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From Top to Bottom 15: More Schoolgirl Japes

by rbbral

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© Copyright 2016 - rbbral - Used by permission

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story continued from part 14

After writing many stories relating to rubber fetish, bondage and associated themes I have decided that, at least for now, this is my last, and for that I wanted to write something very different and challenging for me. So this is a gay rubber story, something I have never tried before. There is some femdom, maledom and feminisation as well, but it is predominantly a gay rubber tale. Whether or not it “works” and has credibility is entirely up to the reader, although I have to say I did quite enjoy writing it.

Chapter Fifteen – More Schoolgirl Japes

It is impossible to communicate as we are so thoroughly gagged, but we both lean forward and rest our heads on the opposite shoulder. I nuzzle his neck under the wig and straw boater, inhaling the scent of his rubber shirt, and he reciprocates. We stay like this for several minutes, just recovering from our beatings, calming ourselves for what may be next. I actually feel quite horny, feeling this cute rubber schoolgirl leaning into me, our fake boobs brushing each other, but in our predicament, with my cock and balls firmly sealed in their sheath, and Erica’s trapped in steel chastity, this is all the pleasure we can glean from this.

But I am feeling better; my arse is more numb than burning, which is a good sign; my nipples are still being shocked by the TENS unit, but only lightly; my pulled-back arms and stretched legs are tiring but I’ve felt worse.

Pat returns, smiling broadly, with a large attaché case, all business. She places this to the side and approaches us, turns off the TENS units, and moves the trolley away, then loosens our shirts and begins to ease the rubber pads that have been glued to our nipples. I know this break is short lived as she has another “cunning plan” but nonetheless it is a big relief. Then she unlocks our spreader bars and we are able to move our legs freely and we can stand more erect, not fully but much less bent over, which is good for our aching arms. I see the relief on Erica’s face as I stand facing him, but I think he knows as well as I do that more is to come.

Next, very surprisingly, Pat pulls down my thick white rubber pants and I step out of them. She produces my familiar white panties, identical to Erica’s, with holes in back and front, and I step into them. And then comes a real treat.

“I think you’ve been trapped in this long enough, they probably need a bit of fresh air. So if you behave yourself you might get a treat later.” She laughs as she unbuckles the cable from my corset, then loosens and removes the pouch. Oh, the relief, no hard rubber balls rubbing against my crack and my cock and balls free at last, well except for the permanent ball ring, but now I hardly think about that any more. She pulls up my pants and as my cock begins to immediately harden pulls it and my balls through the hole in the pants. My skirt now begins to rise at the front and I can see Erica’s eyes pop. We are still thoroughly gagged with each other’s panties, but I feel a whole lot better. She moves to Erica and raises his skirt, unlocking the steel chastity device, and I am happy to see, his cock, like mine, springs up and hardens. We are identical again, rubber schoolgirls, panty gagged, facing each other, skirts raised by hard cocks.

“I think you’re both going to like what is coming next, state-of-the-art stuff, no expense spared. But I have a test for Erica first. Donna does not require the test, for I know her erm…measurements, her capacity, let’s say.” She laughs as she draws a surgical glove over her already-gloved right hand. She is enjoying the whole theatre of this scene as she approaches Erica and tells him to bend over while raising his skirt again.

“Now let’s see, Erica, I don’t think you are a virgin here, are you?” Erica hesitates and looks at me, then shakes his head. Pat smiles as she spreads some lube over her middle finger.

“But not very er, experienced. Well that’s fine, but I do need to assess your capacity here so just relax, don’t clench or stiffen, that will defeat the process, ha ha.” I can see in the mirror behind Erica that Pat is now running her finger around Erica’s tight muscle. Pat catches me watching her and smiles coolly, then says.

“Yes, you are quite tight, not virgin tight though, and nothing a little exercise and stretching won’t take care of. This is your first time here. If you become a regular like Donna here, after a few sessions I could possibly get all five fingers and up to my wrist inside you, give you a good tickling from the inside. Would you like that, hhmm?” Erica does look a bit shocked at that idea and can’t seem to make up his mind.

“Perhaps not.” She smiles. “Not a definite no then, good, as I said it will take some time to get there, but you might get to look forward to it. Let’s keep our minds open then, and possibly other orifices. Now I can tell already you are relaxing a little and one finger is nicely inside, so let’s try two shall we?” She withdraws her middle finger and now adds her forefinger and starts pressing into the sides of Erica’s gradually loosening muscle.

“That’s better, much better.” And her two fingers slide into Erica, who closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath. Pat moves her fingers in and out for a few seconds, then seems satisfied.

“All right, good, I think I know your tolerance level, for now anyway.” She strips off the glove and brings over the attaché case.

“Now this is a recent purchase of mine, my oh my, you can get anything on the net nowadays. And I am assured that these are the absolute Rolls-Royce.” She opens the case, facing us, like a Mexican vendor on the beach, selling silver. Set in two perfectly symmetrical rows are five black silicone butt plugs, and above each plug is a remote. Pat, taking her time explains.

“Not your average butt plug, oh no. there are five sizes here, Donna I know will be able to take number three, not too huge but she’ll certainly feel it’s presence. You Erica, I think we’ll start with number one; I think you are ready for a number two but I don’t want to push it a first time, I know you will enjoy it, without having any real discomfort. But that’s just the start, these are vibrating plugs, run by triple AAA batteries, which are brand new, so they won’t run out, ha ha. So the necks of the plugs are just wide enough to allow the batteries to go inside. The base plate is anatomically curved to settle between your cheeks snugly, quite comfortable for long term use, and no chance of the plug slipping out.” She now picks out a remote.

“But here’s the really best bit, they are remote controlled, I love this idea. Apparently they are good up to 20 feet. So I can be walking around town with one of you, or both, even better, my cute rubber slaves, and give you a little zap to keep you in place, and you wouldn’t know when it is coming. But that may be for later, for now, well, we’ll just have some fun here. Donna, you can be first as you are the experienced one. A number three for you, and I know you can take it. And I’m going to remove both your gags now, you can talk if you wish, but no screaming please, have to think of the neighbours.” Well they won’t hear a thing, I know for sure, Pat has the west half of the floor and the eastern two suites are over the other side, and my suite is above; plus Ryan and I did some pretty good soundproofing. But Erica doesn’t know that. She gently eases the two sets of panties from our dripping mouths and we both take some deep breaths and swallow a few times, but say nothing. Then she takes the middle plug from the case, holds it up admiring it, spreads some lube over it and I bend over, my face only inches from Erica’s. The plug is a good size, but once the widest section is past my sphincter I’m pretty sure I can accommodate it.

“Come on Donna, show Erica how it is done.” And I relax as I feel the cold silicone at my entrance. There is no shock, no resistance from me any longer, I am truly getting used to this. Pat presses forward and I can feel my muscle relax and yield and then she stops, she is now the expert and knows when to stop and let the muscles loosen and stretch. I look at Erica, and see he is staring in the mirror behind me, taking in all the action. In the room, where there are no rubber drapes or drawers or closets containing rubber clothes or equipment there are mirrors everywhere, you can’t hide from your punishment or humiliation at Pat’s.

I nod slightly and give him a look of encouragement, for he knows he’s next. Pat presses on, and now we are at the widest section and this is where it is quite painful, Pat knows this and quickly she presses further and then it plops inside me, my muscle gripping the neck. The curved base plate has settled between my cheeks, trapping my panties between base plate and cheeks. I let out a sigh, yes, it’s okay, I’m fine, I don’t feel like I’m giving birth, but not sure if I would be able to take a number five! I stand up, as far as I can, squeeze my cheeks and wiggle my bum until “comfortable” and nod at my mistress. Pat and Erica can see I am still erect under my rubber skirt and Pat places a finger on the raised portion.

“You really are a bit of a slut, aren’t you Donna? Fully plugged and you’re still horny. Now Erica, a smaller one for you, so the trick, as Donna showed us, is to relax, and take it slowly.” Erica bends forward just a couple of inches from me, and Pat lubes the smaller plug, raises his skirt and places it at the hole in the rear of his panties, then pushes slowly. Erica inhales deeply and spreads his legs a little, nodding to himself. The process continues, Erica taking deep breaths as Pat drives in further until, accompanied by a grunt from Erica the plug embeds itself within him. He stands and adjusts his position until he nods, a look of almost relief on his face, he’s okay, he’s fine. Pat places her arms around our waists, looking at us.

“Okay?” We nod together.

“Yes, mistress.” We say in unison and we all look down and see that both Erica and I are still erect, our cocks almost touching under the skirts. She now takes two remotes from the case. They each have a dial and a vertical switch, Pat advises us, it has pulse one to ten, with ten on the dial being the most “shocking” and a variable timer switch, which can be set to random. I don’t want to imagine what ten would be like, but then I am probably going to find out.

Unlike Spinal Tap, I am glad to see there is no eleven….

“Well, there’s only one way to see if their advertising is correct, so, let me see. I can’t wait. The main bedroom is maybe twenty feet away so I’ll go there and give you a couple of zaps, then come back. Ready girls?” She chuckles and leaves us staring at each other, waiting. Then Erica winces and wriggles her rear.

“Oh oh, ooohh, that’s quite sssss strange, oooh.”

“Does it hurt…oh ooh, I see what you…” And I am up on my toes, clenching my cheeks. Pat returns, grinning broadly.

“Oh look at you two. Well it works,” she laughs, “let’s try it a bit more, that was only two, Donna, I’ll get you to, what? Six? And Erica, you’re a bit more fragile, we’ll go to four.” She turns the dial and watches fascinated as we perform a strange little dance for her, oohing and aaaahing, wriggling our arses. For me it is not painful, not at all, it’s just strange because it feels as if something alive is inside me and has a life of its own. Pat approaches us and releases the rope that holds our hands behind us, we are now just cuffed and facing each other, inches apart.

“Now that won’t impede your cute dancing moves.” She giggles again, she is having all sorts of fun with us. And we are dancing, sort of, as we squirm and adjust to the tremors and vibrations that are pulsing within our rears. And I can now see that Erica, a sheen of sweat on his brow is beginning to really get into this, the young lad is beginning to enjoy having a live plug wiggling in his rear.

“I’ll leave you for a few minutes, you seem to be having so much fun, Erica particularly you, so I’ll get you up to level six as well, and you can try a nice pas de deux with Donna.” Before she leaves she removes our headgear, my beret and his straw boater, then takes the remotes with her. Why is she leaving us? Why remove the hats? What does she expect us to do? My feeling is that as we are going to be disciplined later, one last time for the session probably, why not have some fun as well. And I am finding Erica wriggling in front of me in all her sexy rubber gear rather cute.

We are both adjusting to the pulses and vibrations throbbing through us, and when I look down I see that we still both have a hard-on. I lean over and press myself against him, he moves back until he’s against a rubber curtain covering the wall. He’s breathing hard and I can feel his hard cock pressed against mine. I kiss him, brushing his lips at first, but it is he that presses his lips to mine. We do this for a few seconds, and then he whispers, please, please, and parts his legs. Never one to miss an opportunity with such a handsome young man, I drop to my knees, and dip my head under his short rubber skirt. The tangy pungent aroma of warm rubber assails my senses, but my eyes are on his cock, not large as I said before but a nice mouthful, which I am about to relish. I lick the head and I hear him groan, please, please. Lowering my head I open my mouth and take him in, just the helmet at first, nibbling the shaft, then move down, adoring the warm, live, delicious feel of him, savouring the taste.

And I can hear the vibrator buzzing inside him! I can’t believe it. I can hear the plug buzzing away inside him.

But it’s time to concentrate and I go to work at what I do very well, and it’s not work of course but pure pleasure. His legs are shaking, his body is shuddering, and he’s sighing quietly, I have a feeling he won’t last long, so I withdraw and just lick him, like a very juicy ice cream. I am rock hard as well and the vibrating plug in my rear is giving me the shakes as well, but nice shakes as I have become used to this lively monster playing inside me. I can’t use my hands to control him coming and it is not long before I sense it. I clamp my mouth over him, take him right to the hilt and hold him for five, ten seconds, holding my breath. Then I feel the dam burst and warm juices hit the back of my mouth, I continue sucking him dry, every last drop. I suck and swallow until he is spent. He takes a few moments to recover as I stand very unsteadily leaning on his shoulder. Although he is spent, he whispers.

“Here, let me, let me, quickly before she returns, please.” We change places and he drops to his knees, and dips his head under my skirt. He seems very confident under there and licks my helmet, then I hear him say.

“Oh, oh, this ring,” he licks me again, “it’s huge, so heavy, it’s very beautiful as well,” another lick or two, “is this…”

“Yes, permanent, and I’m very comfortable with it. Now get your mouth round my cock before she gets back.” I reply, but jokingly. He giggles and takes me to mid shaft, oh yes, a lovely warm wet mouth now has me captive. Oh, I like this. He is very tender, caring, as if playing with a little kitten, no teeth just tongue and lips and cheeks. Then we hear…..

“Again! I should have known better leaving you. You really are a couple of dirty girls, and Donna I’m sure is the instigator.” Erica withdraws and stands quickly, licking her lips, to face Pat, who is doing a very good job in looking both shocked and disappointed, which then quickly turns to controlled anger.

“No mistress, it was me that persuaded Donna, it wasn’t her fault.” Says Erica, and Pat smiles.

“I admire your sticking up for your new friend here, Erica, but all that means is that you will both be punished.” And during this badinage I realise that Pat allowed us to be alone for this very reason. She knew exactly what we would do, or at least me, but Erica’s participation no doubt secretly pleased her. And Erica probably knows she will be punished if caught, and is prepared for that, maybe is even looking forward to it. And so the evening continues to one last scenario, the script slightly changed perhaps, but Pat again very much in control.

First she gives us a bit of a respite by turning down the vibrations of the plugs in our rears with her remotes, but I have a feeling that may be short lived. She leads me to the inflatable body bag. This is suspended from the ceiling by a series of ropes and pulleys attached to D rings down the side of the bag. I have been in it before; the outside is of very thick heavy rubber and can be inflated drum tight. The inside is of thinner rubber and therefore once inflated clings to every pore of the body allowing barely any movement at all. She uncuffs my wrists and says.

“Tuck in your skirt at the front and back and step out of your shoes, you know the drill.” And I do, as I step into the bag through the horizontal chest zip, then push my arms down the sleeves and finally poke my head through the narrow collar, careful not to mess my wig. Pat pulls the zip closed. Even uninflated the bag is snug and has me trapped, I can go nowhere. The only parts of me exposed are my head, at the rear there are my white panties with the vibrating plug locked in my arse, and my cock and balls sticking out of the 4 inch hole at groin level.

Erica watches fascinated, his arms still cuffed behind him, and his cock flaccid now, after my attentions. The inner skin of the bag is already quite tight but then she attaches a tube to the inflator valve at my shoulder and turns on the electric air pump. The thick rubber begins to squeeze me, tighter and tighter and soon I can’t wriggle an inch. Satisfied, she disengages the tube but she’s not finished yet. She rummages in one of the drawers behind her and comes up with an inflatable butterfly gag. Coolly approaching me she first shows it to Erica, and I obediently open my mouth to accept the inevitable. She presses one side of the gag inside one cheek and then the other, and calmly pumps it up, until I grunt as my cheeks are spread out like a chipmunk. She presses a finger on my cheek, seems satisfied and leaves the tube and inflator resting on the upper portion of the tight rubber encasing my body. She goes to the wall and turns a small winch and the ropes attached to the sides of the bag begin to tighten and I am slowly raised off the ground. When I am about a foot in the air, she locks the winch.

A feeling of complete helplessness takes over me; I am just a large shiny black sausage slowly swinging back and forth and finally coming to a halt. If I try to bend my knees as much as I can, I’m able to just get the bag to move an inch or so, and now the heat is beginning to build up and I’m starting to sweat in my rubber prison.

But, and here’s the kicker, my cock is still rock hard. The idea that I am in the hands of an efficient and cruel dom, who can do anything she wishes to me, anything at all, makes me excited. But now she turns her attention to Erica. She takes him by the arm to the gyn/ob chair directly opposite me, releases her cuffed wrists and orders him to sit. He settles in, placing his feet in the stirrups and arms on the rests, and settling back to a 45 degree angle, then Pat sits on a small stool with castors and casually circles him, pulling straps at ankles, knees, thighs, waist, chest, biceps and wrists.

Very quickly all Erica can move is his pretty, bewigged head, and he is silent as the procedure is completed. Pat then folds back his skirt and presses a button on the side of the chair, and Erica’s legs begin to spread, and spread, finally stopping at a 90 degree angle. He is now fully exposed and defenceless, his cock remaining flaccid and the curved base plate of his plugged arse visible. He gives me a somewhat plaintive look, but there’s certainly nothing I can do. I’m in as bad a predicament as he is. Again, she’s not finished, and from the same drawer she gets a black rubber aviator’s mask and shows it to Erica and nonchalantly explains it to him.

“All right, this fits over your mouth and nose and the thick rubber strap around your pretty head will ensure an airtight fit. Inside the mask there is a short, but wide cock gag which will keep your mouth stretched open, and quiet of course. There is a tube through the gag and a stopper here at the front, but more on that later. How do you breathe? Through your nose and through this hose here, and this is connected to a re-breather bag and then to this box here. Inside here are pieces of old used rubber, very smelly.” She laughs. “So I can control your breathing through this valve on the re-breather bag, but rest assured you will get a very powerful bouquet of wonderful, sweet rubber.”

She clamps the mask over his nose and mouth, and Erica aaaaarrgs, and mmmmffs as he adjusts to the cock gag filling his mouth. Pat draws the strap over his head, careful not to muss his nice blonde wig, and I hear him mmmmf as he draws in heavily scented rubber air through his nose. Then draws a rubber strap from behind the headrest and places it over his forehead. It’s not too tight but enough to keep his head immobile. Now all he can do is stare ahead and await his fate. I am still hard as I watch, excited, as Erica initially struggles, testing his bonds, then begins to relax, knowing the futility of it all. Oh, I wish I was him. But there is one more piece of equipment to complete Erica’s predicament.

Pat produces a clear plastic penis enlarger. Now let’s not kid ourselves, these don’t really work, long-term at least. But what they can do is suck, stretch and mildly torture your cock. She places the clear tube over his cock, which I am happy to see is beginning to wake up again, and the rubber half circle seal locks itself at the base of his cock. At the head of the tube there is a foot of narrow rubber tubing leading to a hand pump, only this of course doesn’t pump air in, but sucks it out! Erica is breathing hard as he watches all this, Pat casually making sure all is ship-shape. She now stands between us, picking up the two remotes.

“Well, we have about 20 minutes left of your tutorial Erica, so we must finish on a high note, so to speak.” She beams. “I think you both did very well earlier at the lower settings, so now I think, let’s see, an eight on the dial, yes? Should get your attention.” With a cruel grin, she turns the dials on the remotes, me first, and the plug leaps to life in my rear. I grunt into my gag and try to squirm and wriggle but the two skins of rubber hold me virtually motionless, like a shiny black piece of modern sculpture. I glance across at Erica and I see he can wriggle just a little in the chair. His eyes are scrunched and I can hear him mmmmfff as well, but there is nothing either of us can do.

Pat seems pleased with the effects of the two plugs on her pupils and resumes her seat in front of Erica. She moves to his side so presumably I can get a better look as she takes the pump in her hand, looks up at Erica and begins to squeeze it. He’s having enough problems sucking rubber scented air into his lungs, having the inside of his arse tickled and tortured, and now his cock is hardening and being sucked and stretched. When she has withdrawn as much air out as she feels comfortable with, Pat rests the pump on the stool beside him and turns to the drawer against the wall. She comes back with a thick steel ring about a half inch deep, one of Candy’s best, and opens it, showing it to Erica.

“I can’t resist those cute balls there, they really must be brought under my control. Now you have no doubt seen Donna’s beautiful ring, but this is not permanent like hers. But it is a testament to you being under my control, being my possession to do as I will. This will be a trial, a test for you, it’s imperative you understand your relationship with me and this will be e constant reminder. I know you will look so much better with this gripping your base here.”

She grips the flaccid skin at the base of his ball sac and pulls down, not gently at all and he squeals into his cock gag. She controls it in her rubber gloved hand for a minute or so, then pulls down again and holds it. Erica can do nothing except stare mutely at her. Satisfied, she wraps the ring carefully around his base careful not to nip any skin, and I hear the tell-tale click and his balls are now firmly under steely control, her steely control.

Finally she turns the valve on his re-breather bag a half turn, checks his breathing as he looks up at her, alarmed, plaintive, sucking in the rubber perfumed oxygen through his nostrils, she pecks him on his brow above his aviator mask and turns to me. She playfully slaps my erect cock, yes, it’s still erect, for I can hardly believe what I have seen, and she leaves.

We stare at each other, in complete rubber bondage, barely able to move an inch, gagged into silence, our insides being tickled and tortured by the black plastic invaders. I am shaking and shivering and wriggling and rocking and rolling, but I look into the mirror to the side and I see a shiny rubber statue, just barely moving, and with the head of a pretty girl with page boy hair, thoroughly gagged, popping out the top, and, here’s the rub, an erect cock and permanently ringed balls at the front. Yes, go figure. Although I can do nothing, and my arse is being tickled and teased and tortured, I am loving this. Oh my goodness, have I come a long way. Perhaps the only thing missing for me is not having Ryan there, appreciating my complete subjugation and acceptance of my role as a proud rubber sub, and occasional very pretty tranny.

But I get great pleasure looking down at Erica, squirming and mmmfffing. For I can see that his cock is both inflamed and erect, and I do believe he’s now adjusted to the throbbing in his rear, and is slowly embracing it. Pat seems to have another convert.

But how can this last 20 minutes? Well, we have to. I clamp down on my gag, very familiar with it now, and squeeze my buttocks round the pulsating invader. I close my eyes and try to adjust, to ride with it, I’m not fighting it, but appreciating Pat’s wonderful talents, for my cock does not lie.

So I ride it out, go with it, close my eyes, imagine Ryan is there, orchestrating it all, perhaps his mouth around my cock, for I am still hard and dying to be licked and sucked dry. I look over to Erica again, and can see he’s clenching his buttocks like me, and I’m sure he is now, like me, taking pleasure in all this. Our eyes connect and he nods imperceptibly and mmmmffs through his cock gag, and his eyes drop and settle on my erect cock and he nods again; he knows I’m desperate for release.

After a few minutes, I don’t know how many, Pat returns. She says nothing, goes to Erica, coolly checks his heavy steel ring, rolling his balls in her gloved hand, then checks his breathing. He looks imploringly at her, but she ignores this, inspects his pink and erect cock through the clear plastic of the tube….and gives the bulb a couple more squeezes. Erica mmmffs loudly but she just smiles, the cruel and efficient mistress, turns and leaves us, glancing down again at my erect cock. She shakes her head as if to say naughty boy, and leaves us again.

And the minutes tick by, the throbbing in my rear, starts and stops, with no predictable rhythm to it. It’s very unsettling, and yet also very pleasurable. After what seems like an eternity Pat returns, ignores me and moves to Erica. Pat has a narrow flute of sparkling wine, with just a small amount left. Clearly she has had a leisurely 20 minutes or so, but is back to business. As she carefully removes the plastic tube from Erica’s cock, she says.

“Now I know Donna and all her considerable skills sucked you dry earlier, and she really is a slutty girl, but you’ve had a while to recover, and from all my pupils I like to take a sample, a deposit if you will, and I’m sure you are up for it. Looking down here, it seems that you are, so I’ll remove the suction tube here give you some assistance.” She smiles coolly again and places her rubber gloved hand around his erect cock, not wanking him hard at all, but just holding, caressing him. Well it doesn’t take long for him to mmmff through his gag and begin to jerk. Pat sees this and places the champagne flute over his cock at an angle and I see Erica come with a series of hip spasms. I’m surprised at how much juice he’s able to produce in such a short time, but then he is a young virile man.

Pat collects it all and I see it slide down the side of the glass and into the remainder of the wine. Pat holds it up, twirling and rolling the glass as if inspecting a nice vintage. She twirls it further until the liquid is a cloudy even consistency. Now she unscrews the plug at the front of the aviators’ mask, exposing the tube connecting the front to the back of Erica’s mouth. I hear him grunt as he sees what is about to happen. With the strap across his forehead holding his head firmly in the headrest he can do nothing, as Pat says.

“There’s a good girl, now take your medicine, no retching now. No doubt you have tasted and drunk others but not your own, haha, always a first time for everything.” And she tips the glass cautiously over the hole in his cock gag, and I watch as it slides into his mouth. He does retch a little at first but then adjusts as the cloudy gooey solution is emptied into his mouth and he swallows it all.

“Good girl.” And Pat softly strokes the inside of Erica’s stockinged thigh. Now she methodically releases Erica from his bondage, straps being loosened at forehead, chest waist and so on. She removes the aviators’ mask and adjusts his wig, then assists him in standing up. Not surprisingly he’s a bit groggy but arranges his uniform appropriately, pulling down his skirt and straightening his tie, licking his lips and swallowing to clear his mouth of the cloying cocktail he has just drunk. Now Pat addresses him, slowly walking around him, her hands passing up and down his rubber uniform.

“Well Erica, so ends your first tutorial and I am quite pleased with you. Having Donna here for your first session was probably a good idea, although Donna can tend to lead girls down the wrong path. After you have left I will be having some words with her.”

She picks up the remote

“Now I’ll turn off your vibrating plug here, I’ll turn down Donna’s a little, but she’s such a dirty girl she’ll just ride it. It seems to me you really quite enjoyed the experience, yes? Well, should you wish to be tutored by me again I might have to think up something more for your discipline, certainly a much larger plug. You might not get so much pleasure out of that. When you go to change you can remove it yourself, it won’t be easy but it will be good practice for you as I propose to educate that rear of yours in bigger plugs, there is a basin there for you to leave it in. Now, this ring.” Pat raises Erica’s skirt, and rolls his balls in her gloved hand.

“This is a sign of your subjugation, that you are my pupil; that you are completely obedient, you are my property to do with as I wish. That you will be disciplined if you do not obey me, without hesitation.” I watch as Erica nods. “Donna here has made that vow, and has been ringed permanently, for life. And she is proud of that.” And I find myself nodding silently.

“Your ring is a good size, maybe a half inch deep and quite a weight, but not permanent. If you are to continue under my tuition I would like to see you permanently ringed, it is a big decision that doesn’t need to be taken now. I have the key here, it’s very small so don’t lose it, I have a copy but there will be a severe penalty for you if you do lose it and wish to be released.”

Pat hands the tiny key to Erica.

“So I want you to keep this key. You can remove the ring in the bedroom in a few minutes if you wish, and I will think no less of you, or you can choose to keep it on until you come to see me again. I would like to see you again; I think you have potential to explore your further subjugation. This has been a lot for you to take in one evening, and I would like to see you for more lessons, I can’t force you, but I have been quite impressed with your acceptance of the discipline I have put you through so far.”

And here she stops in front of him, close to him, face to face and places her hands around his narrow waist.

“But that is just a small step on a long road. You are a pretty thing and look very good in the rubber.” She begins to stroke his rubber encased thigh. “I do have some plans for you, your ears here need to be pierced so that you can wear rings or studs, I would like your nipples ringed too, they are so much easier to punish if they are ringed, but that again is for the future, but rest assured they will be disciplined.” She places her hands back around his waist.

“Your waist is nice and trim but we can get it narrower with some figure training and that will improve your posture. But the main area of attention, and for your education, will be down here, your cock and balls will be severely tested as will your rear love channel, the size of the plugs will increase and the pulses and shocks as well, so you should be in no doubt of that. You will be here for my pleasure, not yours. Your duty will be to serve and please me. And you will gain pleasure in pleasing your mistress, you are, after all, here to serve me. That is your purpose. Now I’ll leave you to say goodbye to Donna, don’t take too long. She’ll remain gagged and in the body bag, as I have some things to sort out with her, so your communication will be limited. When you have changed and are ready to leave just buzz me in my office and I’ll see you out. It’s been a pleasure taking care of you Erica, I hope we meet again. As I say, I have some interesting plans for you. It will be challenging but rewarding, I am sure of that.” She pecks Erica on the cheek and gives him a motherly hug.

“Thank you….mistress.” Erica replies, seeming still a little groggy after his experience, and Pat leaves us. It has been quite a performance by her and I am so impressed. Not for a second did she falter, but was always in the role. The spell was never broken, and I can see that Erica remains mesmerised by it all. She takes a few breaths and approaches me.

“That really was amazing, I’m so sore and exhausted and…exhilarated as well. What an amazing woman. You know when I arrived here I was a bit nervous, well you saw that. But she’s so confident she just leads you one step at a time, she seems to judge just how much you can take.” As he is saying this he is running his hands up and down the heavy rubber bag that holds me captive. He tries to pinch a portion, prods with a finger, but makes no progress.

“I can’t believe you are trapped in there, this is like black marble, it just doesn’t give. How can you breathe? You can’t move at all, can you?” I shake my head as he pushes my bag playfully and I swing away from him, then return. All I can do is moan quietly.

“When I saw you being put in this and pumped up I was a bit jealous, at how completely helpless you are although, ha ha, when she had me in the chair over there that was pretty intense too.”

And I now see that this is a different young man to the one I met only a couple of hours before. Yes, perhaps still a bit shy, but the nerves have gone, and he’s more confident in himself. I suppose he has passed a test, one that he’s set for himself, and he seems set on pushing himself further. I can’t see him not returning to Pat for further “tutorials”. There is a sly smile on his face now, as she looks up at me, suspended a foot off the floor.

“Thanks so much for being with me through my first session, it helped hugely, and although she had to discipline two of us, I thought it was actually better that way, I didn’t feel left out at all. Watching you get your punishment actually made me hornier. But there was one thing….” He gently takes my cock, still hard, in his hand …..“mistress didn’t allow me to finish. It’s just that I think that it’s only fair I should return your kind attentions from earlier.” He laughs.

“Well actually, in the position you are in, you really don’t have much of a say.” And I can only grunt and nod.

“I’ll take that as a yes, shall I? We don’t have a lot of time, otherwise she’ll be back to punish you further, although I have a feeling you might like that.” And he is certainly observant too, yes, he’s come a long way. He parts his legs a couple of feet and leans forward in front of me. He doesn’t have to dip low as I am suspended above the floor.

I try to look down but the thick rubber inflated bag doesn’t allow me much of a view, except his blonde head. But I can look ahead into the mirror opposite and I see his spread legs encased in the shiny white rubber and as he leans over he coyly raises his short skirt at the back and exposes his white panties stretched across his rear. And I also see the curved base of the vibrating butt plug still in his rear and the thick steel ring around the base of his ball sac. I also see myself, just a shiny pillar of hard rubber, sprouting a pretty face, well gagged, under a jet black pageboy wig; and a blonde head covering my crotch. And then I feel his tongue, licking, lapping; and then his soft lips and his warm wet, inviting mouth. He’s having trouble gripping the rubber encasing me, but he really doesn’t need to as I am suspended and barely moving at all.

As before, prior to being interrupted, he’s very tender, no teeth at all but just lips and tongue, and with one hand he’s stroking my balls. And now, in between stroking and licking he talks to me, almost in a whisper.

“I love this ring here…” lick and stroke.

“I am so impressed you decided to have this locked on you permanently…” lick and suck.

“I’m not sure I have your courage, yet…” more sucking.

“You know I can hear this vibrating plug humming inside you…” I hear him chuckle, and of course it still is, although Pat did turn it down a few notches. And at last I can feel myself coming, and Erica pulls back his head until his lips are over the head of my cock. I moan loudly as my hot juices squirt into his mouth, but he doesn’t withdraw, just calmly swallows. Yes, I am really impressed with this young man now. He stands, licking his lips, no nerves at all now. He hugs the body-hugging rubber that is constricting me, and giggles as he makes no impression, as if hugging a solid pillar. So he pulls over Pat’s gyn/ob stool and stands on it and he is now just looking down on me.

“I’m sorry we haven’t been able to talk more. I can’t imagine how I could have had a better evening, and having you with me made it all that much easier, and more fun. My nipples are burning, and my bum cheeks too, and my cock is sore from the stretching and other action it has received. But I feel so…..content, fulfilled. And you, you still have that thing throbbing inside you, don’t you, ha ha, you must love it.” And I nod, oh yes, I do.

“I’d like to take that gag out and give you a goodbye kiss, it’s a big one all right, stretching your cheeks out like that, but I think that Pat will just punish all the more.” Then he looks pensive. “I’m going to have to think about this key here, not sure I want this ring on until I return, but I don’t know, you seem to be accepting it all pretty well, what do you think? I know I want to come back here.”

I roll my head from side to side, raising my eyes, it’s up to you, I’m saying. But I have a funny feeling he’s going to be wearing that ring for a while. And he smiles as I tilt my head eyes raised, I think reading my thoughts.

“What a night, thanks again, oh I just love the way you look right now.” He kisses me on my tautly stretched cheek, steps down, turns and scampers off, turning and smiling as he passes out of sight.

For the next 10 minutes or so I am left hanging in my drum tight rubber, my gag efficiently rendering me mute, my cock now soft, but the butt plug still buzzing away inside me.

And I am content, relaxed, calm. I try to wriggle a bit, just to test the limits, and no, barely any movement. Pat could leave me here as long as she wishes, and play with me, punish me, and I am excited at the prospect. It is maybe another ten minutes before I hear them talking at the front door, for at least a minute, almost in a whisper, then a couple of laughs, and the door closes.

Pat comes skipping in, a big grin on her, yes, skipping, like a very happy schoolgirl. She circles me ,and then gives me a quick one two Ali-like punches, quite hard. I feel nothing, just swing away and then back to her, and now she hugs me. Erica did the same, what is it with this hugging, when I feel nothing and certainly cannot reciprocate. She peers up at me.

“Another very happy client, and one who will return. And no small measure to you, you beauty. I think he may have a bit of a crush on you, although I did explain you were spoken for, so to speak. I like him, he’s a nice young lad and he’s beginning to understand himself. I will look forward to getting him to explore his submissive character further. It’s not just the money, which is nice, it’s seeing clients going away happier, more relaxed in themselves. Oh, and…” She says dramatically and holding out her hand, palm up. And I see the key, and nod mutely.

“Yep, I have him by the balls, ha ha. He gave me the key, and his balls are now in steel bondage. He’s not coming back for three weeks,” she laughs again, “so that will be very good training for him. Yeah, I think he’s a keeper, he might be a very serious submissive. I’m going to have to be on my toes and think up some interesting scenes for him.”

She is talking fast and excitedly. This is just Pat, funny, perky Pat. Not Mistress Pat, not Nurse Pat, and not Mother Superior Pat – I have seen her in full black and white rubber nun gear, phew. She calms down a bit, and looks down at my limp cock.

“I have a feeling that Erica wasn’t quite the innocent, was she, eh? Well I think she probably deserved a reward, and you too. Now, you must be sweltering in there, oh and the vibrator, oh ha ha, it’s still on, oh jeez. Okay I’ll turn that off, your insides must be jelly, ha ha.” She really is having a ball, partly at my expense, but you just have to love her fun and spirit. She turns it off and I take in a few deep breaths, as much as the bloody corset and body bag will allow anyway.

“So what shall we do with you?” She teases me. “I could leave you there all night. No, no, why don’t I call Ryan and he can come down and decide.”

Ten minutes later Ryan arrives, and as always, he enters in style. He doesn’t care at all if neighbours see him like this in the building, he’s probably come down the stairs, so he’s pretty safe there. He has a long black cape, from neck to ankles and after he hugs Pat, he takes this off and I see he’s been on a shopping expedition again. He always does this, surprising me with new rubber stuff I haven’t seen before. This is a beautiful dark burgundy catsuit that looks as if it has been painted on him. It has attached feet and gloves and I don’t know how he got into it unassisted. Every muscle, almost every vein I can see, and his cock and balls are very much highlighted!

“You approve?” He twirls in front of me, and all I can do is nod vigourously.

“So, have you had fun, in my absence?” He’s trying to play hard done by, but it doesn’t work as he was very happy for me to help Pat, knowing full well what that would entail. Pat lowers my body bag until I’m a couple of inches from the floor, but neither of them seems hurried in releasing me. Ryan places a hand on my wigged head and turns to Pat.

“So, has he been good? Or do I have to punish him?” and Pat laughs.

“Depends what you mean by good. He certainly was great with Erica, helping her through her first discipline session, Erica could hardly keep her hands to herself.” And now it is Ryan who chuckles.

“Yes, I have that problem too. Looks like his cock had a workout, hhmm?”

“Oh yes, Erica came out of her shell all right. I’m looking forward to having her back. I even have her balls steel ringed, and she gave me the key to hold for three weeks. Donna here had a large part in persuading her I’m sure.”

“Well, much as I like seeing you thoroughly captive in rubber, I think it’s time to get you out of there and give you a breather.” I moan with relief as he approaches and releases the air from my butterfly gag and eases it out of my aching mouth. I waggle my jaw, swallow a couple of times, and say.

“Ooooh, thanks, I thought for a second you were going to leave me there.” Pat is now deflating the bag and the tight embrace of the two skins of rubber is lessening. She opens the chest zip and I wriggle my arms out of the sleeves, then carefully and a little wobbly step out, as Ryan has his arm protectively around my waist. I stand for a few seconds. I was sweltering in the bag and sweat pours down inside my uniform. Pat hands me a towel and I begin to wipe myself dry as best I can, but most of it is inside my costume. I pat my face dry, my make-up certainly needs work. After a couple of minutes I look and feel a lot better, and Pat suggests I go to the bedroom to “tidy myself up” and then I can join them in Pat’s suite for some drinks. Once in the bedroom I have the task of gingerly removing the vibrating butt plug (vibrating no more) from my rear. This is no easy undertaking, as I have to manoeuvre the thickest part past my relatively tight muscle. But eventually it is done and I leave the monster (although I know there are larger ones) in the basin.

Then I continue to wipe myself down, and with some silicone spray methodically give my schoolgirl uniform a fine sheen. In her client’s bedroom/changing room Pat has a make-up area and I touch up my face, now becoming very good at it. I return to the paly room, place my school beret saucily on my page boy wig and am ready to return to my best friends, who I am sure have been having a good chat about my performance. But I don’t care one bit, I am happy, relaxed and I know I look great again.

They are sitting in the living room, and now we are away from the playroom we are ourselves again, just the best of friends. They have opened a bottle and Ryan gets up and gives me a huge hug, almost crushing me, then kisses me long and tenderly. Pat then follows, with a big hug too, and a kiss right on the lips, and as she takes the armchair Ryan and I settle on the couch.

To the casual observer just three friends having drinks and a natter, all very normal, except for their dress! Me the saucy schoolgirl again, brilliant white shirt, tie, short skirt, and shimmering stockings, and underneath the panties with the holes at front and back, and my cock and balls barely covered by the skirt as I cross my legs and get comfortable. Pat is still in her jet black mistress outfit which shows off her voluptuous boobs and curvaceous legs. Ryan of course is in his stunning burgundy catsuit, all slim and well-formed muscle.

We talk and laugh for an hour or so, going through the evening, and Ryan, as always has not an ounce of jealousy, he’s pleased because I had a great time. I think he wants to assist Pat next time, and I’m all for that. I have my legs crossed, as modestly as possible, given the shortness of my skirt, but when Ryan affectionately places his hand on my rubber-encased thigh I feel a stirring and the front of my skirt begins to rise. Pat laughs.

“You two are really incorrigible. Here, let’s look at this for a while, maybe that will cool you off, though I doubt it.” She turns on the large screen TV and fiddles with a remote….and there are Pat, Erica and me on the screen. When we built her playroom Ryan, ever the techie, set up four cameras at strategic locations and hooked them up to a central hard drive. Clients are informed of this right at the start, if they want to be filmed or not, their decision. Interestingly nearly all do. Then they are provided with a memory stick of their performance, their training. They are also asked if they want to be included on the website, most decline, but a few, those generally masked throughout their session are happy to agree. And so the website gets bigger and better. Erica got his memory stick but declined to be included on the site, which was fine by me.

So we settle in, top up our wine and watch the show, accompanied by laughs, catcalls and commentary. A lot is fast forwarded but all in all it’s pretty raunchy stuff. Pat is self-critical and I know will watch later and see where her performance can be enhanced, both for her and the client. After we watch my whipping Ryan suggests I stand and show my “marks of honour”. It’s not what I would call them, but without embarrassment (I’m really never embarrassed now) I stand, lean over and inch the rear of my tight panties down.

“Ow, oh wow.” Pat says, leaning over and inspecting me. “I didn’t realise you’d be that red and blue, maybe, maybe I should stick to the paddle, I’m sorry Don, I think I got carried away. I thought the thick rubber pants I got you into would eliminate all this, you know, really loud smacks but not too much pain.” Ryan has a sly smile on his face.

“Yeah, that looks quite sore, when we get back I’ll get some ointment for it, and I’ll rub it in for you.” He grins and I think to myself, well that sounds like a good idea. I reply to them both.

“Actually, really, it is quite sore but worse than it looks. Those thick pants saved my life. But I wouldn’t use that whip on a neophyte.” I pull up my panties and gingerly draw my cock and balls through the front hole, unashamed. We carry on watching the show for a while but eventually Ryan can tell that Pat and I are tired and he suggests we should leave.

We do regretfully. It is hugs and kisses all round; it has been a wonderful evening, but there will be more to come.

Like Ryan, I don’t care anymore if we meet someone on the way up the stairs, but if we had we would have been an interesting sight. We go straight to our bedroom for I am really tired now, and quite sore. Ryan suggests I lie on the bed so he can rub salve on my throbbing cheeks, and places some rubber pillows under my hips and chest. I lie face down and feel him slowly fold back my skirt and draw down my panties at the rear, then the cold cream is applied and it is wonderfully soothing. When he’s finished I hear him rise and move around behind me.

“You can pull your panties back up, they will stop you from smearing the stuff over the sheets.” I reach back to do this and in a split second I feel a plastic tie being looped round my wrists and pulled tight. They are like the police ties, strong plastic, very easy to put on, impossible to take off.

“What the….hey Ryan…what are you…ow.” Ryan laughs as he pulls up the panties and arranges them so the rear hole is opposite my bum hole again.

“You really didn’t think we were just going to go to bed did you? Give me some credit, you’ve just had a raunchy two hour session, which you can’t deny as we’ve watched some of the recording. And you expect me, who has been down here twiddling my thumbs, getting hornier by the minute, to just go to bed…..aaaaah…no.”

“Oh Ryan, I’m knackered really, can we do this in the morning, or maybe….aaaarrghh.” And he promptly crams a ball gag into my mouth. “Arrgh…rrrrgh.” I feel the strap being pulled tight over my head.

“But dear Donna, that’s the point, you don’t have to do anything, leave that to me. Oooh, look at those lovely firm rubber cheeks, and the warm treasure beyond this hole.” He laughs again as he arranges the pillows under me. I can do nothing but grunt and moan as my rubber arse is raised. I am so tired there is no fight in me. He spreads my legs wide, stroking them affectionately, and I feel him settle himself comfortably behind me. I sense him slipping on a condom and feel the cool lube as he applies it to my tender muscle.

“You have had a big plug vibrating in there for quite a while this evening, and I watched you loving it, wriggling in pleasure, and it had a narrow neck, so we’ll see if you are still snug here, or a bit looser.” I grunt and moan as I feel the head of his hard member pass through the hole in the panties and tease my rear entrance. He presses a little further and there is minimal resistance from my recently maltreated bum. He grips my hips, giggles and pushes further, and before I know it, bang, he is embedded in me, sliding in, smooth as butter. I grunt and turn my head to the right and can see him in the mirror, in his gorgeous shiny burgundy suit, and under him, me, a powerless schoolgirl, bewigged, bound, and gagged.

“Hhmm, that was a little too easy, it’s still a sweet, snug fit but your muscle has been given a bit of a stretching, so I think…” He thrusts deep into me, “…oh, that’s good, that this will be the last session of anal delight for you, for a couple of weeks. I want you to tighten up here and next time really grip my cock, this is just a bit too easy, ha ha.” And he continues to ease in and out. After the throbbing butt plug this calm rhythm, with a warm smooth cock is comforting. At first I was feeling a bit abused, strange comment, I know. But I am tired and sore. My nipples are sore, my bum cheeks are still burning, and my lover is now fucking my already abused love channel, without so much as a by-your-leave.

And then, very quickly I start to get in tune with the rhythm. I clamp down on the rubber ball stuffed in my mouth, and the moans are now of pleasure. The soreness and the pain dissipate as my lover grips me, strokes me and pulls me onto his gorgeous hard cock, and I don’t want it to end. He looks down between my legs and can see that I am erect again, and laughs.

“You are a slutty subby aren’t you? Well I figured you would be so I had some scissors handy.” And I feel a snip and my hands are free, not that I can do much with them, but I bring them up beside my head, close my eyes and just enjoy the ride. He’s right, I don’t have to do anything, and it’s a wonderful sensation having him hold me and manoeuvre himself inside me. He strokes my thighs, my hips and, leaning over, even my neck. Then when he is ready he takes each of my hands in his, stretching them back and pulls me backwards, hard, as I feel him thrust to his root and come. He holds me there, as if I am in a swan dive, and then we relax. He withdraws slowly and removes his condom, then tucks his gleaming cock away behind the zip of his suit.

I lie there content, fulfilled, but I see he hasn’t finished as he flips me over on my back, tossing the pillows to the head of the bed and I place one under my head. I look down between my large rubber breasts and see him smile down at my hard cock and dip his head onto it. I am still gagged and can remove it if I wish but am happy to lie there, mute, as he rolls my balls in his hand and licks and sucks my hard member. It’s been a hell of an evening with Erica and Pat, but I have some juice left and he expertly coaxes it out of me, sucking and then swallowing.

Now I am truly spent, still ball-gagged, corseted, and fully dressed, but utterly unperturbed. The last thing I remember before falling into a dreamless sleep is rolling over on my side and Ryan draping a heavy rubber sheet over me and spooning in behind me


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