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Institutionalised 3: A Close Shave

by rbbral

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© Copyright 2017 - rbbral - Used by permission

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story continued from part two

Part 3: A Close Shave

They unbuckled me from the trolley, my legs cramping at first, and then they removed my straightjacket. I was hot and sweaty but oh, I was so relieved, although I knew something nasty was probably coming. They led me, unresisting to the gyn/ob chair and quickly strapped me in, rubber straps being pulled tight at my ankles, knees, thighs, waist, above my breasts, then at biceps and wrists. When they were finished I could only move my head. I was naked except for my mask, and for that I was relieved. And I could still taste and smell all the juices of the women, and Dr. Mann’s sperm on me. Yes, it was quite a cocktail to savour all right.

They pressed a couple of buttons and my legs were raised and stretched wide and I was tipped back to a 45 degree angle, and feeling very exposed and vulnerable.

I think it was Dawn who now settled on a short stool on rollers between my outstretched legs. She placed a bowl of hot water on the floor and in her hands held an old-fashioned tub of shaving cream and a safety razor. So I was going to be denuded, just like the others. No doubt this, like the cunnilingus before, was a part of my initiation into their rubber sisterhood. Quickly she had a nice warm lather which she spread over my bush, tickling my labia. There was nothing I could do about this so I lay back, and then felt two warm wet mouths encircle my nipples, and begin sucking and pinching. Well, that at least was a consolation, I sighed.

What a sight we were - me naked, except for a partly transparent mask, being assaulted by three masked and robed rubber nuns. Dawn began to slowly, gently shave me, but at the same time I felt a rubber gloved finger rub my labia, and then move inside me. The other two were squeezing and fondling my breasts making my nipples hard, as they rolled and softly pinched them. There I was, held captive, being shaved - and yet brought close to an orgasm, by rubber covered hands and expert mouths. I wasn’t gagged, but said nothing, just taking heavy breaths. What was there to say? My pleading with them certainly wouldn’t work. A half hour before I had been going down on three women, bringing them to orgasms, and then sucking off Mann. And now they were reciprocating in their way, and I was getting a very close shave in the process. How weird is that? 

Dawn had been very expert and careful, with no nicks, and she finally wiped me clean with a wet towel, stepped back and nodded, and they released all the straps tying me to the gyn/ob chair. I was now quite dizzy with all the actions of the evening, but it was obviously not yet over. Laid out on the bed was a complete nun’s costume, in black and white rubber, identical to those of the three women (and one man!) that surrounded me.

It appeared I was no longer to be a noviciate, but was to be elevated to become a new member of their rubber sisterhood. Perhaps they expected me to feel proud? And the next ceremony was to be my formal dressing, and filmed by Dr. Mann, still in his rubber nun’s drag. And so they proceeded to dress me, for the most part in silence, taking their time, fondling and kissing me. Tyra was visibly the most affectionate, stroking and caressing me. I should have been uncomfortable, embarrassed, angry, mad. I should have lashed out, got a couple of good punches in, before they overpowered me, but I didn’t. After all that had happened in the last few days, and particularly this evening, this actually was quite a pleasant sensation. It shouldn’t have been of course, these were the women who had coolly engineered my impending incarceration in the institute, very much against my will.

But I knew that there was no way that I could escape them at that moment. I had to bide my time, so I just let them get on with it, and I found I was getting used to their feminine fingers and mouths expertly exploring and teasing my body. My body was betraying me, I knew that, and not for the first time, this was clearly madness, but it had taken over my logical mind and my senses were taking over.

All the rubber clothing was well powdered inside and very shiny outside, and the smooth material glided over my trembling flesh with ease. First an open-crotch black girdle with suspenders that settled snugly around my waist and backside, yet still exposed my newly shaven and slightly tender pussy. Then cool clinging black stockings were drawn sensuously up my legs and attached to my suspenders, followed by my familiar sports bra, but this one in black, with holes at the nipples. As I stood motionless between them they took a break, caressing my shiny smooth legs and backside, complimenting on how beautiful I was. I took this with a pinch of salt, but could see myself in the mirror opposite and acknowledged that the shimmering rubber certainly did wonders for my figure. They drew shoulder-length black gloves up my arms, easing out any creases. By now I noticed my breathing was quickening. It wasn’t that they were just dressing me, almost formally, at the same time their hands caressed and embraced me, and it was hard not to react to this amorous attention.

They smoothed the rubber, kissed my nipples, licked and tickled my neck. Tyra, not surprisingly, led this affectionate assault, even kissing me on the lips. Part of me wanted to resist, tight lipped - but I succumbed, her tongue, her masterful (mistressful?) tongue dancing around mine.

I was ashamed to admit that I was on the verge of an orgasm right then. These were my captors, my jailers, and yet I was being stimulated by them. They tied two white rubber petticoats around my waist, one over the other, which extended down beyond my knees, then dropped the heavy black robe over my head, while I obediently pushed my gloved arms through the long, wide sleeves. I was now covered from neck to ankles, plus of course I still had the transparent rubber mask covering my head. During this time Mann kept a back seat, just filming it all.

The tight white rubber coif followed, this fitting snugly over my masked head. Then the white wimple followed by the black veil, and now my transparent rubber-encased face was framed in white rubber. After they slipped my feet into two inch black pumps (definitely not nun-standard) I was now identical to my sisters! I took stock of this ridiculous scenario, me a prisoner of these four rubber clad nuns. I was hot, and yet shamefully damp between my thighs, and not a little disorientated. They encircled me, all embracing me silently, welcoming me to the fold.

Attending To Mother Superior

“Welcome Sister Connie.” Tyra chuckled as she leaned into me, our lips touching.

“We can see that you have a sensitive body that can respond to us, that will be good for us, and you. It’s pretty obvious to us that you prefer female attentions, both receiving and giving, although you may not know it yourself.” No, I wasn’t sure of this. The last couple of days had been a whirlwind, but I did know that Tyra particularly seemed to be able to press all my buttons, certainly like no man I had ever been with.

“Now we just have one last obligation for you to perform, and this is that our mother superior, requires your attention again.” I glanced towards the hospital bed and there was Dr. Mann comfortably lying on his back, still dressed of course in full nun’s uniform. He had his hands crossed at his waist, as if in contemplation, but I knew better, he was waiting for me and I know what sort of “attention” he would require. They led me to him and as we approached he rolled his long robe back to his waist. His legs were still encased in their black stockings, attached to his black open crotch girdle. And there, clad in a black condom, was his good-sized cock, and it quickly sprang up, pointing to the ceiling. As Dawn now took over the filming duties, Tyra grinned and said.

“I don’t suppose you will need any lubrication sister, not by the look of you, you really are a horny nun, aren’t you? All right, up you get and service mother superior here.” She laughed. It was all too bizarre, I should have laughed aloud as well, ridiculed them, showed them my contempt. I am an obstinate woman by nature, but faced with an opposition of four, discretion seemed the better route.

Pick your battles, they say, and anyway I was, as they say, now “in the moment.” I was sure tucked under her robe somewhere Tyra had the cattle prod to give me “encouragement”, so I took a deep breath, tried to show my contempt for Mann as he lay back, smiling coolly under the mask, hitched my robe and petticoats, and with my sisters’ help, positioned myself either side of Mann’s thighs, as he spoke quietly.

“Ever since I saw you Connie, I have wanted you here in this very position. You were so self-confident, so full of yourself, I had to have you. I really wanted to bring you down a peg or two. And now you walk into our trap, and it’s all your fault that this is happening, remember that Connie. I hoped I would get you somehow, I didn’t care how, and now I have. How does it feel? Your fellatio skills are excellent, that was very pleasurable the other day, and even better today, and I expect no less now, I hope I’m not too big for you.” He chuckled.

I leant over him, my hands on his ample, spongy false boobs. How ridiculous is that? This was a man I hated, a man who was intent on confining me in this institute against my will, perhaps permanently, and who was now forcing me to have sex with him (as a rubber nun) and he knew I would, as I had no choice. I looked him in the eye.

“Oh no, you’re not too big at all. Very moderate in size actually.” I said, dripping with sarcasm. A small shot, I know, not exactly Shakespeare, but it hit home as I saw his expression change. I manoeuvred myself over him, feeling the head of his cock rub my labia. I could see he was going to do nothing, just lie there and let me do all the work, and so I rubbed and rubbed my labia against his hard helmet, and then taking a breath, slowly lowered myself onto him. Yes, oooooh, he was quite big, and filled me as I lowered myself in one single movement to his root, I had to admit he filled me very well, but I wasn’t going to give his inflated ego that satisfaction. I had to get this over with, so, without making eye contact I sat back and rode him slowly, hoping I at least would be getting a small amount of pleasure, and at the same time trying to cut him out of the equation.

And then after a few minutes it dawned on me, the startling embarrassment of it was that I was enjoying this, having a hard cock in me, riding it methodically. And all I had to do was just remove all thoughts of Mann from my mind, and enjoy the feeling of a hard cock in me, plugging me, rubbing me, pleasing me, surely there was nothing wrong in that?

In truth, my love life was sporadic at best – business before pleasure, work before sex, that was my life, and my selection of men was iffy to say the least, and now I was beginning to regret not spending more time, just enjoying myself, enjoying my sexuality. And I had to admit, these women knew how to push my buttons, and had wonderful mouths and dexterous fingers, Tyra being the most proficient and even then I was finding it hard to get her out of my mind as I rode Mann. But right now it was having this cock inside me, rubbing my insides, even the cock of a man who stood between me and my freedom, that was making me shake and shiver.

Tyra then came to my side and very gently pulled my wrists behind my back and within a couple of seconds they were cuffed. I turned and looked at her.


But she just grinned and placed the tenderest of kisses on my lips, and I responded, my breath becoming faster, and then she began to stroke my breasts through the latex robe, encircling my hard nipples. Oh god, ooooh, she continued to kiss me forcefully. It’s an odd sensation riding a hard cock and yet being kissed by a rubber clad nun. A nun who was an expert kisser with soft lips and darting tongue. This continued for a few minutes, me getting very hot and breathless and, I was reassured to see, Mann about to come. Tyra hadn’t finished though, for she now climbed onto the bed and straddled Mann’s head, facing me.

“Come on Doctor.” She chuckled. “Let’s see if you can match our novitiate’s superb oral skills.” I wasn’t sure if I should be flattered, but Tyra just coolly lowered herself onto Mann’s face. Mann may have been the director of the institute, but in these games clearly Tyra had some authority. He laughed and was then stifled as her naked pussy settled on his mouth. I partly hoped that she would suffocate him, yes that would be ironic, but that seemed unlikely for it appeared her rubber covered bum was just elevated enough to give him some air, pity I thought. But now he was getting the best of both worlds, me fucking him, as he pleasuring Tyra. While he licked and lapped away at Tyra, she now concentrated on me. There was little I could do, I was impaled on his cock and my wrists were cuffed behind me. She took full advantage of this, our eyes locked as she began fondling my breasts through the rubber of my robe and bra, and I could feel my hard nipples yearn for more attention. After a couple of minutes, she leant over towards me, our lips almost touching.

“Oh Connie,” she whispered, “you look simply delicious like that.” And our lips met again. I could have twisted away but didn’t. My mantra was to enjoy the opportunities while you can. And she was a wonderful kisser, so it was easy to yield to her.  I wasn’t escaping from them right now. I had to pick the moment, whenever it came, and if it didn’t happen before the hearing then I would have to convince them there that I was perfectly sane and should be released. So I allowed her lips to tickle and then press onto mine. I was still riding Mann slowly, or at least his cock, I had to remove any thought of him from my mind, and just appreciate the fucking. Tyra really was a wonderful kisser, it really is an art, and at the same time she caressed my nipples and stroked my face. All thoughts of my impending permanent incarceration were soon removed by what I was experiencing. I should have been so angry, ashamed, horrified by all this, but I was just riding the wave.

Mann may have been a ruthless bastard, but I was determined to get some pleasure at least. And I did finally, coming in a shaking, grunting few seconds. Tyra chuckled and continued her kissing, even beginning to twist my nipples, quite painfully, but I was still centred on my orgasm, or rather plural orgasms. Now she came, grunting under the oral expertise of Mann and I hope my returning her kisses. She leant into me and embraced me whispering what a beauty I was. We stayed like that for a minute, and then Jessica lifted me from him, over the bed and onto my feet. Mann said nothing, I don’t think he wanted to give me the satisfaction that I had got pleasure for myself in fucking him, but he knew I had.

It was over, the show was over. They collected their things, Dawn was happy with the content of the film and would edit it later. Tyra placed her arm around me and led me, still cuffed, to my room in the security wing for the night. She released my cuffs then, and before she locked the door, not strapping me to the bed, she took my head in her hands again and kissed me hard.

I was too shattered to resist, so I yielded. Then I fell back on the bed. I had no energy to wash or undress. I was smelly, sticky, hot and exhausted and covered in layers of rubber. And I was asleep within seconds. I would be washing, drying, talcing, and shining all these clothes and all the others, tomorrow - five sets of sticky smelly rubber nun’s clothes would take me half the morning, but that was another day. I would sleep like a log.

Getting Prepared For The Assessment Panel

It was three days later when Tyra brought me my breakfast, as usual. Juice, cereal, tea and toast, all very civilised. I had kept asking them when my hearing was to be, but they just chuckled and said “in good time” or “soon” or “we haven’t quite finished your fake history and getting corroboration”. And this was usually followed by a laugh. They seemed very confident that I would fail and be sectioned for good, which worried me, to say the least.

After she had taken away my breakfast, Dawn and Jessica arrived.

“Your big day has arrived Connie, so let’s get you prepared.” At last I was going to have my say in front of the panel, I pondered my future as a free woman again, then thought that perhaps I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. All I had to do was concentrate, remain cool and tell my story.

“First your self-protection suit, at least that’s what we tell them it’s called when not in use for our games.” It was Jessica, laughing, and all perky and full of confidence that this would be a breeze for them. I decided I would conserve my energy for the hearing, determined to get my side in as fast and as lucidly as possible. I was already dressed in the standard issue rubber long sleeved t-shirt and pants, over my panty girdle and bra, but I crossed my arms obediently across my chest as she draped the inflatable straightjacket around me, zipping up the back, then attached the air hose at my shoulder and in a minute I felt it’s now familiar firm embrace.

“Good girl, glad to see you’re not making a fuss any more, for now anyway.” They obviously had their well-organised plan to get me sectioned all ready, I knew they had drugs of some kind, but how could they administer them to me in front of the judge and panel? No way they could do that. So I was still quietly confident that I could get my side across.

“Now the next bits of your equipment I’m afraid you’re not going to like.” Jessica said as Dr. Mann entered and held a piece of flaccid black rubber in his hand.

“Hello Connie, now are you going to behave while we fit your head protector?” What the hell is that, a head protector, I wondered.

“We will inform the panel that this, like your jacket, is for your own protection, we like to take care of our patients.” Jessica folded it inside out and I saw it was a double-skinned inflatable helmet. Oh no! no way could they get that on me and then have to explain it to the panel. As Dawn held my head straight, Jessica placed it over my face and then pulled it back over my head. I was thrust into a smelly rubbery darkness as they zipped it down at the back. I could see out, through clear lenses as they adjusted it around my face. There was also a large hole opposite my mouth. Well at least I can talk, I thought to myself. Expertly they attached the air hose and in seconds the cool rubber gripped my head like a vice. I was warm and sweaty in only a few seconds.

“Excellent, now the bit that may prove more difficult, the mouth protector.” What is this? I thought. What the hell are the panel going to think of me dressed like this? A head and mouth protector? This just wouldn’t wash I was sure, but they did seem very confident in themselves.

“Again, I propose to tell the panel that this is for your own protection, so you don’t bite your tongue during one of your convulsions.” He laughed at his grim humour. “It also protects us, as you have a propensity to bite, as your record now shows.”

“How am I going to talk to the panel if they want to hear my side?” I asked angrily, staring through the lenses. “You won’t get away with me gagged the whole hearing. They won’t buy it.” I sounded more confident than I was feeling. Anxiety was starting to creep in. But Dr. Mann ignored me and Dawn and Jessica got a good hold my inflated rubber head as Mann stretched my jaw down and placed a thick rubber gum shield over my set of upper teeth. It fit perfectly, all the way to the back of my mouth, well beyond my teeth.

“Aaaah, aaargh. I cankk shhpeak. Aaaagh.”

“Well, that’s the point Connie. Good girl, that’s the trick, now don’t bite yet.” He pushed my jaw down again and tried to shake my head but the two women held me fast as I felt a second gum shield pushed into my mouth almost gagging me, and then this was clamped on my lower teeth.”

“Aaaahh, kaaa, aaahh.”

“Okay, now bite down hard, there we go, come on, good girl.” Mann placed a palm on my head and the other under my chin and pressed down hard.

“Ahhhhh, hhmm.”

Jessica held a mirror in front of me, and I saw with horror not a face but a black rubber ball, not particularly large but it was very tight, with two clear lenses for me to see out, and under that a large opening, and my mouth - with my teeth covered with brilliant white rubber, top and bottom like a boxer’s thick gumshield.

“Aaah, nga, ah aaaah.” I tried to form words, any words, to no avail. I shook my head in anger, I was convinced the panel wouldn’t buy this, it was outrageous, I looked plain silly, a bubble headed freak in a straight jacket, but Mann was a devious bastard and seemed to have thought this through.

“Good, now the last piece, and I know you won’t like this.” He laughed as Dawn and Jessica calmly bent me over and pulled my legs apart. I felt him pull down my hospital pants.”


Then more carefully my rubber pinhole panty girdle was pulled down. What the hell, was he going to screw me now? But no, I felt a cool gel being applied to my anal sphincter, oh no, he was going to bum me. 


“Relax now Connie, just relax.” But I wasn’t relaxing, no, I struggled, helpless as I was. I wiggled my exposed arse, but he held me grimly as I felt something cool pressed against my sphincter. Oh nononono. He pressed further and my tight muscle began to loosen, allowing the narrow tip inside me. It was some sort of butt plug which I had no chance at all of repelling.

“Aaaahhh!” I screamed, but he continued, and far too quickly my anal sphincter yielded, as it seemed to be stretched until I was about to split. Finally the intruder plopped in, almost to my relief, as my sphincter closed around the narrow neck, and I felt the curved base sitting snug between my cheeks. Inside my rear was now a large plastic and metal butt plug. They allowed me to stand.

“Aaaahh, aaah.”

“Oh, it’s not too bad Connie, but it can be if you don’t behave.” He then held up a remote in front of me, smiling.

“Connie, you have a remote-controlled vibrating butt plug inside you. Yes, that’s quite a mouthful, or bumful rather. And it really is an efficient beast.” They all laughed at his awful joke. “Only we’ve adapted it for your special needs. Not only does it vibrate which I’m told can be quite pleasant, but it also can give off electric shocks, and shocks in a very painful way. So, here’s the crux Connie. If you don’t behave during the hearing, Tyra will have this in her pocket, and she will give you a very serious shock, as a reminder to behave properly.” He came close to me.

“Don’t you think we haven’t thought this through, Connie? Of course we have. We can’t have you leaving here, spreading your malicious stories, and ruining our business, and anyway, why should we trust you? So the next half hour or so will be very important for us, and for you of course. Come and sit in this wheelchair.”

I scowled at him, which was pointless considering the inflatable mask over my head. I had no option. Dawn and Jessica either side of me had pulled up my panties, ensuring that the plug was well embedded in me, and then my loose pants. I staggered over, feeling the plug inside me move with every step, then sat down, aaaaahhhgh, pushing the plastic probe further inside my rear passage. We were on our way to the elevator connecting the high security wing with the main floor. Already I could feel saliva dripping from my mouth, what I sight I must have been, sitting helplessly in the chair, flanked by Dawn and Jessica in their institute uniforms. Then I felt a little tickle, a slight purring in my anal passage, ohohohoh, nonono. The plug was vibrating inside me.

“Yes, just a gentle reminder, Connie.” And Tyra appeared beside me, kissing my rubber dome. “And that’s the lowest shock on the scale, now I don’t want to hurt you, I really don’t, but we have a lot running on this, everything in fact, and I will give you a dreadful shock, if I have to, so please behave.” And she dropped the remote into her jacket pocket. My mind was racing now. How could I get my story across without them giving me a horrible shock in my rear? Yes, it appeared that they now held the cards. And I had to come up with something, and fast.

Convincing The Panel

As they wheeled me into the boardroom, I realised that I had hugely underestimated Mann and the three women. I had been confident I could get across my story, the real story, or most of it, and they would believe me. But dressed in a inflatable rubber straight jacket and helmet, and rubber gumshields crammed into my mouth I cut a very strange sight indeed. As they locked my wheelchair if front of the panel, I noted a judge I assumed, not in his robes, two doctors and two laypeople, possibly lawyers, all five facing me. To one side I then saw Tyra move to a separate table, there to take the minutes, no doubt. She gave me an encouraging and sympathetic smile, no doubt for the audience. She was dressed in one of her power suits of charcoal grey, with a white silk blouse. Knowing her, she probably had her cream rubber corselette on underneath. She crossed her legs, just for my benefit, and I got a glance of her seemed silk stockings and even a suspender. She was enjoying teasing me, and patted her pocket, knowing that I knew she had the remote in there. It was a very unsubtle warning. She gave me a tight-lipped look that said “please behave Connie, or else this will not be pleasant”.

And to the other side, sitting on her own, was my sister, who saw me and immediately started to cry. Oh god, why did they invite her? Dawn and Jessica stood on either side of me, while Dr. Mann took a seat at a table on my right. Not surprisingly, the second I entered the looks on the faces of the panel showed shock and disbelief at my condition, and the judge was about to say something when Dr. Mann, who was clearly prepared for this, stood.

“My Lord, gentlemen, if I may just make an opening statement very quickly, I see you are shocked at the sight you see before you, and rightly so, as it is a very bizarre sight, but there is a perfectly good explanation, if you will allow me.’

“It is bizarre indeed doctor, good grief, the poor woman. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it, so an explanation is in order, and so please proceed, and quickly, this poor young lady does not look comfortable at all, are you sure all this I’m assuming restraining paraphernalia is necessary?” Oh god, if only he knew, about the butt plug, for starters.

“I believe it is, my Lord and if you will allow me, I will explain why.” I saw Tyra calmly put her hand in her pocket and I felt a heightened vibration in my anus, ohoh, and wriggled in my seat and groaned. Mann smiled at me sympathetically, the bastard.

“My Lord, gentlemen, you have in front of you a binder setting out Ms. Nelson’s history here. And you will see it is a somewhat unhappy history. She entered our facility as a voluntary patient about three weeks ago. She had been under significant strain both at work and life in general, and was having trouble coping, not in itself an uncommon occurrence. You will see from all the statements from her editor, and sub-editor that she was seeking some peace, to charge her batteries, everything was all a bit too much for her. You will see under tab 2 the record of her meetings with her GP, several meetings in fact, and her GP’s recommendation that she enter this institute voluntarily for rest and rehabilitation for as long as she wished before she felt well enough to return to her life and job outside in the community. And you will see the statement from her sister, who is here in the room today and obviously upset at the circumstances that have ensued.” I looked across at my poor sister, still weeping at my apparent terrible decline.

Oh god, he was good, I had to give him that. But the judge said.

“Doctor Mann we have read the file, in detail, so it is not necessary for you to repeat it all, with the young lady so uncomfortable. Please get to the gist of it.”

“Initially everything seemed to go well, she interacted well with other patients, and the staff also, but then about a week ago, as you will see from tab 4, she had a severe mental collapse. Now you may ask how this can happen. Well it does, despite the great advances in mental health, and our knowledge of the brain, we still, I have to admit, know so very little. Without any warning she quite suddenly became very violent and abusive. She struck two members of our staff, here today, Dawn and Jessica, and you can see their signed reports in tab 5. So, for her own good health she had to be brought under our control.”

I was shaking my head at this, no, no, this never happened, and I saw that the panel were looking at me. I shook my head again, aaaahing, saliva now spilling from my mouth, not an encouraging sight. I had to control myself, but I tried to communicate and saw Tyra place her hand in her pocket again, oh no, not aga… and my anus now seemed to come on fire. I stared across at Tyra, who imperceptibly shook her head, sympathy, faked or real I couldn’t tell. Then I aaaarrghd again and wriggled and tried to raise myself from the wheelchair, only for Jessica to firmly push me back, a kindly smile on her face. Dawn and Jessica continued to take up guard duty either side of me, a hand on each of my inflated shoulders, firm but not overly aggressive. Then the judge interrupted again.

“Doctor Mann, I appreciate your taking us through this unfortunate woman’s history but I did ask you at the start as to why she was dressed in this most extraordinary way, she seems upset, and frankly I can understand that.” Oh, you have no idea I thought. I have a fucking vibrating butt plug up my rear and it feels like it’s on fire!

“My apologies my Lord, all will become clear very soon. But let me just say that this, erm uniform, this paraphernalia if you will, that we use here is for her own benefit. It’s to protect her from herself.”

“Yes, very well, please explain, and be speedy about it, we would like to hear from her very soon.”

“Thank you, my Lord. Yes, as you can see Ms. Nelson is getting upset, and this is another of her symptoms, I’m afraid. As you will see from all the written testimonies under tab 6, these are from other nurses at the institute, she has continued to tell them that she is fine, she believes she is being held here under duress and against her will. But very sadly that is a delusion, my Lord.” Now he was at his most patronising.

“Ms. Nelson is very intelligent, and for 99% per cent of the time here, she is calm, confident, pleasant, lucid and amusing. She gets on very well with all the staff and the patients too.” He smiled again, at the panel, he was warming to his own brilliant performance.

“I don’t use the term normal, but to all intents, let us say she appears a perfectly normal woman. As I said she mixes with the other patients, plays chess, reads, does jigsaws, crosswords, gets on well with everyone. And then,” Tyra put her hand in her pocket again, and I shook my head violently.

“Aaaaahh.” I gasped. No please, but nothing happened, and thank god she didn’t give me another boost of electricity in my rear passage.

“And then, without warning we have this violent outburst, completely without warning, generally aimed at the staff, who I believe she thinks have a grudge against her, for she believes, in her own mind of course, she’s being held here as a prisoner. My Lord, we have had four of these seizures now, and you can read the details of the assaults and the sworn testimony of the nurses.” As he spoke, the panel flipped through the binder, re-reading all the lies they had managed to manufacture.

“And there is another issue here, and it is perhaps the most important. As I stated earlier, it is our duty to protect and care for all the patients, sometimes against themselves, for Ms. Nelson has a propensity to self-harm. Now this is not unknown in my profession, and Ms. Nelson on occasion has flung herself at a wall, banged her head on a table or against a wall in frustration and anger. These are all documented in tab 7.”

Now I’m shaking my head and grunting again, when will they let me speak in my defence? I am now very hot and wet inside the layers of heavy rubber. The are looking at me, studying me, perhaps now a little less sympathetically for Mann has given a superb performance, and I am sitting here, dribbling and aaaaghing and wriggling. And I feel embarrassed at it all, and angry. What a sight I must appear - my head and upper body encased in separate drum-tight inflated rubber, my mouth stuffed with white rubber gun shields yielding me incoherent, and my pleading eyes peering out through small plastic eyeholes.

“And that is why we have devised, designed this protective clothing for Ms. Nelson, or any other patient who self-harms. I know it looks bizarre, absolutely, perhaps horrifying to some. However, it is for the protection of other patients and staff, but most importantly for Ms. Nelson herself.” Oh give me a break, I want to scream, this is such shite, for god’s sake let me speak, please. Saliva is dripping from my rubber-dammed mouth, as I groan my pathetic appeal and shake in my wheelchair.

“The helmet and jacket are made of heavy duty rubber, double-skinned with the interior being inflated. Yes, this will make them hot and sweaty and it is virtually impossible to move in it, but the outer skin is very strong and will not tear, so should she throw herself at a wall, or a table she will not hurt herself. So, we hope quickly, she understands this and stops trying to harm herself. You know we can use drugs to pacify her, but I choose not to use drugs, I’d rather have her tire herself out in the suit and helmet, and return to us after a few hours, yes, hot and exhausted, but also calmer and more relaxed. Believe me, the inflated rubber works, yes, it is very strange to look at I know, and no doubt oppressive and uncomfortable to wear, but I believe better than pumping drugs into her.” He smiled again at the panel, such a reasonable, considerate man!

“And the rubber gum shields are important too. Again, yes, very strange to look at and a bit uncomfortable to wear (a bit uncomfortable?) I’m sure, and they do make comprehensible speaking impossible. But they stop the patients biting themselves, biting their tongues or biting other patients and staff, and unfortunately Ms. Nelson has shown a willingness to bite during her unfortunate fits. And she is wearing this protective attire now because this morning she had a small relapse, perhaps due to the magnitude of this event for her.”

No, no! I want to scream, shaking my head again, and I felt the hands of Dawn and Jessica holding me to my seat, putting on sympathetic faces, for the panel of course. Dr. Mann looked at his watch, then glanced over to Tyra, and nodded with a small smile. I suppose we had been going 15 minutes or so.

“So, you can see she is upset and prone to violence without warning. And therefore, regrettably my Lord, my recommendation is that Ms. Nelson be detained here indefinitely for her own good.” I looked over and saw my sister crying again, this appeared too much for her.

“We all realise that this is a very difficult decision for you all. We are dealing here with the future of this young woman. This attractive, talented young woman, who it seemed was able to offer much to society. But it is for her own safety and well-being. She is not well and should not be returned to the community until she can make a full recovery. It is for her own good to remain here. Yes, at times, in fact most of the time she appears lucid and well, but she does have this unfortunate lapse where she becomes almost uncontrollable. It is very sad indeed. We do regret this, we don’t make these recommendations lightly, but is for her own safety and for the community’s as well. Thank you.” He smiled at the panel and sat down looking compassionate and sensitive, but in fact he was a self-satisfied smug fucking bastard!

The judge took a while to finish writing, then conferred with his panel members for a couple of minutes. Then he looked up and smiled at me, he seemed a kind old boy, but a bit confused with me dressed like this, and why wouldn’t he be, unless he was some kind of fetishist…. and stranger things have been known?

“Well Ms. Nelson I do hope you can see and hear me. You do look very strange like that, and I’m sure you are very uncomfortable and hot, but I’m persuaded by the testimony of Dr. Mann that these strange rubber clothes, inflated rubber clothes, are for your own good for the present. However, I have seen you shaking your head violently at some of Dr. Mann’s comments so you appear cognisant of what is happening here. We all think it’s important that you should be given the opportunity to address the panel, and you can’t do that with all that rubber crammed in your mouth, so will you be calm and allow the nurse here to remove the rubber gun shields so you can address us?” I nodded. Yes, at last, I thought. My turn to tell the truth and not the bunch of lies they’d heard up to now. 

“Now I do not want you to get upset, we are here to see that you are given a full opportunity to talk to us, in your own time. But I don’t want you to harm yourself either, and this is a very important hearing and I must give you the chance to speak.” I grunted and nodded vigourously again. At last a chance to give my side, the truth! I’ll show that bastard, Mann. The judge nodded at Jessica, who came in front of me, giving me a tight smile as if to say, now you behave yourself or else.

She had difficulty in getting her fingers under the first gum shield, and I gagged continuously, but finally she prised it loose after much gurgling and grunting from me. The second one came out much easier. I swallowed hard and took a deep breath.

“Oh, oh, could I have a glass of water please, it is not pleasant at all having those crammed in your mouth, believe me, and it is very disorientating having your head crushed by this rubber helmet, thank you.” Jessica allowed me to drink slowly.

“Thank you, may I start? All right.” I had decided early on that the true story of the rubber fetish business being carried on behind closed doors in the high security wing would be just too bizarre for the panel to believe, who would believe it? And I wasn’t going to tell them about the butt plug, they’d think me doubly crazy. So I was not going to give that game away, they’d think me mad as a hatter from the start. I didn’t care what they got up to in their rubber playroom anyway, good luck to them, I just wanted to just concentrate on my “sanity” - and staying cool and calm and lucid.

“Yes, I came here voluntarily. I don’t deny that.” No point in mentioning my undercover work, it was my fault that Mann and I were the only ones who knew that, and Tyra of course, and there was no paper trail to prove it anyway. I had made a stupid story up and told everyone that I was stressed and losing control. Yes, I got myself into this place, I pushed hard for it, my fault. I continued as calmly as I could but well aware of the plug in my rearable to inflict a very painful shock at any time.

“But I feel a lot better now, yes, I’m a lot better. And frankly I can’t believe that Dr. Mann and his nurses would conspire in any way to create this fantasy that I have been having violent seizures. Because it is a fantasy, you see, there have been no attacks, my time here has been very peaceful, I have got on well with staff and patients and have been no problem to them, and I feel ready to go back to the community. My Lord, I know this is a damning indictment, but my freedom is at stake here, my freedom.” I realised my voice was rising. I was getting frustrated and very hot. I had to calm down. I looked over at Mann, and then across at Tyra, who both seemed very cool with it all so far. Then I saw him give a slight nod to Tyra and she looked at me sympathetically as suddenly the vibrating in my anal passage increased, oh oh oh. No, I couldn’t show it, I had to keep focussed.

“This is all pure fabrication. I have never been violent, never attacked anyone, they, Dr. Mann and his two high security nurses here, Jessica and Dawn, and the administrator, erm Tyra, have made all this up.” I thought I was doing well, I was still fairly calm and in control. I could put up with the vibrating in my rear, it was unpleasant but I could handle it, I had to. I just had to stay cool, and tell the truth.

But now all of a sudden, I was beginning to feel a tingling behind my eyes, and some ringing in my ears. What the hell? I tried to put together my next sentence calmly but my mind was getting a bit flustered, couldn’t the panel see what was going on? I had to concentrate, stay calm, focus, but everything was now starting to swirl in front of me. I was taking short breaths now, almost panting.

“But Ms. Nelson, why would they do that?” The judge asked, nonplussed. “What motive would they have? These people here have an excellent reputation, they care about their patients. Why would they make this up?” And here was the crux, how could I tell them about the four of them dressing in rubber, and making fetish and sex videos for the net. Who would believe me? Right, no one. They would probably have removed all the evidence in the wing by now, just in case.

And now there was a burning in my head, and whistling in my ears, and my throat was becoming dry. I was getting very agitated and a bit dizzy, looking through the lenses of my helmet, the judge and panel seemed to be swirling. I needed to control this, what the hell was happening here, a couple of minutes ago, I was fine, but now I was struggling. I shook my head, drew in some oxygen, and my legs started to tap out a fast rhythm in the wheelchair, something was happening here, what? They had fed me breakfast as usual, but what the hell was in that stuff? Had they drugged me? Yes, they must have. I had never felt like this before, and I had to tell them my story, and fast, and words were starting to get all jumbled, my mouth was surging ahead of my brain.

“I don’t know why they have done this to me all right well yes I do know but there’s no point in telling you because you wouldn’t believe me, well no one would of course I tell you and you think I’m cra… but I’m not crazy, they’re keeping me her against my will and you won’t believe this but it’s true using me as a sex slave for their perverted, yes you see they have these sex games honestly and they force me to dress and play with them…. no one else knows they’re doing this just them I know it sounds crazy but I’m not… those two Mann and his admins and these two nurses and me of course, oh yes they like me there now and they put me in a straightjacket and make me wear a mask and I have to have sex with him, yes... that’s right… well I wouldn’t expect you to believe me…. but it’s true it’s true you see, and I’m fine now, and I was to go, you see it’s his fault… I found out, yes…. you bastard, I found out what they were up to and now you want to keep me here indefini…. you bastard….”

And then I felt a more powerful shock in my rear, god that hurt, and I realised suddenly I was on my feet, how did I get there? And running, lurching across the room to Mann, trying to kick him, what a sight I must have been, in inflatable mask and jacket of black rubber trying to assault the doctor, kick him, even butt him with my inflated helmet. Then Dawn and Jessica were on me, pulling me back to the wheelchair, then tightening strong rubber straps through the D-rings of my jacket around the back, and then very quickly I was immobile. I was panting and dribbling from my mouth. I took a few deep breaths staring out through the lenses. The panel had sat silent for all this time, but the shock on their faces and yet sympathy as well, was all that was needed for me to know their thoughts. Mann sat back, the smug, fucking bastard and calmly said.

“Yes, you see my Lord, out of nowhere she has these unfortunate incidents, very regrettable my Lord, I think we should insert the gum protectors quickly, I don’t want her biting her tongue. She really could do more damage to herself. It will be for her own good.” My heartrate was down now and the dizziness was receding and it was dawning on me that I had blown it, lost my chance. I was angry, distraught.

“Oh, oh dear, yes, whatever you say, if it will protect her against herself, very well doctor, yes, do so, very sad, oh dear, the poor woman.” With their backs to the panel I could see Dawn and Jessica smile as they approached me, held my helmeted head and began to pry my mouth open, Jessica even winked.

“No, no, let me finish, I’m okay now, I’m better, you don’t underst…… aaargh, aaarhhh.”

I grunted and aaaarrged, but quickly my teeth were covered with the two rubber shields, and I was once again reduced to a garbled aaaarrrgghhh.

“Thank you, nurses, well done, no harm done to herself, as you can see, my Lord. She’ll be fine very soon now. So, regrettably you have seen first hand see how this can happen. One moment she is perfectly lucid, and the next she’s concocting a story about being my sex slave. This does sound ridiculous, but I feel we must look into this, for it may have come from somewhere deep in her psyche, maybe she looks at pornography, it is not unknown for women to do that nowadays. My Lord, I feel it will take many sessions for me to get to the heart of this poor woman’s problem, but if I have sufficient time I’m sure I can help her, that’s all I’m here for my Lord, to help my patients.”

I was still very angry, and listening to that drivel from Mann only made me angrier, but I had to calm down, maybe I had one last chance. I tried to aaaargh an appeal, but they just looked at me with compassion. I felt saliva dripping out of my stuffed mouth, but thankfully Tyra had reduced the shocks in my rear. It was surely something, some strong drug in my breakfast, slow acting, say 10 or 15 minutes and then bang, it just took my mind over, I had no control of my actions. And yet it was now lessening already. It was a very strange drug and very powerful, for sure, but perfectly effective for Mann, who judged the timing of his speech to perfection. He looked across at me now, with a fake sympathetic smile, and I saw my sister, now in shock, her eyes wet with tears.

I had lost.

I had lost through, firstly, my own actions. I would not be here if it wasn’t for my stubbornness. And now I was to be locked away by a court order in this institute, and for how long? For as long as they wished I assumed. Is that forever? Could the hearing have gone any differently? No, not really, the drug was his trump card, and I had a feeling whenever in the future I would appear a threat to them, maybe getting permitted another hearing, that Dr. Mann would have no hesitation in using it again. I looked across at Tyra, and could see she seemed sympathetic, but was that fake too?  I was hot and sweaty and felt some tears run down the inside of my mask, and more saliva down my jacket. What a sight I must have been to the panel.

The panel deliberated again, but I had made their decision easy, I didn’t blame them. Oh god, what a fool I had been to even get this started. After the predictable decision of the panel, they briefly came over to Mann, all sympathy and smiles, then left. My sister came over. Lost for words, her cheeks wet, she stroked my inflated rubber head. What a weird sight that was. I tried to talk to her but it all came out garbled and incomprehensible, just like they wanted

“On my poor sis, oh I’m so sorry, you get better now, I’ll come and see you, oh dear. You’ll get better I’m sure.” She leant over, deciding how to give me a tender hug, and chastely embraced me through the drum-tight rubber. It was all very odd, as I didn’t feel anything through the inflated rubber, and then she separated and left, without a backward glance.

Yes, I had lost.

They had won, and now they had me to play with, for it appeared as long as they wished.

As I looked one last time at the satisfied expressions on the faces of Mann and Tyra, Dawn and Jessica took me away, strapped to the wheelchair, back to the high security wing. I leant back, sweat pouring down to my girdle panties from the three layers of rubber clamped around me. And I began to look to the future, and as to what they - Mann, Tyra and their two female rubber associates - had in store for me.

Dawn and Jessica wheeled me into my room, released me from the wheelchair, raised me and sat me on the side of the bed. Then with a conspiratorial laugh they left me. Wait a minute, you’re leaving me here like this? I aaaaghed through my rubber stuffed mouth, but they simply closed the door on me.

I felt despondent, depressed, miserable, my last chance had gone, I had blown it and I was now here, captive, literally. I peered out of the lenses, my eyes stinging with the sweat pouring down my face. Time passed glacially, my thoughts on my future here.

And then the door opened and Tyra entered.

Despite what she’d subjected me to, I had to admit she looked stunning in her figure-hugging business suit. She smiled compassionately and slipped her hand into her jacket pocket. I aaarred at her, shaking my rubber helmeted head, no please, not the remote. But she just placed it on the bedside table, then sat next to me and place her hand high on my thigh.

“It didn’t really turn out the way you wanted, did it Connie? Now you know how organised we are, and how much we are prepared to do to keep our business going here. It is very important to us, Connie. I like you a lot, but all we have to do here is a couple more, maybe three years and we are made, do you see?” She squeezed my thigh, her hand barely a few inches from my pussy. I could feel more saliva dripping out my stuffed mouth.

“We would like to be able to trust you, but it really is too much of a risk. Don’t you see? Look I’m sorry I gave you such a jolt earlier, I really am, I know it must have hurt, but you were doing a very good job telling your story that I couldn’t take the risk. I know you are feeling awful right now, but we’ll - I’ll try and make your stay here as well perhaps not pleasant, but, you know. I know you hate Mann, and probably with good reason, but he is really impressed with your erm talents,” she smiled broadly, “and so am I. Connie, you’re going to be staying here, you might as well accept that, and make the best of it.” Now she stood and without any preamble she began to take off her suit – jacket, then skirt, shoes and stockings and finally the silk blouse. I was not surprised and even, dare I say it, pleased to see that she had managed to squeeze herself into her cream coloured crotchless corselette. I stared at her mature Rubenesque body, her ample breasts cradled in the rubber cups and her waist cinched almost to an hourglass. She then began to slide her hands into a pair of thin surgical gloves.

“You are sad and miserable, and you need to move on Connie, and relax, and I think I have the perfect antidote for that. I’m going to leave the butt plug in for now, now don’t complain, you’re going to have to get used to them in the future, yes it’s a punishment plug, but not a big one and I don’t intend on punishing you with the remote, that is unless you seriously misbehave.” I stared at her, coolly pulling in the thin latex over her fingers, smiling to herself, I glanced down and saw a sheen of moisture appearing at her hairless labia. As if she could read my thoughts, she said.

“You make me hot and wet just looking at you, Connie, basically from the first time I saw you, I can’t deny it, and then when I tasted you, your lovely quim, well what can I say.” She approached me and I took in a deep breath, she really was stunning.

“I’m going to leave the mouth guards in for now. I don’t want to get into a discussion, an argument with you about how you have been treated and so forth. It’s done Connie, there’s no more room for pleading. Accept it, and let me ease your discomfort just a little for now. So, let’s get you out of your jogging pants here, and then we can play.” Well there wasn’t much playing that I could do, stuffed into an inflatable helmet and straight jacket, plus mouth guard, and she knew that, but I had already been the beneficiary of her attentions, and she knew exactly how to pleasure me. And in all honesty, I was tense and miserable, and there was not much point in dwelling on it now. She was beautiful and extremely talented and giving, so why should I deny myself? I stood up and she eased my pants from under the bottom of the straight jacket and down my legs, tossing them to the side. Now she just knelt in front of me as I stood trembling. She raised her head and nuzzled her nose into the ventilated area of the rubber covering my pussy, and took in a deep breath.

“Hmm, I know your perfume now Connie, and with the warm rubber it is quite intoxicating, oh yes.” I could feel her pushing the rubber into me with the pointed tongue, and sucking me through the small holes, oh god! I could feel her fingers gripping my buttocks through my rubber panties, squeezing them, and the butt plug quivered inside me, and amazingly I felt a shudder of arousal, what the hell? Now she pressed the curved end of the butt plug further into my rear passage, flicking it with her finger and the movements of the plug reverberated through my body, oh oh.

“Hmm, well well, I think you rather like that, don’t you? You see Connie, there’s a lot of things you don’t know about yourself, the tongue and touch of an experienced woman, and even, oh shock, perhaps a bit of tender anal attention.” She chuckled, as with one hand she flicked the base of my butt plug, making it quiver inside me (and making me shudder) and with the other, stroke my labia through the panties.

“Okay, off we come, I want to see your jewel.” And she pulled down my panties in one easy motion. Giggling, she pushed me back onto the bed and I was lying helplessly on my back in an instant, my legs wide.

“You’re soaking, Connie I know it’s been a bad day, but look, as you can see, and feel, there’s pleasure to be had here if you want it.” I couldn’t raise myself, being trapped in inflatable rubber straight jacket and helmet, so stared at the ceiling, and then took a deep breath and closed my eyes and waited in anticipation for Tyra to work her wonders. She was right, a couple of hours ago, I had been despondent, knowing that I was to be kept here, well, for how long? I was determined, the moment the decision was made by the panel, to escape somehow, but why not take pleasure when it is made available. And Tyra could do things to me that no man, or woman, had even come close to. And so I lay back, and prepared myself to be sent to new heights.

She didn’t disappoint.

Her tongue was a rapier, an epee, a feather, finding areas inside me that I didn’t know were so tender, so sensitive, so responsive. Her latex-gloved fingers teased, tormented, pinched, stroked, cajoled, and played with me. And this time she didn’t stop, and after I had aaarrghed and gurgled my way through three or four orgasms, she continued. It was as if she wanted to recompense me for what she had me endure earlier, perhaps even to apologise, to make up, I don’t know – or was she just enjoying herself?

By the time she had decided I had had enough I was in a sea of sweat, still unable to move, or sat anything coherent, not that I would have been able to anyway. She helped me to sit up, I had done nothing, yet was exhausted and was barely aware of the plug still embedded in my rear. Through my lenses I could see my own juices over the lower half of Tyra’s face, but there was a glow about her. I may not have satisfied her in any way, but clearly she enjoyed satisfying me.

“So you see, Connie, you may be a prisoner here, but there are compensations.” She stood and wiped her face and began to dress, well aware that I was staring at her, so beautiful in her cream rubber corselette. I tried to communicate with her, would she take my gum shields out? Release me? But she shook her head.

“We’ll talk soon, but not now, and I shall be looking for you to return the compliment soon, Connie. You have such a talented tongue. Now I’m going to leave you here and Jessica or Dawn will come and release you. Try and get some sleep tonight, I know it has been a hell of a day.” She leaned over me, finding the opening in my inflatable helmet and kissed me lightly on my lips that were parted by the rubber gum shields. Then, without a look back, she left.

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