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Love of Rubber

by Willy Jim

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Los Angeles Trip

I typically travel to the West Coast four of five times a year for business. My company is always looking for new product ideas. I typically meet with four or five “Think Tank” houses who present their latest ideas for my review. Each trip usually takes three days, four if I need to travel to more than one city. This particular trip was to LA. My usual routine is an early flight from Chicago, an afternoon meeting in LA then a hotel for the evening, meeting the next day, and if I am lucky a little “me” time in the afternoon and evening.

I always travel with a large stash of rubber in my suitcase for evening time. I have even traveled in rubber but usually save that for the trip home. This trip was different. I decided to challenge myself to wearing rubber for the entire trip including all my travel, meetings and evenings. For this I had to choose wisely. I would have to pass TSI scrutiny as well as remain discreet in close quarters. My choice always seems to go back to my “Hero” suit. This is a “Farmer John'' style complete rubber catsuit. This suit is basically a sleeveless catsuit with a wrestler style suspender top. There is no zipper as it would show up on airport x ray and would be a potential source of a sweat leak as things heat up.

So my day begins quite early. I slip into my Hero suit. There is nothing like slipping into a freshly talced rubber suit. It almost vibrates against my skin as I pull it up past my thighs. I reluctantly resist the temptation to pleasure myself on the spot as I recognize that I have a long day ahead of me. My excitement peaks once the suspenders snap in place. I realize that I will be literally imprisoned in my tight rubber suit with no hope of removing it for the duration. I quickly dress in my suit and tie, grab my bags and head for the airport for my early flight. 

The airport parking is packed as usual so I am left to walk a fair distance to the tram. Once in the ticket area, I immediately head for security. I have successfully passed security many times but I am alway a little anxious that the TSA might have some new device that will detect my little secret. Not today and I breeze through the TSA checkpoint and am off to my gate. 

Chicago’s Share airport is mammoth and extra crowded today. I soldier my way to my gate stopping off for some coffee. I take my seat in the gate area and I'm immediately reminded that I am wearing a rubber catsuit. It is just pleasantly damp at this point but will no doubt become sodden by day’s end.

The gates open and I am soon sitting in my seat on the plane. I am lucky to have an exit row aisle seat with one seat next to me. A very slight, well dressed woman is seated next to me. We strike up a brief cordial conversation which only lasts until the plane takes off. The rest of the flight is fairly quiet and uneventful. I try my best not thinking of my rubber shrouded body for if I do I might have to sneak off to the restroom for some pleasure. I am left with little amusement except for the knowledge that I am sitting among the vanillas wearing rubber without their slightest suspicion.

The plane lands and I head for the rental desk. Shortly after that I hop on a shuttle and am parked in front of my rental car. I alway rent a convertible. Hey, it’s California. Once through the gate I am off to my first meeting. Again I nearly forget I am in rubber. It seems to have become a part of me. The meeting is pleasant and after signing mutual nondisclosure forms, they show me a whole host of new ideas. The ideas are certainly worth considering and I ask them to pack them up and send them to my office for further review. I beg off their invitation for dinner and head to a second meeting. This one was less fruitful and after bidding them goodbye, I headed for my hotel. I am partial to the Embassy Suites on Imperial south of the airport. It is a handy location for travel and is close to one of my favorite areas of LA, Manhattan Beach. 

I check in and head to my room to unpack. I have a special evening planned. There is one kinky idea that I have always wanted to try but never had the courage or opportunity. This idea was bold but if I carry it out it will truly be a rubber accomplishment like no other. Nestled among my rubber items is a silicon skin suit. It is the type which has an attached mask, arms, torso, and best of all built in abs. The plan is to slip this over my Hero suit, dress up in casual clothes and head for Manhattan Beach. This will be the first time I ever wore this suit in public. Many times I have posed in front of a mirror and convinced myself that I could pull it off. All I needed were some tinted glasses and the guts to do it.

I unfolded my skin suit and immediately ducked into it before I could lose my nerve. It was a struggle as the silicone did not slide well over rubber. I added some talcum and finally succeeded. Wow! What a feeling. My Hero suit was already feeling like it was a part of me. Now the second layer of higher silicone felt like I was vacuum sealed in rubber. Before I knew it I was dressed in street clothes and heading out the door. Movement was somewhat restricted as the two layers of rubber acted as one delightful pulling hand tugging on my entire body as I walked. I found my car and immediately put the top down and headed for the beach area. 

Manhattan Beach is only a little over a mile or so from the hotel. I head to Vista De Mar which drives along the coast then on to Ocean Drive. Parking is tough but I know a secret place near.the Shady Hotel on Valley Drive. Once safely parked, I put up the top and head out on foot to try out my new escapade. I head for some eateries. I know from practice in front of my mirror that talking while masked can be convincing, providing the lighting is dim and you do not get too close. I picked an outdoor restaurant and as it is close to dusk the lighting is subdued. It is worth a shot plus so what if I am outed. It’s LA. Stranger things have happened.

So you might ask how am I doing physically in my rubber layers. I am hot!. In fact I was roasting in my rubber. LA may be a desert city but you can produce a cloudburst in two layers of rubber in this LA heat. I have often gone out in public wearing hidden rubber but I can’t remember a time when I heated up as quickly as I did today. I can only attribute it to two things, A. I am wearing an attached rubber hood/mask which I have never worn before in public. And B the silicone suit must retain heat more than latex rubber. Either way I am a wash of sweat in my layers. Fortunately the only sign of my dilemma was a tell-tale puddle that precipitated at the end of each sleeve of my silicone suit. I quickly swabbed that up as the waitress approached. As I sit here, I realize that my plans to enjoy a meal in public may be misguided. The waitress comes and I beg off eating, making the excuse that something came up. This is not totally untrue as my loss of appetite for food was quickly replaced by my licentious lust for pleasure. Realizing that I have been in rubber for hours without a chance to cum, I decided that I needed to resolve that as soon as possible.

I left the restaurant on the way back to my car. By now my rubber layers had sucked to my body making every moment a struggle. I also noticed as I walked that there was a sloshing noise with each step. The copious sweat had worked its way down my body and I was ankle deep in sweat. I made my way to the car, got in, dropped the top, and drove off. I still had time to enjoy the sunset over the ocean as I made my way back to the hotel.

Once at my hotel for the evening I immediately rushed to my room. By now I sounded like a babbling brook as I walked to the elevator. Fortunately I was alone as I got off the elevator and walked to my room. Once inside I immediately took off my clothes and jumped in the shower rubber and all. I turned on the cold water and gradually began to cold down.

Back to a relatively normal temperature, I had a decision to make. Do I strip out of my rubber layers or enjoy the evening and possibly the entire night as I am now? I chose “B”. But first comes first or shall I say first cums first. To prepare, I reached in my rubber stash and retrieved a pair of elbow length rubber gloves. This would stop any further leaking from my sleeves. I then laid in the bed raising my feet to enjoy the feeling of all that accumulated sweat to trickle down my entire body. Once completed I rolled over and raped my pillows and bed coverings. Cum came like a thunderbolt causing me to see stars. I nearly passed out. I am not sure how long it took me to recover but when I did, my mind immediately turned to further plans for the evening. 

My first instincts told me I needed to eat. The sudden exit from the restaurant was necessary but deprived me of a meal. I ordered room service. I instructed them to leave the tray on the side table where a suitable tip would be placed. I put on a hotel robe and waited. When I heard the knock on the door I yelled “Come in” and dashed into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I waited a few minutes and when I was sure the coast was clear, I turned off the shower and entered my bedroom ready and eager to eat my dinner. I found eating in a silicon rubber hood an interesting experience. My lips were numb as they were covered with rubber and my mouth could only open a small amount. But, I soldered on and succeeded to enjoy my meal.

Once I had eaten, plans for the evening began to form in my head. I went to my stash and pulled out several items and laid them on the bed. It was early and I decided to rest a bit before taking on more strenuous activities. I settled down in bed and lifted my legs to once again redistribute the wealth of natural essence within my rubber cocoon. I laid back and much to my surprise, fell asleep.

I woke up with a startle about 3:00 AM still in my rubber layers. I realize I must have been exhausted. I also realized that my plans for further debauchery were somewhat dashed. I needed to prepare for my meetings as there was no way I could show up in a steamy wet silicon suit complete with silicon face. Also I needed to rest my skin a bit as it was no doubt saturated with sweat and cum. I headed for the shower. I have worn my silicone suit several times and removing it is alway a challenge. My usual procedure is to fill the sleeves with soapy water and work the water over my body making it slippery enough to loosen the rubbery grip on my body. It didn’t work. Seems that the silicone suit had bonded itself to the rubber suit underneath. The soapy water merely filled the inner suit and did not go between the layers. Try as I may to loosen the grip between the suits, nothing works.

Oh my God I am stuck! Now what? I could call for help but even a second person couldn’t fix it. My problem is inside the suits. I needed a solution. Then it dawned on me, a solution. If I could somehow force the soapy solution between the layers, I might make it out. I went to my rubber stash and retrieved a heavy rubber belt. I then laid down on the bathroom floor and raised my legs to move all the soapy water to the top of my suits. I then affixed the belt around my waist. I looked like a rubber MICHELIN man.

I rolled back and forth on the floor hoping the solution would make its way between the layers. It finally worked. I then stand up and remove the belt and let the water flow down the legs. Back in the shower I am finally able to slither out of the silicone suit and the Hero suit follows soon after. I was saved. It is 4:30AM. I decided to sleep a little longer but before I did, I decided to sleep until my wakeup call at 7:30AM. Then all I have to do is dress and head out for my meetings. 

The call wakes me up as planned. I feel pretty good and my skin seems to be in great shape despite being saturated in cum and sweat for hours. I first retrieve my sodden suit hanging up in the shower. They are dry on the outside so I turn them inside out and hang them in the closet. Now for my plan for the day. Today I plan to wear a full rubber suit under my clothes. The suit of choice is a semi transparent neck entry suit in 0.025mm rubber. This suit is so thin that it does not build up heat like thicker suits so sweating will not be as much a problem as yesterday. I lube myself in preparation to worm my way into the suit. Donning this suit is arousing. It is like a rubber aphrodisiac. Once in I smooth out all the air and prepare to dress. This suit does not have attached feet. This will prevent any sweat buildup in the suit. I wear special black hunting socks to absorb any sweat pooling in the legs. I resist pleasuring myself. Wearing rubber all day without cumming should make my randy as hell tonight. 

My meetings are in Northridge. The drive is usually an hour in morning traffic. I allow for an hour and a half. I don’t mind the delay. Driving up the 405 in a convertible, top down, wearing rubber is a great way to spend the time. The drive is as anticipated and I arrive at my meeting on time. The meeting progresses as anticipated. I have two meetings. I find myself obligated to have lunch with a supplier. My second and last meeting of the day releases me at about 3:00 PM. I decided to take a long route back to my hotel via the coast. I head back down to 405 until I see the Santa Monica exit and head west until I see the pier then head south through Venus Beach on Speedway Ave. It takes a while to get back to the LAX area but it is a great drive. I finally reach my hotel and head in the change into casual clothes before heading out again.

I re-dress over my rubber suit and head for that restaurant that I bailed on yesterday. I met the same waitress and almost slipped up saying “Remember me?” realizing that I looked a bit different now. I enjoyed my dinner and then walked to the Manhattan Beach Pier where I was lucky to find a spot to sit on one of the pink fishing seats. The ocean breeze felt good. My rubber suit did well remaining comfortable yet keeping me on a salacious edge all day. I watched the beautiful sunset before heading back to my car and the hotel. Back at the hotel I began to lay out the “evening wear”. They consisted of several heavy rubber suits, masks, hoods, gags, and assorted rubber tubes, belts, and surprises.

My first act was to remove my thin neck entry suit. I would love to keep it on forever but it might be harmed by the strenuous activities I have planned for this evening. I slip into the shower and shed my suit. I towel it off inside and out and hang it with the other suits I wore yesterday. Now onto the debauchery. My first rubber item will be a pair of rubber shorts. These shorts have an attached cock and ball sheath as well as an inflatable butt plug. I lube them up and slide into them. I then inflate the plug until I feel full and remove the inflator. Nothing excessive as I will be wearing it for quite some time. There is a rubber tube attached to the sheath which will come into play later.

Next comes the first suit. It is a face entry suit heavier than the one I wore today. This one has an attached hood, feet, and gloves. All I need to do is make sure the tube attached to the sheath finds its way outside the suit. Next comes two more suits. This second suit has an attached rubber hood. The hood has openings for eyes, and mouth. I eagerly slipped into this second rubber suit. It is a back zip suit with attached feet. This hood has nose tubes. The nose tubes are designed to protrude a couple inches into my nose. These tubes would prove to be my only lifeline once I inserted a gag. The gag is to keep things quiet. This is a particularly intense version of a gag. It is a tongue gag that fills my mouth completely, as well as the space between the teeth and lips. Once in place, my screams of ecstasy will be reduced to a moan. This intrusive gag will be sealed under the hood. The gag has a tube in the center through which I can breathe for the moment. Now for my third rubber suit. This was a loose fitting 2.0ml, full closure, with hood, attached boots and gloves. This hood only has holes for the nose and mouth tubes. The tubes will be fed through appropriate holes. The eyes are covered so once I zip up the suit I am shut off from any outside stimulus. This suit is patterned after an Aquala drysuit with an air/watertight zipper. Once zipped in I was totally sealed in.

I easily slip into the third suit. I hoist it up to my shoulders and slide my arms into the heavy rubber sleeves. Before donning the hood I need to make some attachments. The penis tube needs to be attached to the gag tube. One can’t be urinating in my rubber suits can they. Once I am properly plumbed, I pull the heavy hood over my head and zip up the final suit. At this point I could lock the suit but that is not necessary as I plan to stay layered up as long as possible even without the lock but it adds to the thrill. I am now sealed in three layers of rubber. I begin to sweat heavily not only because of the heat in the room but because of sheer exhaustion. I blindly grope for the bed, strip back the covers and fall into bed. By now I am panting through my nose tubes barely getting enough air to breathe. I almost panic realizing that I have to relax my breathing in order to survive.

It takes several minutes for me to calm down from my near panic. I then begin to relax. I begin to fall into trance as I succumb to my rubber viscera. It is like I have returned to the womb as I wallow in my sweat filled rubber cocoon. I am like a pupa in a rubber chrysalis waiting to become renewed. I then feel the ravenous urge to cum. By now my sheath is filled with precum. Pleasure comes quietly and violently. I am once again at the mercy of my completely inadequate nose tubes. Eventually the calm quickly follows the storm and I am back luxuriating in my rubber world.

Time goes on and I doze off to sleep only to be woken by a vile taste in my mouth. I scream in my gag but only a slight mew is heard in the room. My bladder is releasing urine. I am consuming and recirculating it through my system. I could not stop the flow so I nearly drowned myself until the flow subsided. I know that for hours to come my fate is sealed to sweat and drink piss without a choice. My only other volition is to cum as often as I can.

In the morning, I woke up still in my rubber bondage. I feel like I have been reduced to a mere rubber object vegetating in a near comatose state. As I regain my focus I realize that it is morning and I have one last meeting today which at this point I would rather miss. I blindly grope for the key to my outer suit. It takes me several minutes to find it and even longer to fit it in the lock with these heavy gloves. I removed enough rubber to be able to see again only to find that I had a message. Seems my plans are about to change. My meeting was canceled due to reasons I could care less about. I replaced my hoods and reconnected my tubes and went back to bed.

Some time later I was woken again by a knock to the door. It was the cleaning staff wanting to freshen my room. I jumped up and hastily removed enough rubber to yell out “Never mind I am planning to stay in today.” By this time the door was beginning to open but closed again before they could see me in all my gear.

I laughed then realized that today was all mine. I had hoped for this opportunity for some time and had decadent plans for such a day. Time to prepare. The first order of business was to peel out of all my layers of rubber. Then begins the thankless job of cleaning, drying and storing it all back in my luggage. But before that I need to retrieve my ensemble for the day. Once it was properly laid out, I resumed packing my rubber.

Today will be true debauchery. I begin to dress. My choice is a full rubber suit with attached gloves, feet and all. That’s not all that is attached. In the rear there is a Bardex Style inflatable double bulb system attached to the suit with all the necessary tubes trailing out the rear. Attached in front is a rubber penis and ball sheath with long tubes outside and a cath tube inside the sheath.

My final prep before suiting up is to give myself a full bowel cleansing enema. This will be extremely important later. The suit is a neck entry. I lube myself and the inside of the suit before I step into it. I pull the suit up just short of my butt. There are things that must now be sorted out. First the long tube inside the sheath will now act as a catheter. Once inserted, the sheath follows. There is a valve at the end that is closed for now. With everything tucked in I continue with the rear.

Next in goes the first Bardex balloon with the second one remaining outside. I inflate both with a water filled syringe. Full retention is secured. Nothing will get past that. I struggle to slip into the rest of the suit. Once the neck snaps into place, I am secure and also trapped in this suit for the duration. To add to the feeling of bondage, I add a heavy rubber harness over the top of my rubber suit. This harness will insure the Bardex stays in place should pressure build.

I then dress in my street clothes making sure I have access to all the tubes. The next bit of kit is a special design of mine. It looks like a designer backpack. It is leather and quite handsome. What is inside is a great deal more perverse. It is essentially a camelbak which when filled with liquid will be put to a use unanticipated by the manufacturer. I next fetch out all to the rubber tube from both my sheath and Bardex. I return to my stash and fetch two tube tubes. One is attached to my sheath and one is attached to the Bardex tube. I fill my backpack with warm water and strap it on. There is a tube and valve at the bottom of the bag. This is plugged into the Bardex tube. The penis tube is tucked in under my shirt and goes up one my shoulders and taps into the top of the camelbak bag. I check the mirror to ensure none of the tubes are visible. I grab my sunglasses and a pair of driving gloves and prepare myself for a mind blowing day.

My first stop is a little Cuban restaurant called Havana Mania for an early lunch. From there I plan to once again work my way up the coast to the Santa Monica Pier. After that I will hit museum row for some “culture in rubber”. Meanwhile my portable “refilling station” remains closed until later. I have opened the penis catheter valve so urine is now steaming into the camelbak. The tube is next to my neck and I can feel the heat of the urine as it climbs the tube. The drive is delightful. I constantly feel the water sloshing in the back pack as I hit bumps in the road. 

My excitement builds as I realize I am wearing a time bomb. At any moment I choose I can let it off and a tsunami of water/piss mix that will invade me like a water filled exploding grenade. But for now I travel on. It is Friday and the Santa Monica Pier is not very busy. I parked and walked the pier in the full sunshine. My full suit was beginning to slip and slide across my body not unlike my experience the other day. The Bardex balloons were doing their job to stimulate my rear and the penis sheath was barely containing my erection. I tried to distract myself with my surroundings but this is one time where I could not forget I was wearing rubber.

Full of all the Santa Monica Pier has to offer I go back to my car and head east to Museums Row. My first stop is LOs Angeles Museum of Art where I enjoy some of LA’s famous art collections. I prepare to go through security by making sure all the valves are closed and gently detaching the tubes. I carefully lay the backpack in such a way as not to slosh the water.

Once through X-ray I again carefully retrieve the bag, strap it on and once out of sight I reattach the tubes. I am now free to roam the museum enjoying art in rubber. I forget how deadly quiet museums are. As I walked into the first exhibit I thought I could hear the slight rustle of my suit. I sat down on a bench to see if I was correct. Then I heard a second sound. It was the trickle of piss as it entered the camelbak. I laughed to myself thinking what if anything would other visitors make of such a sound. Unfazed by all of this I got up and continued my tour. I spent about an hour and a half in the museum before exiting.

My next stop was the Peterson Museum. This is a real treat for me. I expected to spend at least three hours here among the amazing collection of cars and memorabilia. I went through security in the same fashion as before. The ambiance here was heavier so I gave no evidence of my kinky situation. I ended up spending over three hours here. I was thrilled to spend time here so much that I thought I owed myself a treat before I left. Since sneaking away somewhere for a cum was out of the question, I chose the next best thing.

Somewhere near the Cars of Film and Television exhibit I cracked open the bottom valve on the camelbak. The mixture of water and piss began to slowly enter my bowels. It is just a trickle at this point. There is no immediate distress but I am clearly aware of fluid building up inside me. I walked quickly to the exit and back to my car. The pressure was building.

Before getting into the car I closed the lower valve. I calculated that less than a pint of pissy water entered me. It was a little uncomfortable as I felt the compulsion to expel everything but no ability to do so. I told myself that my museum tours were over for the day. Let’s just say that from here on out my concentration would be compromised.

I drove for a while listening to a duet of water sloshing both in my stomach and backpack. Bumps in the road seem more intense. It was then that my mind decided it was time to catch something to eat although my body was disagreeing. My mind won out and I stopped at one of my favorite stops at a Maricos Jalisco Taco Truck. I got out and ordered at the window. It came quickly and I returned to the car. The food was as great as I remember. I decided I needed another “treat” so I opened the bottom valve again. This time I am sitting in the car putting pressure on the bag and fluid runs in faster this time. I once again shut the valve after I received a good dose. I can feel my inside swelling and this time I start to feel intestinal convulsions. They are slow at first but grow after a few minutes. Time to drive off and force myself to endure the increasing discomfort for another hour. It is at this point that I realize I am both master and slave forcing myself to endure the suffering.

I finally returned to the hotel. I reflect on my trip so far looking back at all the kinky things I accomplished. This is truly my most eventful trip. Time for another.``treat”. Before I leave the car I open the bottom valve completely and push back on the seat forcing the bag to empty all the remaining contents into my body. Once empty I close the valve so not so much as a drop return to the bag. My stomach is so distended that I look like I am pregnant and the pains are so great that I feel like I am giving birth. I manage to waddle to the elevator which takes me to the lobby. From there I try to regain enough composure to appear normal. I rush to the elevator and finally to my room. Even though I am in my room, relief will not come quickly. Now onto the next phase.

I remove my backpack and quickly strip off my clothes. I then run into the bathroom. Yes I am still in my rubber suit and plugged with a Bardex. The only relief will come as liquid trickles out of the Bardex tube. I calculate it would take an hour to drain my bowels through that tiny tube. But I will only be here half that long. My stomach is a tsunami of cramps as I push as hard as I can to expel the fluids. It is an agonizingly slow process and in the end it will only produce half the results. I estimate that a half hour will result in half the water draining out. I have diabolical use for the other half. At the half hour point I close the Bardex valve and attach another tube to its end. That tube will now be connected to the tube at the end of the penis sheath. What got out must come in. Agony begets agony.

The pressure in my bowels overpowered my bladder muscles and it began to fill up. At the point where I feel my bladder can hold no more, I close the Bardex valve and the valve on the sheath. I let things simmer a bit before my final step. I grab more tubing and a “T” fitting as well as my full mouth gag, a full rubber hood and a locking collar. One end of the Bardex tube and the penis tube goes to the ends of the “T”. another tube connects to the mouth gag. Once the gag is in place, the hood goes on to make sure the gag stays in put. Next goes the collar and a lock. The key goes in a lock box set for two hours. All that is left is to open all the valves. Suddenly a flood of vile piss water shoots in my mouth from both my bladder and rectum. The stream is continuous. It is all I can do not to drown.

I can’t tell how long it lasted. My bowels finally empty. My bladder goes into recycle mode. It would empty but fill up again as if my piss water was in a close continuous circuit. I was constantly sucking piss water from my bladder.The two hours finally ended and the lock box signals it is unlocked. I remove the hood. It is full of piss water that leaked out of my mouth. I close the valves and remove the gag. I am exhausted. I passed out. Before I know it it is morning.

I am a complete mess when I wake up. I am soaked with sweat, piss, and cum. I can hear sloshing within my layers of rubber evidence of the cartel activities that are hermetically sealed inside my suits. I struggle to get out of bed. I am awash in visceral fluid making it hard to move. I made it to the shower and began the long laborious process of removing my layers and began the final process of cleaning myself and my rubber. I took almost an half hour to free myself from my self imposed bondage and begin to clean everything. I toweled off all my rubber and hung it up to dry. I would be going home later today and needed to make sure everything was properly cared for. Once that was done, I returned to bed to get some more well needed sleep. 

I woke up later that morning. I went in and checked on my recently worn rubber. It was nearly dry so I packed my remaining items saving them for last. It was decision time. What do I wear for the trip home? My decision was to once again wear my “Hero” suit. After all, it had always served me well in the past. I slipped into the suit then into some casual clothes and headed out to have brunch in the hotel cafe. I was hungry and the meal was great. I had some time to kill so I decided to walk over to the Flight Path Museum and spend a little time there. It’s only $5 bucks to get in and it is a fairly quick read. I spent about an hour there then headed back to my hotel figuring my final items must be dry by now and I can finally pack and head out. 

I checked out about 2:00 PM and turned my car in at the rental. Within a few minutes I was in front of the ticketing desk checking in my bags. Security was a breeze as always and before long I was on a plane heading back to Chicago relishing the thoughts of all the kinky perverted things I did in the past few days looking forward to planning for my next trip and my next rubber challenge. Hmm, there is a Los Vegas trip planned for next month.


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