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Jillian's Mouse Trap 3: Reinforced Rubber Encasement

by RbrBill

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© Copyright 2009 - RbrBill - Used by permission

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continued from part 2

Chapter 3: Reinforced Rubber Encasement

Jillian was numbed.  She had been in this small room for unknown hours…days?  She was trained and responding to the orders without hesitation.

She had just finished her cleansing break and was expecting to be put in exercise mode.  The other door latch on the other door in the room clicked.

“Proceed into the next room.”

Jillian trotted to the door.  Anything to break the boredom of this routine!  She literally flew into the next room.

This room was dark except for a spot lit stool.  A chair was to the side in shadow.  A pile of shiny black rubber sat on the stool.  It was as if the rubber was the center of some fetishist art display.

“Put on the clothing in the order you find.”

Jillian knew the response to not obeying.  She picked up the first item.  She held a pair of latex stockings.  She was already accustomed to the body suit she had been wearing so stockings were nothing to much in addition.  She sat in the chair and slowly pulled the stocking up her legs.  The sensation of the latex warming her skin and lightly caressing her legs was not that unpleasant.  She was pretty horny from the time in the body suit and those things in her body.  She had had no sexual release since she stumbled into the utility room days before.  She finished with the stockings. 

“Make certain the stockings are smooth and completely on then put on the next item.”

This item was a pair of open crotch shorts.  She pulled them on over the stockings and the shorts legs locked the stockings in place.  The lubricant in the shorts also contained rubber cement that glued the shorts to the stockings and the body suit.  Jillian didn’t know about this little trick. 

“Continue putting on the items in the order you find them until everything is on your body.”

Gloves followed the shorts.  These were long – reaching her armpits.  She felt the rubber encasing her arms and warming the skin.  She took up the short sleeve shirt that sat on the pile.  She pulled it over her bald head.  Again the shirt had open holes at the nipples so her hard nipples remained exposed.  The cement sealed the shirt to the gloves and body suit without her knowledge. 

She was now completely encased in latex from neck to toes.  She slowly probed her situation and discovered the rubber amplified her touch on her skin.  There was a certain erotic appeal to the feel that didn’t go unnoticed.

A trap door opened and the words, “Eat,” reverberated through the room.

The well-trained Jillian took up the liquid nourishment and filled herself.  This time the stuff filled her belly as the rubber pressed hard against it. 


Then the inevitable, “Cleanse,” followed with “exercise,” and “Drink” and “Rest.” 

The cycle continued as Jillian became more accustomed to the full body suit.  Early in the cycles she tried to remove the top and discovered that everything was bonded together.  This discovery sent a panic through her mind but then she had a thrill shiver deep inside her as she realized how erotic the situation was becoming.  Now the things in her ass and her pussy would vibrate randomly, bringing a new sensation to her experience but never enough to finish the job.  She had this added frustration to her situation.  Once she tried to finish off her lust and was rewarded by the electric shock of punishment.  Things were blurred as the cycles went on.

Finally the door at the other wall opened.

“Proceed to the next room.”

The Complete Transformation

This room had another stool with a pile of rubber.  Next to the stool was a pair of heavy rubber boots with the highest heels Jillian had ever seen. 

“Put the suit on to your waist.”

Jillian took up the heavy rubber suit.  This one was very heavy.  It was thick and shiny black.  She knew she had to comply so she eased her left foot into the dark maw at the bottom of the opening.  She struggled to pull the leg up to her knee.  She slipped the right leg inside the suit and worked the leg to her knee.  She stood and pulled and tugged at the tight and unforgiving rubber until the suit was to her crotch.  This suit had two reinforced sections that matched the base of the two plugs still embedded inside her.  The front section had an attached wand that actually fit into the soft interior of the phallus. 

As she pushed the wand into the phallus, the truth of the phallus slowly revealed itself.  The thick padding hid a series of nubs, probes and ribs that pushed out of the soft interior as it was compressed and made their presence known inside her love canal.  The tip of the thing pushed right through the padding and pressed the entire device to her “G” spot.  The rear opening matched to the opening in that plug.  She struggled to work the tight waist over her hips as the suit zipper ended at the small of her back.  The waist of the suit settled into place and the thick, and now intrusive, phallus pressed even further into her body.  The nubs and ridges raked the inside of her soft petal with every slight movement.  The base of the thing had an attached ring that fit through the suit.  The tiny silver circle was the only flaw on the shiny ebony seal at her crotch. 

There was a built-in corset that provided heavy additional rubber and stiffening.  Its design would force her breasts apart as they would settle into the large rubber cups attached under the corset.  It had a complex set of hooks and fasteners that would cover the zipper once tightened.  Its bustier looped over the shoulders under the arms against the upper ribs.  It would pull the back straight once the thing was tightened.  It’s incorporation into the suit was flawless.  It would shape the body into a severe hourglass from the hips to the shoulders.

Jillian just knew she had to get this heavy rubber suit on.  Her training to this point made it absolutely essential to follow the instructions.  She waited for additional instructions as the suit hug heavily about her hips.

“Put the boots on.”

Oh, well.  She knew this would come.  She picked up the first boot and pulled it on.  Her foot was bent into a severe ballet position.  She began to lace the boot.

“Lace tightly.” The voice warned.

She slowly worked the lacing tight.  The boot became an integral part of her leg as it pressed and molded to her shape.  She soon found it nearly impossible to bend her knee as the leg stuck out in front of her.  She struggled with the second boot.  She was hot and sweaty inside the inner suit.  Perspiration poured off her forehead and into her eyes as she finally finished the task. 

“Stand and finish with the suit.”

She grabbed the rail at the wall and pulled herself up.  She tottered in the boots.  She held the rail and wondered how she could continue. 

She pushed her arms into the sleeves and the tight rubber squeezed her limbs.  She pushed her hands past the narrow wrist ends into the attached gloves.  It was no easy task but the slippery lubricant helped the hand slide past the restriction into the gloves.

These gloves were a surprise!  They had stiffeners in them.  She lost use of her hands at this point.  She could pull at the suit and wiggle into its embrace but she would never be able to close the zipper or corset as she couldn’t close her fingers.  She shrugged her shoulders and made a dipping motion that let her shoulders slip under the curve of the corset boning.  As she straightened, the heavy rubber breast piece slipped into place.  She waited.  She figured there would be additional instruction.

“Proceed to the next room.”

Well!  This was a surprise.  No waiting or rest periods or food.

She went through the open door and found herself in a room with a high steel frame and several mechanical arms.  There was a short chair in the center of the frame.  The chair was shaped like a barber shop chair but its back was an open frame.  A headrest was on top of the frame but the open construct would allow access to her suit zip and corset hooks.  The chair was very low to the ground.  Heavy straps looped from arm rests on the chair.  Another set hung off the top of the front panel.

“Slip your feet into the front restraints.”

She slipped each foot through the looped straps.  The chair rose from the floor.  Another set of straps emerged as the chair ascended.  The ballet boot toes easily allowed the second set of straps to slide over her legs.  As the chair continued to rise, a third set of strap eased over the feet.  The chair reached the point where she fell into the seat.  She sat as the chair rose another foot off the ground.  The three sets of straps tightened around her upper thigh, knees and ankles.  Her legs were locked to the chair.

“Slip your hands into the straps.”

Jillian slipped her hands into the straps on the arm rests.  The straps tightened and pulled her arms to the padded rests.

Jillian was effectively immobilized.

The mechanical system took over at this point.  One of the robot arms grasped at the suit and pulled it closed.  Jillian felt the tightening against her encased body.  Her aural orbs settled deeper inside the suit again.  Those little needles shifted painfully.  The robot closed the zipper to her neck.  Next the machine began to hook and tighten the corset system.  It pulled the edges to within two inches and hooked the hooks from top to bottom.  Jillian could hardly breathe inside the encasement.  But the robot wasn’t finished yet.  It began to turn little mechanical ratchets embedded in the latches and the thing slowly closed together.  It took a long time.  Several times during the process the voice had commanded, “Breathe out.”

From the outside, the corset's punishing structure was almost invisible; but, as it tightened, Jillian quickly discovered that it covered her upper body in a combination of rubber, steel and Kevlar that sealed her in its unrelenting grip.  The busk split into a smooth yoke just above the rigid containments and curved back over her shoulders to join to the back of the corset, acting as an inner shoulder brace harness that firmly pulled her into a 'proper' posture.  Jillian was gasping for breath but the system had successfully closed her into the suit.

At this point, the robot arms quickly pulled a rubber hood over Jillian’s head.  She was so taken by surprise; she had no time to react.  The open hood allowed the small oval patch of her face as her only open skin.  Two ear pieces pushed into her outer ear canal as the rubber settled into place.  At this point the system began polishing the rubber skin.  This massage was incredible!  Jillian actually was panting with lust at the end of the polishing, or maybe it was short breath as a result of the corset.

A spot light turned on and she was in the middle of its warm glow.  At this moment the drapery in front of her fell away and she saw her transformed rubber figure in a mirror.  Gawd how incredible she looked.  She was amazed at how the suit transmitted sexual power.  Her aversion to rubber was still buried deep inside her psyche but this sudden visual experience after the sensual massage sent mixed signals that were hard to ignore.  She squirmed in the bonds and wanted to fondle her rubbery skin.  The inner probes came to life and as she looked on in amazement, the robot arms started to tease her rigid nipples as the system program carried her to a plateau of erotic desire.  The system stopped the tease leaving her breathless.

She noticed more details as she surveyed her plight.  Silver rings protruded from strategic parts of her ebony body.  Rings at the wrists sat in the center of obviously heavier reinforced rubber cuffs.  Still the smooth transition to the rest of the arm easily disguised the reinforced connection point.  Similar thick bands held rings at above her ankles.

“I need more!” She shouted to the walls.

The robot arm looped a wide strap attached to the headrest around her forehead.  Now she couldn’t move her head.  The arms picked out a wide rubber-lined steel posture collar and pressed it to her neck.  The collar curved to fit onto the corset bodice piece and cradle her chin in its shaped form.  The collar latched at the back of her neck with a snap.  She watched the whole thing as it was fit and saw no visible locking mechanism or joints when the thing was secure.  She couldn’t turn her head if she wanted.  To look left or right would require twisting her whole body from the waist as the collar was so perfectly engineered to fit to the corset busk with no space for movement.

The arm picked up a mysterious rubber appliance from a side table.  The arm swung into Jillian’s vision as the mechanical hand approached her face with the device.

“Open the mouth.”

Jillian clinched her teeth.  She remembered gags and didn’t like them!  She might be falling for the rubber suit but gagging was not an option.  She tried to move her head from the advancing arm.  The tight strap and collar limited her movement to pathetic twists.


The tingling began and increased rapidly.  Sweat poured from under her hood stinging her eyes.  She struggled at the bonds as the appliance reached her mouth.  She caught a glimpse of the black molded rubber being pushed at her lips.  The burning in her crotch and nipples increased.  She knew the punishment cycle was in full effect.  She relaxed her jaw and opened the mouth as wide as she could.  The burning stopped. 

The arm pushed the rubber gag toward her face.  It carefully inserted the large custom-formed rubber plug into her opened mouth. She groaned with discomfort and the effort of distending her jaws so widely when the slightly resilient pad was forced past her teeth.  The thing had been formed from her own dental records easily available in the modern electronic age. The gag-pad thus created was made in such a way that once inside her mouth it would keep her teeth slightly separated, yet fill it utterly. Its size alone ensured that she would bite down and would continue to do so for as long as it was in place.  

For a couple of moments the mechanical hand fiddled with a soft outer panel attached to the mouth-pad, ensuring that it nestled comfortably between her cheeks, teeth and gums along the sides, and between her lips and teeth at the front of her mouth. Two other soft yet insistent ridges on its bottom, slowly insinuated themselves along and under either side of her tongue, fully immobilizing it too.  The wide semi-rigid inner rubber flap at the front was spread evenly between her teeth and lips.   Jillian panicked, twitching her head back and forth in fear, attempting to spit out the huge, deeply projecting gag-pad. Her throat pulsed with garbled protests inside its steel collar; but the arm continued holding the mask firmly against her face.

"Bite down hard." The voice commanded.

With automatic obedience, she found that her teeth slipped even more deeply into their impressions in the pad. Although she tried to bite through the tough rubber, she quickly discovered that its dimensions wouldn't permit her to close her jaw! To her horror, when she attempted to open her mouth the suction she'd unwittingly created held her jaws securely together. Her eyes snapped open and she attempted to break the bonds holding her arms to reach her face, strangled protests vibrating her throat while she pulled at all the restraints mindlessly.  Under the thick rubber of the oppressive mask she attempted to curl her lips back over the wide inner flap between them and her front teeth; but it was far too wide and firmly seated to allow her to manage without help. Where before her front teeth would normally have been visible, now there was only a seamless black band with a gleaming, three quarter inch diameter stainless steel fitting at the center.

The robot pulled the wide rubber mask harness over her rubberized head and pulled straps tight.  The seal between the mask and the open hood was completed as the glue on the inside of the mask bonded with the hood.

Jillian whimpered inside her sealed cocoon.  She was now completed encased, head to toe, in rubber.  She saw the surprised “Oh” of oval steel framed in black and moaned.  Her tearing eyes were a mix of horror and trepidation as step by step she recalled how her plight became inexorably more difficult.  Where had she gone wrong?  She thought back to a hazy memory of hiking over to the Paulsen house.  That utility room door was the beginning.  Now here she was after days (weeks?) of imprisonment and conditioning to a point she was encased in heavy rubber, steel and Kevlar strength resin.  She saw no way to have avoided each step along the way.  It had been a step-by-step process that was so well planned… Ambrose!  She moaned into her mask and sagged as best she could in her body-shaping costume. 

Next the robot began to push two resilient, tapered, latex tubes into her nostrils. She flew into frenzy as the two things slowly up her nose and down her airway.  The head remained steady in its bonds and collar while the tubes slowly insinuated themselves deep into her sinuses.  She felt the tickle of the tubes at the back of her throat as the thing reached the epiglottis. 

“Do not swallow.  Breathe.”  The voice commanded.

The tubes passed into her larynx.  A second robot arm pushed a narrow probe into her mouth.  This eased into her throat to image the placement of the tubes and insure they ran into the larynx.  The system checked the image against its programming and satisfied the probe retracted.  Once in place, they sealed themselves by expanding in reaction to her body heat. What would be next in this nightmare!  It didn’t take long for revelation.  The robot arm lifted a long, slippery-looking tube so that she could see it. Jillian stared for a few seconds then arched her brows in mute fearful inquiry.

“Swallow this as it is inserted.”

She nodded her head as emphatically as her collar would allow.

The voice provided an explanation.  The first time it spoke something other than a curt command.

“This is how slave will be fed and how slave will drink while wearing the mask and helmet.  This end slides through a hole in the gag-pad, then it goes down the throat and into the stomach."

She tried to turn from the approaching tube but to no avail.  She was too secure in her bonds.  It was no use. In a second the machine slipped the tube's steel-rimmed end into the fitting on the front of the black band concealing her teeth, between her parted lips. Jillian desperately tried to clamp them on the slippery invader; but the wide inner sealing flap kept them too far spread. A protesting whine hissed from her nose, and tears began to brim in her fearfully dilated eyes as the machine prepared to insert the thick tube.

"As soon as slave feels the end at the back of the throat, start swallowing! Slave will find that it goes down quite easily after the first second or two."

She was looking up into the bright lights glaring on her shiny black form.  Slowly and steadily, despite her tearful and feeble protestations and efforts to break lose from the bonds, the metal hand began forcing the feeding and watering tube into the gag-pad. She tried again in vain to twist free of the bindings cradling and clamping grip.  Her whines and muffled sobs of protest swelling her throat barely filtered past the gag filled mouth.  She felt the slippery thing at the back of her throat!  

She trembled and convulsed like a plucked string; but somehow managed to start swallowing almost immediately.  In seconds the thick-walled tube was passing in slow inches down her esophagus. When the flange at the end came up against the fitting on the black band the robot gave it a half-twist and gentle push to lock it in place. The flange snapped home with a small click from the joining of the metal union. The tube's other end was now deep inside Jillian’s stomach. A few short bursts of air into the tubes double wall expanded it to fill her esophagus fully.  Far down inside her stomach, the end of the outer wall of the tube swelled into a small ball, ensuring that any throat or stomach contractions couldn't force the tube upwards.

The robot began fastening the web-work of the inner mask's securing straps.  The shock-pads, mounted on the mask's smooth inner surface, came into unrelenting contact and within seconds her entire head except for a small oval of skin around each eye was sealed.   She was completely sealed inside heavy impervious man-made neoprene rubber.

The confining and obscuring mask cupped her chin firmly, forcing her to keep biting down on the gag-pad, and when the robot tightened the wide strap over the top of her head it forced her to do so even harder. The widest one, around the back of her neck, secured the mask fully, pulling it plus a wide inner mouth strap firmly against her lips, rendered her absolutely silent. The narrower sets; one at each cheekbone, one below each ear, and one between her eyes, all acted to weld the face mask in place, permitting only faint hissing breaths to emerge from its chromed hose mountings.

When it had clamped to her face, she'd felt additional clicks within its structure as the feeding and watering fitting was forced into its mating joint on the gag-pad and at the same time, she'd felt an insistent pressure on her nostril plugs as they too connected themselves to her air supply fittings. She was now trebly fastened into the device. The locks fastening each strap emitted more little clicks of metallic finality when they slipped into self-locking receptacles. She looked up at the mirror with an expression of desperation mixed with anger and fear. 

The robot now pulled two mitt-like gloves over her hands.  These paddles of soft foam inside a tough rubber skin effectively rendered her hands totally useless.  The tight rubber wrist bands sealed to her suit as the adhesive set.  The straps on the arms of the chair came lose and she pulled her hands quickly out.  She raising her mitted and useless hands, trying to bend them closer so that she could attempt to pull away the enveloping horror locked onto her head.  It was to no avail.

Once again, she shivered in frantic negation.  The robot lifted the next dully-gleaming rubber appliance.  This was basically a reinforced full-face hood similar to those used in cold water diving.  It had a very small, less than two inch diameter opening that encompassed the nose and mouth area of the under-hood.  It was skin tight and would cover all of the various straps and buckles beneath a smooth and flawless rubber surface.  It was equipped with thick built-in eye-cup lenses whose edges mated into the deep channels on the outer surface of the rubber that already surrounded her eyes, and thus sealed her nearly completely inside The suit. The long collar was designed to go under the neck-piece of the still-opened suit, concealing the presence of the steel collar already locked in place. Once the robot smoothed the shoulder extensions underneath, it covered both surfaces with a rubber cement then rolled the still opened portion of the suit's body up and over the tacky surface, welding the inner helmet to the body portion. She was now a prisoner within a very secure, reinforced rubber encasement.

The cups over each of her eyes were actually special lenses. Thanks to their inner multi-faceting, they disconcertingly starred her vision into dozens of little views of the outer world, simultaneously turning them upside-down and effectively blinding her.  The smooth outer surfaces of the bulbous lenses were a mirror-bright surface.  She saw multiple black bugs staring back at her as she looked at her reflected image.  She was only vaguely certain that these images were her reflection.  When the robot finished fitting it she found that her hearing had diminished to the point that only the susurration of her blood flowing was audible to her, thanks to her previously fitted ear-plug/hearing aids and the deep, sound eliminating domes incorporated into the helmet itself.

Jillian had to make a conscious effort to get each breath and the mouth-seal, hearing aids, the tubes up her nose, together with the tightly-laced corset, soon reduced her to taking only short, panting gasps.

"Oh my God!" she wailed to herself inside her rubber imprisonment while she tried to twitch her fingers inside the mitts, "What have I done?" For the moment she'd forgotten that no one, other than employees of Ambrose, really knew where she was or how long she was expected to stay.

She vaguely saw robot arms reach over her shoulders and grasp the suit-attached helmet and pull it up over her face and head.  She felt yet another layer of thick rubber clamp itself firmly around her skull when the robot hands pulled its heavy-duty zipper fully closed and locked the tab into the fitting at the nape of her neck. The robot spread more of the adhesive onto a wide, full length flap on one side of the zipper, then still more into a slight depression on the other side, and pressed the flap firmly down into the depression. The chemicals quickly dissolved the surfaces and welded the fastener out of sight.

For a few seconds nothing more happened.  Then slowly the robot forced her to lift her chin again and wrapped a wide posture over-collar around her throat. The metal hands tightened it firmly, ensuring that she would always be aware of its presence, then she felt a slight pressure at the back of her neck and another little click when it too locked closed. The choker-collar was molded into the structure and like the layers beneath, allowed the restraint rings of her steel one to project through reinforced eyelets. She raised her mitts to her head slowly and with some difficulty, only to find that they bumped against a thick clear bubble, a full inch away from her masked face! She trembled with renewed panic, fearfully realizing that she was utterly imprisoned by layers and layers of thick reinforced rubber, with no means of removing any of them by herself.

“Stand,” commanded the voice.  She heard this in her head.  The hearing system worked perfectly inside the inner helmet.

Although she could only vaguely make out the multi-image view in the mirror, she was aware that the enclosure gave the figures in her vision a starkly alien appearance with very strong sexual power.  She must look like one of those space travelers from a “B” movie.  Her spacesuit of sealed rubber with the space helmet surrounding her head was the typical image she remembered.  She was a deep sea diver ready to drop into a thick syrup of murky of sexual deviance.  Her thoughts of any future were reduced to the next command and the need for obeisance and acceptance of the coming unknown.  She put her fate into this unknown with dubious emotions as her reason shouted this was completely unacceptable but her sexual awakening to the rubber wanted to open the door on the next room of depraved desire.  The conflict was very real and her whole being shook with anticipation and fear.

She stood as the chair dropped into the floor.  She was tottering on the ballet heels and felt as though she would fall.  One restraining strap had not loosened and held her legs together.  She had no way to balance and her distorted vision didn’t improve her ability to stand steady.  It didn’t take long for her situation to head further downhill as the robot picked up each of her mitted hands and threaded a long chain from the top of the frame through the rings at the end of the mittens.  She stared helplessly at her distorted image in the mirror thanks to the lenses and clear bubble covering her masked-obscured face. 

Slowly, despite her fighting to prevent it happening, her arms were drawn high above her head until a moment later she swung freely in mid-air in the center of the assembly frame.  Her encapsulated head twisted silently back and forth in protest when her weight began straining her shoulders and arms. The toes of her questing boots swayed slowly back and forth a foot above the cement floor at the end of the remaining strap which was attached to the floor by a thin steel wire.  She tried to kick out in frustration but only swung wildly in a circular pendulum motion which further disoriented her. 

The robot attached a short length of bar at her elbows.  The wide manacles at her elbows were well padded with rubber to gently but firmly lock her arms together as one appendage.  To further confine and bind the arms the robot wrapped a think rubber arm binder around both arms as they hung above her head.  It slowly wove the lacing of the device to weld her arms together from the elbow to her wrists.  The strain on her shoulders was incredible as the tight wrapping threatened to dislocate her joint.  The tight rubber of the suits resisted but yielded and settled into its new position around the stretched and bound arms.  The robot now grasped her left foot and locked a four-foot long spreader bar to it. 

The robot then swung her right leg out until it locked the right ankle to its side of the bar.  The robot clipped a chain to the center of the bar and brought tension onto the dangling Jillian.  The tension brought minor discomfort and effectively locked her in position for the next stage of her preparation. 

Again, she struggled frantically to avoid being immobilized any further; but only the sounds of her ragged gasping breaths, hissing from the air intakes on the helmet, could be heard in the otherwise silent room.  She hung with her legs wide apart and her arms sheathed as one over her head.  The three point connections held her completely motionless.  She saw the little figures in the mirror and again wailed a cry of terror-gripped despair.  The base of the steel wand of the suit that fit into phallus of the first body suit at her crotch and the opening to the rear plug were the only part of her body not sealed inside more than two rubber layers rubber layers.  This thin spot in her armor descended from just over her mons and back through her legs.  The thick rubber phalluses inside her were quite visible.  That was about to change.

She stared at her suspended figure or should say multi-faceted figures helplessly.

The delicate robot mechanism began to fondle her erogenous areas.  This new and surprising turn totally caught Jillian by surprise, albeit a very pleasant surprise.  Her fear subsided momentarily until she realized that there had to be a catch for receiving this new and erotic attention.  The thing teased her as best it could with multiple arms and hands.  It was the pleasure machine of Barbarella at work!  It massaged her bud through the two thin layers at her crotch and she soon responded with inevitable animal instinct.  The suits had built-in pouches to accept her stimulated clit.  As the thing filled and grew firm, the robotic arm clamped a ring around the base.  Her clit was now locked into its aroused position.  The robot then punched a small piercing through the rubber layers and clit to secure it in its exposed position.  It then attached a short electrical wire from the piercing to the phallus embedded in her flower.  

Despite the sharp pain of the assault, she was already coursing with her own juices of masochistic arousal.  This was a new turn of event obviously a result of the bizarre and heretofore unknown depths of bondage she was now subjected.

The robot took up a small began to attach what looked to be a rubber sanitary napkin to her nether region.  This rubber item contained the electric motor and connection rods for the piston action of the two phalli inside her body.  The little rods attached to the two rings at the base of the two wands.  When the thing was sealed between her legs it was nearly invisible.  When this little motor went into action, the ribbed phalli would play havoc on her sensitive inner flesh of her birth canal and rectum.

The robot hand held the curved rubber appliance firmly in place while the adhesive worked its magic of bonding the piece to the rest of her costume.  Although she wasn't aware of it, a series of electrical contacts now pressed firmly against her clitoris and vaginal region and anal sphincter ring, in addition to those embedded at the tips and along the lengths of both plugs. The robot attached lengths of tubing to the inlet ports of the helmet.  The long winding tubing fit directly into the interface with the nose tubes.  She sucked hard for air but the long winding tubes seemed constricted.  Her distress showed immediately.

The robot arms fed the long tubes into a corrugated sheath of reinforced rubber hose.  These hoses were connected to a pressurized air supply that would maintain and so overwhelmingly govern Jillian’s life from now on.  With a rapid twist of the hose’s metal end cap the air system was locked to the inlet port.  Thirty seconds passed while nothing changed.  Now air was completely cut off for Jillian.  She thought that this was the end.  Her chest heaved desperately to get air into starving lungs; but the inner masks sucked even more tightly against her face when she attempted to inhale.  The system switched on the oxygen-enriched air supply. Now, her lungs were forcibly filled and allowed to exhaust themselves, thanks to the compression of the corset and suit, before being re-inflated. Jillian was but the body inside an isolated rubber world, almost a human robot, encased in rubber. Her eyes closed in relief. At the regulator, the breathing bag slowly inflated and deflated in cadence with each breath.

Her breathing was measured by the cycle of the forced inflation system.  Terrifying thoughts coursed through her mind as she hung in her rubber prison.  She trembled in excitement and fear as every possible fantasy rushed through her active mind.  Was Ambrose behind this?  The dawning that he was still alive again entered her thoughts.  Was this just the beginning of an incredible night to remember?  Was this the beginning of some incredible week of concentrated rubber training and conversion?  Was this punishment?  That thought spread and so did a dread.  And if it was punishment for some uncertain trespass against Ambrose, what was this elaborate game the beginning of?  Her stomach lurched and her arousal surged.  Gawd if this was some rubber-encased punishment, how does it end?

“Hello, Jillian, dear,” the familiar voice fed through the hearing aids.  “You are definitely a sight for a rubber fetishists dream.  I’m sure you must be feeling quite warm and cozy in that cocoon.  Oh, yes, you never really fancied the material too much.” 

“I recall telling you about my peculiarities quite early in our relationship.  You allowed me to give you a taste before I asked you to formalize the relationship.  I knew your reluctance.  I didn’t think you’d accept the marriage proposal.  The surprise was a great thrill to me.  I thought you were willing to accept and enjoy the fullness and the variety of games my little eccentricity provided.”

“I didn’t realize your plan was to change me.  Your plan was to rip the very core of my lifestyle out of me.  I told you more than once that my thing was deeply engrained from childhood.  To remove it from my psyche was almost like stopping my heart.  You pulled away from me when you figured this out. ”

“You allowed me my pleasure but you never played.  Then I found you were finding your games through other ways.  You were going out after putting me in restriction.  I always told you to let me stew in my juices for a few hours and you could have all the “normal” fun you wanted with me.”

“You stayed on with me for security.  You assumed, wrongly, that I would not divorce you as the proceedings would reveal my secret.  You were wrong.  I knew I was in position to accept any consequences of my activities being public.  You miscalculated the scale of your infidelity in the settlement outcome.  You were left with almost nothing, compared to what I had.  You were branded a gold digging slut for marrying me despite your knowledge of my fetish and your fooling around on me when you believed you were secure in me being unable to do anything to stop you.  You were so wrong.”

“I gave you your freedom to find another sugar daddy to fulfill your goals.  You felt the settlement unfair.  Your solicitors harassed me with additional demands of compensation for unspecified damages, mental stress and suffering.”

“The new summons broke my patience.  I knew there was one way to end it.  The final solution I set in motion has reached its last act.”

“Six weeks ago I ‘died’.  I can’t say that I rose from the dead.  That would be a bit too much to believe.  Let’s just say that the rumor of my death was a bit premature.”

Six weeks!  Jillian now had a time reference.  Her muddled brain made a quick calculation.  She must have been here almost that entire time.  Her friends would be searching for her.  They may even report her missing.  Her employer knew she was taking four weeks off to settle some final issues.  Surely he would be wondering where she was when she hadn’t returned.  Maybe her family was wondering why she was not answering calls.  Six weeks.  There was always hope.

“You are so predictable.  All it took was bait to lure you to my trap.  The bait was what you like most…money and security.  Well, my dear, you have no need for money now.  As for security, you have all the security you’ll ever need.”

“I had to tidy up a few lose ends.  My solicitor closed the lease on your flat.  It seems you had urgent business abroad to attend to.  He also took the liberty to inform your employer of your departure.  The fellow was quite upset to lose such a valued employee with so little notice.  The compensation we provided helped.  We placed a very exciting entry into you’re “My Space” and “Face Book” site about your new adventure.”

“All of your accounts and affairs were signed over to my solicitor last week.  Your signature on the Power of Attorney was flawless.  If we missed something, I’m sure it will be handled as it comes along the way.”

Jillian sagged as best she could inside her rubber prison.  All hope of immediate rescue from her plight was dashed.  She had no chance to tell anyone about her trip here.  She had only time to let her work know that she was taking four weeks off for “personal business”.

“Now that you are secure in your new world, I need to give you a little preview of what is in store for you.  This suit has some very special features.  The vibrator inside your little nest will massage and pulse your intimate spots, both of them.  It has a little finger pressing against that lovely pierced bud of yours.  I’m sure you noticed the feeling.  That finger will make sure you’re fully stimulated in your bondage.  The vibrator in your ass will make sure you are aware of the extent of your deprivation.  It will occasionally fill you with hot or cold water to remove all of your waste and keep you clean.  Your urinary system plumbing feeds directly into the anal plug too.  You’ll have the pleasure of giving yourself urine enemas every time you pee.  When you have your period, the system will douche you and direct the waste to your abdomen to be wasted from your body.”

Period!  Douches!  How long did he intend to keep her in this prison?  These measures bade a very long confinement! 

“You will feel electric pulses in your nipples, your pussy, and your ass…in fact many places.  The suit has very heavy and secure rings attached at you shoulders, wrists, arms, waist, legs and ankles.  And for the ultimate disappearing act, since I can’t have you hanging around the guest house in plain sight, well…”  Ambrose stepped into her vision at this point.  He was dressed in one of his rubber suits.  He lifted a glove to the plastic bubble helmet lens and lightly stroked it. 

The floor beneath her dangling figure opened up to reveal a hidden vault.  Jillian started dropping into the pit.  Ambrose went down a ladder and pulled chains up to connect her spreader bar thighs.  These chains ratcheted tightly and suspended her between the padded walls.  She saw two cameras in front of her.  She didn’t see the other cameras trained to view her from any angle.  The red lights made eerie shadows on the wall.  Ambrose hooked up all of the tubing, then he gave her a peck on the head and he was gone.  She hung between heaven and hell.  The floor below so far away, the ceiling above mocked her plight.  She saw dozens of her being suspended rubber glory in the mirror at her face.  The blank silver lenses stared back at her in the reflection but she knew that beneath the shiny impersonal rubber layers was a life, her life, and she was at the mercy of some computer controlled environmental system and a Master she didn’t really know.  She shuddered in her bonds.

The comm link sputtered to life as the floor closed above her.  “Have fun, Rubbery Thing.  I’ll be watching.”

Ambrose busied himself with the final task of concealing the deed.  He put flanged bolts into the chain links that were sitting in the little recesses in the floor.  These flanged collars easily supported the weight below when he unshackled the chains at the floor.  He fit a metal plate cover for each recess to match the floor surface.  Then he pulled a large throw rug over the pit.  This rug covered the metal plates and the trap door that accessed a ladder on one wall of the pit.  For good measure he dragged a heavy couch onto the rug.
The red light faded and suddenly her vagina was in pain from electric pulses emitting from that awful shaft.  The thick thing began to vibrate inside her and to work an inevitable magic.  She felt the zaps to her nipples as the suit fucked me.  She was aroused.  She quivered in the chains that held her at the wrists of her bound arms, thighs and spreader bar.  She could do nothing but endure the assault to her senses as the suit ravaged her with unending mechanical precision. 

The plug and phallus electrodes suddenly fired charged jolts into her sensitive flesh! Revolting pulses went through her being.  It wasn’t a regular assault of a metronome but a random pulsing with uncertain intervals that kept her surprised and off balance in her misery.  There was no anticipation to clutch in preparation of a jolt, only the immediate response to the shock.  Now, howling incoherently against her gag, she writhed and shook dementedly while she was disciplined; but the punishment got much worse! Her inner thighs started to shiver and jerk uncontrollably when more electrodes came to life, making struggle and jerk even more strongly against her bonds.  The finger at her clit began to vibrate fiercely, rapidly driving her into shivering and writhing fits of excitation while a wail of desire and arousal pushed up her throat. 

Now she discovered another evil secret of the suit.  When the silent yell of lust flowed from her throat, something in the collar sensed the muscle contraction.  A sizzling series of painful electrical pulses were unleashed through the piercing that bisected her clit, passing directly through the now supersensitive nerve centre of sensual universe!  Hot bolts shot into her nipples as she twitched in the bonds.  Simultaneous jolts shot through her tender ass, as that plug sent bolts of lightning that joined the pulses attacking her tender soft nether gate.  Her tongue burned as electrical current passed into it.  She tried to pull it back from the source but that rubbery chamber held it tightly.  The pulse surges united in one attack through her crotch.  The pain was acute and totally unexpected, and she screeched in silent agony as her legs jerked spastically against the restraints.  It went on and on!  No masochist, she writhed in despair, anger and pain.  At the same time she was panting hard in desire.  The mixed emotional assault on her mind was overwhelming.  Tears ran from he eyes as the sexual pleasure/pain cycle filled her universe.

She thrashed and pulled at her bondage and then just as the thing was about to push her over the some demented edge, everything went still… she screamed a silent scream into the gag.   The horrible discipline stopped!  Desire surged inside her!  And now she panted in her mask.  She sucked the air as she hung in aroused frustration.  Then it all started again.  The fucking, the pain and thrashing, the tension and frustration all built to that unendurable edge as she writhed in the torture.  She bit hard onto the deep gag pad, in an effort to not scream again but it was a hopeless attempt.  She groaned and screamed, as the electronic sentinels attached to her throat and collar unleashed more punishing electrical pulses through her pussy, ass, tongue and nipples. She couldn't stop the screaming and the electrical pulses surged higher and higher until again she was driven from awareness in an agony-illuminated burst.

The pleasure torture of lust, a pleasure torture of pure unadulterated rubber fantasy turned her insides to raging fire.  Wild thoughts of fantasy surged through her demented mind.  Her air cut off and she gasped for breath as her pussy ached for relief, then air flowed into the mask.  Gawd, she was so aroused!  She was beyond any slow building pleasure of foreplay.  She was a wanton creature of necessity to slam through the pain to a final eruption of lust.  She couldn’t see but she knew her clit and pussy were ripe and ready for final attention from the evil rubber phallus inside.  The pain from the attack seemed nothing compared to the animal desire coursing through her now.  She hung there tugging and pulling at her bonds.  She grunted and thrashed in empty space.  She writhed in pain pleasure ecstasy and frustration.  The cycle started again. 

Unfortunately for her, the computer monitored her carefully while she was being conditioned by the continual stimulation /punishment regime. Time after time it shut down the various inputs, just as she was on the verge of detonation; leaving her to curse and scream silently into her gag, writhe in trembling desire and then whimpering desolation.

She knew that she descended into the depths of a personal hell that permitted no respite or release.  Her Master had planned this game thoroughly.  She knew he would keep her in this torment until his desire for revenge was fulfilled.  In her loins, the fire of electricity ebbed and flowed.  An emerging masochistic fantasy raged in her tormented mind.  Her wild struggling and writhing, bouncing there in isolation in mid-air quickly disoriented her from whatever shred of reality she maintained.  She was forced to concentrate her full attention on her tortured erogenous zones.  The electro shocks changed constantly in cadence and strength until she was a raving madwoman.  She passed out from the intense agony. How long was she out? 

She came back to awareness; but it was only to be assaulted again! With a slow and deliberate movement the vibrator tormented and raked her sensitive inner region.  The thing had some sort of rolling ring that pulsed up and down its length which sent waves along the entire length of her inner canal with a diabolical mechanical symphony as it pumped in and out by the little motor at her crotch.  The rear plug simultaneously pumped in and out rhythmically on the opposite cycle of a two-piston engine.  The engine of lust worked on her mechanically as its electrical pulses ravaged beyond any imaginable experience. 

It began to increase in tempo of pulsing under the thick rubber skin massaging her engorged pussy relentlessly.  The finger vibrated against her clit adding to the erogenous assault.  Her raging demand for orgasmic release centered on the continued attack.  The huge thing was a bizarre engine of pressure, pain, and pleasure!  Along its girth, the rubber ribs rubbed her sensitive inner wall, teasing her again to higher and higher planes of agonizing sexual arousal.  She thought that she would go utterly crazy from the turmoil of the sensations being forced into my mind.

This process continued to a point of mind numbing need to reach a final assent to the clouds of final liberation but the assault didn’t allow that.  It pulsed and eased and pulsed and shocked and eased and teased for long hours, until she was crazed with a desperate need to achieve release, then finally, with a burst of completely unendurable sensations, she was willingly forced over the edge to a titanic orgasm.

Her air shut off as she plunged into a bottomless abyss and a raging and explosive blast of carnal lust.  She shook in the bonds. 

“OHGAAWDOHGGAAAWWWDDDOOOOOOHHHHHHGAAAAAAAAAAAWDHOHGAWWWWWWDDDDDDDDD!!!” she knew she wanted to shout to the hell of her plight as the surge of erotic lust spread from her loins to wash her body in pulsing bursts. 

The orgasm just rolled and rolled as she shook, strained and moaned into the gag.  She thought the orgasm would never end but she knew it must.  The heavy rubber was tested and held.  She shook as the raging orgasm ebbed and rose in seemingly unending waves.  Stars flashed in her blinded eyes.  A fiery tsunami of explosive desire rolled through her entire body and mental core into a flooding plain of dazzling sensation and she passed out as the overwhelming tidal wave of whirling starbursts mixed with the white-hot lances of searing, agonizing shocks cleansed her soul. She hung limply unconscious while the torments tapered off.  At some point the airflow began again and she slowly revived. She twitched, gasped, and sobbed with relief at the momentary cessation of the assault while still hopelessly struggling to free herself.

Ambrose exploded as he rubbed his suit to stimulate his throbbing cock beneath.  He watched Rubbery Thing cum in her prison.  He watched, as she seemed to pulse in explosive lust and released an endless series of massive orgasmic contraction that shook her entire body.  He never knew a woman could have such a protracted orgasm! 

Jillian fell into exhausted sleep as she hung in her bonds.  When she woke, it was to experience another appalling sensation. From the hollow plug deep inside her anal sphincter, a flood of ice cold water surged up into her corset-compressed belly! She screamed raggedly as her bowels filled, causing a discomfort that she never realized could be felt, and she suffered the first of many huge, forced enemas. Panting and gasping the oxygen-enriched air pumped through her mask into her lungs, she squirmed helplessly from the pain and terror, unable to escape the intimate torturing.  Her pussy pulsed from the pressure.  Its aching desire competed for her attention with the enema treatment.  Her entire lower body melded into one monstrous center of carnal focus.  To add to her discomfort, at the end of each enema cycle, electrical shocks surged through all of her piercings as she shook in the bonds.  The inexorable attack transfixed her thoughts on relief of her super-sensitized mons.  She never knew limits of a woman’s flower as the focal point of erogenous desire until now.  Stifled screams raged from her steel rubber-encased throat.  Then everything ceased again.

She felt fluids pulsing down her throat and filling her as she hung.  The cycle worked in a way that filled her yet left her wanting for taste, for anything to indicate she was alive.  She could smell nothing.  She tasted nothing.  She was a rubber alien machine in her bondage.  Lights came up in the room.  She saw her multi-facetted rubber images bathed in the bright light.  Then the fuck/torture cycle began anew and she watched herself in the mirror being taken into her deepest rubber-driven carnal avarice.  She had no control as she submitted to the rubber lust that had no end in sight.   She eventually fell into a rubber-crazed stupor of exhaustion and the punishment mercifully stopped.

When she finally returned to full awareness much later, suspended in darkness again, she realized that it hadn't been a bad dream! She was a prisoner; gagged, blinded, silenced utterly, and helplessly bound, with no way to escape from the man whom, until now, she'd regarded as her rice bowl for three years of disgusting exposure to, well to rubber.  Her nipples burned fiercely from the electrical pulses in those little needles.  She screamed anew in despair and again the automatic discipline cycle that her attempted screams triggered punished her terribly.  There was nothing she could do to stop the process!!!

More screams of hysteria tore from her heart when the imperative impulses of electrical energy increased in intensity, making her sensitive clit and pussy turn into horribly painful sensory organs. The shocks pulsed through her ass.  She could do nothing to stop the cycle.  Once more, the plug buried in her ass and the waves of pulsing ribs inside that vibrator began their irresistible manipulations, making her thrash crazily in suspension while she was forced to orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.  She knew women could cum multiple times.  She didn’t know the limit of mental endurance under such horrible subjugation.  Her mind was mush… heated gray mush… as she panted under the assault.  She didn’t think this torture was the recommended way to reach orgasmic nirvana!  The sealed pit resounded only to the clattering sound of the flailing chains, for her strangled shrieks were kept fully contained within the masks, helmets and the looping air hoses.

Finally, eons later, she realized that she'd probably slept after passing out.   Despite still being enveloped in utter blackness, she could now feel herself moving as she was lowered to the pit floor.

Master Ambrose, with chilling efficiency, silently laid Jillian (Rubbery Thing) to the floor.  He set her right inside the center of the rubber bondage bag.  He made sure all of the connection and life sustaining umbilical cords were straight and operating.  He slid each mitt-appended arm into internal sleeves.  He closed the heavy rubber sack around his prisoner, sealing her rubberized body in even tighter rubber.  He attached hoist chains to rings on the bag, lifted Rubbery Thing and swung her over to a thinly padded platform.  He lowered her onto the “bed”.  Then he immobilized the sack with tie down straps through the multiple rings along its circumference.

“Sleep tight, my Rubbery Thing,” he said leaning over the masked head that protruded from the tight bag collar ring.  He pecked the snout of his rubberized victim.  A slow tear filled the corner of his eye and slid down his cheek.  He pulled an additional rubber sheet over his rubber-entombed slave.  He tapped a few keystrokes at the terminal and hit the “enter” key.

The next cycle of her training began…

To Be Continued.


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