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Snowbound 4: Shared Captivity

by [email protected]

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Storycodes: FF/ff; FF; D/s; latex; captives; bond; collar; cuffs; chain; basement; cell; naked; susp; bdsm; crop; paddle; denial; lesb; oral; climax; fantasy; cons; X

story continued from part three

Chapter 4: Shared Captivity

“Lift your hair,” ordered Mistress Allison.

It was early evening, and Cassandra and Mistress Allison were standing in the basement next to the washing machine. Displayed on the domestic appliance were a collar; a set of gleaming handcuffs; a leash; and a red rubber ball gag. It didn’t take much to make a girl helpless!

Cassandra stood silently as Mistress Allison locked the leather collar around her neck. She was wearing a blouse and skirt; and a pair of high heels on her feet; with nothing underneath.

Mistress Allison was wearing a black shiny Dominatrix dress that ended just above her knees; along with a pair of over the knee high heeled boots.

“Tonight I’m not just going to give Beth a flogging, but we’re going to do her favorite scene: that she’s a rich woman who’s been abducted by an oil sheik to be her sex slave; and I’m going to train her first. You’ll play the part of her friend who just happened to be with her when she was kidnapped; and you’ll be merchandise also. I trust you’ll be able to ad-lib and follow along.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Did you tell Beth that you decided to take her employment offer?”

“No, Mistress, not yet.”

“Good, later tonight, after you’ve both been disciplined and confined in the cell together after lights out, then tell her the news. She’ll be so pleased!”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“I should be the one thanking you; after all, my job, and Kate’s were depending on your decision.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“But don’t think that will mean you’ll get any special treatment! You’ll be trained and punished just like Beth, so I hope that you’ll get used to life under the lash!”

“Yes, Mistress,” Cassandra answered.

“Turn around,” Allison ordered.

Cassandra heard the ratchets of the handcuffs close around her wrists, and she pulled at her new confinement. There was no escaping the steel around her wrists!

“Ever worn cuffs before?”

“No, Mistress, never!”

“Well I hope you enjoy them!” Allison replied, “open wide!”

Cassandra opened her mouth as instructed, and Mistress Allison gently placed the red rubber ball gag between her jaws; buckling the leather strap at the back of her neck.

“Mmmmmmmph!” was all that Cassandra could manage with the gag in her mouth.

Cassandra was now helpless by her own choice! What was freedom and what was submission?

She had voluntarily submitted to Mistress Allison when given the choice; now she would do so on a regular basis by her own decision as Beth’s slave companion.

Years before, in her college economics class, her professor had discussed the Marxist concept of “Wage Slavery,” one which her conservative fellow students had laughed at! They had derided the idea; arguing that everyone was somehow “free” to seek a new job somewhere else.

She had thought they were naïve and simplistic; remembering how her father had worked in a job he hated to support his family.

Now Cassandra, unemployed for a year, had taken the strangest job ever, as a “bondage companion” to earn a living for herself.

Mistress Allison then reached out and squeezed Cassandra’s right breast, finally pinching her nipple, making her squeal into the ball gag. Then she reached down and cupped Cassandra’s sex!

“I hope that you’re realized that you’ve surrendered your body to me,” said Mistress Allison, “being a submissive means you’re entered a world of pain and pleasure.”

“Mmmmmmph!” was all that Cassandra could manage while gagged.

“Come,” said Mistress Allison after attaching a leash to Cassandra’s collar.

Cassandra was led into the Dungeon or playroom, which she had only briefly been inside earlier in the day. Far from being dark and gloomy, it was well lit so Cassandra could see her new lodgings!

In the jail cell stood Beth, now clothed like herself in a blouse and skirt; and a pair of high heels. But Beth was also restrained like herself; with her hands cuffed behind her back; her mouth filled by a red ball gag; her throat encircled by a leather collar; and a long chain attaching her to a ring set in the cell wall.

Cassandra was then led to the cell which Mistress Allison opened with a key, and once inside her leash was removed and she was also chained to the wall. Allison then closed the cell door behind her with a firm “clang” of the steel.

Kate had been seated on a wooden chair; wearing her Black Latex Maid’s uniform; and now she rose to her feet; which were clad in matching high heels.

“More merchandise for the Sheik?” Kate asked.

“Yes, this one had the bad luck to be with Beth when she was acquired! It will make a nice surprise for our Master when we deliver not one, but two new slaves for his harem!”

“Mmmmmmph!” Beth cried out from her gag, and Cassandra soon imitated her cries of anguish at their situation.

“What a dumb broad you are, Beth! All that the Sheik wanted was to have a night’s pleasure with you; and then you’d have been rewarded with a shopping spree at a Gucci boutique! But no! You spurned him at the horse jumping competition, in public, no less! Instead of one night of pleasure, now the Sheik will have you for a thousand and one nights of pleasure! And I’ll even bet that since you rejected him at a horse event, he’ll turn you into a Pony Girl!”

“Mmmmmmmph!” Beth screamed into her gag.

“Oh, you’re going to be merchandise, my dears, both of you!” concluded Mistress Allison, “that is, after you’ve been properly trained by me first! Now I want both of you to back up against the bars so I can remove your handcuffs; so you can strip naked for me. Fact is, you won’t be having any need of clothes where you’re going, sweeties! Then, once I’ve inspected the merchandise, both of you will have a date with some leather!”

“Mmmmmmmph!” Cassandra joined in with Beth at the description of their fate!

Back in College, Cassandra had taken one acting class because she’d needed three arts credits. She had never thought that she’d need the skills that she’d learned in class. But it had proven to be an interesting class just the same.

Now, however, Cassandra was going to be acting the part of kidnapped heiress! Surely her instructor could never have conceived that his lessons would now be put to use in a jail cell as part of a D/s scene!

Both Cassandra and Beth backed up to the bars, which was the length of their collar chains. Mistress Allison directed Kate to unlock just one of their handcuffs, leaving a cuff on their right wrist.

“Now strip and leave those gags in place, or you’ll be very, very sorry girls indeed!” barked Mistress Allison, “and be quick about it too!”

Cassandra and Beth unzipped their skirts in unison, and next unbuttoned their blouses. Their discarded clothes were placed on a prison cot attached to the stone wall. Cassandra was naked under her clothes, but Beth was wearing a chic bra and panty set.

“Look, Mistress, this slut isn’t wearing any underwear!” Kate pointed out as Cassandra stripped.

“That’s probably because she’s just a rich cock tease, who likes to show off her tits at the Country Club. Once she’s marked she’ll have a whole new perspective on life!” said Mistress Allison.

Cassandra grunted in her gag, and her hands raced to the strap holding the ball in her mouth.

“Don’t you dare!” exclaimed Allison, “or you’ll be sorry you ever lived!”

“Mmmmmmmph!” was all that Cassandra could manage.

Once both girls were naked they stood in front of Allison & Kate and awaited their next instructions.

“Now girls, there’s nothing more poignant than two naked girls in a cage together, totally helpless! What you’re going to do next will be to lock the cuffs behind your backs again. Then we’ll proceed on to the next item of business!”

Cassandra and Beth looked at each other with grim resignation, and locked the cuffs again behind their backs on their free wrists.

“That’s the first step in your new life: Obedience! You had both better learn to obey orders without complaint, or else life is going to get unpleasant very quickly indeed!”

“Mmmmmmmmmmph!” they both cried.

“Kate, you may take the blonde slut out of the cell, put a spreader bar on her ankles, and hang her from the ceiling. I’ll give her the riding crop if she shows the slightest resistance!” said Allison.

In a few minutes, Beth was hanging from the ceiling chain as Allison had ordered. She had stood impassively as Kate had locked leather bondage bracelets on her wrists and ankles; and a spreader bar would keep her sex open and exposed. Finally, Kate had locked her wrists to the chain; and soon Beth found herself stretched as her high heel clad feet sought purchase on the stone floor.

“Well done,” complimented Mistress Allison, who had stood nearby the whole time, holding a riding crop in her hands.

Mistress Allison stood directly in front of her bound hanging captive, and flexed the riding crop in her hands.

“Know what this, slut? It’s a riding crop, usually used on horses. But I use it on spoiled naked girls like you, who’ve never had to lift a finger to do anything in their lives!”


“Once you’re the property of the Sheik, you’ll be very friendly with the crop; the whip; and the flogger!”


“Such brilliant conversation! Kate, you may remove both their ball gags, but leave them around their necks so they’ll be a reminder that they can be silenced easily.”

“Yes, Mistress!” Kate answered.

Kate’s high heels clicked on the stone floor as she walked over behind Beth, and opened the roller buckle that kept the red rubber ball in her mouth. Beth took several deep breaths, her chest heaving, as she could once again use her mouth.

“Thank you,” she said.

“Thank you what?” demanded Mistress Allison.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“That’s better, slut! From now on, you address me as Mistress!”

Once she had finished with Beth, Kate opened the jail cell and performed the same thing with Cassandra.

“Thank you, Mistress!” said Cassandra once the ball had been removed from her mouth.

“That’s good, Cassandra. Now you’ll learn just what it means to be a slave when I train Beth, but never fear, your turn under the lash will come soon too!”

“Know what this is, slut?” Allison asked Beth.

“A riding crop, Mistress!”

“Very good, Beth. You rich bitches aren’t as stupid as you seem to be! It’s very simple, really. A piece of leather wrapped bamboo; a leather loop at one end; and a handle for the user: that’s me! Have you ever used one before?”

“Yes, Mistress. When I go horseback riding.”

“Did you ever think of using on another person; say a boyfriend or a naked girl?”

“No, Mistress, I thought that was only in the movies!”

“Well, you’re now going to discover otherwise!”

Snick! Snick! Snick!

“Ooooooow!” Beth cried as the crop struck her exposed breasts.

Snick! Snick! Snick!


“Silence, slut! There’s a lot worse on the way, besides me striking those tits of yours!”

Snick! Snick! Snick!

With the experience of one long used to using the crop; Mistress Allison began the systematic beating of helplessly bound Beth! The loop at the end of the crop found it’s way onto her breasts; her sensitive underarms; her thighs, and finally between her opened and vulnerable legs to her sex!

“Oooooooow!” Beth cried, “not my pussy!”

“Cunt, slut. Nice girls have pussies; sluts like you have cunts!” said Mistress Allison.


“Surely a big girl like you can take this; after all, I’m just getting started!”

It was then that Mistress Allison began to deliver harder strokes with the riding crop; and Cassandra watched as her companion in captivity began to moan, and fight against the leather and steel holding her prisoner. Droplets of sweat ran down between her breasts; her underarms; and her exposed thighs!

“Yeooooooow! Beth screamed when the crop viciously slashed at her exposed thighs and sex!

Cassandra watched in silence as tears ran down Bath’s face. Finally she could take no more!

“Mistress, please, stop!” Cassandra begged.

“Do you hear something?” Allison asked Kate.

“No, Mistress.”

“Mistress, please! Stop beating Beth!” Cassandra cried.

“I think I’m hearing it again,” said Allison.

“Mistress, please!” Cassandra implored.

Cassandra’s efforts were rewarded when she watched as Allison turned away from Beth, to walk in front of the jail cell where she was still confined.

“What do you want, slut? Interrupting me is going to cost that hide of yours dearly,” Allison threatened.

“Mistress, please stop beating Beth, you’re hurting her!” Cassandra plead.

“That’s the general idea!” Allison laughed.

“Please?” Cassandra begged.

“The only reason why I would stop beating Beth is if you would take her place, country club trash!” Allison declared.

“No!” said Beth, “Cassandra, don’t! You don’t know what you’re asking for!”

“But she’s hurting you!” Cassandra answered.

“Silence, Beth! This is between Cassandra and me! You’re only going to make it worse if you interrupt!”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Now Cassandra, are you sure you want to take Beth’s place under the crop?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Cassandra answered.

“You do know that this is going to hurt, now don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Cassandra answered.

“Well Kate, it appears that these rich sluts do care about someone other than themselves after all!”

“Yes, Mistress!” Kate agreed.

“Hang Cassandra from the ceiling same as Beth next to one another,” Allison ordered, “this way they can keep each other company as I give Cassandra what she deserves.”

“Yes, Mistress!” said Kate.

In short order Cassandra found herself released from the jail cell and led next to Beth. Her handcuffs were replaced by leather and steel bondage bracelets; which were also locked on her ankles as well. Next a spreader bar was locked to her ankles; opening and exposing her sex. Finally her wrists were drawn above her head and locked to a ceiling chain; which Allison then tightening by turning on an electric motor.

Cassandra was now bound and exposed same as Beth, and she eyed her companion with sympathy, for it was now going to be her body that was going to come under the crop!

“There’s an old saying, Cassandra. Be careful what you wish for, you might get it!” Allison gloated in front of her naked captive.

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Next time, Kate, I think we should just suspend the two of them together in the beginning to save time!”

“A very good idea, Mistress!”

“Look at these two together! Two rich cunts about to get what they deserve!”

“Yes, Mistress!” agreed Kate.

“I’ll bet that you two would normally be shopping now at Saks, right! Well instead of shopping for merchandise, you two ARE merchandise! The Sheik just wanted one, but now he’s going to get two!”

“He’ll be so pleased, Mistress!” said Kate.

“Now then, to business!”

Mistress Allison raised the cruel tip of the crop to Allison’s chin, and held it there.

“Ever played with one of these?” Mistress Allison taunted her victim, “perhaps one day in the stable at the Country Club you two girls decided to have a little fun?”

“No, Mistress!”

“Either you’re unimaginative, or just plain dull. I know a rich guy who keeps a crop in his house for use on debutantes just like you!”

Then, to further Cassandra’s discomfort, Mistress Allison began to fondle and pinch her nipples, making her squeal in pain!

“That’s right, my dear, I want to hear your protests! A nice rich girl like you shouldn’t be hanging naked from the ceiling about to be punished with a crop, right? Well, you and Beth had better get used to the idea that you’re nothing but merchandise for the use of your owners!”

“NO!” cried Beth, “we’re not merchandise!”

“Quiet, slut! Unless you want the ball back in your mouth!” threatened Mistress Allison.

“Yes, Mistress, I’m sorry!” cried Beth.

“Now then, where was I?” Allison asked, “oh, yes!”

“NO!” plead Cassandra as Mistress Allison’s index and middle fingers began to thrust inside of her sex!

“What a slut you are, my dear! All the time I was cropping poor Beth, you were getting off on her punishment! Why you’re sopping wet between your legs! Do you really want the crop that much for yourself?”

“No, I mean yes, Mistress!” Cassandra answered in a confused manner.

“Do you have a secret stash of bondage DVDs at home that you get off on during the night? Is that your secret? That you enjoy seeing girls like you getting whipped?” Allison demanded.

“Ooooooooh!” Cassandra moaned as Allison’s fingers thrust and withdrew from her sex, bringing her ever closer to climax!

But it was not to be! Just when Cassandra was near to coming, Allison pulled her fingers from Cassandra’s sex, leaving her wanting with desire!

“What a rich slut you are!” said Allison, “now clean yourself off my fingers, and then you’ll get the crop!”

Allison thrust her two fingers, wet with Cassandra’s secretions in her mouth, and Cassandra tasted herself as she obeyed Mistress Allison’s orders.

“Mmmmmmm!” she moaned.

“A true slut!” observed Allison.

“Yes, Mistress!” Kate agreed.

“Time to be punished, slave!” threatened Allison.

Without asking, Kate handed Mistress Allison a tissue to clean her fingers from Cassandra’s mouth. Once done, she offered the crop’s leather handle to Cassandra.

“Kiss the handle, and thank me for your punishment!”

“Thank you, Mistress!” said Cassandra as she obeyed Alison’s instructions.

“She’s a quick study,” commented Allison.

“All the better for the Sheik!” Kate answered.

“Oooooow! Cassandra shrieked as the crop’s tip struck her erect nipple!

Snick! Snick! Snick!


“What are you complaining about, my dear? This is just the beginning!” said Mistress Allison.

Snick! Snick! Snick!

The riding crop continued it’s relentless punishment of Cassandra’s exposed and vulnerable female features!

What had begun on her breasts had moved to the sensitive skin of her underarms; her bottom; and finally to the outsides and insides of her thighs.

“No Mistress! Not my pussy, please!” Cassandra plead, but to no effect!

Mistress Allison swung the crop between Cassandra’s opened legs; striking the interior of her thighs!

Snick! Snick! Snick!

Tears ran down Cassandra’s cheeks as she pulled and fought against the implacable steel and leather bonds holding her; but there was no escape! There was nothing that a bound and naked girl could do to release herself from the bonds holding her and avoid the strokes that were raining down upon her!

“Ooooooooow!” Cassandra cried.

“This one was born for the crop; don’t you agree, Kate?” Allison asked.

“Yes, Mistress!”

“You see, Cassandra, you spoiled rich bitches are no different than any other piece of female flesh!”

“Mistress, please stop! I beg you, please!” Cassandra cried.

“Just a few minutes ago, you begged to take Beth’s place. Now that you have gone under the lash, I hope you understand what it really means to submit!”

“Yes, Mistress!” Cassandra cried.

It was then that something strange began to happen to Cassandra. The many strokes of the crop on her body; which had seemed so painful before; began to seem like pleasure!

Cassandra again moaned; this time from pleasure and not from pain!

“Oooooooh!” Cassandra cried when the crop was pressed onto her female sex; which was already hot with desire!

It was then that the crop abruptly stopped it’s deadly attentions to Cassandra’s naked body!

“Mistress, please!” Cassandra begged.

“What is it now, slut?” Allison answered.

“Mistress, please, let me come?” sobbed Cassandra, asking for sexual release.

“First she begs for no more punishment, next she wants to come! What a slut! What do you think, Kate?” Allison asked.

“Five strokes with the flogger, Mistress!” Kate replied.

“A wise choice, please get it for me?” Allison asked as she handed the crop to her companion.

“Would you like me to insert my fingers into your cunt?” Allison asked Cassandra, “or perhaps a dildo, or just to be mean, maybe I’ll lock you in a chastity belt for the night? As your Mistress, all of those choices are available to me!”

“Please Mistress, not a chastity belt?”

“Then you’ll just have to be flogged!” drolly replied Mistress Allison.

Kate handed the flogger to Mistress Allison, who tapped it against her right palm.

“The Flogger is simple, sluts! It’s composed of thin strips of leather with a knot at the end that’s been soaked in water. And yes, it will hurt terribly. Beth, you first!”

Stepping behind Beth, Mistress Allison took her time to deliver the five strokes, which made Beth cry out and fight without effect in her chains. Cassandra tensed herself, and without ceremony was the next object of Allison’s wicked intentions. The Flogger hurt her already pained flesh; making her cry out as well!

As if to further their debasement, Allison then offered the flogger’s leather handle to both of them without instruction, and they both kissed the device that produced their pain eagerly.

“Very good, sluts! You’ll have to be a fast learner when you’re in the Sheik’s Castle!”

“Yes, Mistress!” Beth and Cassandra said in unison.

“Kate, unchain these two and put them in the cell together. They may as well keep each other company tonight in their misery. Give them a tube of ointment to salve their pain; dinner will be bread and water,” Allison ordered.

“Yes, Mistress!” Kate answered quickly.

* * *

Once the two women were locked back in the cell together, Cassandra wondered just when it would be time to “get out of character.”

Did the scene end when they were alone? Or the next day?

“Let me salve your wounds,” said Beth.

“Thank you,” Cassandra replied.

Kate had left a tube of ointment which she opened and began to spread on Cassandra’s back.

“Ooooooow!” Cassandra cried.


They were both naked, wearing nothing but their collars and bondage bracelets, and seated together on the double sized prison cot.

“Beth, what is to become of us?” Cassandra asked, “and who is this Sheik, anyway?”

“He was at the Country Club, driving up in a Ferrari, spreading his money around like a jerk. He propositioned me, and when I refused, he said that I would pay! I never dreamed that he would have me kidnapped as a slave!”

“There’s got to be a way out of here!” said Cassandra.

“What can two naked girls do against steel and leather! I’m so sorry we went shopping together, now you’re going to share my fate as a slave, too!”

“What did Mistress Allison mean by ‘Pony Girl?’” Cassandra asked.

“I don’t know,” Beth answered, “but whatever that is, it can’t be good!”

“Let me put some salve on you,” said Cassandra.


It was Cassandra’s turn to rub the soothing salve onto Beth’s punished flesh, and it wasn’t long before they were facing each other. Cassandra hugged her companion tightly, breast to breast, and it wasn’t long before they desired each other!

Cassandra began by kissing Beth on the lips, and her friend in misery reciprocated.

“Look at us!” Beth cried, “I was wearing my Dior outfit; and you were wearing Donna Karan; and now we’re two naked whipped girls in a dungeon!”

“It’ll be all right! I’m sure that the Sheik doesn’t really keep a harem of slave girls!” Cassandra replied.

“I don’t know! From the gossip I heard in the Club, he’s rich enough to do just about anything! And if he could kidnap us both, well then keeping us in slavery isn’t impossible, either!”

Cassandra began to suck on Beth’s erect nipples as her hand went between her legs, which Beth opened to accommodate her attentions!

“I’ve always wanted you to seduce me,” said Beth, “but now look at where we are!”

“It’s all right,” comforted Cassandra, “we’ve got each other, so let’s make as much of this as we can before we’re punished again. Did you see what’s on the wall?”

“What wall?”

Cassandra pointed to the nearby wall, from which hung an assortment of crops; whips; paddles; and other things!

“Is that intended for us?” Beth asked.

“I guess so!”

Cassandra sucked on Beth’s nipples, first the right, then the left. Beth lay back and opened her legs, and soon Cassandra was between them, attending to Beth’s moist and fragrant sex!

“That feels so good, oooooh!” Beth moaned in pleasure, after the pain that she had experienced!

Cassandra tongued Beth again and again, her tongue lapping at Beth’s erect clitoris, driving her companion in captivity to sexual ecstasy! While attending to her sex, Cassandra saw the red marks left by the crop between Beth’s thighs! She knew that her own thighs were marked as well, as both of them had undergone the same fierce punishment!

“OooooooooH! Let me come, bring me off!” begged Beth.

Her entreaties drove Cassandra to even greater efforts between Beth’s thighs as she increased the frequency of her efforts, bringing Beth closer to climax. Finally, in an outpouring of sex, Beth shook and moaned in pleasure as one orgasm after another overcame her, driving her to new heights of pleasure!

“Ooooooooooh! Oooooooooh! Ooooooooh!” Beth moaned again and again with Cassandra still between her legs.

Wave after wave of pleasure tore through Beth’s naked, punished body, and Cassandra had never seen a woman react so violently to her lovemaking efforts! Would she react the same way herself?

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Beth stopped her shaking, her naked body covered in sweat, and she recovered her senses and took several deep breaths, her chest heaving from the many orgasms she had experienced.

“Are you all right?” Cassandra asked.

“Fine, thank you. Let me recover for a while.”

Cassandra walked naked over to the aluminum sink and toilet, and poured them each a glass of water. After taking a drink herself and handing the second glass to Beth, she walked to the steel bars and tried to open the door, which remained firmly locked!

“We’re two naked female prisoners in a cage,” said Cassandra, “there’s no way out of here!”

“Come back to bed, and let me comfort you,” invited Beth.

Since there was nothing else to do, Cassandra soon joined her companion in captivity on the prison cot, lay down with her head on the pillow, and opened her legs.

Beth kissed her on the mouth several times.

“I taste pretty good, don’t I?” Beth asked.

“Yes,” said Cassandra as she enfolded her female lover in her arms.

“Let’s make this moment last forever, who knows what the future may bring at the hands of the Sheik!” said Beth.

“We’ll probably be female slaves in his Harem, whipped for his pleasure,” agreed Cassandra.

Cassandra’s erect nipples were being sucked and gently bitten while Beth’s hand went between Cassandra’s opened legs. Her fingers cupped and were inserted into Cassandra’s female sex.

“You’re wet!” said Beth.

“Of course, did you expect anything else?” Cassandra asked her naked companion.

Beth kissed her way down Cassandra’s naked body, pausing to suck and bite her erect nipples, as her fingers thrust themselves into her already wet sex. Cassandra opened her legs to accommodate Beth between them, to give her access to Cassandra’s hot, wet, cunt!

Cassandra felt Beth’s tongue replace her fingers, and when she felt her clit being sucked and nibbled, it was her turn to go wild! She bucked and moaned with pleasure, forgetting the red marks on her skin that had gotten her here behind bars, to enjoy the pleasure that her naked companion was giving her!

“Make me come!” Cassandra begged.

Cassandra’s pleas fell on willing ears as Beth continued her efforts to satisfy Cassandra!

They were both locked in throes of total ecstasy, and soon Cassandra found herself surrendering to the impulses of her own body! Beth was a skilled lover, and Cassandra, moaning with lust, shuddered as the first orgasm overcame her, closely followed by one after another!

Now it was Cassandra’s turn to moan and buck, as she climaxed repeatedly as her clit was stimulated again and again!

“I’m coming!” Cassandra moaned, “Oooooooooh!”

Cassandra was covered in sweat which ran down her naked body, and Beth tasted her salty secretions mixed with her female juices.

Finally, Cassandra was spent, and she quieted down.

“That was heavenly,” complimented Cassandra.

“You’re welcome,” said Beth, as she kissed her companion on the lips.

“You taste wonderful,” said Cassandra.

“So do you!”

Both women then began a slower, more deliberate pace of lovemaking, and Cassandra didn’t even notice when the lights dimmed and she fell into a deep sleep, with Beth snuggled next to her.

The End of Chapter Four

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