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From Lab Rat to Slave 3

by Edrubber

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Storycodes: MF; M/m; D/s; transsexual; latex; catsuits; swimwear; hotel; boat; cruise; enema; rom; oral; anal; cons; X

story continued from part two

Chapter Three

We got up took our showers and met at the general lounge area where Julia had a complete breakfast for us it even had fresh pealed fruit. I called for a sedan service to take us to the mall so we could buy some new fresh clothes and underwear, Jacky fell in love with 3 outfits so we just had to get them, I saw a nice brown leather skirt that I just had to have I wanted Jacky to get one but she absolutely refused because it was too expensive. She had tried the black one and looked terrific in it so without her knowing I bought it and had them deliver it to the boat.

We changed at the store underwear, she into one of the new outfits and me into the new leather skirt a silk blouse and of course we had to go over to the shoe department and get new shoes. Jacky was so worried and ashamed that all this was costing a fortune and she was never going to be able to pay me back. I said; Don’t be Sealy in the first place there is plenty of money for all this and second I am nominating you my sister and sisters can and will look after each other. It seemed to make her feel better.

I asked the driver to take us to a car dealer because I felt we should have a car so we could be mobile faster when we wanted to. It did not mean that we would not use the service sometimes. He asked me what brand of car we wanted and I told him to go to a Cadillac dealer. I picked the best model they had, we took a test drive, the price was $ 96.000.00 dollars, I asked if they had it in sky blue color, by luck they did and with in 2 hours we drove out of there in our new car. Jacky just could not believe how someone walks in a dealer and just pays and drives out with such luxurious car. I just told her she would get used to it soon enough.

I drove to the hotel and once in the suite, I showed Jacky the rubber garments and had her try the black cat suite. She looked fantastic and I had to change my panties because I was dripping pre-come and my erection was hurting. Since I had brought several cat suites I gave her that one and hopped she would wear it often when we were alone in the boat. I called the desk and informed them I was checking out and to send up someone to take the luggage down. When I got to the cashier I was surprised that they refunded 12 days of the charges that had been paid in advance by the Master. I was so surprised and happy that I just endorsed the check and gave it to Jacky who did not want to accept but I told her not to be sealy I was not expecting it so it was like found money. She finally put it away in her purse. Going back to the boat I asked her if she had a drivers license and she showed me a professional C.D.L and told me that that was her job before she lost it she drove limousines. I said would you like to drive for me? That way you already have a job. She screamed with happiness and kissed me on the face cheek.

While she drove to Ft. Lauderdale I called the captain to see if he could arrange for a private parking space as close to the boat as possible. He assured me it would be no problem and for me to come to the boat and someone would be there to show us the space. When we got to the boat we had to back the car to the dock gate so they could unload the luggage and take it to my new home. As we grossed the gate, we were in a long cement dock with only two vessels the first as we go through the gate was a motor vessel longer then ours and ours was behind it and that was it, only the two vessels on that dock. The rest of the Bahia Mar docks are the floating type and smaller.

When I spoke to the captain about the parking, I asked him to tell Julia that Jacky and I would be eating out tonight. So as they took all the luggage Jacky and I walked over to the Bahia hotel restaurant. As we where waiting for dinner I suddenly exclaimed; OH MY GOD, I hope no one opens my bags and find all the rubber outfits in it. Jacky responded; So What eventually they are going to get use to seeing you in it out at sea at least because you’re not going to hide from them right? I said; you are correct, let it all hang out.

After the dinner we walked to the boat and surprise, surprised, all clothing was already hanging in the closets and as far as the smaller rubber articles were separated in their own drawers. Jacky said; I guess the secret is out? I said well they had seen me in rubber swimming suites and Joe had me give him blow jobs here in the open deck and they saw it all. Jacky said; are you telling me they would just walk by looking at you? I said no they where very thoughtful and stayed in the background until we finished.

She looked inquisitive and asked; if I am your driver, what happens when you go out on the boat? I said if you don’t go with us, you can take the time off, you still get paid. Now, you will be propositioned to go on some trips I am sure and be aware that they will expect sex, the decision will be yours and no one will hold against you if you decline. But if you accept, you might net 10 k on a 10 day trip maybe more. No one will recriminate you if you decline or accept.

She surprised me by saying; you’re telling me that I will be required to wear the sexy rubber with the open rear getting spanked and then severely fucked? Of course I will, count on me, sign me up. I said; I am happy to hear you say that because it will give me a break from too much sex. Now understand Jacky it may never happen but there are 7 men on the board of directors and if they find out about the boat here they are going to be asking for vacations here. Europeans are funny people, my man might lend me to his friends for sex it’s a common thing over there. I like sex but some times I get tired and sore.

Jacky answered don’t you worry, I will be glad to pick up the slack for you. Well I was a couple of steps away from having her tied gagged, blind folded and open for my pleasure. But what I told her that it was possible for several to come and we were subjected to be slave servants for them was something that bothered me, after all, I have done more then my share, have become wealthy and should be free to enjoy life as I pleased. I decided that in a few days I was going back and change my money to another bank that was not owned by the company because even though it was in an account in my name, it was in their owned bank. In case I decided to say no, I had enough, I wanted to make sure they could not touch my money. As far as for the yacht, I could always buy my own with a couple of hundredth grand.

I thought of taking Jacky with me but it would be taking to much of a chance that she would find out what the company did and connect the dots. It was Wednesday so I thought of going sailing early in the morning and coming back Sunday and Tuesday I should go back home. I told Jacky to go home and pack whatever she wanted for a trip until Sunday then spoke to the Captain and said no problem Mss. Geny The weather forecast is very good for the next 8 days, and I will make all preparations. How many guests will there be? I said oh! Just Jacky and maybe her mother. He said very well Mss. Geny.

I called Jacky on the cell and asked her if she wanted to bring her mother on the trip after all it would be just us. She screamed and said OH YOU ARE SO GREAT she will probably love it. I will be back at the boat no latter then 9. P.M. I asked the captain what time he wanted to get under way? He said; we can get under way now, I said well we have to wait for Jacky and her mother they should be here before 9. He said; we will get under way be in key west in the morning you ladies can spend a few hours there then we can go on the gulf to Naples there some great beaches there and Sunday 10 a.m. leave and be back here Monday morning around 2 maybe 3 A,M. I said; It sounds like a great plan Captain let’s do it, and by the way, I am leaving for Europe Tuesday and should be back in about a week.

Jacky and mom arrived at 8.40, they got on board and all lines where let go and we where under way. It was so exiting to be going out of the Ft. Lauderdale cut into the open sea. We motored through the cut and as soon as we turned south, the engines stopped and we where under the peaceful wind power. Jacky her mom and me just sat out on deck and enjoyed the peacefulness. There where 4 guest cabins besides my master cabin, also the captains cabin and the crew cabin which was shared by the first mate and Julia since they where a couple. Jacky shared one cabin with her mom because there were 2 beds in it that if needed could be put together in a double bed.

We had a great time in Key west walking the streets shopping and the tourist attractions. In Naples we had to anchor and take a dingy to the beach it was a fantastic day. Jacky, her mom and I became the best of friends and her mom thanked me so much for giving Jacky a job and being such good friend for her. I of course knew her mom very well we use to have long talks in the past. She had that look in her eyes that something about me was strange but she could not put her finger on it. Many times I would see through my side vision mom looking at me in deep thought.

We were all sound asleep when we docked back at Ft. Lauderdale. I had to go to the consulate to get the banking document clearing my signature then called the airline to make sure the flight was on time the next day and returned to the boat to have a drink with Jacky and make sure everyone knew what to do in my absence. I asked the crew to allow Jacky and her mom on board at any time as my guest if they wished. I also told the Captain that when I came back we would plan a trip to Puerto Rico, Dominic Republic, Jamaica, St Thomas and no hurry.

Jacky drove me to the Airport and while waiting for the call to board, I called the Master and told him I was on my way. He was extremely happy and said he would be at the airport to pick me up. The first class seat in that flight was very comfortable it turned into a bed and it was in a private cubicle with a movie monitor and a Yfi for lap tops. I was able to research the banks and found a German bank that would be very safe and out of their reach. I also found a medical research company that looked very promising and was looking for investors and I decided to invest 2 million in it. Once I did my banking I thought I fly to Brussels to check on it and close the deal.

I met the Master, he hugged me very tight for longer that I expected then as soon as we got in the back seat of the car, his hands were squeezing my breasts grabbing my ass and as my hand slid from his belly to his groin area his dick was so hard it felt like a crutch. I said; I bet you got a condom on this thing already, he said; you know it, I decided to be faithful to you and I need you rrreeeally bad.

Knowing that we had a 45 minutes ride, I opened his zipper and took the steel rod out and got it inside my mouth and gave him my best. It only took about ten minutes and he unloaded. I took the condom off carefully then cleaned him with a hand towel. As I was finishing cleaning it I notice it was beginning to get hard again I just zipped him back up and knew my ass was going to be sore tonight. We went to his place in the city and of course he kept a variety of rubber goodies there. He did not want to go out to dinner so he ordered in.

As soon as we got there I went to the bathroom and gave myself a couple of large and deep enemas then got into the rubber suite and got ready for some heavy duty fucking. The food was delivered but he had to eat by himself because I did not want to take more enemas, I told him that if I got hungry I would eat during the night. He fucked me like a jack hammer for the last time at nine then said: you better go eat sweet heart I won’t bother you any more tonight, but, I hope you’ll sleep naked against me will you? I said sure honey you’re the boss and not only that I feel so good in there. During the night I was awakened and found out he lied. He got inside of me and remained in me until the morning waking me during that time twice.

I got up carefully and was going to clean everything, but he was wearing a condom and was clean on the outside. I got a hand towel and slowly and carefully removed the condom and cleaned his semi hard penis. After we got showered and dressed, he ordered coffee and Danish and while eating he told me he had to go to the clinic because he had a long hard working day there because they where full to capacity with cases. He asked me if I wanted to go with him and spend a day in the rubber poncho and high heels.

I categorically stated that in no way I would ever return there alive. The way he looked at me send shivers down my spine. He said nothing but I kind of read his thinking which would be * that can be arranged*. I told him I wanted to spend the day shopping. He finished his coffee and got up and while getting into his jacket kissed me on the mouth and said he would be returning late and be ready in rubber and also have rubber sheets on the bed.

For some reason I was beginning to fear him and was hopping to go back to the States as soon as possible. After he left, I took a cab and went directly to the German bank. They of course where very happy to accommodate me even showing me the security system that would protect me and my account.

In order to open an account, they needed the transfer of the entire amount or a minimum to open the account and afterwards have the rest could be transferred to them after I closed the account at the other bank. I went to the bank where my account was and spoke to an officer requesting closing the account and transferring the total. Mr. Hans Schmitt was very polite, asked me why I wanted to close the account, and if I was dissatisfy with the banks service for some reason?

I responded; no not at all, I am making an investment and that is the bank that will be managing the investments and paying out the dividends to share holders. I said; As a matter of fact, I will not close the account, I will leave fifty thousand in the account and transfer the rest. My thought at the moment was if I keep the account open, maybe the alarm bells would not go off until some time after I got back to the U.S.A. it took a good hour and half to complete the transaction until he came back with the official receipt of the transfer and the new balance in my account of 50K. I figured that when I got back to the U.S. small expenditures I would use the 50K account.

As I was at the door walking out of the bank, I was approached by a Gentleman that identified himself as the bank manager who asked me to please come to his office to discuss a matter of importance and urgency. I sat in front of his majestic desk as he started; Mss. Geny, I am afraid there has been a large mistake made by one of our bank officers and I will have to rectify immediately. I said; Please explain.

He continued; a large amount was just transferred to another bank that should not have been transferred. The almost 50 million dollars must be transferred back here to our bank. I said; It is my money and I will do with it what I want Mr. Yengsten, he continued; confidentially, Mss. Geny, that money is not yours, it was placed in your name to have it out of the way sort of speak during a bank inspection. You will return the money to this bank now, I will have the clerk prepare the forms for you.

I said ; please do not bother Mr. Yengsten, I have the documents in a bank box in the U.S. stating that this money was paid to me for services and taxes have been paid. I have no intention of transferring back. And I am glad you told me the reasons you may construed that this money should be returned. If there are any further intimidations on this subject, I will be glad to inform the banking commission.

Please Mss. Geny this may cost my job and even worst, I appeal to your compaction. I said; let me know what comes of it as far as you are concern I may be able to help. I did want him on my side for future possible problems. I left the bank and went directly to the airline to see if I could get a flight back today. Unfortunately it was taking off in 30 minutes and I did not have time to get to the airport. I found a flight to Berlin with a 3 hour delay connection to the U.S.A. leaving in 3 hours. I went back to his place got my bags and left him a note saying;

My Love

I am sorry for having to disappoint you tonight however I made some investment decisions during the day that requires me to act immediately back at the U.S. I will miss you but I am sure that you will find a way to relieve your sexual needs in a clinic full of willing trainees. I am leaving the key to your place with the care taker. You have my cell, call me some time



I was in Berlin waiting to board the plane to the U.S. when the cell rang, I was so nervous my hands where shaking and perspiring. I answered and he in a loud demanding tone said; WHERE IN HELL ARE YOU? I answered; on my way to the States. He went on. WHO GAVE YOU PERMITION TO LEAVE? YOU UNGRATFULL BITCH, AFTER ALL I’V DONE FOR YOU, YOU ROB MY MONEY AND LEAVE?

I answered first are you sure you got that right? You forced me into a physiological change that I did not want and made billions because of me, so who did what to whom. Second I have your letter and the board of director’s confirmation paying me the money including the satisfaction of taxes. How dare you imply that I stole your money? If it was your decision to bluntly break banking laws and hide money in my name, you should have been honest and asked me. I can advance you that I would never have gone alone with the unlawful deception now that the money is transferred and legally so, I will suggest that the unlawful act has been remedied and it will be done with unless you decide to persist in actions or accusations against me. Remember, I did not close the account, the examiners don’t care weather the amount is fifty or fifty million.

He was quite for a few minutes then said; I am sorry but I was very mad and disappointed that you left the way you did. You got to me for some reason and believe it or not I love you and I was furious that you where not here tonight I want you back, I need you back, I don’t care about the money, I have billions, fifty million is not very much to me , I want you to use it in good health and if for some reason you ever need more, you can count on me. I hope I can steel come over for vacations once in a while, and I think you should close the account completely and be done with this.

I said; O.K. I will it may be the best finally to this episode. I promise I will keep all documents in connection with this safely in a bank strong box that way everyone may sleep with out worries. He thought for another minute then said; yes, yes, that will be fine, I will call you once in a while also before coming over for vacation. I said; fine hon, I got to go, I’m boarding my flight as we speak, by and I hung up.

I accomplished having documents that could incriminate him and if he ever came after me he will suffer the consequences. I was glad I made the decisions and the trip. It was a great success and now I felt free again. I got back to Miami, Jacky was there to pick me up and when I opened my e-mails there was one from [email protected]. It was him telling me that he had decided to sell the yacht and I would have 30 days to vacate. I sent an answer telling him that in case he forgot, he had the title of it put in my name and changed the boats name to Geny. I went on; both you and I are able to afford another boat like this or better the only problem is that I am already leaving in it and don’t feel like moving. However you did pay for it and if you wish I will pay you that amount. Love Geny. After two days I got an e-mail from him again that simply said FORGET IT.

I had decided to get up early on a Tuesday to look for office space. I was going to form a corporation to make investments and manage them so I told Jacky we would need to be on the road most of the day. Jacky had a somber expression most of the day and when I asked her she finally broke down and told me that she received an e-mail from master@ymail asking her if I ever saw you naked and if not I should. What is going on? I said; I have no idea but let’s get home and I will get naked for you and you figure it out. She said; I don’t know why someone would say that but I have seen you in those rubber tight bathing suites and I did not see anything odd. I said; some one is messing with your mind. I sent an e-mail that night.

Are you sure you want to play those games? I got an e-mail back, I need to be with you, I want to come for a few days, I love you. I responded; I will be gone for the next 2 to 3 weeks, when I get back we can talk about it. He responded * NOT ACCEPTABLE *

Find out about Jacky’s curiosity and the Master’s devious plans. On the next episode.

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