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Institutionalised 2: Caught!

by rbbral

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story continued from part one

Part 2: Caught!

Yep, all right, I’d seen enough, this was probably none of my business – although it did immediately cross my mind that it might make quite a story. I had to get the hell out, but at that precise moment the doctor turned, saw me, and shouted.

“Shit, shit, get her, get her.” I recognised the voice immediately and that delayed me in turning on my heels as the two nurses leapt after me, the “patient” getting up from the bed clumsily. I was wearing the sandals, which didn’t give me good grip, and I had stupidly closed the two locked doors behind me. I approached the first, fumbling with the combination when the first, and then the second nurse grabbed and pulled me back. Shit! We fell over in a confusion of squeaking rubber bodies, arms and legs flailing. The “patient” then arrived and they turned me over on my front, my arms trapped underneath me. I realised immediately that three against one was not a fair fight, and I was buggered. I struggled but to no avail. Then I saw the doctor approach and throw a bundle of rubber on the floor beside by squirming body.

“Gag her and bag her, fast!” He commanded, and I knew that voice of course, it was Dr. Mann.

Two against one, maybe I had a chance, but three fit women? No. A rubber gloved hand pulled my forehead back, I opened my mouth to scream, and immediately I felt a cold rubber bladder stuffed in my gaping mouth. I tried to spit it out but another hand under my chin held me firm. I looked down and saw a tube protruding, with a bulb at the end, then a gloved hand took the bulb and began to quickly squeeze it. I wriggled and fought, panicking – this was crazy, what had I got myself into? But I made no headway as the bladder came to life and expanded into both of my cheeks. I squeaked and tried to spit it out, but too late, quickly my jaw was stretched and my cheeks puffed out like a squirrel. Now all I could do was a muted mmmmmff. I shook my head, mmmfing, but they raised me slightly and expertly pulled off my light blue jogging pants and top. Now what? I still fought as best I could but they were very proficient in avoiding my flailing arms and legs.  They slid a rubber garment under me, wrapped it around my wriggling form and zipped it from waist to the back of my neck. Dr. Mann knelt down while they still held me and attached a portable power air hose to a valve at my shoulder.

“I love these power air hoses.” He said, almost to himself, and my jacket I now realised was a straightjacket, and an inflatable one at that. Immediately the rubber began to expand and enclose me, tighter and tighter. I writhed and grunted in anger, flailing and kicking, but only when it was drum tight did he stop, unscrew the tube and cap the valve.

“Bring her back to the room. We have a major problem here and we have to talk.” They dragged me up, me still mmmmffing and kicking futilely, and brought me back to their room and almost threw me on the bed. Down the sides of the jacket were D-rings and through these they ran stiff rubber tubing and attached them to the sides of the bed. Within seconds I could only move my head and legs. One of the nurses pressed a button on the bed and my upper torso was raised to about 45 degrees. Then by some invisible sign, they each brought over a chair and encircled me. I breathed in heavily through my nose the pungent rubber, now very well aware of my helplessness. Dr. Mann now took off his surgical mask, but was still clad head to toe in snug black rubber and white coat. For a few seconds, he said nothing.

“Well Connie, congratulations.” He started, dripping in sarcasm. “Your investigations on patient abuse found nothing, because there is none, you damn fool. And you could have gone home tomorrow, less than twelve hours from now. But now, you had to stick your nose in where it didn’t belong, you stupid, nosy, thoughtless bitch.” Now I could see the real Dr. Mann, he was furious, but still very cool.

“You might not recognise my colleagues here, or maybe if you look closely, behind their masks, you will see Jessica, Dawn and Ms. Buckley of course, I’ll let you decide who is who, and they are my team in the little adventure.” My eyes flashed from one to the other and it really was not very easy to distinguish between them. Except Tyra of course, who was quite a bit taller and well endowed than the other two. Our eyes locked, but she said nothing, just continued to stare at me silently above her surgical face mask. Mann continued.

“This really has nothing to do with the institute, nothing at all, only it provides an excellent set, and until you stuck your nose in, wonderful privacy for us and our games. What you have stupidly stumbled into here is a business, a big business, a very lucrative business, and now you put that in jeopardy. The internet, the fetish scene, the BDSM and latex scene, it’s huge business. You have probably figured that out by now, you’re a pretty smart woman. And the four of us here have got ourselves a very good piece of it. And now you stick your bloody nose in it.” He took a breath, still furious.

So this was all about money, how tawdry I thought. The institute provided a cover for Mann and his three colleagues to dress in latex, create some BDSM scenarios, a clinic, whatever, film it, edit it no doubt and put it on the net. I’m not stupid, I know how it works, members sign on, pay a monthly fee, maybe 10 Euros, or 10 dollars, it didn’t matter, and then they get to see short, or not so short vignettes of their favourite fetish. Well, so what, I thought. Lots of pretty girls, women on women, latex, whatever. Frankly that was fine by me, whatever turns you on, as long as the participants were consenting. I had heard about East European, Baltic or Russian sites that used women that weren’t quite so consenting, sex slaves you would call them, and that wasn’t very nice at all, but these four seemed to be at least consenting. The nature of the internet meant that the locations of these sites are virtually impossible to find. Yes, if these four were organised and talented, they could make a lot of money. It wasn’t illegal per se, but if it got out that Mann, a respected doctor was up to this, and in the institute buildings, then it would be the end, ruination, yes, I could see that all right.

And I, and my nosy character, had stumbled in on them. What a bloody fool. Thoughts whirled through my head. Perhaps some of the less consensual sites would think nothing of disposing of me - permanently - the money was just too good, and I didn’t feel too good about my chances, right now. I was getting very worried, but I was hoping that Mann would be a lot more lenient on me. I was in his hands, literally. I found myself shaking in my straightjacket as I looked from one to the other, behind their masks the eyes of the women looking dispassionately at me, even Tyra, who I hoped would be a bit more sympathetic. Mann seemed to have got his thoughts back.

“Yes, sordid I know, it’s all about the money.” He laughed without any humour, he was still very angry that their game – their very lucrative business had been stumbled upon. “We make a lot of money all right, a lot, but we have fun making it, it’s all consensual, the girls have fun, no one gets hurt, well not badly, their may be some discomfort, but that comes with the territory. And it’s also a way to relax from the stresses of looking after the patients here.” Now he stood and came to my side, looking down, fire in his eyes.

“But now you’ve fucked that up, haven’t you Connie? You know everything. So what do we do with you? We’re three doors away from the main area, so Tyra, I think we can take the gag out. Connie if you make a racket, we’ll just gag you again, all right?” While Mann was talking, Tyra and Jessica (the two “nurses”) had removed their surgical masks. I could recognise Tyra before but the other was Dawn. Now Tyra leaned over, shaking her head in disappointment at my actions, and deflated the huge gag in my mouth and, sopping wet, placed it at the foot of the bed. She smiled but a little regretfully.

“You stupid woman, Connie. That’s called a butterfly gag by the way, very efficient isn’t it? No straps needed, and gives your jaw and cheeks a good stretching. Start getting lippy and I’ll enjoy cramming it back into that pretty mouth of yours. You really have made a big mistake, Connie, you stupid girl. I can’t believe after the other evening you would then go wandering around here, I thought we had a good time then, we really did, and I thought by now you were satisfied you that all the patients were looked after. Jesus, how stupid of you.” I could see she was certainly angry, but also disappointed in me. And I tended to agree with her, how damned stupid of me. I could see that Jessica and Dawn had not known about the real reason I was there, by subterfuge, but they caught on very quickly, and both were now staring at me, very angrily as well. Mann spoke again.

“So what do we do with you, Connie? I’m afraid I don’t trust you, you see? None of us do, why should we? Certainly after tonight. You’re a journalist, not the most honourable profession, and would probably do anything for a story like this.” His voice reeked of contempt and sarcasm. “Connie, exposing our business here would finish me, my career, the institute - the scandal, I’d be struck off, etc etc. I’d never get another job, and the girls here would be tainted too. And we can’t have that. And right now I really don’t know what to do with you.”

I swallowed and spoke quietly.

“Look, I made a mistake, I’m sorry. For me the story is over. Well, there is no story, is there? You run a fair and humane institute, I can find nothing wrong, there is nothing wrong with it, the staff is great and the patients well cared for, you were right, and I shouldn’t have questioned you. Now you can let me go, I’ll move on to other stories.” I could see they weren’t remotely converted.

“Look, I won’t tell anyone. Really. This really isn’t a story, you know, fetish sex on the net, everyone knows it goes on, you can trust me.” I tried to sound convincing without pleading, but didn’t. I saw Tyra look very sceptical behind her mask, and Mann didn’t buy it either, the others kept quiet. I continued, my voice becoming more desperate.

“There’s nothing illegal in what you are doing, there’s no story there for me, really. Consensual BDSM, fetish movies are everywhere, no big deal, what kind of exclusive is that, there’s no exposé here. It’s fine with me what you guys get up to, go for it. I don’t care. Looked like you were having a good time.” Again, not really very persuasive, I thought. Mann dwelt on this for a second then spoke again, still clearly worried.

“Well we were, yes. We were getting nicely warmed up. But that doesn’t address the problem we have, or you have. We simply can’t let you leave, with the possibility that you, being a journalist, simply can’t resist telling someone about what is going on here, or worse still, writing a story. That’s my career, my life gone, and of course a lot of money. No, I simply don’t trust you, and I’m sure neither do the others, there’s too much on the line for us. I have a reputation in the field and I simply have no faith in you, why should I? That’s the bottom line, you’ve given me no reason to trust you. So, what do we do with you?”

I held my breath. The smell of rubber in the room was very oppressive, and I continued to look up at them, all thinking about my future.

“I suppose my imploring you more won’t work?” He smiled through his black mask, a grim smile.

“You have to be kidding.” He ran his gloved hand over his rubber masked head. “But you’ll be pleased to hear I don’t have the stomach or the temperament for, erm disposing of you, having you disappear in a more permanent way… that’s even too much for me. But how we deal with you, well, we’ll have to think of something. We can’t pay you off, and we simply don’t trust you, so, I don’t know.”

My Future Is Explained

They stood in silent thought around my bed for at least three or four minutes, I held my breath, saying anything more I felt would just make it worse. I was getting hot and sweaty in the inflatable rubber straightjacket, and felt very vulnerable in just my ventilated panties. It looked as if this was going to take a while, which it probably was.

“I have a thought.” It was Tyra, very pensive but looking as if something had now slowly dawned on her. Then she looked at me, nodding slowly, and began to smile behind her orange mask. Even dressed as she was, or perhaps because of it, she looked stunning in orange and transparent rubber, even in my predicament, I actually felt aroused just looking at her, but I had to concentrate.

“What about this? I know it sounds crazy, but what if we had her sectioned?” There was silence for a full twenty seconds, the four of them changing glances, nodding and thinking, very strange when all were masked and still in their rubber. Then Mann smiled and again nodded slowly.

“Wha… what do you mean.” I asked. But Mann ignored me.

“Tyra, you’re not just a pretty face, a pretty orange rubber face, but also a very smart woman?” He chuckled to himself. “You beauty! I love the idea, I do. This could actually work, and we can do it all legally. But it will mean a lot of work, a lot of work for all of us.” He looked around and they all nodded, getting the plot immediately and gaining confidence with it.

“We’ll have to create a completely new file on her, a fake history of her stay here. And everything will have to be corroborated, counter signed, witnessed. But you know, it could work, it could, getting it past the legal assessment hearing will be the real test, but Tyra, you might have it, and frankly I can’t think of anything else.” Tyra looked pretty pleased with herself as she stared at me, almost affectionately. Was there perhaps a tiny amount of pity there as well, I liked to think so. Jessica nodded in agreement and hugged her. And by now I had figured out their plan as well.

“I don’t like the sound of this at all. I know what sectioned means, but I’m a voluntary patient here, I can leave any time I wish and I know you can’t keep me captive here against my wish forever, that would be very tough, illegal even. Far too many people would start to ask questions. But erm…. seeing as I’m the victim here, just tell me in more detail what you have planned for me, although I get the general idea?” I enquired very nervously. And through his mask Mann smiled, again without any humour.

“Happily, you are right, you are a voluntary patient, or at least came in as one. But there is a section under the Mental Health Act under which a voluntary patient can be reassigned to permanent status if they are considered to be a harm to the community, or themselves. It happens more often than you think, people come in of their free will, then gradually, or sometimes not gradually but swiftly, decline such that they are deemed a risk in the outside community.” He smiled, warming to the idea.

“All it needs, again, is the recommendation of two doctors, and an independent legal panel – a judge, the two doctors, and two laypeople, often lawyers or doctors again. Sure, there are some hoops, but I think we can come up with something in three or four days. We get you reassigned as a permanent patient here, and you don’t get the chance to leave and sell your sordid little story.”

He looked over at Tyra and Jessica, who were nodding in agreement. It was obviously a strange sensation being surrounded by these four rubber-clad people, two in bizarre orange and transparent costumes, and everyone masked.

But it was what he said that really worried me. He leaned over me, still with that icy smile.

“So, the story will be that you have had a, what shall we say, a calamitous breakdown, these are not unknown, and now we are keeping you here in high security for observation for a few days. That will allow us all to spread the word to both the staff and other patients - and your sister I’m afraid - and create a new mental health file on you. This will of course be completely fabricated, with non-events, like you attacking me and the other nurses, and these will be co-signed and witnessed, to make them fully believable and bullet-proof. I know it sounds pretty implausible but I can’t think of anything better. Yes, I think this is going to work. Tyra, you’re a genius.”

“You have to be kidding. There’s no way…..” I said quietly, shocked at how easy he was making it sound.

“I think it can work, no problem.” Tyra nodded. She seemed quite happy that her “lover” of two nights before was about to be locked away permanently. But then I realised that I would be nearer her, I thought maybe that was part of the motive. In fact I wasn’t quite sure what her motives were, but I was sure money and a clean professional record were uppermost. Having me available for some rubber sex was definitely a bonus for her though. Mann continued.

“Having done that, the real problem will be getting you to behave in front of the legal panel, the judge and the other members have to be convinced you are certifiable. Once that is done, it is very difficult to undo, and you will stay here for as long as we desire.”

Now I could see the whole picture, and tried to raise myself from the bed, but he planted a hand on my forehead and firmly pushed me back. I glared at him.

“You’re crazy. First, you don’t trust me to keep my mouth shut, second, you keep me here against my will and you think I won’t tell everyone, this board for instance, the truth - not the weird rubber website and all that, I don’t give a shit about that, you can play all the games you want, and make as much as you want - just the bit about me being quite sane and wanting to leave. You can’t keep me drugged all the time.” He thought on this.

“Agreed, but then we don’t have to, just enough to get you past the panel. Then you are here for good, or at least as long as we wish. Don’t you see? We tell everyone that 99% of the time you appear perfectly lucid, calm, controlled, but entirely delusional.” He laughed cruelly. “That happens a lot in my profession, people acting perfectly normally, and yet, suddenly they can lose it.” He was still running it through in his mind, getting more confident as he spoke.

“You may want to tell the people here now that you came here on an investigative assignment, but then why didn’t you tell anyone that straight away? You see nobody knew why you were here except me and Tyra here. And so who would believe you? And here’s the crux. I will say you just wanted to admit yourself for a while to get your head together. Just like you told your boss, and your sister, I want to thank you for that, it will make our job easier. You have already told them that you are struggling and stressed, don’t you see Connie, although you weren’t aware at the time, you are actually responsible for your own demise here. Your fake story will actually be the reason we can keep you here, and then of course your breakdown will lead to your permanent status. Now that is ironic. The more you convince anyone here of your calm sanity, the less they will believe you. Once we have doctored (I like that word) your file, it will be bullet-proof, and all the nurses will have had an opportunity to view it, and of course corroborate it.”

“There’s no way they’ll swallow it.” I was getting desperate, but really wasn’t so sure that his mad scheme might actually work.

“Oh, I think they will, and just to make sure, we have our trump card. And that is we have some drugs here, real mind altering stuff that will turn you from a calm, sane woman to a whirling dervish – violent, irrational, and a real danger to those around you. We use them very rarely, normally to try and induce patients out of a coma. It’s like very, very strong adrenalin. And you won’t be able to control it. It will be like someone inside you has just taken over. So every few weeks, or months, when perhaps people are thinking that you may have been rehabilitated, we slip you a mickey, and for a day or so you are back in maximum security.”

He tenderly stroked my head, while I angrily tried to shake him away.

“You’re fucking crazy, you should be here as a patient.” But I was losing it, I really believed now that they might actually be able to do this.

“Poor dear Connie, I’m afraid your nosiness has brought this on yourself, and now you will have to live with the consequences.” He said sanctimoniously, and then he perked up and looked at his female companions.

“So that’s all sorted, brilliant Tyra, well done. Now we start tomorrow getting it all in place. It’s going to take a lot of work, and we’ll rely on you Tyra for all the admin requirements.” They nodded in unison and then he got an idea, and with a leer on his face, chuckled.

“It’s late I know, and we have got all dressed up and we didn’t really get going before we were so rudely interrupted.” He nodded down at me, that cool smile still there. “As we are dressed for fun and frolics it seems a shame to waste the chance, hhmm? I know it will help us relax.”

“What about her?” Dawn said.

“Well, erm, she can be an observer.” He laughed and looked around the room. “We can strap her to the gyn/ob chair over there, we’ll have to mask her of course, and definitely have to gag her. You do have a mouth on you, Connie. No one will know she’s not part of the scene, and she does look cute in that inflatable jacket and those girdle panties, yes?” They nodded in unison, extremely relieved and happy to be back on familiar ground, with their problem - me - now seemingly solved. I had been silent during the last phase of all this, truly stunned by the turn of events.

And I realised he was right - I had to a large degree brought this on myself. What a damn fool I was.

A Ringside Seat And Then Centre Stage

And so I was dragged over to the gyn/ob chair and strapped in, my legs quickly horizontal and stretched wide making me feel very vulnerable, my rubber panties in full view, the inflatable straightjacket pulled in to the chair by very efficient bungee cords. I didn’t resist, what was the point, four against one, and the one (me) efficiently packed into an inflated straightjacket. Then Dawn produced a full head black latex mask, like hers, and gave it to Dr. Mann, who pulled it open. With a devious grin he stretched it over my face. To no avail I shook my head as he pulled it forward and Dawn tucked my hair under and drew the zipper down, then tucked the neck under the collar of my straightjacket. It was cool and clammy and had just eye and mouth holes. Mann rubbed his hands over my shiny head, really enjoying himself having me at his mercy, then stepped back and said.

“Excellent, you do look so sexy in that Connie, but something is missing, yes? A nice mouth filling gag, Tyra, your choice.” Tyra didn’t hesitate in producing from one of the drawers along the wall a big red ball with a harness of thick rubber straps. She was now very much part of the team it seemed, and our lovemaking was in the past. Should I have expected Tyra to act more sympathetically to me after our lovemaking? I suppose not, this was clearly business to them, good business. There was a grim smile on her lips as she approached me.

“Oh no, no way.” I panted, but Mann held my head as Tyra calmly crammed the large ball in my mouth as she lowered her head whispered to me.

“You really did bring this on yourself Connie, but at least it means that I can see more of you now. I really did enjoy the other day. You are sweet and moist and tasty down there, and I could see you were more than content with my skills, there’s no point in denying it. So now you are here on a more permanent basis, or will be soon, I am really looking forward to renewing our lovemaking. I can’t wait for those pretty lips to give me a good licking.” She chuckled, and then the two of them arranged the straps and pulled them tight around my protesting masked head. Now my mouth was gaping around the large rubber sphere, and all I could do was mmmmff. Satisfied, Tyra kissed me of the forehead and they returned to the hospital bed across the room and Dawn seemed more than happy to lie back and be strapped down, face up, legs wide and very defenceless. The other three donned their surgical masks again, and continued with their scenario, as if my crashing their party had never happened.

There followed a lot on massaging of breasts, particularly Dawn’s which were exposed, pinching and biting of nipples through their surgical masks, rubbing of her clit and then rubber gloved fingers exploring her now very moist vagina.

Needless to say, having a ringside seat here was a very strange sensation, particularly as I was gagged, masked, straightjacketed and vulnerably exposed. I was peripheral to the action at present, but had a feeling they wouldn’t miss an opportunity to include me very soon. I was already hot and clammy in the restrictive jacket and my jaw ached from being stretched around the hard rubber ball.

Their scene went on for some time, Dr. Mann for the most part using a hand-held camera, but then the finale involved them all. Jessica got a combination inflatable gag and black rubber cock harness and strapped it over Dawn’s masked head. She put up a token resistance for the camera but Jessica stuffed the gag in, pulled the straps tight, and then pumped it up until I could see Dawn’s cheeks, much like mine, puffed out. Content, Jessica pulled off her transparent knee-length bloomers, and then drew down the zip at the groin of her orange catsuit. She hoisted herself to the head of Dawn’s bed and positioned herself above Dawn’s face, facing the room, the black rubber cock at her pussy. Still wearing her surgical mask, gloves and transparent top over her orange catsuit, she lowered herself onto Dawn’s masked and thoroughly gagged face, finally accommodating the whole cock and settling her rubber arse firmly on Dawn’ face. She then gripped Dawn’s nipples in each hand and twisted and rubbed them. Dawn was efficiently pinioned to the bed, and could do nothing but moan.

While this was going on, Tyra had taken off her surgical mask, leant over and rested her torso between Dawn’s legs, and her now masked face was lapping at Dawn’s wet vulva. Now, through first hand knowledge I knew exactly how this felt, and under Tyra’s expert attention I knew that Dawn would soon he writhing in pleasure.  Dawn began to moan under this onslaught, with Jessica rising and falling onto the black cock and Tyra’s rubber-covered head bobbing at her pussy. While I was shocked at this, never having seen anything like it before, a small part of me, guiltily, wanted to be in Dawn’s shoes, for I knew just how good Tyra was with her dextrous tongue.

Dr. Mann finally entered the tableau, placing his camera on a third tripod and moving behind Tyra’s pushed-out arse. Roughly he pulled her transparent bloomers down, exposing her orange rubber-covered bum. He slapped the inside of her thighs hard and she obediently parted them. He unbuttoned his white rubber coat, unzipped the crotch of his black catsuit and took a condom from his pocket, and in one move he slipped it on. Then he unzipped the back of Tyra’s suit and her gleaming pussy sprung out. I could see she was moist, even wet, as he began rubbing his cock up and down her labia. This excited her and she began to lick and suck Dawn even more energetically.

Without any preamble, he gripped her hips and slammed into her, eliciting a loud oooof from her. Now everyone was involved, and seemingly unaware or uncaring of my presence in the corner, watching them, I had to admit, transfixed.

I suppose I should have been shocked, or horrified, but I found I wasn’t, at least not after a few minutes. Known only to my inner psyche, I found this rubber rutting, this blatant display of sexual hedonism to be quite arousing, despite being strapped into an inflatable straightjacket, masked and thoroughly gagged. I could feel my own juices making the rubber girdle panties encasing my pussy slippery. This was insane, what was I thinking. Just a half hour before these four had been debating my future, and there was a very good possibility that they were going to conspire to get me incarcerated in this mental institute for as long as they chose, perhaps even for the rest of my life although my more sane thoughts couldn’t believe this. And here I was getting turned on by this “obscene” (let’s be honest) display.

It went on for a while until all were spent, Mann taking charge and thrusting into Tyra, and then they were done. I was now dripping wet in my panties, surprised and shocked at my reaction. The smell of rubber and sex in the room was almost overpowering. Then they separated, laughing and congratulating each other, wiping each other down with damp towels, and tidying up, as if I wasn’t there. For ten minutes or so they relaxed, completely ignoring me, drinking bottled water, re-living the scene, commenting on how it could be improved or varied upon. It was surprisingly business-like, and after all this was a business, and they were clearly very good at it, and they liked their work, for sure. I was just a silent observer, powerless, sweating profusely in my rubber straightjacket and ventilated panties and gurgling around the large ball gag.

Continuing to ignore me, the women eventually went to change, tired and happy, not even looking back, but finally Dr. Mann approached me. He had by now slipped his cock (an ample sized one I had to admit) back into his suit, and buttoned up his white rubber coat again. He still wore the black mask and cut a very imposing figure.

“So Connie, what did you make of that?” It was a question I couldn’t answer as I was well gagged, and he knew that, for he was playing with me again.

“Now you see what you have threatened to ruin for us.” I shook my head and mmmmfed, but it was useless. It was evident that my reputation as a journalist (“the story comes first”) had given them all the cause they needed to disbelieve anything I said or wrote, my goose was cooked. I simply couldn’t be trusted.

“That half hour or forty minutes or so gives you a good idea of what we do here, we have a lot of fun, and make a lot of money.” He patted my masked head, not with any affection, but simply a reminder of how helpless I was.

“So we’re not giving it up, and you are the one that will have to pay for it.” He studied me closely, his eyes now locking on mine. “My my, you have a lot of saliva over your chin here. And oh, I wonder if you did enjoy watching us, maybe just a bit?”

He eased a hand under my straightjacket and pushed it under my rubber girdle panties. I tried to wriggle, squirm away, but that was hopeless. With two gloved fingers, he stroked my pussy under the girdle, up and down my labia, I could feel the moisture seeping through the pinholes at the front. He smiled, withdrew and sniffed his gloved hand.

“Oh, Connie, you naughty girl, you did like it.” He laughed. I felt ashamed, he held all the cards to my future, which looked grim, and yet my own body was betraying me again. And he returned his fingers to rest against my rubber girdle again, and began to stroke me from the outside, not taking his eyes from mine. I bit down on the gag, determined not to succumb to this assault, but I got wetter and wetter and now began to tremble. You bastard Mann, I screamed unintelligibly through the gag. 

By the time the women had returned, wearing their hospital scrubs, and Tyra in her power suit, they were very relaxed, I was wriggling in my bonds, saliva dripping from my stuffed mouth, breathing hard through my nose. They encircled my chair, looking on, and Tyra, who was clearly the leader, chuckled.

“Well, well, what have we here? What a little rubber slut you are Connie, and I thought you only just liked girls, after our adventure in the gym. Maybe we have a new recruit for our games, hhmm?” I didn’t like that idea at all, but I was shivering and shaking under Mann’s expert fingers running up and down my labia, and rubbing my clit.

“Well, why don’t we see if she has any other talents?” Mann spoke quietly. “Tyra, you carry on here for a second, while I will assume the position.” He spread his white coat and stepped over me, straddling me, his legs wide, either side of the chair. Without any instruction Jessica pressed a couple of buttons, adjusting the chair until my masked and gagged face was raised and now directly opposite his crotch. Oh nononono, I thought and shook my head violently. As Mann slowly unbuttoned his coat again, he spoke very slowly and clearly.

“Get the persuader, Dawn. Now Connie, you know what’s going to happen, no matter what you think or do. It can be painless, you might even enjoy it, but it will happen, okay? You may want to clamp your teeth shut on me, or even worse for me, try and bite me. Well that’s why Dawn here has the persuader. It’s a sort of short cattle prod, but the shock it gives is for real, believe me you will not want it. I’m sure you’ve sucked some guys off before (well yes, I had, a few, but not forced to, like this) so no big deal, but I want you to try your best for me, and we’re going to film it and put it on the site, it will be your debut, your first starring role. So, when I take out your gag, silence and sucking, nothing more, okay? Otherwise you will experience a bit of a shock, I assure you.”

What could I do? Was the persuader for real? Frankly I didn’t want to find out. It could be worse, yes, I’d given blowjobs before, what good private school girl hasn’t? I didn’t consider myself an expert, it was all right, but I wouldn’t say that it was my favourite exercise. This was blackmail of the most unsubtle kind, and I really had no choice. He spread his coat and pulled it back behind him, and inches in front of me was his rubber-covered groin, his hardening cock clearly outlined, pressed against his stomach. He began to unzip it as Dawn started to film and Tyra, out of sight, expertly played with my pussy through the rubber panty girdle, pinching and squeezing me. Again, I was beginning to realise how good she was.

Out sprang his gleaming cock. It was larger than most I have seen. I’m not an expert on them, I do have a sex life, but perhaps not as active as some. It was not huge but, dare I say it, a mouthful. He pulled my masked head forward, quite gently, and released the straps on my gag, and I spat it out, taking in a big breath. He didn’t thrust his cock at me as I had expected, just tapped my masked cheek with it, then the other side, then my nose, playing with me, taunting me, the gleaming helmet his weapon. Slapping me gently with his cock, it was demeaning of course, and he meant it to be. And I was thinking he was waiting for me to submit, to open my mouth and accept him, invite him in. Well, this could go on for ever and he’s not going to go away, I thought, but I waited a little more, then licked my lips and opened my mouth, sticking my tongue out slightly. His purple helmet tapped my tongue and then he ran it over my lips, simply celebrating in the fact that I had no recourse but to accept him. He stroked my tongue with it, the underside of his cock tickling me.

All I could see ahead of me was the black rubber of his suit, all I could smell was the pungent, yet sweet rubber of the suit, and no doubt the condom that he’d worn a short time earlier, all interspersed with his “manly” odour. Now he took my masked head quite gently in both hands, and guided it onto his manhood. I opened wide and felt the warm wet meaty shaft pass my lips, one inch then two inches, the softer head settling on the rear of my tongue. I closed my lips over it, moving my head slowly forward, then passing my tongue around it, breathing through my nose now. I could taste his drying semen from his fucking Tyra previously. Of course, I didn’t want to be forced to do this, it was all so degrading, plus having Dawn film me doing this. A consolation at least was that I was masked, and I was actually happy the tight rubber around my head rendered me anonymous. But I had no power to resist him, none at all.

I tried to concentrate on just getting it done, and forget my predicament, quite possibly a permanent prisoner forced to do as they wished. Another consolation – if there could be one – was having Tyra expertly pinch and rub my pussy, and I knew I was wet there, very wet now, despite the fact that I was an unwilling participant in all this.

He was stroking my head; under normal circumstances I might have found this a tender moment. And of course, this was my screen test really. Was he sizing me up, how good was I? He was now no doubt fairly confident that all his work in the next few days would be successful, and he would have some sort of rubber slave under his control, for him and his friends to play with - me. And all I had was just the one chance to convince the panel and escape from here to freedom. I pondered that it seemed my whole future would now depend on the hearing in front of the judge and I tried to stay positive, I had to convince them I was completely sane, but I knew this group would do anything to keep their lucrative world going, which meant keeping me as their prisoner and plaything.  

With his hand firmly placed on my head, without instruction I moved it back and forth, wanting this to end quickly. Bizarrely, I was actually trying to please him - to get it done - fast - but he seemed in no hurry and out of the corner of my eye I could see Dawn grinning and filming. Below me, Tyra was having her bit of fun tickling and playing with me through my panty girdle. Then he seemed to up the ante, as he pushed forward and I felt his warm helmet at the back of my throat. About to gag, I sucked in some air and he pushed further and I was fully gagging, suffocating on him now, unable to get any air. Overcoming my natural gag reflex, my face was pressed against his pungent rubber suit. I couldn’t breathe, and I hoped he would back up quickly, and he did after a few seconds. I gulped in air, but then he repeated it, and then again, pushing his hard muscle to the back of my throat.

My throat was getting sore, but undeterred he pulled my masked head onto him, finally, one last time. Then I could feel him coming through the hot shaft, and instead of him pressing into me, he partly withdrew. His hot juices spurted into my mouth, and then he withdrew further and aimed the remains over my masked face. I suppose this was the ubiquitous money shot. I could feel the hot juices in my mouth and although I would have liked to spit them over him, I slowly swallowed them, not particularly enjoying it, but just wanting to please him, and for all of this to end.

His cock was still inches in front of me and he said quietly, “Lick it.” And I did, a bit ashamed, but hoping this would end now. Well at least I was masked, I thought. God, what a mess I was now in. Then I saw Dawn stop the camera, still smiling, and Tyra stand, having finished playing with my pussy, which was soaking under the rubber panty girdle. Dr. Mann contentedly tucked his cock back into his rubber catsuit and stepped over me, then turned to his colleagues.

“Well ladies, from my perspective that was very good indeed. She has a delicate soft mouth and sucks well. Clearly she’s had some experience. How about you, Tyra?” He looked down at me, but I stayed quiet, still tasting his slimy sperm, as Tyra replied.

“Down there, she’s almost dripping, I had her really going a couple of days ago too. I’m pretty sure she likes the girls. Well, she likes me.” I wasn’t going to argue, not then anyway, Tyra had certainly rung a few bells, but I just shut up for now.

“I think she could be a useful asset, she might be fun to play with us here, but I’d like to see her tongue work on all us girls first. That will be a more exacting test for her. It’s only fair after the entertainment I provided for her. Come on Connie, don’t be a spoilsport, I have a feeling you like the ladies, yes? But we’ll leave it for later.”

I wasn’t happy at all about that, it was one thing having Tyra pleasure me (oh yes, she was good at that) but I wasn’t keen on pleasuring all these women. My experience with women up until Tyra a couple of days ago was just a few times at uni, going down on Laura, and although I didn’t find it unpleasant, not at all, it had been just a bit of drunken fun, lots of fun, but no big deal. So I didn’t consider myself an expert in pleasuring women, but I did like being pleasured by others, oh yes. The others nodded at Tyra’s proposal, they seemed quite impressed with my “performance” with Mann, and now wanted me to test my oral skills on the female of the species. I didn’t know if I should be proud or embarrassed, but what I did know was that this was definitely not my last performance.

Joining the Sisterhood

They were happy to call it a night, and Tyra took me to a bedroom in the high-security wing. No, I was not going back to my regular room. They would keep me under lock and key here until they had formulated their plan for me. She said nothing to me at first.

Silently she stripped me of my straightjacket and mask. My hair was sodden but she didn’t seem concerned, telling me to do my ablutions quickly. When I returned, she told me to put my sky-blue bra and panty girdle back on and then she laid me back on the bed. She strapped me to the bed, cuffs on wrists and ankles, just short enough to stop me releasing myself. During this time she continued to say nothing. I stared up at her, still stunned at the events of the last hour, and now a little terrified as to what may become of me. Could they really keep me here against my will? They seemed very confident, and clearly had a lot to lose if I blew the whistle. Her beautiful face was a few inches from mine.

“You’re a cute one, Connie, nice athletic body, lovely boobs, moist and tasty pussy and a really pretty face, although the subscribers of our site won’t get to see that.” Her hand moved under my panty girdle, stroking me gently, her lips inches from mine.

“We’ll give you a try-out later this week, I can’t wait to have those pretty lips on my pussy.” While that prospect didn’t really horrify, the contrary really, I was mad at them all, and Tyra of course, for threatening to deny me my freedom.

“Go to hell, there’s no cha…” And I was stifled by her lips on mine, and her stroking through my rubber pants became faster. I could do nothing, as she continued to kiss and nibble me against my will, and, expert as she was, within a minute or so I found myself weakening. But then she stopped and laughed.

“I do like your responses but we’ll leave the rest for later. You are a beauty Connie, you’ll be a great addition to our games.” And she left me, locking the door. Not surprisingly, I didn’t sleep well that night, the thought of me being incarcerated here weighing heavily on me.

The next few days passed in a rather dull routine. They gave me books, papers, chess, Scrabble, crosswords, TV, DVD’s. I could do anything I wanted, but only behind two locked doors, the combinations of which they told me were changed every two days now. Meals were brought in by one of the three women, there was not much discussion, they were planning their case against me and probably figured that I would gradually accept my position, and that was it. I had hoped Tyra would be a bit more sympathetic, and perhaps she was, a little, but it was clear that they had a plan for me, a plan whereby they could continue with their fetish site.

Exercise equipment was brought to one of the spare bedrooms, and when I asked, Tyra laughed and said they wanted me in good shape, which I suppose was obvious. She also told me that eventually they intended me to return to the general patient group, but only after they had convinced all the staff and all the other patients, and of course my contacts in the outside world, of their story. No matter what I said, how I appeared to be, they would say I was actually delusional, and on occasion potentially violent. They spent the next few days cooking up this story and creating a new completely fake file on me.

So much of my time was monotony, but then on the evening of the third day Tyra and Jessica came to my room with the inflatable straightjacket.

“Showtime this evening Connie, in you get.” In Jessica’s hand, she held the cattle prod, looking like a large vibrator. Whether it worked as they said it did, I didn’t know, but wasn’t prepared to test it, at least not then. I knew that I was in for some sort of rubber sex scenario, but this time they told me to strip completely, which I did, still somewhat embarrassed. This amused them.

“I noted your nice bush earlier Connie, but we’ll take care of that, it gets in the way of good oral pleasure.” Tyra said, running a hand through my thick pussy hair, as I allowed them to wrap the heavy double-skinned rubber around me and inflate it. I had little option. It was cold at first but soon warmed up. Now I was powerless and naked except for the inflated jacket. Quickly Jessica produced a different mask. This was predominantly black but the face portion was of transparent latex. She pulled my hair back, saying, “We’ll take care of this too,” which I didn’t like the sound of, and pulled the tight rubber over my head. It was snug and cool, and I saw in a mirror my face transformed. Although the face portion was transparent latex, it made my face sort of anonymous, you could detect the features were female, I might say quite an attractive one, but not sufficiently to detect the actual person. I looked quite pretty, but it wasn’t really “me”.

Tyra smoothed it over my dome, easing out any creases, and then rolled in a short trolley like those used by furniture removers. It was about three feet square on four rollers and only about four inches off the ground. In the middle were two narrow rectangular gaps presumably for carrying it.

“Here, kneel on this.” It was padded in sponge rubber and I knelt gingerly, while Tyra then spread my legs either side of the two gaps. Then they passed firm rubber straps through the gaps between my legs, under the trolley and back over my thighs, these were pulled tight, jamming my thighs to my calves. I was now held immobile, four inches above the floor, my legs spread wide and hiding nothing.

“Excellent.” Jessica said, and they rolled me effortlessly back into the large room where they had their “fun”. With my legs doubled up and strapped to the trolley and my upper body encased in a drum-tight inflatable straightjacket, I was completely helpless. I waited in silence on my own, getting nervous, and it was at least ten minutes before finally they returned, and no doubt when I saw them my jaw must have dropped.

They were dressed as nuns, in shimmering black and white rubber. How weird can this get? The uniforms were a perfect facsimile - ankle-length black robes with long wide sleeves, a tight white rubber coif covering the head and leaving only the face exposed secured by the white wimple and a black veil down the back. That was all standard nunnery design, what was not standard was that they also wore transparent rubber masks, presumably like mine although I could not see under the head covering.

They approached me, at least three did, and then I realised behind them there was a fourth!

Well, so there was a fourth nurse from the institute involved, one I hadn’t seen before, and one I couldn’t see now, as she was holding the camera, and like the others she wore the transparent mask. But where was Dr. Mann? Taking the night off so the women could have a girl’s night in? I doubted this somehow. This was bizarre in the extreme – rubber nuns. I had heard of such things in the fetish community, like nurses and schoolgirls and pony girls, but never seen one before, not even in magazines, but four of them! Three circled me, starting to spin my trolley, laughing, while the other one filmed. Then they separated into a close triangle, and began pushing me, turning me, spinning me, from one to the other. I began to get dizzy with this.

“Shall we play spin the bottle and see who wins, or maybe pass the parcel?” I knew that was Tyra, it was hard to tell facially but she was definitely the tallest of the women and I was getting to know that low, no-nonsense rather husky voice. They carried on having their fun, until one of them pushed me to another, and just as I rolled towards her, she raised her long black robe. I got a glimpse of white petticoats raised and then long black rubber stockings attached to the suspenders of a black open crotch girdle – all very non-convent apparel. She spread her legs and I came to a stop opposite her exposed pussy. She dropped her heavy robes over me and immediately I felt her hands hold my head inescapably against her labia as I was plunged into the pungent darkness.

It was pitch black now, and the aroma of rubber was almost suffocating as she held my head firmly against her naked, hairless pussy. Then I heard her speak, and I knew that it was Tyra.

“Now, our pretty noviciate, if you want to become part of our rubber sisterhood, we need to see how you can perform down here.” Well I didn’t want to become part of their weird sisterhood, but it was apparent I had no say in the matter.

As I said, I have only gone down on a woman a couple of times, and that was just girly fun, but this was different. I know how I am pleasured there - Tyra expertly showed me that, and I know what I like, and I know how to pleasure myself with my fingers, and I assume other women can be pleasured in the same way as well. But me doing it to another woman? It was apparent that I had no choice in the matter, no doubt one of them had the cattle prod, and I didn’t want that, so, very slowly in the pitch-black rubber-scented darkness, I began to lick her bare labia. Tyra didn’t do anything at first, just spread her legs a little, but then I stuck my tongue past her fleshy lips and I heard her say.

“Oh, good girl, that’s the trick, you’re learning fast, now find my nubbin.” For some reason I was glad that the first woman was Tyra, and remembered very well what she had done to arouse me, and I tried to emulate that. And nudging the cover back with my nose I detected her inflamed clit. It was stifling in the pitch dark, the smell of the rubber combined with Tyra’s aroma made it almost overwhelming. After a short period of my licking and sucking she was getting wet - god, did that mean I was good at this? I was still part embarrassed and bizarrely, just a tiny bit pleased with myself. I really had to pull myself together. Now I could really smell her aroma, a smell I suppose I was familiar with on myself, but we are all different, I’m told, in small ways. Some men like it, others perhaps not, but with her pressing my head further onto her, I had no choice but to continue. I actually didn’t find it unpleasant, the flesh was warm and moist and tender. This I did for a few minutes in the dark, stifling smelly heat under her robes, her hands gently stroking my head in encouragement.

Soon I had decided that the quicker this was over the better, and to do this would be to make her come. It was a double-edged sword of course, as I had to work harder with my tongue and lips. I tried to cut this out of my mind, but the ever-present smell of the rubber, and of Tyra, made it difficult. She continued to encourage me, stroking my head, and at last I felt her legs and abdomen shake, as she came, her pungent juices wetting my masked face. She shuddered for a few more seconds, stroking my head, pulling it to her. I heard her take a few deep breaths, and then she raised her robe and petticoats, smiled down at me, and stroked my head again.

“Good girl, not bad at all, you are a horny rubber slut, aren’t you? I think you do like the girls, don’t you, so we have more for you to look forward to, and satisfy.” And accompanied by a smile, with her toe she turned my trolley and propelled me towards the next nun. And with perfect timing, the next nun raised her robe and under I went, into compete pungent rubbery darkness again, to be met by another bare pussy. Hands again were placed on my head - a little less gently, guiding me on, and I realised then that I would probably have to satisfy all four women.

Over the next twenty minutes or so, I’m not sure how long exactly, it could have been more, I brought two more women to throaty, shivering orgasms. I won’t say I was an expert, but I was getting to understand female anatomy better, and what some women liked and some didn’t. They smelt differently, they tasted differently, they were structured differently, they were turned on differently, and they came differently. I could taste them, smell them on me. But by now my lips and tongue were just a little sore after all that activity.

But I had only one to go now. I assumed she had passed the camera to one of the others, although I had seen two other cameras on tripods recording everything as well. No doubt while I was orally servicing one of them, the others were kissing and fondling, as a bit of background entertainment. So for the last time, I hoped, after satisfying number three, who I think was Jessica, but wasn’t sure, number four would be a quicker exercise. Jessica raised her robe, turned me, and with a strong push propelled me about six feet to number four, who must have been the new one I hadn’t seen before. As I was rolled across the floor at some speed she raised her robe to welcome me….. and there sprang up a large, erect cock!

Before I hit the target, I glanced up beyond a pair of ample rubber breasts, and saw Dr. Mann grin lasciviously behind his transparent rubber mask, then drop the robe over me. He clamped his hands over my head, considerably more forcefully than the three women, and drew me towards his cock. Aaaaarrgh. I felt cheated and disgusted. I should have known, they had conned me of course, for Mann had rubber stockings, suspenders and a girdle I could detect, and he certainly had a pair of fine false boobs, and mascara and lipstick I think under his mask. But I had no time to dwell on that as he firmly manoeuvred my mouth towards his warm, hard cock. There was no time, no chance to resist? I had sucked him off before, he had left me with no choice then, and it was the same again. But I had been conned, for sure. I heard him chuckle.

“Would you prefer some nun pussy, dear noviciate? The sisterhood, I can tell you, are very impressed with your pussy skills, but now you must satisfy me, so you had better worship at this altar for a while.” I heard him laugh as I had no option but to take his cock into my mouth as fast as I could, for now I wanted this over. I sucked his warm wet cock and pushed my head forward to take it to the very back of my throat and beyond, one, two, three times, taking breaths in between. I thought I was getting quite good at this now. He seemed pleased with that and stroked my masked head under his robe. After a few minutes I thought surely he would come and we would be finished, but the bastard resisted me and prolonged it on purpose, and above me I could hear him chuckling. When my lips and throat were getting sore after maybe ten minutes, he finally came, drawing my head back so I would get a good taste of his seed. I swallowed his juices and even licked him clean, hoping this would satisfy him and bring it all to an end. He raised his robe and I got a glimpse of his shiny stockings and girdle. I looked up at his protuberant boobs and his grinning face, a face I really wanted to punch, as hard as I could. I swallowed again, the taste of his sperm and the women’s juices in my mouth, and over the front of my mask. As the others encircled me, he said with a chuckle.

“Well ladies, what do you think? Does she pass the test? Do we have a fourth sister, albeit perhaps a reluctant one?”

“No complaints from me.” Jessica said “And I like the idea that she’s just a little bit reluctant (a bit?), makes it more fun. Yes, she’s good. We could use her all right.”

Bit reluctant? I thought again. What a laugh, well you wait until I get in front of the panel and tell my side of the story, you’re going to be finished, the lot of you. But they seemed very confident, so maybe I shouldn’t be as confident as I thought. Only time would tell.

“Okay, she’s in, how about we initiate her tonight?” Mann said with a big grin, and the others nodded eagerly. God, now what?

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