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Jennifer's Holiday

by Rubberised

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Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; catsuit; toys; buttplug; hood; sendep; gasmask; breathplay; inflatable; hotel; caught; cons; XX

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10: Reunion

Jennifer watched the elevator doors close on Steve, Miranda and Jane. She closed her room door and sat on the bed. After all the new friendships and erotic adventures of the last few days she now felt a little deflated. Jane’s departure had been very sudden, and the room now seemed large and empty. She wasn’t sure what to do for the day. Sitting on the latex covered bed she soon decided to do what always improved her mood when she was low – heavy rubber enclosure. A few hours spent totally enclosed and isolated from the world always helped Jennifer switch off and destress. Decision made, she gathered what she needed and laid it out on the bed.

Jennifer first used the bathroom. She planned to be enclosed for hours and this would need some preparation. She stripped out of the blouse and leggings she was wearing, and the feeling of the internal sheaths of the leggings oozing reluctantly out of her orifices convinced her she wanted them to be part of her outfit. She used the toilet, cleaned herself thoroughly then lubed herself and the leggings and pulled them back on.

Applying liberal amounts of lube she then pulled on her favourite item of lingerie – thick, high-waisted pants with built-in inflatable and vibrating plugs. They slid easily up her latex legs, and the dildo slipped into the sheath lining her sex. The rear plug took a bit more work, but as it slid home and her sphincter closed around its narrow neck Jennifer gave a shudder of pleasure.

Next came a pair of toe socks. Jennifer loved the way her feet looked in them, and the feeling of rubber separating her toes making it impossible for any skin contact. She then fed her black rubber feet into her neck-entry catsuit. Made to measure, Jennifer knew that the extra effort of the neck entry was well worth the all-enclosing feeling it gave her. After ten minutes of wriggling and several applications of lube the neck snapped into place and Jennifer finished smoothing out the wrinkles in her suit. The rubber tubes from her inflatable intruders fed through reinforced holes in the suit, and every movement transferred delicious vibrations to Jennifer’s most sensitive areas. She was very turned on now, and every touch on her latex-clad body only increased her arousal as she smoothed out the suit. Once she was satisfied she was wrinkle-free Jennifer picked up her most severe rubber corset. Made of thick reinforced rubber, with rubber tubing around the edges, just the sight of it made Jennifer’s knees go weak. It had no front opening, so she stepped into it and wriggled it up into position. Pulling the laces at the back she settled it on her hips and under her breasts. Jennifer reflected that tightening the corset would have been easier with her slave girl still here, but she was well practised at doing it herself and soon had her waist cinched in tightly.

Pausing for a minute or two to recover her breath and let her body adjust to the constriction of the corset, Jennifer then reached for her chosen footwear. Thigh-length latex boots with a two-inch platform and seven-inch heels. These were her highest boots and very hard to walk in, but she did not intend to do much walking in the next few hours. Straining against the restriction of the corset she slid her left foot into the boot. She couldn’t reach the zip, but a long hook she had bought for just this purpose enabled her to pull the inside zip up to her thigh. She smoothed the rubber as the boot encased her leg. She quickly did the same with the other boot.

Before putting on her hood she settled earbuds in her ears. To enhance the feelings of disconnection from the world Jennifer liked to use different background sounds. Sometimes calming ocean sounds or pink noise worked well, although depending on her mood on other occasions she cranked up the volume on driving hard techno until it overwhelmed her. That decision could wait, but she pulled an open-faced hood over her head that ensured the earbuds were held securely in place. A second hood followed. This was custom made, with moulded lips and face which hugged her own features tightly, betraying no emotion. Thick flaps of semi-transparent latex hung on either side of the face and could be zipped together to form a rebreathing mask; small holes allowing in a minimum of fresh air.

The matching neck corset lay on the bed, but before putting it on Jennifer reached for her phone. An app controlled the vibrations of her vaginal and anal plugs, and she set it on the lowest setting; a gentle hum warming her already inflamed sex and spreading through her body. She then slipped the neck corset around her and laced it at the back with practised fingers. Once it was done her head was held haughtily erect. Unable to look down she felt around for her gloves, the finishing touch to her outfit. She felt again for her phone, and stood unsteadily on her skyscraper heels and tottered to the floor length mirror.

The sight that greeted her was all that she had hoped for. Head to toe in black rubber she looked at once otherworldly, imperious and incredibly sexual. The combination of her highly aroused state and the vertiginous heels meant she could barely stand still, taking constant small steps to maintain her balance. Reaching down she grasped the inflator bulb for her dildo and pumped it several times, until she felt stretched to bursting. As she let go of the bulb it bounced between her rubber covered thighs, sending yet more delicious vibrations coursing through her. She did the same with her anal intruder, pumping until she could take no more of its expanding girth.

Jennifer scrolled through her phone and was about to select her loudest playlist when there was a knock at the door. She froze, listening in case she had been mistaken, given her plugged and insulated hearing. The knock was repeated. Jennifer realised she had forgotten to hang the Do Not Disturb sign outside. She considered ignoring it, but decided it would be better to send the maid away in case they used their pass key. She and Jane had been in and out of the hotel for several days, so the staff by now were well aware of Jennifer’s unusual dress code, and if the maid hadn’t encountered her before she was in for a shock! She tottered to the door, paused briefly holding onto the handle to recover some composure, then opened it.

Outside the door stood not the maid, but Laura, who Jennifer had met on the plane down to Florida. She was dressed rather differently to the business suit like she had worn on the plane. Black wetlook leggings encased her long shapely legs, and she wore black patent stiletto ankle boots. A black leather bike jacket was tightly cinched around her waist and zipped up about halfway, revealing a low cut top. She had the business card with Jennifer’s address on it in her hand and was fiddling with it nervously. The look on her face when she took in Jennifer’s outfit made Jennifer smile behind her layers of latex masks. Reaching out she took Laura’s hand and pulled her into the room. Hanging the Do Not Disturb sign on the handle she closed the door.


To be continued…

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