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Jennifer's Holiday

by Rubberised

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9: Jane's Decision

The distraction provided by the fiendish seat dildos meant Jennifer didn’t pay much attention to where they were driving, and when the car slowed and the plugs sunk back into the seat she was surprised to see they were not at Miranda and Steve’s house but back at her hotel. Steve and Miranda turned in their seats to talk to them.

“What we’re proposing for Jane is a big decision,” Miranda said. “If you decide to go ahead you will be signing yourself over to us completely, for as long as we decide.”

“We want you to be sure this is what you want” Steve agreed. “Think it over tonight, then come round to our house tomorrow morning and let us know your decision”. Jennifer could see Jane was disappointed; she obviously wanted to start right away. Looking at Jennifer, Steve added “Look after her tonight, talk it over and make sure it’s the right choice”. Nodding, Jennifer opened the door and stepped out. Miranda got out and opened Jane’s door, unstrapped her and led her by her leash round the back of the car. She handed the leash to Jennifer. “All yours!” she said with a flourish.

Jennifer went to unhook the leash from Jane’s collar, but she shook her head vigorously, so Jennifer said goodbye to their hosts and led Jane across the forecourt and into the hotel lobby. Heads turned as they made their way to the elevators, to see the black latex clad dominatrix striding in her stiletto heels, and the mute, masked white rubber slave-girl on the chain she held. Jennifer found she was quite enjoying the role of mistress, and Jane was the perfect submissive.

When they got back to her room Jennifer unlaced Jane’s neck corset and made her sit down and take off her ballet boots. She got them some water from the fridge and sat down opposite her friend. Jane gulped the water thirstily, having been in her latex bondage for several hours.

“Are you sure this is what you want Jane?” Jennifer asked.

Jane slid off the sofa and knelt at her friend’s feet. “More than anything,” she replied. “As soon as you first dressed me in latex I knew I never wanted to wear anything else. And when I saw Miranda dressed as a maid the idea of being totally encased in rubber and under someone’s complete control made me so excited it was like fireworks going off in my head. Just thinking about it now makes me weak with anticipation. I want someone to own me; to control and use me; to wrap me in so many layers of rubber I can hardly move, then force me to serve them.”

As she explained this Jane was running her hands over Jennifer’s latex leggings and slowly squirming her hips. Jennifer put her hands on Jane’s cheeks and pulled her towards her, and kissed her deep on the lips. “OK, in that case we’ll go round there tomorrow and hand you over. Until then though, you’re mine!” Jane’s eyes lit up with excitement at this. Jennifer grabbed the leash and pulled Jane roughly to the rubber covered bed, sat down and pulled her slave in front of her. “Kneel!” she ordered, pulling down on the leash. Jane obeyed. “Now lick,” Jennifer ordered, parting her legs and revealing her latex-lined orifices. Jane obediently leaned in and started licking her mistress. Jennifer pulled her head tightly into her crotch and moaned as Jane’s expert tongue probed her. Soon she was panting with arousal. She lay back on the bed, holding tight to Jane’s leash and tugging it in encouragement. She screamed as the orgasm hit her in waves, bucking on the latex sheets, Jane holding her thighs to keep her tongue deep inside her mistress. As Jennifer recovered she pulled on the leash “Come here, slave,” she said, and Jane climbed onto the bed. Jennifer put her arm around her and they curled up together and lay there in the rubber sheets, gently caressing their rubber bodies.

When Jennifer had recovered she led the way to the bathroom. Running the shower she stripped off her leggings and top, dumped them on the bathroom floor and stepped into the cubicle. Before closing the door she turned to Jane. “Wash my clothes and hang them up, then take off all your clothes and wash those too.” By the time she stepped out of the shower Jane was standing there naked, holding out a large warm bath towel. “Your turn,” Jennifer said and left her slave to get cleaned up.

By the time Jane came out of the bathroom Jennifer was sitting on the balcony wearing her red latex bathrobe and sipping on a glass of wine. “Get dressed,” she ordered. “Wear your white suit – it should be dry by now.” Jane dutifully lubed herself and the white suit and was soon covered head to toe in white latex again. She wrapped the white rubber corset round her waist and pulled it as tight as she could, then Jennifer took over and pulled it much further, until the busk nearly closed at the back. Jane then laced the white boots onto her feet.

“I’ll wear the purple gown,” Jennifer instructed, and her slavegirl tottered to the wardrobe to collect her mistress’s outfit. She dutifully lubed the dress then held it open as Jennifer stepped into it and slid her arms into the tight sleeves. Jane slowly zipped it up to the nape of Jennifer’s neck. The dress was semi-translucent purple, with long sleeves, light boning built into the midriff and two zips that ran down the front from thigh to the hem at the floor. With the zips closed it would be an impossibly tight hobble skirt, but with them open to mid-thigh Jennifer was able to walk easily, giving a flash of milky white flesh with each stride. She wore no underwear beneath it, so her smooth shaven sex and light brown aureoles were visible through the tight rubber sheath. Jane had picked out some black patent pumps which she held for Jennifer to slip into, then she proceeded to polish her mistress thoroughly until she gleamed from every angle.

At that moment there was a knock at the door. Jennifer told Jane to answer it. She had ordered room service, and went back to sit on the balcony as the waiter wheeled in the trolley. The look on his face as he saw the rubber clad creature standing holding the door open was worth the cost alone! He pushed the trolley to the table then retreated as quickly as he could, not even stopping to see if there was a tip on offer.

Jane took the lids off the various plates and began bringing food to the balcony table. With her mistress served she knelt down beside her with her head bowed submissively. Jennifer tucked into the salad, cold meat and rosé she had ordered, every so often passing a morsel to her slave on her fork. On a whim she poured some wine into an empty bowl and put it on the floor. Jane dutifully leaned forward and began to lap it up. Jennifer watched, amused but increasingly convinced that her friend really did crave the submissive life she was about to enter. As she watched her she yawned, and the emotion and exertions of the day suddenly caught up with her. When Jane had finished her wine she knelt up and lay her head on her mistress’s lap. Jennifer stroked her gently for a while, then led her back to the bedroom. Jane helped her take off her dress and put on a loose semi transparent nightgown, then they lay back on the bed and were asleep within minutes.

When Jennifer woke the next morning Jane was already hard at work. She had washed their clothes from the previous evening and was padding around the room tidying and organising, wearing a reasonably ‘street’ blue dress with a short skater skirt and black patent ankle boots. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail. She was sitting at the table on the balcony where breakfast was laid out, looking out across the city. Jennifer could see the nervous anticipation in her; she sat on the edge of the chair and the toes of the boots on her crossed legs jiggled as she fidgeted.

“I see you’re eager to get going,” Jennifer called out to her, and headed for the shower. Soon she was dressed. Anticipating how the day with Miranda and Steve might go she had chosen the black leggings with built-in sheaths that had enabled so much pleasure in the car the day before. She partnered them with a cream high-necked blouse with a cinched waist, ruffles down the front and at the cuffs. Black patent stiletto boots completed the smart outfit. Checking the clock she saw that it was nearly 9AM, and smiled to herself. She had taken a call from Steve yesterday whilst Jane was in the shower, and she knew what they had planned. Jennifer ate a quick breakfast, and right on cue there was a knock at the door.

Jane answered the door, and in strode Miranda, dressed as a chauffeur. Shiny black rubber boots covered her lower legs, giving way to pewter grey jodhpurs. The matching jacket with twin rows of shiny silver buttons cinched Miranda’s waist and broadened to wide shoulders with epaulettes. She wore black latex gloves, and the outfit was completed by a black peaked cap, also in rubber. She even had some old fashioned driving goggles, sitting above the peak of the cap. Behind Miranda came Steve, wearing a dark green loose fitting boiler suit, like those worn by some of the workers at their factory. He had heavy black rubber boots on, thick industrial rubber gloves and a baseball cap pulled low to his brow. He was pushing a large sack truck carrying a square flight case. The case did not appear heavy but Steve looked like it was hard work, which made Jennifer wonder what he was wearing under the boiler suit. He wheeled the case to the centre of the room and let it down, then started undoing the clasps around the lid.

“So, are you ready slave?” Miranda addressed Jane.

Jane switched immediately into subservient mode, lowering her head and meekly replying, “Yes mistress.”

“Good, now get in the box” Miranda ordered. Steve had undone all the clasps and removed the lid, revealing the inside of the crate. It had thick, latex-covered foam padding all round, with an oval cavity in the centre. A gas mask lay in the middle, with the attached hose snaking off to a connector at the side. Jane gasped at the sight, but Miranda produced a small riding crop and gave Jane an encouraging flick on the backside. Jane removed her boots, stepped into the box and knelt down. She put the gas mask on and Steve tightened the straps. As the lid was replaced Jan had to tuck her head in, so she was in a vertical foetal position within the tight space. Miranda spotted Jennifer’s look of concern as the clasps were secured and explained that the box had the same monitoring features as the trunk of their car, so Jane was perfectly safe. Soon Steve had the box back on the sack truck and was manoeuvring it towards the door.

“If you don’t mind we’ll take our slave and get her prepared,” Miranda said to Jennifer. “We think she’ll really enjoy the process. It’s a long time since we’ve met such a submissive creature, and Steve and I have some delicious ideas we want to try on her.” Jennifer hadn’t really thought how abrupt her friend’s departure would be, but Miranda said, “why don’t you come for dinner this evening? Slave Jane will be acclimatised then, and you can see how she’s getting on.” Jennifer said that was a wonderful idea and she would be delighted. Arrangements concluded Miranda followed Steve out of the door and they headed down the corridor towards the elevator.


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