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Love of Rubber

by Willy Jim

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Las Vegas In Summer

Business often brings me to Las Vegas. Whether it is a convention or just normal business meetings, I typically travel there at least four times a year. Winter is a popular time for conventions in Las Vegas because the weather is agreeable and often a great break for blustery Chicago. However this time I find myself going to a convention in Las Vegas in the summer. Not only summer but mid August. Who on earth thinks that it is a good idea to have a convention in Vegas in the summer? It averages over a hundred degrees that time of year and for a guy who likes to go out and about wearing rubber, this is not going to be a good time. Looks like my plans will be strictly indoors this trip.

It was a balmy sixty two degrees when I left Chicago and since my plane arrived in Las Vegas in the evening, I decided to once again wear rubber for the trip. This time I chose my .025mm neck entry suit. I find the thinner rubber does not retain the heat as much as some of my other suits plus it is heaven to wear. I arrived at the airport, checked my bags and was on the airplane in no time. I love sitting among the vanillas secretly wearing rubber. I was tempted to go into the restroom and pleasure myself but there would be time for that later.

We touched down in Las Vegas. The good thing about summer travel in Las Vegas is the indoor air-conditioning is usually pumped up pretty high, however crossing to the jetway gave me a taste of what it was like outside. I eventually retrieved my bags and headed for the rental car kiosk. My air-conditioned comfort was about to come to an end as I next had to board the shuttle to my car. I was like walking into an inferno. It was hot despite it being evening. I reached my car and found everything was closed up and it was hot. I jumped in and immediately cranked the AC on full blast. The brief account with the heat had left me sodden inside my suit. I cooled down a bit before heading for Caesar’s Palace, my home for the next three days. I checked in and headed to my room. I was pretty randy by this time and wanted nothing more than to tear off my clothes and pleasure myself the entire evening. I waited for what seemed to be an eternity for my bags to arrive. Once in hand, I immediately rummage through my various rubber items for some of the accessories necessary for an evening of decadence. 

I stayed in my current suit eager to finally violate it. Tonight I think a little breath play is in order. I brought along a well accessorized gas mask for such an occasion. I had an attached hood plus additional straps. There is a built-in inflatable butterfly gag. There are two hoses. The hoses are separate but once attached to the mask they can be connected to different parts of the gear. One hose goes to a rebreather bag and the other goes to a bubble bottle. Their uses should be obvious to anyone familiar with this set up.

First order of business is to piss into the bubble bottle. Morning piss is best but here we are. The next bit of gear is a heavy runner sleep sack. The sack has an attached hood, air mouth and nose holes only. It has inner sleeves but they are hard to use solo. I lay the sack out on the bed and put the gas mask within reach. I begin to slip into the bag. It is tight but I am still able to slide in. I duck my head under the attached hood and slip my head inside. Time for the gas mask. I zip it on then tighten the straps. I pump up the gag. I then reach out and pull the covers over me. I slip my shoulders into the bag and zip it up from the inside. This will be my rubber haven for the night as I quickly shag my rubber suit more than once putting me in an ethereal trance. 

Once I recover I then settle back and succumb to the cadence of the gas mask breathing valves as they lull me to sleep. I woke up sometime during the night and removed the gas mask and gag then went back to hibernating in my cozy rubber sleep sack

I woke early. I was almost too comfortable in rubber wrappings to get out of bed. It was restful. I eventually forced myself to struggle out of my sleep sack then into the shower to clean up for the day. I was over twenty four hours in the rubber suit and it was getting a bit gamey. I cleaned myself and my suit and toweled both off. I then cleaned the sleep sack and packed it away.

This is the first day for the convention and is typically packed with people as everyone is chasing around for entrance badges. I already had my badge so I thought I would treat myself to a little fun this morning. I remembered the fun I had in LA wearing a full silicone body suit in public. I thought I would try it here for a couple of hours. My plan was to don the suit, dress in street clothes and walk around the Palace.

To make things interesting I added a couple bits of gear. First was a rather large butt plug. It is not one I would choose to wear for a long period of time but I could stand it for a couple of hours. Next I wanted to try wearing a new gag. I bought a “Big One '' silicone gag which promised to have a “ super smooth surface and literally slips into the mouth. It completely fills the oral cavity and feels pleasant.” I decided that I would wear it under the attached skin suit hood.

Once everything was in place, I slipped into the suit. It was two pieces with a high waist that overlapped top and bottom. The bottom had attached feet and penis sheath. The top had a full hood/mask and attached gloves. I love how this suit clings to my skin and moves with me as if it were my own skin. Even though the top and bottom waist areas overlap. I felt I needed something more secure. I rummaged through my bag and came up with a leather harness. This harness went over my shoulders, through my crotch and around my waist where it secured with a bucket and a built in lock. I didn’t need the lock but soon realized that the harness would not buckle without it. So I locked it. Hey, it’s only a couple of hours. I’d leave the key in the room to add to the intrigue.

I was sitting next to the window and reached out to put the key on the window ledge when suddenly I heard a knock at the door. I was startled and quickly looked to the door to see if the security latch was locked. It was and I just waited quietly hoping whoever it was would go away. They did and I returned to the task of leaving the key on the sill. I looked at my gloved hand but there was NO KEY! I must have dropped it but where? It was nowhere in sight. Panic hit. Right below the window was the room AC unit. The key must have dropped into one of the louvers on top of the unit. In other words it was gone.

Now what? I am stuck in a full body silicone skin suit wearing an all too large butt plug and a massive mouth gag. I need to somehow cut myself out of this harness. But how? I rack my brain and finally come to the inevitable. I need something so I can cut the straps and so I dress in my street clothes, grab my keys and sunglasses and head out on a mission. Maybe I could find something in the gift shops that would work. If not I would have to go out and buy something somewhere. Go out! It is over 100 F/38C outside. I am wearing a thick rubber suit, a huge butt plug, and can’t talk to boot. 

Bad news on the gift shops so I reluctantly have to go for plan B. I head for my car hoping no one would engage me in conversation. This mouth gag is huge and I am drooling like crazy inside my hood. As I reach the car I begin to feel the heat even in the shaded garage. I get in the car and crank the AC to max. My plan was to hit some big box store where I could look around for what I needed and checkout without having to ask for assistance. Fortunately big box stores are great at not offering assistance. The problem is I am on the Strip miles away for any everyday shopping. I punch in my request to the car’s GPS only to find that the nearest big box store is a half hour away. Meanwhile I am roasting in my suit.

Despite the insufferable heat in my suit, the oppressive mouth gag and the massive butt plug, I am still trying to concentrate on the GPS as I inch my way to a store. Apparently I am too focused as I notice to my dismay that red and blue lights are flashing in my mirror. I pull over.

Vegas’ finest walks up to my window and asks me to roll it down and shut off my car. The heat rolls in with a fervor. I fear I am going to melt on the spot. The officer tells me I blew a stop sign then asks for my license and registration. I handed him my license and rental agreement. Then it dawned on me. I am wearing a rubber mask. No way I look like the photo on my license plus I am gagged and can’t even attempt to explain anything. He looks at the paperwork and I signal that I am mute. He catches on. He then questions the photo. I tap my bald rubber covered head and make scissor-like movements with my fingers. I hope he thinks now being bald explains the different look. He nods and walks back to his car. After what seems like hours of sitting in my hot car, he returns with the ticket and unceremoniously hands me the ticket, my license and the rental agreement and tells me to drive carefully. As I breathe a sigh of relief, I once again find myself struggling to deal with my situation. 

I reached the store. The car AC is barely able to keep up with the heat and now I must park and somehow face the full brunt of the inferno looming outside. With my luck the lot is packed and I will have to walk a distance. I open the car door and I feel the full blast of the torrid heat. I struggle to walk to the entrance. I’ve never measured a silicon suit but I bet it is as thick as a 1.0mm latex and definitely not conducive to 100 degree weather. I make it to the door but I have new problems. My suit only had two places to sweat to escape; through my eye and nose holes. Sweat is streaming out of both. The sweat is so bad I can’t see.

I grab a cart to help steady myself then I head for housewares to find a towel in hopes of soaking up enough escaping sweat to enable me to see again. It works. I then head for hardware which is in the furthest reaches of the store. I find a pair of heavy shears which should do the job then head for self-checkout with my towel and shears. I can see enough to navigate the purchase then head back out to the searing heat outside. I reach the car. I open the door and it is an oven. The seats feel like they are on fire. I feel a new wave of sweat wash over me. I start the car hoping that I might feel some relief before I get to the hotel. Unfortunately I do not. Seems the silicon suits hold the heat all too well. No cool air can penetrate it. I return to the garage and struggle to work my way to the elevator. My sweat filled suit is battling me all the way. I finally reached my room.

My room is a welcome sight however I am still in major distress. By now I am literally submerged in a deluge of sweat. The sweat is so dense that I can not feel the suit anymore. The suit looks bloated and ballooning away from my body. By now the both plug and gag are unbearable. I must get out of this as quickly as possible. I grab the shears from my bag and immediately begin to attempt to cut through the leather harness. To my shock it is not working. The leather is too thick. I try harder only but suddenly the shears break. The shear is now in two pieces. By now I am so desperate that I grab on half of the shear and begin sawing at the straps using the blade as a knife. It is no use on the thicker leather but there is some thinner leather near the lock. I try that and finally have success. After an hour of sawing away at the leather, the lock finally comes apart. I am free. All I need is to remove the harness and jump in the shower to remove the suit, plug, and gag. There is so much sweat in the suit that it peels off with no problem. I struggle a bit to remove the gag and plug. They now seem to want to be a part of me. Once free from my rubber internment, I take a long and well deserved shower after which I can barely find the energy to rinse out my suit before collapsing on my bed. I pass out and sleep for hours. 

After some time I woke up. I need fluids. All my joints are aching which tell me I am seriously dehydrated. I immediately begin drinking water but I know from experience that water is not enough. I dress and head for one of the gift shops. Fortunately they have bottles of sports drinks in the cooler. I buy all that they have and carry it back to my room. I continue to sip on the sports drink throughout the rest of the morning up and until the point where I have to pee.

Once I pee I know things are getting back to normal. I never thought I would say this but I had enough rubber for one day. Today will be a rubber free day. I shower again, shave and dress and head out to the convention dressed as a vanilla. Funny thing is even after all I was through, I am looking forward to more rubber adventure tonight.

The convention turned out to be worth my time. Since I missed most of the first day I decided to extend my visit another day. I haven’t eaten much since I arrived so I thought I would catch something before heading back to the hotel. I booked an early reservation at the Capital Grille. I love the look of the place. Drinks and the meal were great so I headed back to the hotel. Decadence awaits.

My first act was to check on my rubber items. All seemed well and no worse for the wear so I packed to make way for the items I need for this evening. The list included a rubber condom suit, a heavy inflatable suit, a rubber hood, the “Big One” silicon gag, butt plug, a small air pump, and assorted pieces of rubber tubing. I laid all this out on the bed anxious to get started.

First the gag goes in. Hopefully it will keep all the screaming to a mew. After that I began by donning a full rubber hood. This hood was a latex microporous hood with vest shoulder part attached hood with micro holes rubber for eyes and nose. I slip into the shoulder vest and pull on the hood. I slip into the first suit. This suit is a face entry suit. The hood and gag are now trapped under the suit and can not be removed.

This suit has both penal and anal sheaths. I lube and insert the butt plug and fix the penis sheath. Once everything is in place I step into the heavy inflatable suit. This suit has an attached gas mask, gloves, boots, and airtight zipper. I duck my arms and head into the hood then pull up the zip. The suits are heavy and my breathing is restricted by the mask. I need to rest a few minutes to regain my strength. Next I grab the inflator pump and proceed to pump up the outer suit. There are two layers to this suit. The inner layer is 0.40mm. The outer is 2.0mm. Once inflated all the pressure forces inward. The pressure builds. I feel it growing and at one point it begins to crush against me making it even harder to breathe and move. Once completely full, I lay back on my bed to catch my breath before the games begin.

Refreshed, I now reach for the tubes. One end goes on the end of the mask. The other end attaches to a portal on the suit. The plan is to rebreathe the air from the suit for as long as I can stand it. The goal is an hour. The best I have done so far is thirty minutes. My first inhale is intoxicating. The smell of rubber is mind-bending. I am quickly intoxicated by its smell. I know from the past that this smell will only increase as the heat from my breath infiltrates my suit. I lay back and relax once again memorized by the cadence of the mask as I breath. At what I guess to be the fifteen minute mark, I begin to feel the air getting thinner. I am beginning to think my goal is unreal. 

I am also beginning to feel anxious as the air gets thinner and thinner. As expected the rubber smell is getting more and more intense. I suddenly feel the need to cum although I know it will induce excitement which will exhaust my breathable air even quicker. The need to climax is insidious. I feel it coming on without a means to stop it. My will is a shambles. 

Suddenly sparks fly as a tempest of emotions suddenly cascade over me. A cannonade of cum bursts into my sheath and my already ragged breathing becomes nothing more than repeated gasps. I fear I will pass out and possibly die before I can release myself. Can I regain my composure to continue or is this the end. I need fresh air and I need it now. I struggle to free the hose from the suit. Something is wrong. The heavy gloves combined with my oxygen starvation has left me near helpless. I can't seem to release the tubes. My attempt at self breath control gas went too far. I now see a constellation of stars which quickly begin to darken as I slip helplessly into unconsciousness. 

My eyes slowly open. All I see is a blur. I have no self-awareness of my situation. Everything is clouded. As I begin to awaken I begin to comprehend my situation. It comes back to me slowly. I am in a rubber suit; actually two rubber suits. I am looking through a microporous hood which restricts my vision plus the gas mask lenses are completely steamed over. Then the whole experience hits me like a ton of bricks. I was suffocating. I passed out. I should have died but I didn't. Why? I struggle to sit up. As I looked down I could faintly see the hose which was hooked to my suit dangling from the mask. In the end I must have managed to work it free and save myself.

Once the relief of still being alive wore off I began to think about all the “what ifs” that would have transpired if I did not make it. The hotel cleaning ladies find a black rubber suited blob lying motionless on their white linen sheets. The shock hit me like a triple espresso.. 

I take a physical inventory. I am once again awash of sweat and cum. I pissed in my suit. The outer suit is still somewhat inflated. I need to get out. I scream to get out but my gag prevents so much as a squeak. I have to calm down. I escaped a near death situation while cumming in my rubber layers. I was meant to carry on. Almost as if it were a conditioned response, my hand reached for the inflator and I began to re-inflate my outer suit. Once complete, I laid back in my bed, closed my eyes and once again relished my love for rubber. Slowly I fell to sleep.

I woke up once again swaddled in rubber. All I could do was lay there luxuriating in my rubber cocoon. My mind tells me I need to get up because I have work to do but my body tells me I have a yearning for salacious sex. I need to cum at least once before returning to the mundane work. I pursue my avarice with a passion totally sealed in my sweat soaked chrysalis. I exploded in the sheath. I lingered in the afterglow before forcing myself to attempt to get out of bed.

I was happy to find that my outer suit held air and was still inflated. I released the air valve and waited for the suit to collapse. It was now easier to move. I unzipped the outer suit and slipped out of it. I was amazed how my inner suit retained almost all of my visceral fluids. Good news because I would not need to clean the outer suit. I dashed into the shower. I was still at the mercy of my face entry suit. Neither my inner hood nor my mouth gag or butt plug could be removed without first getting out of this suit. Several minutes and lots of soapy water finally found me slipping out of the suit. Next came the hood and relief from the unforgiving gag and butt plug. I showered for another half hour. I was whole again. 

I still wanted to see more of the convention. I needed to hurry. First order of business was to clean my gear. I toweled my suit inside and out then used the hair dryer to get as much moisture out as possible. I would have to tend to the rest when I return home. I finished packing save for my day clothes and the thin suit I wore coming here. I put that in my briefcase with plans to put it on shortly before my flight. I dressed and looked over the room then headed down to check out.

I walked the floor of the convention for about four hours. It was worth the extra day to see it all. I had an evening flight so I had time to get a good meal before hitting the airport. I returned the car and headed for check in. After dropping off my bags I headed for the restroom at the end of the concourse. It was empty. I went into a stall and slipped into my 025mm neck entry suit. Once all secure in my rubber suit, I redressed just in time as others entered the restroom. Security was next then a quick drink at the bar and a short wait at the gate. Before I knew it I was on the plane heading for Chicago. My mind was preoccupied with all that happened during the trip. In retrospect I knew I went too far last night which gave me mixed feelings of admonishment for what I nearly did and exhilaration for what I accomplished. This trip will be hard to top. Seems I have a trip to Europe planned in a couple of months. I need to plan for my next adventure.


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