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Jillian's Mouse Trap 2: Paulsen House

by RbrBill

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© Copyright 2009 - RbrBill - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; latex; enema; electro; entrapped; reluct; X

Chapter 2: Paulsen House

The Paulsen House was the guest “cottage” on the end of the long peninsula at the west end of the island.  It would be a good walk before lunch.  She figured she’d have to reset the alarm or something.

It was breezy and cool as she walked to the Paulsen place.  The ten minute walk was invigorating.  She let herself in and found the power was off.  She checked the alarm panel and tried to reset it but the system didn’t respond.  The little power off light winked persistently.  She went back to the kitchen.  She found the utility room door opened the door.  She ran her flashlight over the walls to find the circuit panel.  She noticed another door next to the panel as she stepped into the room.  The door close behind her closed.  It was on a spring.  The place was dark as she fumbled with the master switch in the panel.  The lights came on.  Triumphantly she turned to leave.  The door she had entered had no inside knob! 

Oh, great, though Jillian.  She tried to pull the door open with her fingers.  There was nothing she could do.  It was closed and latched.  She looked around the room.  It had a washer, dryer and some clothes rails.  There was a small assortment of cleaning materials.  There was no other way out except the door near the circuit board.

She opened that door and saw a larger room.  The room was bare save for a chair on the right side.  She saw another door on the far end of this room so she thought this is a way out.  She stepped into the second room and the door slammed closed.  Again the door had no handles.

This is weird, thought Jillian.

“Please remove your clothes and place them on the chair,” a female voice seemed to come from the ceiling.

Jillian went to the far door and tried it.  The door was locked.

“Please remove your clothes and place them on the chair.”

“Who are you?”

“Please remove your clothes and place them on the chair.”

“If I don’t?”

“Please remove your clothes and place them on the chair.”

Obviously this was some sort of electronic message and didn’t respond to questions.  It was also quite persistent in its message.

Oh, well.  Jillian slowly took off the running gear.  She noticed three marked places on the chair seat – outer clothes, shoes, and underwear – were stenciled on the seat inside the little lined boxes.

“Please remove everything and place it on the chair.”

Jillian removed shoes and socks and put them on the chair.

“Please remove everything and place it on the chair.”

Was someone watching?  Was this some sort of weight sensitive system?

She moved the running top to the underwear place thinking to fool the system.

“Please place items in proper location and remove all your clothes.”

Well, that didn’t work.  She slowly pulled off the undies and put them in the right spot while moving the running top to its place.

The door latch clicked.

“Please proceed into the next room.”

“No way!”

“Please proceed into the next room.”

Jillian grabbed her clothes.  The door latch clicked again.

“Place the clothes in the marked boxes on the chair.”

Jillian had little choice.  What the hell was going on anyway?

She put the clothes back on the chair; the door latch clicked.

“Please proceed into the next room.”

This time Jillian felt a warmth and tingle begin to build in her feet.  The floor seemed to be energized in some way.  Soon the feeling was getting almost too much.

“Please proceed into the next room.”

Jillian literally hopped into the room as the floor got too painful to resist.

This room was white tile.  There was a wash basin, a shower, and something she remembered from Ambrose games… an enema wash.  There was a standard counter and cabinet console one would see in a doctor’s examination room and a door on the side wall.

“Please proceed into the shower.”


“Please proceed into the shower.”

This time the floor began to tingle again.  Jillian knew when she was licked.  She climbed into the shower stall.  The circular glass stall was one of those with multiple nozzles. 

“Please put on the goggles to protect your eyes.”


“Please put on the goggles to protect your eyes.  Shower disinfection sequence begins in ten seconds.”


“Please put on…”

“I got it!”  Jillian pulled the thing over her eyes just as a hard stream of water burst from eight shower nozzles in the stall.  The strong scent of medicine filled her nose.  Her skin began to burn as the stuff beat on her.  She tried to open the door to escape but the door was latched.  She pulled her arms to her chest protectively.

The darkened goggles kept her from seeing everything happening to her body.  The stuff spraying her was leaving her skin tinted in a light orange hue.  It was also removing all of her hair.  The chemicals quit spurting after about ten minutes.  The burning faded as clean water rinsed off the residue of the treatment.  The water stopped.

“Please remove the goggles and place them on the hook.”

That seemed easy enough.  Jillian looked at her hairless body and gasped.  The door clicked open.

“Please proceed to the enema station.”

“Enough is enough!  What is going on here?!”

“Please proceed to the enema station.  Place your feet in the prints on the floor.”

The floor tingle started again.

Jillian had no choice.  She stood at the place requested.  A low rail was just about waist high as she stood.  She saw hand prints on the floor about a foot from the foot prints.

Anticipating the order, Jillian shouted, “No way!  NO WAY!!”

“Please bend over and place the hands on the floor prints.”

The tingling floor and Jillian knew she had no choice.

She bent over the bar and put her hands on the floor.  It was a hard stretch and her tummy was pressed hard against the padded rail.  Her ass was sticking nicely into the air.

She didn’t see the restraining device dropping from the ceiling.  She only was aware as it pressed the small of her back and tummy hard against the rail.  She was effectively locked, though she could lift her hands or feet.

The enema wand mechanically pushed its way into her opening.

“Please try to relax as the enema enters.”

Easier said than done, she fumed.  But she knew she was stuck so she tried.

Ten humiliating minutes later she had been filled and drained six times.  Twice with some sort of soap solution that caused massive cramps and three times with clean warm water.  The last time was icy cold water!

The restraining system released her.

“Please open the drawer and put on what is inside.”

Jillian opened the drawer and saw black rubber.

“No way!”

“Please put the item on.”  That chirpy and impersonal voice was really getting annoying.

The tingling floor reminded her of the plight she was now in.

She pulled the thing from the drawer.  It was a sort of one piece swimming suit in looks.  It could have been from the fifties or sixties before bikinis.  But that is where any similarity ended.  The thing had two monster plugs inside.  The rear one was hollow with thick walls the front plug appeared to have layers.  There was an inner section of soft, black foam rubber and a solid outer shell with little nubs and ribs on its surface.  Both had little electrical contacts in the base.  Both were well lubricated.

Jillian hesitated a moment but knew she was licked.  As long as she worked through the maze of tasks, freedom waited on the far end…she hoped.

She pulled the slick material on.  As the thick plugs pressed against her soft vulva and anal openings she eased the things inside.  She remembered doing this once before with Ambrose.  She pulled the thick latex over her hips and as the narrow waist slipped into place the two intruders pushed deeper into her body.  She actually felt a faint thrill as the front one pushed hard inside her and little nubs inside the suit raked against her clit.

She pulled the breast cups in place and noticed that the suit had nipple peepholes.  The surprise was these peepholes were lined with little sharp needles that allowed the nipples to ease into the traps but bit into the skin if trying to remove them.  This was a shocking and unsettling discovery.  Jillian searched the drawer for scissors or something to cut the rubber.  She couldn’t pull it off since she would rip the skin of her sensitive nipples.  To add to her troubles, the nipples began to fill with blood and the little needles were even more noticeable as her body involuntarily warmed to this new bondage.

She heard the door latch click.

“Please proceed to the next room.”

She stood firm.  This time the additional tingling inside her and around her swollen nipples augmented the floor sensation.

Oh, gawd, the things have sensors and emit shocks.

Now there was no choice.  She stepped into the next room.

This room had nothing in it but a small mat.  There were little trap doors in the walls and the inevitable second door… the now dreaded second door.

“You will rest.”  The chirpy voice said.

Jillian was amazed at this.  The mat was too small to stretch out completely.  The room was that small.  She stood in defiance.  The tingles began.  She dropped to the mat and curled up as best she could.  She didn’t sleep but it didn’t seem to matter.  Laying on the mat was what counted.

After some period, one trap door opened and a small tray of “food” was pushed into the space.

The “food” was a thick liquid concoction and water.


She waited for the tingles and was rewarded for the wait.  She ate.  The stuff had a neutral taste, neither good nor bad just there.

Another flask of water pushed through the trap door.


She drank.

A second trap opened and a short tube sat inside the opening.

“Relieve yourself.”

She took the tube and found it pulled from the wall about two feet.  She could squat and attach the threaded end to her hollow plug.  Some sort of link released a valve to allow flow once the threads engaged.  She was ready to pee and she had no choice as she squatted with those things pushing hard inside her.  Pee spewed and flowed along a narrow tube at the base of the vaginal insert to the rear plug.  She missed that one in her donning of the suit.  It carried away her waste cleanly, more or less.

“Cleanse yourself.”

A third door revealed another tube.  She removed the waste tube and crawled to the next station.  This tube flushed her out again.  She felt the fluid between her skin and the suit as it washed her.  Then a light suction drew the water out of the suit.

“Exercise time.  Stand and run in place until told to stop.”

Something slowly dawned on Jillian.  The chirpy voice didn’t say “Please” any more.

She knew the consequences so she did as told.  It was boring and hard to keep the legs moving.  Cramps developed.  She was breathing hard.

“Stop and drink.”

This order was followed by the rest order.



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