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Snowbound 3: A Strange Job Offer

by [email protected]

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Storycodes: F/f; FF; D/s; maids; latex; bond; collar; cuffs; chain; corset; basement; cell; captive; naked; femdom; cons; X

story continued from part two

Chapter 3: A Strange Job Offer

When Cassandra awoke the next morning, it was to brilliant sunlight streaming through the window! Her eyes opened, and she slowly awoke, comprehending that the snowstorm that had brought her to this strange house had ended.

Rubbing her eyes, she wondered if yesterday’s events had all been just a dream. But no, the bed smelled of sex, her lips still had the taste of another woman upon them, and finally the collar was still locked upon her neck, and the chain still held her fast to the wall!

Cassandra sat up, and tugged at the chain without effect. Until she was released, she wasn’t going anywhere!

On the night-table rested the vibrator that Kate had wanted to use before Cassandra had begged off, saying that she had been too exhausted to continue.

Cassandra watched as dust motes danced in the brilliant sunshine, and she got up from bed (naked) and looked out the window. What she could see was huge yard, and from the looks of the drifts, the snow was piled into massive drifts!

On TV she had seen a documentary about lake effect snow, and here it was!

“Good morning, sleepyhead!” said Kate as she entered the bedroom, carrying a tray, “Mistress Allison wanted to let you sleep.”

“Thank you,” Cassandra replied.



“I’m going to release you from the wall so that you can brush your teeth and perform your toilette, then you can have a light breakfast, then I’ll give you a proper bath and dress you, and then a real breakfast.”

“Thank you,” said Cassandra.

Once again, Cassandra found herself being pampered! Kate released her from first the wall, and then from her collar and bracelets. After performing her toilette, she ate a small breakfast of tea and toast, and that was followed by another luxurious bath!

Finally, once her hair was dried and set, Cassandra felt refreshed for whatever was going to happen next. Would Kate chain her naked as the day before? Or did Mistress Allison have another plan for her?

“Ever dress as a Maid?” questioned Kate, as Cassandra sat naked on her bed.

“Yes, actually I did. I was invited to a Halloween party, and I had nothing to wear, and no money to buy a costume, either! I was rummaging through the clothes at a nearby thrift shop when I found a new Maid’s uniform that I bought for a few dollars, I had it dry cleaned, and wore that to couple of parties.”

“Do you still have it?” Kate asked.

“Sure! I wear it whenever I have to clean my apartment! It was just too good to throw out!”

“Well, how would you like to wear this Maid’s uniform?” Kate asked.

From the closet she removed a black Latex Maid’s uniform, the same that Kate herself was wearing. Cassandra gasped, would she now be dressed as a Latex Maid herself?

“I’d love to,” Cassandra replied with hesitation, not sure what she was getting into.

“I’ll lay everything out for you,” said Kate.

From the dresser she removed latex underwear, stockings, gloves and a headpiece. Kate hung the uniform from a hook near the closet.

“You can look over everything, it won’t bite!” laughed Kate.

Cassandra picked up and held each part of her proposed attire in her hands, feeling the smooth latex in her fingers.

“If you watch adult DVDs the reason the latex is shiny is because they spray it with something to reflect the lights,” Kate explained, “else latex is a little dull.”

“I heard that when I did a couple of scenes,” Cassandra replied.

“Still want to dress up?”

“I’d love to!” said Cassandra.

Kate then opened a dresser drawer, and removed a latex bra; two panties; hose; and long gloves; and a plastic bottle of talcum power.

“I’m a pretty good judge of sizes; and these will be snug; but not too tight. Some scene folks think that every woman is pencil thin; but this is the real world!”

Cassandra picked up one panty; and then the other, turning it inside out, there were small projections facing inwards!

“What are these?” Cassandra asked.

“Wearing that is going to drive you crazy with lust!” exclaimed Kate, “those stubs are going to keep you constantly aroused!”

“I‘ve never worn anything like that before,” said Cassandra.

“There’s always a first time,” Kate answered with a wink.

In the next half hour, with some gentle tugging and pulling, plus some talcum powder, Cassandra was totally transformed. The previous day, she had been naked and chained, with chains on her wrists and ankles.

Now she was to wear a black rubber Maid’s outfit, which excited her greatly.

First she tugged herself into the rubber panty, and once it had fit her snugly, Kate helped her with the rubber bra. It was then that she felt the rubber prongs in the panty stimulate her sex.

“Oooooooh!” Cassandra moaned.

“I guess you’ve just discovered what the panty can do - imagine wearing that out on a date!”

“No!” Cassandra protested.

“I was dating a guy who made me put one on before we went out to dinner. I was hotter than the steak we dined on for dinner, and horny as hell by the time we got back to his apartment. But that was before I discovered the scene!”

Next came the rubber stockings, which had the virtue of not needing a garter belt to hold them up. Kate then zipped Cassandra into the Maid’s uniform, and then locked a collar around her formerly bare neck.

“You look great!” complimented Kate, “ever wear a corset?”

“Why no,” Cassandra answered.

“You’ll feel ever so feminine.”

“But aren’t they tight?” Cassandra asked.

“That’s only if you tie it tight,” Kate answered, “you’ve got to be trained to wear one, just like everything else. I’ll put one on you, and if you don’t like it I’ll take it off.”

“Okay!” said Cassandra, “shouldn’t I hold onto a bed post or something?”

“Only if you’re watching ’Gone With The Wind’” Kate answered, “now let me tie these laces properly. Lesson number one about corsets: never tie the laces around your waist, that’s the wrong way!”

Cassandra stood silently as Kate spent considerable time tightening the corset’s laces, and the garment gradually fit itself to her female curves. Kate pulled the laces, and Cassandra felt herself confined into what felt like she was wearing a too tight dress.

“There now, how does that feel?” Kate asked.

“Sexy,” Cassandra answered, preening herself in front of the mirror.

“Just a few more things, and you’ll be all set,” said Kate.

Kate then handed gloves to Cassandra, and helped her into them. Next she tied a white rubber apron around her waist, and placed a matching frilled headpiece on.

“Sit on the bed,” Kate ordered.

Cassandra sat down, and soon she was wearing a special pair of three inch heels that were locked on her feet! Then from a dresser drawer Kate removed metal shackles!

Her wrists and ankles were soon confined in gleaming stainless steel, and twelve inch chains for her wrists and eighteen inch chains for her ankles defined the extent of her movements.

“Stand up and walk around and see how you feel,” Kate suggested.

Cassandra did as she was told, and walked back and forth, the ankle chains determining the range of her steps.


“I feel like I’m finally free,” said Cassandra, “that this is just the sort of thing I’ve been looking for all my life.”

“I know just how you feel, I felt the same way the first time Allison dressed me in a Maid’s outfit; then spanked me so hard I had trouble sitting down for days,” Kate answered.

“Wow!” Cassandra exclaimed as she took a few steps, and the only sound was that of the chains links ringing as she walked.

“Okay, fun’s over. Time to eat, see if Mistress Allison wants anything, and do some housework. You’re not going to spend today lolling in the cage again!”

After Cassandra had a second small breakfast (she ate very little now that she was confined in the corset); she and Kate proceeded to attend to the housework. First they saw to Mistress Allison, who inspected Cassandra’s dress and chains. Then they were free to make the beds and tend to the house.

Helping Kate in what she was told was the Master Bedroom she saw, but did not comment on, a hairbrush on the dresser. For it contained blonde hairs!

Once again Cassandra was confronted with the mystery of Beth Holland. What was going on between Beth Holland and Mistress Allison?

When her chance finally came Cassandra almost missed it. The phone rang and all the way down the driveway a pickup truck pulled up, and three men began to clear the mountain of snowdrifts that covered the driveway, and her Jeep.

Mistress Allison was wearing a sweatshirt, jeans, and boots, and Kate helped her into a down jacket.

“I’ll be back,” said Mistress Allison as she went outside to supervise the snow cleanup.

Then Kate said that she had to do something urgent upstairs; leaving Cassandra alone by herself in the kitchen. Cassandra suddenly realized that she was alone, nor was she secured in any way!

Cassandra clinked her way to see if either Allison or Kate were on the first floor, and she realized that she was finally alone.

Carefully she walked to the basement door, and finding it open, she turned on the light. Even more carefully, since her ankles were hobbled together by the chain, she descended one step at a time, all the while holding tightly onto the banister. It seemed as if each step took an eternity, and Cassandra feared discovery at any moment, but this was what she had been waiting for!

The only sound was that of her heels on the steps, the clink of the chains, her breathing, and the squishy sound of the latex uniform that she wore!

When Cassandra reached the floor, she was disappointed. All she saw was the oil burner, the oil tank, a washer and dryer, and a small clothesline, and some shelves for food, plus the usual household tools.

But then there was a door!

Cassandra walked over and tried the knob, and finding it unlocked, opened it and walked into…… a bondage paradise!

Cassandra quickly recognized what looked like an “X” frame; a rack (!); chains hanging from the ceiling; two jail cells and inside one was a naked blonde woman, casually reading a magazine!

“Are you Beth Holland?” Cassandra asked.

“Yes, who are you?”

“I’m Cassandra Martin, and I’m here to rescue you!” she proudly exclaimed.

Cassandra clinked her way over the cell, where Beth had sat up. She was naked, collared, with bracelets on her wrists and ankles, and chains linking them as well.

“It looks like you could do with some rescuing yourself,” said Beth.

“Once the snow has cleared I’ll be free of these chains and I’ll rescue you, since Allison is holding you captive, right?”

“Not exactly. Kate, glad you could join us,” said Beth.

Cassandra turned around to see Kate standing behind her. Kate had managed to change from high heels to slippers, which was why Cassandra hadn’t heard her descend the stairs.

“Kate, please release me. It’s time that our guest knew the truth about what’s going on here,” Beth ordered.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Cassandra stood, dumbfounded, as Kate walked past her, and produced a key from her uniform, and unlocked the jail cell containing Beth Holland. Surely there was supposed to be a struggle where Kate would restrain her in some way?

“Let’s adjourn to the library, which will be a more suitable place for our discussion, and remove my chains and those of our guest so we can climb the stairs more easily,” said Beth.

“Yes, ma’am,” Kate replied.

Cassandra watched as Kate unlocked the chains from Beth’s wrists and ankles, walked outside of the cell, and gestured for Cassandra to hold her hands up so that they would be freed. In a few moments, her limbs were free of their chains, but not the metal bondage cuffs.
“Shall we go?” asked Beth.

Cassandra led the way, followed by Beth, and finally Kate. She easily climbed the stairs now that her ankles were no longer hobbled. Upstairs she followed Beth into the library, who gestured for her to sit down. Kate produced a robe from a closet which Beth covered herself with, so that she would no longer be naked in front of her guest.

“There now, that’s better,” Beth began, “Kate could you make us a pot of coffee and see that we’re not disturbed,” Beth then sat behind the library desk, and stared at her latex clad guest.

“I don’t understand,” said Cassandra.

“There are two kinds of money in the world. One kind, like the Hiltons and the Trumps, parade themselves in front of the TV cameras and court publicity… and scorn and ridicule. The other kind seeks anonymity and privacy, and will do anything to stay out of the public eye. That is what my family has done for over a hundred years,” Beth began.

They were interrupted by a knock on the door as Kate delivered a tray with coffee, and the usual accessories. She placed it down on the table, prepared two cups, which she placed in front of Beth and Cassandra, then bowed, and departed, closing the door behind her.

Beth took a sip of the hot brew, and relaxed back in her chair.

“I always felt that I was different sexually, but I never could figure out just how. Until I went off to school at the University of Chicago, where I went to study finance. I spent as much time in porn shops as I did in class! It was there that I discovered Bondage and Discipline; which then led me to the handful of fetish shops in Chicago. Then I began hanging out at the fetish clubs, where I worked up the courage to try my first scenes as a submissive.”

Cassandra sat and listened in silence to her host.

“After graduation with my Master’s I knew that I had to go to New York; both to work on Wall Street and to explore the D/s Club Scene. Paradoxically, I met Mistress Allison at a financial conference before we met at a fetish club two weeks later! I’m sure this wasn’t the sort of female empowerment that the organizers had intended; for I had finally met what I always desired most: a woman who would put me under the lash!”

“I don’t understand what this has to do with me,” said Cassandra.

“I’m getting to that, but please listen to my story,” replied Beth.

“Go ahead.”

“Both of us worked in Finance, and I was Mistress Allison’s submissive. This worked out fine for years, until the emergency came in 2008. I worked at Bear Stearns, and when the firm nearly went bankrupt and was sold, I was out of a job. A few months later, Allison lost her job at Lehman Brothers.”

“I remember when that happened, I was watching TV that Sunday night,” Cassandra recalled.

“After that, both of us tried to find work. But it was just like Enron! Nobody would give either of us a job, especially after they heard that we both had worked in Fixed Income; we both did subprime mortgages!”

“What a coincidence!” said Cassandra.

“Not really, it was the hot growth thing to be in, that was where the money was, until the housing market collapsed! And it took our careers, and our job prospects, with it. After a year of useless job searching, it was then that I conceived of fulfilling my secret sex fantasy: to be the prisoner of a harsh Dominatrix!”


“Yes, so I had the house modified to become my prison, money will buy anything, you know. Mistress Allison became my jailer, and she brought along Kate, whom she had introduced me to before. Now I had a friend Valerie, who was interested in submission also. She joined me in bondage! But Valerie didn’t last, and asked to leave, and I’ve been all alone in chains by myself for the last two months. Until you arrived on my doorstep, and took advantage of every sexual opportunity that we offered.”

“Thank you,” said Cassandra.

“Which brings me to the purpose of my little speech: it’s lonely being in chains by myself, sometimes Kate joins me, but her place is really assisting Mistress Allison. What I need is a bondage companion, someone to share my fantasy. I’d like to offer you the job.”

“The job?” questioned Cassandra.

“Both Mistress Allison and Kate work for me, at a nice salary. I’m offering you the same arrangement. So please come work for me?”

“You’re offering me a job, as a bondage slave?” Cassandra asked incredulously.

“If I can employ my friend as a Dominatrix and her Maid, why can’t I also employ you as my companion submissive? Kate has told me you’re out of work. Is this true?”

“Yes, I was on my way back to Long Island to find a job.”

“Then you’ve found one. I can guarantee you a good salary, health benefits, and if we do this long enough, maybe a pension plan or a trust fund!”

“You must be joking!” said Cassandra.

“You can speak to Allison and Kate. They’ll confirm all that I’ve told you.”

“You mean their job is to keep you in chains?”

“Why not? I’m sure there are stranger occupations in the world.”

“But, but,” Cassandra sputtered.

“But what? You took advantage of everything offered you, yesterday Allison cropped you in the morning and then bent you over the footstool and used you quite well, and at night you made love to Kate. And now you’re dressed in a Latex Maid’s uniform. I’d say that you’re more than interested in what I have to offer.”

“I don’t know,” said Cassandra.

“How long have you been looking for a job?” Beth asked.

“Almost a year,” Cassandra answered as she took a sip of her cooling coffee.

“Then join me in exploring your sexuality and not having to worry about your normal mundane existence. I have created a truly unique situation here, and all I need is a companion to share my pain and pleasure with.”

“I’m not sure……”

“Of what? That you might actually enjoy it here being in chains? Of finally being free to express yourself sexually? Or would you rather go back to sending out dozens of résumés and being unemployed?”

Cassandra was speechless! Surely she must be in Wonderland by now where she was expected to believe six impossible things before breakfast!

“I can understand your hesitation. Why don’t you think about it for the rest of the day, take a nap and sleep on it, go ask Allison and Kate about my arrangement. Tonight I’m due to be flogged by Allison in the Dungeon, or playroom, downstairs, and you can be a witness to my submission. This way you’ll have a chance to think about it before accepting my offer.”

“Yes, Beth.”

“Thank you,” Beth answered, dismissing her rescuer.

* * *

Cassandra walked out of the library, glad that her ankles were no longer hobbled together by the chain. Outside, Kate was waiting for her.

“Mistress Allison is waiting for you in the foyer,” said Kate.

“I’ll go and see her then,” Cassandra answered.

Mistress Allison had just gotten back inside the house, and she was dripping with snow and still wearing her down jacket.

“Give me your car keys and I’ll pull your Jeep in the driveway and get it out of the street. You’re hardly dressed to go outside,” Allison observed.

“Yes, Mistress Allison,” Cassandra answered.

Cassandra walked upstairs to her bedroom and retrieved her car keys, and then went right back downstairs and handed them to Mistress Allison. She opened the door for her, and closed it behind her, and then waited for her return.

She was, after all, dressed as a Maid, wasn’t she?

Cassandra watched as Allison drove her Jeep into the driveway, and after parking it, opened the back and removed her two suitcases. Allison then carried them back to the house, and Cassandra opened the door for her.

Mistress Allison then walked back inside, and placed the two suitcases on the floor after Cassandra had closed the door behind her.

“Thank you,” said Cassandra.

“Thank you, what?” Allison demanded.

“Thank you, Mistress!”

“That’s better, and that will cost you later.”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Now carry your suitcases upstairs, and Kate will help me dry off and change. I believe that you’re a little confused about now,” said Allison.

“Yes, Mistress, I am!”

“You can help Kate with lunch, and then take a nap afterwards to help you to sort things out,” said Allison.

“Yes, Mistress!” said Cassandra, happy that she had been dismissed now by Mistress Allison.

The End of Chapter Three

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