hear me. I'll tell you in a minute... Relax, Squeaky. She is almost done.”

What were they doing... Playing with my mind? I wanted to know what was going on, but I had no means to obtain any answers. It was frustrating... but also somewhat exciting. Only a few minutes ago, I had no idea I would end up helplessly cuffed on the carpet. When I invited Mei over, I was thinking much more about a rubber night with a lot of girl kisses and Miles' voyeurism rather than strict bondage. Well... At least his wish has been granted. And talking about the wolf...

“Okay, she is ready. So, she told me to give you some instructions.”

“I figured that part already. What are we doing?”

“The first part is that you have to free yourself. Then I’ll tell you more.”

“And how do I do that? I need keys. And what about her?”

“She is fine. She is enjoying herself at the moment. And yes, you need your keys... One sec, I'll give them to you.”

What? As simple as that? Well, maybe she just wanted to introduce me to self-bondage with an easy first experience. I was not overly disappointed, but I thought I could go a bit farther. Mei's kisses put me in a good mood to do something like this. But I would not question her judgment; Perhaps we could try something harder later tonight.

That was what my mind was thinking until Miles came back with the keys...

“Here are your keys, Alex.”

What followed was a loud metallic cascading noise as if someone was dropping a large number of coins on the carpeted floor. I didn’t want to even think about what it was... because I understood right away. Miles pushed me closer to the pile so my hands could touch the items.

“Miles... You are shitting me, right? Those are all keys? Mei, you are evil!”

“She won’t reply to you.”

“Why? Is she gagged?”

“I’m not telling you. You need to find your keys. I would not wait too long if I were you. Might take you a while with those gloved hands.”

“Help me!”

“No... It is self-bondage. I can’t help you.”

“Hehe. Traitor.”

There were a billion keys of all shapes and forms, but a lot were the same. I didn’t know where to start. My bondage was not that restrictive, but it forced me into a curled position. What made the most sense to me was to free up one of my hands first so it would be easier to work on the remaining padlocks. My plan was good.

For the next forever, I tried keys after keys after keys. None of them worked. At least, I understood the ones fitting in my padlocks all had the same shape. It allowed me to discard the odd ones and toss them aside. But, still, there were a lot of compatible keys, and the more I was trying them, the more I was questioning myself as if I tried them correctly. If I messed up, the good key would end up in the huge pile of failed keys. I started whining a bit.

“Miiiiles. I’ll never find it.”

“Well, you better find it because Mei is waiting for you. I would hurry if I were you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing... Come on... Keep working; you must be close.”

“The time is 6:50 pm”

“What? It’s been 30 minutes already?”

“Apparently. Less talk, more work. I’m going to have a beer. Want one?”

“Yes, please.”

Mei was officially tied up next to me as she was struggling in her bonds occasionally. Was she getting impatient or something? She also asked me if I would save her... I bet Miles will ask me to untie her when I free myself. It was pretty obvious.

I kept working on my key issue between two sips from the beer can that Miles brought to my lips. Thankfully he wasn’t that heartless and gave me some alcohol. Then, out of the blue...



“Good job, squeaky! About time. Only four to go.”

“Hey! At least got one! Stop teasing me.”

Was this the ultimate reward obtained from self-bondage? I freed up one of my hands, and I got a rush of happiness. I quickly unfastened the cuff and stretched my arm... It felt so good. I pushed myself back up to my butt, and I felt a boost of motivation as if things were going to be much easier from this point on.

“Put my beer next to me. I’ll need it.”

“Okay, but don’t bump on it, I don’t want to clean your carpet.”

“The time is 7:13 pm.”

“It’s been an hour already...”

“Yeah, poor Mei. I don’t know if she knew you were going to be this slow.”

“I’ll untie her after... That is the plan, right?”

“Maybe... Take care of yourself first.”

Same response as usual. I was right; things were going much faster now that I had a free hand. Every time I had a "good key," I tried it in all the remaining locks. The next one to go was the collar, and I was relieved because it allowed me to straighten my back, at last. I let a happy cry while stretching. Meimei also was letting some muffled moans out. I still couldn’t figure out what she did to herself just by the noise she was emitting, and Miles warned me not to crawl to her until my cuffs were all off.

It took a while, but I achieved the goal and tossed the bundle of chains and cuffs aside.

“The time is 7:50 pm.”

“FINALLY! Holy crap that was hard work.”

“Good job, squeaky. It’s time for phase two.”

“Can I go see her now?”

“Go ahead! She has been waiting for you all this time.”

I crawled on my fours like a cat and pawed in front of me to find her. And there she was. I went to her and started checking what kind of mess she put herself in. Chain, leather... She was resting on her belly.

“Hey, she is hogtied... Mei did that herself?”

“Yes... It was quite interesting to watch.”

“Wait a minute... She padlocked everything... don’t tell me...”

“I’m afraid so. You have to find the keys.”

“Hey... What the... There are two padlocks per cuff. What kind of gear is that?

“I know, right. It was a way to extend her pleasure, I suppose.”

Mei was probably ticklish because she wiggled quite a bit when I was feeling her feet. But why was she not talking? I slid my hands down her head to check if she gagged herself, and...

“Oh, my God! WHAT IS THAT?”

“Hehe... I have to admit. Your new friend is a bit extreme.”

“Seriously, what is it? Her head... that is not leather or anything. It’s like a hard helmet or something.”


I wasn’t too sure what I was feeling. I never heard of such a thing. A hard shell hood entirely covered Mei’s head and face. From what I could tell, it was a two-piece mask. On one side, there were hinges, and on the other side and top, there were small rectangular metal blocks, probably some sort of locks. I didn’t understand how they were working. There were not a lot of features on her face, but there was a small rectangular opening at the mouth level. At least she could breathe.

“Miles? Why is she not talking?”

“She put a gag in her mouth and earplugs in her ears before locking the mask over her head.”

“This is so extreme! Are you sure she is ok?”

“Yes, she keeps giving me the signal that she is enjoying herself. Tap on her shoulder twice... let's see if she gives us a thumbs up. Yep... She is okay.”

“Now get to work else she is going to be stuck like this forever. She said to keep the mask for last.”

I made a couple of trips to my piles of keys and brought them all back next to Mei. It was going to be hard; she used all kinds of different padlocks. It took a very long time but gradually managed to open one lock here and there. The first thing that I managed to liberate was one of her legs, the right one. That made her moans quite a bit. She was probably all cramped. Her left arm was next, and it fell on the floor like an overcooked noodle.

“The time is 9:13 pm.”

“Miiiles... Help me! I still have two padlocks to remove for her arm and one on her leg. I’m starving too.”

“Well, take a break and come eat a little something. Mei is fine. She keeps giving us the okay signal. Come, I made you a sandwich.”

I rubbed her body a bit with my hands and tapped her shoulder twice while holding her hand, and she gave me a thumbs up. Was she really okay after three hours of strict bondage? I made my way to the kitchen, where Miles gave me my plate. I sat on the stool and started to nibble.

“You aren’t too bored?” I asked.

“It’s okay. You girls have fun. But I want you now. Seeing you playing with her like this for so long is making me too horny.”

“I would not mind some sex either, but, we can’t leave Mei like this. Let’s free her first, and then you can fuck me. If you help me and it will go faster, you know.”

“Nope. She said I couldn’t assist. And what would prevent us from making love while she is tied up? Nothing.”

“What about morality? If we start fucking, we will be at it for hours... “


“Miles... you are a pervert. We can’t do that to her. Alright, I’m finishing this sandwich and going back to work... AANNNGH!”

Miles just cupped my pussy with his hand... That felt so good. He kissed me, draining all my willpower on top of incapacitating me. He unzipped my crotch and began to finger me rather aggressively, not to my displeasure. He fired me up like a race car engine... then he just walked away.

“Alright, Alex. Go save your friend. Let me know if you need anything from me, okay?”

“Miles! You are a monster!”

“I know! That is why you like me so much.”

With my pussy throbbing of desire, I managed to finish my sandwich and went back to Mei. I knelt next to her; she had rolled to her side, trying to get relief because she still had one arm attached to her opposite leg. It was probably not very comfortable. I rubbed her belly and rolled her back to it. I checked on the floor for my sorted piles of keys and...

“MEI! No! You rolled around all over my keys! We will never get you out of this if you keep doing that!”

“The time is 9:32 pm.”

I had to free her soon. This activity was becoming ridiculous. There were way too many keys to deal with. I quickly sorted through them again; I knew which ones were just not good, that was about three-quarters of them but still... It was going to take some more time.

Two times while I was trying to finish my job, Miles showed up and fingered me some more. My clit was on fire, and I couldn’t manage to calm down... and Mei did the same too with her free hand; she reached my crotch and tried to finger me as well when she discovered my zip was down. Were they all against me tonight? Didn’t she want to get free? She wasn't helping.


I heard her remaining arm and leg falling to the carpet, and Mei let a long moan out. I did it! She was free even if she still had a cuff around her ankle. She rolled to her back and kept moaning. I rested my hands on her belly and called Miles.

“I did it! She is free... Come here. You can take her helmet off now.”

“Good job, Squeaky. Hey... she still has one cuff on her ankle.”

“You are shitting me, right?”

“Nope... She said everything must be off before phase 3.”

“Miles! My fingers are exhausted... Come on, let’s end this.”

I pressed my watch button again.

“The time is 10:27 pm.”

“What? That late already. Miles...”

“No. Mei said no. You almost finished your job. Don't give up now.”

I groaned at his bossy attitude. I was tired of trying keys. I grabbed another from the good pile and inserted it in the last lock, totally depressed. Self-bondage was not that fun anymore. I let a long sigh out and turned the key.


“Wait! What?... Did it just open? No way!”

I sensed around with my fingers and, indeed, the last lock was open. I took it off and undid the last ankle cuff and threw it away.


“Already? Wow... You got lucky on that last one!”

I climbed on top of Mei and started to hug her really hard. She returned the hug and patted my back. Apparently, she was happy for me too. I kind of wanted to kiss her, but her helmet prevented me from doing so. I ran my fingers on the locks, trying to see if I could understand how they worked, but I had trouble figuring it out. Once more, she slid her hand to my crotch, distracting me from rescuing her.

Just as I was going to scold her, I felt two manly hands grabbing my hips and lifting my butt. I was chest on chest with Mei, and Miles decided that it was the right time to enjoy me.


“You two look so cute like this... I can't wait any longer. You’ve been torturing me for the past four hours.”

“Hehe. Oh, so you are not hiding anymore? Mr. Voyeur. Alright, you better make me cum after all that teasing.”

I was pleased. I managed the key challenge, and now I was awesomely rewarded by Miles, who was pushing me to the edge, and Mei, stuck under me, knew exactly what was happening. She played with my body while I was getting pounded from behind. Removing her mask didn’t seem that much of a priority anymore. My judgment was gone.

I think I came twice while Miles exploded only once. We brought Mei to the bedroom for round two. Miles was so into it. Something had triggered him hard tonight, but he only fucked me, not her. As much as I liked this semi-threesome, I wouldn't have wanted to share him at this level; that was his thing, not mine.

Mei tested my limits at some point. While my boyfriend was having his fun inside me, she pressed her crotch on my mouth, forcing me to lick her. I had never done this before and was probably not good at it, but I didn’t dislike it. At least she was not my sister. For some reason, when I felt she was close to cum, she retracted and wouldn’t let me finish her. I wasn’t too sure why she wouldn’t let me make her cum.

This little party continued for quite a while. We had so much fun; we almost forgot Meimei was still a prisoner of her helmet. Deaf and mute inside a hard mask preventing me from touching her face directly, we had to let her out of this wild piece of bondage.

“The time is 1:27 am.”

“No way! That late? Miles, we have to let her out.”


“What do you mean, how?”

“Well, she said that you were smart and would figure it out.”

“No! I have no clue! She told you nothing?”

“I don’t think so.”

“But she must be miserable!”

“I don’t know about that. Tap on her shoulder again; we didn’t check in a while... Ah... still a thumbs up. She is still a happy camper. Why don’t we figure it out tomorrow? I’m tired.”

There was a limit to what a person could endure. I wouldn't be able to get myself to leave her like this all night; I would feel like shit. I got grumpy and pressed Miles some more.

“Miles, it’s not funny anymore. It's very hot, and all, but I want to let her out of that mask. I don’t know what to do about those locks. Tell me.”

“Ok, ok. Fine. I’ll help you a little. So, you don’t think the keys are in your pile in the living room?”

“No... Those locks are weird.”

“Do you think you need a key?”

“Yes... I think so.”

“So, where is it, you think?”

“I don’t know... in her chest in the living room?”


“On the coffee table?”


“Miles... Stop it!... Hey! Did she give you the key?”

“Yes. Hehe.”

“Ah, come on! Seriously? Give it to me now! Else you'll have to be afraid next time I give you a blowjob.”

I presented my open hand, and after a few seconds, he placed something in it. He knew I had sharp teeth. I couldn’t believe it, though. He let me get frustrated for such a long time before telling me he had the key. I climbed on top of Mei and analyzed the locks, searching for a way to use this weird flat key.

“She said that you had to ask me for it first.”

“I’ll get my revenge one day. How do those things work? Ah... I see.”

I inserted the key in the small slit at the top of the lock and pressed it down. I heard a click, and the metal latch opened. That was satisfying. I did the same on the three other locks. I gave back the key to Miles and started to pull open the face mask. Mei groaned quite a bit and lifted her head so I could remove the back piece. I put the weird contraption aside and checked her warm sweaty face.

I knew she had earplugs and gag, but that was about it. I quickly realized that it was more than I could have imagined. She had a leather head harness with a built-in blindfold and panel gag. Only her little Asian nose was sticking out. I reached for the buckles, fearing for the worse, and for once, there were no padlocks. I would have lost my shit, I swear.

After unfastening the straps, I peeled the harness off her. It took some effort to pull the gag out. She let out a long groan, and while I was gently removing her earplugs out, she spoke her first post-self-bondage words.

“Aaaaah! At last!... My jaw is going to be so sore after this.”

“Mei! Are you okay?”

“Are you kidding? It was AMAZING! It went SO much better than I thought it would. You kept me tied up for so long. I must have turned you on a lot if you chose to have sex instead of freeing me.”

“I guess there was a bit of that. You really enjoyed it?”

“Oh yeah! I’m used to tying myself up almost every night; this was super fun. I almost wished you would have left me like this overnight.”

“You are nuts. Hey, by the way, why didn’t you want to cum? I tried hard.”

“I know you did. You were a licking machine. But if I cum in bondage, I want out, and it’s not fun anymore. I'm wired that way.”

What a bondage beast. Mei was so much into this self-bondage thing that she tied herself up every night and kept herself frustrated on top of it. She was a different breed of pervert... and I thought Miles was bad.

She pulled me into a hug.

“What time is it?” she asked

“Eep! About 1:30 am.”

“Oh! Time to sleep then. But... Do you have a bit of food for me? Also, I brought something pretty cool for you and me.”

"I put a big sandwich for you in the fridge," Miles said.

She moved me aside and walked out of my room. Miles rubbed my latex covered belly.

“Maybe you should have left her to simmer in her mask a bit longer. You just got yourself in trouble again, I think.”

“Hehe. She is really into it, that is for sure. Do you know what she is going to bring back?”

"A sandwich?"


“No idea. Maybe another friend who was tied up inside her big chest all along.”

“Hahaha! It wouldn’t surprise me.”

She made a detour to the washrooms and kitchen first, so it gave me some extra time to make-out with Miles, with a lot of tongue, but she eventually came back with something that sounded rubbery and full of metal buckles, she tossed it on the bed next to me.

“What is that?” I asked.

“Try to guess.”

I rubbed my hands on the item and tried to figure out what it was. I felt thick latex, it was flat and long, and my ears didn’t betray me as there were a bunch of straps and metal buckles. What the hell was this? Oh... There was a zipper too... a very long zipper. Ah! I got it.

“Aaaaah! I think I know what it is now. Is it a sleep sack?”

“Bingo! That didn’t take you long to figure it out.”

“Well, Mei. My friend told me about those when she helped me order my catsuits. I was curious about them. It is kind of hot.”

They totally were. I could only imagine how it felt to be lying down inside one, unable to escape until someone let you out. Even me, a small girl, bondage rookie, was finding this idea arousing. But... Did she bring it for... me?

I decided to ask her in a way that wouldn't make me look like I begged for it. I was just hoping.

“So, Mei, do you want to sleep in it?”

“Yes! Help me get in it!”

Well, my hope didn't live long; I was kind of disappointed now. For a second, I thought I would get to try one, but no. She was way too excited about having a chance to spend the night cocooned in rubber. Too bad. I would have loved to try it. Maybe tomorrow, I could get an opportunity for a little sleep sack session. For now, all I had to do was to find satisfaction in making her happy.

“Alright! Get in!” I said.

“Can I help?” Miles asked

“Nope! You, big male, served your purpose!”

“Hehe. You are so going to pay for that comment later.”

"Pay how? I, the woman, is the mistress of my own destiny!

Miles was fun to tease and never got seriously offended. He could understand a joke and be playful about it. Since I met him, he had always been like this. Sometimes he would be quiet and reserved, but on other days like today, he was very much involved in the entertainment.

Meixiang unzipped the body bag and laid down on it. Knowing exactly how to do it, she pushed her feet at the bottom and made sure she was aligned correctly. It was almost a challenge to keep up with what she was doing with my hands only. Next, I helped her get her hands inside the internal sleeves and pulled the bag over her shoulder.

I played a bit with her latex body before zipping the sack up. Her breasts were still big, and I was jealous of them; that owed her an extra chest massage. I grabbed the zipper tab and slid it over her body, slowly encasing her in delicious rubber. Yes, I would have loved to try it so much; my disappointment kept growing. But I was currently discovering little things about myself, so it was not all dark. I kind of liked the feeling of sealing her inside the sleepsack, knowing she would be stuck in there until I decided to let her out. Yes, there was this little feeling of empowerment I liked.

After being careful not to pinch her chin with the zipper, I fastened the straps one by one, beginning at the ankles. I didn’t want to make them too tight, but too loose wouldn’t be fun either. She didn’t complain, so I guess she was okay with how I was doing it. It was a matter of balance. Soon enough, she was all set and ready for the night.

Of course, now that she was tied up while I was not, I couldn't help myself but kiss her. Mei loved kissing me, I could tell. Her mouth was soft as silk, and her tongue was so warm. Maybe having sex with a woman was not something I would necessarily seek, I liked men too much, but kissing a girl... Absolutely! It was pointless to lie to myself; there was a little something special that I loved.

“Alright, Meimei... if you don’t snore too much, I’ll let you out tomorrow.”

“I don’t think you will be able to...”

“Uh? Why? I’m in control of you! Rawr!”

“No... There is another sleep sack for you.”

“...? WHAT? REALLY?”

“You didn’t think I would be the only one to have fun. Your sleep sack is not as restrictive as mine, though. But it is a comfortable one to sleep in.”

While I was trying to absorb what she just said, a big floppy piece of rubber landed on top of my shoulder. Of course, Miles didn’t say a word about it. He knew way too well how it was going to end for me. But I was thrilled, and also felt like a fool for thinking she would do something for herself only; I misjudged her.

I tugged it to my arms and inspected it. It was not nearly as thick as Mei’s, and it didn’t have any straps. I think for my level of experience, this was even better. Mei was right; I would have felt a bit too restricted in hers. This one would be much better.

“Alright, Alex, let’s tuck you into bed,” Miles said.

“Oh, yeah. You are all happy now, right?”

“Happy for you!”

He gave me a sarcastic kiss on the forehead and took the sleep sack from me. He flattened it on the bed and turned my body towards it.

I touched around to find the sack and moved my butt in it. Miles gently helped me to find the best position. He guided my arms in the sleeves and kissed me before zipping me up.

“It does feel comfortable... I think I like this,” I said.

“Well, it is very hot if you ask me. You need to get one.”

I struggled a bit to test my predicament, but there was no way I could get out of it. I was truly stuck.

“Mmmm... I will have nice rubber dreams like this.”

“Mei and you both, I'm sure. I’ll sleep between the two of you, or at least try. So just wake me up if you want out.”

“Did you like your evening, Miles?”

“Yes, I did... and you know what... I do love you, Alex. I’m sick of pushing it down. You are very much my dream girl. And not just because of the hot sex and the occasional rubber lesbianism.”

“Aawww... so romantic. Hehe. I love you too. Why are you telling me this while I can’t hug you? That’s mean.”

“Hehe. I didn’t think about that. I really want to tell you why I love you so much.”

“I’m all ears... and I’m not going anywhere.”

For the next little while, Miles and I chit-chatted about our love for each other. The bondage girl next to us was more than likely listening, but she didn't say anything. We pretty much forgot she was even there. Yet, her presence did bring Miles and me a bit closer together tonight.

We would have to thank her appropriately later.


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