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From Lab Rat to Slave

by Edrubber

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© Copyright 2015 - Edrubber - Used by permission

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This is my incredible story of deceit and lies that changed me from a normal 38 year old heterosexual into a profitable cock servant in 6 months.

Chapter one

Very briefly, I was divorced, no kids, living in a rental apartment and suddenly unemployed. After two months of searching every day, no job. I was running out of food and rent money, desperation set in.

I got a commercial e-mail that had a convincing come on like, we will pay you $ 200 K in six months, all expenses room, board and travel paid. Click on link below for application and details. In the details I found that it was a drug research company looking for live subjects to partake in certain drugs and procedural experiments. It would be a total commitment for the six months without leaving their facility. After back and forth e-mails, for 10 days I received the 8 page contract in very small print. At this point I was at the end of the rope and desperate. There was no other choice but to sign it. I didn’t bother reading it all. In 5 days I received the Airline ticket and instructions not to pack anything because everything would be provided.I got my documents and visa and was on my way to Copenhagen in just 3 days. Needless to say that I was nervous and apprehensive but somewhat relieved that I was going to be taken care of from now on and at the end I would receive a large amount of money to start some kind of business and have some kind of life. At the Airport I was met by a young guy in his mid-twenties, with a sign with my name and at the bottom the name of the research company( G.G.C.M.C.) Gender Generation Choice Method And Products Inc. he was very friendly and speaking perfect English which made me a lot more confortable. In retrospect, I should have paid more attention to the centers full name.

We traveled in a new Mercedes for about 2 hours completely away from the city, totally isolated in the mountains we finally arrived at a gate, which was open by a clicker and closed behind us. I found it strange that there was no sign indicating the name of what we were entering. After about a mile drive in a narrow driveway, we came to a large modern looking 2 story building that took about 2 city blocks in size. No name of the organization. The Mercedes came to a stop in front of a large pillar entrance similar to the white house in Washington, the young guy opened the door for me and asked me to follow inside. Once inside he introduced me to Yohan a young fair Skeen blue eyes guy, about 25 years old and at least 6’5” tall, with a perfect athletic physical appearance, dressed in a typical white nurse’s shirt and pants. The driver handed me to him and left. Yohan told me to follow him and after walking down a corridor with doors on both sides we came to one on the right which he opened and ushered me in. It was a small white painted room, with a bed to one side with a mattress in a milky plastic material. There were some items laying on the bed in a light gray color, next to the left a metal table and chair and at the end of the room at eye level separation with an opening to one side. Yohan started explaining that this was my room and when not in procedures, I would be confined in it and behind the partition was a toilet and sink.

He pointed to the top of the bed and told me that there were several items consigned to my room like, 2 rubber sheets for the bed, one pillow inside a rubber pillow case, and a rubber poncho, he went on; you will be put through a lot of different procedures and possibly might have nocturne accidents and that is why the rubber bedding and the drain in the cement flooring. When alone in here you are not to make noises yell or cause any commotions. As you may notice there are wrist and ankle cuffs on your bed and we have very efficient gags to minimize yelling. I am just saying this as a warning and it is not to scare or intimidate you. If you always conduct yourself in accordance with the contract you signed you should be just fine. As I looked at the door I noticed that it was made of solid iron and had a metal covered window the same as in some prisons. Now I was worried that I got out of the frying pan into the fire. He continued; we will treat you nice and try to help you with your treatments and training if you cooperate. If you do not cooperate, we have all the means of making sure the process is completed but, you will be the one that will suffer. Now then, take all of your clothing off and put that poncho over yourself, from now on that is all you are going to wear until given some other garment ordered for you. You will remain in here until tomorrow when your procedures will begin. Tonight someone will come to insert your feeding tube and feed you and afterwards place you in your sleeping bag. For now you can make your bed with the sheets provided and just rest. He said see you, and left locking the metal door behind him.

I almost cried realizing that I traveled across the world to be put in jail with a grim faith of something terrible about to happen. I went behind the partition to see the toilet and the sink, there was nice clear water and an aluminum cup to drink it with which I did. Since I never read the contract I had no idea of what drugs I was going to be a Ginny Pig for and the procedures Yohan kept alluding to. The humiliating garment I was now wearing actually was a big rubber circle of rubber with a hole in its center and it came to just above my knees. Any bending down would be exposing my naked rear.The desperation I was feeling was indescribable and nothing could be done at this point. I did make the bed with the funky rubber sheets and just laid on it getting a strange feeling of the poncho and the sheets and also the aroma of the rubber that for some reason was pleasant and a little arousing. I did not have the luxury of a window so I had no idea of what time it was. I did fall asleep out of sheer boredom after all, no magazines, no books, no T.V. in other words just a white ceiling and not a sound from anywhere it felt as if I was isolated in an empty building.

Finally the big metal door came alive and opened with Yohan and another guy dressed just like him came in, with Yoham pushing a metal chair with casters a head rest and metal arm rests with straps for confinement and straps at the leg metal holders for the same reason. The other guy was pushing an I.V. stand with a plastic bag almost full of a cloudy liquid and long catheter rubber tubing at the end .Yohan very nicely explained that for the next 2 or 3 months I would be fed a very special diet of different vitamins, nutrients, and a mix of hormones with a small amount of sleeping drugs at night for a good sleep. He told me to sit in the crazy chair, which I obeyed then was firmly strapped to it including my head in a slightly backwards position then, the other guy told me to open my mouth wide and started pushing the tube down my throat until I started gagging, and he just told me to calm down and just keep swallowing. I obeyed and the tube went down past my gagging point making it a little more confortable. He then opened the valve and I was allowed to watch my supper going down into my stomach. In about 10 minutes the bag was empty and the tube was pulled out a lot easier then when it went in. Yohan told me that it was decided to let me sleep loose on the bed and not use the restrictive bag because I had cooperated so well to now.

After they left closing the metal door I went back to the bed and fell soundly asleep until they came in again which I imagined must have been the following morning, I remember thinking; less than 6 months. Another guy looking like Yohan came in and told me to go with him to the preparation room for the day’s procedures and training. I asked him what exactly was this training they were all talking about. And he replied; when you meet the MASTER TRAINER if he allows you to talk, ask him. We went to a nice tiled shower area with a padded table on one side with holes for my face and belly. They made me lay face down and strapped me to it then to my horror the other guy wheeled in a metal stand with the biggest rubber enema bag and tubing that I ever saw. The guy got a plastic tube of lubricant and I could feel a large amount of it being dispensed on and in my ass hole after which I felt one finger then two fingers then three fingers working in circles in my rectum. It was hurting quite a bit since I never had anything large shoved up there. After at least 10 to 15 minutes of the fingers inter experience, the fingers came out and just as I was glad and relieved it was over, something else was pushing hard against my hole which seemed way too large to accomplish it’s intended results.

Suddenly, incredible pain took over, tears started running down my face and what felt like a light pole slid in and was strapped to me to prevented from sliding back out. It took some time to accommodate and for me to be able to tolerate it. The relief was short as the liquid started flowing in with a vengeance. I eventually learned that the tube was 1inch diameter so that it did not have to be removed to evacuate. The discharge tubes went down to sewer tubes directly in the ground. I was filled and drained about 5 times after which they lifted the contraption in a vertical position and left me there for about 45 minutes to properly drain. I was unstrapped and taken to the showers after which I was taken to a clinical room typical of a Drs. Office. First a Dr. came in and gave me a complete examination including a dilator for my rectum so that he could examine the inside of it. He went back to the glass cabinets against the wall and came back with at least five prepared injections on a tray in a cart. He injected one complete syringe in my left breast entering next to the nipple. Then the same amount on the right nipple. They were painful and felt strange a few minutes after. The other shots were given in my ass cheeks and abs.

One of the guys came over to me with a brazier looking thing with hard transparent cups with rubber flanges on the edges and a rubber tube in the center of it with connection to both cups. He closed the strap around my back to hold in place, then with a rubber bulb with a valve on it, pumped the air out until my nipples were touching little rubber knobs with a weighted mechanism that made them rub constantly giving me the strangest feeling I ever experienced making the throbbing caused by the enema tube feel somewhat good. But before I could get use to this, he came back with a looked like a 9 inch rubber cone with a ball of about ½ inch at the tip and a base of about 1 inch and ¾. I was bent over the examining table and lubed then this cone was shoved in my rectum to a point of being acceptable for now, but the catch was that the harness to hold it in place was made of rubber causing a constant slow pressure going in. It would take some time but eventually I knew that my hole would be dilated to the full almost 2 inches. I was walked gingerly back to my room and told to just rest for a few hours. Of course there was no way I could sit at this point so, I laid sideways and could not think of anything other than the pressure in my rectum and the different feeling from those nipple massagers.

With the pain in my rectum now increasing to almost crying proportions, the cups extending my breasts painfully and the nipples now becoming a little bit raw from so much rubbing, I started wondering first of getting away from this place regardless what I signed and second, what in the heck were they making here that required this kind of way out treatment. I was about to remove all the crap and get some deserved relief, when Yohan walked in and told me to remove the poncho so that he could take back all the equipment until the next training section. I had to stand up so that he could deflate the breast cups and remove them but to my surprise once free of them my breasts were at least 4 times larger than before, my nipples where also much larger and extremely sensitive to the touch. He finally removed the infernal cone from my ass and what relief that was, although I had this strange empty tunnel feeling back there. Yohan told me to go back to rest and he would be coming for me in an hour or two to meet with the Master. I started to realize that when Yohan was touching my body to remove the cups and grabbed my ass cheeks after removing the infernal cone, I trembled at his touch and felt some kind of sexual pleasure that I never had before. What was going on with me and this place?

A couple of hours later Yohan came back and escorted me to the second floor to a plush office and told me to sit in front of a large modern state of the art desk with a leather reclining desk chair that probably coasted a year of my ex salary. In about 10 minutes a man in his sixties about 6’2” terrific physical shape, and wearing a 4K suite with a diamond ring and a watch worth about 20 K, came in, sat behind the desk and smiling said; How do you do Jeff, My name is Thom Wells I am the master of this organization and I was the one that signed the contract with you. I thought it may be a good idea for us to have a chat at this point since I am sure you have a lot of questions.

At this point I felt terrible and humiliated sitting there in this plush office, talking with this well dressed successful man, me being naked, dressed in a rubber poncho, with my breasts and rectum in a now kind of pleasurable pain. I was confused with the different emotions, feeling absolutely submissive and could hardly look him directly in his eyes. With some difficulty I stammered; Mister,, I mean eh,,, MASTER Wells, I have to confess that I did not read that long contract you sent me, but, to tell you the truth, I was under the impression that I was coming to a nice confortable place with some recreational facilities and every other day someone would make me take a pill or give me a shot and then wait for the reaction or counter results. Sir, I sure would be grateful if you could explain to me what I am here for and give me some idea of what to expect next. Also I wonder if there is any possibility of letting me go, just the air fare back no charges.

He cleared his throat and said; First let me tell you were you are and what we do, you are in the transsexual capital of the world. People from all over the world come to us for sex reassignment. It is a 2 to 3 year process, it used to take at least 2 years of hormone treatments for a physiological transformation before the final organ surgery could be performed. We now are testing a program of formulated hormones and drugs in conjunction with physical and mental training that will probably get it done in two to 3 months, and after the transformation we will auction your services off to our clubs here in our country or the highest bidder on the internet to any place in the world, after all we must recuperate our investment don’t you agree? So! The answer to your question is NO you will not be discharged and furthermore there is a small possibility that you will never be back to yourself again. Your training will be very intense for the next 3 weeks. Chapter two

By the fourth week I think you will be servicing and pleasuring men with a great deal of personal pleasure yourself. We needed a pure heterosexual like you to make sure to obtain the results we are seeking. I hope you continue to cooperate with us in which case you will be treated well. Make no mistake about it if you decide to fight us we will get our way regardless of how much pain we must inflict. Now, tomorrow morning your training will resume and with long days I think you should be ready to start having man to man sex with in 3 maybe four weeks. I am looking forward of being the first to fuck you myself. That will be all for now, Yohan, take him back to his room and plug him and also encase him for tonight. Have a good night. Yohan grabbed me by the arm with some force and walked me to the door while talking on the cell calling for another orderly to help with the plugging and encasing figuring I would start rebelling against the whole thing.

When we got to my cell, I decided to try and run getting around them and making a dash for the front exit. Afterwards I realized how idiotic that attempt was. Where could I have gone naked with a rubber poncho in that cold weather? Of course I was captured after taking a few steps then tied Bely down on the bed and spanked with a leather paddle for at least half an hour. My ass was on fire and too painful to sit on especially now that I was so sensitive the pain, was 500 times worse. Yohan stayed with me while the other guy went to get the instruments of punishment for tonight. He came back and placing the pile of assorted things on the table, he lubed an 8 inch by almost 2 inch diameter black dildo and inserted in my ass all at once without stopping or regards for my pain. The pain was so bad tears rolled down my face and I was having difficulties catching my breath but once I did, I started screaming and begging for them to take it out. They buckled a harness in place to make sure the elephant stayed inside my painful rectum.

Next the other guy went to the table and brought back a rubber bladder gag and told me to open wide, and of course I kept my mouth absolutely closed. He simply held my nose closed until I had to take a breath of air at which opportunity he shoved the bladder in tied it behind my head, and pumped it to maximum capacity before it dislodged my jaw. They released me from the bed made me stand while Yohan unfolded the rubber bag over the bed after which, they laid me down in it cover the flaps over me and proceeded to tie straps around me from the ankles up to just below my shoulders. He placed the pillow under my head and they left turning all the lights of as they closed the metallic door with a loud thud. It was very difficult to sleep with that large dick inside although it was now just a throbbing feeling. The temperature outside was in the low thirties but inside they kept at 78 degrees, it was hot inside that bag and I was perspiring having trouble managing my saliva with that balloon blocking my tongue. I was dozing and waking all night. I was glad to hear the door being unlocked and the two come in. They unstrapped me from the bag, lifted me out of it made me get into slippers and the poncho and walked me to the enema room.

It felt good to feel air all over my body again but that large dick was hurting inside making walking difficult and my jaw was aching from the gag. The big dildo was removed and replaced with the enema tube which actually felt better being of a smaller diameter however, the relief was short lived with the water gushing into my intestines. To my surprise, they only gave me two enemas, I was vertically draining for fifteen minutes and removed and walked over to the shower. My rectum was finally empty of any foreign objects. I showered for 10 or 15 minutes, they dried me put baby powder all over my body and legs then I was led to another room full of hanging outfits of all kinds, 3 rows of rubber outfits of all kinds, then a couple of rows of leather clothing and the rest a variety of different garments with straps and buckles hanging from them many had dildos hanging inside of them.

The walls had shelves all the way to the ceiling all full with garments rubber bags, slings whips, leather paddles for spanking. This room was enormous and had all anyone ever needed for sexual enticing and then some. They made me sit at a bench and the other guy came back with a pair of shiny rubber boots with five inch heel shoes on them. After they had them on laced up to just under my knees, they put the poncho on me again and we walked to the Dr’s clinic where I was given the six shots again in the same areas as the ones yesterday then the brazier with the plastic cups was back on me and pumped up to those molesting knobs. They sat me on a metal chair tied me to it and shoved the tube down my throat for feeding. After the liquid was all emptied into my stomach, the tube was removed and I was being led to some other area. It was a long walk to where we were going and at one point we walked on a corridor with windows and it was crossing from one building to another. With all the walking I was getting the hang of the high heels. I did notice that the poncho was blocking the knobs mechanism of the nipples massager .

Since they did not noticed I was not about to point it out. We came to a double door and they opened and led me into a large theater type room very modern in a semi-circle with a large flat screen in the front with a small stage in front of the screen and on the stage a well upholstered bench with leather cuffs front and back and leather straps hanging at the center. The room had about 25 strange metal chairs but only 7 were occupied. They got me in front of one of the strange chairs and at closer look I could see that the seat and back rest was very well upholstered but the seat had a hole around 3 inches in diameter a little off center towards the back. They took of my poncho and there I was standing naked with leather high heel boots and the strange looking brazier on. The bottom of the chairs was totally close in metal hiding a lot of possible electronic and mechanical gear. Yohan pressed something on the bottom side of the chair and a light color dildo came up very realistic looking. Yohan turned me around and lubed my rectum completely even sticking a couple of fingers in me. They turned me and pushed down on my shoulders making me sit and impale myself on the dick.Once I was sitting all the way down, Yohan strapped me in at chest height just below the plastic cups then they strapped my arms and legs.

The other guy opened a metal door at the bottom right and pulled out an arm with a dildo similar to the one now deep inside me and put it in my mouth adjusting and tightening the arm in position in front of me.

Now here I am sitting on this upholstered metal chair, naked except for the boots, with a brazier stretching and enlarging my breasts, rubbing my nipples, with a dildo up my ass and one in my mouth. I could see that this might have been a turn on to a gay guy with these tendencies but, I was just ashamed, totally embarrassed, and humiliated. I looked around and all I could see from my visual point behind everyone was there faces with the same dicks in their mouths that I had in mine. The door behind us opened and two men dressed in leather chaps studded belts across their chest and leather captain hats came in holding a beautiful trans with fairly large breasts, an hour glass waist and bubbly gorgeous abs and ass, bended her over the bench, tied her up and slowly started caressing her body, ass, and tits. My dick got hard watching this but at the very moment that the guy behind her started moving his dick against her hole, as he started moving in and out, our chairs started moving forwards and backwards and the dick in my mouth was also going in and out. The chair would change the motion every so often to an all-around circular motion.

And suddenly it happened, something inside released a convulsive feeling of ecstasy total and complete ecstasy, the greatest most wonderful physical sensation I ever felt in my life. My arms and legs were shaking, my palms and forehead were perspiring and I seemed to be in a continues orgasm ten times better than any orgasm in the past, the pre-com was dripping from my dick but I was not ejaculating. It was the same sensation of ejaculating only inside and just kept going on and on and on. Things were changing up in front but I was too wrapped up in this sexual pinnacle to notice it. I was in a trance moving as much as I could within the confines of my bonds, gyrating my ass, and sucking and liking at the dick in my mouth. Another world had just opened up for me and If I died now I would die happy. I was orgasming for two and a half hours until the chair stopped and the two came over to take me back. After he removed the dick from my mouth in a low tone of voice I asked him if I could speak, he said yes go ahead, I said Sir I don’t think I will be able to walk for a little while. I am shaking and weak from the experience I just had. Yohan said; that’s O.K. just sit there and we will come back in ten minutes. Congratulations you just crossed the barrier.

They left and I started to calm down, getting my feelings back and wondering about the barrier that I just crossed. They returned and Yohan bent down and touched a button on the lower right bottom of the chair and the prostatic dick slowly withdrew from my rectum. They helped me up and we started the long walk back to my room but, every so often I got shades of that sensation inside and trembled all over. Once we got back to my room, they told me to rest for a couple of hours and they would be back for me. I took the boots off and could not get the brazier off because I did not know where to press to release the pressure and I could not reach in back to release it. The nipple stress continued and I would get those happy spasms every so often.

I lay in the bed and tried to be as immobile as possible to avoid the nipple mechanism, and that worked. They came back, took the brazier off laid me on my back in my bed, tied my wrists and ankles to the corners, covered me with the rubber sheet, then left closing the door without saying a word. A few minutes later a big projection screen turned on the ceiling and I was watching someone like me being tied to a bench similar to the one in the theater this afternoon, and being fucked at both ends by two men.

For unknown reason I got a hard on and started trashing about to get some relief. That’s when I began to realize what crossing the barrier met. I wanted to be fucked at both ends in the worse way, could it be that I now was officially a homosexual? I looked down to my body and noticed that it already had changed considerably, I already had tits, my mid area was very narrow already and I could not see being tied down but I could feel my wider hips and ass. A week ago this would be inconceivable, but now after only 4 days here with all the formulas and shots and treatments I was someone else entirely.

The show on the projection on the ceiling stopped and Master Wells came on directly from his desk at his office and he said; Congratulations I just heard the good news that our formulas and new training approach have produced results beyond our wildest expectations. We have achieved with you what would have taken at least 5 to 6 months, and in only 4 days. We are no longer addressing you by your ex name or gender, you will be called Geny from now on. Tomorrow we start you on the personal appearance program, how to take care of your skin, your nails, your make up etc… we also are aware that now you are aware of the fantastic world of pleasure that just opened up to you, but your physiological changes are about 2 months from completion, something that would have taken years a month ago. In the meanwhile we are going to advance you to human male contact but we will have to dress you accordingly and we will dress your male others just as accordingly. We should be having you taste the real life of immense pleasure in about a week. Meanwhile you will return to the theater every other day to be rewarded for the great progress. It is time for you to start enjoying handling the real male organ. We will provide you with that opportunity without personal involvement during this week. Again welcome to the other side. And the screen went out and I was staring at the white ceiling.

Yohan came in after about 45 minutes got me loose from the bed, put the poncho on me and the boots, then walked me over to a room about 2 buildings away, opened a door to a very dark room told me to get in and go to the bed where the light was showing, then closed the door behind me and left me there. I walked in the direction of the light beam and got to a rubber covered bed on it laying on his back was a man totally dressed in black rubber, his upper torso was in the dark area but I could see that he had a black hood covering his head. He told me to lay next to him and gently take his penis in my hands and start caressing it and get acquainted with it.

At first I was reluctant but now I developed this desire to do exactly what he was telling me to do so, I touched the first dick that was not mine for the first time. As I was holding it was getting harder and harder, it made me get an erection and I was very stimulated. The man said; how do you like holding and playing with my dick? I answered; I am very aroused sir it feels good for some reason, he continued; how would you like to put it in your mouth? I answered; sir the idea of all the fluids that come out of it in my mouth turn me off completely sir, he asked me; would you enjoy it in your mouth if we covered it with protective rubber? I answered; most definitely sir. He told me here handing me the aluminum package of a condom and he continued; put it on and then give me a long nice blow job but, once you put it in your mouth you are not leaving until I ejaculate are we clear on that? I answered; Yes sir perfectly, and I rolled the condom over his dick, then lowered my head over it and put it in my mouth, the large head first then I pushed it to the back of my throat almost gaging on it, I started bobbing my head on it like it was a great pleasure and sexually rewarding.

I must have done a good job because in a few minutes he got larger in my mouth, started jerking up and down on the bed, and finely ejaculated inside the condom informing me that he was done. I was not experienced enough to have felt it. I was very hard and stimulated with the whole action but because of my experience in the theater, I did not want to ejaculate, I wanted to have those internal amazing orgasms and I knew that ejaculating will diminish ones libido for a good deal of time. The guy told me that we would do it again tomorrow and he would fuck me before the week was over.

Incredibly I was very stimulated with that news and words. I was walked back to my room and told to lay on the bed and wait for announcements. I obeyed and had some time to think my astonishing actions and transformation, after all, I had no need to be transformed into anything before getting here, all I needed was a job or money. The idea of caressing a male’s body had always and still was repulsive to me. The hair, the beard, the smell, even with all the drugs and things that happened in the past few days, those feelings did not change yet.

At this point I had to realize that I was drastically changed as far as sexual procedures and expectations. At this point if a naked woman came in this room now, I would probably not get sexual motivated because I had the sexual experience that no woman could ever match.

They have definitely taken my normal male sexual desires away from me, but as far as I could see, it was not replaced by a male desire it was replaced by a machine. At this point if a male could simulate the actions of the machine, I would enjoy and prefer over the normal intercourse with the opposite sex. Strangely, man now has the sex organ that can satisfy my desires whereas woman no longer possessed. I would much prefer to kiss a woman and caress her body, than a man’s. I began to think that I did not cross over but was stuck in between.

As far as changing my body to a stimulating soft provocative sexual desirable vision to man was concern, I was all for it. It was either that, or, getting machines for sexual relief. But I had to realize that the submissive mind frame all of this change had caused would demand the initiative of others to manage my sexual needs. In my mind I was reliving the last hour and ½ because although it is done all over the world a billion times every hour, it was a first for me and the smells involve were the pleasant aroma of rubber since he was totally dressed in it and the dick that I placed in my mouth was covered in rubber. I was beginning to connect sex pleasure with rubber. I realized that I would have no problems caressing, kissing or sucking a man’s dick and body as long as it would be covered in rubber.

The screen came to life and the Master came on, again congratulating me on a very important conquest of the next step, referring of course to the blow job. Then he asked me how I was feeling about it. I confess exactly all of my thoughts after all, I was in need of their help now to continue in any direction. He told me to put my concerns to rest, I had only started the program and I had a ways to go yet and all my concerns and doubts would be addressed and he guaranteed that the end would be perfectly gratifying to me. He told me to continue relating my feelings so that they could redirect some of the training to correct some of my concerns. He told me to rest and reflect until someone would get back to me with the next orders.

For some reason that last statement of next orders made me feel good. The videos came back on and they were all about skin care, nails, facial make up, feminine gestures, walking, and dressing. In the past this would put me to sleep after 3 minutes but, to my surprise, I was attentive all the way to the end of the 3 hour program. The next day I was taken to the usual enema, the clinic, the shots, the feeding and then I was tied to a padded chair with a small table in front of me and sat through 4 hours of makeup and manicure classes. All the time in my poncho and the boots. That night I was allowed to sleep without restrains or videos.

The next morning I was back to the usual enema, shower, clinic and then back to the room to wait for order. Yohan came and walked me over to the costumes’ room, powdered my entire body then dressed me in a skin tight rubber cat suit, with head hood leaving my mouth nose and eyes open, a glossy very tight corset, the boots, then I was taken to another room with a single bed with a rubber mattress and I was given the order to get on my fours on the bed and wait. After a long 15 minutes a man dressed in rubber from head to toe, came in, massaged my ass for a while then pressed a button near my collar and to my pleasure two little round metal plates placed inside the suite on top of my nipples started to vibrate getting me to want the penetration of those incredible orgasms.

The man behind me opened the zipper opening my rectum, and after putting on a condom and lubricating it well he lubricated my rectum opened my legs apart more then entered my rear all at once and started banging into me like there was no tomorrow. I was in heaven and hoped he would have the stamina to do it for hours and hours, but after about 20 minutes he went into a frenzy yelled some then got out of me and just left me there with my ass opened and throbbing.

Yohan came in and took all of my rubber clothing off except the hood and boots, told me to stand next to the bed and wait. Again I had to endure 20 minutes standing there almost shivering because I had perspired under the rubber for that fuck session. 4 men walked in totally naked all of them working their cocks and walking around me looking at my breasts they had become large enough to suck and squeeze and my round smooth hairless ass. One of them came behind me put his arms around me, grabbed my breasts and started massaging them while holding my body tight against his he had his cock in between my ass crack vertically It felt great and I pushed my ass against his dick and moved it provocatively up and down and around. I was beginning to react in a natural feminine manner. The guy eventually found my hole with out the aid of manual guidance and rammed in to the hilt. We found a perfect movement to satisfy ourselves. As he banged into me he would massage and play with my nipples making this a perfect fuck. In the meanwhile the other 3 guys walked around us playing with themselves waiting for their turn.

I was shaking, sweating, trembling and in another world of pure orgasms and pleasure, the pre come was dribbling from my dick but no ejaculation. It looked as I could go on indefinitely. The first guy finished got out and the second guy took his place except he made me bend over and hold on to the hips of the guy in front of me and take his massive cock already in a condom in my mouth. This combination went on for a good hour until they went into the final frenzy and got out of me. Now the last guy decided to make me lie down on the bed with my head hanging on the other side while the first guy came back with a condom and pushed it in my mouth. Again he was on top of my back banging furiously and massaging my tits and nipples. The guy in my ass finally started to pump with all he had and yelling all sorts of compliments and indignations came, then, slumped on top of me and breathing hard, rested until his large dick deflated and he got up and left.

I was now working on the first guy with the blow job and he did not seem to be in any hurry. My jaw was aching my mouth was tired and my throat was sore from the constant banging but in spite of all those pains, I was excited and motivated to continue for as long as it took. It did take a very long time but I finally got him to ejaculate a balloon full in my mouth. He kissed the back of my neck then tried to kiss my mouth but I turned and he kissed my face instead. I just could not kiss a man and that was that. I was told to put the poncho back on and was walked back to my room. As I relaxed in my bed I was aching and hurting but, it was a happy ache almost as afterglow.

The master came on in the screen and asked; what are your thoughts of this afternoon’s session? I said; Sir I love the feeling and smell and everything about rubber as a matter of fact, I prefer sex in rubber but, it is not essential I enjoyed the naked sex equally and probably will continue to enjoy for most of the night for as long as my happy aches stay with me. As far as personal love or kissing with a man, I see no chance at this time.

The Master said; For now we are happy with the sex part of the experiments and will continue to improve on it. The personal part is something that I think will take time and proper circumstances.

For the next two months I was managed into a daily routine of enemas, feeding, shots although they lowered the shots to just two and gave me 2 pills to take dally. Once or twice a week I was taken to the room to be fucked hard generally now by one man sometimes in rubber sometimes naked. My body became perfect, nice size breasts, hour glass waist and perfect round hips ass with gorgeous legs. I looked like a perfect woman and I felt like it to except for the kissing and closeness with man part that never changed.

They set me up in one of the five star hotels in the city and would phone orders to me on how to dress or not dress according to the customers wishes. Sometimes I was to dress in rubber or leather or school girl and be transported to clubs where I would be ganged banged for hours many times all night.

I had completed one year in that country when one afternoon I was visited by the Master. He sat me down and told me that he was the man in rubber that I gave my first blow job and he was the man in rubber that fucked me for the first time. He asked if I would freely consent to allow him to have a couple of hours with him now.

I of course gladly consented and he asked me to dress in rubber with a puppy dog mask, and then leaned me over a special padded table I had in the suite, at the right height for a good ass fucking. He pushed his large dick into me and pounded my ass for the next 30 minutes. After he got out, we sat and talked, had some wine and eventually he was ready for more. I had taken the puppy mask off but remained in the rubber outfit. He asked me to take his dick out again, and put a condom on it and followed by getting on my knees and putting it in my mouth and give him a nice long blow job.

After he came, we rested and he told me that he would like to be my master and me as his slave but he could understand if I would rather be freed for a while, that I could continue at the hotel earning to a year or his private slave for the same amount. He also told me that the experiments on me resulted in more than a half a billion dollars in new revenue in all their clinics in Europe.

He then told me that I had earned between the original 250K and the commissions on all the activities at the hotel and clubs an additional I.2 million for a total of close to 1and1/2K He gave me the choice of staying at the hotel and continuing, or, leaving to take charge of my life in my own way. I told him that I would like to travel for a while and think on his proposition if he would not mind leaving the offer open for a few months. He gave me the bank booklet of my account wished me the best and told me that his door and his organizations door would always be open to me. After hugging me tight for a few minutes he said good bye and left.

I called the airline and was about to book passage to the U.S.A. when I realized I no longer had an identity. As I was sitting on the bed almost crying in desperation on where to start getting documents someone called from the desk downstairs and told me I had a special delivery just come in, and if I would like to have it sent up.

When I opened the large manila envelope The first thing that got my attention was a passport from Denmark in the name of Geny Yohanstres. I called the travel agency and booked passage to Miami Florida U.S.of A. and I was allowed 6 months under my tourist visa. It was never my intention or inclination to have this happened to me, but I could not fault them because I had signed the contract and agreed to something I did not bother to investigate. I must confess that now that it is done, I am having an extremely satisfying sex life and conditions that supersede my previous status by a million percent. It looks like after getting a good tan on the beaches in Miami, I will be coming back to the Hotel.


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