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From Top to Bottom 14: Role Play and Back to School

by rbbral

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story continued from part 13

After many stories relating to rubber fetish and associated themes I have decided that, at least for now, this is my last, and for that I wanted to write something very different, and challenging for me So this is a gay rubber story, something I have never tried before. Whether or not it “works” and has credibility is entirely up to the reader, although I have to say I did quite enjoy writing it.

Chapter Fourteen – Role Play and Back to School

And now back to Pat. Her clientele list has expanding enormously, but it is select and loyal. She doesn’t have many clients, perhaps 20, some coming maybe only once every few months, others even a couple of times a month. Nearly all are men, civilised and well-to-do, but surprisingly, for me at least, there are a couple of female regulars. Pat doesn’t tell me their full stories, perhaps men abused their privileges with them, perhaps they were gay, or just happy to be submissive under another woman, but under Pat’s expert skills they leave very satisfied – and return for more.

This doesn’t involve sex in the accepted term with the women, neither does it with the male clients, and over the months, as she grows the clientele, I notice that Pat continues to eschew straightforward male company – a boyfriend. Despite that, or because of it, she remains her frothy, funny self, clearly not missing male (hetero) company at all. She continues to be a best friend to us, and it was not really any surprise when she asked us if we could begin to help her with her clients. And it was me who she really wanted to help her.

Several of her clients, into latex femdom and role-playing are also into rubber maids and nurses, no surprises there, a common enough fantasy. While Pat can play the nurse role with comfort, and does, she will not be able to play a maid, and a dom at the same time, and that is where I come in. And I am very thrilled to do so, for as I said it is now the rubber cross-dressing role that is getting to be second nature to me.

This role of maid had occurred to Ryan more than once, having me sashaying around the flat in a frilly French maid’s rubber outfit but somehow we had not got there yet. But Pat’s request triggered it all, and very soon I had all the accoutrements (well, I was a “French” maid). Super high heeled pumps (I was now peerless in high heels), smooth stockings, a flared dress to mid-thigh - long sleeved with gloves under frilled cuffs, tight-waisted over my boned corselette and a high frilled collar, all in gleaming black rubber, topped with a brilliant white pinafore. With my by now expert make-up skills and a jet black pageboy wig, I was the epitome of the wet dream French maid. It was impossible for me to lean over to place the tea tray on madam’s table without flashing a white thigh and suspenders, and even whiter frilly latex panties, which was the whole point of course. My cock and balls were well hidden away within a restrictive rubber pouch, the same as Candy had worn all those months ago. It was a bit uncomfortable having them so imprisoned particularly with the steel ring distending my ball sac, but to the naked eye all there was to see was a pretty feminine mound, the perfect illusion. And I had to walk a bit gingerly, feeling the steel ring rub between my legs, but that simply added to the feminine guise.

My role varies, sometimes just being the tea girl, curtseying at the right time and then disappearing, but also I am more than happy to help Pat in other ways. These include strapping a sub to one of the pieces of equipment, putting on masks, gasmasks or any other attire that is required, gluing TENS pads on various parts of the client’s anatomy, and handing her whips, paddles, dildos, vibrators, clamps and anything else she demands of me. I also take photos, or even a video, if this is part of the contract.

Oh, I love this job.

And then there is the nurse, or nurse’s assistant role. Oh yes, another classic.

I suppose one of the most common fantasies of a rubber sub is that of the rubber nurse. The “poor” sub will be strapped down on a gurney, or if he’s lucky a gyn/ob chair, and subjected to all manner of medical torments, and I was quick to find out that Pat had done a lot of investigating on that matter. These are all well-documented – suction cups on nipples, penis suction cups, catheters and urethral tubing, TENS units on any part of the body, and I mean any, endotracheal funnels and tubing for forced feeding and drinking. I have mentioned earlier that the piss scenarios are not my gig, but it is not at all uncommon, and Pat was happy to oblige. For the more adventurous client there are of course needles and syringes, and Pat has now acquired piercing skills. And there is of course last, by no means least, the ubiquitous enema equipment and deep colonic cleansing.

On the more experienced clients, while blissfully strapped down they have fluids simultaneously entering and exiting their body, with sometimes fluids exiting from one location to re-enter another. This is very heavy duty stuff - so you will see that Pat has developed very sophisticated nursing skills and a clientele all too eager to experience them.

To play the role of assistant I of course have a perfect rubber nurse’s uniform, and from the first time I put it on, I fall in love with it. I don’t know why, is it a call back to one’s childhood and a trip to the hospital? To me at least it is a mix of anxiety and trust, of giving in, yielding to the woman behind the mysterious mask, those caring sympathetic eyes, the tight rubber gloves and the pristine light blue and white uniform. Being a rubber sub of course, part of my fantasy is for me to be in the gyn/ob chair, and not the client!

The uniform is a gem, shimmering white stockings and gloves, and sky blue tunic, high necked, elbow length sleeves and knee high skirt. Underneath of course is my now very familiar foundation corselette pushing out my false boobs, and snug panties and cock and ball sheath. Preparing the enema is one of my favourite roles, donning a rubber surgical cap, then the rubber surgical mask, and finally heavy duty dark red elbow gloves and apron. Just breathing in the rubber-tainted air, drawing the mask tightly over my lips and nose makes me dizzy.  Usually it is my duty (which I gladly take on) to spear the client on the enema hose, which usually comprises an inflatable butt plug and nozzle at the business end, with attached hose and hand pump. There is often a lot of grunting and moaning from the client who is always thoroughly gagged in one way or another, as I press this into him (I do enjoy doing this, the top side of me is still there) and then pump it up to create a nice watertight seal. I also love pumping the water into him by hand, as we prefer this to a gravity feed, controlling the flow, sometimes holding back and then giving them a quick few bursts….but we never have any complaints afterwards.

And the third major rubber cross-dressing kink is, of course, the schoolgirl. How this arose I don’t know but it seems to back decades and more. And as long as you can stay “in the moment’ it can be a lot of fun. Pat has a number of clients who like to role play as schoolgirls, brought before the head mistress for discipline, and Pat of course revels in that role. I’ll give you a glimpse of a scene we had a few weeks ago.

Pat had accepted a new client who wanted to enact a schoolgirl scene. The client was a first timer, and very young, for this scene anyway. Pat detected that he would be a bit nervous and had asked me to join them to keep him calm and boost his confidence. She didn’t tell me what my role would be but I would just play it by ear and follow her. She of course was the boss and would run the scene. So Ryan helped me dress that evening, and I was looking forward to really getting into the role.

As he wraps the corselette around me and begins to lace me up he laughs.

“Not sure I’ve seen many schoolgirls with boobs like that.” And I look down and agree, they certainly do stick out. And by now my waist has been pulled in so brutally that I am taking short breaths. All this starts to make me go hard, and Ryan notices this and produces a heavy rubber cock and ball pouch I have not seen before. Like an old leather tobacco pouch the entry has the same narrow roll pin buckle but the strap at the bottom is a single strap rather than the traditional Y design which passes beneath the crotch and separates the cheeks to be attached to the back of the corselette. I quickly notice that this strap actually isn’t a strap at all but made of quarter inch diameter solid rubber tubing and has a series of rubber balls at short intervals. It was similar to the design of ben-wah balls, but they were set closer together. Hmmm, I thought, this could be interesting.

“Got to get this under control, schoolgirls don’t have nice cocks like this, time to take care of it.” And he slides my cock and ringed balls into the pouch and pulls the small roll buckle tight. Then I spread my legs and he takes the single tube and pulls it behind me. I bend over slightly and he spreads my cheeks and pulls the tube between them. Immediately I feel the soft rubber balls press into my sensitive flesh between my cheeks.

“Oooh, aah, oh I don’t know about…”

“Oh shush, you’ll love this, keeps you nicely on edge.” And he pulls the tubing again and I feel him attach it to the back of my corselette. The tubing and balls are now firmly locked between my cheeks and rubbing against my sensitive anal muscle. I straighten up, take a couple of breaths and see myself in the mirror. I now have a narrow very presentable waist, protuberant boobs and my malehood has completely disappeared to be replaced by a rubber flesh-coloured smooth mound. The gentle rubbing of the solid tube and small rubber balls between my cheeks makes my cock want to harden, but there is no chance of that. Ryan runs his fingers up and down my mound and sniggers, and I take as deep a breath as I can as we continue with my transformation.

I help him draw the brilliant white stockings up my hairless legs; the caress of the cool rubber makes me shudder. He smoothes them out and attaches them to the four garters on each side. Then come the matching white panties, slightly larger than bikini, but skin tight and with a line of frills at waist and leg. I love this slow dressing, even better than undressing. I pull up the sides of the pants, they now cover my pouch perfectly, all that I can see is a delectable faint feminine mound. And the effect is to push the rubber balls further between my cheeks. The gloves are elbow length, definitely not school issue, in forest green. They are very thin, almost surgical thin, and I love the lightest of touch they have on my fingers and forearms. The shirt is formal in design, white with long sleeves and front buttons to a fairly stiff collar. As Ryan buttons it up he leans into me and kisses me lightly, we have said nothing for a while. Once buttoned up he raises the collar and wraps a rubber tie around my neck, in diagonal stripes of forest green and sky blue, the “school” colours. He ties a perfect knot, and straightens it down to my midriff. Now I step into the skirt, which has vertical and folded strips of matching green and blue rubber and therefore is pleated and also flared in appearance. It is mid-thigh in length and therefore not exactly school issue, but shows off my shapely rubber sheathed legs very well. It has a back zip and fits neatly round my waist. I give it a quick twirl and it fans out nicely, and Ryan looks on approvingly. I slip my feet into a pair of shiny Shirley Temple’s and we are done with the dressing.

A couple of months earlier we had decided, mutually, that as the depilation of my body hair had gone so well, I could continue with facial hair treatment. In truth I was happy with this. I didn’t have a heavy beard by any means and this treatment over weeks, and perhaps months would dispense with the necessity for close shaving before any tranny fun and frolics. It was going well, it was sore and occasionally burned a bit, but soon I was noticing the difference, and sometime in the future it would be complete.

So quickly I apply make-up, very light, after all I was a supposed schoolgirl and didn’t need to look too voluptuous, or slutty. The wig is a short pageboy, jet black and on top of that Ryan places a blue and green beret, at a jaunty angle. So now I am Amelie, very “innocently” sexy, very chic.

As I leave my apartment he slaps me playfully on my rear, and I am off to see my head mistress. How can I ever tire of this? Ryan and Pat seem to have endless imaginations for scenarios, and as I gingerly walk down the stairs between our apartments my heart is already skipping a beat. I take it slowly coming down sideways, every step down I feel the rubber beads and tube rub against my sensitive rear, the pouch pulling my cock and balls backwards to their limit. There is a one in a million chance I will meet someone, and I’m getting to the point I don’t care now anyway. I straighten my tie and ring the bell to Pat’s “business” suite, and she answers almost immediately. She looks me up and down, appraising me, then nods, and says in a loud voice.

“You’re late, we’ll deal with that shortly, but go to the bedroom and get dressed and make it fast!” From this I detect that the client is here already, and this is for his benefit, as I can’t see him from the door, so I go to the bedroom and wait a full ten minutes. Finally I come out and into Pat’s playroom, and there is no sign of Pat, but sitting on the whipping bench is the new client. He’s not exactly surprised to see me so maybe pat has advised him I will be there as well, but his mouth drops a little as he takes in my attire and appearance. I smile and sit down next to him. He’s clearly nervous and as he takes short breaths, looking straight ahead I examine him closely. He’s young all right, maybe 22 or 23, young for this game anyway, and pretty too, slim, and petite, maybe 5 feet 9 inches, not much more. He’s sitting demurely, knees together, ankles crossed and tucked under him, hands clasped at his waist, which is nicely corseted in, his rubber encased legs are very shapely and the false boobs under the school shirt just the right size, not too trashy.

He’s clearly gone to great effort to dress exactly right, and I’m impressed. His uniform is dissimilar to mine though. The stockings, wrinkleless I’m happy to see, are brilliant white, as is his schoolgirl issue shirt, but the perfectly straight tie and gloves are bright red, and the short flared skirt red and white stripes. His wig is blonde, shoulder length with a side parting and he wears a straw boater at a sprightly angle and held on by an elastic band under the chin, very St Trinian’s. He has perhaps overdone his make-up, but for a first timer, as a schoolgirl at least, I’ll forgive him that. I smile.

“Hi, I’m Donna, and I don’t know if mistress mentioned it to you, I’ll be here with you this evening. I have been a few times before so I know the ropes, are you okay with that? Forgive me, but you look quite nervous.”

“Oh, oh yeah.” He lets out a deep breath. “Well, you may as well know, if it isn’t too obvious, this is my first time…erm in this kind of roleplay. I’ve dreamt of this since my late teens and now I’m all jittery.” He laughs quietly. I put my arm around him.

“Look erm, what’s your name?” I laughed.

“Oh, oh, er Eric er well err Erica?” I gave him a gentle hug.

“Erica it is, well hello Erica? We’re going to take this nice and easy.” He smiles as if this was an enormous relief.

“Good, well Erica, we’re going to have a great evening, and you look fantastic, really saucy.” He smiles, getting a bit of confidence.

“Well, nothing like you, wow, your waist, legs, and the make-up, there’re perfect.” I give him a gentle hug.

“I’ve had a bit more practice than you, but there was a time when this was all new to me too.” Ha, if only he knew. “Now before we get started with mistress, I need to know something, so we don’t get our wires crossed. I’m a gay rubber cross dresser, there, okay? Now are you straight or gay, Erica, because neither of us wants to make any false moves. I’m not being judgmental, just careful, you see?” There is a look of relief on his face.

“Oh, well gay; I know there are plenty of straight cross dressers, but I’m gay.”

“Excellent, well that opens up some opportunities, doesn’t it, if mistress will allow, that is. She is a wonderful and talented mistress, Erica, but you will have to be on your toes, you may be in for a shock or two. But I’ll be here to share the load.” He is now visibly relaxing, and I start to caress his shimmering white rubber thigh, and I hear a voice.

“I really can’t leave you alone for a second Donna, I’m looking forward to dealing with you, and the new girl of course, now let’s have a look at you, stand up.” Pat, true to form is the picture of the perfect dom/head mistress. She is all in black - stockings, gloves, 4 inch granny boots and a knee length dress, tight at waist and legs, but loose sleeves elasticated at wrists, and a high collar. Her ample breasts are almost bursting out. I look at Erica and his eyes are almost popping out. Pat is carrying a long, slim cane in her hands, bending it into a U, it looks very nasty and could be very painful I’m sure.

“Hands behind backs, eyes front and legs apart.” She orders like a sergeant-major. She inspects Erica first, rounding her, running the end of the cane up and down his body. She nods approvingly.

“Good, not bad for a first time, no wrinkles in the stockings, tie tight and straight, now let’s see under here.” She raises his skirt with the cane. I sneak a look down; he’s wearing white rubber panties like me, but no frills. I see his cock underneath, erect. She taps it with her cane and he shivers. There’s a disapproving look on her face.

“Those need to come off, I have some plans for that, and at the back here” she taps his cock again, “pull them down.” He hesitates. “I never demand twice.” She says coolly. As Erica begins to pull them down, I am amused as he seems a little embarrassed. From a drawer Pat tosses him another pair, ones I am familiar with; tight and white they have holes at front and back, and I see Erica breathe out as he pulls them up his shapely legs. He pulls his cock, which is now going limp, and balls through and stands to attention again, yes, he’s getting the hang of it. It’s a nice sized cock, not large, but pleasantly proportioned, a nice mouthful, I think to myself.

“Good, I want those accessible at all times. Now Donna, let’s have a look at you.” She raises my skirt, and with a malevolent smile says.

“Oh Donna, as a senior girl I would expect better from you, these are definitely not school issue are they, and you know that. So that means you will be disciplined, harshly, get them off, now.” I slide out of them and see Erica staring at my cock and ball pouch. I turn quickly, letting him see the rubber cable and balls compressed between my cheeks. Pat finds what she wants and tosses them to me.

“Here, school issue. Not exactly bloomers, more I think passion killers as they used to be called, get into them, now.” They are made of very thick white rubber, rather like a diaper in design.

“Wait a second, bend over.” I comply as she raises my skirt.

“Hmm, I like these.” She runs her finger up and down between my cheeks, nudging the small balls up and down my crack. “Rubbing your sensitive parts all the time, excellent, but they are I think a little loose.” She now takes the roll buckle at the bottom of my corset and pulls in about a half inch of slack.

“Ow, ow, oh oooh.” I murmur, as I feel she is pulling my cock and balls off, but she now seems happier. Erica watches fascinated, in silence, as I now bend over further, painfully, and pull up the heavy rubber panties, rustling as they pass over my rubber stockings. They are not a super-tight fit, just fitting nice and smooth over my cheeks and, I notice painfully again, compressing my pouch even more.

She taps my mound. “These won’t be getting any exercise tonight, Donna. Unlike Erica here.” And I’m sorry to hear that, for Erica is eminently fuckable. I would love to push my hard cock through that rear hole, but Pat is in charge for tonight, and I’m just here to enrich the play. Pat now moves into serious dom mode. Quickly she has us face each other, cuffs our hands behind our backs, pushing out our false tits, mine definitely the larger. Now she places a spreader bar to my ankles, then she taps my legs and I spread them to about three feet, not too stretched, and she locks the bar. She does this to me first so that Erica is prepared for it, and then Pat repeats the process with Erica. From a pulley in the ceiling grid she draws down a single narrow rope, attaches one end to my wrist cuff and pulls the other. I am forced to lean over at about 30 degrees as she attaches the other end to Erica’s cuff, then adjusts the length until she is satisfied. Our faces are now inches apart as we are bent over, legs spread. I see Erica adjust a little and raise herself, and this immediately pulls on my side and my wrists are raised and I have to drop my head.

“Ow, oooh aaah.”

“Yes, clever, isn’t it? You’re going to have to work together on this. One of you wanting to relieve the tension or cramping means discomfort for the other. But of course I’ve only just started.” I look at Erica, a few inches in front of me; he’s closed his eyes and is breathing evenly, taking it all in. it still feels like my cock and ringed balls are being pulled off but I can do nothing as Pat now rolls a narrow medical trolley between us. I know exactly what this is, and it will be painful. It’s a TENS unit, a double unit that can treat two patients at the same time, and with two sets of electric cables. I’m the lucky one who will be first again. She quickly unfastens two buttons on my shirt, without loosening my tie or collar. She slides her palm between my chest and the false boobs of my corset.

“Yes, should be enough room, a bit tight but no chance of the pads coming off.” She greases the three inch diameter rubber pad and slides it down under my false boobs. Satisfied it is centred over my right nipple she repeats the process with the left and presses down hard on them sealing them to my skin. She buttons me up again, leaving the two cables extending out from between my shirt front down to the dreaded machine. Erica has watched transfixed, but now it is his turn, and he stands bent over, immovable as she repeats the process with him. This takes a few minutes, Pat adjusting pads and cables until she is fully satisfied. We are now mirror images of each other, me a little taller, and bustier, but both bent over facing each other, immobile.

However, knowing Pat, she’s not finished of course. She disappears from my sight for a second but returns and squats by Erica’s side. She raises his short skirt and I see her manoeuvre something underneath, and I watch him wince, and then hear a couple of clicks. I know exactly what she has done, and with a smile she confirms this by raising his skirt further and I see the thick steel ring around the base of his ball sac, similar to mine, but unlike mine, not permanent, or at least I would assume. And attached to this is a steel chastity device, similar to the one Candy made for me. A series of steel rings connected to two curved longitudinal rods. Pat is taking plenty of time, allowing Erica to appreciate the predicament he is now in, voluntarily.

“Excellent, now let’s see if I can get the current working.” She leans over the machine between us and fiddles with the knobs and dials. At first I feel just a faint tickle, then a kind of scratching feeling, but after a few seconds there is a burning sensation.

“Okay.” She seems quite happy with the settings now. “Donna being the senior will get the more disagreeable discipline, but Erica, you will also not find this too pleasant. So both of you will receive random shocks, Donna’s will be longer and carry more current, but neither of you will know when they will start, or stop. Quite ingenious, and nasty too.” Pat, as I knew she would, is revelling in her role, there is no sneaky look at me, as if to say hey it’s only a game. No, the spell is not broken. She slaps Erica’s behind, saying.

“Well, I’ll leave you for a while.” And she struts out of the room and off to her office. Very quickly the spasms around my nipples begin to hurt, and then stop, and then I wait for the next attack. And it comes, and the throbbing continues. I look at Erica and he has a pained look, but more in discomfort than real agony. Yes, I suppose I am getting the stronger current!

“You okay?” he asks.

“Well,” I manage a chuckle, “I’ve had better days, oooooh.”

“She really is very good, ooooh, isn’t she?”

“Oh yes, very good, very…controlled, but we have a long time to go yet, ooowww, and I’m sure it’s going to get worse, or better, depending on your view, haha.” He smiles now.

“Yes, I know what you mean, it hurts, and it’s a bit humiliating, but I’m not sure if I’m not enjoying it as well. If my cock wasn’t trapped in this bloody steel trap it might just be rock hard, ha ha.”

“I know exactly how you are feeling, and more to the point so does she. And a very nice cock it is and I wouldn’t mind getting my mouth around it.” I laugh dryly, while he looks a bit sheepish.

“I wouldn’t mind that too, but she may have something to say about that, despite the burning all over my nipples, I’m getting quite hot looking at you, you really do look great in all that rubber.”

“Ditto from here.” I laugh and lean forward a few inches, allowing our lips to touch, just for a couple of seconds, and I am going to press further when I hear….

“Oh dear Donna, I really can’t leave you alone for more than 20 minutes and you are all over the girl.” Pat has returned, almost silently. Well Erica isn’t actually completely innocent I think, but I say nothing, I’m hardly in a position to argue.

“Now it is time for both of you to be disciplined properly, that was just a warm-up. Erica, you will be first and then Donna. And here I’ve devised another little game, which could be painful for you both. Not only will you be disciplined, I want you to behave disciplined, that is I mean self-controlled.”

Now she clips a steel chain about 8 or 10 inches long to a small ring at the rear of Erica’s heavy ball ring. At the bottom of the steel chain there is a small steel bell. It now tinkles as she suspends it and allows it to swing between his legs. She turns the dials of the TENS units down, they are not off but now just a gentle burn over my nipples, which compared to before is a huge respite.

“You first, Erica. I am going to give you six of the best on your rear with this hard rubber paddle. Thereafter I will continue as long as your bell rings! You must maintain your position such that the bell does not ring, simple as that, but it may prove quite hard for you, and painful of course, ha ha.”

Pat has carefully folded Erica’s skirt over his back and tucks it into his waistband and is caressing Erica’s shapely rear. Pat stands at right angles to us, being right-handed she is on Erica’s left. She raises the foot long and 4 inch wide paddle and with no preamble and a wide swing lands it on Erica’s rear with a fearful whap! Erica jerks forward with a howl accompanied with a series of tinkles from the swinging bell. Without waiting Pat repeats this twice more and Erica’s is moaning loudly. This is no porno movie tap, but a serious hard hiding. Pat stops for a second.

“Now you see the problem, it hurts a lot and the natural inclination is to move away, to avoid the pain, but all that will do is lengthen the ordeal. Okay, now three more hard ones and then let’s see how much self-control you have.” And she takes three more swings, slowly and methodically, and there are three very louds thwaps, and Erica’s eyes are crunched up and he’s groaning loudly, and the bell is swinging and tolling equally loudly.

“All right, good. That’s your minimum six Erica, now it is up to you how many more you have. You really must try and keep still.” She laughs.

And so the painful exercise proceeds.

Seven, eight, nine. Erica is gazing at me, but not focussing, he’s breathing hard and groaning loudly. And the bell still swings, he cannot resist jerking and after each strike he lets out a louder yelp.

“You really aren’t getting the hang of this are you Erica?” Pat says rather patronisingly, and she takes two more wide swipes, and Erica is again yelping.

“Well, let’s see if I can try something, otherwise you will be black and blue in no time, ha ha.” Pat doesn’t seem that concerned at all, but picks up my frilly white rubber panties that I had been forced to exchange for her thick rubber passion killers.

“You’re making a lot of noise, so maybe if you can control that you can concentrate on your movement, so…..these are Donna’s and should keep you nice and quiet, open up.” Erica looks at me, his eyes watering, saliva dripping from his half open mouth.

“I won’t order twice.” Pat says calmly and waits, then folds my panties into a tight ball, inside out I note, and unceremoniously crams them into Erica’s mouth. All Erica can do is stare mutely at me.

“Wider, wider…” Erica begins to wriggle, but can do very little to stop Pat from pushing them sideways into his cheeks, further and further until they are puffed out, and just a small strip of white rubber is showing between his lips.

“Now you can scream all you want, and perhaps concentrate now on not moving, yes?” But he’s concentrating on breathing evenly through his nose. Pat now takes up her position again and raises the heavy paddle, then brings it down. There is a muffled mmmmmfff from Erica, but again we all hear the bell tinkle, and so Pat carries on. I am trying to give Erica an encouraging expression but he continues to wobble and sway and try to evade, fruitlessly, the onslaught. I am counting to myself during all this time, and then I get to eighteen and finally…..silence, oh thank goodness. Pat immediately stops and tenderly caresses Erica’s rear, then lowers his skirt and holds him tenderly around his corseted waist.

“My, that must have hurt, poor thing, but you have learnt self-control now haven’t you, the burning will continue for a while, but nothing permanent.”

Now I knew it is my turn. Pat folds my skirt over my back and caresses my smooth rubber cheeks.

“Now being the senior here Donna will get the more serious discipline, but I know she can take it. Better to have you gagged from the start I think, we’ll get you to match Erica.” She rolls Erica’s panties, inside out again, and I obediently open my mouth for her to shove them in. I don’t notice any particular aroma or taste of Erica, just the rubber. Quickly my mouth is crammed identically to Erica’s, with just a small strip of white rubber showing. Erica is still a bit dazed from his beating, but gives me a look of “well good luck”. I suck in a big breath as I see Pat pick up the cane. Hhmm, this is going to be a lot more unpleasant than the paddle.

She stands beside me and places a hand on my shoulder, then raises her arm and swings down hard. Although I think I’m prepared, the pain is instant, and I involuntarily jerk forward, thereby forcing Erica’s wrists up and she has to dip her head.

“Hhmm, got to work as a team here, girls.” Pat chuckles, and swings again. This time I hold my ground, snorting out of my nostrils. After the fourth, I begin to realise it is not so painful as I thought it might be. And then it comes to me. Pat, ever the professional, had forced me into the thick rubber panties for a reason, and that is to provide me with at least some protection. To the onlooker this isn’t evident as the sound of the cane hitting my rubber rear is very loud, but the effect I am glad, or at least relieved to say, is not as bad as it sounds. So I grit my teeth, well not really as my mouth is crammed with the rubber panties, as I stoically take my beating, staring across at Erica, almost a mirror image of me. After ten strokes Pat stops and, as with Erica strokes my burning cheeks, then lowers my skirt and says.

“I think that went very well, for both of you, now I’ll give you another break, and come back for another session.” She adjusts the beret on my wigged head to her satisfaction, and then with a broad smile swaggers away back to her office, and we are left staring mutely at each other.


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