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Four Play 9: Let The Games Begin

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2015 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; captives; latex; catsuits; rubberdolls; enema; bond; hood; armbinder; straitjacket; inflate; susp; tease; pool; objectify; voy; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons; X

story continues from part eight

Part 9: Let The Games Begin

We had agreed amongst ourselves that every morning, first thing, the girls would be administered an enema. We had all shown an interest in anal sex with them (giving not receiving of course) and had discussed that for health and safety reasons a good clear out in the morning would be necessary, and quite enjoyable for us too!

Similarly we had decided, particularly after viewing them struggle with their semi-solid evening meal the night before that a liquid diet would be better for all concerned. Better to eat, better to digest, and better to get out of the system. So we decided that each morning they would receive their enema, be fed a liquid diet, complete their ablutions and be ready for the day, whether they liked it or not. And this is what we proceeded to do on the first morning.

For the first day of action I wore my favourite latex full body and head catsuit again. I just couldn’t get enough of it; I loved the soft clinging caress of it all over my body, and the mask clinging tight to my head, making me anonymous. The other guys were entering into the spirit by wearing latex, but with the exception of Tom, not to my degree, maybe it would take a few days for them.

We all went down together to the guest suite to rouse them and give them a taste of the days to come; I had a feeling that they may not enjoy it as much as us. We quickly woke them; they were still obviously in their black cat suits, latex doll masks and corsets. Quickly we lined them up, and gave each a good spray of the throat anaesthetic to mute them. They were still a bit drowsy and this was done without too much fuss, thank goodness. For the next bit of fun, Tom had taken a number of old unused hospital IV stands from his storage area at work and we lined two each either side of the two beds. We split up the duties and got going pretty fast.

James carried in two full hot water bottles with attached tubes and nozzles, for his dolly and mine. Tom and Pete were proceeding in the same manner.  We leant them over the bed, their bodies now horizontal, and supported by their hands on the bed, facing each other, and slapped the inside of their thighs, getting them to part their legs.

They had a good idea what was coming, but seemed at first quite resigned, as James and I, with perfect timing, eased the nozzles into their tight rosebuds. They both expelled a breath and looking across to each other, but, admirably I think, held their positions. Then we released the valves and the soapy water oozed into them

I moved behind my doll and gently rubbed her backside, quickly she was breathing heavily. I then moved my gloved fingers between her legs, seeking out her nubbin, she didn’t resist and oh yes, that was nice. Within a couple of minutes, with the water now filling her lower intestine I felt her shudder, and her legs begin to shake. What a feeling it must have been for her, to be receiving an enema, her stomach starting to cramp and yet to be forced into an orgasm. There was no wailing or grunting of course, the throat spray had done its job, but a lot of shaking and panting.

Opposite, James had his hands on his dolly’s boobs, massaging and pinching them, and all the dolls could do was look across the bed, silently, at each other’s identical latex face, knowing that there were four days of this to come. I did not know who my dolly was but I was rather pleased with myself, bringing her to come very quickly.

Soon they were full and we withdrew the nozzles, whispering to them to keep it all in, then rather unceremoniously impaled them on identical butt plugs, pressing the hard rubber up inside them, their tight little rosebuds gripping the narrow base of the plugs. We ordered them to stand up, a bit wobbly again, and we led them to the kitchen for their “breakfast”.We had thought about it earlier, but our plan had been confirmed when we watched them the night before struggle a bit with the solid food option, so from now on it would be a liquid food diet for them! But we weren’t complete beasts… we offered them an option, to either have their smoothie administered via a baby’s feeding bottle and teat or by endotracheal tube. Brutal I know, yes, we were all heart!

By a series of signs, not surprisingly the dolls signed up for the first option.

Minutes later we were all seated around the kitchen table, each with a latex doll perched on our knees. I’m sure they weren’t very happy at all but of course their perfect latex faces were impassive. To keep them nicely under control, and as a reminder of their submission, we quickly pulled their arms behind their backs and attached their wrists to the rings at the base of their corsets. Now we could proceed with their feeding. With the blender working overtime we had four large feeding bottles full with a very healthy concoction of fruit, juices, yoghurt and supplements.

This would be their diet for the four days, with the odd treat in between. While it may have been a bit boring it was very healthy, and would probably lead to them maybe losing a couple of pounds too, and although they were all in pretty good shape, particularly Sophie, (in my opinion)  like all women they probably believed they could lose a bit of weight, although perhaps not in this way.

With my arm round my curvaceous doll I placed the bottle at her lips and she hesitated for a second before accepting it and begin sucking on it. The others copied and now the only sound in the room was the sucking of the thick liquid through the teat and into the dolls’ mouths. They were clearly uncomfortable with the whole scene, and this of course wasn’t helped by the fact that they each had a butt plug in their rear, and an enema still rumbling inside them.

But this all served to get the message across. That over the next while they were anonymous latex dolls to be played with as we wished, and their “opinions” were for nought. And as my doll wriggled on my lap, sucking on the bottle held in my hand, her arms pulled behind her, her latex suit squeaking on my latex suit I thought that this was beginning to dawn on her.

I have to say the whole premise of having a bright, intelligent (and voluptuous) woman reduced to a bound latex package and force fed from a bottle really did appeal to me greatly, whoever she was!

It took a while for them to finish the thick liquid breakfast, but once done we released their bound wrists and allowed them to use the single bathroom in turn and complete their ablutions. We allowed them to remove their own butt plugs, or get help, I had no desire to be there. While I like pressing in the plug, watching it being gobbled up by the tight ring, I had no great desire to see it being withdrawn. Call me squeamish if you will. There was a bidet in the bathroom and I’m sure that assisted in their cleansing. No doubt they had lots to say to each other about their treatment but as they were mute this would have proved impossible.

In the kitchen we remained, planning the rest of the day.

It took them a while before they returned. We ordered them to line up – four identical black latex beauties, all with the same identical latex doll masks. The first thing we did was place over their eyes full latex blindfolds, passing a flexible rubber strap around their heads. Then we cuffed their wrists to the rings at their waists. Now they were nice and vulnerable, and I could see they knew that as they breathed slowly, waiting for the next move.

And then I took my pick. I clipped a lead chain to the ring at the front of the steel collar of the beauty closest to me and led her slowly out of the suite and back to the house and then carefully down into the basement playroom.

Before getting down to business I decided on a bit of a fondle, and took my beauty in my arms, pressing my rubber masked face to hers. Her mouth opened in anticipation and I slipped my tongue between her rubber covered teeth. It was an odd sensation, but still very pleasant. She responded and leaned into me as I massaged her rubber encased breasts and rolled her hard nipples.

We played for a while and she – and I really didn’t know which of our four wonderful ladies it was – responded with vigour. But there was a day ahead of us and I wanted to keep her on the edge for a while. As her breathing began to speed up, I stopped, released her cuffed hands and then crossed them over her breasts and clipped them to the waist of her corset on opposite sides, left hand on right waist and vice versa.

From a large wardrobe that we had moved downstairs I brought out a very heavy rubber double skinned inflatable straightjacket. I draped it over her shoulders and went behind her and zipped it from her waist to the high collar and over her steel collar. Two thick rubber straps hung down at the front and I pulled these between her legs and attached them to the jacket at the back. These nicely separated her bum cheeks and exposed her moist pussy.

Now was the fun bit. I attached an air hose to the valve located on top of one shoulder and this ran to the power motor we had bought for this very purpose. The motor could be used to both pump out air under pressure and to power vacuum, which would be very handy when we got to use the vacuum bed!

I turned on the power and amazingly quickly the jacket began to inflate. She wriggled her arms to get comfortable for she knew immediately that she would soon be a prisoner within its unforgiving embrace. Within a minute the jacket was drum tight and her latex mouth was now open and she was breathing hard. She would soon get used to this. I detached the hose and capped the valve, then began tightening a series of six thick rubber straps and buckles at the rear, either side of the zipper and extending from neck to waist. Finally I tightened the straps between her legs, further separating her rubber covered buttocks and exposing both her tight bum hole and her quim.

I was wondering what she was thinking now, she is blindfolded, mute, trapped in lung-squeezing latex with all her holes available and vulnerable. I saw her breathe slowly, her pink lipped rubber mouth open, her brilliant white rubber teeth offset against her pink tongue. I gently kissed those lips and moved her over to beneath one of the ceiling beams. Along the shoulders and sides of the straightjacket were steel D rings embedded in the latex. Suspended from the ceiling beam were two strong steel spring coils with panic snaps at the ends. I attached these to two rings at the corners of the shoulders of my doll’s straightjacket.

Then I went to the wall and by means of a small pulley raised her feet off the ground. Quickly she was suspended about six inches off the floor. For a second she panicked and swung her legs out and back, but I held her for a few seconds and she calmed quickly. So now she swung gently in front of me, her exposed quim just above the level of my cock. This was rock hard and I unzipped the crotch of my suit and out it sprang.

We had all agreed earlier, guys and girls that condoms would be used for anal, of course, but for regular sex and oral we had all agreed, as we knew we were all clean, that for these it was not necessary.

I gripped two rings on the side of her straightjacket and pulled her down onto my cock, I slid in easily as I was pleased to see that she was moist there. The tension of the spring coils was not too strong but when I released her she rose a few inches to the end of my cock, then I drew her down again. Oh, this was very pleasant indeed, having her bounce up and down on me with very little effort, and she of course could do nothing at all, suspended in super tight latex as she was, mute and blind.

I continued this rhythm for a while, pulling her down and having the springs pull her back up, it needed very little effort on my side. Soon I found it easier gripping her hips and pulled her right down and produced a gasp from her. I think she was enjoying it now, despite her ability to really not do anything. She was in her own dark world. Although after a few minutes she did think something up, by raising her legs and wrapping me around the waist. This slightly hindered my raising and lowering her on my cock but I adjusted and we continued our coupling.

After maybe ten minutes she began to pant hard and then started shuddering and I too came at the same time. I withdrew from her after she lowered her legs and now she silently swung from the springs, her mouth open taking in gulps of air, and her juices slowly dripping down the insides of her thighs. I pulled her down, planted a kiss on her rubber lips, watched her bounce up again, and went looking for my pals.

I found Tom upstairs in his bedroom. He was kneeling on his bed and thrusting into his dolly from the rear. She was on all fours doggy-style, her wrists cuffed as he knelt behind her and gripped her hips. He looked over at me by the door and gave me a wink; I gave him a thumbs-up and carried on.

James too was having a good time, as I passed his room. He was lying on his back, coolly reading a book. Between his legs his rubber doll had her legs doubled up behind her and cuffed to the end of a rubber monoglove that held her arms rigid. Her head was bobbing over his crotch and his cock was deep within her mouth. He encouraged her by placing his hand on her rubber covered head, and pushed it firmly down. He seemed very content and gave me a benign smile as I left.

I found Pete in the kitchen. He had his beauty on her back on the kitchen table. He was gripping her raised legs either side of his head and was calmly driving into her, as open-mouthed she hung onto the side of the table. I waved as I passed by. I went to my bedroom and lay down for a rest, still in my figure hugging latex. That may sound strange with all the happenings in the house, but there were plenty of days to go and the dolls weren’t going anywhere.

We had a leisurely lunch on the patio, overlooking the garden. We brought the rubber dollies out with us, three of them dressed as they were first thing in the morning and mine still in her straightjacket. They lay on the grass in front of us, no longer blindfolded but still mute and joined by chains connected to their steel collars. My doll lay on her back, supported by the inflated straightjacket, little able to do anything more.

When we had finished our meal, and beer, Pete made some more smoothies, poured them into the baby’s bottles and we handed them to the three girls who took them I think with some distaste, but they would have to get used to this pretty fast. It was a strange sight, seeing them on the grass in their black latex, feeding themselves from bottles, their faces as always impassive, hiding their real feelings. My girl I had to feed myself, and I pulled her up, placed her on my lap and fed her like that. She seemed quite content. Now that her blindfold had been removed she was probably figuring out it was me that had rogered her earlier in the day. Maybe this was Sophie, I thought. It really was impossible to tell.

Once lunch was finished we got the dolls, well three of them, to clear up, that’s the nice thing about having latex slaves around the house. Then we blindfolded them again. I went downstairs to the playroom with my straightjacketed doll. This time I ran a chain from the front of the collar of her jacket between her legs, and between her labia, back between her arse cheeks and to the ceiling. Quickly she was bent over, her torso parallel with the floor, her head at the level of my cock, which I had just drawn out. Again I pulled on a condom, and steered her head over it, I pushed it past her rubber covered teeth and over her tongue. She took it in, I thought, quite eagerly, even though it was covered in thin latex. I steadied her head, allowing her to bob up and down, the feeling of the rubber teeth was very different, soft and forgiving, and I liked it.

I could see she was getting off having the chain rubbing her between her labia and she rocked her frame back and forward trying to get it to bub her clit. But I took my time and withdrew. I didn’t want this to be over in minutes and so took a break and admired her as she swung, head down in front of me. I only had to look at her to stay hard - powerless, blind and mute, in her latex straightjacket, her shiny bum sticking out backwards, separated by the chain running between her cheeks, a delectable sight.

I couldn’t resist taking a hard slap at those glorious latex covered buttocks.

As she was still utterly mute there was no sound from her, but I’m sure she tried, her mouth wide open, her white rubber teeth bared behind her rubber lips. Then I began to massage her bum, soothing her and she was quickly taking heavy breaths again. I came round and raised her head, pushing my cock back in her mouth, which she accepted with aplomb. I placed my hands either side of her head and guided her along.

I wanted to test Tom’s comment about the spray deadening the gag reflex and now was as good a time as any.

So I pressed her head down slowly until her rubber lips met the base of my cock. She now had my full length within her mouth and throat. I am not considered big, maybe 6 or 6 and a half inches, but she was accommodating me very well, there was no gagging and I could feel her holding her breath. It was a sublime feeling. I withdrew a few inches and she breathed in calmly, and so we continued. I gave her an encouraging pat on her beautiful latex covered head.

We continued like this for well over an hour. Just when I was about to come I withdrew and took a break, playfully slapping her bottom, or rubbing a finger under the chain between her labia. I could see she was getting frustrated and she tried to get herself off by rubbing herself against the chain, but to no avail.

I decided to give her mouth a rest and quickly reverted her back to the position of the morning; soon she was swinging from the steel coils attached to her shoulders. Then I gripped her hips again and pulled her hard down onto my cock. There was a woof of air from her mouth as she was impaled, but I knew straight away this was what she wanted. Sucking my latex covered cock was not doing it for her, but now she happily bounced up and down on my cock, her mouth open, panting hard. We carried on like this for a good while, I was taking my time, when I was close to coming I withdrew, which in its own way made my dolly frustrated as she was close to release. But I would take a break, step back, enjoy her bound beauty swinging from the steel coils, and then when the moment took me, continue.

It was late afternoon by the time I decided to finally come inside her. Prior to this I had several times withdrawn, and played with her, running my rubber covered fingers inside her and gently rubbing and pinching her clit. By the time I came I was good and tired and I’m sure she was. For the life of me, I still didn’t know who my dolly was, and maybe that was for the better!

As the moving and dressing day was considered by both parties to be day one, we still had three more days to go and I didn’t want to exhaust all my plans, so by now I was done for the day. I released her from the steel springs and she wobbled a bit as she found her feet. Then I deflated the straightjacket and released her. There was no resistance from her and she just waggled her arms to get her circulation back, she made no attempt to remove her blindfold, which I thought may be tempting for her. I clipped a chain to the ring at the front of her collar and led her slowly up the stairs, out, and locked her back in her quarters in the stables where at her leisure she could relax, clean up and wait for her friends. I gave her a playful slap on her rear as I left her.

I needed to cool off, much as I loved the full-cover latex suit I had on, I was sweating, and probably smelling like a pig. I went to the small swimming pool in the garden and dived in, then slowly pulled off the suit and had a relaxing half hour before the guys, one by one, joined me. All the girls had now been returned to their quarters, the throat spray had now worn off and they would be able to speak and discuss their day. I wondered how they would react to it, probably in a bit of a state of shock, but I hoped positively.

For us, we shared our tales over a leisurely dinner. I was the only one still dressed in latex, in slightly baggy gym-type pants with elasticised ankles and waist and a top resembling a sweatshirt with elasticised wrists and waist and a high collar. It was in thin cool grey latex and caressed my skin and it felt wonderful. James smiled.

“Are you going to be wearing that all the holiday? You really are an addict aren’t you?”

“Absolutely, I’m afraid I’m hooked.”

“Well I think we all like it too, and the girls, at least Sophie and Gerda, seem to be getting into it, I think it does more for their bodies than ours though, haha. I’m sure the others will get into it, although of course, we don’t know who is who, do we, ha ha. But I’m not an addict yet, like you.”

“Guilty as charged.” And I laughed along with them. We traded our stories for the day, and all agreed it had been a fantastic experience, and all of us had no idea who we had been with. We had perhaps an idea, but no more, and that made the whole experience so alluring. We briefly discussed our ideas for the following day; I had mine but didn’t give too much away. We went to bed quite early, all excited at what the next day may have in store.

I slept in my two piece latex outfit, and woke several times during the night, fine tuning the next day’s plans. Although I had thoroughly enjoyed my day with my anonymous rubber dolly, I still thought of Sophie. Had she been my dolly, or had it been one of the other girls? I simply didn’t know.

The next morning, day three, we were all up early, adrenalin pumping. After showering I again dressed in my full cover latex suit, I felt it was becoming part of me, or perhaps the other way round. I found the tight grip over every inch of my body, cool at first, then warming slowly, intoxicating. The others dressed in latex as well, but were not fully covered or masked as I was. We breakfasted and then went down to the stables.  The girls were also up and about and already had their liquid breakfast. They seemed none the worse for wear, which I found encouraging as the last thing we wanted after the first day was reluctant or unhappy rubber slaves!

They looked stunning, dressed in their identical suits and identical mannequin masks. Who was who I didn’t know. I thought we would get some resistance when Tom ordered them to line them up for their throat spray, but we didn’t and they obediently opened their mouths and were quickly reduced to mute mannequins. Equally quickly we administered their enemas, with very few complaints from them, and I again enjoyed watching them on all fours staring at each other as the warm water seeped into their rears.

They did their ablutions and returned ready for the day ahead. We blindfolded all of them, so that now they didn’t know who their master would be for the day… and we of course didn’t know who our rubber slave was, which was fun in itself. 

I took my doll downstairs to the playroom, gently helping her on the stairs. I had planned this day the night before and wanted to introduce a little pain as well as pleasure into our lovemaking. I had acquired from the internet a micro control unit with electric cables and small crocodile clamps. These I attached to my dolls nipples; she gave out a silent gasp as they gripped each tender nubbin. Now I wrapped a narrow leather belt around her corseted waist and attached the control unit to it. Then I gently took each wrist and coupled it to a D ring at the side of her corset, her hands tantalisingly unable to get to the unit. She was now wonderfully vulnerable.

I sat her down on the couch next to me, placing an arm affectionately around her shoulder, then I turned the current on the control unit up, she would now be getting a warm buzz. There was an intake of breath but no more, so I gave her a little more heat. She turned to look at me, although she of course couldn’t see me and shook her head in denial. I left her like this for a few seconds, allowing her to accustom to the current. Then I tapped the inside of her thighs and she quickly got the message; obediently she parted them, allowing me access to her love nest. She’s powerless and she knows it, merely a plaything for me.

I parted her love lips with my rubber covered fingers and sought out her clit, taking it between finger and thumb and gently rolling it, and carried on like this for a few minutes, my other hand massaging a firm, ample rubber covered breast. Then she began to breathe quicker, fighting the pain and the pleasure. Now she was wet, and I pinched her clit, and she gasped, rocking her head. I took her head in one hand and pressed my rubber lips against hers, and pushed my tongue past her rubber teeth, she responded and rolled her tongue around mine. We went like this for a number of minutes and now she seemed oblivious of the pain and discomfort of the nipple clamps. Finally she came, rocking and gasping, shaking her head as if in denial. My rubber covered fingers were soaked in her juices and I prised open her mouth and thrust them between her lips, and quickly she got the message and began to suck and lick her own juices.

I turned down the current to her nipples and left her for a while. I passed Tom in the living room. He had his dolly bent over the couch, her arms in a tight back prayer, her bound hands almost pulled up to her collar, thrusting into her from the rear. I smiled and nodded and passed on. I didn’t know where the other guys were, having fun with their dolls no doubt, so I went to the kitchen and had a leisurely glass of juice. It had gone very well, I thought.

Suitably refreshed I returned to my rubber doll after half an hour or so. She was still on the couch resting. Just looking at her, defenceless and ready for plundering, made me instantly hard again. She sensed my presence as I sat down next to her. Quickly I raised her up and turned her towards me and without any preamble thrust her down onto my erect cock. She let out a whoosh of air, and immediately began to rock back and forward. I turned off the current and gently took off the nipple clamps. She shook her head in pain as the blood rushed to her nipples but then began to raise and lower herself on me, using her strong thigh muscles. This was now pure pleasure for her and she began to ride me, her ample breasts barely bouncing in the firm grip of the rubber suit.

I leant down and sucked a tender nipple into my mouth, and he gasped as I rolled it between my teeth. Now she began to ride me hard, gripping my cock with her strong vaginal muscles. Her wrists were still fettered to her waist but that did not deter her at all. Although mute and blind, she was in a world of her own, and by her actions loving it. I held back as long as I could but finally we came together. She fell on my chest, her head on my shoulder as she panted for air.

We must have actually dropped off, with her still draped over my lap. And it must have been quite some time later I awoke to two succulent lips clamped over my cock. My rubber dolly had woken before me and blindfolded, had risen and then knelt between my knees and taken my flaccid member, still sticky her both our juices, into her mouth, what a girl she was! I looked down at her shiny rubber dome and tenderly caressed it, still wondering who my doll could be, I really had no idea.

I quickly became hard again and raised her up, releasing her cuffed wrists. She could have taken off her blindfold but didn’t, merely rising up, and smoothly pushing me on my back onto the couch. Taking the initiative (was a rubber doll meant to do this?) still with her soft mouth around my cock she straddled my chest then wriggled back and dropped her still wet pussy onto my masked face. I needed no encouragement and parted her swollen lips and sought out her engorged clit. Her musk mixed with the heady aroma of latex was intoxicating, and I lapped happily at her love channel.

She was a very skilled 69 partner (was this my dear Sophie?) and as I was about to come in her mouth she pressed her fingers hard between my legs and held me back, the little minx! We played like this for what seemed like an eternity, she was able to come - women are so lucky to be able to multiple orgasm, but she kept denying me skilfully. Finally we engineered a multiple orgasm and then lay side be side, exhausted, her rubber doll face still blindfolded, resting on my chest. We drifted off to a lengthy sleep.

After all our efforts I was soaking in my full body catsuit, and I was sure my doll was too, whoever she was. So I took her by the arm and led her upstairs. She certainly deserved a reward and I provided her with a large glass of juice with straw, which she managed to manoeuvre between her rubber lips. She could have taken her blindfold off to reveal me in front of her, her lover and tormentor for the day, but she seemed quite content as she was. It was late afternoon and I knew she needed a top up of the vocal anaesthetic, which I administered, again to no complaint from her. I knew she must be sweltering in her suit and mask and I had been thinking of taking care of that. As he obediently sat at the table, I rummaged up something I had been pondering on. It was a large inflatable helmet. It had no eye, nose or mouth holes, nor zip, but a single valve at the crown which incorporated a breathe-through tube connected to a snorkel type mouthpiece. Once inflated it was the size of a basketball, and if inflated to the limit was about as rigid.

I helped her up and then out into the garden where the summer sun was still hot. I led her to our small swimming pool and sat her on the edge. I could tell she knew where she was as she quickly paddled her feet and gloved hands in the cooling water. I quickly released her blindfold and before she could turn bean to pull the collar of the thick double skinned helmet over her masked head. I again expected some resistance from her but no, she kept her head still as I gradually pulled it over her head and down to her neck. Without any instructions from me she raised her hands and manoeuvred the thick mouthpiece between her rubber lips and behind her teeth, then she simply nodded, seemingly well aware what was to come, that being me starting to pump air into the helmet via the bladder attached at her crown. I could hear her breathe deeply and evenly as I continued to inflate the helmet, and soon it began to take shape. It took a couple of minutes but by then her head resembled a shiny black basketball, perfectly round and drum tight. I had never worn this helmet and tried to imagine my doll, blind, dumb, virtually deaf now, and a little disorientated no doubt. She moved her head from side to side and placed her hands on the tight double skin, as if accustoming herself to it.

I gave her a few seconds to get comfortable (if you can be comfortable like this) and then gently pushed her into the pool! She was at the edge of the centre so the water went up to her neck. I could tell immediately that she was revelling in the cool water on her rubber suit and she began to bounce up and down splashing water all over herself. Then she tentatively began to get her orientation and walk slowly towards to deep end, which was eight feet.

I watched her intently, not wanting any water to pass over her breathing valve at the helmet’s crown, but she seemed to know exactly what to do, for once out of her depth she simply raised her feet and floated with the considerable assistance of the compressed air in her helmet! Only her large ball-head was above the water now and it was quite a sight, I was actually beginning to believe that she could float like that without any assistance from her arms and legs!

And that was an experiment I simply couldn’t resist.

So, in my hot, sweaty head to toe rubber suit I dived in. Oh the relief, it was exquisite. She could tell I was in the water with her and I swam round behind her and firmly took one wrist and quickly clipped it to the D ring on the side of her corset, then, with no resistance from my delectable dolly, repeated it on the other wrist. So now she couldn’t use her arms for flotation support, but of course her legs she could. I was delighted to see there was no panic from her and she took to her new predicament like, well, a duck to water.

She floated with ease, smoothly treading with her feet, the water up to a third of her helmet and well below the valve. She seemed utterly composed, and completely at peace, enjoying the extended cool-down. I floated by her side, my gleaming black sexy seal in my arms. I lowered myself below the water and took a nipple between my teeth and then a couple of fingers between her legs. She didn’t resist at all and when I surfaced, my hand still between her legs and she immediately wrapped her rubber clad legs around my waist. I held her as we drifted to the middle of the pool, and as my feet found the floor of the pool, I managed to unzip the crotch of the suit and prise my hard penis out and into the cool water, which didn’t dampen my ardour at all. Despite being restrained, blind and dumb, she knew exactly what was about to happen and slowly eased her grip with her thighs and slid expertly down, and with a bit of juggling from me, right onto my cock. Well, this was a first for me, in the pool.

It wasn’t exactly comfortable and probably not very attractive to watch, but with water up to my chin we managed to get a sort of rhythm going. I raised and lowered her and the buoyancy of the water helped. It was very strange holding this slippery rubber seal in my arms, looking at the large black ovoid in front of me, and feeling her firm breasts rub my upper chest. I had her up against the side of the pool now, and this gave both of us greater purchase. Very quickly she came, or at least I think she did for the large rubber ball in which her head was entombed began to shake violently. I came quickly after her, a strange sensation in the cool water. I lowered and withdrew from her, and she turned slowly to the wall and pushed herself off into the deep end, a wonderful sight, her black rubber head barely above the water as she seemingly effortlessly floated out of her depth. I spent some time watching her, cooling in the pool with the warm sun on my back.

It was now early evening and the day had passed in no time. I had no idea what had happened to the others, no doubt they had been entertained in the house or stables all day, but it was time to go in. I drifted down to my dolly and took her by the waist, leading her to the shallow end. We had a cuddle as I helped her out, the water dripping off her glistening suit. I took her straight back to the stables and the doll’s quarters. I opened the door and let her in. Either the others were already there or she would have to wait. For some reason I didn’t want her (whoever she was) to know it had been me with her all day. It had been wonderful, unforgettable but, I don’t know why, silly as it seemed, I thought finding out who each of us was may have spoilt the almost dream-like feeling of the day. I hoped fervently it had been my Sophie, sentimentalist that I am, but I had dreamed up all this anonymity stuff – a masked and anonymous dolly to play with – and yet I so wanted it to be my partner!

I was so sweaty in my tight rubber suit I had difficulty in getting it off, before taking a long shower. Yes, it had been a fantastic day, and we had two more to go, before the women got their hands on us. I hadn’t seen the guys most of the day, and when I went down to the living room to relax they were already there, having returned their rubber dolls back to the stables. We spent a good hour recounting our day’s activities, interestingly none of the guys seemed to know who their partner had been, although some took an educated guess. That we agreed had been a load of fun, but I could detect just faintly that they were feeling perhaps like me, that it might have been even more fun to have your own partner rubberised and ready to be played with.

But we agreed that the suits would stay, and the anonymous masks. However I brought up an issue that I had been mulling over since earlier in the afternoon. While I loved the idea of a mute slave incapable of making any murmur, and the throat anaesthetic had worked a treat.

But here was the dilemma, I also loved the whole idea of gagging an intelligent, independent (and talkative) young woman into complete silence, save for perhaps a faint hhhmmm. Just placing a large ball gag into her mouth as she stifles a scream, or pumping up an inflatable gag to the maximum, until her cheeks puff out, gives me an immediate erection. With our dolls mute there had been no need for this of course. But how do you do it and still have the element of anonymity?

Well, the guys agreed with me, to a man. They loved the grunting and moaning of a gagged rubber slave, even more than a completely silent one. We discussed the gagging, the hhhmmfing, and moaning, and our preference for different types of gags, and their efficiency, at length, almost as if we were discussing some difficult philosophical exercise, very odd if one was listening in.

We agreed on a very simple solution. If our slave was left ungagged, or was released from a gag, and her identity was revealed her master had the option, to continue the anonymity, of swapping her for another rubber doll, with the consent of the other doll’s master at that time. If that master was happy with his doll however then there would be no swap. It all seemed a bit silly but it did give the option of carrying on the anonymity, if both parties wanted it.

So dinner was a relaxed affair, and we discussed the coming day, and I said I would like to see a bit of girl on girl action, if that was okay with the others. They were definitely up for it. And so we conjured up a couple of scenarios for the next day. The day had been tiring, at least for me, but I felt I wanted a bit of company for the night, a lovely rubber clad companion to keep me company for the night. So after the others had made their way to bed quite early, ready for a fresh start of more frolics the next day, I returned to my room, donned my favourite full body latex suit again, and returned to the stables.

As the doll that I would select would be coming to my bedroom in the house it might be pretty obvious to them that it was me! However this could be overcome with the expedient of another blindfold, which I would use as soon as I arrived. This didn’t seem to perturb them, me arriving unannounced, and I quickly noted that the throat anaesthetic was still working on them for the living room was silent. So I simply pointed to one of the beauties and crooked my finger at her and she stood obediently as I took her outside and blindfolded her.

Whether she recognised me by my suit or build (probably) I didn’t know and she gave no sign, but in any event it appeared I had a (relatively) compliant companion for the night. I led her slowly to the house again, and up the stairs, half way along the corridor I turned her around, on the spot, a few times, to disorient her, and took her to my room, laying her back on the bed. Whether or not she knew it was my (and Sophie’s) room and it was me, well really I didn’t care, but at least I went through the exercise.

The anonymity, or lack of it, didn’t seem to deter my doll, for quickly we were in each other’s arms. We were two fully clad rubber lovers exploring each other. Could this have been the woman I had been with all day? I didn’t know, but in the pitch dark we kissed and played affectionately. The smell of the rubber was almost overpowering, more so when I disappeared under the single sheet and planted my face on her already wet vagina. She parted her legs and caressed my rubber dome as I explored her moist channel. She quickly began to pant silently, and I raised myself up, cock now exposed and hard and with great ease slid into her. I suppose this missionary act (excluding all the rubber and masks of course) was about as “normal” as anything I had done over the previous couple of days. But it was fun, we took our time, our rubber lips sometimes clamped together as we explored our mouths and then mine over her breasts.

We were in no hurry and a couple of times I withdrew for her to suck me, no doubt tasting her own juices, which she appeared to do quite happily. But the night was moving on and I needed my energy, as did she for the coming day, and so we came to a very pleasant climax. Then we separated like any loving couple and she held me for a long while, completely silent. Who was she? But dwelling on that would be a fruitless exercise, and I could have easily asked her anyway, but didn’t want to break the spell. It had been a perfect ending to the day and, whoever she was, she was perfect company for the night, and we drifted to sleep in affectionate rubber comfort.


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