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From Lab Rat to Slave 2

by Edrubber

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story continued from part one

Chapter Two

I arrived in Miami, and a very strange feeling came over me because I was finally home again but, I no longer belonged anywhere here. My apartment was gone, my belongings were gone and I certainly could not visit any of my ex-coworkers or friends. For what ever reason, I was very ashamed and would not consider telling anyone I knew, the change of sex I underwent.

It was so strange to be in the familiar surroundings and yet no longer being a part of it. The first difficulty I experienced was at customs. My wardrobe consisted of a large amount of rubber clothing and specific sex motivating outfits that where in a very large and very heavy bag. Once they opened it and started going through the garments, the crowd in the room seemed to quieted down and started getting as close as possible to see and hear what was going on.

The inspector in a louder then normal tone of voice asked me; are these rubber items merchandize you are bringing in to sell ? At this point I had wished the ground had opened up and I could have disappeared in it. With a red face and in a low uncertain tone of voice I answered; No sir, this is part of my wardrobe which is very much in fashion in Copenhagen. My answer seemed to be plausible but, he proceeded to take item by item out of the bag and unfolding them in a displaying manner.

The room was quiet, the man looked at the garments and to me, the woman wide eyed and some with their mouths partially opened could not take their eyes of the garments. He had a pile of unfolded rubber garments on the counter and just left them there bringing my next bag and after opening It, started taking my play time garments such as the school girl one, the nurse’s, the cow girl, the lacy straight jacket, the push up braziers, the string bikinis, he seemed to be taking great pleasure in taking each item, unfolding it and displaying them for the captive audience.

The outfit I was wearing was a 5 K Christian Dior Jacket, blouse and skirt, my shoes also C.D. chromed gray to match the outfit, I had been to the hair dresser and spent 3 hours having my hair specially treated and fixed, while my nails were capaciously done and I was wearing a French perfume that the master had given me that cost $650.00 a bottle of 5 ounces. It should have been obvious to most of those present that I was a very high priced prostitute.

At this point my shame went into rage and in a loud tone of voice to match his, I said; Sir, what you doing is an invasion of my privacy and character defamation by displaying my private under garments in this manner for all to see. How I conduct privately for my fiancé is not for such public disclosure. I like to speak to a supervisor please! Since everyone heard me, immediately two other officers came over to help and in no time a supervisor was there and told the officer that these were all evidently woman’s garments and lawful to enter the country and their was no need to continue the search.

He then asked the other 3 officers to surround the table to block the view and gave instructions for them to fold and place everything back in the bags. In ten minutes I was on my way out to the concourse with a porter pushing a cart with my luggage.

The strangest thing happened to me at this point, I was walking in the familiar Miami Airport, everyone spoke English, it was like I never left, and for a time, I forgot that I now for all intent and purposes was a woman and could no longer act as a man, but had to adjust to the feminine ways which in this old environment did not feel right. I had this strange idea that at any moment some guy was going to say; hey weirdo, or hey fag? For some reason I was thinking that what I had become was obvious and apparent to everyone.

I was snapped out of it when the porter pushing my luggage asked; where to Miss? I answered; to the nearest car service or taxi please. He directed me to a private sedan service and opened the door for me and when unconsciously I started trying to start taking bags out of the cart he said; no please Miss, I’ll take care of that just have a seat in the car.

I slowly started to realize that I now was a beautiful, attractive and elegant woman and should start acting like one. The driver asked me; Where to miss? I said; let’s try the Fountain Blue Hotel on the beach, I don’t have a reservation so if they have no suites available we will have to go elsewhere. The driver said; give me a few minutes I will call the Hotel and have an answer for you.

He got busy on his cell phone and after a minute or so he told me that they had a suite available at $425.00 a day. I told him to ask on what floor and if it was facing the ocean, after asking he told me the suite was on the tenth floor but facing the ocean would be $ 475.00 a day. I said; I will take the one facing the ocean please. He made the reservation and we got on our way.

After getting settled in the beautiful suite, I spent a little time setting outside in the balcony, then decided to get in a swimming suite and go down to the beach for some relaxing in the sun. I had a very specialized bikini that hid my genitals perfectly and as I walked over to the beach, I was very aware of the looks I was getting from men and woman alike.

While laying taking the sun I was deciding whether to spend a couple of hundredth thousand on a plush vacation here then return to work back to Copenhagen, or invest here and start making connections for earning my hotel bill. After all I was aware that one night of sex could bring as much as a month’s of hotel payment. But I wanted to see if I could invest and multiply my money and stay here.

At night I made a reservation at the restaurant at the Hotel and was approached 3 times by men and politely declined. Back in Europe every client knew exactly what they where getting and they paid a large premium because they were attracted to the fact that I had male organs. Here I would have to find a way to reach such specific clientele. I was also hopping to be able to make money without having to prostitute myself

The strangest feeling I was having was that now being back here, I was considering trying to reverse back to being a male since I had my genitals intact. After all the same way I had hormone treatment to become this fantastic looking woman, could probably bring me back to being a man.

Of course I would have to realize that the reversal process if successful would cost me a major part of my now acquired fortune. I was looking through the internet for real-estate investments, stock market, strip malls, when the phone rang and I was told that I had a visitor.

I asked the name of the visitor and they told me that it was a Mr. Tom Wells (the Master). I told them to let him up. After letting him in, he hugged me for a long time very tight while whispering how much he miss me. He then told me that he also decided to take a vacation for a couple of weeks and would be staying here for at least ten days and asked me if he could stay with me in my suite and told me he had already paid for the suite for a month.

I of course said yes then adding; I suppose you will require being sexually serviced while here? He answered; in a loving atmosphere not a commercial arrangement. I answered; of course dear and offered him my lips for lips only kiss which he reciprocated greedily.

We had his luggage brought up and while he was unpacking he asked me what was the day’s program. I told him I was about to go to work but, I could postpone it until he left. He said; I always wanted to rent a yacht and have a nice cruise what do you say? I said fantastic let me find a broker for it and see if we can make the arrangements. He answered; great sweet heart while you’re doing that I am going to take a nice shower. I in the mean time made an appointment with a yacht broker that informed me he had 3 different yachts for hire.

The broker was in Ft Lauderdale so I made arrangements for a car service to take us there as soon as Tom was dressed and ready to go. I had a spandex tight pencil type dress that Tom gave me some time back and he liked to see me in it whenever we went out. He came out of the bedroom and exclaimed how great I looked and embraced me tight again grabbing my ass with both hands, as I could feel his hardening genital against me. I said; we have a sedan waiting downstairs hon. He said O.K. let’s go.

We met the broker and he leased a 76 foot sail yacht for 10 days. They had to prepare it for the trip so we arranged to boarded in the morning at 8 a.m. On the way back he was sitting on my left so he put his right arm over my shoulders then slowly his hand moved down to my ass cheek for constant squeezing and massaging while the left hand was all over my breasts and nipples.

Before we arrived at the hotel, he asked me if I had brought one of the rubber outfits that he use to enjoy and I told him; of course, I brought them all, he said; are you in the mood for it now? I said; Of course darling with all your encouragement who wouldn’t be?

When we got to the suite, while he took care of business on the phone, I got into the shower, had a couple of deep enemas, afterwards got into the transparent rubber cat suite he liked and was ready for action.

I went into the bedroom and found him there already naked with an erection bobbling up and down with a condom already in place. I laid down in between his legs and took it in my mouth since I knew that he always wanted a blow job first then after an hour a good long fuck. It kind of felt like business as usual.

After he rested from the orgasm of the blow job, he made me lay across his lap with my ass in the air and spanked me as hard as he could for a good fifteen minutes I just moaned instead of crying loudly as I did in the past. Predictably he had me kneel on all fours at the edge of the bed and entered me standing next to the bed.

He pumped into me for a good 20 minutes then stopped because he was at the brink, and had me lay down in the bed, put the pillows from the sofa under my belly and entered me again this time laying on top of me, whispering how much he loved fucking me and how beautiful I was, I got into it again when he started twisting my nipples and my inner orgasms started again. I was feverishly moving up towards his invading organ and moaning, sometimes loudly in pleasure, hopping it would last a long time. He stopped twice at the brink to last longer, he to was prolonging it. He finally got larger inside me and started banging so hard I began to get sore and was worried about the bed giving away. To my surprise and for the first time being fucked in the ass, I ejaculated coincidentally together with him. I of course had a double orgasm inside and out and had to bite the bed covers so as not scream and possibly cause a scene. As I was coming back down from the greatest sexual culmination of my life, I heard him moaning in Dutch the words I learned from so many customers in Europe. YYYESSSS YOU COK pleasing BITCCCHHH.

Then he just laid on top of me for longer then usual and as much as I enjoyed it I was hopping he get up and let me go take a shower and get out of the sweaty rubber outfit. I was pondering about if a man loved a woman he would debased and verbally disrespect her like he had just done. It should not have affected me at all since I was not in reality a woman but, maybe because of the hormones an extreme sadness came over me and I could not control the tears and crying. I had the feeling that he knew why I was crying and just did not know how to fix it.

After I calmed down I realized that he came here on a vacation with paid sex and it was up to me to perform my bitch duties and stop imagining any impossible romance. I had to realize that I was a transvestite almost transgender being paid for this mans pleasurable vacation. The only thing I should hope for was that on top of him paying for the hotel for a month, he would leave a few thousands tip after all this guy is a multi billionaire and when one considered that the experiment I performed gave his clinics billions in profits, I should have gotten a much larger part of the pie.

He started getting hard again and although I had enough it was my job as a paid slave to remain attentive to my master’s wishes. He started again this time taking a lot longer without having to stop to prolong it, he rolled me over on top and made me move up and down on his dick on sitting position, then rolled me on my back and lifted my legs above his shoulders and finally after one hour and ½ he came, got out of me and stood up immediately and went to the seat next to the table to smoke a cigarette.

I stayed in the bed waiting for his order of finalizing the sexual episode. After taking several puffs from his cigarette, he asked; are you O.K.? I answered; Yes I am Master. He looked intensely at me for a minute with out saying anything then asked me if I wanted to take a shower first or should him? I said; why don’t we both shower together that way I can soap you and wash you. He said; Yes great lets do it. We went in the shower, I took the sponge soaped it well and did his entire body paying special attention to his genitals. He asked me if I was not going to take the rubber of, and I responded that I was after he finished and got out of the shower then I had to take it off, wash it and dry it before putting it away, then I added; of course if you need me , I will put it in a plastic bag and wash it another time when you feel more convenient. He responded: no that’s good I will make reservations for dinner and watch T.V. until you are finished. I said Thank You Master.

He was about to say something and I thought it was going to be around the lines of eliminating the commercial slave attitude and getting on with a personal loving relationship but, he stopped abruptly and said; O.K. Fine.

As he left the bathroom I gladly got out of the rubber, washed it and after drying it with the hair dryer I powdered it and hung it in the closet.

Tom had gone out and now I had time to do my hair and make up for dinner.

We went to a wonderful restaurant on the dinner key causeway. After dinner on the way back to the hotel I asked him what outfits or special things he wanted me to pack for the cruise in the morning and he answered that the transparent and the shiny black would be more then enough and told me he brought some special panty swimming suites in rubber made for hiding the genitals and a very unnoticeable slit at the rectum. I answered I will be happy to wear them for you. Again he almost said something but stopped at the last moment.

When we got back to the hotel he wanted to go to bed claiming he was tired and we had to get up early for the trip. I asked him if he wanted me to sleep in the bed with him and if so naked or in rubber. He was again about to say something then just mentioned the fact is that I am going to sleep in your bed, but if you would sleep naked next to me I would appreciated. I said Of course Master. He got into bed naked but I noticed he placed a few condoms on the night table. I had the most fantastic orgasm this afternoon but my rectum was sore and I was tired and hopped for a night of rest and sleep.

The problem was I did not have the right to say, not tonight I have a headache.

When I got in bed he was already asleep and as I turned to my left side he moved over got on my back put one leg between my legs then I felt his hard penis in between my crack long ways. I fell asleep but woke up with him penetrating me all the way in then just stopping and throbbing inside me while starting to snore again. He woke me up by banging and coming once after which he left me alone until the phone rang for the wake up call. I got up and finished packing while he took his shower and when he came out I went in and with in the hour we were on our way to Ft. Lauderdale having coffee and Danish to go, in the back seat of the car.

The crew was already on board and it consisted of, Captain Moreno, First Mate Sebastian, and the maid / cook Julia.

All lines were let go and we started the great trip for the next ten days. We lucked out with the weather that was perfect including perfect winds.

He used me sexually twice every day and 3 times the last 2 days. He would have me in the lounge area or the stern deck area a couple of times. A few times while sitting on deck watching the ocean he would have me give him a blow jobs regardless of the curious eyes of the crew.

When we got back he packed to go back to Europe and frankly I was glad because I was sexually exhausted, I needed a break and was glad to see him go. At the airport He held me tight against him, kissed me for a long time then gave me an envelop and asked me to open after he had left. Then added that He made arrangements for me to get on the plane to Europe first class anytime I had some time or felt like it or missed him. He finally had that talk he started so many times, he said; I have been in love with you since the first time we spoke and as I watched your transformation I became more enchanted with you. I hope that you will consider coming to spend some time with me there and some time here. I bought the sail yacht we just used and I hope you consider moving into it since I put it in both of our names and had them move it to the Bahia Mar docks in Ft Lauderdale which is one of the best dockings in the area. We both know the yacht is very luxuries and comfortable and when I can get away, we can go for cruises.

I had the best time of my life on board with you. He kissed me again and went on his way down to the boarding gate.

I had been confused since arriving here and since he arrived here now I was totally confused but way down deep had a feeling of belonging and security. When I opened the envelop there was a check for fifty million dollars and a letter from him stating that I had in fact been the main subject of research that caused billions of profits for his company and not only him, but his board of directors decided that I deserved this check for my part of it. Of course the check was symbolic, the money was in an account in a bank in Switzerland and the 15 % tax required by that country had been paid and this money was not subject to any U.S.taxes since I was an European citizen and the money was earned in Europe.

There was a form in the envelope that I would have to take to the Swiss embassy and sign it and have the embassy certify my signature so that I was able to make movements on my account.

On the following day I went to the embassy on Brickel av. And signed the form in their presence and had them notarize it and they took charge of forwarding the document over to the bank and told me they should be clearing my account to me with in the next 72 hours.

From the Embassy I went to Ft Lauderdale to check on the new docking and my yacht but all the dock master was able to do was to show me the spot because the vessel had not arrived there yet.

After I was done with the dock master, I decided to go into the Bahia Mar hotel in front of the docks for a drink and as I walked in, I was face to face with my girlfriend the one I left behind with out saying a word that I was leaving the country. It was such shock that I was about to turn and run or just walk and believe it was not me there or go to her and hug and kiss her. While all of this was going on in my mind, I completely forgot that I was now a totally different person that she did not know.

When our eyes met there was that eye contact that I knew why but, she felt but had no idea. I could not resist and to confuse things even further asked her if we had met somewhere before and she answered that it was a funny thing but she had the same feeling. After back and forth where did you ever etc…

I invited her for a drink with me and she readily accepted. Once sitting at the bar, I said; by the way my name is Geny Yohanstress and you are? She responded Jacklyn Mason it’s a real pleasure to meet you Geny, for some reason I feel so comfortable with you like I know you for years and we just met, that is so strange and funny, I said I knooow I feel the same way.

She looked at me and asked what I did for a living. I answered nothing really, I had a very lucrative business in Europe in my country and Decided to sell and enjoy life. She said whau, you are a rich person? I said; You could say that but you know the old saying no one ever has enough. She giggling responded well you have a lot more enough then the rest of us.

We had a vodka screw driver each and I was not use to drinking and was feeling happy and airy. She told me about the boy friend she had that disappeared completely and no one heard from him for more then a year now, and she even hired a private detective to find him but, it was all for nothing she went on that, she thought he was kidnapped and murdered only his body was never found. My answer was; how terrible for you I am so sorry for you, did you love him? She answered; Yes I did a lot, I suffered for a long time after his disappearance I steel can’t believe that he is gone, and I noticed tears welling in her beautiful green eyes. Since I was now a woman I started crying with her and collaborated with the high feminine emotions.

We both decided to go out side to get some fresh air and since I was beginning to feel the second side of the vodka I began to loose reality and just bluntly put my arm around her shoulder as I use to do when she was my girl. The strange thing is that she let me and even grabbed my fingers with her right hand.

As we walked out to the docks I was surprised to see my sail yacht docked at my dock, I happily said to her my boat got here let’s go on board and have another drink that way if we get sleepy we have plenty of beds to sleep on. She was staring at the boat with her mouth open saying this is not a boat, this is a ship, when you said a boat I imagined a small fishing boat.

As we came to the gang plank, the captain came out to welcome us by saying Mis Geny let me the first to congratulate you on your purchase and second welcome to the S.V. Geny The reason we where a little late getting here was because of the name change that was ordered before delivery. I turned to Jacky and introduced her to the captain who welcomed her as well. As we sat in the main lounge area having another screw driver in the sofa next to each other, I got close enough to her and before I could react she grabbed my head and kissed me on the lips and of course I kissed her back. Talking about things getting complicated. First if we had sex she would have to find out about me being a transsexual in which case she could eventually figure out where her boy friend ended up. I had just grasped the reality that I was physiologic and mentally changed to a submissive female. The idea of going to a domination role was very difficult for me to grasp. If I could have sex with Jacky with her not having any idea who was ravishing her, I would be willing to give it a shot. For the moment I had to make sure this did not go any further and both of us get some sleep to get over the drinking we indulged in.

Laughing I said; are you feeling as smashed as I am? She answered giggling and somewhat incoherent; I am sloshed and need to get to the drunk little girls room now. I took her to the master cabin (my suite) and showed her the way.

She fell asleep sitting in the toilet so, I had to half carry her to the bed, take her shoes off and cover her. I then to avoid any further complications went to a guest cabin and passed out myself. When I woke up and looked towards the port hole, it was dark and I stumbled around bear footed just in my stockings, I walked out of the cabin to find Julia fixing the table for two and asking me if I needed help. I thanked her but told her I was good but did she know what happened to my friend Jacky? She answered that Jacky was taking a shower in the Master suite. She then asked me if we were going to have dinner and what would we wish to eat. I said; Oh it’s so much work for you to start cooking now maybe we should just go over to the Bahia restaurant. She answered, Please Miss Geny that’s what I’m here for, I enjoy it. I said, let me ask Jacky and get some idea Julia. She replied; fine Mss. Geny Just please ring the bell when you decide or you need me for anything. Jacky came out of the cabin with a towel rolled on her head and, expressing disorientation and pain while asking me if I had a robe she could borrow. I answered no hon I am sorry but I just took delivery this afternoon there is nothing personal on board. I rang for Julia and asked her if there where blankets on board that we could use to cover so we could get out of our dresses. Julia said; there are robes for guests mam I did not put them out because we did not expect you on board today but I will get two pink robes for you ladies. When she got back with them we both went back in and got comfortable in the robes without our dresses, Julia also brought us complementary sleepers.

We decided on filet mignon, baked potatoes peas and moose for dessert. The decision was based on availability that Julia gave us. I asked Jacky if she wanted to spend the night since it was getting late and she said she had nothing with her to spend the night. I said; there are personal hygiene kits on board with tooth brushes, tooth paste, soap, shampoos and even little samples of perfume, any clothing we need we can buy at the stores in the area. She gave in and I had to tell her that the master cabin was mine and my man pretender. She said; I am glad we are spending the night here now you’re going to have to tell me all about HIM.

I said well there is not much to tell except that he is a multi billionaire actually he leased this boat and we just got back from a 10 day cruise and before he left to Europe, he bought it and gave it to me. I am living at the Fountain Blue hotel at the beach but I am going to move here on the boat. He is a little kinky, he likes to spank me before having sex and he makes me wear rubber clothing like cat suit rubber panties, rubber head hood. Her mouth was half open and she exclaimed; Oh My God, that is the hottest sex I ever heard, I need to find a man to make me wear rubber and spank me, does he have a brother or friend with the same kinky ways, you are so, so, so, lucky girl. Where do you get Rubber outfits like that? I sure would like to try it. I said; I have a few in my suite at the hotel if you want we can go there tomorrow since I have to pack and move here any way and you can try one how’s that? She answered; Oh I can’t wait. I asked her; how about you? She said; I have been doing without since my boy friend disappeared. I have some toys to get relief but it sure is not like the real thing. I asked her about her job or where she lives and she said she lost her job when she was so preoccupied with finding her boy friend and she was living with her mother since her father past away 3 years ago.

I said well I am going to ask around and get you a great job where you can work part of the year and we can travel on this boat part of the year what do you think of that? She said; I just hope I don’t wake up and this was all a dream, of course you got me sooooo hot now, that I’m going to have a hard time sleeping anyway. I of course was thinking of keeping her for when Tom was away. I wonder if it would be possible to be submissive, then turn around and be dominant. That would be the best of two worlds. I had to consider her life, this could ruin her chances for a happy marriage and having a normal family with children.

All the answers to these developments and more on the next episode of

Lab Rat Slave 3

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